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  3. 1       2009-04-03      15      1    Charlie Lynn    Charlie Lynn Horny Blonde with Sexy Feet        Charlie is a naturally beautiful newcummer. With barely any make-up on, she's still stunning. Just look at that sexy, curved upper lip and that strategically placed mole under her eyebrow. She's blonde, blue-eyed, and has perfect c-cup breasts. As I said, stunning. She said she gets a lot of compliments on her size 6.5 " Flintstone" feet. True, her toes are short and fat and she doesn't have much of an arch. But they're still damned cute!      206
  4. 2       2009-04-10      15      2        Mia Lina        Mia Lina Flexible Latina with Smooth Footsies   Mia Lina is a painfully cute Latina from Illinois who now lives in San Diego. She's 5'5, wears a size 7 and just turned 21 two weeks ago. Her feet are perfection, slightly moist as Latina feet often are, with soles that are exquisitely pink. Mia's cool, but I think she has some self-esteem issues. When I asked her how she would rate herself on a 1-10 scale, she said a " 2." You're about 7 points off, Mia!        145
  5. 3       2009-04-17      15      3       Emy Reyes and Ami Emerson       Emy Reyes Hot Latina Feet       Emy is an utterly charming, petite Latina from Honduras. Standing just five feet tall, she has adorable little size 5 feet. She was driving me crazy during the photo shoot with how flexible her tiny toes are, and what amazing wrinkled soles she has. For a Latina, I think she also has a strong, fairly high arch. Bottom line, I fell in love with this charmer and I'm sure you will too.       269
  6. 4       2009-04-24      15      4     Isis Taylor     Isis Taylor Size 9 Feet God I love my job. Where else would I get to meet a stunner like Isis Taylor, a newbie who could easily be a mainstream model. She's 5'8" with absolutely perfect 34C breasts, long legs and shapely size 9 feet. She's Israeli and Peruvian on her mother's side, which is where she gets that warm olive skin tone. She claims she gets her bee-stung lips and nose from her WASPy dad. Although she's only 19, this is no girl. This is a WOMAN!     163
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  8. 6       2009-05-08      15      6   Jessica Right   Jessica Right Big Sexy Feet Tube Clips  Hooo-boy, do I have a lively one for you today. Jessica Right is 21, stands 5'6" and wears a size 9.5 shoe. Her feet are nice despite the small bunions on both. She's of German heritage, and she has the most intense, blue-green eyes. Maybe they look so intense because of the fire burning behind them. You see, Jessica's not your average porn girl. She has a precognitive sixth sense. At least that's what she claims.       169
  9. 7       2009-05-15      15      7   Taylor Vixen and Darryl Hanah   Taylor Vixen Lesbian Foot Fetish Tube Clip      Taylor Vixen just decided two months ago, at the ripe old age of 25, to get into porn. Before that she'd been working at Hooter's, Bone Daddy's, and other places down in Dallas where she lives. With a body like hers I'm sure you'll be seeing more of her soon, even though she only does girls on film. Taylor wears a size 5 shoe, stands 5'2" and her incredible breasts are 36D. And she has some of the highest arches and most wrinkled soles I've ever seen! 296
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  11. 9       2009-05-30      15      9  Andy San Dimas  Tube Clip: Andy San Dimas Alt Chick with Sexy Feet      Evan texted me an hour after this scene to say one thing: " Wow." No shit, this is one of the best scenes I've ever shot, easily in my personal top 10. I can't even remember another scene where the guy and girl were kissing while simultaneously both licking her toes! The super-flexible Andy San Dimas (size 7) is one of those girls who is cool when you talk to her, but who turns into a panting orgasm machine when she has a tongue or cock inside her. These maniacs even created two new positions - missionary with her foot braced on the bedpost, and missionary blowjob with her feet in the air! Andy insisted on licking Evan's cum off her feet since she loves the taste. Wow indeed.    275
  12. 10      2009-06-05      15      10        Christina Moure Tube Clip: Christina Moure Feet Christina is a brand new cutie who stands 5'2" and wears a size 6.5 shoe. She's 21 and single. Determinedly single. In place of a relationship, she has a bullpen of around 30 guys whom she calls for sex. Admission is invitation only. Though she has a great ass and rack, I have to admit she could stand to lose some of that belly fat. But she makes up for it with that adorable face of hers. If you can believe it, she's not wearing any make-up except a little around her eyes. Those rosy little cheeks are all natural! 277
  13. 11      2009-06-05      17      1    Cameron Love    Cameron Love in Forced Bi Cuckolds      Pumping iron is one of Cameron's favorite activities. Pumping cock is also a favorite hobby of hers, much to her husband's chagrin. After a hard day at the gym, Cameron just wants to bring home a hard-bodied, muscle-bound fuck machine to fill her every nook and cranny. If her husband happens to be there, well, the more the merrier, right? After all, hubby needs his man-milk if he's going to grow up to be a proper sissy! 257
  14. 12      2009-06-12      15      11 Nikki Brooks and Brooke Banner  Nikki Brooks Feet       Talk about a lesbian power couple! Nikki Brooks and Brooke Banner both have incredible tits. And they both claim to wear the same shoe size, 8.5. I'd swear Brooke's feet are bigger. Maybe they're just wider, since Nikki has rather narrow feet with very long toes and high arches. Anyway, both girls have real orgasms in this movie, so get ready for some toe-curling fun.      320
  15. 13      2009-06-15      17      2  Tara Lynn Foxx  Tara Lynn Foxx in Cum Eating Cuckolds   Moving into a new house should be a time for celebration. If you're Tara, then you celebrate the best way you know how--by swallowing the biggest black cock you can find. Now this may seem completely innocent, but Tara is about as far from innocent as a nineteen-year-old can get. The black dick in question, you see, doesn't come attached to her husband. Her husband gets to be a bystander while Tara commences with breaking in the new living room. And the new floor. And the new couch....      255
  16. 14      2009-06-19      15      12     Mimi Blaze      Mimi Blaze Feet Mimi wants to be a professional opera singer. Her voice is astounding! Of course, so are her soft, pink, size 6.5 feet. This spunky newbie plays an opera singer whose tight shoes are affecting her voice. So what's co-star Evan Stone to do, except massage and lick those tired tootsies. You can tell how much she enjoys his ministrations from the high notes she hits. She also shows off her gymnast flexibility as they fuck in certain positions I guarantee you've never seen before! But it ain't over till the phat lady sings and gets a gooey load of sperm all over her ticklish soles.        290
  17. 15      2009-06-19      17      3  Andy San Dimas  Andy San Dimas in Forced Bi Cuckolds    Let's get one thing clear from the start: Andy San Dimas is a golden goddess. This is the type of girl you always dreamed of marrying; she's got class, she's beautiful, she's inked and she's hornier than a herd of goats. This can either lead to a life of blissful bacchanalian revelry with a beautiful woman, or the train can derail immediately and you can find yourself watching her fucking a stranger on your wedding night. Andy's husband falls into the latter category, and if it wasn't for his innate ability to suck a dick, her whole honeymoon could have been ruined. If Andy was your wife, you'd do whatever it takes to make her happy, right?        196
  18. 16      2009-06-26      15      13   Amia Moretti    Amia Moretti Dirty Sexy Feet    Amia Moretti is a natural born tease. She's 18 years old and still in high school. When her friend Tiffany goes away on vacation, she sets out to seduce her boyfriend Mikey. He tries to resist. But with Amia wiggling her cute, teenage toes in your face, what can you do? Those size 7.5's are super ticklish, so at least Mikey gets some revenge. But in the end his cock can't resist that tiny teenaged pussy or those soft, wrinkled soles, and he ends up spilling his seed all over them.   270
  19. 17      2009-06-29      17      4   Charley Chase   Charley Chase in Cum Eating Cuckolds    Two things are guaranteed to put a smile on Charly's lovely face: a giant throbbing black cock and the subsequent pussy-pounding orgasm that inevitably follows when said cock is applied to her soft, wet lady parts. If you're her husband, then that is slightly on the bad news side of things. Your small white cock cannot possibly hope to fulfill the expectations she has. The best you can hope for is that she lets you watch as she receives the pleasure that you can't possibly give her. And if you're a really good boy, then maybe (just maybe) she'll let you lap that hot black cum up from her quivering quim!      275
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  21. 19      2009-07-06      17      5     Madison Ivy     Madison Ivy in Forced Bi Cuckolds       Imagine the surprise on the face of Madison's horn-dog husband as she lowered that beautiful shaved pussy down on another man's cock. He wasn't surprised at finding her with another man; the whole idea of more bodies in the bedroom had been his after all. The surprise came when he realized how hot it made him to see that bald little beaver being penetrated by another man's missile. Even more surprising to him was the fact that he complied with her simple request: let me know what that cock tastes like to you, she said. He may have hesitated, but once it was in his mouth there was no turning back!     268
  22. 20      2009-07-10      15      15   Jazmine Star    Jazmine Star Feet       Jazmine is East Indian, stands 5'3" and wears a size 8 shoe. (She says 8-9, but they look more like 8's to me.) I loved her exotic looks and womanly curves.    207
  23. 21      2009-07-13      17      6     Leona Dulce     Leona Dulce in Cum Eating Cuckolds      When the neighbor drops by for a little brown sugar, Leona is more than happy to oblige. She has an ulterior motive for her willingness to spread her legs; her biological clock is tick-tick-tickin' and she wants to start pushing out beautiful black babies. Sadly, her husband isn't a well-hung black man, so there are very limited options inside the marriage bed. After all, what kind of woman wants her son born with the kind of shortcomings that her husband has? Leona's babies will be the kind of strong manly men her husband will never be! 264
  24. 23      2009-07-17      15      16       Brooke Lee Adams        Brooke Lee Adams Feet   Brooke has a foot fetish of sorts herself. In fact, she's masturbating to her favorite foot porn when she gets caught by her friend Mikey. He's more than willing to try it with her, and when all is done he blasts his load on her perfect feet and she licks it off. 267
  25. 24      2009-07-24      15      17    Trisha Uptown and Marie Luv     Trisha Uptown and Marie Luv Feet        Being that Trisha Uptown is a stripper, she knows how bad her tiny size 6 feet can hurt after a long night. When she and Marie Luv get back from work they decide to give each other foot rubs. Things quickly escalate from there, with Marie's pale-soled 7.5's in Trisha's pussy and vice versa. Toe-sucking, dildo fucking and squealing orgasms add to the fun.    314
  26. 25      2009-07-21      17      7    Marie McCray    Marie McCray in Forced Bi Cuckolds      When Jimmy broached the subject of adding a third party to the play pen of their love life, Marie enthusiastically agreed to it, leaving Jimmy at a loss for words. But, the cat was out of the bag and Marie wanted to start interviewing potential suitors immediately. And by interview, of course, I do mean fuck. The next guy to darken their doorway was the lucky winner of what lay behind those beautiful shaved meat curtains of hers. Jimmy found his trousers growing to be troublingly tight as he watched his wife engulf that tasty tube steak, and he wondered what it might be like to get a taste of that spicy dish himself...      424
  27. 26      2009-07-24      17      8      Judy Marie      Judy Marie in Cum Eating Cuckolds       When it comes to music, Judy finds her panties getting wet at the first sound of hip hop beats. When she finally manages to meet her favorite bling-encrusted rapper, she finds herself encumbered by a husband instead of the girlfriend she was hoping to bring along. Do you think for a second that this lily-white albatross will stop her from auditioning for a spot in a bumpin' new rap video? Her husband can only sit slack-jawed while Judy gets a taste of the Dirty South!        329
  28. 27      2009-07-31      15      18      Miley Ann       Miley Ann Hardcore Foot Fetish Movie    Miley Ann is quite the limber one. It's not everyday that she gets a visit from Evan Stone, the pervy police officer that's into feet, for public nudeness. You can say that he tried to investigate the situation, but we'd only be lying to you. We all know what his true intentions are, to grab a few extra looks at her sexy soles and toes and hopefully have a good story for the guys at the station. Well, Evan has a story to tell, which includes some feet worshipping, pussy pounding and a seductive footjob.    221
  29. 28      2009-07-31      17      9     Kylee Reese     Kylee Reese in the Taming of the Cuckold        When Kylee gets a desperate call from her good friend Dahlia, she is more than happy to help. After all, she took her own once-proud husband and turned him into a chew toy. Kylee knows exactly what buttons to push, which levers to pull, to help a man understand that thinking for himself is the last thing he wants to do. It's the first step in Jimmy's sissy training, and Kylee isn't fucking around: Jimmy is going to go home with the taste of black semen in his mouth whether he likes it or not!       285
  30. 29      2009-08-07      15      19       Melissa Matthews        Melissa Matthews Shows Off in Reverse Footjob   Evan Stone comes over to teach 20 year old Melissa how to play bongos with her size 7 feet. Once she gets the hang of drumming he sucks her feet and gets her to play a little with his drumstick. He strips down her perfectly tanned body and foot-fucks her until she needs him inside of her. He fucks her in spoon with her feet in the air for us to see, then in missionary while sucking her feet, till he shoots his load all over her tootsies after fucking doggy style.     174
  31. 30      2009-08-07      17      10        Jayden Williams Jayden Williams in the Taming of the Cuckold    Jayden Williams isn't your run-of-the-mill castrating bitch. No, this ice queen revels in the destruction of sissies. She's broken more men than a catherine wheel and now she has Jimmy dead in her sites. For Jayden, men exist only to serve her and to service her various sexual appetites. When Jimmy shows up for his next lesson, Jayden's ready with the medieval torture devices, and the only way out is for Jimmy to suck his way to freedom.       277
  32. 31      2009-08-14      15      20   Hannah West     Hannah West Feet        Hannah is having computer issues so she calls in Evan Stone from the " Jerk Squad." She drives him crazy as she hands him tool after tool with her lovely size 8 feet. He goes from geek to stud in no time as he licks and sucks her feet before fucking her missionary with her feet in his mouth, then spoon and doggy. Oops, he spills his seed on her feet. No worries, she'll lick them clean! Go Jerk Squad!     372
  33. 32      2009-08-18      17      11     Dahlia Sin      Dahlia Sin in The Taming Of The Cuckold After four years of a bone-jarringly dull marriage, Dahlia can finally look back at her wedding night with Jimmy and feel something other than a pang of intense, instant regret: happiness. She's happy that her once-proud husband has been reduced to a quivering sissy ready to acquiesce to her very demand. She's delighted that she has taken her rightful place as head of the sexual household and she's beside herself at the thought of a parade of strange cocks moving through her tender wet nether regions like an army of Spartans marching into war. With her own spear-like dildo, she has finally broken her enemy, her husband; its time to enjoy the spoils of victory and take pleasure in the fact that the cuckold has finally been tamed!      292
  34. 33      2009-08-21      15      21      Riley Shy       Riley Shy Footjobs Black Cock   Riley is at home and wants her size 7.5 feet rubbed. Her dumb boyfriend Tyler brings home a secondhand foot spa that she refuses to use, so he ends up massaging her feet the old-fashioned way and she rewards him with a footjob. That leads to a hot blowjob then sex in spoon, cowgirl, doggy, and finally Tyler pops on her feet in missionary.    265
  35. 34      2009-08-24      17      12 Luscious Lopez  Luscious Lopez in Cum Eating Cuckolds   Luscious Lopez has decided, grudgingly, to attend a session with a renowned sex therapist, if only to prove to her sad sack husband once and for all that their marriage is on a one-way trip to ye olde recycle bin. Much to her surprise, the handsome young doctor has a refreshing new take on immersion therapy; once his cock is snugly tucked into the soft folds of her vaginal vault, the problems with her husband seem to dissolve like so much smoke in the wind. Encouraged to air her grievances, she lets loose with a heartfelt and continuous stream of abuse towards her husband that seems to lift her spirits almost as much as the cock between her legs. Who knew therapy could be so immediately rewarding?      273
  36. 35      2009-08-28      15      22 Alyssa Reece and Natalia Rossi  Alyssa Reece Brings Girl Over for Some Foot Fetish Fun  Alyssa and Natalia hate their slutty sorority sister, so when she gets flowers and cupcakes they decide to put their perfect feet in the icing. But it's all too tempting, and soon they're licking the icing off each other. It gets them both so hot that they end up eating and fucking till they both come on the bed full of icing.        279
  37. 36      2009-09-04      15      23       Ally Ann        Ally Ann Enjoys Massage but Dick Between Her Feet More  Ally Ann is ready for her massage. She feels safe being naked in front of her " gay" masseuse Lee Stone. But hang on, what's this? He shows an interest in her sexy size 8 feet that seems more than professional. In fact, as she allows him to lick them, it turns out her feet are SO sexy that they turn a gay man straight! She strokes Lee's hard cock with them, then Lee eats her creamery pussy before fucking her missionary right on the massage table. They move to the bed and Ally fucks Lee cowgirl with her feet in the air. She is sucking her own toes when Lee pops on her feet and face.    299
  38. 37      2009-09-11      15      24     Dahlia Sin      Dahlia Sin Shoe Dangling and Feet Licking       Dahlia needs a new personal assistant. In the course of interviewing Bill Glide, she notices him leering at her perfect size 6.5 stocking feet. She makes him do what any good assistant would do - worship those tootsies. He lick her toes, then her pussy and ass till she is hungry for his cock. The lucky guy gets a footjob before moving on to pound her in missionary, spoon (with her sexy feet in your face), and cowgirl till he blasts his load on her feet.       218
  39. 38      2009-09-11      17      13       Amai Liu        Amai Liu in Forced Bi Cuckolds  Cute Little Amai Liu knew; she knew there had to be a big white cock at the end of her American rainbow. When she had finally had enough of the puny cock she had been forced to settle with, she demanded to be satisfied: there would be no more marriage if her husband couldn't find a way to make her tight little pussy happy. He was willing to do anything to keep that tiny ass happy, up to and including finding a bigger, better, stronger dick to run up in that honeypot. But is he willing to suck that cock for her?    312
  40. 39      2009-09-11      17      14     Gaya Patal      Gaya Patal in Cum Eating Cuckolds       The last thing Gaya was thinking of when she climbed up on top of her lover's cock was her husband. Sure, he was handy to have around, especially when it came to the bills and buying pretty new outfits for her, but beyond that there really wasn't much consideration given to the man she once loved more than life itself. The romance had been gone for so long that it had all seemed like a dream. Imagine her surprise then, as she enjoyed the stiff willy tickling her cervix, when she saw her husband walk in with flowers and chocolates. Her cold heart melted for a moment, and she pondered giving up her lusty ways. But when she saw the thin line of drool slip out of her husband's mouth as he watched her bounce up and down, she realized that she could have her cock and eat it, too.        288
  41. 40      2009-09-18      15      25    Gracie Glam     Gracie Glam Meets the King of Pop Shot  Gracie Glam's teen-pop idol MJ has died, and Evan Stone is there to help her get over him. He gives her some " Jesus Juice" and dances and sings his way to sucking her sexy size 7.5 feet. He eats her out and she returns the favor by giving him a foot/suckjob to die for. He then teaches her about rhythm in spoon with his massive pole. Then she rides the tour bus in cowgirl. After an encore in doggie, he shows her what the "King of Pop" really means.    197
  42. 41      2009-09-18      17      15      Riley Shy       Riley Shy in Cum Eating Cuckolds        As a talent scout for an LA-based ball club, Billy couldn't believe his luck when all-star slugger Lee Bang expressed interest in a trade. Billy would do anything to sweeten the deal for Lee; bringing this heavy hitter to town would be a real feather in Billy's cap! When Lee sees Billy's wife, Riley, he knows exactly what he wants: her tight little box wrapped snugly around his shaft. How far is Billy willing to go to get the big man's wood swinging for his team? Will he take one for the team and offer up his beautiful wife to the legendary slugger?     303
  43. 42      2009-09-25      15      26 Angelica Raven  Angelica Raven Gets Feet Pleasured and Sucks Dick       Steven St. Croix is going door to door selling foot cream, and Angelica Raven is ready to try some on her sexy, size 7 feet. She dives into the free trial, and can't stand how turned on she gets. She ends up fucking and sucking Steven till he blows a massive load of his own cream all over her sexy soles and red toenails.      282
  44. 43      2009-09-25      17      16  Brooke Banner   Brooke Banner in Forced Bi Cuckolds     Beautiful Brooke has felt a little under-apprecited lately; her husband Billy doesn't even have time these days to do simple around-the-house tasks. When he sends an assistant home to help Brooke move some furniture, she decides it's time to show Billy who wears the pants and who sucks the cock in their marriage. Billy comes home and is horrified to find his assistant's cock balls-deep in his wife's eager mouth. But Brooke won't be satisfied until she sees her husband take up the nut sucking duty; she knows his soft spots well, and she knows exactly how to poke them to get exactly what she wants. You don't fuck with a woman like Brooke; she'll fuck you right back, proper!        280
  45. 44      2009-10-02      15      27      Mai Ly and Misty Anderson       Mai Ly and Misty Foot Fun       21 year old Mai Ly has Misty Anderson doing her nails, but she sucks! As a consolation, Mai forces Misty to suck her lovely size 7.5 feet. They both end up so turned on that they fuck each other with their long toes. If you like to see two tall, well-stacked girls get it on with their bare feet, this is for you!       225
  46. 45      2009-10-02      17      17    Yasmin Gold     Yasmin Gold in Cum Eating Cuckolds      AJ found himself in a bit of pickle: his hot Hungarian wife, Yasmin, won't stop yelling at him in her native tongue and he can't understand a single word of it. All he knows is that she's packing her bags. The only person who can help is his friend Tyler, a cunning linguist in his own right as well as being the one who turned AJ on to the foreign bride site in the first place. Tyler shows up in time to keep the lovely Yasmin from deserting her new beau, but he learns that the fissure in the new marriage needs to filled by a cock that's much larger than the thimble-dick AJ's packing. Luckily, Tyler has just the solution to the problem!      305
  47. 46      2009-10-02      17      18     Mimi Blaze      Mimi Blaze in Forced Bi Cuckolds        Times are tough all around. Unless you have a winning lottery ticket in hand, you may be forced into trolling for blow jobs under the freeway. Of course, if you do have a winning lottery ticket, you want to rush right out and try to cash it in. Scott here thinks he's hit the big time because his wife, Mimi, has the kind of pipes you'd normally expect to see on a TV karaoke contest. But how do you get the cash? Mimi needs to meet a record producer, and fast. But when the producer plays a harder kind of ball than Scott is used to, the winning lottery ticket suddenly becomes a hot plate stuck to his tender mouth!       235
  48. 47      2009-10-09      15      28 Katie Michaels  Katie Michaels Teasing and Feet Pleasing        19 year old Katie Michaels shows up for a little magic show, but her size 7 feet quickly become the main attraction. The creepy magician makes his cock disappear between her little toes, then reappear in her tight pussy. After some hard and wild fucking he makes a load of jizz appear all over her face. We usually have the cum go on the feet, but this little slut begged for the sperm in her mouth. She said she loves the taste and texture!       274
  49. 48      2009-10-12      17      19    Gracie Glam     Gracie Glam in Forced Bi Cuckolds       When Gracie finally saw her loving husband with balls for a beard, she knew it was the greatest day of her life. The way Billy gagged on the strange man's rod made her sweet little pussy quiver with excitement, and Billy's protestations only served to make Gracie shove the cock further down his throat. No, today was going to be Gracie's day no matter what Billy wanted. She was going to have her cock and eat it, too; luckily her friend had brought enough for everybody!        249
  50. 49      2009-10-16      15      29       Kita Zen        Kita Zen Massage Turns into Happy Ending        When LA super-cop Mikey Butders heads into the massage parlor for a little relief from his day-to-day stress, he uses both his charm and his shield to work a little extra attention from the sexy masseuse, Kita. Once she sees the badge, she drops her resistance as fast as she drops her fake accent. In no time at all, the 21-year-old Filipino is working Mikey's cock like an old pro with her size 6 feet. By the time it's done, Kita has discovered a whole new meaning for " happy ending!"        177
  51. 50      2009-10-20      17      20     Lyla Storm      Lyla Storm in Cum Eating Cuckolds       You had been wondering why your wife, Lyla, spent so many late hours at the dojo, and why she always seemed to come back with a huge smile on her face. Now you know the answer, and it's not making you feel any better about yourself. Her instructor, Tyler, has been dipping his wick in your wife's well for quite a while now. Watching them shamelessly fuck each other raw on your couch should be the most humiliating moment of your life, but for some reason you just can't turn away from the scene. In fact, you've almost become mesmerized by the smell of your wife on this strange man's cock...      317
  52. 51      2009-10-23      15      30       Kacey Villainess        Kacey Villainess Gives a Leg-wrapped Footjob    Kacey's been feeling a little down lately, so a friend decides to send a stripper-gram over to cheer her up. Channeling the spirits of both Chris Farley and Patrick Swayze, Evan gets his sexy on as Kacey watches hungrily. She can't help herself as Evan swings his meat in front of her; she pulls him down and gives him a hot foot job from behind with her size 8.5 feet! Her toes find their way to his mouth, and from there it's on - he dives into her muff like an Olympian and prepares her for the main course. She climbs on top of him and grasps his nuts with her heels as she rides his huge tool. When he can't hold off any longer, Evan drops his load all over her soft soles while she writhes in pleasure. A little foot fetish is just the thing the doctor ordered when it comes to getting out of a funk!  234
  53. 52      2009-10-26      17      21    Hannah West     Hannah West in Forced Bi Cuckolds       Hannah's asshole was the undiscovered country for as long as Jimmy had known her; it was the one thing he wanted desperately from her, and she knew it. But denying him that simple pleasure gave her more satisfaction than any of the lame romantic gestures he attempted. When Jimmy walked in and found her about to let a complete stranger probe her holiest of holies, he whimpered sadly and knew that it was going to take a supreme effort to keep her from forgetting all about him. But Hannah's a good sport; if Jimmy wants to know what her ass tastes like, he's more than welcome to get a taste from the tip of Gabriel's prick!      324
