Well That Kain't Be As Easy As- Oh, It Was

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  1. [21:15:50] <@Kain> It's been a rough night for Theta. It seems every power than is has conspired together to make him miserable. Taking his, or rather, her frustrations out on the beach seems to be her only solace tonight.
  2. [21:16:04] <@Kain> *power that is
  3. [21:16:10] <Houry_Radishjew> (>beach)
  4. [21:16:27] <Timidwood> (1,1hroo)
  5. [21:16:30] <@Kain> Madain Sari is a coastal town, of course there's a beach somewhere.
  6. [21:16:38] <Theta> Well you DO need sand to graffiti the town in lewd Garlands, so sure, to the beach first.
  7. [21:16:47] <Houry_Radishjew> (I didn't say anything about it EXISTING)
  8. [21:16:58] <Houry_Radishjew> (more like "wow we're having the swimsuit episode")
  9. [21:17:14] <@Kain> Oh whoops
  10. [21:17:24] <castfromhp> (Theta is Saryx. BWONG)
  11. [21:17:25] <@Kain> Well, it doesn't actually matter where you go, I just thought you were going full saryx.
  12. [21:17:35] <@Kain> CORRECTION
  13. [21:17:53] <Timidwood> (oh boy I 5can't wait to see 5,1where this goes)
  14. [21:18:03] * Theta is now known as Thetina
  15. [21:18:07] <@Kain> Taking her frustrations out by creating compromising statues of Garland... (and hopefully not the cat) seems to be her only solace tonight.
  16. [21:18:09] <Thetina> (knew something felt wrong)
  17. [21:18:49] * Thetina has like, practically covered the summoner's wall in them by this point!
  18. [21:19:09] <@Kain> Roll me a nature check!
  19. [21:20:44] <Thetina> 2d6+8 THIS lewd
  20. [21:20:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Thetina, THIS lewd: 11 [2d6=2,1]
  21. [21:20:51] <Thetina> Okay maybe not very lewd.
  22. [21:22:05] <@Kain> Well, they're pretty hilarious, actually. You begin your dastardly vandalism, and proceed well into the night.
  23. [21:22:17] <@Kain> And finally
  24. [21:22:18] <@Kain> Finally
  25. [21:22:39] <@Kain> After the vigors of this long day
  26. [21:22:44] <@Kain> The submarine fight
  27. [21:22:51] <@Kain> The teleporting
  28. [21:23:13] <@Kain> The deal with the black mage girls
  29. [21:23:24] <@Kain> The fight against whatever the fuck Kalissa was
  30. [21:23:33] <@Kain> And the torrent of emotions afterwards.
  31. [21:24:11] <@Kain> Finally, after being awake almost 20 hours and dealing with all of this shit by exerting yourself making lewd garlands
  32. [21:24:14] <@Kain> You pass out into the dirt.
  33. [21:24:24] <@Kain> ....
  34. [21:24:28] <@Kain> And you begin to dream.
  35. [21:24:28] <Thetina> (Didn't even count the part where got genderbent)
  36. [21:25:08] <@Kain> The sun shines down on you rather brightly. You have to blink a few times. ...And maybe the first thing you realize is that you're a dude again, dressed in your normal clothes.
  37. [21:26:11] <@Kain> You're on a warm, grey black stoney surface, painted with white lines, that seems to extend out as a square for several dozen meters.
  38. [21:26:53] * Thetina groans, slowly realizing this isn't where he passed out at.
  39. [21:26:57] <@Kain> Beyond that it transitions into smooth, white stone, leading towards some sort of massive building in the distance, with some sort of glowing structure at the top.
  40. [21:27:07] <@Kain>
  41. [21:27:40] <@Kain>
  42. [21:27:57] <Thetina> "What the hell."
  43. [21:28:05] <Thetina> "I didn't even have anything to -drink-...that I remember."
  44. [21:28:13] <@Kain> You don't see anyone around, either...
  45. [21:28:37] * Thetina slowly gets up, stares at this thing a bit, shrugs and walks toward it.
  46. [21:29:16] <@Kain> The structure of the surrounding area is definitely urban, but more advanced than you're used to in Gaia. ...but it doesn't remind you of Terra very much, either.
  47. [21:30:13] <@Kain> You find yourself passing some sort of... checkpoint gate, your way blocked by metal turnstiles that don't budge, but they're fairly trivial to hop over.
  48. [21:30:44] * Thetina looks to the empty guard post, shrugs. "Some security." and hops over.
