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Pirates IRC JAN'19 Changelog

mruno Feb 18th, 2019 29 Never
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  1. Pirates IRC - http://tiny.cc/PiratesIRC
  2. January 2019 Changelog
  4. Changes:
  5. Hall o' Fame pirates now be known as Pirate Legends
  6. Increased odds for a successful gamblle (!P gamblee) and even more chance at level 4 (the word g-a-m-b-l-e is not allowed on this forum so pardon the misspellings)
  7. Bot has a chance to help defend the ship during epic monster events
  8. Added a 30sec loading time for cannons during epic monster events
  9. Added !P Bounty <MIN or MAX or doubloon amount>
  10. Added Quest to bored list
  11. Added the ship upgrade: Teleport Stone which enables the Cap'n to teleport the ship to a Pirate Haven (up to 3x per day)
  12. Enabled players to duel the bot or other players at ANY level. This may only be temporary or enabled during special events...
  14. Fixes:
  15. !P SPONSOR
  16. Reloading cannon cooldown during epic monsters
  17. Cap'n port power typo
  18. Duplicate task of using !P Rusty
  19. Ability to sabotage another ship after another ship sailed from the same port
  20. Unable to sail after another ship was moored at the same port
  21. Port not being instantly claimed after installing a new governor
  22. Sabotage not completing
  23. Rare weapons won at an auction can now be !P Use'd
  24. Multiple Mimic attacks at the same time
  25. Not all active vouchers being listed in !P Vouchers
  26. Port control status in !Port Status when port was controlled by own ship
  27. Unable to purchase weapon upgrades when chest is full
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