  54. 53      2009-10-30      15      31 Victoria White  Victoria White Catches Lover Watching Foot Porn When the tall blonde Victoria White chances a glance over Mikey's shoulder as he " writes," she can't help but notice the foot fetish porn on his screen. Realizing they share an affinity for foot-related fun, she eagerly lets him worship her feet with his mouth. Not ready to stop there, Mikey explores the space (and scent!) between her toes with his tongue, eliciting some giggles from Victoria. Already wet from Mikey's tongue, Victoria returns the favor by stroking his cock with her size 8.5 feet until his turgid tool is ready to plumb her depths. Watching his tool slide in and out of her glistening pussy is awesome, but it doesn't even come close to the site of seeing his massive load as it covers her feet and slowly drips down to her swollen lips! 246
  55. 54      2009-11-02      17      22 Evie Delatosso  Evie Delatosso in POV Cuckolds  How did the fact that your wife Evie is an unstoppable fuck machine intent on destroying what's left of your fragile ego manage to get by you in the courting process? Well, when a pussy feels likes it's made from the finest silk it might be easy to overlook a small thing like your fiery Latina wife's castrating tendencies. But let's not dwell on the past; instead, let's concentrate on the huge cock currently hollowing out Evie's pussy. Yeah, it ain't yours buddy. But you're more than welcome to watch, of course. And if you're a good little boy, maybe (just maybe) she'll let you lap up what's left when she's done. Chalk one up in the win column for you!    350
  56. 55      2009-11-06      15      32   Capri Anderson and Ruby Knox    Capri Anderson and Ruby Rub Feet while Things Get Steamy        After a long night of partying, club girls Capri and Ruby arrive home exhilarated, tired and horny. There aren't any boys around to rub their tired feet after dancing, so they'll have to rely on each. Feeling generous and fidgety, they quickly discover that a good mutual foot rubbing is exactly what they need. The ecstatic massage quickly turns into a toe-licking orgy of sensory overload as they discover that the sole is the window to a girl's pleasure center. The two scandalous lasses quickly find all the right excuses to rip each other's clothes off and get into some serious toe worship. Ruby teases Capri's bald little box, then lets Capri return the favor with gusto. While the giggly girls wrestle toes, they decide to share a ride on a double-ended dildo. The fun doesn't stop there, though, as Ruby has one more toy to tickle Capri's fancy. Capri's soles wrinkle up as Ruby takes her from behind, bringing on the release she so desperately craves!       260
  57. 56      2009-11-10      17      23  Courtney Page   Courtney Page in Forced Bi Cuckolds     Tino remembered very well the day he first gazed upon his future wife, Courtney. His creatives juiced stirred and boiled; he felt that with her by his side there was nothing he could not accomplish. And to a degree, he was right. He threw himself into his work and disappeared under a pile of canvas and oil paints. Sadly, his wife felt very much left behind. Her needs were completely forgotten as they toured the galleries around the world, and she knew that it was only a matter of time before the pressing issue of her lonely pussy reaching the tipping point. That moment came unexpectedly, as most moments of true passion do, when she decided to let the estate caretaker Jay have his way with the soft wet folds of her pussy. Tino will not be pleased.... 233
  58. 57      2009-11-13      15      33   India Summer    India Seduces and Gives a Footjob       What are you supposed to do when your girlfriend's mom is the hottest MILF you've ever seen? Young " Michael" Butders does the only thing possible and accepts India's invitation to play a few grown-up games with her. This older woman lets Mikey clean her feet with his tongue. India, hungry in turn for the youthful rod in his pants, devours his cock after getting him hard with her size 8 feet. This hot mom knows her way around a dick and knows exactly how to make all of it disappear in her mouth. Not satisfied with simply tasting him, India quickly pushes him to the bed and impales herself on his turgid man meat. When he flips her over, she's overcome and quickly gets off all over his cock. She shows off her best asset when she gets on all fours and spreads her supple ass so he can play a rough game of hide the sausage with her. When she cums, the pounding leaves her barely able to speak! Mikey finally lays back and lets the raven-haired mom fuck him with the soft soles of her elegant feet. He hoses down the flower tattoo on her foot with warm, life-giving spunk. But after a fucking like that, will India have the strength to let her daughter know Mikey ever stopped by?      311
  59. 58      2009-11-20      15      34   Evanni Solei    Evanni Solei Orders a Foot Rub then Gives a Footjob     After a long concert spent dancing on stage, all pop star Evanni Solei wants to do is relax. But her new security guard, Evan, won't be happy until he knows they're safe and alone. Once the site is secure, Evanni tells her new security guard what she really needs: a nice foot massage to ease her aching size 7.5 arches. Evan has to do what she tells him, of course; it's his job, after all! What he didn't expect was her willingness to indulge his affinity for feet. She lets him apply a saliva-based moisturizer with his tongue, and soon can't help but try to get her feet all over his quickly stiffening cock. She unleashes her bountiful 36D tits while applying her tootsies to his tool. She has her needs, too, and Evan is more than happy to bury his bone in her wet pussy. Evanni hops on top, but lets her security guard take care of all the work. She quickly squeals with delight as his pounding induces a toe-curling orgasm from the young star. She may seem quiet, but she comes alive when the cock is put to her correctly. Evan, no longer able to contain himself, unleashes a stream of spunk across her eager toes. Mission accomplished!        224
  60. 59      2009-11-23      17      24 Christina Skye  Christina Skye in Cuckold POV   Your horny wife Christina seems to have fallen hook, line and pussy for the bullshit psychic that followed her home from the beach. But since you're a weak-willed sissy, you're not going to do anything about it when he decides to bury his own bone in your wife's wet hole. All you're going to do is sit and watch while she slides that black shaft into her mouth, and when Wes drops his ten-day load, it's going to be all over the place: on your wife, on your furniture, on your camera, hell, all over you. But that's going to be just fine by you, isn't it?    252
  61. 60      2009-11-23      17      25     Cindy Snow      Cindy Snow in Cum Eating Cuckolds       Oh, sweet Cindy has turned out to be more than a handful for her poor husband Les. That pleasure hole she keeps buried between her legs has turned out to be bottomless and he is completely impotent when it comes to stopping her from trying to fill it. There are only two things that Cindy worries about: fill the hole, keep the hole happy. This time around, Cindy's insatiable hunger for cock is going to lead Les down a path he may not be ready to follow her down; she wants him to join her for a little cock tasting party in the backyard!    257
  62. 61      2009-11-23      3       1        Bunny Luv       Bunny Luv in Barefoot Confidential      Three seconds of staring at Bunny Luv's sexy size sevens and we were popping in our drawers. Of course, results in different parts of the country may vary. But stick a hot blond on a bed in a black negligee and the appeal is pretty much universal not to mention the fact that Bunny runs the gamut of teasing, sexy leg poses. And those soles coming at you in near 3D! [You can put your nose to the screen and practically smell 'em.] Talk about a thrill ride. How much can one healthy heart take, you might ask? Well consider this. We re-ran the tape and beat our previous jacking off record. Of course, results in different parts of the country may vary.   284
  63. 62      2009-11-27      15      35 Evie Delatosso  Evie Delatosso awaits for her Papi to Lick Toes and Fuck Pussy  Welcome to Foot Fetish Gigante! Passions ignite when fiery Latin lovers Evie Delatosso and Mikey Butders rediscover their love. Overcome with emotion, Mikey throws Evie to the bed and devours her toes hungrily. Evie can't contain her own enthusiasm for Mikey's technique and quickly thanks him by massaging his sack with her size 5's while he shoves his turgid pole down her greedy throat. Her gagging inspires him to find an even wetter hole for his prong, so he moves behind her and immediately sends her into sexual overdrive. But Evie still has her mind set on getting him off with her feet. She moves forward and lets her toes do the talking as he crams himself into the space made by her arches. Not one to be left behind, Evie wants her own roaring orgasm and has Mikey climb on top of her so she can diddle that fine pussy until she starts speaking in tongues. She switches it up and mounts Mikey, riding him like Olympic gold depended on it. For the finale, Mikey whips out his manhood and sprays a generous load of semen across her feet so she can show everyone the fruit of their hard work and passion!       333
  64. 63      2009-12-01      17      26  Violet Marcel   Violet Marcel in Cum Eating Cuckolds    Bob had a bad feeling when his wife Violet left him at home for her high school reunion. She'd been acting like a frisky teenager all week; now, she won't even answer her phone as he desperately tries to reach her. When she finally does get home, she brought along an old crush of hers. What could possibly go wrong when your wife wants to hang out with an old friend? Bob learns that the sky is the limit when that old friend suddenly has an open invitation to stick his big black pecker wherever he wants to put it. What about Bob? He gets to sit and watch while his wife gets rocked by a cream pie blast from the past!   318
  65. 64      2009-12-04      15      36       Ally Kay        Ally Kay Punishes Brute and Gives Him a Foot Award      " Yo, Ally, I'm proud of you and Ima let you finish, but Brute Michaels is the hardest rocker of all time!" And with that the aging rocker and reality TV superstar Brute Michaels interrupts Ally Kay during her award acceptance speech. To no one's surprise, Ally takes matters into her own hands and punishes him for his interruption. She feeds him her size 7.5 feet for starters, and then tries to smother his loud mouth with her bald pussy. Brute immediately tries to swallow that delicious piece of bubble gum she's hiding between her thighs. Surprised to find that the rocker is emotionally vulnerable, she eases his existential pain with the soft soles of her feet by way of a killer foot job.       305
  66. 65      2009-12-08      17      27    Ashley Coda     Ashley Coda in Forced Bi Cuckolds       The cat was out of the bag; Ashley's husband could smell the strange cock all over her pussy and he wanted answers. He wasn't prepared to meet the cock in question immediately. You can imagine his surprise to see that the bull was still in the house. Ashley was understandably upset about being denied her hot blast of sperm and intended on making her husband sorry he came home. She knew that it would take little effort to grind her sissy husband down; by the end of the day, he'd be right beside her sucking that prick like a champ. The lesson: don't fuck with Ashley!     324
  67. 66      2009-12-08      3       2    Angel   Angel in Barefoot Confidential  There's something about a woman wearing panties and nothing else. And we know we're going out on a limb to say this, but it suggests sex. Possibly some guys taking a look at Angel, who bears a similar description, might want to roll her over and have sex with her. But that's so predictable. Even Angel in this video clips tells us that men are so easy. Sure, because they usually have only one thing on their minds. However, to the foot fancier, it's a whole different story. Yeah, we might entertain the idea of sticking our fingers up Angel's ass and smelling them to see what she had for dinner. Though, in the trade, we call this foreplay. The main course, of course, is Angel's lovely size sevens which we'll cradle in our crotch, hoping she might jerk us off with them. Explain that fantasy to some chick you just met in a coffee joint and see if she calls you easy or predictable.        280
  68. 67      2009-12-11      15      37 Valerie Hart and Georgia Jones  Valerie and Georgia Girl-on-Girl Feet Worship   Val's never been with another woman before, but Georgia is well-schooled in the art of Sapphic seduction. She begins by lovingly caressing Val's toes with her tongue. Georgia's eyes light up when she finds that Val is ready and willing to return the foot love. Val licks Georgia's size 7's like there's no tomorrow. Not content to stop there, Georgia invites Val to massage her clit with her toes, then returns the favor with gusto! Georgia wants to know what Mexican pussy tastes like and dives in for a taste. Val, eager to learn some things as well, pulls Georgia onto her and starts licking that beautiful bald pussy - there is no stopping this noob carpet muncher once she starts! The girls then pull out their favorite vibrating toys and take turns hiding them in each other's pussies. 169
  69. 68      2009-12-14      17      28       Kita Zen        Kita Zen in Cum Eating Cuckolds Billy found out rather rudely that his lovely bride Kita has been selling her ass on the street in order to make ends meet. As if that's not bad enough, it was her pimp Wesley who told him while he was balls deep in Kita's mouth. Billy has no choice but to watch as his little Asian sweetie is defiled by her angry pimp. You have to make tough choices sometimes, and Billy isn't afraid to stand by and watch as Kita's tiny pussy is stretched to its limit by the giant black tool. Well, maybe he's a little afraid...     329
  70. 69      2009-12-14      3       3    Faith   Faith in Barefoot Confidential  Besides the obvious, the surprise element is what makes these Barefoot Confidential clips so utterly fascinating to watch. Not to say that some chick with congenital stumps will be slipped into the mix to freak you out. Kickass certainly wouln't do such a thing, but it's the manner and clever mode of presentation that always captures the imagination. Like how do you feature countless women in barefeet and still make your material fresh and exciting? That question's answered in this little presentation featuring Faith. And if your fetish happens to be combat boots, as well, you'll be doubly rewarded in this little scenario with Faith playing a G.I. who's got throbbin' tootsies after a long march. What does she do about it? Hint: have some lotion and a towel at the ready. You're gonna need it.      282
  71. 70      2009-12-18      15      38    Ashley Coda     Ashley Cleans House and Rides the Cock  Somewhere, the ghost of Benny Hill is quietly grinning to himself while sucking gently on the toes of a topless, big-bosomed angel! Evan comes home to find his sexy maid wearing something that needs to be torn off, so he chases her around the house until she agrees to let him ravage her feet. Evan envelops those stocking-clad, size 7 tootsies like there's no tomorrow before hungrily diving into her pussy. She uses her feet on his tool while he uses his mouth on her. Once he's able to work his dick into her tight pussy, its time to rock! She then takes her own turn in charge as she climbs on top of that huge prick. She spreads her jelly ass open for our viewing pleasure as she slams down, impaling herself on his manhood for an intense pounding. When he's ready to blow, he does it in style by coating her hair, face and feet with a liberal dose of his seed. Like any gentleman should, he then insists that she clean up his mess by sucking her toes clean!     234
  72. 71      2009-12-21      17      29    Misty Stone     Misty Stone in Forced Bi Cuckolds       Misty threw all regard for her future into the trash when she decided to bring home an old friend from the streets to her loving husband instead of finding a job like a good girl. It just goes to show that you can take the whore out of the gutter, but you can't take the gutter out of the whore. Since she was throwing her future into the flames, she figured a great way to show her appreciation for the time, money and education she got from her husband over the years would be to force a homeless man's cock down his throat. That's a gift that keeps on giving, right?       304
  73. 72      2009-12-25      15      39     Maya Bazin      Maya's Cleaner Worships Her Feet and Fucks Her Young Pussy      Hindi cutie Maya is relaxing at home when a second-rate Tom Cruise bursts into the room with some, but not all, of the right moves. Her cleaner Mikey thought he was alone and has some explaining to do. He offers to do a little extra cleaning in return for his impropriety; Maya certainly doesn't mind the extra effort, especially when he starts by licking clean her beautiful size 6 feet. Since he is a professional cleaner, you can expect him to get the job done right! His licking quickly turns Maya into an insatiable horndog and she offers up her wet pussy to him. He lays her down on her desk and quickly slips inside, but seeing as this sexy babe is someone he wants to lay back and really enjoy, he relocates her to the couch and lets her climb on top so she can ride him hard. Cleaning is not Mikey's only strong suit, as he turns out to be quite adept at giving Maya multiple orgasms. To show her gratitude for the pounding, Maya uses her smooth soles to give his pecker a good rub down. When he can't contain himself any longer, he drops a healthy serving of salty icing across her nicely pedicured toes!      217
  74. 73      2009-12-29      17      30        Catalina Taylor Catalina Taylor in Cum Eating Cuckolds  Are you ready for the Big Herc? Catalina certainly is, but AJ is beginning to have his doubts. It seems old AJ has been shooting blanks and pretty Catalina has been hearing the inescapable sound of her ticking biological clock. This, my friends, is a oft times a recipe for disaster. Not so for Catalina. She knows her sissy husband wouldn't say shit to her if his mouth was full of it, so she unilaterally decides to solve her problem with the biggest brother she can get her hands on.  220
  75. 74      2010-01-01      15      40  Suzanne Kelly   Mixed Tourist Babe Riding Cock and Exposing Feet        Poor American tourist Suzanne finds herself in a bit of a pickle: she's tied up and at the tender mercies of German interrogator Evan SStone. In his quest for answers, Evan isn't against good old-fashioned torture to find the microchips he's looking for. He starts by sticking his Dodel between her feet and much to their surprise she starts enjoying it! If she wants her freedom, though, she's going to have to work harder for it! The Geneva Convention is surely violated when Evan starts stabbing her sweet pussy over and over with his lengthy Schwanz; the technique seems to be particularly effective, as he gets a lot out of her in terms of squirting. He then turns the Fraulein upside-down in order to give her the complete length of his Pimmel! Evan finally ends the interrogation by spritzing all over Suzanne's gorgeous size 7.5 feet. Apparently, her papers were in order after all!      243
  76. 75      2010-01-04      17      31     Maya Bazin      Maya Bazin in Forced Bi Cuckold Jimmy returned from his bride-finding mission in India only to find a burglar in his house, brazenly taking advantage of Jimmy's absence. Being so close to his dream, Jimmy was more than willing to roll over and play dead in the face of danger. His new wife Maya felt differently. She felt a strange stirring in her Kundalini at the sight of the fierce intruder forcing her new husband to his knees. Lord Shiva works in mysterious ways, it seems. When the thief demands that she undress for him, she isn't entirely upset at the prospect...     270
  77. 76      2010-01-08      15      41     Lyla Storm      Lyla Storm gets Pussy and Ass Eaten then Gets Fucked    Like most modern girls, Lyla likes to troll the interweb for potential fuck buddies. But to do that you need some good photos of yourself, so Lyla hires a pro to snap some sexy pics for her. She notices that shutterbug Mikey seems to have a fascination for sexy size 8.5's. So when the time comes to talk about compensation, she offers to trade some footsie action for services rendered. This, of course, being a win-win situation for Mikey who desperately wants to lick those elegant feet. It's not long before the licking and sucking turns into a real need to bury his bone in her hot hole as she uses her talented tootsies to harden his wood. Once he puts it in her, it's game over as this sexy filly gets her freak on; she even lets Mikey probe her tight ass with his trigger finger as she drops her jelly ass on his ready tool. When Mikey finally unloads all over her feet, the cum-happy vixen immediately shoves her foot into her mouth in order to get the full measure of Mikey's hard work!    294
  78. 77      2010-01-06      4       1      Aurora Snow     Aurora Snow in 5 Guy Cream Pie  History records that the first five guy cream pie came at the end of a Three Stooges episode titled A Plumbing We Will Go- the one where Moe, Larry and Curly come out to this hoity toity mansion looking for a leak then promptly turn the place into an interactive water fall. Being a chick, Aurora Snow can't see what's so funny about the Stooges. Frankly, we can't see what's so funny about taking five guys in your love snout, either. But this is what Aurora does, and we're not the ones to make comment. Because she radiates pride in the things she does, we'll allow Aurora to have her say in this movie clip. Then we'll allow the rest of the world to debate the issue of having man juice rolling down your leg during important social occasions then trying to explain to some hoity toity hostess in a mansion why this is happening. It'll probably erupt into a five guy cream pie for all we know, then Moe, Larry and Curly will have the last laugh.   299
  79. 78      2010-01-06      5       1     Vic Sinister    Vic Sinister in 10 Man Cum Slam To progress from sucking off one man in the back seat of a Dodge convertible to rolling around on some dirty floor with ten unworldly hung Visigoths is not a road easily traveled. Hence, Vic Sinister started off easy- by being approached for sexual favors at subway stops, alleys and street corners then working her way up slowly but surely to being the multi-man odalisque that she is. Of course her name fools people, thusly, Vic is often confused with neighborhood mob chieftains and race track touts with bushy eyebrows. In this movie clip, Vic feigns a sense of reservation about her upcoming " slam" scene, but don't let this fool you. The woman is cagey to the pointing of sucking you into her coyness. After all, who could believe that such a sweet young lady could do such a thing. One of the guys in the troupe refers to Vic as a "German slut" but obviously he's mistaken her for some fat-assed beer hall waitress of the same name.   287
  80. 79      2010-01-06      3       4   Allysin Chains  Allysin Chains in Barefoot Confidential According to the dedication, this foot video goes out to Joe, a " rabid fan" in Minnesota. And we certainly hope they catch the dog that bit him. Joe, we're also told, adores Allysin's small feet. Now some guys are into tiny feet, and some guys are into ones the size of aircraft carriers. Lovely Allysin happens to fall into the former category where she's a 5 1/2. In fact, when she was a little girl Allysin used to exchange shoes with her Barbie dolls and it went a long way to saving on the family budget until she reached the age of puberty and her feet grew. But once she started in porn and blossomed into a woman, Allysin began giving Imelda Marcos a run for her money in the footwear dept. Modeling a pair from The Slut collection with a peekaboo front, Allysin tosses her tanned limbs saucily with provocative taunts and teases. There are also many schools of thought among foot fetishists regarding the choice of toenail polish. Not to sound like killjoys, Allysin would score a zero among the experts who favor various shades of red. But who are we to say. Allysin is the one making the big bucks while these closet homos live from hand-to-mouth on government grants. Nevertheless, enjoy this pretty lady.      294
  81. 80      2010-01-06      5       2     Olivia Saint    Olivia Saint in 10 Man Cum Slam Olivia Saint has always been one of our personal favorites- a big boned chick with a compelling mouth, eyes like an opium den and a huge ass. Even in church, this smoldering chick would have " Fuck Me" written all over her. So would it surprise us that Olivia's doing ten guys? Hardly. In fact, there must have been something written in her high school yearbook, under the success heading, predicting such events. It boils down to this: Some women are born to be miserable. Some women are born to have ugly feet. Some women are born to beat pancake batter and some women are born to suck cock, take it in the ass and head up gangbangs. Olivia Saint is one of those.       271
  82. 81      2010-01-12      4       2  Juliana Kincaid Juliana Kincaid in 5 Guy Cream Pie      Some women just look better on their knees. In that category we place nuns and the cigarette-puffing Juliana Kincaid. Of course Juliana looks like no nun that ever rapped our knuckles with a ruler and thus damaged our mental health for years to come. But that's another story. Speaking of mental well being, Juliana's about to absorb the seminal discharge of five guys who will take turns between her legs. They will not be using condoms which means any one of them can hit the father-lotto. But Juliana being the pro from Dover that she is, this will probably not happen since she knows how to flush out her snatch with boric acid or choose any of the other tricks porn girls deploy to prevent pregnancy. Even so, there's always the back alley abortionist with a coat hangar at last resort. We just thought we'd present some of the more glamorous aspects of the business so you can better enjoy these scenes.   288
  83. 82      2010-01-12      17      32        Asia Zo Asia Zo in Cum Eating Cuckolds  All Asia wanted to do was surf the net in order to find some Wiki references for her term paper. Unfortunately, her husband Kade made that all but impossible. You see, Kade likes to browse the ol' porn, and he is none too careful when it comes to shielding his computer from viruses. Instead of research, all Asia is finding is a screen full of pop-ups, pop-unders and warnings: basically, a shitstorm of epic proportions. She calls the Nerd Squad for some help, and is pleased to see a very helpful young man quickly appear at her door...     242
  84. 83      2010-01-15      15      42    Bailey Lane     Young Bailey seduces friends daddy with Soles and Toes  What do you do when you find your daughter's friend Bailey lounging on your bed in her underwear when you emerge from the shower? If you're Evan Stone, you do what comes naturally and you let her rub your chest with her sexy size 8's. Her curious feet soon find the growing bulge in Evan's towel. In no time Bailey has his cock turgid and his spirit willing, so he dives into her soles cock first and fucks her feet like a champ. Bailey isn't content to stop there, though; she wants that huge prick in her tight, young pussy and Evan is more than happy to accommodate her as long as she returns the pussy pounding with generous amounts of foot play. Bailey takes a seat on top of Evan's cock and bounces on it until he's ready to lose his mind. Instead, he loses his load all over her precious feet as she gently caresses his cock with her toes! Nothing in life is free, though, and when the other shoe drops, Evan is in for a surprise!       227
  85. 84      2010-01-22      15      43     Alexis Ford and Nicole Ray      Nicole Licks Alexis Tight Pussy and Sucks Toes  Alexis Ford and her hot gal pal Nicole Ray are just lying around the house, bored and looking for something to do. Nicole wants Alexis to try on her hot new shoes, but they quickly find that the shoes are a bit too small. Maybe if Nicole licks the thick little toes of Alexis's size 7's they'll be able to shoehorn them in. Alexis is a little weirded out by the proposition, but quickly forgets all about the shoes as her clothes fall away along with her inhibitions. Nicole also puts her size 6.5's to good use on Alexis' pussy. What started as a lazy day around the house quickly turns into a pussy-eating, toe-licking extravaganza! You won't be able to forget the duel toe-sucking pretzel position!   302