  49. [21:31:26] <@Kain> A voice, feminine, mature, and gentle, calls out to you, from seemingly everywhere as you pass. "Ah... so you heard me, son of Terra... ,,,welcome... this way..."
  50. [21:31:52] <@Kain> You're not entirely sure what way the voice means.
  51. [21:33:29] * Thetina freezes up. "What the..."  He seems confused -where- to go since it's coming from everywhere, but continues.
  52. [21:35:04] <@Kain> You head along a walkway, through a series of stairs, and enter the main building proper. It's... rather large, the main hall in a circular pattern around the complex. The area is open and wide, split through the middle by a massive spire, with doors. An information board seems to display a map, with directions to various rooms.
  53. [21:35:25] <@Kain> Looking over it... you see things like "Cafeteria", "Library", "Classrooms", "Training Facility"...
  54. [21:35:33] <@Kain> ...Is this some sort of school?
  55. [21:36:35] * Thetina has never been in a school so he has no idea WHAT this is ;D
  56. [21:36:48] <Thetina> He looks up to the sky. "So...where am I heading exactly?"
  57. [21:38:27] <@Kain> "Anywhere your heart desires, as long as you simply move forward. I am sure you are wondering what has happened to you. You think perhaps you are dreaming, or had a bit too much to drink...? Let us speak."
  58. [21:39:40] <Thetina> "...Cafeteria it is then I guess."
  59. [21:39:46] <Thetina> He heads that way.
  60. [21:40:18] <@Kain> You head along the hallways, to a small sort of lunchroom. No one's here, either, but in the serving line there are plates of fresh hotdogs.
  61. [21:41:25] <Thetina> Do they like, even have those on Gaia? He stares at this a bit, then takes one cautiously.
  62. [21:41:48] <@Kain> You've never seen one, for certain.
  63. [21:42:01] <@Kain> "I was once known under the moniker of Guardian Force. Humans from this world used our powers to enhance their abilities... we are somewhat equivalent to what you know as eidolons. ...but not quite the same. This place once existed on a beautiful world, before it was consumed by the world of Terra."
  64. [21:42:08] <@Kain> "My name... is Eden."
  65. [21:43:16] <Thetina> He continues to look around.  "Well...hi, Eden.  I'm...Theta.  Sorry about the whole world devouring bit I guess? What the hell is this anyway?"
  66. [21:43:23] <Thetina> He gestures to the meatbun thing
  67. [21:43:51] <@Kain> "Oh, that is a 'hot dog'. Please enjoy it."
  68. [21:44:16] <Thetina> "It's made of puppies?" D:
  69. [21:44:37] <@Kain> "It is just a name. They're usually made of beef and pork."
  70. [21:45:28] <@Kain> "I do not fault what Terra must have done to survive... though nor would I have condoned it. Wars of survival are never pleasant business. I have been sleeping quite deeply for some time... but I was awoken when I heard a soul from Terra cry out in terrible anguish."
  71. [21:46:04] <Thetina> " it's like...a sausage or something.  Right..." He nibbles at it, looking around a bit, guessing he's supposed to keep moving, so takes the food with him and walks to whatever he encounters next, going forward from here.
  72. [21:46:13] <@Kain> Oh my god.
  73. [21:46:25] <@Kain> This is the best sausage you've ever eaten holy shit these hotdogs are good.
  74. [21:46:41] <Thetina> ...Takes another plate or two with em.
  75. [21:46:48] <Houry_Radishjew> (scrap all your goals theta)
  76. [21:46:58] <Houry_Radishjew> (You're going to bring back the hot dog to the modern world)
  77. [21:47:28] <Thetina> "How's...that even work though?  If you don't mind me asking.  Did you just become part of Terra or something? And now...well, nevermind, this stuff's sorta beyond me I guess."
  78. [21:47:38] <Thetina> (nope no hotdogs for you)
  79. [21:48:42] <@Kain> "The situation seems to be complicated, yes... Our world became part of Terra, and Terra became part of your world. And whether espers, or guardian forces, or eidolons, we have all the same come with."
  80. [21:49:32] <@Kain> "This place you are exploring is but a memory of one part of my world... It is a school that was used to train and educate students."
  81. [21:50:21] <@Kain> "It is a 'Garden'... and though I am a Guardian Force myself, I am also a... 'Garden'."
  82. [21:51:02] <@Kain> You walk along, leaving the cafeteria and heading into a sort of... jungly looking area.
  83. [21:51:20] <@Kain> There are still urban pathways and lights overhead, but it's like they grew a small forest indoors.
