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  1. (07:01:59) Cheeseness: Hey there Dave_G!
  2. (07:02:00) DDBandit24 [] entered the room.
  3. (07:02:02) Voodoo_Lord: oh a Dave_G fellow
  4. (07:02:04) Dave_G: Hi!
  5. (07:02:04) Pinchpenny [] entered the room.
  6. (07:02:04) Permafry_42: Hi Dave_g!
  7. (07:02:06) Voodoo_Lord: wonder who he is
  8. (07:02:13) Cheeseness: :D
  9. (07:02:20) Syd: Hey Dave_G!
  10. (07:02:21) salty-horse: dave gilbert!
  11. (07:02:23) Taekon: Wonder indeed hmmm
  12. (07:02:29) Voodoo_Lord: Ron good twin!
  13. (07:02:31) Cheeseness: lol
  14. (07:02:34) Voodoo_Lord: Hello Dave_G!
  15. (07:02:42) Dave_G: Hey, Dave Gilbert's not here, is he? That would be cool.
  16. (07:02:52) DDBandit24: Hello, Mr Dave Gilbert
  17. (07:02:57) Taekon: No that would be too cool, and everyone would faint
  18. (07:03:09) Voodoo_Lord: he said he'd be here by  Olive green o' clock
  19. (07:03:15) Cheeseness: Whilst we wait for the stream to start, do you want to tell us about International Colour Time, Dave_G?
  20. (07:03:17) medacris: Hello, @Dave_G!
  21. (07:03:40) Dave_G: Oh man, are you sure you want to get me started on International Color Time?
  22. (07:03:45) Voodoo_Lord: YES
  23. (07:03:48) Dave_G: Well, let's see...
  24. (07:03:52) DDBandit24: Um, is the video thing working?
  25. (07:03:53) elifbb: oh no
  26. (07:03:55) elifbb: :D
  27. (07:04:01) Syd: The stream hasn't started yet, but it will soon
  28. (07:04:07) Dave_G: The trouble with the world today, the main thing that's wrong more than wars and all that stuff...
  29. (07:04:18) Taekon: (pst not that this isn't too cool already, gosh words leave my fingers before my brain)
  30. (07:04:34) Dave_G: the difficulty of arranging a chat/phone call/whatever with someone in another part of the planet.
  31. (07:04:37) Permafry_42: I haven't started the stream yet; I'll start in a few minutes
  32. (07:04:57) Dave_G: This session is a good example - Cheeseness and I went back and forth several times before establishing the correct hour.
  33. (07:05:05) Cheeseness: My bad! :D
  34. (07:05:28) salty-horse: that's where International Color Time comes in!
  35. (07:05:37) Dave_G: The trouble is that the numbers mean different things to different people - what you want is a universal time that's the same no matter where you're standing.
  36. (07:05:47) Taekon: Bad cheese. Smelly cheese.
  37. (07:05:49) Syd: DST wreaks havoc on anything done internationally too.
  38. (07:05:57) salty-horse: UTC
  39. (07:06:02) Dave_G: And you could use GMT or UTC or whatever, but it still confuses people.
  40. (07:06:03) Cheeseness: Daylight savings is cretinous ;_;
  41. (07:06:21) elifbb: exactly... so 8 am is morning to you and middle of the night for me! but... wait...
  42. (07:06:28) Voodoo_Lord: especially because I can't remember wether my country is in GMT+1 or +2
  43. (07:06:28) Dave_G: And yes, DST is a terrible blight upon humanity that confuses the situation even further.
  44. (07:06:42) DDBandit24: It's 4:06pm in my time
  45. (07:06:55) elifbb: 11:00pm here :)
  46. (07:07:00) Fhqwhgod: it's 10:06 pm over here
  47. (07:07:03) Dave_G: DST even starts and ends on different days in different countries.
  48. (07:07:11) SirSlade: Completely agree on all aspects. I hate DST and think a worldwide switch to UTC would be amazing.
  49. (07:07:12) salty-horse: maroon here
  50. (07:07:19) Taekon: grape purple
  51. (07:07:33) Taekon: and here I thought everyone used GMT
  52. (07:07:38) Syd: 7 minutes past maroon where I live.
  53. (07:08:06) Dave_G: The trouble with UTC is that it still confuses people, and that the number roll around back to one at strange times of the day for most places.
  54. (07:08:40) flesk [] entered the room.
  55. (07:08:41) Cheeseness: IMO, if we globally adopted UTC, 23:00 being mid morning would feel normal after a little while
  56. (07:08:44) SirSlade: Yeah. Sadly...
  57. (07:08:48) Fhqwhgod: Heya flesk
  58. (07:08:55) Cheeseness: Hey flesk!
  59. (07:08:57) flesk: Hi there.