  86. 85      2010-01-21      4       3  Cameron Cameron in 5 Guy Creampie       Any woman who takes a pop shot between the legs and keeps it snuggled there is a model of libertine self-empowerment in our book. Which brings us to the subject of Cameron. Often confused with Bizet's opera, Carmen, Cameron proves she's no diva by the very fact that she welcomes multiple sperm deposits as much as a bum welcomes government assistance. Plus it helps that Cameron's also very pretty because we've seen men impregnate tree stumps and thought it was a pretty good afternoon. Which is to say that winding up with a broad like Cameron can be considered a rare treat indeed. Then if, like Cameron, she permits ejaculation with no remorse, no regret, you've found yourself a winner.    240
  87. 86      2010-01-21      4       4      Sharon Wild     Sharon Wild in 5 Guy Creampie   The lyricist who wrote the lines, " Would you like to jizz on a star...carry semen home in a jar?" obviously never knew the feeling of having one's sexual fluids spurt free and unfettered between a woman's inviting thighs. Had Sharon Wild made his acquaintance, the song might have had a different text and a happier ending. [As a footnote to the story, the song writer practiced exactly what he preached, and, upon his death, a grim discovery of stored discharge was discovered in his unventilated apartment along with a diseased cat and evaporated fish tank- and you can imagine that aroma.] Accepting the story for what it is, we're glad that women like Sharon Wild walk among us. Thusly, Sharon's a carnal receptable deserving of tremendous respect and gratitude. This clip in no small way is a tribute to her.  270
  88. 87      2010-01-21      5       3    Ariana Jollee   Ariana Jollee in 10 Man Cum Slam        In the course of her career in porn, Ariana Jollee's probably seen more cock than a shit sweeper in a hen house. Ariana has fucked men by the hundreds- sometimes all at once - and handles them all like some wild female warrior of Asia Minor. So ten guys for Ariana is a walk in the park. Ariana, you see, is one of those rare whores that has her vagina on automatic pilot, thusly, it operates on its own calculus, plan and schedule irrespective of cash, check or money order. One time she got involved in a non-paying sex scandal with a red-haired freckled man named Lester, but that isn't the point of this video clip. Our promise is, if you watch, you'll find stories and intimate action way more compelling.  260
  89. 88      2010-01-21      3       5     Alyssa Haven    Alyssa Haven in Barefoot Confidential   Nineteen year-old Alyssa Haven has the sweet smile of an old folk's home attendant- the kind that wouldn't mind changing a diaper, filing an encrusted toe nail or finger assisting a stubborn enema, as the case may be. It's those very qualities that make us want Alyssa way more than the average hooker or accomplished whore. So when we saw Alyssa in this clip dressed like a primary care giver [at least that was our impression], our dicks shot clear through the roof. Those shoes, half-sneaks or whatever you want to call 'em - maybe we could do without - but that's our taste and not reflective of yours. Besides, Alyssa's going to be kicking them off anyway which is the idea of a foot movie. Happy jacking.  250
  90. 89      2010-01-21      17      33    Katie Kayne     Katie Kayne in Forced Bi Cuckolds       When Katie finally convinced Gabriel to fuck her mouth, she thought she had finally solved all of her cock problems. Sadly, the lack of sucking she'd been doing at home had adversely affected her technique and she soon found Gabriel trying to end their affair before it had even started. He knew he could get a better blowjob from the bears down at the bathhouse than he could form this desperate hausfrau. Katie is a smart girl though, and she knew that if she couldn't get the job done, then her sissy husband certainly could be cajoled into offering up his mouth. Whatever it takes to get the meat in the hole, baby!     250
  91. 90      2010-01-29      15      44 McKenzie Sweet  McKenzie Sweet Under Table Footjob and Fucking  McKenzie and her husband Glenn invite their good friend Evan over for dinner, but McKenzie has more on her mind than just small talk; she wants to cuckold her husband! Playing footsie under the table with Evan won't be enough to satisfy her; she wants to pussyfoot with his cock! She suggests a sweet chocolate dessert once her sissy husband is out of the way; perhaps the creamy soles of her feet will be more to Evan's liking? Just wait 'til you see McKenzie bouncing that beautiful black ass up and down on Evan's cock! Evan lays his own creamy dessert down her lovely size 8's just in time for her husband to come home and clean up after the party's over!     292
  92. 91      2010-01-26      5       4       Lisa Marie      Lisa Marie in 10 Man Cum Slam   When you're sucking ten men, one after the other, the opportunities for developing conversational rapport are rather limited. That's why we present these video clips. Since you were probably under the impression these were for your entertainment and sexual enjoyment, we'll dispel you of that notion immediately. Girls who fuck for a living aren't necessarily practiced in dealing with the real world. When we first met Lisa Marie all she could say was, ooooh, aaaah and where's my check. Now she can form complete sentences and be totally interactive with the best of them. What you're seeing here is a cleverly disguised remedial social skills package, but you're probably going to jack off to it anyway.      254
  93. 92      2010-01-26      3       6    Jenny   Jenny in Barefoot Confidential  Back in the day when men wore arm garters, played rag time piano and wore straw hats, women named Jenny were plentifully available at the drop of those hats. Not any more, and it's sad in a way because Jenny is a quaint, wonderful name full of promise and allure, of boat rides, innocence and bare feet on lazy Summer afternoons. Fortunately we still have a Jenny or two among us. And ours is willing to tease us deliriously with her feet. Which is to our great advantage because back in the day of high button shoes, it would take a woman an entire afternoon just to get those damn things off. By the time the strip tease was over, the man no doubt had already jacked off and was ready for bed. So he might have missed the foot tattoo like our Jenny has. But you won't.      273
  94. 93      2010-01-26      17      34   Carmen Minor    Carmen Minor in Cum Eating Cuckolds     Carmen Minor is a smokin' hot piece of ass. No doubt, she could have any man she set her eyes on, but somehow the gods above, in their infinite wisdom, chose to pair her off with something closely resembling an unfrozen caveman husband. Don't blame Bob, though; in his defense, he wasn't always so whiny and worthless in the sack. There was a brief moment where he spotted a bit of weakness in Carmen's game and found a way to land the bride of his dreams. Nowadays, she can't be bothered with the sight of him. All she has on her mind is a hard black cock, buried deep inside that sweet wet pussy of hers!  302
  95. 94      2010-02-03      4       5      Ashley Blue     Ashley Blue in 5 Guy Cream Pie  In matters of five guy cream pies, it's pretty hard to tell who gets the card on Father's Day. So, being the practical miss she is and accepting of the law of averages while calculating the odds like a bookie in Vegas, Ashley Blue keeps a confidential Rolodex handy every time she gets the urge to accommodate internal sex with more than one guy at a time. This way no one's left out and feelings are never hurt on those special " family" occasions. Besides, if someone hits pay dirt and Ashley's looking at a stiff bill for future college tution, she's got income from at least five sources, and no one's any wiser.        271
  96. 95      2010-02-03      3       7    Katie   Katie in Barefoot Confidential  When you're sucking ten men, one after the other, the opportunities for developing conversational rapport are rather limited. That's why we present these video clips. Since you were probably under the impression these were for your entertainment and sexual enjoyment, we'll dispel you of that notion immediately. Girls who fuck for a living aren't necessarily practiced in dealing with the real world. When we first met Lisa Marie all she could say was, ooooh, aaaah and where's my check. Now she can form complete sentences and be totally interactive with the best of them. What you're seeing here is a cleverly disguised remedial social skills package, but you're probably going to jack off to it anyway.      267
  97. 96      2010-02-04      17      35   Kacey Jordan    Kacey Jordan in Forced Bi Cuckolds      The outlook wasn't brilliant for Kacey's husband Les; he knew he was going to spend the afternoon watching his wife's gloriously meaty pussy get split down the middle by another man's cock. He watched in silence as she shoved the other man's tube steak down her throat. Suddenly, a thought occurred to him: why should she be the only one to have a spot of fun this afternoon? He knew for a fact that he'd be batting clean-up at the end of the game, so why not have a spot of fun before work? With that thought, he closed his eyes, thought of Kacey, and dipped his mouth down on the other man's tool...       256
  98. 97      2010-02-05      15      45  Astrid Jaymes   Astrid Gets Her Feet Worshipped and Sucks Some Dick     Being a pool boy in the Los Angeles area might just be the best job in America. Why, you ask? Well, because now and then you find yourself cleaning more than just the pool. Case in point: Domenic Kane finds himself answering the call of horny young homeowner Astrid while he's on the job. Time to take a break from the pool and clean her long luscious size 6's with his tongue instead! In return for the licking, she's more than happy to spread her young thighs so he can pound her tight little pussy into next week. Everyone's a winner by the time he applies a generous coating of semen to her sexy toes!   298
  99. 98      2010-02-08      17      36   Nicole Nowak    Nicole Nowak in Cum Eating Cuckolds     Nicole and Scotty have barely unpacked their bags and they're already meeting hot singles at their resort getaway. Well, Nicole is. After a quick dip in the pool she's greeted by a very well hung brother named Wesley who's eager to run up in her. Scotty wants to know when Wesley's wife is going to be joining them, but Nicole doesn't want to wait. It's up to the room for the trio, and while Wesley buries his cock in Nicole's hungry holes, it's up to Scotty to play the waiting game.   284
  100. 99      2010-02-12      15      46     Grace Wood      Grace Sucks Dick and Gets Fucked Relentlessly   Mikey likes to pretend he's all business when his sexy maid Grace comes in to clean, but it quickly becomes apparent that he only has one thing in mind when he sees her little orange toes: he needs to taste those feet now! She acquiesces completely to his hardening prong once she experiences how good he can make her feel with his mouth. Before you can say " clean up on aisle 5" he's balls deep in her tight little pussy. And once Mikey gets his dick between her size 6.5's, he knows there won't be any way to control himself - it won't be long before she's cleaning up the copious load he drops on her toes!      275
  101. 100     2010-02-11      3       8      Lee     Lee in Barefoot Confidential    Lee's relatively new to these pages and that means only one thing- fresh meat. Which also means, as far as we're concerned, Lee could be standing on her head, reciting the pledge of allegiance and blowing smoke rings out of her ass, whatever. We'd be soiling the palms of our hands in appreciation of her consummate physical skills. 'Cause it's amazing what a new chick and a new body can do for one's crappy, jaded psyche. Happy to say, though, 18-year-old Lee brings much more to the table besides being just another pretty face we could skull fuck and forget. In this clip, Lee teases us with her feet. Sure, we've seen a lot of smelly, corroded cornhole in our lifetime but remain captivated when it comes to a naked arch and a pretty smile. We think we'll jack off to Lee. We owe her that much. 304
  102. 101     2010-02-11      5       5     Sarah Jordan    Sarah Jordan in 10 Man Cum Slam To some prudes, a 10 man cum slam is pornography at its most rebarbative. [We've been doing crossword puzzles lately and are trying to impress with big words.] Sarah Jordan is not one of them, happy to say. Though, as you'll gather from this clip, she often has to be seen with and work with men operating on mental and sartorial deficit. Surprisingly, Sarah gladly accepts assignments such as these even when it requires her to swallow. What you might not know is that Sarah also invests in real estate, and once the housing market stabilizes, we've got a hunch she's going to tell a few of these losers where to get off- and it won't be on her. But that could be a long way off. So, until then, Sarah will continue to degrade herself in exchange for a pay check. We wouldn't have it any other way. 249
  103. 102     2010-02-16      17      37    Paris Marie     Paris Marie in Forced Bi Cuckolds       Now that Jerome has met his wife's lover, all he wants to see is her sucking that big black dick. Unfortunately for him, he gets a little too carried away for his own good and suddenly finds himself on the receiving end of that ebony cock. Paris doesn't mind seeing her husband choke on cock, just as long as Jerome remembers to put it back in her pussy where it belongs when he's done!      296
  104. 103     2010-02-19      15      47   Melanie Jane    Melanie Jane Gets Her Feet Worshipped by Cupid  Never one to do things halfway, Evan decides to give his special lady friend a little something extra for Valentine's Day: a sexy Cupid dance complete with bow and arrow. Sadly, she wanted sexy, not cheesy. Struggling to play catch up, he drops to his knees and kisses her lovely size 6.5's. This seems to do the trick, because it's not long before he's shoving his tool into her tight little box! His ultimate V-day gift for her? A white ribbon of semen laid gently across her sexy red toes!    274
  105. 104     2010-02-18      5       6     Sabrine Maul    Sabrine Maui in 10 Man Cum Slam With Latin and Chinese blood coursing through her young veins, Sabrine Maui's our Valentine's Day gift to you. And a 10 man cum slam, no less. That's what we call romantic. Unfortunately, Sabrine calls it a paycheck, so that takes away, somewhat, the luster of love and any thoughts of stalking her on this day of hearts, flowers and cupid. With the refuse of ten guys gushing down and on the sides of your mouth, it's pretty hard to profess sweet sentiments to a woman whose breath smells like a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide. Okay, you might think differently, but we're jaded. Sure, we've talked to head doctors about this and, on occasion have contemplated putting a gun to our heads. That's what happens when you fall head over heels for a 10 man cum slammer. No matter what they say, to them you're just another mouthful of gush. Happy Valentine's Day.        292
  106. 105     2010-02-18      3       9    Tawny Roberts   Tawny Roberts in Barefoot Confidential  We would have guessed at least a 7.5,but Tawny Roberts, we're informed, is a solid 7 in the foot department. Here are some other Tawny fun foot facts you may not know: she saves her big toes for last when painting her nails and sometimes uses her clippings to clean between her teeth when toothpicks or floss aren't available. Of course we jest. We'll tell you one thing, though, for sure. When Tawny kicks her shoes off, you're gonna see a pair of feet that will have your brain doing multiplication tables in Chinese and your tongue speaking in word salad. Thusly, Tawny turns her men into gobbledygook and mush. Plus the fact is, this girl knows how to heighten the anxiety factor with the big tease. The bigger the wait, the bigger the load. So, sit back, relax, watch the show and see if you can hold it in. We seriously doubt it.     295
  107. 106     2010-02-24      17      38 Andy San Dimas  Andy San Dimas in Cum Eating Cuckolds   Bob realized he made a mistake by letting his wife's old friend come to stay with them about seven nanoseconds after meeting the recently paroled Wesley. Andy assured Bob that Wesley is perfectly harmless and that he'll only be staying for a short time. Once Wesley sees that super-fine San Dimas ass though, his heat-seeking moisture missile becomes set for destroy and he won't be satisfied until he's blown up deep inside her pussy!     303
  108. 107     2010-02-24      4       6     Lola    Lola in 5 Guy Cream Pie After putting some time in on the graveyard shift at a chicken slaughter house in Alabama, and having spent sessions in assorted styles of psychoanalysis, as a result, Lola decided this wasn't the occupation best suited for her. Rather, she wanted to tear things apart with her teeth, consume blood, whiff rotted meat, swallow lumps of the world and vomit it all up. In other words, Lola wanted to better herself. So she went into porn where men would give her money for posing in her underwear. At last report, we're happy to say that Lola's now doing the next best thing by allowing men in groups of five to inseminate her with their burly, noxious stew. Sure, she still wakes up at night to icy voices, muffled screams and acrid aromas swirling between her legs. But who among us doesn't? Watch this clip and see Lola's story for yourself.      294
  109. 108     2010-02-24      3       10    Vic Sinister    Vic Sinister in Barefoot Confidential   Her name might throw you off, but Vic Sinister, besides being a sultry piece of ass, is a very romantically inclined young woman with her feet being the most vulnerable part about her. Vic, you see, loves having her tootsies rubbed, soothed and caressed. But being the emotional sort that she is, Vic's also likely to go banana-rama at the least provocation, as evidenced in this video clip when she's accused of having an affair with the office mail boy. When Vic is worked to a fever pitch and begins throwing punches, very few things can bring her down off the ceiling. A finger up her ass might be the most logical place to start, you'd think, but Vic enjoys the more subtle approach. The romantics among us would be quick to pick up these cues where finesse wins the day instead of volatility. Just slip off her shoes and whisper sweet nothings to Vic's big toe. You'd be surprised at what happens next.    289
  110. 109     2010-02-26      15      48     Tai Lee Liam and Reena Sky      Chocolate Treats Turn into Lesbian Foot Licking Hotness When Reena catches her horny roommate Tai Lee eating chocolate in her bed naked, she decides to teach her a lesson. Dipping her size 6.5 foot in Tai's tasty treat, she leaves a cocoa-flavored footprint on Tai's tiny tit. However, this only serves to ramp up Tai's libido and before you can say " Milton Hershey" the girls are eagerly licking each other clean. Tai uses her own size 8's to tease Reena into a sexual frenzy and soon the girls find themselves toying each other into mouth-watering orgasms! 194
  111. 110     2010-03-02      17      39      Tia Cyrus       Tia Cyrus in Forced Bi Cuckolds!        Tia was happy to play along with her husband AJ's request to watch her sleep with another man. Right up until her husband's lips ended up locked around another man's dick, that is. She looked on with disbelief at first, but quickly concluded (quite correctly) that her husband was a sissy in the first degree. Armed with that knowledge, she found herself free to do as she pleased. The first thing on her agenda? Making AJ her personal cock-whore! 317
  112. 111     2010-03-02      3       11 Courtney Devine Courtney Devine in Barefoot Confidential        Our fantasy's always been to wake up from a restless night and find a bikini-clad Courtney Devine and her size 10's appearing to us in a fireball. And wouldn't you know, give or take a few plot gimmicks, that's the very subject of this movie clip. Amazing how that happens. Jung, in his writings calls this synchronicity. We call it a cheap theatrical porno storyline. But whichever way you want to open the jar of mayonnaise, Courtney would certainly be the subject of any man's whim. In this clip Lee Stone finds Courtney in purgatory, and it would certainly be that if all he could do was look without caressing those thighs and touching those fantabulous feet. Of course our vision of purgatory would also include listening to him yap and yap before we get to the good part. But, again, that's what purgatory is all about, isn't it?    306
  113. 112     2010-03-02      5       7      Crystal Ray     Crystal Ray in 10 Man Cum Slam  Sharing one's dick with nine other men in a grotesque porn fondue, isn't for everyone. Some blue noses might even consider the very attempt to be gay. The ancient Greeks debated it. The Romans no doubt did it. Put the ravishing and earthy Crystal Ray in a toga, and some very hetero fraternity brothers might even try it. Like evidence in a murder trial, it's all relative, and what's good for the goose maybe not always be good for the gander. Enough time spent in intellectual debate, we say. Just have Crystal pull her pants down, show us her ass and we'll take it from there. No doubt, our parents would probably be mortified by the thought of their sons being sucked off by a trollop in a merry-go-round of jizz. If that were the case, a quote from Socrates probably wouldn't help because the Greeks had plenty of time to iron those technicalities out but didn't.    238
  114. 113     2010-03-05      15      49   Kacey Jordan    Youthful Kacey Gets Her Feet Worshipped and Sucks Dick  Kacey's boyfriend Dane gets home from work early so he can get in some foot worship time. Sadly, Kacey has a headache, but that won't stop this foot-loving aficionado. The healing power of Dane's tongue on her sexy size 7's takes the pain away. Kacey puts those wet feet to good use by using them on Dane's turgid tool. Once his cock is ready, it's go time and he stuffs Kacey's meaty pussy until she squeals. It seems that in the end a great remedy for headaches is a large dose of sperm applied directly to the feet!  295
  115. 114     2010-03-12      15      50    Vicki Chase     Sexy Vicki Plays Game With Hubby and Gets Foot Worshipped       Evan comes home for some loving but gets shut down by his lovely lady Vicki. He decides to spice things up by playing his new sex game. If dice and nudity are involved, how could there possibly be a loser? Luckily, Vicki draws a card that says " Lick Her Feet!" Evan, of course, complies happily. After some vigorous toe licking and pussy rubbing, Vicki is ready for Evan's dick, which she guides in with her loving toes. Evan's magic fingers seem to do the trick for horny Vicki, but it's her pretty toes and size 6.5's that win the day (and the load) from Evan's grateful cock!     291
  116. 115     2010-03-11      17      40    Bella Blaze     Bella Blaze Makes Her Husband Watch     Billy always dreamed of getting his little pecker in between Bella's big tits and wailing away on them like the porn star he always saw himself as. For Billy, though, that's a bit like throwing a hotdog down the hallway; Bella wanted to feel a real man's cock fucking her tits. Maybe Billy will learn something by watching Tyler wreck those pretty tits with his dick, but smart money says Billy ain't learning nothing but how to slurp up a black man's spunk!      322
  117. 116     2010-03-16      10      1    Anna    Anna Gets Her Teen Pussy Worked In this day and age, young girls, ready to jump the gun, begin exercising teen power well before they're even in their teens. Of course a few of them are residing in homes for unwed mothers, but those are the breaks. Wise beyond her years, Anna waited until she was a ripe old 18 before she began spreading her legs. After that, it was pretty easy for her to seek the companionship of aging rock stars with hairweaves but with plenty of drugs to share and money to burn. Thusly, Anna advises temperance and approaching teen power with a solid game plan. Unfortunately, she doesn't parlay any of those tips in this video clip. Because knowledge held close to the vest, after all, is power.        258
  118. 117     2010-03-16      3       12        Jewel Valmont and Nikki Anderson        Jewel Valmont and Nikki Anderson Trade Foot Jobs        Would our experiences had been the same with Nikki Anderson, but we were once in actual touching distance of Jewel Valmont's feet. All we can say is that it was like being near a sacred relic with reputed divine, healing powers. Whether that's true or not, the huge, agonizing ache in our balls did greatly diminish once we jacked off, and we can only ascribe that to the miraculous. You may have another opinion. Which is probably how religion and Jihads got their start, but that's a whole other story. In this clip, Jewel and Nikki are tarted up to the nines and you will no doubt be seeing bare feet. If a strange aura emanates from your PC monitor, you might find yourself cured of that inoperable brain cancer but we don't offer guarantees. But if there's a lingering throb in your testes, you might be inclined to believe our story. 282
  119. 118     2010-03-16      10      2     Kat     Kat Is A Sexy First Daughter    Teen Power was discovered when the first cavewoman menstruated. It wasn't pretty, and man had yet to develop his sniffing powers to the highly sophisticated degree now enjoyed to truly appreciate what was going on. Granted, the word " sophistication" rules out the all-over-the-place dance Kat performs for you in this movie clip, but this is another way Teen Power has evolved. Don't look at us, we're just delivering the message. If you're entranced, even enthralled by this spectacle, then Teen Power has worked its incomprehensible Mojo upon you. If, on the other hand, you find all this nonsensical and a complete waste of time, you're probably wearing a ring of garlic around your neck and are impervious to vampires as well. Should that be the case, our advice is to think of the alternative - an old lady with false teeth and cedar closet breath gumming your balls. Then you'll appreciate Teen Power.    285
  120. 119     2010-03-16      10      3      Sophie Dee      Sophie Dee Uses Her Pussy For The Win   Those haunting blue eyes. That spectacular round ass. The sexy British accent. Yes, one could say that teen fuckhole Sophie Dee has it all. Or almost everything. The one thing she doesn't have (yet) is the rock-hard cock of an Italian footballer wedged firmly in her velvet cage. But when you have Teen Power in spades like sexy Sophie does, there isn't any mountain too high or any cock too big; she'll get what she wants in the end. And in the face...   272
  121. 120     2010-03-16      17      41    Proxy Paige     Proxy Paige Watches Her Husband Suck    Proxy gave her husband Les a little shock when she shared that with him that she was no stranger to black cock. Why she ever gave up on the big league dick for Les's little buddy is anyone's guess. Les returned the shock by asking if perhaps Proxy could contact one of her African friends so he could watch while she played with it. Proxy was only to happy to get back in the ring with a man-sized cock. Now if only she could find a way to keep Les's mouth quiet while she was having her fun...  336
  122. 121     2010-03-19      15      51    Lana Violet     Lana Fucks the Decorator and Gets Feet Worshipped       Sexy homemaker Lana seems to have forgotten that she had an appointment with effete new home decorator Dane. He's got a lot of good ideas for her bedroom's color scheme, but even better ideas for her smooth, wide, size 6 feet! He decides to break out his Feet Shui on her; by channeling his Chi thru his tongue and onto her feet, he can bring out the horny tigress inside. She's more than willing to ditch her panties and pounce on his rock-hard cock when she feels that first lick. His first idea for renovation? Redecorating her feet with a healthy load of jizz!    259
  123. 122     2010-03-23      3       13        Cytheria        Cytheria wants to use her feet! Because she's the goddess of gush, capable of springing geysers 20 feet into the air from her baby hole, you rarely think of Cytherea in the context of a foot video. Yes, we were surprised, too. Panties off, Cytherea's a weapon of destruction with those deadly accurate streams but once she kicks off those size 8s, there's another element of her repertoire rarely considered. In this little vignette, Cytherea informs her boyfriend that he sucks in bed and that's why they haven't been having sex. Sure, she could have used a little more tact and whispered about those worm-like formations on his ball sac but didn't. Some chicks are like that and go straight for the jugular, sans diplomacy. Frankly, we wouldn't put up with that kind of shit, but if they had a pair of feet like Cy's, yeah, we'd be suckers for verbal abuse, so who the fuck are we kidding.     249