  84. [21:51:29] <Thetina> "I...don't really get what you mean by that."
  85. [21:51:33] <@Kain> You see the words "Training Facility" on the wall as you pass.
  86. [21:52:01] <Thetina> "What sort of stuff did they learn here to need something like this?"
  87. [21:53:46] <@Kain> "Gardens are where seeds are planted. Seeds of the future. They learned not only about their world, advanced topics such as physics and magic, but also of warfare. This was not only a school, but a mercenary training institution. It was an unfortunate necessity, because the proprietor required funding to support the infrastructure of the school, and to repay what was owed."
  88. [21:57:00] <@Kain> "It was also a haven, for the lost children of warfare.." As you walk, you find the terrain changing rapidly.
  89. [21:57:52] <Thetina> " military academy. And an orphanage  How does that make you one though?"  
  90. [21:58:35] <@Kain> "I was created by man for that purpose as well. And also... well, come. From the Garden of Balamb, into the Garden of Eden..."
  91. [22:01:20] * Thetina looks around, confused.  "...How? Is there stairs or a teleporter or something? "
  92. [22:01:28] <@Kain> (Just wait, typing)
  93. [22:02:32] <@Kain> You clear a section of forest, and find yourself standing on a cliff overlooking... a massive biosphere. A beautiful landscape stretches before you. Pristine, sparkling rivers. Trees groaning with fruit, soft dirt pathways interlaid with artificial lamps and benches. A sandy desert to one side, wet with rain and overflowing with colorful flora the likes of which you have only seen in dreams
  94. [22:02:32] <@Kain> and artwork. Mountains stretching into the distance, a spire not unlike the one in Balamb but stretching to the heavens, where a glass ceiling sits under a curtain of stars and supernovas, cosmic radiation visible in spectrums you've never seen from the ground in Gaia. You feel at once your geomancy senses overwhelmed, every terrain is present here. Every type of elemental spirit, and some
  95. [22:02:33] <@Kain> you've never felt before.
  96. [22:04:03] <Thetina> "I. What. Woah." He shakes a bit, sorta frazzled by this.
  97. [22:05:22] <@Kain> "I am the artificial paradise, the guardian force, Garden of Eden. Theta... you seek many things, I feel it deep within you. You seek to teach others of the arts of nature. You seek to create shelter for your lost cousins. You wish to bring life where there is none. I am Eden, and you have awoken me with your desires."
  98. [22:07:01] <Thetina> "I...yes, these things are sure you got the right guy?"
  99. [22:07:14] <@Kain> "Are you unsure?"
  100. [22:08:15] <@Kain> "Speak to me of your doubts. Relax, and talk to me."
  101. [22:09:47] <Thetina> "Honestly I'm a bit freaked out.  Eidolons are not exactly the most trust worthy or friendly things on Gaia, from what I've seen,'re not one of them but I don't know what you are, I guess."
  102. [22:10:25] <Thetina> "You say I'm a son of Terra, but I don't even really remember Terra.  Sorta lost between homes I guess..."
  103. [22:12:39] <@Kain> There's a ripple in the air, and a woman steps from a shimmer of light, with long hair, blue like the wavens. Her eyes are a foresty green, and she wears a dress of white, with a broach on her chest in the form of a bright red apple.
  104. [22:12:46] * Kain is now known as Eden
  105. [22:13:04] <@Eden> She's smiling, as she says, "Perhaps speaking face to face will help."
  106. [22:14:33] <Thetina> "A...little, yeah..."
  107. [22:15:39] <@Eden> "Eidolons, guardian forces, espers, summoned beasts, aeons... artificial or natural, we are at the core similar creatures, yet different. If those you have met so far have not proven worthy of your trust, then I hope to change that."
  108. [22:16:04] <@Eden> "But... you feel lost?" she inquires.
  109. [22:16:42] <@Eden> "You do not remember Terra, and Gaia is not quite 'home' to you either... you too, are seeking a haven. A place to belong, aren't you?"
  110. [22:18:18] <@Eden> "I seek to grant comfort and shelter, to cultivate seeds to grow, to provide for those who do not have. What must I do to prove myself to you? I am patient."
  111. [22:20:14] <Thetina> "We weren't really Terrans, I guess.  They made us to just hold souls, were never meant to really amount to much other than wait around for judgement day....didn't go that way, and we were 'saved'...hasn't really been an easy adjustment."
  112. [22:21:18] <@Eden> "They thought of you as merely a flower pot, in which there was soil to plant. But unbeknownst to them, seeds already began to germinate in that soil..."