  60. (07:09:01) Permafry_42: k I'll be starting in 5
  61. (07:09:03) Permafry_42: 4
  62. (07:09:05) Taekon: Hey!
  63. (07:09:05) Permafry_42: 3
  64. (07:09:07) Permafry_42: 2
  65. (07:09:09) Dave_G: So the point of ICT was to have a new system that didn't have a begin/end like numbers or letters, or preconceptions about what label should match what part of the day.
  66. (07:09:09) elifbb: yay!
  67. (07:09:09) Permafry_42: 1
  68. (07:09:12) Dave_G: So, colors.
  69. (07:09:27) Dave_G: It is now maroon:09 no matter where you are.
  70. (07:09:36) Dave_G: Oo hey: video!
  71. (07:09:43) DDBandit24: Did you say Sonic Colors, Dave? >:3
  72. (07:09:49) Syd: Keep in mind that Twitch now has this stupid enforced delay thing. It hopefully won't effect us too much, but yeah, the stream could be 30+ seconds delayed.
  73. (07:09:55) Taekon: *shakes fist at horrible net*
  74. (07:10:03) Voodoo_Lord: though I don't get why grey is there
  75. (07:10:04) Dave_G: Did he just say "don't love"?
  76. (07:10:06) Syd: Try pausing/unpausing the stream if it hasn't started for you yet
  77. (07:10:11) GameClubFan_766480 [] entered the room.
  78. (07:10:16) Syd: There is nothing to not love about Pajama Sam. :P
  79. (07:10:33) elifbb: oh come on, ad after the first second. I started great :)
  80. (07:10:33) salty-horse: Dave_G, but now you have to figure out what "maroon" is. as a non-native speaker it's not immediately obvious :)
  81. (07:10:35) marykate [] entered the room.
  82. (07:10:36) Dave_G: Man this is great writing.
  83. (07:10:38) Taekon: That's not jail, that's death sentence!
  84. (07:10:41) DDBandit24: Aw, dude Pajama Sam was the s*** as a kid
  85. (07:10:48) Cheeseness: "Eating cookies is hard work"
  86. (07:10:50) Permafry_42: So while I still have the time to ask, do you know if there are any plans to rerelease humongous games onto pc digital stores like steam?
  87. (07:11:14) Permafry_42: (@Dave_G)
  88. (07:11:23) Syd: Atari bought Humongous, didn't they?
  89. (07:11:30) DDBandit24: Yes
  90. (07:11:39) Dave_G: They wouldn't tell me about that, but they did put them out for the Wii a while ago, didn't they?
  91. (07:11:43) DDBandit24: I heard someone else wants them now
  92. (07:11:51) Pinchpenny: Yeah, a few were on the Wii.
  93. (07:11:55) Sven_Q45 [] entered the room.
  94. (07:12:00) Sven_Q45: Hi.
  95. (07:12:03) SirSlade: Oh man, I haven't played this before. I'm not going to be able to get the idea of Bobby Hill out of my head...
  96. (07:12:08) flesk: Huh, Pajama Sam is available for Wii? I didn't know that.
  97. (07:12:14) DDBandit24: Like how the Fatty Bear game got bought by some different company
  98. (07:12:15) salty-horse: nowadays, Pajama Sam 3 would mean Pajama Sam becomes all dark and brooding
  99. (07:12:16) Cheeseness: It's pretty sad when older games like this are hard to get ahold of - especially this series which a lot of people seem to feel was an important part of their childhood
  100. (07:12:16) Taekon: Hello all the new peeps!
  101. (07:12:21) Syd: It'd be nice to see a proper PC digital re-release.
  102. (07:12:25) Cheeseness: Apparently most of them are on Gametap though, so that's cool
  103. (07:12:25) GameClubFan_184557 [] entered the room.
  104. (07:12:25) Dave_G: Bobby Hill: Once you hear it, it's hard to ignor.
  105. (07:12:31) Dave_G: e.
  106. (07:12:41) Fhqwhgod: Gametap still exists?
  107. (07:12:51) Sven_Q45: The video goes before I log into the chat.
  108. (07:12:52) GameClubFan_184557 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  109. (07:13:03) salty-horse: the cookie was right there!
  110. (07:13:06) SirSlade: Yeah. I had to look it up to be sure it was the same actor, but I heard it immediately
  111. (07:13:08) Syd: Gametap is still a thing, for some reason. It seems to be the only place to legitimately get a digital copy of Pajama Sam on PC.
  112. (07:13:11) Taekon: Jail that cookie! Justice it!
  113. (07:13:13) Cheeseness: Sven_Q45: You could try viewing it on Twitch in a separate browser window
  114. (07:13:26) Pinchpenny: @flesk -
  115. (07:13:26) Dave_G: Yard sales are also a place you can find them sometimes...