  124. 123     2010-03-23      10      4   Kinzie Kenner   Kinzie Kenner spreads her teen pussy    If Teen Power had a defining poster girl it would be Kinzie Kenner. She's wild, cute, crazy and well-versed in the art of manipulating men. Kenzie knows the score all right. She tells guys what they want to hear and shows them what they want to see. For instance, in this video clip, Kenzie's wearing a t-top that says " College" yet a quick look at her academic resume will show that the only institution she's ever graduated from is Traffic School. While this might bother some sticklers for accuracy, most guys with a raging hard-on will let matters slide and not call her on the carpet. Knowing this, Kenzie with a well placed giggle, flirtatious eyeball and a hint of vagina crack will push as many buttons as she can get away with. Predictably, you will let her. For this is Teen Power.        250
  125. 124     2010-03-26      15      52      Tia Cyrus       Tia Dips Feet in Water and Gets Foot Worshipped then Fucked     It's another rainy day in Los Angeles and that can only mean one thing: leaky roofs. Poor Tia needs a contractor ASAP or her size 6's are going to be soaking before lunchtime. Enter Mikey, professional roofer to the stars. No job's too small for him, but his large fee leaves Tia wondering if she can work out a trade: her feet on his cock in return for dry carpets. Mikey is too happy to oblige, of course, and ends up laying some serious pipe. But in the end her feet still end up wet due to the massive sperm front moving thru her parts!    227
  126. 125     2010-03-24      17      42     Allie Haze      Allie Haze Forces Cock On Her Husband   When a piece of ass on the level of Allie tells you to lick the dick, what are you going to do? If you're Allie's hapless husband, you're going to do exactly as she says, of course. If she wants you gagging on cock, you will be. If she wants you to help her new lover shove that same cock deep into her wet cunt, you'll do that, too. And when that special moment finally arrives, you'll even take a face full of hot spunk for her. That's what true love is all about!      302
  127. 126     2010-04-02      15      53   Leah Parker and India Summer    India Worships Leah Parkers Size 6 Feet and Returns the Favor   Poor Leah has been having some sinus problems. In a desperate state, she hires reflexologist India to see if a non-traditional approach might be of some help. At the firm touch of India's fingers, Leah's aches seem to drain away right along with her inhibitions. India pokes a few pleasure stimulation points on Leah's shapely size 6's and her clothes disappear. Once India applies her tongue to Leah's aching feet, all bets are off! Soon Leah is returning the favor to India's size 8's. Where does this all lead? To a toy-filled, pussy pounding between two foot-loving women!        252
  128. 127     2010-04-01      17      43    Darcy Tyler     Darcy Pounces On Big Black Cock Sexy little Darcy finally has what every woman dreams of: a big black cock pumping sweet hot semen deep into her baby maker. Disregarding the fact that her husband AJ, a neutered sissy if there ever was one, is sitting right in front of her, Darcy urges her new lover deeper and deeper. Her horny lover doesn't mind, either. It's not like he's going to have to raise the bastard Darcy will be incubating; AJ is the one who's going to be carrying the load on his shoulders. And if Darcy has her way, it won't be the only load AJ has to bear in the future!      335
  129. 128     2010-04-09      15      54    Rane Revere     Rane Revere Gets Feet Worshipped and Ass Kissed Mikey needs something healthy to eat if he's going to maintain his sexual stamina. What better way to get what you need than by eating it from the sexy size 10's of your super-horny girlfriend? Rane brings out the yogurt and covers her red-tipped toes, making for a meal Mikey just can't refuse. Rane quickly decides that the toe sucking needs to be followed closely by a hard pussy-pounding. In the end, Rane gets a very special dose of yogurt sprayed across her feet!   257
  130. 129     2010-04-08      17      44     Ruby Rayes      Ruby Rayes Watches Her Husband Suck     Ruby taught her husband Billy an important lesson: fuck me right or I'll find someone who will. Since they got married, Billy's weak wand produced nothing but nightmares for poor Ruby. Being a healthy woman with an above average need for cunt-stuffing antics, Ruby found a replacement cock in short order. Sadly for Billy, he also found this cock in short order; just as she slid that glistening shaft home, her misfit mate walked in and caught them. What's a girl to do? Why, get your husband in on the cocksucking, obviously! 316
  131. 130     2010-04-09      21      1     Ashley More     Ashley More Wants All Her Holes Filled  There was this popular porta-Johnny company that used to advertise a load in every hole, but once they got bought out by a major food conglomerate, the advertising slogan didn't seem quite as classy, catchy or appealing. Which brings us to the incredibly leggy Ashley More whose philosophy of life is similar to the idea of filling every possible space. Ashley carried that idea through when decorating her first apartment, and eventually found it impossible to get through the front door due to the fact that there was simply no place to put the fifth sofa. Slowly but surely, the more is better principle extended into Ashley's sex life where she treated cock in the same way she handled living room furniture. Where to put it? The crass among us would be eager to lend several insensitive suggestions, and Ashley gets a few of those in this blazing video study.        302
  132. 131     2010-04-09      21      2   Austin O'Riley  Austin O'Riley Wants Her Three Holes Filled     Shrinks get paid obscene bucks to console clients with the lie that there's a special someone for everyone. Austin O'Riley, feeling the pangs of loneliness stemming from the love-excluding porn profession and other abominable life's choices, went on the couch, only to find her shrink on top of her. The fact that it was a woman pretending to be a man is entirely beside the point. Our point is that once Austin gave up on the antiquated notion of true romance and learned to fuck like the degenerate she is, she became a much happier woman and holes-wise, more fulfilled than any pap dispensed by a head doctor. The fact that Austin has to conduct such activity with cromagnons like Jay Ashley and Brandon Iron plus do it with a sunny disposition says something about having to pay the bills. But don't we all? We're sure your first impulse upon watching this video clip is to yell out, " Austin, don't do it!" The other part of you, though, wants to see Austin fulfilled, or filled in the sense of her asshole and other private body cavities. All of which proves that you're a pig and unworthy of the love Austin could have given you.        326
  133. 132     2010-04-09      3       14  Goldie  Goldie Toys Her Pussy and Shows Her Feet        Like a veteran cop in a TV show, a seasoned foot man has instincts guided by his many years on the street. He can look at a woman's face and know instantly if it's worth the effort to coax her out of her shoes. That's the way it is with British chick Goldie whose Farrah Fawcett-type looks and sweet voice tell you immediately that her toenails are clean, her ankles are free of unseemly scabs and her foot bottoms probably unblemished by ugly callouses. Plus the fact that she's a foot fetish model might be a dead giveaway as well. Of course Goldie's prominent tits are only meant as a diversion to keep you from the issue at hand- deciding whether you want to jack off to her feet or not. As far as we're concerned, that issue was long decided. While Goldie's video clip rates repeated viewings, we regret, like a masturbating Nathan Hale, that we have but only one load to give to each.      280
  134. 133     2010-04-09      10      5        Alicia Alighatti        Alicia Alighatti Wants Her Teen Pussy Stuffed   There's a story told about the time in a posh Italian restaurant when a dyslexic boyfriend ordered a portion of Alicia Alighatti with marinara. But that story isn't told here because Alicia, after discovering the wonders of Teen Power, was able to dump the boyfriend for a well heeled dyslexic man friend who bought said restaurant. We're not gonna kid ya. Teen Power and its magnetic ability to attract money and guys with plenty of it, also requires a gal at times to indulge in immature, nonsensical behavior served up with a babbling speed-talk that would rate a ticket on most California freeways. No threat to the memory of Winston Churchill and the English language, Alicia serves a perfect example in this video as she kicks her heels, celebrates the envious glories of youth and gives advice to the lovelorn. Oh, you may laugh, but consider this. Alicia might not be able to spell BMW, but tomorrow she's going to pluck cash down on the new B3 S Biturbo, put on some cutoffs and get a speeding ticket on one of the California freeways. She'll be able to talk her way out of it, though. Teen Power has a way.    288
  135. 134     2010-04-09      10      6   Aaralyn Barra   Aaralyn Barra Gets Her Teen Ass Pumped  No relation to Yogi Berra, Aaralyn Barra, nevertheless, is just as quotable. Seen here in a " Teen Power" video segment, Aaralyn says it's better to enjoy the fruits of youth when you're young than when you're old. We couldn't agree more, especially when the ol' vagina begins smelling like a bad basket of fuzzy strawberries, your hair's falling out in clumps from all the dye jobs, and you wake up in the morning to 300 pounds of man lard sleeping next to you. Granted, he's paying the rent, but, still, you have to put up with his foul, sweaty ass odor. Experienced in the ways of the world, Aaralyn is hardly one to give it away, so the fact that you're seeing her lending a sultry body-baring performance on the relative cheap is a rare treat indeed. That's because Aaralyn learned one thing from Teen Power- dress to excite a man's high school ass fantasies and make sure he knows a good bail bondsman. Just in case.      231
  136. 135     2010-04-16      15      55    Proxy Paige     Proxy Paige Works the Cock with her Sexy Smooth Feet    Super slut Proxy has been surfing too much porn and needs a little help from a pro, so she calls our old friend Evan from the jerk squad. Evan gets a little side-tracked by Proxy's pretty size 8s and finds himself daydreaming about what it might feel like to gets his big cock between them. His dream girl is more than eager to help him get his cock hard, and when Proxy drops that tight pussy on him, he doesn't know what hit him! If it's all a fantasy, then dropping his dose on her toes is the stuff dreams are made of...    346
  137. 136     2010-04-16      17      45    Vicky Chase     Vicky Teaches Her Husband To Suck Cock  Put yourself in Jerome's shoes: you get a frantic call from your wife and rush home to be by her side only to find that her cries for aid boil down to facilitating her wanton ways. You see, if you were in Jerome's shoes, you'd be sniffing the tip of a strange man's tool just to see your wife smile. Would you do it? Judging by the smile on Vicky's face, it seems to be the key to a happy marriage (at least for her!)       288
  138. 137     2010-04-23      15      56    Jamey Janes     Jamey Gets Her Feet Worshipped and Pussy Stimulated     Sexy Jamey Janes might just be the perfect girl. She's hot, plays video games and loves the feel of hard cock between her feet. The problem for her beau Dane is that it's hard to pry her away from her digital pastime. The best way to do it? The old mouth-on-foot routine seems to make Jamey eager to put down her joystick and replace it with Dane's fuck stick. With her narrow size 8s working overtime, it's no time at all before he's ready to blow a fat load across her pretty toes!     322
  139. 138     2010-04-23      17      46    Katie Angel     Katie Angel Jumps The Cock      Katie not only needed a tune-up for her beloved piano, she also needed a little fine-tuning for the soft spot between her legs. She's had way too many limp-dick attempts at this from her sissy husband. It had been far too long since anything bigger than, say, a little finger had been able to wiggle its way into her vagina. She honestly thought she was in danger of her pussy growing shut, but the large penis she suddenly found in front of her came with the promise that her love canal would never be the same again!  321
  140. 139     2010-04-23      17      47 Michelle Myers  Michelle Myers Works Hard For Her Cock  Michelle lived a life of leisure, to be sure. She had everything she needed and more. But what is there left for a woman who has it all? Well, everything else, of course. Seeing how she herself wasn't interested in getting a job of her own, she decided the best way to acquire more cash for herself was to have a heart-to-heart talk with her husband Jimmy's boss. By heart-to-heart, of course, she was thinking more pussy-to-cock. Things were going well with her plan until her husband walked in, but then she had a really bright idea: what if Jimmy chipped in by sucking his way to higher raise himself...  306
  141. 140     2010-04-23      10      7        Denise K        Denise K Gets Her Teen Pussy Rocked     Not to be confused with Murray the K, the fifth Beetle, Denise K is of a whole different generation whose avant garde sexual practices would shock and astound swingers from the Sixties. Not to mention the fact that Denise with her delectable thighs looks pretty good in a pair of tight little shorts. So let's start with that. A cultural historian, Denise, being of the very sound opinion that girls should dress [and undress] to seduce guys, can't figure what all that Mod, mini skirt and go-go boots shit was about. Instead, Denise believes that the sooner a man has his hands on your naked ass, a gal can begin exercising Teen Power and acquiring the things she wants in life. Denise has many such brilliant thoughts on the subject and is all too willing to share them in this video clip. That fact that you're even watching it at all, proves another aspect of Teen Power.     258
  142. 141     2010-04-23      10      8      Lexi Belle      Teen Lexi Belle Plays Show And Fuck     Here's a sad fact of life. By the time a man fully appreciates teen power and can exploit it with his own socio-economic power and financial resources, his dick has become wearied, existential and is often too preoccupied with copyright infringement lawsuits to spring into action. Whereas a woman brimming with the fullness of teenage zest can simply go barefoot, slip into a pair of cut off shorts, hop up and down on a box spring like a jack rabbit with a firecracker in its ass and act ditzy. Gals with teen power want for, or fear nothing. There's no tomorrow waiting to bite them in their lovely ass, and their todays are often covered by some sap with a blank check. Sure, Lexi looks alive and carefree. Why shouldn't she? She's probably never been handed a subpoena or badgered on the phone by some powerhouse attorney named Mr. Berkowitz urging her to call back as soon as possible. Teen power is about hopes and promises and carefree days. So you think women with it would spread their legs more often? Who are we kidding?        287
  143. 142     2010-04-27      5       8    Renee Pornero   Renee Pornero Tastes Ten Different Men  In ancient cultures, young maidens were sacrificed to the tribal gods for a variety of different reasons. Which, as history has shown us, proved to be a monumental waste of prime ass and why these ancient cultures are no longer around because no one was left to procreate. A student of microconomics and comparative civilizations, Renee Pornero learned early on that taking it in the spleen with a ceremonial knife was no way to insure the village harvest. But allowing the peons to bend you over and manipulate your other sexual parts, kept them happy enough and out in the fields till all hours. You get a sense of that tribal glee in this video clip. The glazed look of primal lust registering in the faces of men who are about to partake of Renee is very telling. While most of them refer to Renee as " a dirty slut," we feel they're missing the point. In her way Renee is rendering a social service by keeping these cretins off the street. Who's to say how many little old ladies were saved the indignity of losing their purses and social security checks to these psychopaths? Now, in a strange twist of fate, you, the viewer are the deities. Renee is about to perform for your carnal pleasure. May you, Gomboolah, be pleased and bless the harvest.   286
  144. 143     2010-04-27      2       1       Starla Fox      Starla Fox Gets A Dick For Breakfast    Now that she's a big time porn star making the enormous bucks, Starla Fox clings to her roots more than ever before. She misses her quaint Argentinian upbringing of waking up in the morning to the smell of chickens, abandoned trucks and the rotting corpses of murdered drug dealers. Make jokes if you will, Starla's bloodline and heritage did bequeath her one positive attribute- she comes from a family of very nice looking feet. To this day, Starla thanks her lucky stars that mom insisted on her wearing shoes to school, of the belief that a drunk's vomit curdling between your toes sooner or later takes its negative toll. In this clip Starla is seen in bed curled in an alluring fuck-me fetal position. She's wearing a red satin gown, exposing her left breast and bare legs. The immediate impulse of course is to jump her bones like some Vato from the street and have your way with her. If she were back in the village, that's what ordinarily would have happened and a way most girls her age began their day. But this is Hollywood, the big time, and the civilized thing to do would be to pay Starla her hourly rate before proceeding.      246
  145. 144     2010-04-30      15      57   Jessi Palmer    Jessi Gets Toes Kissed then does a Little Kissing of Her Own    Like most men, Mikey finds himself at the whim of an indecisive women and her parade of possible show combinations. Unlike most men, he's also dating a certified freak in Jessi Palmer who just loves to pay a man back for his patience. She gets Mikey in the mood by offering her toes up for a little taste test. Once her cute little ass starts bouncing up and down on that dick and she starts squirting, Mikey can't help but do a little squirting of his own all over her sexy size 6s!     276
  146. 145     2010-05-07      15      58  Aiden Ashley and Chayse Evans   Aiden and Chayse Intense Lesbian Foot Rubbing and Kissing       Aiden wants to play some head games with her shoe-crazy roommate Chayse by stealing her favorite pair. Chayse, of course, demands them back but soon sees through horny Aiden's plan to gain access to her feet. It doesn't take long before their foot rubbing evolves into an intense bout of sucking, kissing and biting - all involving Aiden's sweet size 6.5s! Nothing's going to get in the way of these crazy broads and their quest to keep on fucking at a frantic pace!      307
  147. 146     2010-05-07      17      48    Lily LaBeau     Lily Spreads It Around Town     Lily wants to make sure her husband Kade isn't mad about the recent revelation that she's been spreading her ass around town. He claims to be fine with it, but he could be lying, right? The only way to know for sure is by introducing Kade's mouth to her lover's rock hard cock for a little demonstration of matrimonial solidarity. Or maybe she just wants to see her sissy husband goes balls deep on the man she's been fucking...    327
  148. 147     2010-05-07      17      49     Gioia Biel      Gioia Says Brothers Only!       Having had her expectations concerning both the institution of marriage and the size limits of cock shattered in one day, Gioia found herself enjoying a wonderful new paradigm. No longer was she bound by the chains of love and law to her mediocre husband and his light switch-sized tool. She discovered the wonders of the big black American cock and became completely aware of the power her pussy had over her suddenly insignificant husband. Not that her pussy is going to be of much use to her husband in the future; from now on her pussy is for brothers only!       368
  149. 148     2010-05-07      2       2  Mourrie Turmain Mourrie Gets A Tip From Her Waiter      Not to be confused with Maury Povich, Mourrie Turmain is proud of her ethnicity and intends to prove it on Cinco de Mayo this week by getting vomit-drunk in a pool of cheap Tequila. When she's not celebrating Pancho Villa's birthday, the fall of the Alamo and other significant holidays of her countrymen, Mourrie enjoys dressing provocatively [sometimes without panties] and passing herself off as some obscure TMZ celebrity hoping someday to land on that website as a has been movie star's latest cheap conquest. But true to her Latina temperament, Mourrie is also quickly aroused to passion- the kind of passion that reaches for a gun and a dagger before reason prevails. You don't want to piss Mourrie off. As an exemplar of nouveau glamour, Mourrie expects to be pampered, indulged and waited on hand and foot. Sit her in a restaurant, as we see in this streaming movie, Mourrie can be a terror with a mouth totally out of control. The service has to be just so and exact, and pity the poor slob waiter who gets caught in the crossfire. Mourrie will cuss at you and demean you in words never dreamed up by the ancient Spaniards, but if you hang in there, the rewards are significant. Some guys with patience less than of a saint might be tempted to kill her before all that kicks in, but that would be their loss.  247
  150. 149     2010-05-07      10      9    Aubrey Banks    Aubrey Banks Gets A Face Full Of Sperm  With or without the full teen regalia on, adorable Aubrey Banks is a remarkable piece of ass. Paralyzed by mind numbing lust, men through the ages have fought wars over this kind of teen sphincter, and it's easy to see why. Personally, we'd dig deep into our bank accounts just so we could pull Aubrey's pink panties down and play with her exquisite butt cheeks, sticking our fingers between her sweet smelling crack. But fight a war? We doubt it. In battle, men lose body parts and often come home without their dicks. And who among us wants to see some hot, teen empowered chick like Aubrey standing in the doorway, full of the aroma of young untested love and not be able to do anything about it? Meditate on this thought for a second as you imagine Aubrey's knee socks sliding down her legs revealing her shapely calves and sexy feet. Is teen power worth buying the house and ranch over? Then, again, if Aubrey is sending us off to battle after a raunchy session of full naked cheerleading, real estate has its possibilities.   278
  151. 150     2010-05-14      15      59  Sabrina Sweet   Sabrina Sweet Sucks Black Dick and Gives a Footjob      Sabrina finds herself in a difficult position: her boss, Justin, likes to watch her flip-flop around the house while she cleans. This isn't so bad. What has her worried is the massive cock she suddenly finds pointed at her size 6s. They don't make them huge like that back in Hungary! She puts on a brave face and goes for a wild ride on the massive dick, quickly finding that his huge tool is just the thing she needed. In the end, she has a little more work to do after Justin covers her sweet soles with a cleaning solution of his own making!       267
  152. 151     2010-05-19      5       9   Delilah Strong  Delilah Strong Tastes Tests Ten Pricks  We've always been of the humble opinion that Delilah Strong, besides being very pretty, is one of the world's hottest pieces of ass. But the fact that she bundles up with this sorry crew of miscreants is more than a Delilah stalker can handle. We've offered Delilah rent-free living, an occasional cheap dinner out and secret url addresses to some very forbidden websites. You'd think with all those goodies tossed at her pretty feet that Delilah would forsake her wanton, multi-man ways and finally settle down. Who are we kidding? She's just a porn bitch with an askew moral compass needle, and we hope she gets a nose full of man seed after this display of ingratitude.        269
  153. 152     2010-05-19      5       10   Lena Julliett   Lena Julliett Enjoys A Cock Buffet      Where has all the romance gone, you ask? In days of olde, fair damsels were quite happy to accept the seminal discharge of their very special and exclusive lover. Albeit, times have changed, and the " silly love songs" of Paul McCartney seem just that. Do we blame it on cell phone technology? Facebook? The seventh season of "24?" Now we have girls such as Lena Julliett picking out their Romeos like stalks of celery at the supermarket where crispness and expiration date are more the selling point than the ability to play the lute, wear tights and compose sonnets. Then there's the numbers factor. Like a toilet paper sale at Costco, Lena gets her men in the handy, thrifty ten-pack. Then another factor comes into play. Lena's a hot blooded cum-loving Latin woman, and today is Cinco de Mayo where vaginas from south of the border take a what-the-fuck attitude. Ole. 237
  154. 153     2010-05-19      21      3   Ariana Jollee   Ariana Jollee Gets Cocks In All Her Holes       Even at a young age, boys and girls are very different. Whereas boys have a compelling need to collect baseball cards and collect all the players in a set, Ariana Jollee, from the time she was sexually aware, began counting the number of holes in her body. An odd way to pass the time you might say. But even at a tender age, Ariana realized there was some game to be played here, some hobby to work at and occupy her time with. That's when Ariana drew up a personal mission statement that no hole in her anatomy would be left unfilled. Thus began Ariana's sexual quest that took her from playground to barroom. Soon Ariana realized that she could attract men quite easily with a come hither smile; even more so if she dropped her drawers and casually displayed her ass. Men, being as dumb as they are to the signals women send out, prefer the latter since there's rarely a chance of misinterpreting the gesture. May we suggest checking out the video so you can witness the fruits of Ariana's productive labor.      257
  155. 154     2010-05-19      2       3       Ice La Fox      Ice La Fox Gets Her Latin Pussy Stretched       For a woman raised in the grimy back alleys of San Juan, Ice La Fox has managed quite successfully to shrug off the tarnished sweat of a geneology of sugar cane field hands and made a name for herself in the XXX business. Her relatives, however, of stout religious stock, continue to trust in the powers that'll take Ice away from the demeaning sex she performs onscreen with shady looking tattooed characters, such as the one she co-mingles with in this video clip in order to get her car fixed. Not that we really give a rat's ass about her personal problems, because Ice, being one hot bitch, is here solely for our pleasure and manual amusement. So what- if years from now- she winds up mentally incapacitated and emotionally handicapped due to the rigors of porn. By then, she'll be wrinkly looking, disgusting, and we'll be jacking off to the next hot Puerto Rican street whore. That's usually the way it is.      262
  156. 155     2010-05-21      15      60        Vanessa Naughty Vanessa Gives a Footjob and Exposes Her Hot Body        Vanessa needs out of her marriage and the only way to make that happen is to pay her expensive lawyer off. So, she puts a prized piece of art from her husband's collection up for sale. Her potential buyer, Ramon, seems more interested in the beautiful size 11s Vanessa floats around the room on. Eager to please Ramon, Vanessa lets him have his way with her feet. Not content to stop there, Ramon gives her pussy a good workout as well before putting down a huge deposit on her feet in order to secure his new artwork!  283
  157. 156     2010-05-14      17      50    Coco Velvet     Coco Wants To Watch Her Hubby Suck It   Billy is quite aware of his wife Coco's voracious appetite for dick, specifically her affinity for the long black variety. That's why it came as no surprise to him when he peered out of his window to see her riding their neighbor's dick like an Indy car. The sight is enough to inspire his tiny pecker and he begins fantasizing about what sex with his wife might be like (it's been quite a while since Coco let Billy near her sugar walls!) He can't hide from his wife's keen eyes, though, and she rewards his voyeurism with a taste of black dick that he won't soon forget!    288
  158. 157     2010-05-21      17      51     Taisa Banx      Taisa Wants Her Husband To Her Bitch    Imagine waking up in your buddie's house, warm, well-rested and being blown by his horny wife. That's the reality that Jay wakes up to today. He went to sleep anticipating a long day of job hunting. What he woke up to was his buddy Kade's wife Taisa sucking his dick like it's the cure for cancer. Jay tried to fight the good fight for his friend's sake, but when you have a grade-A piece of ass like Taisa chasing you around the bedroom begging for your cock, it kinda gets hard to keep saying no. This early bird wants her worm, and she wants it now!        321
