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  2. AngelklaineYesterday at 5:04 PM
  5. Why am I banned
  6. My account wasnt even logged on when the explot happened
  7. RetrogradeYesterday at 5:35 PM
  8. account?
  9. AngelklaineYesterday at 5:36 PM
  10. Hellfang
  11. RetrogradeYesterday at 5:37 PM
  12. Hellfang was there
  13. AngelklaineYesterday at 5:37 PM
  14. Hellfang was logged off hours before the exploit
  15. Gladiator had to go to bed because of his playtime. He was the only one using it at the time
  16. Hellfang like many others werent even logged on when the cave exploit thing was done
  17. This is incredibly excessive. An entire kingdom banned over something that has been part of pvp forever. Something we all design our deeds around.
  18. The GM team single handedly killed our kingdom. We cant defend for 14 days... This is ludricous
  19. RetrogradeYesterday at 11:29 PM
  20. Passed it onto the GM team, but emailing support is always a good way to go, just takes time because of the gm discussion in the background
  21. AngelklaineYesterday at 11:29 PM
  22. i am jsut going to close the forum thread. I am really emotional dude. Like...  I know there's nothing you can do
  23. but
  24. We are dead dude. The whole kingdom got banned. Even people who werent online
  25. We cant defend
  26. And even if we manage to survive this, we can't ever go back. Knowing the staff will just push a button and delete everything we've done, years of work
  27. RetrogradeYesterday at 11:31 PM
  28. raid ban is still in effect
  29. AngelklaineYesterday at 11:31 PM
  30. That wont stop them
  31. They were at the capital just an hour or two ago
  32. stole a boat
  33. RetrogradeYesterday at 11:31 PM
  34. If they step foot on your deed they're gone for even longer iirc
  35. Then report it
  36. AngelklaineYesterday at 11:31 PM
  37. It was
  38. nothing will happen
  39. nothing
  40. RetrogradeYesterday at 11:31 PM
  41. I see no tickets
  42. AngelklaineYesterday at 11:32 PM
  44. YouTube
  45. Thomas Sanders
  46. How to raid during a raid ban 2019-01-23
  48. I'm not even making this up
  49. See for yourself
  50. I am not sure if you are part of the discussion or not, and to be honest, it doesn't matter. But this is serious stuff. This action single handedly destroys a whole kingdom.
  53. See, this is the problem. Even tho the rules are clearly violated, they suddenly become technical when TC is involved. The rules clearly state they are only allowed to pass by or approach deeds to pvp
  54. taking hostile actions against a deed is not permitted.
  55. Hostile actions would include triggering the alarm unprovoked no?
  56. Anyways, this is not my battle. I'll just let Enki deal with it. At this point I am banned so what do I care. I can't even log in and send my stuff back to freedom
  57. RetrogradeYesterday at 11:41 PM
  58. Hostile actions against a deed are for sure notpermitted
  59. But it's a matter of whether lockpicking a boat is a raid or is a PvP action
  60. So I'll poke enki and see his side of it
  61. And also, the GM team didnt singlehandedly kill the kingdom
  62. Gau did when he exploited into that mine
  63. AngelklaineYesterday at 11:43 PM
  64. Why should those who were not Gau be banned?
  65. Why should I get banned when my character was logged off when Gau or whomever it was exploited?
  66. Neither myself nor Gladiator were there so we dont know how things happened. Yet Hellfang is banned. I wish I could argue better, but I wasn't there.
  67. Nor was Gladiator
  68. I told him the next day that we got the 2nd supreme boat
  69. he had no idea
  70. so dont give me that.
  71. The GM team killed our kingdom. Not TC, not Gau
  72. The GMs.
  73. for being lazy and not doing a proper investigation
  74. RetrogradeYesterday at 11:45 PM
  75. The local list has hellfang in it
  76. AngelklaineYesterday at 11:45 PM
  77. Yes
  78. The battle was hours long
  79. when was the local list taken?
  80. Was there any TC in the local list?
  81. Because as I understand it, TC had logged off
  82. I may be wrong
  83. I wasnt there
  84. But did the GM team consider that? That the local list provided might have been from an earlier time, like when the fight was happening and not when the tile was collapsed?