  116. (07:13:27) DDBandit24: I'm curious who the animators are
  117. (07:13:41) Sven_Q45: @Cheeseness. Hi. :) No why should I do that? ;)
  118. (07:13:47) Permafry_42: I still have my childhood copy =D
  119. (07:13:56) Permafry_42: btw these games were my childhood =D
  120. (07:13:59) medacris: I hear Bobby Hill, but also Spinelli
  121. (07:14:01) DDBandit24: I lost my copy D:
  122. (07:14:04) Cheeseness: Sven_Q45: Apparently the stream is a bit more stable on the Twitch site for people who've had troubles
  123. (07:14:16) Taekon: You are your head you eat your feet
  124. (07:14:26) Sven_Q45: I have not trouble. ;)
  125. (07:14:38) Sven_Q45: The video only starts before I logged in.
  126. (07:14:51) Voodoo_Lord: Look at dem legs on dat candy
  127. (07:14:56) Dave_G: @DDBandit24: The main artist was Rhonda Conley, who drew Sam and made up puzzles with me and so on. I don't remember if she was actively animating stuff or just leading everybody.
  128. (07:15:07) Taekon: What's that thing at the bottom in the middle?
  129. (07:15:38) Cheeseness: Dave_G: You've managed to work on adventure games for a period longer than most of your contemporaries. In what ways do you think the genre has changed since your days at LucasArts?
  130. (07:15:38) Fhqwhgod: a chewed chewinggum?
  131. (07:15:39) DDBandit24: A corn chip?
  132. (07:16:03) Lefthanded_Hero [] entered the room.
  133. (07:16:05) Voodoo_Lord: yeah I think it's a corn chip of some kind
  134. (07:16:20) Dave_G: @Cheeseness: It's generally less brain-busting and faster paced, perhaps a bit more mainstream, tho not much.
  135. (07:16:21) DDBandit24: How is stomach not exploding?
  136. (07:16:35) Dave_G: Pajama Sam is probably a good example of a progenitor of more modern stuff.
  137. (07:16:39) Taekon: There's dancing food and that's what you choose to question?
  138. (07:16:41) Permafry_42: btw the animation in this game is superb as ever =D
  139. (07:16:53) DDBandit24: Me too!
  140. (07:17:01) Cheeseness: Dave_G: What tech did you guys use at Humongous?
  141. (07:17:06) Fhqwhgod: not broccoli!
  142. (07:17:10) Ongkau: hahaha this is great
  143. (07:17:11) Voodoo_Lord: that thing doesn't even talk
  144. (07:17:12) DDBandit24: I thought this really impreseive for Windows 95 standards
  145. (07:17:19) Voodoo_Lord: nor does it have any human part
  146. (07:17:27) Taekon: Nooo I liked broccoli as a kid :(
  147. (07:17:35) Dave_G: @Cheeseness: Amazingly, this stuff is built on a version of the SCUMM system from LEC.
  148. (07:17:40) Lefthanded_Hero: Wierd placement of the lock..
  149. (07:17:52) Dave_G: Ron made a terrific deal to get to use it in exchange for maintaining it a little bit.
  150. (07:17:55) Permafry_42: same i even liked brussle sprouts when they're buttered
  151. (07:18:04) jfrisby left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 180 seconds).
  152. (07:18:39) Cheeseness: I thought it was ScummVM, but I wasn't 100% certain
  153. (07:18:40) Dave_G: Not having to build a whole new engine was a big boom for Humongous.
  154. (07:18:57) Cheeseness: Yeah, I can imagine - especially with the experience that yourself and Ron brought to the table
  155. (07:18:58) Dave_G: "boon"
  156. (07:18:59) DDBandit24: @Dave_G How long does it take to make these sort of games?
  157. (07:19:01) salty-horse: Dave_G, did you use any child education consultants at Humongous?
  158. (07:19:11) Taekon: Eat your way through the bars!
  159. (07:19:41) Lefthanded_Hero left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  160. (07:19:53) Fhqwhgod left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  161. (07:20:07) Dave_G: How long: These were less than a year start to finish. My part started with the puzzle and story design and continued through to the end of the script, which took about three months to write (how leisurely that seems now!)
  162. (07:21:19) Dave_G: Education consultants: I'm not sure. I never talked to one, but I was not on site at Humongous - I did these games on a freelance basis from my home in California.  I just went up for the puzzle and story sessions.
  163. (07:21:19) Voodoo_Lord: ...I'm trying to think of a blue food now...
  164. (07:21:32) DDBandit24: I heard there was a cut sprite thing with the troops holoding riot gear
  165. (07:21:56) Taekon: Fishes are blue sometimes
  166. (07:22:09) salty-horse: Dave_G, so you didn't get any feedback on "this is not good for kids. write something different"?