  159. 158     2010-05-28      15      61     Allie Haze      Allie Haze Gets Feet and Pussy Worshipped then Pleases the Cock Evan has a little surprise waiting for him at home: it seems his wife has sent her co-worker Allie over to get some top-notch foot licking from the master himself. Evan doesn't ask any questions; he just gets right to work on those sexy size 8.5s. Evan won't be satisfied with just a taste of her toes, though; he wants the whole package! Of course, Allie wants her own taste of the large prize between Evan's legs. Passions flare and before you can say " footjob" Evan is balls-deep in her sweet pussy and looking for the perfect spot on her feet to drop his giant load!     290
  160. 159     2010-06-04      15      62  Tuesday Cross and Vicki Chase   Tuesday and Vicki Mutual Foot Worship and Pussy Playing Tuesday Cross needs some advice from her worldly friend Vicki Chase concerning a new love interest in her life. It seems Tuesday's new beau is a foot lover, but she's a little frightened by what that might entail. Vicki is, of course, more than happy to give her horny friend a lesson in Foot Love 101. Vicki starts at the toes and works her way from Tuesday's size 6s up to her super-sensitive clit. Tuesday, eager to show what she's learned, returns the favor by foot-fucking her friend's wet pussy. If only all schoolwork could be so much fun!      263
  161. 160     2010-05-28      17      52 Haley Cummings  Haley Makes Her Husband Suck Cock       Haley has a nice surprise for her husband Jimmy: she's bringing her new lover home to meet him. Jimmy couldn't be happier; it means that he'll be let loose from the chains he's been bound in all afternoon. Being left in chains might be the least of his problems, though, once he sees that Haley means to degrade him as completely as possible. He won't get to taste those huge tits of hers, or taste her sweet slit. He'll be doing just as he's told--which is just what she wants!  301
  162. 161     2010-06-04      17      53  Brooklyn Jade   Brooklyn Laughs While Hubby Chugs Cock  Billy is a romantic at heart. When he saw a window of opportunity to spend a couple extra days with his wife Brooklyn instead of laying over in cheap hotel in a strange city, he jumped at the chance to give her a nice surprise. Brooklyn, however, was not impressed. In fact, she was more than a little put out by the uncalled-for intrusion into her private time. She had plans to spend her afternoon with her favorite Latin cock, Rafael... 282
  163. 162     2010-06-11      15      63    Lily LaBeau     Lily LaBeau Horny and Willing Gets a Finger in her Pussy        Dane takes a page from literary world and tries to score chicks by pretending to choke on a bite from his apple. Sadly, his chosen gal Lily doesn't know the Heimlich maneuver, but she does know how to solve problems with her size 8.5s. While his choke move didn't exactly work as he hoped, he still wound up with Lily's wrinkled soles as an appetizer. Lily then gets a chance to choke on Dane's cock before he finds a warm wet home for it between her lovely legs. When Dane finally drops his load on her pretty toes, inspirational isn't the right word for it, but it's the first word that comes to mind!     282
  164. 163     2010-06-16      21      4        Brooke Balentyne        Brooke Wants Sperm In All Of Her Holes  This being June 6th, the anniversary of the Invasion of Normandy during World War II, you might wonder what this observance has to do with Brooke Balentyne. If you think about it in terms of Brooke dutifully filling every one of her holes and the Allies' Victory- in-Europe strategy being one of filling every trench, yeah, a lot. Just don't recite this thesis to your history teacher with about a week left of school, or you'll fuck up graduation. We're not sure whether Brooke has graduated anything, but this doesn't stop her from celebrating good times. How else do you think she maintains that perpetual smile? Toothpaste? In this video, it looks like Brooke's about to be inseminated by the Aryan brotherhood. Some people just can't forget the fact they were on the wrong side of the beach during D-Day, but we're sure that's furthest from Brooke's mind.    247
  165. 164     2010-06-16      21      5    Mandy Bright    Mandy Is Crazy For Cock Mandy Bright does a lot of reading along with some major coffee drinking. Which doesn't make her a bad person. Anyways, going online in the morning with her cup of Joe affords Mandy a lot of caffeine-fueled ideas. This week she saw some article about a crazy Polish sex game [this is for real, folks] where five naked girls group themselves into a star or lazy Susan and allow as many guys to have free access to their holes. The point of the game isn't quite clear save to say a lot of girls in Poland are getting pregnant this way, according to said article. Which gave Mandy the instant flash. Why allow five girls to do what she can accomplish with one sitting, sans pregnancy? [We hope.] So Mandy began adding up the number of holes on her body, give or take, and came up with a game entirely her own. Check out the video for the results.     251
  166. 165     2010-06-16      2       4    Angel   Angel Wants Cock For Her Chocha Brutally beautiful with Mediterranean lips that could create sheer havoc, Angel is your prototypical diamond in the rough. Raised in Sicily near a field of wine vats, Angel spent the better part of her youth removing stubborn grape stains from the soles of her feet. That's when she met Antonio, the son of a deported Mafia chieftain from the States. She learned many things from him, for instance, how to run in a specific pattern to dodge machine gun bullets, how to file serial numbers off of revolvers and the most effective ways of laundering currency. How Angel's misspent youth led her into the porn business is a story that Hollywood's seriously looking into, and there's rumors, again, that Lindsay Lohan will get the role. That we wouldn't bet on, but Angel should make significant bank as a technical advisor. If you believed any part of this cock n' bull story, you deserve being home, jacking off to sex scenes on your computer. At least take comfort in the fact that you're stroking it to Angel.       247
  167. 166     2010-06-16      2       5 Charmane        Charmane Is Hungry For Dick     Memorial Day is America's official beginning-of-Summer holiday for barbeques, intemperate drinking and DUI checkpoints. Where Charmane is from, they don't have such national celebrations, that's probably why she moved to Los Angeles so she could party hard, fuck with royal abandon and distance herself from the kind of Filipino-Spanish religious guilt that puts women in convents. At least that's our guess, but we could be wrong. Here we see the exotically pretty Charmane with her luscious lips all gussied up cosmo-like in the way the young, illiterate brown lads of her meager village never beheld a woman. If they could only see Charmane now - probably not, since Internet connections are rather unstable during the monsoon season.       276
  168. 167     2010-06-16      10      10 Phoebe  Teen Phoebe Gets A Lesson In Fucking    Girls who have the most success with Teen Power are the ones who look young and innocent enough to get carded for a carton of milk. Or, as a proud hicktown father or uncle might say, " She sure looks purty with them braces on." Which is pretty much where the mental conditioning of Teen Power gets its start- it's nurtured from the cradle and is encouraged shamelessly through grade school and middle school. The physical conditioning part is something else. It starts with good genes and diet [like drinking that carton of milk] and is predicated on the idea that your hair doesn't begin to fall out at an early age because you're dealing with pesky things like chemo. It gets complicated, really. But Phoebe is one of those lucky chicks who gets to use Teen Power often to her advantage. Listen to her words of wisdom.    310
  169. 168     2010-06-16      10      11     Sasha Knox      Teen Sasha Gets Her Young Hole Filled   Facing the grim inevitable is one of those hard facts of life. For a woman in the advancing MILF stage, it's the realization that a veneer smile with the faint, vacuous promise of sex no longer gets a gullible gent to open doors and pay the bills. She's gonna have to cough up. Tit for a tat, if you will. Not so with Teen Power, and the way Sasha Knox practices it. Lovely Sasha still has that young girl smell going between her legs, and when she farts, her little toadies laugh uproariously and don't bother to reach for the gas max or open the car window. You can get away with a lot of shit when Teen Power's working for you. The bottoms of your feet look good and guys will pay to play with your ass knowing that it doesn't leak. Maybe Sasha will be one of the lucky ones and not have to wear a diaper. We'll see.     297
  170. 169     2010-06-18      15      64  Adriana Kelly   Adriana gets her Toes Sucked and then Sucks Black Dick  Adriana is frustrated: she paid for a foot massage but left feeling a bit under whelmed. Luckily, her boyfriend Justin has the perfect prescription for her woes: penis massage. A generous dose of cock applied directly to her troubled size 7s does the trick, but Adriana wants the whole package, right up in her package! Adriana's pussy may be tight, but she is addicted to that black cock and won't stop riding it until she gets forgets about her aching feet. When Justin drops his load across her sore feet, she rubs it right in to make sure she gets what she needs! 323
  171. 170     2010-06-18      17      54  Danica Dillan   Danica Has Some Surprises For Her Husband       There are only a few things in the world that Danica loves as much as feeling a hard cock pressed tightly into her wet pussy. One of those things is knowing that it isn't her husband's cock burrowing it's way through her soft folds. Another is making her sissy husband watch as she unrepentantly spreads her legs for any strange man that crosses her path. Lately, though, she's wanted to try something new in the bedroom. She wants to be a more active participant in the humiliation of her husband...    301
  172. 171     2010-06-25      15      65 Addison O'Riley Addison Gets Feet Worshipped and Pussy Tended to        Sexy Addison is having some new carpet installed this afternoon. Her deliveryman Mikey can't help but notice her stunning size 8s and offers to cut her a five-toe discount if he can play with her little piggies. While running his tongue over her ticklish toes, he notices that she's a no-panty girl and goes straight for her honey pot! She uses her feet to guide his hard dick into waiting pussy, then rides him for all she's worth. She won't be happy until she's running her feet through his cum, so like a pro he delivers the goods with a smile on his face! 317
  173. 172     2010-06-30      17      55      Lea Lexis       Lea Enjoys A Chocolate Cuck Cream       Lea and her husband have been living in Los Angeles for a while now, and Lea is absolutely itching to be a star. She fantasizes about seeing a golden star on the sidewalk in Hollywood with her name written on it. She's been going to audition after audition, hoping for her big break. And her husband Kade has been there for her the whole time. Lea feels good about today's audition, though; something about it feels so right. She isn't going to let anything stand in the way of her becoming a star. Not even her husband!        308
  174. 173     2010-06-30      17      56  Violet Monroe   Violet Has No Use For Her Sissy Husband All Les wanted was a blowjob from his sex-kitten wife Violet. Is that too much to ask for? It all depends on how the question is framed. Sometimes a man says one thing and a woman hears something wholly different. Whatever it was that Violet heard, it inspired her to find a willing cock donor to help her out for the afternoon. While she gets all of her wet holes drilled like a Gulf oil reserve, Les finds himself saddled with the onerous job of clean up!       350
  175. 174     2010-07-02      15      66    Valerie Rios and Lyla Storm     Val and Lyla in Bed Licking Feet and Eating Pussy       It's Valerie's birthday, so her thoughtful friend Lyla gives her a gift that keeps on giving: vibrating toys! She isn't sure what to do with them, so Lyla kindly offers to take her on a guided tour of all the best places to use them, starting with Valerie's sensitive size 7 feet. The relaxing and erotic benefit of the toys is felt quickly by Valerie, who's eager to use her new toys on Lyla's pussy. What started off as an innocent birthday gift quickly turns into a pussy-eating and toe-licking free-for-all! 265
  176. 175     2010-07-07      21      6     Crystal Ray     Crystal Is Full Of Semen        The shrinks have a word for it: Obsessive-Compulsive. When Crystal Ray was a kid, her concerned mom had her on the couch thinking there was something very weird to Crystal's insistence that the family cars be parked in alphabetical order. Her trimmed bangs had to hang evenly, measured precisely by a geometric instrument. The Buster Brown shoes had to be spit-shined. Clothes had to be hung in a closet starched, creased and according to a defined sequence. Eventually living with Crystal was like being on a military base, and she'd have shit fits if things were not found in their proper place. This might have been looked upon as idiosyncratic had it not extended into Crystal's sex life. To Crystal's way of thinking every hole had to have occupancy, every hole had to be loaded up. Know what they say about psycho chicks giving the best sex? There it is in a nutshell.      318
  177. 176     2010-07-07      5       11      Gen Padova      Gen Sucks Down Ten Dicks        If you've heard any of her interviews, or read any of her comments on fan forums, you know that vivacious Gen Padova's one of the smartest chicks in porn. So why she's sucking off 10 men at a crack in a ring-around-the-rosie and absorbing toxic semen through her pores when she could be investing her hard earned dollars with Ponzi schemers or marrying a rich old geezer with a bum ticker, beats us. A mouthful, granted, in more ways than one. Wait, did we also say, smart? Yeah, ankle tattoos are a great fashion accessory, Gen, especially if you're thinking of being invited to the Summer Cotillion dance by Bromley S. Whitman III, the scion of Long Island wealth. Tats are certainly a conversation starter among the blue bloods, from what we understand. Alas, we pick knits. If Gen wants to continue to debase herself by participating in multiple man cock slams, thinking this is a means of self-exploration and discovery, that's entirely her business. We'll just patiently wait our turn in line. 237
  178. 177     2010-07-07      10      12   Nadia Styles    Nadia Is Young And Ready To Fuck        At age 60, the perennially youthful Nadia Styles would probably still have Teen Power coursing through her veins. Then, again, that would no doubt make her a vampire and just as likely to suck your blood as your dick. But why dwell on those uneasy particulars as long as she keeps her teeth clean and breath not smelling like a crypt? Being an expert in such matters as making the optimum use of bimbo-enhanced charisma, Nadia dons a skimpy outfit and dances restlessly as the camera grows stupid with infatuation for her. Having straddled the fine line of common sense, intelligence and youthful sex appeal, Nadia is no longer prone to run off with carnival barkers at their whimsy and say-so. Which means Teen Power is not wasted on her, we're happy to report.      239
  179. 178     2010-07-07      4       7    Shayna Knight   Shayna Is Dripping Semen        Either little is made, or little is known of the fact that Shayna Knight used to work carnivals back in Berlin, Germany to help pay for her schooling. Shayna would perch herself on a stool, and wham, some guy big enough to be the tuba player in an oompah band would try to hit her full on in the kisser with a custard pie for a kewpie doll. Don't laugh, it paid for web design class. While a few of you killjoys may be looking down your noses at such crass activity, the more enlightened have already seen the possibilities this presented Shayna as she assumed a career in the porn biz. True, she exchanged her face for her vagina, but the idea is still the same. Whether it's running out the corners of your semen-crusted mouth or the crack in your rank lady hole, cream pays the bills. So be it five guys or a 105 guys, the math is all the same to Shayna - because that was the one subject she didn't take up in school.       293
  180. 179     2010-07-07      5       12   Amber Simpson   Amber Simpson Gets Ten Cocks    Porn's never at a loss for willing and eager manpower. When regular, normal Joes aren't available for a videotaped pajama party featuring the delectable likes of 20-year-old Amber Simpson, out comes the little black book to recruit the drunken lumberjacks, hitchhikers and hippie pot farmers. Truthfully, makes no difference what page of the social register a guy hails from. He takes one look at Amber, he's no doubt lock and loaded and ready to perform like a trained seal. Then get ten guys together for a cum slam with the lovely Ms. Simpson, and they're on her like lightning bugs feeding on dextrose. Probably the only one getting the shitty end of the stick in this bizarre calculus is the mop and bucket guy. Another reason not to ditch those upcoming summer school makeup classes lest you wind up in his shoes.     288
  181. 180     2010-07-07      2       6      Nyomi Arman     Nyomi Wants To Get Bent Over    Sophisticated now in the ways of the world, its hard to believe that Nyomi Arman grew up in a small village in Peru where trucks ran on three wheels and young lads would play with their pee-pees in the tall mountain grass. Amusement as you might guess, was hard to come by. Often times, as a practical joke, Nyomi and her girlfriends would go without wearing panties, sit in a humid cantina and let the rest of the customers guess as to where the smell was coming from. Often times the owner was blamed for serving bad seafood and would have to comp the bills of irate customers. But these were the ways of cheap laughs among the nubile village maidens, many of whom had not even seen or owned a TV set. As you'll gather from this raunchy video clip, Nyomi has progressed a lot further along and owns a set that receives 200 channels. Needless to say she is the envy of all her friends from the old neighborhood.        299
  182. 181     2010-07-07      10      13   Poppy Morgan    Poppy Wants Her Ass Drilled     Teen Power, a fertile and powerful musk, is the scent of the fullness and ripeness of youth. Being on Teen Power is to make your blood warm and fragrant in your veins and have the ability to make men do stupid things to curry your favor. No wonder the British-born Poppy Morgan's named after the source of one of the world's most favorite recreational substances. You'd think Poppy were on it the way she hip hops around in this video. On Teen Power, Poppy could jump all day and her lady parts would still smell like perfume and soap. MILFs can't get away with that. After ten minutes of brisk calisthenics, they're faces start looking like museums and their body parts reminding you of the catch of the day. Whereas to inhale the fumes of Poppy's Teen Power ass is to breathe the essence of gardenias. Make your choice.   313
  183. 182     2010-07-09      15      67  Evelyn Hughes   Evelyn gets Feet Worshipped and Dick    When life gives you lemons, use them to seduce your neighbor. Evelyn's neighbor Dane wants to rub some lemon juice all over her feet, and she's horny enough to let him try it. She surrenders her size 8s to his mouth before spreading her legs for Dane's throbbing cock. She doesn't just want it in her pussy, though; she wants to see what her lemony-fresh toes can do for her footjob technique. It's not long before she has Dane begging to dump his hot load across her sweet feet! 297
  184. 183     2010-07-13      17      57     Chloe Cane      Chloe Punishes Her Snooping Husband     Kade made a mistake many husbands are guilty of making: he read the private journal of his lovely wife, Chloe. When you betray that kind of trust, you should be prepared for a good mind-fucking of your own, and that's exactly what Kade got. Before, he only had suspicions about his wife. Now, though, he has concrete evidence that she's been spreading her pretty pussy all around town. What's worse than that? Hearing your wife come home with her new lover while you bawl like a baby for your crushed dreams!    258
  185. 184     2010-07-13      17      58       Tweety Valentine        Tweety Has A New Boyfriend      Tweety has been caught trying to burn her candle at both ends. But really, what were the chances that her husband would run into her new boyfriend at some random Hollywood party? Surely it's a sign from heaven, or at the very least a sign from Tweety's secret heart of hearts. She knows that this was supposed to happen. That's why she throws caution to the wind and introduces her husband to the black man who's going to father her babies!        271
  186. 185     2010-07-16      15      68   Rhianna Ryan    Rhianna " heels" patient with her Toes and a Footjob    Evan has a problem, and it's one that only his psychotherapist Rhianna can help him with. His fear of being crushed by beautiful feet is debilitating, but Rhianna thinks a course of systematic desensitization may be the only answer. She has Evan remove her shoes so she can apply her scholarly size 7s to his throbbing erection. To help put him further at ease, she decides to sit on his cock and go for a ride. The therapy seems to be a success; Evan's fear of feet seems to disappear completely by the time he paints her toes with his semen. In fact, he has to continue his therapy to address his new foot fetish! 321
  187. 186     2010-07-23      15      69 Kimberly Gates  Kimberly Whores herself and Offers Up Her Feet and Pussy        Poor Kimberly has hit some hard times. Her minivan has broken down and the last thing she wants to do is to walk to the mall! Luckily for her, her mechanic Mikey excels at two things: minivan maintenance and foot care. In lieu of charging for his work, he is more than happy to let her work it off with her feet, mouth and pussy. Kimberly isn't shy; she wants to ride that big dick all over her bedroom! Hopefully she'll be ready for the three-day load Mikey is ready to drop on those pretty size 9s!    201
  188. 187     2010-07-26      17      59 Addison O'Riley Addison Keeps Her Husband Under Lock And Key    Addison has worked long and hard to succeed as a businesswoman. She's shrewd, tough-minded and knows exactly how to get what she wants. She's quite used to having people jump when she snaps her fingers. Her husband knows this better than anyone; he's been living under her thumb since their marriage vows rang through the church they were married in. She wants to see him in panties? Done. She wants to put his tiny cock under lock and key? Done. She wants him to give her a helping hand with her new lover? We'll see...        295
  189. 188     2010-07-27      1       1     Jane    Petite Thai Beauty Jane Gets Railed     Jane, a cute Asian minx, used to have a full name. It was Jane Doe, but too often Jane got confused for one of those cold bodies on the slab in the city morgue and, besides, something had to be done about all those annoying phone calls telling her parents not to bother waiting up for her. A lot of thought process and exhaustive legal fees went into resolving this case of mistaken identity, and now she's just Jane. But Jane is not just another fuck. Sure, she looks like just another fuck from Chinatown but you know how all those whores look alike. Don't take our word for it and what we have to say about Jane's sterling attributes. They're quite evident on camera, and Jane will love you long time.        268
  190. 189     2010-07-27      21      7        Lyla Lei        Lyla Has Three Holes Filled     We all have those pie-in-the-sky aspirations and ambitions when we're kids. Lyla Lei was no different. She wanted to be a miniature golf course so she could reward the kid who took the successful shot at her windmill, a free game. The payoff, dare we say, was quite extraordinary. All grown up, now, with an adult sized mouth, ass, vagina and clubhouse, Lyla continues to reward noble effort, though with bigger holes it's much easier for the average duffer to achieve par. Occasionally Lyla's sex partners land in the rough, and that's when the fun begins. It's to those situations that we dedicate this splendid little video.     284
  191. 190     2010-07-27      5       13     Taylor Rain     Taylor Sucks From Ten Different Straws  One minute she's in the porn business taking foreign objects up her ass or her baby box, the next minute she's out. With the sexually astounding Taylor Rain you never know from one day to the next what she's up to or what her diary entries will read next. Though the only thing really certain about Taylor beyond an imminent mental breakdown and accompanying straight jacket, is a condition that requires a daily dosage of sex way beyond the needs of your average nymphomaniac. So whether she gets sexually appeased by appearing in porn movies or by picking up a bunch of guys at the local Jiffy Lube for an afternoon jam session, one thing's for sure. Taylor's scalding body parts must be quenched with a seraglio of semen. Too bad there aren't more gals like Taylor out there to quell the savage beast and keep potential sex offenders from doing time.   242
  192. 191     2010-07-27      10      14    Aurora Snow     Aurora Knows How To Use Teen Power      What some women know about Teen Power they've read in books or seen on the History Channel. Blessed with genes and a bone structure that won't quit, Aurora Snow, fortunately, is not one of those. So the good guess, is, Aurora could be dispensing Teen Power wisdom and advice, like she is here, till the day she collects her first Social Security check [and getting away with still being cute]. Even with that, frankly, it's a day we're not relishing or anticipating. It sounds rather shallow to say, but grab the Teen Power girls when they're young, and when their pert, relatively untried assholes smell like the bloom of a floral bouquet and not unrefrigerated seafood. 252
  193. 192     2010-07-27      10      15   Cassie Young    Cassie Craves More Cock The delectable Cassie Young is a prime, Grade A rib of beef on any man's hearty menu. Dressed and acting, according to the dictums of Teen Power, however, she's beyond that- Cassie's a magnetic sexual lore that Parisian lords, Italian aristocrats and American mobsters would find hard to resist, yet, would act very stupidly and insecure around. Such men, rather than risk out and out rejection, would cut out the middle man and pay handsomely to have Cassie's ripe, tasty ass planted on their faces. And Cassie would behave accordingly. When men with that tingle in their balls and weight in their wallets come on to her, Cassie knows exactly what to do. She dons the mask of a bewildered cheerleader, acting oblivious to the sexual innuendo. Don't be fooled. It's part of the intricate Teen Power strategem designed for bigger and better paydays.        306
  194. 193     2010-07-30      15      70    Darcy Tyler     Darcy Hot Blonde Gets Toes Licked and Sucks Dick        Darcy thought that watching late night poker shows would give her the edge in a game of strip poker, but her friend Dane seems to always have the upper hand. She quickly finds herself naked and Dane wants her size 9s as his grand prize. Darcy discovers that poker isn't the only thing he's good at; Dane knows his way around feet. She doesn't want him to stop at her feet; she wants to bounce her beautiful ass on Dane's rock hard cock until he's ready to spray her toes with his load!   236
  195. 194     2010-08-06      15      71    Dani Jensen     Redhead Dani gives a footjob and gets some dick Dani's crazy neighbor Evan has been lurking outside her house dressed as a chicken. When she sees him take a fall from his perch, she brings the injured cock in for a little TLC. He's more sweet than stalker, so she decides to give him what he really wants: her size 6s. She uses her toes and her mouth to get him nice and hard, not believing her good fortune when she sees that his dick is bigger than her feet! She has no trouble squeezing it all into her tight pussy, and soon finds herself begging for Evan's hot load all over her toes. Evan, of course, is more than happy to oblige her...       285
  196. 195     2010-08-10      4       8      Ashley Long     Ashley Long Takes On Five Cocks In order to satisfy one's daily quotient of semen, some girls have to make allowances. Having exhausted the supply of virtually every military base in the free world, Ashley Long next set her sights on the porn world where spunk is in no short supply but brains sometimes are. However finding the Einstein in her life isn't Ashley's immediate goal for now. Sex is, and the fear of turning into a wizened MILF with hard eyes, crowsfeet and a fossilized vagina is something Ashley would rather not consider. Seeking thrills and adventure, she rarely turns down the offer to take a trip behind abandoned industrial buildings. One night Ashley came across five punks brandishing switchblades. Trembling for her life, she asked the guys what they intended to do to her. " Violate you!" they told her. "Thank God!" she cried. Since that strange incident, five has been her lucky number.        213