  113. [22:21:22] <@Eden> She thinks a moment.
  114. [22:21:34] <Thetina> "No real family structure, our closest relatives on the planet are plauged to be rejected by it, little to no knowledge of this new home of ours..."
  115. [22:22:03] <@Eden> She frowns, sitting in front of you on her knees.
  116. [22:22:46] <Thetina> "I'm at a loss.  In way over my head.  I don't think I was meant for this task that's been trust on me." He sighs.
  117. [22:22:59] <@Eden> "You poor creature... What may I do to ease your burdens?"
  118. [22:24:19] <Thetina> He laughs.  "That's the funny part.  I don't even know what to ask."
  119. [22:25:03] <Houry_Radishjew> (1,1Don't be fooled Theta, she wants the D)
  120. [22:25:41] <@Eden> "I can do... very little at this point in time. I've only just awoken, I have no physical form in the world yet..." she seems conflicted. "And I may not be qualified to offer you advice. I'm not so arrogant to think I could solve your situation with words."
  121. [22:26:17] <@Eden> "But... I desire to help."
  122. [22:31:01] <Thetina> He sits down himself, keeping level with her.  "I honestly don't know what to ask of you,"
  123. [22:31:16] <@Eden> "Let me tell you one thing, however."
  124. [22:31:29] <@Eden> "There is no one in this world that may perservere by shouldering their burdens alone."
  125. [22:32:05] <Thetina> "Yeah...I know.  I've just not had much of anyone there the whole time.  So..."
  126. [22:32:53] <Thetina> "What would you need to have more hold here?  I'm...still sorta confused just what yo guys are capable of."
  127. [22:33:34] <@Eden> "I think perhaps, the best place to start is to seek my shard."
  128. [22:34:05] <@Eden> "The people of Terra derived from me an Eidolon in only a fraction of my aspects."
  129. [22:34:42] <@Eden> "Built into the form of an airship, they called it Ark. Perhaps... somewhere there lays the key to bringing me forth."
  130. [22:36:06] <Thetina> "I don't really fully get what you mean, but...Ark.  Heard that before.  Alright."
  131. [22:38:40] <@Eden> "I'm sorry, if there is anything I can explain better, please ask."
  132. [22:40:07] <Thetina> "I'm just trying to comprehend that - they drew forth a part of you to make Ark? So...then the you I'm speaking with is the other parts?"
  133. [22:40:34] <@Eden> She considers and nods, bringing her hand forth with an apple.
  134. [22:40:55] <@Eden> She bites gently into it, then takes the piece out of her mouth.
  135. [22:41:29] <@Eden> Showing you the two parts, she says, "I am of the apple, and Ark is of the bite."
  136. [22:45:08] * Thetina nods. "Alright..."
  137. [22:46:39] <@Eden> "I will be your shelter, should you need it... should you accept my aid."
  138. [22:47:07] <@Eden> "Will you place that faith in me, Theta? Will you bring me forth once more to provide?"
  139. [22:49:02] <Thetina> ""I having trouble figuring out how I of all people awoke you, I guess.  Trouble and failure seems to follow me.  I have a hunch of where this sliver might be, though."
  140. [22:49:14] <Thetina> "...Maybe.  They called it something else for some reason."
  141. [22:49:42] <@Eden> "I think... I responded to your need."
  142. [22:53:34] * Thetina shivers a bit, letting that sink in.  "I really want to trust you, but being so trusting is what got me this low.  So...I need to know."
  143. [22:53:44] <Thetina> "What do you mean by be my shelter?"
  144. [22:58:59] <@Eden> She smiles. "I will be what you need. A refuge when you are feeling down. A home for you to call your own. A haven for your loved ones to be nurtured. A school for you to teach in. Whatever you desire, as long as it is to the benefit of someone and not to the detriment of another, I will try to be. I will protect you in your moments of weakness, provide in your times of need. I will be your
  145. [22:59:00] <@Eden> guardian force, because you are someone who cares about nurturing others and safeguarding their lives."
  146. [22:59:47] <@Eden> "I will even be your ear when you need to speak."
  147. [23:01:01] <@Eden> "I am here for you."
  148. [23:04:53] * Thetina begins to sob quietly.  "I've been waiting for you.  Please, help me.  I'll find this shard and keep it safe.  I can't do this alone."
  149. [23:05:16] <@Eden> Eden steps forward and brings you into a hug.
  150. [23:07:07] <@Eden> "I will. I promise you, I will support you as much as I am able."
  151. [23:07:42] <@Eden> She gives you a moment, in her embrace, to calm down and get it all out.