  167. (07:22:12) Voodoo_Lord: I guess, Ice Cream sometime too
  168. (07:22:13) SirSlade: There are blue potatoes
  169. (07:22:32) DDBandit24: Blue Cheese
  170. (07:22:39) flesk: Blueberries.
  171. (07:22:52) Permafry_42: btw i like the music in this one
  172. (07:22:54) elifbb: @Dave_G did you have a chance to test the game with kids before the release?
  173. (07:22:58) Dave_G: @salty-horse: Not that I can recall - generally they seemed to think I was doing an OK job and didn't call for many rewrites.
  174. (07:22:59) GameClubFan_366091 [] entered the room.
  175. (07:22:59) Meeps [] entered the room.
  176. (07:23:03) DDBandit24: Green and eggs and ham cameo
  177. (07:23:05) Cheeseness: Hey Meeps
  178. (07:23:10) Meeps: hey!
  179. (07:23:13) Taekon: @Dave_G Do you prefer playing an adventure game or making one?
  180. (07:23:23) Cheeseness: lol, I read that as "making out"
  181. (07:23:30) Cheeseness: That's a tough call
  182. (07:23:35) Dave_G: And of course there definitely is a lot of content that is not aimed at the kids, but at the parents who are theoretically playing with them.
  183. (07:23:44) Dave_G: Need to entertain everybody, naturally.
  184. (07:23:45) Taekon: Well if I had that the answer would just be obvious wouldn't it
  185. (07:23:54) Dave_G: Promoting family play.
  186. (07:23:55) flesk: You could play an adventure game while making out.
  187. (07:24:09) Taekon: Making out is an adventure game in and of itself *wink*
  188. (07:24:12) DDBandit24: I wonder if Humongous ever planned making games for older audinces
  189. (07:24:18) Dave_G: The trick with that was to make sure that the kids would either find it funny for different reasons, or would not know they were missing something.
  190. (07:24:40) Cheeseness: I love when Ron talks about founding Humongous to create the next generation of adventure game fans
  191. (07:24:54) Dave_G: @DDBandit24: Oh, yes! Cavedog was an offshoot of Humongous specifically to make games for older people.
  192. (07:25:00) Permafry_42: sorry acidentally skipped dialogue =c
  193. (07:25:32) Dave_G: And Ron and I did design a couple of older-focused adventure games that went all the way to script but were not made.
  194. (07:25:41) Dave_G: Actually that happened before any of the Sam games, even.
  195. (07:25:54) salty-horse: Trenchcoat Sam
  196. (07:25:55) Cheeseness: Interesting!
  197. (07:26:02) Cheeseness: salty-horse: Hah
  198. (07:26:08) salty-horse: Vroom-Vroom goes to the Moon
  199. (07:26:10) Taekon: Haha trenchcoat
  200. (07:26:22) DDBandit24: Pumpkin-Head boy
  201. (07:26:40) Taekon: If it was made today it would be Onesie Sam, is that what everyone wears these days
  202. (07:26:42) Dave_G: haha - "trifle range"  Man, that guy's a genius.
  203. (07:26:49) Voodoo_Lord: useful advice carrot
  204. (07:26:55) medacris: Kirigumi Sam
  205. (07:26:56) Sven_Q45: Hallo Dave_G. :)
  206. (07:27:00) Cheeseness: Granny Smithe seems to have a moustache
  207. (07:27:07) Cheeseness: Or maybe the audio is a little behind
  208. (07:27:09) Dave_G: Onesie Sam does not have the same ring to it...
  209. (07:27:11) DDBandit24: It's a smile
  210. (07:27:12) Taekon: I guess he was a.. CARErot
  211. (07:27:20) Dave_G: Hi, Sven
  212. (07:27:23) Permafry_42: i love the cheek in the dialogue and names
  213. (07:27:58) salty-horse: Dave_G, I asked a friend for a poetry question. he wants to know your opinion on trochees
  214. (07:28:13) DDBandit24: Yellow text? Familiar voice?
  215. (07:28:34) Ongkau: LOL
  216. (07:28:39) Taekon: @Dave_G agreed! Onesie's a fading fad anyway
  217. (07:28:40) Dave_G: I love all my metrical feet equally.
  218. (07:28:43) Cheeseness: Dave_G: When you worked on these games, did you get much feedback directly from players?
  219. (07:28:48) Dave_G: Well, I do have a thing for dactyls.
  220. (07:29:11) Taekon: Dave_G Did you also design the interactive parts?
  221. (07:29:17) medacris: That's what they're called, the cat-eared onesies? Kirigumi?
  222. (07:29:40) Cheeseness: Cosplay Sam?