  197. 196     2010-08-10      4       9      Trista Post     Trista Post Craves Five Cocks   What man in his right mind wouldn't want to plant his seed in the tempestuous love hole of Trista Post? So to find five male representatives of the human species with nuts positively aching to fertilize, wasn't really a tough chore. [Okay, we didn't stipulate intelligent and sophisticated.] Voila, just in time for the Fall harvest comes this little video you can cherish with countless re-watchings. Trista, you can sense from the moment she's on screen, is a Hollywood whore the gossip sites have yet to discover and a gangbang waiting to happen. Her eyes are deliriously sunk back in her head, with her legs eager to part like the Red Sea. Yeah, Pharaoh and the entire Egyptian army would have gotten swallowed up in that mess, that's for sure. Horny is horny, and a slut's a slut. Three thousand years ago, or now.     300
  198. 197     2010-08-10      21      8     Rio     Rio Has Three Spunk-Dripping Holes      Unlike California road crews which specialize in make work projects such as digging up street holes then re-filling them, porn gals like Rio load their holes with substance and meaning. The irony in all of this is the fact that Rio was turned down a number of times by Caltrans because she couldn't load holes properly. Or this is what she was told. Would the state have been in better financial shape had it hired eager beavers like this young miss? Hard to say. Except, we know that the conscientious Rio takes every available opportunity to check her crevices. If she's a quart low, then it's off to the fuck station to see Guido and the lube boys. Boy, are they happy when Saturday morning rolls around.     278
  199. 198     2010-08-10      2       7       Jenna Haze      Jenna Haze Seeks Help For Her Cock Addiction    Jenna Haze knew there were things about her heritage that didn't add up: like her frequent trips to Taco Bell and the emotional pangs she felt every time a bartender poured her a Tequila Sunrise. And so Jenna went to a hypnotist who specializes in past lives regression. Through the crystal ball of her mind, Jenna saw herself running half naked and barefoot through a dusty village begging the Federales not to castrate Diego the town simpleton for peering up a widow's dress. Jenna also discovered that she was named " Diosas de Carne" - the goddess of flesh, by the local gangsters for participating in a ritual gangbang she had little recollection of. As to the die of fate being cast, Jenna is very glad that she opted for the porn business because it beats working in the sugar mill.   320
  200. 199     2010-08-10      10      16  Loretta Black   Loretta Explores Her Burgeoning Sexuality       Loretta Black lost her virginity at the young age of 14, just when Teen Power begins taking root in a young girl's psyche. Not saying that we're curious to experience it for ourselves, but the feel of a man's hot, dripping penis must be something else for a girl who's just be weaned off bicycles and is now hitching potentially perilous rides with strangers. Loretta's from Chicago so, thinking is, she got plenty of experience in that madcap adventure department. As a Teen Power player, Loretta's urban education comes in mighty handy. So it stands to reason that she's able to provide her sisters with meaningful advice in the Teen Power guerilla arts. Most importantly, it's about finding a sugar daddy and not wasting your time on bozos long on story but short on bankroll. After all, you can only be cute for so long, and one of those rides might end up in an alley.       307
  201. 200     2010-08-13      15      72 Teagan Summers  Amia Gives Boyfriend a Lesbian Toe-Sucking Show Amia got her foot-crazy boyfriend a very special birthday present: Teagan. Amia isn't going to share those sexy size 8s though; Teagan's feet are all hers. Amia tickles and licks Teagan's toes until both of their pussies are wet. The girls realize that all of the foot play is getting Amia's boyfriend hard, so they decide to up the ante by going down on each other. Teagan is more than happy to let Amia use toys on her eager pussy and is just as happy to return the favor. In the end, there's just no room for the birthday boy in the girl's sexy scenario. Maybe next year, buddy!   308
  202. 201     2010-08-17      17      60    Riley Evans     Riley Wants To Celebrate Without Her Husband    It's Billy and Riley's first wedding anniversary. Billy has a really special night planned for his pretty wife, but she wants to go out partying with her girlfriends. Sadly, her husband is not invited. Left with nothing to do on his special night, he falls asleep like a lonely bachelor. What he didn't expect was to be woken in the wee hours of the morning by his wife and the random barfly she brought home as a present to her spineless husband! 268
  203. 202     2010-08-17      17      61 Izy Bella Blue  Izy Needs Help Sucking That Cock        Izy was more than a little happy when she saw her drunk friend Troy at her bedroom door. Her husband Wayne was a little less enthused. Wayne knew his place in this little troika and he knew that he was going to have to watch as his lovely wife spread her legs for this caddish lout. Turns out, Wayne was only half right: he wasn't going to just watch tonight, he was going to get a nice big mouthful of hard cock, just like his wife!       312
  204. 203     2010-08-20      15      73     AJ Estrada      AJ Estrada Gets Foot Worshipped and Sucks Cock  AJ is having a new alarm system installed in her house today. She doesn't think the gringo doing the work will understand when she talks trash about him in Spanish, but said gringo is no fool. His feelings are hurt and he wants some extra compensation for his emotional strain. She's willing to go along with this plan as long as it ends with him showering her sweet size 9s with attention as well as semen. He happily fucks her feet before sticking it in her tight pussy. AJ rides his cock to happiness and offers up her wrinkled soles for a nice big load as a way for her to say, " Gracias!"       316
  205. 204     2010-08-27      15      74  Lou Charmelle   Lou Charmelle Sucks Dick and Gets Toes Sucked   Secret agent Evan has been captured and faces a tough interrogation at the hands (and feet) of the French beauty Lou. She has no problem breaking the Geneva Convention by using her size 7.5s on Evan's cock in order to extract the information she needs. When he escapes his bonds, though, the tables are turned and she finds herself on the pointy end of his hot needle of inquiry. This exchange of information (and bodily fluids) between intelligence operatives can only end one way: someone's feet are getting sprayed with semen, and it ain't Agent Stone!     324
  206. 205     2010-08-30      17      62      Nella Jay       Nella Spices Up Her Marriage By Cheating        Tino was oblivious to the fact that his marriage had entered into a state of perpetual stagnation. He had attained a woman far out of his league. Nella was a fuck machine of the highest order and for some reason that remained unknowable to all but her she had agreed to tie her life to his. Big mistake. When she met Jason, she decided to throw caution to the wind and begin an affair with a man with a hundred times the sexual energy of her husband. You could hardly blame her for wanting to spread her legs whenever she could for her fabulous new lover. Does she care if her husband has a problem with it? Not the least bit. Sorry, Tino! 276
  207. 206     2010-08-30      17      63      Nella Jay       Presley Prefers Her Man In Panties      Presley's husband Billy finds himself in an uncomfortable position: not only must he have a face-to-face with his wife's lover, he also has to model some of Presley's panties for the laughing lovers. Once Billy has sashayed around the bedroom in his pretty panties, Wolf and Presley decide to take advantage of the situation and make time for a little of the old in/out. Of course, they don't want to leave Billy out of the fun. His sissy mouth is going to come in handy when it's time to get Wolf's dick wet!   311
  208. 207     2010-09-03      15      75 Haley Cummings  Pushy Haley Cummings gets her Feet Worshipped and Fucked        Big Petroleum executive Kenny has some explaining to do to Haley. She strips him of his suit and forces him to lick oil from her size 7.5s as punishment. As he laps it up, Haley finds herself getting turned on. She unleashes her big beautiful breasts and demands to become another satisfied customer. Kenny uses his Big Prick to do some drilling of his own. Sadly, as in real life, when he spills his precious fluids all over her feet, he leaves the clean up to someone else!     277
  209. 208     2010-09-08      2       8  Kennedy Kennedy Craves Some Afternoon Fucking   Now there's an incendiary combination: Spanish-Italian with the Irish name Kennedy. In this clip, Kennedy's shown doing what she does best: being a wee bit bitchy and lending attitude. But dressed the way Kennedy's dressed, you know this office exchange is going to have a happy ending. Off with the shoes [an important feature of any seduction], off with the clothes and on top of the desk, legs spread. This is the way secretaries ought to be trained instead of filing nasty little sexual harassment lawsuits against their employers. Play ball, we say. Nobody wins when everyone's frowning, in court and accepting hush money.     270
  210. 209     2010-09-08      10      17    Kitty Marie     Kitty Marie Needs An Older Dick Put it this way. When you've got Teen Power you can have a brain like an uncooked pork roast, and guys will find your company exhilarating, your conversation mentally stimulating. When you've got Teen Power you can be bipolar, have Petit Mal brain seizures, and guys will think the violent see-saw of your emotions when you suddenly make a grab for the kitchen knife is adorably cute. Guys will also discover that dating a chick with Teen Power is like driving a slowly accelerating car into a brick wall. Even with a totaled car, the Teen Power babe discovers her date will laugh it off and think it's fun. How does a chick get Teen Power? We might suggest listening to the advice of Kitty Marie though the suggestion is to keep the volume low, lest the helium in her voice fills your lungs and you become a Thanksgiving Day parade balloon. Even so, it'll be fun.        267
  211. 210     2010-09-08      21      9   Renee Pornero   Renee Rides Three Cocks Pornero, in one of those south of the border romance languages, means woman who walks with loads of semen dripping down their leg. How apt for Renee to have chosen that as her porn name. You can imagine that once that piece of information got around, Renee's number was ringing off the hook. [An 800-line now services those calls.] Believing in the truth of advertisement, Renee rarely refuses an invitation to a gangbang knowing that she can service a group of guys three times faster than other women employing traditional vaginal-only means. Quite a time saver you'd have to say. The drawback is that Renee has to thoroughly scrub all of her personal crevices because semen is like sour milk. Once that goes bad it's hold your nose time. Then, again, a modest price to pay for being popular.      296
  212. 211     2010-09-08      1       2      Goy     Goy Will Love You Long Time     We've already exhausted all the Jewish jokes concerning Goy, so now it's time to kick back, relax, and let this little Asian slut do her dance of the seven rickshaws on our pee pee head. Goy, in her biog, states that her ears are the most sensitive part about her. Hell, give us three minutes alone with her, and Goy'll be swearing it's her asshole. [Asians change their story every two seconds, anyway.] The fact that Goy brings out certain demons of deviltry, we can think of all kinds of nasty things we'd want to do alone with this cutie. Unfortunately, we can't say what they are, or risk threat of international law enforcement. You, of course, will have developed your own fantasies as this movie clip progresses. Just be careful who you whisper them to.       185
  213. 212     2010-09-08      1       3     Mona    Mona Prefers A White Dick       Mona has one of those faces you just feel comfortable with. Like the waitress who served you that dish of Pad Thai noodles, you feel compelled to relate your life story out of a sense of conversation, knowing she probably doesn't speak a lick of English nor understands a word of what you're trying to say. Likewise, as all Asian strumpets, Mona will nod smilingly and you'll take that as the green light for some masturbatory act she could perform upon you. This may or may not be the case, and you can take your chances, however, with percentages working in your favor. Whereas the Pad Thai waitress might yell rape at the top of her lungs in that cute Ho Chi Min dialect of hers, Mona, because she's wise to the ways of porn, can be your obedient house girl. If not in actuality, at least in spirit. And so we present Mona, no bologna.  193
  214. 213     2010-09-08      10      18   Taylor Sands    Taylor Sands Is An American Beauty      That old bag with the semi-saggy come hither face, husky calves and sexy feet sitting alone in the coffee shop looked like fair game. That, is, until the high school bimbo with the carbonated eyes walked in. The choice would have been ridiculously easy. You'd have gone for the sure-thing, considering that you haven't been laid in the last five years. Instead, you went for the Teen Power chick, though can't say as we blame ya. And, like the wheel of fortune, your number didn't come up and wouldn't have come up, no matter how many spins. You can rationalize the sad fact by telling yourself that Teen Power chicks are either attracted to Bohemian cafe poets, Elvis impersonators or carnival operators. Doesn't matter because cute chicks like Taylor Sands will eat you alive with their momentum. That's why we offer them for look-sees on the download. We call it the safe harbor principle. Jack off freely, knowing that your heart won't be cut out of your chest - unless you get too close to the screen.  278
  215. 214     2010-09-10      15      76     Ruby Rayes      Ruby Rayes deals with an officer with a Foot Fetish and gets fuc        Ruby finds out the high price for being dark-skinned in Arizona. Confronted outside of her house by zealous Minute Man Evan, she finds herself on the ticklish end of an illegal search of her body cavities. Facing the prospect of deportation, she has no choice but to submit to the whims of The Man. Once she gets her size 6.5s on his enormous pecker she starts to come around and before long she's begging Evan to shove his naughty nightstick in her pussy. The irony? Once he drops his copious load on her toes, he makes a beeline for the border himself!      310
  216. 215     2010-09-13      17      64    Parker Page     Parker's Unusual Engagement Celebration Parker isn't much different than most of the wanna-be actresses you find in and around Hollywood. She wants what she wants, and she isn't too concerned about who she has to run over to get it. What she wants today has nothing to do with her boyfriend Satyr or the engagement ring he's planning on giving her. What she wants is a lovely late-summer romp on a king-sized cock. Preferably, this cock will be black as midnight. That's not too much to ask, is it?      311
  217. 216     2010-09-13      17      65  Lou Charmelle   Pretty Lou Wants It In The Ass  After spending a few months in the States with her new husband tino, Lou discovered that she missed her home. She missed the cultural exchanges and the art, but most of all she missed having someone, anyone, to connect with in the language she knew best: the language of love. Or, more importantly, the language of dirty, rough, no-holds-barred fucking. The shine had worn off on her marriage; she saw her husband for what he truly was: another dumb American without any imagination or culture. What she needed was someone who could give her what she needed (a proper ass fucking) while at the same time keeping what she found to be important (her US citizenship). Could she have her cake and eat it, too?       341
  218. 217     2010-09-17      15      77  Tiffany Tyler and Vicki Chase   Tiffany Tyler Lesbian Foot Worship with Vicki Chase     Vicki finds a sexy delivery outside Tiffany's door when she comes over for a social call. The girls decide to take Tiffany's new toy for a test run and head straight to bed. Once there, they find that sucking on each other's toes is the perfect warm-up for a little mutual masturbation. Vicki then whips out the new toy: a giant strap-on cock. Using it to fuck Tiffany's size 9s is just the warm-up though; Vicki wants to bury it deep inside Tiffany's pretty pink pussy until her frisky friend is squealing with pleasure!       349
  219. 218     2010-09-24      15      78    Faye Reagan     Faye Reagan Gets Her Feet Worshipped    Life is tough for women in high heels. That's why Faye has signed up for some home lesson in Fashion-based self-defense. Her instructor, Dane, isn't ready for the intensity she brings to the table and takes one to the nuts. Fortunately, he's able to regain his composure once she applies the healing power of her 6.5s directly to the area that's swelling up. Inspired, he takes Faye's lessons to the next level by applying his cock liberally to her mouth as well as her pussy. In the end, she even gets a nice healthy snack to lap up off of her feet when the workout is over! 297
  220. 219     2010-10-01      15      79     Taisa Banx      Taisa Banx Gets Her Feet Massaged and Sucks Dick        Taisa decided to treat herself to some in-call massage therapy. Her masseuse Dane shows up while she's still in the tub, but that doesn't matter - he can start on her feet while she soaks. Dane's magic fingers quickly get her even wetter than the tub. She decides to take him into the bedroom so she can get her size 7s all over his rock-hard cock. When Dane recommends a slightly deeper massage, she agrees lustily and jumps on his dick. After a long, foot-fueled romp, Dane leaves her clean feet with a sticky white film all over them. Taisa doesn't mind, though; she's happy to do a little more clean up! 238
  221. 220     2010-10-08      15      80   Allie Jordan    Allie Jordan Loves Getting Her Feet and Pussy Serviced  Allie is in a bit of a pickle. It seems that she's been linked to a Russian spy ring, and there doesn't seem to be an easy way out of this Kafkaesque quandary. Or is there? It seems the interrogator, Lee, wants to conduct some forensic investigating of her size 6s in order to tie her to the scene. This may involve some foot licking, of course, and some vigorous fucking. Once he gets his dick in her, she gets a little more vocal but still insists on her innocence. Perhaps what she needs is a generous dose of man-milk across her instep to make her talk?   298
  222. 221     2010-10-15      15      81   Megan Vaughn    Megan Vaughn Gets Toes Kissed and Pussy Eaten   Megan is a casting agent. In the course of doing her job, she sees a lot of craptastic wanna-bes, but none have shocked her quite like Evan. When he realizes his warbling won't win him on spot on the screen, he offers to tickle her size 8.5s with his tongue. And his cock. Megan seems open to the idea, to the point where the footjob she's giving has to be interrupted by her jumping on his dick for a really hard ride. Will Evan get the role after his Oscar-worthy performance? It may come down to the size of the load he drops on her toes... 270
  223. 222     2010-10-22      15      82       Esmi Lee        Esmi Lee Loves the Feeling of a Hard Cock in Her Mouth  Esmi just doesn't understand the appeal of golf. While her boyfriend Lee tries to teach her about gripping the club properly, all she can think about is getting his 10 wood between her toes. Luckily, hornier heads prevail and Esmi finds her size 5.5s jacking Lee's giant cock. Not content to stop there, Lee invites Esmi to take a wild ride on his dick. She's more than happy to do so, of course, just as long as he has no problem dropping an above-par load of hot man milk on her instep in the end. Sounds like a win-win situation!    228
  224. 223     2010-10-29      15      83 Cassandra Cruz  Cassandra Cruz Wraps Her Toes Around a Cock and Gives a Footjob Cassandra is worried about thieves breaking into her sanctum sanctorum: her head is full of corporate secrets and she needs them protected. Enter Chad: your friendly neighborhood dream policeman. After hooking her up to the machinery, Chad couldn't help noticing how dreamy Cassandra's soft soles are. Convinced she's dreaming, Cassandra has no problem getting in touch with her inner wanton harlot and gets her size 7.5s working on Chad's cock. But why stop there? It's her dream, and she'll ride cock if she wants to. In fact, she won't be happy until her dream of cum-covered soles comes true...  297
  225. 224     2010-11-05      15      84  Danica Dillan   Danica Dillan Has Tasty Toes and a Wet Pink Pussy       Welcome to the Jersey shore, sometimes mistaken for the seventh circle of hell, but also one hell of a party spot! Evan and his boys are scoping the poolside action when they notice sweet young Danica. Bets are made that Evan can't find a way to get her sexy size 7s in his mouth. Before you can say " Down the shore," Evan has her in his bed and her soles on his rock-hard cock. His plan works to perfection as the footplay quickly turns into a fuckfest that ends with Danica's soles covered in a ginormous Jersey-sized load of jizz! Welcome to the shore, baby!      281
  226. 225     2010-11-12      15      85   Ashley Jane and Aiden Ashley    Ashley and Aiden Suck on Each Other's Toes      Poor Ashley is embarrassed that an unflattering video of her has become an overnight sensation on the interweb. She always knew that her love of toe sucking would get her into trouble. Luckily, she has a good friend in Aiden. Aiden offers to let Ashley do as much toe sucking as she wants, in the privacy of her own home. How perfect! Ashley breaks out some barbeque sauce and gets to work on Aiden's feet. Aiden offers to do a little sucking of her own on Ashley's size 5s, and before you know it the toe sucking has turned into tit sucking. And clit licking. And... well, you'll just have to see for yourself!     324
  227. 226     2010-11-19      15      86       Emma Mae        Emma Mae Hot Blonde Gets Her Feet Worshipped and Sucks Dick     Emma's boyfriend Dane is a member of Team Edward. So much so, in fact, he fancies himself a bit of a vampire. Given his fear of body fluids in general, though, Emma doesn't think he could suck on her toes, much less her blood. Dane is eager to show that her size 7s are on his menu and begins sucking away. She wants him to try taking a bite out of her pussy as well. And as long as he's eating her pussy he may just as well stick his throbbing cock in there, too. It turns out that Dane isn't such a good vampire after all; instead of stealing Emma's vital fluids, he leaves a heaping portion of his own fluids all over her feet!  288
  228. 227     2010-11-26      15      87 Jennifer White  Jennifer White Laying Down and Getting Her Toes Sucked  After a long holiday with the relatives, Jennifer needs to unwind and relax. Always ready to help in any way, Dane offers to rub her tired feet while she lays back. She can't help but notice the reaction her pussy has to Dane's technique and she finds the strength to offer her man a little footjob action. She won't be able to stop there, though; once her motor starts going she needs to get fucked and fucked hard! She climbs up on Dane's cock and rides him until he's ready to blow. Of course, the holiday dessert she prefers is a thick layer of masculine icing all over her size 7s!      303
  229. 228     2010-12-03      15      88      Jynx Maze       Jynx Maze Gets Her Feet Massaged with Lotion and Gets Fucked    Jynx really wants to take part in an Iron Woman competition so she has her trainer Dane really ramp up her exercise routine. She didn't realize how hard the work would be or how dirty her feet would end up after one afternoon. Dane, ever the problem solver, suggests working her cardio with a more sex-based routine and Jynx jumps at the idea with both feet in the air. The work is just as rigorous, but much more enjoyable, as she finds Dane slapping her size 6s and fucking her face before moving on to some deep penetration work. Her toe-curling orgasms are going to burn some calories and the massive semen-flavored desert she licks from her instep is going to give her plenty of protein to build on!        275
  230. 229     2010-12-10      15      89    Sasha Sweet     Sasha Sweet Feeds a Chef Salad with Her Feet then Gets Butt Lick        Sasha is filling out an application to work at the new neighborhood salad house. She's had a lot of experience tossing salads, but Chef Evan Stone is going to need to look a little deeper. He wants to see if she can truly make a salad with her size 6.5s. She feeds him with her feet and he can't help getting turned on. She coyly tells him that she has a salad of her own that needs to be tossed as well - game on! After munching on her ass, Evan sticks his dick between her feet as well as her legs. Her tight little box drives him crazy and he ends up dropping a healthy dose of his creamy dressing all over her feet. Congratulations, Sasha, you're hired!       303
  231. 230     2010-12-17      15      90       Summer Taylor and Andy San Dimas        Summer and Andy San Dimas Having Some Lesbian Foot Worship Fun  Summer and her girlfriend Andy are enjoying some quiet time in bed when they notice the neighborhood creep outside their window with a video camera. They let him in with one condition: you can record, but you cannot touch! These hot babes have the creep all figured out when they see the close-ups he's grabbing as they suck each other's toes. If it's feet he wants, then it's feet he'll get. They trade footjobs with each other before breaking out the big toys. Finally, Summer drives Andy to a couple of squirting orgasms before they get tired of their creepy neighbor!     297
  232. 231     2010-12-24      15      91       Tweety Valentine        All Tweety Wants for Christmas is an Elf to Worship Her Feet    It's Christmas Eve and even though Tweety is certain she's on Santa's naughty list, she hangs up her stockings in anticipation of his visit. To her surprise, it's Santa's pervy elven helper Dane who appears in the middle of the night. He's trolling Santa's naughty list, looking for some holiday trim of his own. She warms Dane up with some foot action before demanding that he stuff her tight pussy with his throbbing candy cane. In the end, Tweety's been more than good enough to warrant a thick coating of Christmas nut all over her size 5.5s. Ho ho ho, indeed!    309
  233. 232     2010-12-31      15      92      Zoey Kush       Zoey Kush Laying on Bed and Getting Toes Kissed and Pussy Licked        It's the New Year, and old Father Time Evan has come to show Baby New Year Zoey the ropes. He can't help noticing her bare feet and suggests that he could help keep her tender feet warm in the heart of winter. She would rather have him heat up her toes with a little friction from his bulging cock, though. Of course, he's more than happy to oblige, and he's even more willing when she asks him to jam his big pecker into her tight pussy! Seeing as Evan's been around the block a time or two, he has no problem heating Zoey up with orgasm after orgasm before finally dumping a year's worth of creamy spunk all over her soft soles!  305
  234. 233     2011-01-07      15      93    Gigi Rivera     Gigi Rivera Gets Feet Rubbed and Sucks on a Pulsing Cock        It's another boring afternoon in Los Angeles until Chad gets a text from Gigi. It seems she's looking for a house call; she needs her size 6.5s rubbed down proper. Not one to pass up an opportunity, Chad speeds over to Gigi's house and offers up some sweet relief. Gigi is more than happy to lie back as Chad uses his magic fingers on her soles. Soon, he's sucking on her feet and she's begging for a taste of his throbbing cock. Always eager to please, he lets her taste it before burying it deep inside her tight pussy. Chad's finishing touch? A hot protein treatment for her toes. Just what the doctor ordered!   302
  235. 234     2011-01-14      15      94 Monicka Jaymes  Monicka Jaymes Gets Feet Licked and Pussy Fingerbanged  Monicka just bought a new house and has her handyman Evan over to work on the wiring. She wants the job done fast and is outraged at the price Evan's giving her. Evan suggests that maybe she could " pay by the foot," if she gets his drift. She isn't opposed to this idea and gets to work on earning her discount with her size 9s. While she plays with his dick, Evan discovers that Monicka's just a little ticklish. But no matter; once she jumps up on his cock she forgets all about his teasing! After stretching her pussy out, Evan drops a power line of hot semen on her instep. Looks like everyone wins with this deal!     318