  85. RetrogradeYesterday at 11:47 PM
  86. I believe the list was obtained BY a GM
  87. AngelklaineYesterday at 11:48 PM
  88. Then they might want to check again. Hellfang wasnt there. Gladiator was in bed when I found out the boat was taken
  89. I was who told him in the morning
  90. I mean, I know the ban wont be reversed
  91. so I have no reason to lie
  92. RetrogradeYesterday at 11:48 PM
  93. Well I'll get that checked out, and ensure the raid ban stays for now
  94. I'll also follow up the boat
  95. AngelklaineYesterday at 11:48 PM
  96. But answer me this one moment
  97. before you go
  98. Lets say I was in that raid with Angelklaine, who is not a pvper
  99. and I was mining ammo
  100. Why should I deserve to be banned simply for being in local?
  101. That is how flawed that decision was
  102. RetrogradeYesterday at 11:50 PM
  103. Because the actions you do as an individual reflect upon the kingdom
  104. AngelklaineYesterday at 11:50 PM
  105. Thats bullshit. The kingdom doesnt pay my account
  106. RetrogradeYesterday at 11:50 PM
  107. I have zero doubt that everyone actively there knew what was going on
  108. Just considered it fair play
  109. AngelklaineYesterday at 11:50 PM
  110. You cant penalize me for something someone in my kingdom does
  111. RetrogradeYesterday at 11:50 PM
  112. This was not "wtf gau what did you do"
  113. AngelklaineYesterday at 11:50 PM
  114. Thats where you err
  115. RetrogradeYesterday at 11:50 PM
  116. The onus is on the kingdom to moderate itself, as that will ALWAYS be clearer than us moderating
  117. Just like penalties on shared accounts
  118. AngelklaineYesterday at 11:51 PM
  119. Do you remember the conversation we had a few days ago?
  120. Oh ait
  121. wasnt you
  122. it was Darklords
  123. hold on
  126. I had this conversation with Darklords
  127. Where I told him about the collapsing
  128. You can see there I had no idea it was an exploit. I even told him so. I found out that was an exploit when the supreme boat was taken
  129. How can you in good faith expect me to stop someone from doing something I did not think it was an exploit
  130. Not everyone in your game has the same knowledge about developmental issues as you do, Retro. You cant just assume everyone is guilty and blanket ban everyone
  131. RetrogradeYesterday at 11:53 PM
  132. How could you think that targetting tiles by clipping through walls was intended?
  133. AngelklaineYesterday at 11:55 PM
  134. Because the game allows me to do so, and I couldnt think of any negative reason why it could not be a thing. My belief was that the reason it allowed you is to fix huge drop shafts. I dont think developers expected me to climb a 2000 slope to mine the wall up there and then collapse the tiles
  135. I honestly believed the system was in place to fix collapsed mines like that
  136. it only allowed you to do a tile next to you
  137. RetrogradeYesterday at 11:56 PM
  138. Isn't the definition of an unintended mechanic?
  139. of an exploit*
  140. Like, "the game allowed me to do so" is not "its not an exploit"
  141. AngelklaineYesterday at 11:57 PM
  142. I am not saying it was not an exploit
  143. if the team deems it an explot, its an exploit
  144. I thought it was an INTENDED mechanic
  145. Im talking about me Retro
  146. RetrogradeYesterday at 11:58 PM
  147. Then it goes up to discussion about whether there's reasonable doubt one would think it was intended
  148. AngelklaineYesterday at 11:58 PM
  149. The same could be argued about TC bugging themselves against a fence and then logging off with a preloaded client to escape the fence
  150. There is no way in hell you can say that's not an exploit
  151. yet it was deemed intended
  152. and that's something you can tell at face value is obviously not meant to happen
  153. Did TC intend to bug?
  154. RetrogradeYesterday at 11:59 PM
  155. I don't know it was deemed intended
  156. Because I was pushing for that to be investigated, I heard nothing more than it was being looked into
  157. AngelklaineYesterday at 11:59 PM
  158. Well TC didnt get penalized for it so yes
  159. RetrogradeYesterday at 11:59 PM
  160. for it yet*
  161. AngelklaineYesterday at 11:59 PM
  162. lol
  163. yet we got blanket banned
  164. in half the time
  165. ????
  166. You are grasping at threads here
  167. RetrogradeToday at 12:00 AM
  168. Different cases take different times
  169. It's not a queue here, relax
  170. AngelklaineToday at 12:01 AM
  171. I'm banned Retro
  172. Me
  173. my account
  174. Knowing what you know of me, do I deserve to be banned?
  175. So yes I am emotional
  176. RetrogradeToday at 12:01 AM
  177. This is the downside of sharing accounts, and it sucks
  178. But I assure you I have already asked for it to be double checked
  179. AngelklaineToday at 12:03 AM
  180. If he had been there when it happened, I would say you're right. But he wasnt, and I know he wasnt and no one can tell me different because I was talking to the dude when he logged off. Everytime he logs off her says "brb rq 8hrs"
  181. is a meme between us two
  182. so I know when he logs off
  183. RetrogradeToday at 12:04 AM
  184. Then I'll have that double checked and reviewed, if the ban is in error I will have it reversed along with some form of compensation
  185. AngelklaineToday at 12:05 AM
  186. Im not worried about it in the end to be honest. Is not compensation I am seeking. I would be happy if the staff simply realizes what happened and learns from it.
  187. RetrogradeToday at 12:05 AM
  188. I'm pushing for it, I assure you
  189. AngelklaineToday at 12:06 AM
  190. We lost Sindusk. It may not mean much for the dev team but its a huge blow for us players. He singlehandedly brought hope to the player base. I mean, look at the outpour of support at his departure
  191. that alone should tell you how much people valued his presence and his community service
  192. RetrogradeToday at 12:07 AM
  193. Disappointing, it was handy having someone implement the things on our lists
  194. AngelklaineToday at 12:08 AM
  195. Nothing that can be done now but look forward. I for one am very sad I wont be able to play on Chaos again. That's pretty much breaking by back atm
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