  223. (07:29:51) Voodoo_Lord: "steel workers during disco era"
  224. (07:30:03) Voodoo_Lord: can't help but thinking about that Simpson scene
  225. (07:30:05) Dave_G: @Cheese: Not at the time; mainly a few years later, I started running into parents who were staying up and playing after their kids went to sleep.
  226. (07:30:06) Permafry_42: i want to read that book XD
  227. (07:30:07) Taekon: Cosplay Sam could be a cameo in Cosplay Quest ;)
  228. (07:30:28) medacris: True, Taequon!
  229. (07:30:32) Cheeseness: Aww, that sounds like the best kind of feedback
  230. (07:30:34) Dave_G: And now I meet people at games industry functions who played them as kids and design games now - this is gratifying, but also terrifying.
  231. (07:31:22) Dave_G: @Taekon: The interactive parts, by which I assume you mean like puzzles and stuff, were done by a small group that included me.
  232. (07:31:24) DDBandit24: If I went to a con and brought my son there, I would actually dress him up as Sam :)
  233. (07:31:32) Cheeseness: :)
  234. (07:31:45) Sven_Q45: lol
  235. (07:31:55) Dave_G: I'm trying to remember - Rhonda Conley would have been there for this one, and possibly Matt Mahon and or Ed Pun. Maybe Rich Moe.
  236. (07:32:18) Dave_G: We got together for a marathon several-day session and came away with a plan for the whole thing that was more or less stuck to.
  237. (07:33:08) elifbb: @Dave_G I didn't play sam as a kid but I'm a game designer now because of day of the tentacle, MI and grim... so, thanks! :)
  238. (07:33:08) Taekon: @Dave_G I meant like when you click on the building, things happen, but they don't serve any functions in a puzzle.
  239. (07:33:14) Taekon: But thanks for the reply!
  240. (07:33:15) DDBandit24: Don't do drugs kids! Jail is bad for you!
  241. (07:33:46) medacris: Dat music.
  242. (07:34:00) Voodoo_Lord: Yeah the music is actually really good
  243. (07:34:08) Sven_Q45: Didn´t play Piyama Sam. Didn´t know that. I only know Day of the Tentacle. ;)
  244. (07:34:14) Dave_G: The little flourishes that are just things that you click on and they do a visual thing were thought up by artists as they drew out the scenes. That was somebody's whole job!
  245. (07:34:17) Voodoo_Lord: kinda a strange choice for a kid superhero though
  246. (07:34:34) Sven_Q45: But the game seems very nice.
  247. (07:34:36) DDBandit24: A female character, has aquatic abilities to float, has yellow text, sounds like a familiar character...
  248. (07:34:59) Taekon: Sounds like it would fit in a Noir Trench coat Sam ;)
  249. (07:35:06) DDBandit24: I think that character is named Flounder
  250. (07:35:12) PeignoirPanda [] entered the room.
  251. (07:35:22) Cheeseness: Hey PeignoirPanda
  252. (07:35:23) Taekon: Flounder was a girl?!
  253. (07:35:32) DDBandit24: Dude the music's so tranquil
  254. (07:35:39) Taekon: Oh wait are we talking the LIttle Mermaid or
  255. (07:35:41) PeignoirPanda: hi :p
  256. (07:35:48) medacris: Freddie Fish?
  257. (07:36:00) tonesfrommars [] entered the room.
  258. (07:36:04) Permafry_42: we should do freddie fish down the road
  259. (07:36:05) DDBandit24: Yes, that was my terrible joke
  260. (07:36:06) Cheeseness: Hey tonesfrommars
  261. (07:36:11) tonesfrommars: Howdy
  262. (07:36:33) Dave_G: I think we did do this game the same year as Freddi Fish 4 (the one FF game that was written by me).
  263. (07:37:13) Dave_G: Or maybe the following year.
  264. (07:37:17) Cheeseness: Dave_G: Who's your favourite character from any Humongous game?
  265. (07:37:22) Taekon: Ok the sun's coming up and I can't decide whether or not the smell is the fresh air or something's on fire
  266. (07:37:39) DDBandit24: @Dave_G for a compliment Freddi was the cutest character you guys came up with
  267. (07:37:53) Dave_G: @Cheeseness: Sam, of course. He is all of our best intentions and most charming flaws.
  268. (07:37:59) Cheeseness: :D
  269. (07:38:23) medacris: Sam and Freddi are both adorable, @Dave_G.
  270. (07:38:43) Metatronaut [] entered the room.
  271. (07:38:49) Cheeseness: Hey Metatronaut
  272. (07:38:52) Metatronaut: I remember this game!
  273. (07:39:12) elifbb: I can't believe I have to leave... Bye all and have fun!
  274. (07:39:12) Dave_G: Wow, I don't remember the solutions to any of these puzzles.