  236. 235     2011-01-21      15      95    Layden Sin and India Summer     Layden Sin Loves the Taste of India Summer's Pussy      Ah, the perils of living together. India comes home to find her roommate Layden snacking on her applesauce. This sort of aggression won't stand with India and earns Layden a spanking. Layden's eager to make it up to her and begins by kissing India's feet. That's a good start, but India's going to need a lot more from Layden: it's time to break out the toys! India doesn't fuck around; she breaks out the double-ended dildo and sucks on Layden's size 9s as she eases the toy into both of their pussies! After that, it's time to break out the battery-operated power toys; Layden's pussy may never be the same after India's done with it!    305
  237. 236     2011-01-28      15      96       Tori Lux        Tori Lux Gets Feet Kissed and Pussy Licked      After a long night of dancing, Tori wants her fair share of cock but Dane just wants to sleep. Perhaps she can reawaken his desire by giving him a nose full of her sweaty feet. It seems to do the trick as Dane's interest, along with his prick, respond quickly to her fragrant soles. He gets a nice long taste of those pretty toes before sinking his cock deep into her waiting pussy. His goal is to get her toes to curl as he pounds away at her. When he finally blows his load, he does his best to write his name in spunk across her instep; he wants her to remember just who it was that fucked so well!       297
  238. 237     2011-02-04      15      97   Katreena Lee    Katreena Lee Receives a Warm Load on Her Sexy Asian Feet        Sexy little Katreena is only too happy to go get new daily pedicures for her boyfriend, she just wants to better understand what it is about them that turns him on. He confesses to a foot fetish and begs to get his mouth on her size 7s. Being the ticklish sort, Katreena is wary at first, but once she feels a throbbing cock between her toes, she forgets all about being ticklish and starts thinking about how horny she suddenly is. The cure for that? A generous dose of cock, applied liberally to Katreena's pussy. The end to a wonderful afternoon's frisky foot play wouldn't be complete without sticky toes, a fun fact Katreena is delighted to discover! 236
  239. 238     2011-02-11      15      98      Kimberly Kasanova       Kimberly Sits on Boyfriend's Face then Gets Feet Licked Kimberly has been working from home for quite some time now. Long enough, in fact, that her time out of office has warranted a check up by her boss Dane. Dane finds that Kimberly isn't getting much work done and consequently she's no longer employed. But Kimberly isn't going to give up without a fight. She decides to show Dane the upside of staying off of her feet; her size 8s are soft and feel great on a hard dick. Maybe if Dane used that hard cock on her wet pussy he'll see more benefits of the work plan. Once they reach an agreement, Dane signs his name across Kimberly's instep with a generous dollop of his man-mayo!     326
  240. 239     2011-02-18      15      99    Lizz Tayler     Photographer Gets to Worship Lizz's Feet and Fuck This Whore    Mario is doing a fashion shoot with sexy Lizz this afternoon. Lizz can't help noticing that most of the shots are of her feet. She'd like to have Mario explain his fascination, but how can you explain foot love? It's easier to show the love. She lets him run his tongue all over her size 7s and suddenly finds herself in a hurry to give her first footjob. She gets Mario rock hard with her toes before demanding that he jam it into her wet pussy. How could he say no to that? He gives her what she wants and in return she rides his cock like a pro. Lizz has seen the light on the love of feet and wants to see her toes covered in semen. Mario, of course, obliges her and covers her feet from toe to heel!        243
  241. 240     2011-02-25      15      100   Tiffany Thompson and Cassandra Cruz     Tiffany and Cassandra Have Lesbian Foot Fetish Fun      Cassandra needs her backyard cleaned up, but it's not going to get done if Tiffany insists on using her size 9s instead of a broom. Now Cassandra has to clean up Tiffany's feet before she tracks up the whole house. After a little hand washing and some lotion, Cassandra finds that Tiffany's feet are clean enough to lick! This leads into a little bit of mutual toe sucking, and before you know it, both girls are toe-deep in each other's pussy! Unable to stop there, the foot-crazed girls use toys and tongues on each other before settling down for a nice little siesta. Every girl knows that a toe-induced orgasm is the best sleep aid around!     358
  242. 241     2012-01-01      15      101 Alyssa Branch   Alyssa Branch Gets Her Feet Covered in Warm Jizz        Alyssa's husband is at work, so she figures this might be the right time to give her neighbor Dane a birthday present she knows he'll love. When Dane shows up, Alyssa offers her 8.5s to him and he can't resist. Once he gets worked up, Alyssa moves in to taste some dick. This birthday present goes both ways! Dane wants more feet, though, and rolls her over to bang her pretty pussy while he stares at her soles. And what birthday would be complete without a footjob from a sexy young lady? Dane gladly covers Alyssa's feet with sperm before her husband comes home!   284
  243. 242     2012-01-01      15      102  Sophia Sutra    Sophia Sutra Rides the Cock and Gets Cum Over Her Feet  Sherlock John Holmes has been called in to investigate some mysterious happenings in a quiet little neighborhood. Sherlock has no problem capturing the spirit; however, when the spirit claims to be Sophia the friendly neighbor, it's time for Holmes to go deeper and perform his Penis Exorcism. He starts by fucking the size 6.5 soles of the seemingly possessed young lady before moving on to her pretty pussy. Only once he's thoroughly inspected every bit of her soles and pussy can he drop his giant load on her toes and claim the exorcism complete!  290
  244. 243     2012-01-01      15      103  Rosalie Ruiz    Rosalie Ruiz Gets Her Feet and Soles Covered with Hot Cum       Rosalie wakes up this morning to find her boyfriend Chad's poking her from behind. She tries to play hard to get, but once he starts massaging her feet, she finds herself getting all slippery down under. After getting her 7.5s handled, she returns the favor by sucking Chad's dick. Now that Rosalie's wide awake and ready to spread her legs for her horny boyfriend, Chad pounces on her and rails her like a boss! After a long and thorough fucking, Chad sprays Rosalie's soles down before collapsing back into bed in a post-fuck pussy stupor. Job well done, sir!       287
  245. 244     2012-01-01      15      104    Nadia Noel      Nadia Noel Gives a Footjob and Received a Facial        Nadia and Evan make for strange roommates. Nadia likes rocking her step aerobics and Evan needs peace and quiet to compose his film score. When her workout becomes too much to bear, Evan decides that the only place her sweaty size 8s will be marching for the rest of the day is up and down his cock. Nadia's down for this, of course! Lifting Evan's huge dick with her feet is better than any kettle bell workout. But using her feet won't be enough for Nadia. She wants to bounce up and down on Evan's dick until he's ready to give her the spunky protein drink she's been waiting for! 214
  246. 245     2012-01-01      15      105    Sara Jaymes and Lyla Storm      Sara and Lyla Playing Footsies While Toying Themselves  Sara has some secrets she's been keeping from her roommate Lyla: not only does she have a crush on Lyla and her pretty size 8s, she's also been using Lyla's toothbrush as a vibrator. Well, now that it's all suddenly out in the open, there's really only one thing for the girls to do and that's to explore each other's pussy in exquisite detail. Lyla gets a nice long taste of Sara's petite size 6s before she breaks out her own toys for the girls to play with. Interlocking toes, the girls do their level best to find out just how much their pussies can take as they toy the afternoon away!  260
  247. 246     2012-01-01      15      106    Ariana Fox      Ariana Fox Teases With Her Feet and Gives a Cummy Footjob       It seems that Ariana has been ducking out on her jury duty, so the court sends out Dane to remind her of her civic responsibility. It's a good thing Dane hates his job, because he can't concentrate when he catches sight of Ariana's smooth size 7s. Of course, Ariana has no problem with this handsome stranger adoring her feet; perhaps a mutually beneficial arrangement could be reached? Before you can say " voir dire" Dane has his prick between Ariana's feet. But that's not going to be enough for Ariana; she wants her pussy pounded and her feet covered in spunk!   284
  248. _b.jpg" id="box_                                                                       
  249. 248     2012-01-01      15      108        Jessie Andrews  Jessie Andrews Gets Her Feet Covered with Warm Cum      Secret Agent Evan Stone and his plucky gal-pal Jessie have just escaped from the jaws of death and need a way to burn off all of that adrenaline. Perhaps working on Jessie's toe dexterity could ease the tension in the room? It takes only seconds for Agent Stone to realize that putting Jessie's size 8.5s in his mouth was a smart decision. Quicker than he can say " 007," Jessie is begging to get her mouth on some cock. She's super-eager to please, and she also wants to see that huge prick disappear in her tight pussy. But can she handle it? Tune in and find out!  185
  250. 249     2012-01-01      15      109    Megan Foxx      Megan Foxx Loves the Taste of Cock and Gets Cum on Her Feet     Times are tough, even for pretty girls like Megan. When she finds herself short on rent money, she tries to work out a bartering system with her roommate Marco. Maybe if she offers her size 8s up to him he could let the rent slide this month? Yes? Well, what kind of deal could she get for a footjob? Or a blowjob? Once she tastes Marco's dick, though, she wants to go for a ride on it! Marco is happy to give her one; so happy, in fact, that he needs to drop a gigantor load all over her pretty feet when he's done!    150
  251. 250     2012-01-01      15      110 Lexi Bloom and Jennifer White   Lexi and Jennifer Having Fun With Some Toys     Lexi has a Reality camera crew following her around today, so she and Jennifer decide to change their plans and spend the day in bed trying to freak out the foot-obsessed cameraman. Once they see that they can't scare him off, they decide to give him a show to remember! The girls play around with some toe sucking, but before you can say " cut," Jennifer finds her pussy full of Lexi's size 7s! Lexi and Jennifer don't stop there, though; they want to taste each others' pussies before filling them up with vibrating toys from Lexi's private collection.      282
  252. 251     2012-01-01      15      111      Zoe Voss        Zoe Voss Getting Fucked and Sucking Dick with Torn Stockings    Zoe wants to be a great secretary, but her domineering boss Dane just wants to keep her down. When she decides to wear " hooker" shoes to work, Dane freaks out on her. If she wants to dress like a slut, then he's going to treat her like a slut! Her stockings are ripped away to reveal her pretty size 8s, but Dane doesn't stop there. He gives her a furious fucking before breaking out a toy in order to show her how to multitask properly. When he's convinced that she's learned her lesson, he covers her toes with spunk and calls it a day!     260
  253. 252     2012-01-01      15      112   Lily Carter     Lily Carter Gets Fucked and Gives a Cummy Footjob       Being a good girl, Lily has no problem indulging her boyfriend Evan's space captain fantasies. But when she can't play her role correctly, Evan decides to beam her toes directly into his mouth before he has her use her pretty size 6s on his rapidly expanding prick. Captain Evan decides to send his phallic probe deep into Lily's eager pussy, making sure to squeeze every inch he can into her as he pounds away. When he can't take any more, he drops his seminal " away team" all over her waiting feet!   330
  254. 253     2012-01-01      15      113   Chloe Starr     Chloe Starr Gets Her Toes Kissed and Sucks Dick Dane has hired Chloe to come over to give him a cultural lesson in belly dancing. Being cash-strapped, she agrees to show off some moves in her underwear. Chloe can see that he's fascinated by her size 7s, so she agrees to take the dancing to the bed. Dane immediately finds out she's ticklish when he puts her foot in his mouth. Will she be as ticklish with his cock buried in her pussy? There's only one way to find out! After doing a passionate, pounding dance of his own, Dane pays for his lesson with a sizable deposit of semen made directly to Chloe's waiting feet!     151
  255. 254     2012-01-01      15      114  Skin Diamond    Skin Diamond Gets Feet Worshipped and Pussy Eaten       Sexy Skin was in a bit of a quandary: since breaking up with her boyfriend, she hasn't been able to indulge her foot fetish. The best solution? Hiring Evan, an escort that's paid to cater to her every whim. And cater he does! After ferociously sucking on her size 7.5 feet, he buries his dick in between her soles as a prelude to the pounding her pussy is going to get. Skin loves riding his cock, but she's waiting for the giant load to drop all over her feet!   290
  256. 255     2012-01-01      15      115 Samora Morgan   Samora Morgan Gets Waken Up With Foot Licking   Evan Sheen has been on a winning streak that even God himself would envy. So, when cameras show up at his door it's no surprise when Evan wants to show off his sexy goddess/girlfriend Samora as well as his sexual prowess. He demonstrates his love for Samora by starting with her size 6 feet then gradually works his way up to violently mounting and giving her a pussy pounding of epic proportions. When he's ready, Evan rewards Samora's faithful devotion with a thick load all over her sweet feet!       336
  257. 256     2012-01-01      15      116       Tiffany Brookes Tiffany Brookes Gets Wet By Receiving Foot Worship      Poor Tiffany was minding her own business when she was bitten on the foot by a poisonous spider. Lucky for her, Dane-jer Boy was lurking nearby and offers to suck out the venom! Tiffany's safe now, but she's also very turned on; how can she ever pay Dane-jer Boy back? Well, she can start by getting her pretty size 8.5s on his hard dick. Oh, and maybe she'd be up for a nice long fuck before he drops his load all over her feet?   219
  258. 258     2012-01-01      15      118   Kelly Klass     Kelly Klass Gets Her Toes Sucked and Pussy Fucked       Dane and his buddy Flowers are looking to create the next viral video starlet and they have cute Kelly in their sights. While she can't really sing, Dane knows exactly how to elicit a great vocal response: worshipping Kelly's size 6.5s! Kelly responds with a chorus of obscene demands; she wants Dane to pound her tight pussy all over the bed! Dane's happy to accommodate her as long as she doesn't mind finishing the afternoon with her feet covered in his spunk! 316
  259. 257     2012-01-01      15      117 Rylie Richman   Rylie Richman Gets Her Sexy Feet Fucked Foot fanatic Evan found a great way to scam some foot action: start his own foot fetish site. The only male talent he's going to need is himself, so he convinces young Rylie to use her size 9s on his foot-hungry dick. Rylie doesn't care whose dick it is; she just needs to be fucked! Evan does his best to stretch out her tight squirting pussy before dropping a copious load all over her.    290
  260. 259     2012-01-01      15      119  Adriana Luna    Adriana Luna Gives a Massage With Her Feet and Sucks Cock       It's spa day for Dane! He notices his masseuse, Adriana, has great feet so he asks not only for a walk on his back but a little trot on his cock. She's happy to oblige him with her size 7.5s, but she's a full-service girl and she wants her pussy stuffed when Dane's done with her feet. Adriana gets exactly what she wants when Dane plunges his cock deep inside her and Dane gets what he needs when he drops his hot load all over Adriana's lovely feet!     223
  261. 260     2012-01-01      15      120        Layla Rose and Tiffany Brookes  Layla Rose and Tiffany Brookes Have Some Lesbian Foot Sex       Tiffany's enjoying a lazy day in bed with her toy when she's interrupted by cute door-to-door salesgirl Layla. Layla goes for the hard sell, but she's more than met her match in Tiffany. Tiffany is much more interested in Layla's perfect little package and sweet size 5s than she is in whatever else Layla is selling. Layla's fingers and feet soon find their way into Tiffany's panties, giving Tiffany a good reason to return the favor by breaking out some toys for everyone!     257
  262. 261     2012-01-01      15      121 Bella Moretti   Bella Moretti Walks on a Tredmill and Receives Dick     Bella has dropped by Evan's place to buy his treadmill. Of course, fitness geek that he is, Evan wants to give her and her size 8s a complete walk-through of the equipment, so to speak. His workout regimen includes generous amounts of foot worship, with more than a little foot-based dick lifting thrown in. Bella discovers the true power of Evan's workout when he plunges his dick deep down inside her tight pink hole. And what workout would be complete without a shower at the end? Especially if that shower is a hot load of spunk across Bella's soles!      304
  263. 262     2012-01-01      15      122        Holly Michaels  Holly Michaels Gives a Footjob and Chokes on Dick       Dane should have known better: trying to sneak in at the crack of dawn means that his girlfriend Holly is going to have to do a dick inspection! Has he been cheating on her? She'll be able to tell once she gets her size 8s on his dick. Once she establishes his innocence, Holly finds that her fancy footwork has earned her a nice, hard fucking. Since Dane has been such a good boy, she uses her feet to finish the job and gets her toes covered with morning dew!   195
  264. 263     2012-01-01      15      123        Alexandra Silk  Alexandra Silk Gets Feet Worshipped and Gives a Footjob Governator Lee needs to have a heart to heart with his sexy Mexican maid and mistress, Alexandra. Or rather, a mouth to foot! His wife doesn't get his foot obsession, but he knows he has free reign over Alexandra's size 7s. Lee just loves sucking on her ticklish toes! Feeling the need to completely dominate, Lee buries his Deutsches dong deep in her spicy Mexican meat. She wants another baby, but the Governator has learned his lesson: he's dropping his giant load on her feet this time!      244
  265. 264     2012-01-01      15      124  Rilee Marks and Marie McCray    Rilee Marks and Marie McCray Lick Each Other's Feet     Spending long, hot summer days studying the bible can be a bit of a drag. Catholic classmates Rilee and Marie need a break from the tedium and decide that a little foot massage is just the thing to melt the stress away. But why stop there? Maybe some toe sucking would be just as relaxing. And if they're going to go that far, why not go all the way and just eat each other's pussies like they really want to?       211
  266. 265     2012-01-01      15      125    Mae Meyers      Mae Meyers Receives a Foot Worshipping and Loves It     Mae is trying to earn some extra money by camming for strangers on the 'net. Her roommate Anthony interrupts a private show and wonders if she'd be up for a little help making her rent. Well, of course she would! Anthony dives right in, wildly sucking on her toes. There's no stopping Mae once she gets her size 6.5s on his dick; she wants the whole package, and she wants it deep in her pussy! Anthony gives her pussy a pounding she won't forget before he finally releases a giant load of spunk all over her pretty feet!       302
  267. 266     2012-01-01      15      126    Victoria Rae Black      Victoria Rae Black Gets a Foot Rub and Feet Kissed      Victoria spends a lot of time with her pretty size 7s in high heels, so she likes to treat her stressed feet to a nice spa day here and there. Today's her lucky day, because her masseur Anthony knows just how to treat a tired pair of feet. His recipe? You start with a gentle foot rub, move on to some toe sucking and then apply a generous amount of cock to her feet as well as her soft, wet pussy. After delivering your client several toe-curling orgasms, the perfect finish is to drop a big load all over her nicely relaxed toes! Don't forget to tip the man, Victoria!      294
  268. 267     2012-01-01      15      127    CeCe Stone      CeCe Stone Feeds On Black Dick and Gets Toes Licked     Ricco knows that there's only one way to get the joystick out of CeCe's hands when she's on a good run: a little toe tickling! It's the perfect distraction, as she quickly replaces her joystick with Ricco's! CeCe uses her hands as well as her size 7.5s to make sure Ricco's ready to play, then she spreads herself wide open for his big black cock. Once Ricco's sure she's had more than she can handle, he drops a giant load all over CeCe's feet!   313
  269. 268     2012-01-01      15      128 Cassandra Nix   Cassandra Nix Loves Her Feet Licked and Toes Sucked     There's a threat to life as we know it and Airman Cassidy is here to draft Cassandra into the emergency effort. But is Cassandra qualified to pilot the rescue vehicle? Only Airman Cassidy can determine this, and he needs to inspect her feet to find out. Of course, the inspection needs to be thorough, and Cassidy leaves no foot untouched. Her size 8.5s handle his lever nicely, but he's going to have to give her a test ride just to make sure she's up to the job! When all is said and done, he signs off heartily in sperm all over her well-qualified soles!   259
  270. 269     2012-01-01      15      129  Pepper Kester and Ruby Rayes    Pepper Kester and Ruby Rayes Eat Off Each Other's Feet  As the mean Motorcycle Mama of the Daughters of Kaos, Pepper is in charge of jumping in the new recruits. If Ruby truly wants to join the Daughters, she's going to have to clean Pepper's size 9s like she means it. The next phase of the initiation involves Pepper strapping it on and banging pretty Ruby's pussy senseless. Ruby takes it like a champ, but once it's her turn to do the fucking, will she be able to hang with a woman like Pepper or will she be relegated to eternal foot-licking?     271
  271. 270     2012-01-01      15      130   Sasha Heart     Sasha Heart Gets Toes Licked and Pussy Fucked   Not being able to sleep has brought poor Sasha to see doctor Dane. While she may not understand his unorthodox procedures, Dane assures Sasha that providing more sexual attention to her size 6s will alleviate her issues. Dubious, though admittedly curious, Sasha allows Dane to apply generous amounts of cock to both her feet and her pussy. By the time Dane drops his giant load on Sasha's feet, she's exhausted and sleepy. Another satisfied patient!      226
  272. 271     2012-01-01      15      131   Alia Janine     Alia Janine Gets Feet Fucked and Pussy Pounded  Alia is convinced her husband Lee is cheating on her so she comes home early to try to catch him in the act. All she finds is a shame-faced Lee trying to hide his secret foot fetish. Seeing her husband in such a vulnerable place inspires Alia to let him play with her sexy size 9s. As Lee noms on her feet, Alia starts giggling and before long she discovers that toe sucking is the perfect compliment to vigorous fucking. Once Lee drops his load all over her feet, Alia confess to a secret fetish of her own!    264
  273. 272     2012-01-01      15      132     Molly Rae       Molly Rae Gets Her Sexy Feet Worshipped and Fucked      Molly catches her creepy neighbor red-handed and dick-out as he tries to run a panty raid on her chest of drawers. Molly is full of righteous anger and she's going to make him work to earn his freedom: he's going to have to toe-suck his way out of this predicament! Her size 7s are treated to a fine licking; so fine, in fact, that she invites the " supercreep" to go ahead and stick his dick wherever he wants, provided that his spunk ends up all over her toes. Talk about an awesome get-out-of-jail-free card! 200
  274. 273     2012-01-01      15      133   BeBe Mendes     BeBe Mendes Wraps Her Sexy Latin Feet Around a Pulsing Dick     Life in Hollywood can be tough for a modern-day bloodsucker. Count Evan the Foot Vampire, for example, likes to prey on young drunk girls and he's found his target in the lovely BeBe. She's quickly seduced by his vampiric charms and finds her feet in his mouth. Before you can say " Team Edward," Count Evan has his fleshy stake impaling BeBe's wet pussy while he sucks on her sweet size 7.5s. Will Count Evan be able to suck out her vital fluids before BeBe can protect her feet with a layer of semen? Find out!        301
  275. 274     2012-01-01      15      134       Hayden Winters and Darryl Hanah Hayden Winters and Darryl Hanah and Fun With Toys       It's Hayden's first time hosting a sex toy party and the turn out is a little lighter than sales rep Darryl was hoping for. But Darryl has a never-say-die attitude and comes up with a way to pitch her inventory: by using it on Hayden's 6.5s. And 32Ds. And her tight pink pussy. Darryl breaks out all of her toys and pulls out all the stops as she puts on an unforgettable show with her young hostess Hayden. Toes will be licked! Pussies will be munched on! But will their lesbo-rific free-for-all be enough to move all of their merchandise?    333
  276. 275     2012-01-01      15      135    Imani Rose      Imani Rose Gets Feet Worshipped and Her Soles Covered in Cum    Dominatrix Imani has some rather specific demands of her sub Evan, but when she gets her size 8s within licking distance of Evan's mouth she finds that the tables have turned. Imani is suddenly completely in Evan's thrall as he treats her feet like the penile playthings they are. Once Imani feels how good it is to have all of that dick between her legs while she's getting her toes sucked, she isn't worried about making sure Evan does as he's told. Except, of course, when it comes to having her feet covered in spunk; she's worked hard to earn her reward! 303
  277. 276     2012-01-01      15      136 Taylor Tilden   Taylor Tilden Gets Her Feet Worshipped and Toes Covered in Cum  Taylor needs some professional advice from Dr. Dane regarding her recurring foot pain. It seems her size 10s have been suffering because of too much dancing. Dr. Dane decides to prescribe a little more than just a placebo for this non-injury and administers a large dose of tongue to her toes. Taylor finds herself quite turned on by Dr. Dane's bedside manner and offers up her dripping pussy for her thorough physician. After a strong round of pussy-pounding athletics, the good doctor writes out a prescription in semen across her toes. Who says physicians don't care about their patients anymore? 307
  278. 277     2012-01-01      15      137  Presley Hart    Presley Hart Has a Toe-Curling Orgasm as She Rides the Cock     Eric has a big day at the beach planned, but Presley would rather spend the afternoon anywhere but on the sand with his annoying friends. Luckily, Presley has just the ammunition she needs to distract Eric from his sandy plans. One look at Presley playing with her pussy should be enough to get Eric hard, but Presley's ready with her smooth 7.5s to make sure! The beach is going to have to wait, because Eric's attention is firmly placed on fucking Presley silly and covering her toes in creamy, spermy goodness!       258
  279. 278     2012-01-01      15      138     Gia Steel       Gia Steel Gets Her Feet Worshipped and Sucks Cock       You'd be hard-pressed to find a bigger UFO enthusiast than Anthony. Anthony really wants to help skeptical Gia see the light when it comes to little green men, but it's going to take a fair bit of convincing. Luckily, Anthony guesses that the path to Gia's heart starts at her size 6s. After massaging her feet with his cock, Anthony finds Gia much more receptive to the idea of alien visitors as well as the idea of riding his " space dick". By the time Anthony sprays down Gia's toes with sperm, Gia's become a true believer! 358
  280. 279     2012-01-01      15      139      Karina White and Heather Starlet        Karina and Her Girlfriend Use a Couple of Dildos and Interlock F        It's not everyday that you have an opportunity to meet the rap star of your dreams. That's why besties Karina and Heather are so excited! All they have to do is prove that they are truly down for anything to the tour manager. Would they be willing to suck on each other's feet to get backstage? Hell, yeah! Heather won't stop at the instep, though. To secure her alone time with a rap legend, she's willing to suck on Karina's size 8s as well as her friend's pussy. There's no stopping these girls!      314
