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  1. -Delay activating voice system until slider once moved
  3. Our new Node Setup Assistant Tool is now live and ready to use. It can be found in the Setup tab of every Node Dashboard:
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouWOuPQIcCg
  6. The following tasks are automated without prompting you if you use the helper:
  7. -Resetting the current run/race and timer (and everything else needed like match score)
  8. -Enabling music for the countdown scene
  9. -Pulling the discord bot into the appropriate voice channel
  10. -Joining the chat bot into the twitch channel
  11. -Generating the item trackers (for the appropriate game and mode determined by the schedule)
  12. -Generating the team trackers (only for OoTR MW)
  13. -Starting the countdown
  15. The rest are either directly prompted as shown in the video avoiding having to switch tabs or are too complex and thus require manual setting, but the helper tells you generally what to do and when to do it.
  17. This especially helps beginners by adding structure to the setup process, but it saves time even for a ZSR Pro. Of course this doesn't replace every step such as organizing volunteers or the handling of that, so you still want to follow Natto's playbook and in case of issues be aware how to use everything manually.
  19. So no excuse to get lazy, but you also won't have an excuse if you forget something the helper told you to do or didn't use it when you could have ;)
  21. The state of the setup helper is persisted, so you can still be social and prepare the dashboard for an upcoming stream for a fellow restreamer by starting the setup helper, but stopping at one of the designated steps that checks with you whether the stream is about to go live and then let it sit for the actual restreamer to complete later.
  23. Never start a new setup helper session while a stream is running of this dashboard of course as you otherwise reset everything.
  25. If you want anything else added that could/should be automated you can always ask and we can see what we can do about it. One thing we are already looking at is to automatically post the !commentary and !tracker messages into the discord commentary channels at least once at the appropriate point in the setup process.
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