  275. (07:39:20) Metatronaut: ^
  276. (07:39:24) Taekon: I've always wanted a cape as a kid :(
  277. (07:39:27) medacris: Seeya again soon, @elifbb.
  278. (07:39:36) Taekon: Aw, see you elifbb!
  279. (07:39:42) Metatronaut: Mount wisdom XD
  280. (07:39:44) Cheeseness: Thanks for coming elifbb! There'll be a chat log and stream archive up a bit later ^_^
  281. (07:39:58) elifbb: great ;)
  282. (07:40:04) elifbb left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  283. (07:40:06) Permafry_42: I'll probably be doing the problem solving next session and focus on talking to the side characters this stream
  284. (07:40:12) Dave_G: "Fathom" - a fun thing we did with these games was try to explain any words we used that kids were not likely to know.
  285. (07:40:25) Dave_G: FF4 explained "cabaret," as I recall.
  286. (07:40:27) Cheeseness: Dave_G: Do you feel that the writing aspect of making games has changed much in the past 20 years?
  287. (07:40:33) DDBandit24: Dave_G I heard in an interview that Pajama Sam was going to have a TV series
  288. (07:40:50) SirSlade: It has taken me too long to realize that he's a fortune cookie...
  289. (07:41:04) Dave_G: @DD What the what really? That would be cool.
  290. (07:41:12) Permafry_42: i love the sage dialogue best of any pj sam game
  291. (07:41:24) Metatronaut: The perfect chair!
  292. (07:41:39) Metatronaut: XD
  293. (07:41:42) Metatronaut: This game
  294. (07:41:47) Metatronaut: so fanneh
  295. (07:41:51) Permafry_42: was someone going through a philosophy stage of their life?
  296. (07:41:56) Metatronaut: gtg
  297. (07:41:59) Metatronaut: :P
  298. (07:42:03) Metatronaut: cya
  299. (07:42:07) Metatronaut left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  300. (07:42:11) Dave_G: @Permafry_42: Not a stage, more of a permanent condition.
  301. (07:42:15) DDBandit24: Jesus invented it
  302. (07:42:25) Permafry_42: lol i can relate XD
  303. (07:42:30) Voodoo_Lord: Jesus invented magnets?
  304. (07:42:55) Voodoo_Lord: guess he had to stick to the cross somehow
  305. (07:43:10) DDBandit24: "Gravity works like love" XD
  306. (07:43:27) Voodoo_Lord: "all you need is a little push"?
  307. (07:43:33) Squirtle9317 [] entered the room.
  308. (07:43:34) Dave_G: (You can certainly talk to the fortune cookie for a long time...)
  309. (07:43:39) Cheeseness: Hey Squirtle9317
  310. (07:43:46) Squirtle9317: Hi
  311. (07:44:03) Taekon: Sounds like Nathan Fillion
  312. (07:44:14) Dave_G: that is one of my favorite phrases of his
  313. (07:44:23) Permafry_42: the real question is, is it the fortune cookie you are talking to, or the game designers who wrote him?
  314. (07:44:23) Cheeseness: Cheese of adventure? That sounds like an awesome person
  315. (07:44:24) Dave_G: "Pajama Sam always helps those in need."
  316. (07:44:38) DDBandit24: That is agreeable
  317. (07:44:54) tonesfrommars:  LOL
  318. (07:44:59) Ongkau: hahahaha
  319. (07:45:01) Ongkau: omg
  320. (07:45:01) Dave_G: @Permafry: Oo! Deep.
  321. (07:45:03) Taekon: @Permafry Oh no have you been infected by the philosophical bug
  322. (07:45:17) Cheeseness: ^_^
  323. (07:45:25) Permafry_42: ever since calvin and hobbes XD
  324. (07:45:26) Dave_G: We are all the universe talking to itself.
  325. (07:45:30) Cheeseness: Dave_G: Do you feel that the writing aspect of making games has changed much in the past 20 years?
  326. (07:45:33) Taekon: Lol Cheese
  327. (07:46:04) Taekon: Pajama Sam Existential Crisis: The College Years
  328. (07:46:11) Dave_G: @Cheeseness: Depends on what you're working on.  For adventure games, a lot of the challenges you face are still the same.
  329. (07:46:49) Voodoo_Lord: ahh, missed chance of making the snow cool whip or something like that here
  330. (07:46:49) Dave_G: Writers get a but more respect now, and are included earlier and better integrated into the process.
  331. (07:46:59) Dave_G: Again, depending on what kind of game and which studio.
