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  1. Standing near the edge of the crowd was a guy named Francis, who was dressed up as a self-proclaimed beer knight. The faux armor, sword, and shield were crafted by hundreds of empty beer cans. He took pride in his work, especially collecting the cans over the course of the year.
  3. Francis was in the middle of a conversation with a random party guest about the construction of his costume when Emmi had begun her speech. He quietly continued his explanation as she talked. While finishing up his explanation, the magic Emmi had cast had taken hold on him.
  5. His faux sword and shield started to shrink and rematerialized as a shiny tiara that now rested neatly on his head. His hair quickly lengthened and changed from brown to blonde. As grew, it swung and twirled until it formed a tight bun. The faux armor then warped and altered around his body, shrinking in some places and enlarging in others.
  7. As the faux armor began changing, Francis started to change with it. His whole body became smaller and more petit, resembling that of a woman’s. The armor then contracted around Francis's waist, and his waist and sides shrunk inward along with it, giving him an hourglass figure.
  9. As this was happening, the legs of the faux armor then started to expand before merging together between his legs. As it continued to expand slightly, hiding his new lower body from view, his hips began to curve outward, and his rear started to fill out. Finally, his manhood receded into his body, making her female.
  11. The final changes to happen to her were her shoulders rounding as her face changed, giving her plump lips, a small nose, thin eyebrows, long eyelashes, glistening teeth, and blue-green eyes. The front area of the chest are of the faux armor expanded out, and were followed by two small lumps appearing on her chest that then quickly grew into a C-cup set of breasts.
  13. The armor had changed to look like a huge Victorian style dress, still made out of beer cans. As the changes finished Beerella smiled as she received compliments on her craftsmanship.
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