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  1. How r/conspiracy is being, and has been, gamed for the past few months.
  3. When the "Bilderberg" growth explosion was exposed a couple months ago, my curiosity was piqued. However, I, like so many others here, brushed it off as being just that - Bilderberg related. But, lately, I've started noticing other things.
  5. In the aftermath of the moderator social drama, in which a former mod (HomegrownTerran/ContheorySpiracist - a 2+ year veteran participant in r/conspiracy) was publicly tarred and feathered over activities which didn't happen in this subreddit, and the near-simultaneous departure of long-time submission contributor, ImJulianAssange, I decided I should start paying closer attention to what is happening.
  7. One thing I notice during his last few weeks here about HomegrownTerran (heretofore, referred to as "HGT", to save keystrokes) was that he had been complaining about downvote stalkers - that his comments were being downvoted almost instantly and were being maintained at or near 0. I watched this for myself and sure enough, this was happening. His comments were being downvoted and maintained at/near 0/-1.
  9. In his most recent allegations against 9000sins, which initially (to me) appeared to be the paranoid rantings of a lunatic, HGT (under various random new-and-quickly-deleted usernames) implied that 9000sins was a possible psyop. I winced at such comments, but I still couldn't help wondering why he had been so aggressively ostracized and alienated from this subreddit in such a very brief period of time. With his accounts being deleted, I had little information to work with. Basically, all that was left was 9000sins. So, I've been watching 9000sins account and, I noticed something peculiar.
  11. Just like the "downvotes within minutes" that HGT had complained about happening to him, 9000sins is receiving upvotes within minutes - in dead threads. 9000sins has an upvote stalker.
  13. The divide and conquer game was played with reddit karma. "They" wanted 9000sins to continue cracking down on dissident speech and behavior, and they wanted HGT (an outspoken dissident) out of the picture.
  15. Apparently, HGT was working on some sort of technology which could expose shills and psyops. So, this game of divide and conquer was implemented - get 9000sins and HGT in the same room and make them hate each other. 9000sins being the r/conspiracy moderator carrying the ban hammer would, eventually use it on his former ally - and, apparently, did that yesterday after taunting HGT to comment.
  17. About FemaCampDirector and supercede's involvement in this: Recent rumor circulating through PM has also been brought to my attention - specifically, that FemaCampDirector (the guy carrying the "tar") is a "former" military operative with some pretty high level clearance. And, of course, supercede (the guy carrying the "feathers") was rushed in as a moderator (like the two George W. Bush elections).
  19. ***
  21. ImJulianAssange called them "badgers". Badgers are people who continually prompt you to continue discussing for the purpose of diluting any major point you might try to make. Not trolls making ad hominem attacks. Badgers, demanding more detailed or explicit commentary from you. They make use of the reddit voting to make your comments appear unpopular.
  23. Then, these same badgers encourage the moderators to ostracise and alienate "unpopular" people.
  25. And, they appear to have found the perfect mascot for this operation in 9000sins - a computer nerd, desperate for popularity in a world of conspiracy theory alienation. They stroke his ego (the upvote stalker) and encourage him to continue to crack down on anyone who resists this takeover of subterfuge (byebye HGT and ImJA).
  27. ***
  29. And, now, they downvote anyone who wants to discuss this (stop talking about this drama! If we have to lose HGT, in order to stop 9000sins from being a drama queen, that's an acceptable loss). The aftermath coverup in full swing. They have who they want. They got rid of who they didn't want. And they'll bury any dissent over what they've done to accomplish this.
  31. HGT asked us to ask ourselves: Why? Why was this happening? So, I asked myself; and I found an answer uglier and more twisted than I was expecting to find. And they blamed it all on one guy: HomegrownTerran, the dissident fall guy.
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