  332. (07:47:05) Cheeseness: Whoops
  333. (07:47:18) Taekon: You didn't miss anything
  334. (07:47:19) medacris: I think that's why I love Pajama Sam, he reminds me of Calvin (but sweeter)
  335. (07:47:22) Permafry_42: i love the teeth mountains
  336. (07:47:23) Cheeseness: Good good ^_^
  337. (07:47:35) Ongkau: I was thinking about the same thing Permafry_42
  338. (07:47:35) Sven_Q45: @Dave_G Were the  Humongous Entertainment games really made with the Scumm engine?
  339. (07:47:53) medacris: I never got to play Humongous games as a kid, so I'm enjoying this a lot
  340. (07:47:56) Taekon: Gasp so the thingies were actually cavity
  341. (07:48:03) Dave_G: But somehow in the last 20 years, "game writer" has become an actual thing that a few people do for a living, as distinct from designers who can write.
  342. (07:48:10) Dave_G: @Sven Yep!
  343. (07:48:13) Taekon: Same here medacris
  344. (07:48:14) Sven_Q45: @medacris Never played one.
  345. (07:48:33) Cheeseness: Dave_G: Do you feel that's a positive thing or a negative thing? Is having design knowledge/experience important when writing for games, do you think?
  346. (07:48:36) DDBandit24: @Dave_G I had a dream that Pajama Sam was in the new Wii U Smash Bros game with a FF7 character and oddly Mrs Brisby was in it too.
  347. (07:48:45) Dave_G: @Sven It's a slimmed down version, but it's still SCUMM.
  348. (07:48:46) Taekon: "I don't want to get too wet before dinner" hehehe (sorry)
  349. (07:48:50) medacris: I love Mrs. Brisby.
  350. (07:49:11) Sven_Q45: @Dave_G Aha. So a new version? It´s not from LucasArts?
  351. (07:49:36) frogg:
  352. (07:49:47) salty-horse: Sven_Q45, check out ScummVM for the actual differences :) -- the humongous games and lucasarts games share some code
  353. (07:49:51) medacris: A couple typos on the subtitles there
  354. (07:49:52) Cheeseness: Sven_Q45: Dave said earlier that Ron made a deal with LA to use the engine - I suspect they cut it down a bit
  355. (07:49:56) Dave_G: @Cheese: Design chops are super helpful for writing games, yes, as is a bit of programming knowledge. But if you're working closely with people who know what they're doing, you can get by without.
  356. (07:50:17) Voodoo_Lord: BBQ sauce on peas? Is that a thing?
  357. (07:50:19) Dave_G: And most people at least PLAY games, so they would understand some of the issues.
  358. (07:50:34) DDBandit24: Egg guy: Give me the french fries
  359. (07:50:51) Taekon: If that egg east Mayonaise, isn't that cannibalism
  360. (07:50:57) Taekon: eats*
  361. (07:51:03) Dave_G: Oo, creepy.
  362. (07:51:05) Sven_Q45: @Cheeseness Sure that was difficult... :D
  363. (07:51:08) DDBandit24: Egg guy: No! I don't want that!
  364. (07:51:10) Voodoo_Lord: nah, some things are alive some are not
  365. (07:51:22) flesk: I hadn't even heard of Pajama Sam until a couple of years ago, so I don't think they were popular here. Don't even know if they were sold here.
  366. (07:51:36) flesk: Same with Freddie Fish.
  367. (07:51:39) Taekon: Well some people are dead, and some aren't ;) I kid, I kid
  368. (07:51:40) Voodoo_Lord: yeah it hadn't that much of an international release
  369. (07:51:47) Dave_G: @flesk I think they sold them pretty broadly. Where are you?
  370. (07:51:56) Permafry_42: is the egg a canibal if he hasn't been born yet?
  371. (07:52:08) Voodoo_Lord: A fetus cannibal?
  372. (07:52:15) Sven_Q45: @flesk Heard today the first time of it. They were sold in Germany.
  373. (07:52:18) Voodoo_Lord: and now a giant heart
  374. (07:52:24) t0by: <Dave_G> But somehow in the last 20 years, "game writer" has become an actual thing that a few people do for a living, as distinct from designers who can write. <--- Hi Dave and thanks for making all the awesome stuff you make - I'm sorry, but in my head I always assumed that the difference between a "game writer" and a "game designer" was that... well, one did point&click games, the other shoot-em-all's. Is there a guy with "game wr
  375. (07:52:24) t0by: iter" on his business cards that works on shooters or viceversa a guy that gets called "game designer" that works on regular point&click games these days?
  376. (07:52:33) PeignoirPanda: they were sold in Belgium as well, all dubbed in dutch :)
  377. (07:52:36) DDBandit24: I'm super curious on the Japanese dubbed Freddi Fish game
  378. (07:52:37) t0by: (I have worded that horribly, sorry, I hope the meaning gets somewhoe tghrough)
  379. (07:52:50) Cheeseness: I hadn't heard of Pajama Sam until recently as well (Australia here). I had heard of Cavedog though
  380. (07:52:52) flesk: Dave_G: Norway.