  152. [23:09:37] <Thetina> He composes himself after a bit, and looks up again.  "How should I find you once I leave this place?"
  153. [23:10:32] <@Eden> "I will always be with you." she says, taking your hand. "Take my blessing, and you will be able to speak with me whenever you like."
  154. [23:12:17] <Thetina> "What must I do to accept it?  I accept. Is that it? Or..."
  155. [23:13:12] <@Eden> She nods, and closes her eyes, concentrating.
  156. [23:13:24] <@Eden> Energy begins to run from her body into your left hand. It feels... warm.
  157. [23:15:31] <@Eden> When she takes her hand away, there's a marking left on the back of your hand. Twelve circles filled with roman numerals, arranged in clockwise order. Instead of a clock face, however, there is a triangle in the middle.
  158. [23:15:41] <@Eden> Junction
  159. [23:17:31] <@Eden> You feel your power expand as her blessing flows into you! Your Home Terrain has become... All.
  160. [23:18:01] <@Eden> "This is all I can grant you at the moment..."
  161. [23:25:47] <@Eden> She smiles, looking at you. "I look forward to when we can meet in person, Theta. Never hesitate if you need to speak with me."
  162. [23:26:56] * Thetina runs his hand and nods slowly.  "Alright...thank you, Eden."
  163. [23:27:46] <@Eden> "Stay strong... and remember, you're not alone."
  164. [23:27:56] <@Eden> The light around you becomes quite bright.
  165. [23:28:38] <@Eden> And then you realize you're staring up at the sky. A moogle is poking you in your silly girlribs as the sunlight above Madain Sari shines down.
  166. [23:28:41] <@Eden> Fuck, what time is it?
  167. [23:28:57] <Goofwood> (it's 11:28)
  168. [23:29:04] <@Eden> What the hell are you doing out here? What were you...
  169. [23:29:19] <@Eden> You also realize you're staring up into the crotch of a Lewd Garland.
  170. [23:30:11] <@Eden> Oh.
  171. [23:30:15] <@Eden> That's what you were doing.
  172. [23:30:35] * Thetina slowly crawls away, looking at the moogle. "Waaah?"
  173. [23:30:52] <@Eden> Moogle: "Are you alright, kupo? You fell asleep in a weird place!"
  174. [23:32:25] <Thetina> "...Not sure.  What time is it anyway?"
  175. [23:32:51] <@Eden> Moogle: "About noon, kupo. Why?"
  176. [23:33:40] <@Eden> The moogle stares at the statue a moment. "I don't get it, kupo."
  177. [23:34:20] * Thetina looks over to the statue.  "What's not to get?"
  178. [23:34:35] <Thetina> "It's creepy old man in a compromising position."
  179. [23:35:23] <@Eden> The moogle shivers. "...I think I'll just go back to delivering the mail, kupo. Bye!"
  180. [23:35:27] <@Eden> It flutters off.
  181. [23:35:40] <@Eden> You notice as you get up...
  182. [23:35:48] <@Eden> Your hand bears the marking of Eden.
  183. [23:36:02] <@Eden> ...WELP
  184. [23:36:12] <@Eden> GUESS THAT WASN'T A DREAM
  185. [23:38:18] * Thetina stares at this for quite a while, smiles a bit, then heads back to the tavern to freshen up some before people watching for statue reactions.
  186. [23:38:41] <@Eden> Give me an awareness check~
  187. [23:39:32] <Thetina> 2d6+8
  188. [23:39:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Thetina, 2d6+8: 17 [2d6=6,3]
  189. [23:41:18] <@Eden> Oh you get some great views. There are people taking photographs of them at the eidolon wall, there are peacekeepers yelling at people to move out of the way so they can be smashed, there are a few creepy people adding their own modifications... There are people looking horrified and ushering their kids away while covering their eyes...
  190. [23:41:54] <@Eden> One person has dressed up one of the statues in a trench coat to hide all of the everything
  191. [23:46:23] * Thetina laughs while she can at the sillyness of it all, sort of not realizing how completely terrible this is given what happened here 20 years ago or so.
  192. [23:48:16] <@Eden> Thankfully there are very few who actually know Garland was responsible.
  193. [23:48:21] <@Eden> Doesn't make it any less horrible but
  194. [23:48:43] <@Eden> At least you got your laughs for the morning~ A brighter side to wake up to... what lies ahead today?
  195. [23:48:58] <@Eden> Next time, perhaps, we'll find out.
  196. [23:48:59] <@Eden> </>
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