  381. (07:53:06) flesk: The LucasArts games were popular here though.
  382. (07:53:13) flesk: As were the Sierra games.
  383. (07:53:16) Voodoo_Lord: they released some here, but I never saw any of the sequels
  384. (07:53:16) Sven_Q45: Here, too.
  385. (07:53:23) salty-horse: t0by, Rhianna Pratchett is credited as writer, and she works on action games (Tomb Raider, Evil Overlord)
  386. (07:53:27) Voodoo_Lord: (I mean Hum games)
  387. (07:53:29) Taekon: Is the heart working anatomically accurately?
  388. (07:53:35) salty-horse: Humus games
  389. (07:53:42) Dave_G: @t0by Absolutely. At Telltale we have writers and designers, chained at the ankles to each other.
  390. (07:53:43) Voodoo_Lord: Humbugs games
  391. (07:53:49) Permafry_42: after talking to this guy I'll probably end it here
  392. (07:54:18) Cheeseness: That is one cool cucumber
  393. (07:54:36) t0by: <Taekon> If that egg east Mayonaise, isn't that cannibalism <--- I must point out that another ingredient in mayonnaise is lemon, and we all know Lemonhead... :P
  394. (07:54:48) Dave_G: What a convenient skill for him to have...
  395. (07:54:50) SirSlade: @t0by Also, Tom Bissell is a "video game writer" who wrote for one of the Gears of War games, explained in a recent tone control episode
  396. (07:55:00) flesk: So is a writer mostly involved with story and dialog, whereas a designer works more on the gameplay bits?
  397. (07:55:27) Voodoo_Lord: @Dave_G: does TTG plan on making child-oriented games like this and FF?
  398. (07:55:36) Cheeseness: Dave_G: If there were another Pajama Sam game, what do you think his next adventure would be?
  399. (07:55:42) Dave_G: @flesk Kind of, yeah. Like I say, at Telltale it's sort of hard to tell the difference because the two are so closely related, but other places there's more specializing.
  400. (07:56:06) Dave_G: @Cheese I always wanted to do the first day of school...
  401. (07:56:23) flesk: Ok, thanks. That's makes sense in a genre where those are so closely tied into each other.
  402. (07:56:53) Cheeseness: Dave_G: I can see that being quite a challenge for Sam to overcome
  403. (07:56:54) Dave_G: Hey, thanks everybody!
  404. (07:56:54) Taekon: Pajama Sam 3: You Are What
  405. (07:57:09) Cheeseness: Dave_G: Thanks so much for joining us!
  406. (07:57:11) Taekon: Thanks for joining us Dave_G!
  407. (07:57:11) Syd: The whole title is a bit too big to fit. :P
  408. (07:57:17) medacris: Aw okay, seeya again, everyone! Thanks for coming, @Dave_G!
  409. (07:57:18) Syd: Thanks for joining us, Dave_G!
  410. (07:57:20) DDBandit24: It was really fun talking here
  411. (07:57:20) Voodoo_Lord: thank you Dave!
  412. (07:57:22) SirSlade: Yes, thank you Dave_G
  413. (07:57:24) Meeps: thanks!
  414. (07:57:26) flesk: Yeah, thanks for joining Dave_G.
  415. (07:57:30) salty-horse: thanks!
  416. (07:57:34) flesk: Nice having you here.
  417. (07:57:39) Permafry_42: thanks again to Dave_G and everyone else that could join us!
  418. (07:57:45) Cheeseness: Dave_G: You're more than welcome to join us again next week as we conclude :)
  419. (07:57:52) flesk: And thanks for streaming, Perma.
  420. (07:57:54) DDBandit24: I guess I'll see you next week then
  421. (07:57:56) t0by: Thank you a lot Dave_G!
  422. (07:57:59) Meeps left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  423. (07:58:00) Cheeseness: Thanks for streaming, Permafry_42
  424. (07:58:14) Taekon: Thanks for the stream Permafry_42
  425. (07:58:14) Dave_G: Good day/night to all. Will try to make it next week as well.
  426. (07:58:15) t0by: And thanks folks for setting this up.
  427. (07:58:18) Taekon: I'm just repeating Cheese
  428. (07:58:27) medacris: Have a good night, everyone.
  429. (07:58:27) Cheeseness: :)
  430. (07:58:38) Cheeseness: Thanks for coming everybody :)
  431. (07:58:39) SirSlade: Thank for streaming Permafry_42. And thanks for setting it up, as always Cheeseness
  432. (07:58:48) Voodoo_Lord: Thanks to Cheese and Permafry, good night everyone!
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