  281. 280     2012-01-01      15      140   Cherry Torn     Cherry Torn Gets Eaten Out and Gives a Footjob  Cherry and her friend know the best way to work off a couple calories from a big meal: lots of frisky foot fucking and a fair portion of pussy-pounding. Eric can't even wait for Cherry to take her shoes off; he wants his dick between her size 8s, like, now! He knows Cherry can't resist an opportunity to do some power-squats on his dick, so he sits back and enjoys her work out! Once the last calories of spermy goodness have been deposited all over Cherry's soles, there's only one question left: what's for dessert?  255
  282. 281     2012-01-01      15      141      Maryjane Johnson        Maryjane Johnson Gets Her Feet Smoothered in Tongue     Hosting a reality show can be pretty stressful, but luckily Dane has his lovely assistant Maryjane to help him calm down when he's redlining! The key to her technique? Liberal doses of her size 6.5s applied directly to Dane's mouth! It's a good start, but Dane is going to need the whole package today, namely, her package on his throbbing dick! Once Maryjane has finished her ride on Dane, he drops a humongous load of his " stress" all over her wiggling toes. Ahhhh! Much better now, baby!     247
  283. 282     2012-01-01      15      142 Nikki Daniels   Nikki Wraps Her Sexy Toes Around a Cock and Gives a Footjob     Naughty Nurse Nikki needs some private time with her favorite physician, Doctor Eric. She's feeling frisky and the only cure to what's ailing her is a healthy dose of tongue-on-sole. Eric is a great provider, and thorough. But he wants to make sure Nikki gets the full benefit of this treatment and applies his penis to her size 7s as well as her mouth and pussy. The horny couple uses the exam table the way it was meant to be used, and ol' Doc Eric leaves Nurse Nikki with a hot load on her toes before rushing off to his next patient!       255
  284. 283     2012-01-01      17      66        Brittany Lauryn Brittany Lauryn Shares A Black Cock With Her Husband    Brittany, like any other woman, likes to be complimented on her looks. When her husband Kade began failing to do so with the proper enthusiasm, she decided to have her hairstylist try something new: he waxed her pretty beaver then brought her home for a romp across the living room while Kade tries to pick up the pieces of his suddenly troubled marriage. Maybe there's hope for Kade yet...  258
  285. 284     2012-01-01      17      67     AJ Estrada      AJ Estrada Shares a Cock With Her Cuckold Hubby When pretty little AJ was growing up, she learned early on that sharing means caring. She also learned that nothing says " home" like a freshly prepared meal. So, when AJ's lover blasts the back of her throat with a piping hot serving of creamy man milk, she is more than delighted to pass along this precious gift to her husband!      293
  286. 285     2012-01-01      17      68   Kelly Surfer    Kelly Surfer Makes Her Cuck Hubby Eat Cum From Her Pussy        Jimmy brought his pal Ricco over for a little show and tell with his homesick Aussie bride, Kelly. He knew Ricco was packing heat down under, and he thought he knew his wife well enough that she would be happy with just a peek. Nope. When Kelly saw Ricco's enormous cock, she knew she needed more than just a taste. She wanted that pecker tickling her tummy from the inside!  322
  287. 286     2012-01-01      17      69       Tori Lux        Tori Lux and Her Husband Both Suck on a Black Cock      Tino's afternoon has fallen apart in a hurry. His wife Tori is cheating on him and a camera crew is along for the ride taping the whole thing for ratings. If that wasn't bad enough, Tori has emasculated him for the masses by forcing him to clean her lover's cock after it's been deep inside of her ass!  471
  288. 287     2012-01-01      17      70    Onia Nevaeh     Onia Nevaeh Has Her Hubby Service a Pulsing Dick        Kade was hoping for a new bedroom from the producers of the home improvement show he was appearing on with his wife Onia. What he got instead was a wife left with a hot mess dripping from her freshly fucked pussy. Onia took one look at the handyman and decided that the most important renovation she could think of was creating a little more room in her tight little pussy. After all of the year of non-use thanks to her dickless husband, Onia felt the time was just right for a little expansion project...      312
  289. 288     2012-01-01      17      71        Tristyn Kennedy Tristyn's Cuckold Husband Loves the Taste of Black Dick At first, Tristyn was horrified that her husband Satyr felt comfortable trading her ass for the safety of his own. What kind of sissy would put his wife in a position like that? However, once she saw the big beautiful black cock she was going to have to sit on, she started coming around to the idea. She waited patiently for almost two years to get some dick in her drawers; now that she has two dicks to choose from, why not take the bigger one? And it's not like her husband is going to get jealous; after all, he's playing with that big dick, too! 315
  290. 289     2012-01-01      17      72 Teagan Summers  Teagan Makes Her Man Watch Her Receive Another Cock     Teagan likes to be catered to and pampered by her sissy husband. He's good for cleaning her feet and other trivial tasks she can't be bothered with. Sadly (for him), one thing she doesn't need from him is is micro-pecker. She needs something quite a bit more masculine inside her sugar walls. That's why she's introducing him to her new boyfriend today. He needs a first-hand lesson in what it means to be a man...  293
  291. 290     2012-01-01      17      73   Sarah Shevon    Sarah Shevon's Pussy Beaten Down By Black Cock  Kade knew it was going to be difficult saying goodbye to his adopted son Julius. His pride and joy was headed out into the big world as a man. He didn't anticipate it being hard to the point of having to watch as his wife Sarah offered her wet pussy up as a special going-away gift. Sarah wanted to see Julius off in her own manner, you see, and maybe get a little something in return for her hard work: Sarah wants to hear the cries of her very own black baby after Julius leaves for college!   292
  292. 291     2012-01-01      17      74 Claudia Atkins  Claudia Gets Tag-Teamed By Two Black Cocks as Hubby Watches     Pulling one over on her husband Satyr turned out to be the easy part for Soviet super-spy Claudia. The hard part was not laughing in Satyr's face as her lover shoved his cock into the deepest part of her ass. While Claudia was busy being ridden like an Orlov Trotter, Satyr was mentally preparing for his clean-up duty! 310
  293. 292     2012-01-01      17      75      Jynx Maze       Jynx Maze and Her Cuckold Husband Love Sucking Dick     Jynx was kinda new to the whole world of anal pleasure. She knew it was hot, but she had no idea how much hotter it could be if it was her husband's mouth lubing up her lover's cock. The sight of her sissy husband Tino prepping a big cock for some backdoor loving was almost more than she could bear. Maybe if he continues to be her anal fluffer she'll reward him with a bunch of fun new scents to discover in her panties!  423
  294. 293     2012-01-01      17      76  Danica Dillan   Danica Dillan Hubby Eats Black Man Cum From Her Ass     Jimmy loved his wife Danica and he trusted her as much as he could, but there was that niggling feeling that she wasn't being quite as honest with him about her extramarital affairs as she had promised to be. To satisfy his morbid curiosity, he did the unthinkable: he spied on her with her new lover. Much to his chagrin, he saw she was completely disregarding pretty much everything he had asked her to do. This is his moment; he's going to put his foot down!   327
  295. 294     2012-01-01      17      77   Seda    Seda Takes A Black Cock In Her Ass As Hubby's Tied Up   Seda wanted to inject a little more fun into her married sex life. Unfortunately for her husband Jimmy, this meant that she'd be getting her asshole injected by a generous slab of black meat. Seda suspected that Jimmy might not initially be up for the challenge of watching his wife getting anally assaulted, so she made sure to use another tip she had read about at the grocery store magazine rack: tie your husband down for a little more fun in the bedroom!     312
  296. 295     2012-01-01      17      78 Cassidy Morgan  Cassidy Morgan Brings Home a Cock For Her and Hubby     If there's one thing Cassidy really can't stand, it's when her husband Kade touches her without permission. She especially doesn't like it when he creeps on her in her sleep. When she wakes up to find him fondling her and whining about another retarded facet of his pathetic life, she decides that enough is enough; he needs to be taught a lesson and he needs to be taught right now! Lucky for her, Kade's timing is nothing short of impeccable...  327
  297. 296     2012-01-01      17      79  Dana DeArmond   Dana and Her Cuck Husband Share a Black Cock    When Dana was asked to participate in the making of the documentary " Black Sexual Power," she jumped at the chance. It seemed like only yesterday that she was romping through the bedrooms of every black stud she could get her hands on. Marriage changed all of that. Or so she thought. With all of those memories coursing through her mind, she couldn't help but notice how wet she was getting. This afternoon, her husband is going to pay witness to another documentary, one Dana is considering titling "Hey Sweetie, Watch While I Jam This Black Dick Up My Ass!"       300
  298. 297     2012-01-01      17      80    Lily Carter     Lily Carter's Husband Eats a Juicy Cream Pie    Tino wasn't going to be happy until he had some good hard evidence that his wife Lily was cheating on him. The problem was, Lily wasn't cheating on him as far as private investigator Wolf could see. The only way for Wolf to get paid was to make sure Lily was cheating, and the best way to do that was to go ahead and put a dick in her himself. Just to make sure Tino got exactly what he wanted, Wolf planned on doing just that right in front of him!       321
  299. 298     2012-01-01      17      81   Adrian Olson    Adrian Olson and Her Husband Scarf Down A Black Cock    Adrian loves her husband, don't doubt that for a second. He takes care of her; he provides her with everything she could ever hope for. Well, except for sex, of course. But she didn't marry him for the sex. No woman in her right mind would. That's why she's been running around town stuffing her wet pussy with lots of big black cocks. In return, she makes sure that he doesn't catch anything she might accidentally bring home...   297
  300. 299     2012-01-01      17      82 Kimberly Gates  Hubby Tied and Teased While Kimberly Enjoys the Black Cock      The longer Scotty watches his horny (and greedy) wife Kimberly fuck the muscular black guy with the enormous penis, the more he gets the feeling that he's going to be snuff it when they're through. Ricco doesn't seem to be messing around, and devious Kimberly seems to be quite happy with the size upgrade she's received. Perhaps if Scotty appeals to their humanity he can worm his way out of this to be a sissy for one more day... 242
  301. 300     2012-01-01      17      83 Victoria White  Victoria White and Cuck Husband Sucking a Big Dick      Victoria knows that her husband Tino isn't completely without use. In fact, from time to time she likes to extend a friendly hand and lift his spirits by asking him for a little help. Today, she needs her husband for a critical role: Tino is going to play the role of fluffer during her afternoon fuck fest. Sometimes it takes more than a few seconds to change up positions, and during those crucial moments she likes to know that her lover is being taken care of. Victoria's really quite giving and she'd be more than happy to tell you all about it. If you don't mind giving back a little for her!  295
  302. 301     2012-01-01      17      84    Melissa Ria     Melissa Ria and Her Husband Share a Cock        Melissa has some sort of affection for her husband Tino, somewhere, buried deep beneath years of ambivalence towards him. That's why she occasionally throws a bone his way, so to speak, when she's getting her pussy pounded by one of her lovers. She gets a little thrill out of Tino getting her dressed up, knowing full well that she will deny him any sort of pleasure of his own. Sure, she may be a wee bit regretful that the man she once loved has disappeared up his own ass to become the sissy before her today, but she forgets all about that the moment she has a new cock tickling the back of her throat! 269
  303. 302     2012-01-01      17      85  Serena Sinful   Serena's Husband Watches As She Gets Fucked By Black Cock       It's baby making time, and Serena can't possibly use the limp cock that dangles uselessly between her husband Tino's legs. Even the most casual remark about fathering children is enough to make Tino's dick as useless as a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest. Enter Tyler: his pecker is more than capable of filling Serena's snatch with baby batter. Step aside, Tino, and let the man make your wife a happy woman!       305
  304. 303     2012-01-01      17      86    Lizz Tayler     Lizz Shares a Cock and Fucks Hubby With a Strap-On      Ol' Reb has discovered a skosh too late that his wife Lizz has been harboring some resentment about his treatment of her over the years. Surprised as he was to find another man in their bedroom, he could not have imagined the strap-on payback she had planned as his special Valentine's Day girft!        243
  305. 304     2012-01-01      17      87    Kodi Gamble     Kodi Makes Her Cuckold Husband Eat Cum From Her Pussy   Kodi was actually worried about her husband Johnny's reaction to seeing her with her lover. She shouldn't have been; Johnny is so pussy-whipped that he'd agree to anything she could possibly demand of him. You want me to watch you get fucked? Sure, honey. You want me to suck this guy's dick for you, dear? No problem. Turns out marrying Johnny wasn't the worst thing she could have done for herself!        303
  306. 305     2012-01-01      17      88  Rylie Richman   Rylie's Husband Watches Her With Big Black Cock Rylie's husband Hunter has reached a new level of frustrating humiliation: she won't even let him in the room to watch while she stuffs her lover's giant black cock into places Hunter's tiny white dick could never reach. He gets to look forward to licking the spunky remnants of her hot fuck session as they drip out of her when she gets home; it's not a total loss for the poor boy! 251
  307. 306     2012-01-01      17      89       Kennedy Kressler        Kennedy Kressler and Her Cuck Husband Share a Black Dick        Since Scott won't do anything to keep his wife Kennedy attracted to him, she's going to have to find another man willing to go the extra mile for her. What she really wants is to be fucked; sometimes a girl just wants to get laid, you know? And since Scott's soft, white body isn't remotely an option for her, she's going to go 180 degrees the other way. A nice, hard black cock is just what the dancer ordered!     309
  308. 307     2012-01-01      17      90  Alyssa Branch   Alyssa Branch's Husband Eats Cum From Her Cooch Alyssa's husband Jimmy had his sissy little heart almost broken to bits when he came home to see her cheating on him. All he wanted was to be with her; is that such a crime? Apparently so. He wanted to prove to her that he still deserved a place in her life, so he did what he had to do for the love of his wife. Sure, it hurt to see another guy balls deep in his baby, but his compliance meant that she wasn't going to leave his side; that's not too high a price to pay now, is it?      270
  309. 308     2012-01-01      17      91     Megan Foxx      Megan Foxx and Her Cuck Hubby Love Sucking Dick Danny is a little hesitant to take of his friend Jimmy's wife on her kind offer: she wants some cock and she's invited Danny to be the donor. When he sees that Jimmy is on board with the idea, he's more than happy to dip his wick in a married woman. In fact, he finds that he's even open to the idea of his dick being sucked by a married man, as well! 287
  310. 309     2012-01-01      17      92   Jada Stevens    Jada Stevens and Her Husband Share a Black Cock Jada's husband Kade had the audacity to ask her how she thought she was going to fit Jason's giant cock in her pussy. Much to his chagrin, he then found out that his job for the afternoon was to be the one to shoehorn Jason's mighty cock into Jada's waiting hole. It's not an especially noble position in life, to be sure. But it's a necessary role, and one that Kade will gladly play for his loving wife!   302
  311. 310     2012-01-01      17      93     Alexis Lee      Alexis Lee and Her Husband Enjoy Some Cock Together     Alexis is getting her pussy filled by a real dick for the first time in what seems like forever. Danny's dick is stretching her out, making her feel like a real woman again. She's finding her voice, too, just in time to tell her husband to get down on his knees and treat her the way she deserves to be treated. There's going to be a new pecking order in Alexis's house and her husband is low man on the pole!       269
  312. 311     2012-01-01      17      94   Talia Palmer    Talia Palmer and the Hubby Tasting Black Dick   It's liberating, really. The moment Talia took down her panties for a man that wasn't her husband, she knew she wasn't going to be able to put that particular phallic genie back in the bottle. Not when it could be fit snugly into her wet pussy! Talia wants to enjoy the prime of her sexuality, and she's decided that her husband isn't going to be the leading man in her sexual awakening. His role will be strictly supporting!       278
  313. 312     2012-01-01      17      95      Asia Levy       Asia's Husband Eats Another Man's Cum From Her Pussy    Asia isn't usually the impulsive type, but once she took a look deep into Wolf's soulful eyes, she knew she wasn't going to be able to say no to anything he wanted. He could have had her right there in the park, in front of her husband and the whole world. Asia didn't care. All she wanted was Wolf's cock deep inside her pussy. Nothing else mattered! 304
  314. 313     2012-01-01      17      96    Kelly Klass     Kelly Klass Receives Dick As Hubby Has to Watch When pretty little Kelly came over for some help around the house, Gabriel could hardly say no. And like a good neighbor, he stuck his dick in her when she asked for that, too. Kelly, being the loving wife that she is, allowed her decrepit husband to hang around and watch while she had her sugar walls assaulted. After all, she wasn't going to be the one that was going to clean up the spunk; that's a man's job!   291
  315. 314     2012-01-01      17      97    Sasha Sweet     Sasha Sweet Shares a Cock With Her Cuckold Husband      Sasha has a sweet disposition; most women would lose their temper or raise a ruckus if their husband started transmogrifying into a couch potato. Not Sasha. She figures, why get mad when you can get black dick instead. She'll ride that dark wood until all of her issues are resolved and her husband does as he's told. What's the use in having a husband when he's just as unattractive as his limp dick?       291
  316. 315     2012-01-01      17      98     Erin Stone      Erin Stone and Her Man Share a Huge White Cock  All Erin really wanted was a little adventure and some romance in her life. She couldn't rely on her doting husband for either of these things, unfortunately. She had to seek out her small doses of fun where she could find them; namely, at work. As a massage therapist, she got to see more than her fair share of hard dicks. When Kevin walked into her parlor, Erin knew that he was just the spark she had been looking for!  279
  317. 316     2012-01-01      17      99   Heidi Hanson    Heidi Hanson Shares a Black Cock With Her Husband       " Let the buyer beware!" Never were there truer words spoken. For Heidi's sissy husband Jimmy it has a bit more meaning. You see, she's sold the rights to his mouth in order to secure a good deal on a used bed. Not only is he shelling out too much for a used bed, in addition to watching his wife's petite pussy get destroyed by a big black monster he has to serve up his willing mouth to that very same pussy-wrecking tool. The price is wrong, Jimmy, but we're sure you're going to pay it!      273
  318. 317     2012-01-01      17      100      Kacey Villainess        Kacey Services a Black Dick As Hubby Watches On Kacey though she would be able to keep Billy in the dark about her extracurricular activities with their mutual friend Julius. But Billy, being a tech nerd of the first order, soon figured out that his wife's sexts weren't for him. But who were they for? The question drove Billy to distraction and he searched high and low. But some questions are better left unanswered, as he soon found out. In hindsight, Billy really should have settled with random anonymous sexts; instead, he got to watch as Kacey let her pussy get destroyed by his best friend. C'est la vie, mon ami...        308
  319. 318     2012-01-01      17      101    Maxi Booty      Maxi Booty and Her Cuckold Husband Share a Cock Billy's hopes of becoming a magician were dashed when his friend Wolf showed up and promptly made his cock disappear inside Billy's wife, Maxi. It's a fairly long and intricate trick and involves quite a bit of help from both Maxi and Billy. The finishing move of the trick has Wolf making his dick reappear and unload it's load all over Maxi's pretty face. the clean-up is left, of course, for Wolf's new sissy assistant Billy. Maxi's just glad to have a little real magic injected back into her boring old marriage!   342
  320. 319     2012-01-01      17      102     Molly Rae       Molly Rae's Husband Sucks That Black Cock For Her       When Molly's husband Doran interrupted her pussy-pounding good time, she reacted the way any ball-busting wife would: she grabbed by his metrosexual hair and shoved a big black dick down his throat. Is that emo enough for you, Mr. Sensitive? Because if it's not, Molly has plenty more where that came from!      237
  321. 320     2012-01-01      17      103     Mae Myers       Mae Myers Makes Her Husband Suck A Dick Mae doesn't want to waste her youth on her pathetic excuse for a husband. No, Mae has other plans: she's going to start spreading her legs for every beautiful man that walks into her life. She's already spent too much time denying herself of all the physical pleasures she's capable of. Now, she's going to do exactly what she wants to do, when she ants to do it. Her husband, of course, won't have much to say about these plans of hers as long she remembers to shove a cock down his throat beforehand!  211
  322. 321     2012-01-01      17      104    Aria Aspen      Aria Aspen's Husband Eats Cum From Her Pink Pussy       When Devontea was in lockup, he fantasized about all the fine white women he was going fuck when he got out. Imagine his surprise when he found that his new parole officer was a horny white girl that craved black cock! Not one to pass up an opportunity, Devontea shoved his dick into Aria's eager wet hole. When her husband Jimmy protested, Devontea showed Jimmy a trick he learned in Cell Block D: black dicks fit just as snugly in a sissy white boy's mouth!     287
  323. 322     2012-01-01      17      105    Ally Style      Ally Style Enjoys Black Dick With Her Cuckold Husband   Ally may not know much about art, but she knows something beautiful when she sits on it. Shawn's huge prick was just the thing Ally needed, after having put up with her her husband's puny dick for so long. Ally knew that her pussy was up for a little stretching, so she eased herself on down that long cock while her horrified husband watched helplessly!      188
  324. 323     2012-01-01      17      106   Alia Janine     Alia Janine and Her Husband Service a Big Black Cock    Alia has seen a few dicks in her life, but for her money, nothing beats a big black dick buried in her tight pussy. Fortunately for her, even though she's married she's going to be able to keep right on hiding black dicks between her legs, because her husband Doran has a little secret. You see, Doran is just as interested as Alia is in seeing her vagina get stuffed with black cock. Talk about a marriage made in heaven!  266
  325. 324     2012-01-01      17      107       Tiffany Brookes Tiffany Brookes and Her Hubby Love Sharing a Cock       Just when Tiffany thought she'd never feel a real cock between her legs again, in walked the man of her dreams. Or rather, the doctor of her dreams. Dr. Gabriel has the remedy that Tiffany needs: a big cock ready to get stuffed into her tight little box. Tiffany's going to feel like a virgin all over again when the good doctor puts his dick down on her, and all Tiffany's husband can do is watch and learn as a real man gives her what she needs! 325
  326. 325     2012-01-01      17      108    Aubrey Lee      Aubrey Lee's Husband Eats Black Man Cum From Her Pussy  Aubrey's husband Billy would like to say that he was surprised when he found his wife balls-to-the-chin on her very first customer. But, given that fidelity has never been her strong suit, he could only hope to contain the damage when he saw his lovely wife choking on a humongous black dick, right in their own house. It seemed to Billy like a dubious way to debut her new business, but who was he to question his wife? His job was purely to clean up after Aubrey!       280
  327. 326     2012-01-01      17      109   BeBe Mendes     BeBe Mendes and Hubby Share a Cock Together     When poor Billy discovered his wife BeBe playing doctor with her actual doctor, he went through a myriad of emotions. He felt sad, disappointed, and angry. But strangely, he also felt a little turned on. What the fuck was he thinking; how could he possibly be turned on at the sight of his pretty wife being railed by her doctor? Billy's love for BeBe remained strong, though, and that proved to be the spoonful of sugar Billy needed in order to make the doctor's semen go down his throat!       308
  328. 327     2012-01-01      17      110  Adriana Luna    Adriana Loves That Black Cock and Hubby Loves Watching  Adriana had been a little overwhelmed by the prospect of moving to the states, but after the warm welcome she received from her new husband's roommate, she's quite sure that she's going to be comfortable in her new home. With a big black dick to sit on, Adriana isn't going to have a whole lot of time for her honeymoon; she's almost sure her husband will understand! 303
  329. 328     2012-01-01      17      111   Ashli Orion     Ashli Orion Gets Her Husband Black Dick Her His Birthday        As part of her husband's very special birthday surprise, Ashli wanted to make sure that her sweetie had a candle worthy of his birthday. Ashli didn't want a cheap cake from the supermarket with its icing covered in candles. No, Ashli had something entirely different in mind. She found a giant black candle for her darling husband Kade to blow on. And, if Kade is especially lucky, he'll have a giant load of fresh frosting to snack on when he's done!     305
  330. 329     2012-01-01      17      112       Caroline Pierce Caroline Pierce and Her Cuck Hubby Share a Facial       Caroline had the perfect solution to her husband Jimmy's issues; specifically, her husband's habit of delving into the private parts of her past sexual adventures. If he wanted all the gory details, why, she would just invite another man over so Jimmy could experience those private parts first hand. And Caroline knew that Jason was just the type of sexual master and commander they both needed. The biggest, blackest cock in the house rules!     311
  331. 330     2012-01-01      17      113     Yuki Mori       Yuki Mori Feeds Cum To Her Cuckold Husband      Once that Yuki had gotten past her fear over the the bulge in Ricco's pants, she just let go of all apprehensions. Did it bother Yuki at all that her poor husband was forced to watch as she hid Ricco's giant black dick in her tight pussy? Not one bit. Yuki was enjoying herself for the first time in ages and she wasn't going to let the tears of a sissy slow her down one iota!       315
  332. 331     2012-01-01      17      114  Hope    Hope's Husband Licks Another Man's Cum Off Her Perfect Ass      Now that Hope had found the perfect man to be her escort and penis donor, she really had to struggle to find a reason to keep her husband Kade around. Kade wasn't brave and he certainly couldn't hope to even show in any penis measuring contest. Maybe he could earn his keep by being a squire to her new dark knight; polishing and cleaning that lengthy flesh sword sounded like the perfect job for her sissy man!     241
  333. 332     2012-01-01      17      115 Nikki Daniels   Nikki Daniels and Her Cuckold Husband Share a Cock      When it comes to doing as his wife Nikki says, Billy is a limp dick pro. It's not so much that he can't stand up for himself; it's more that he doesn't want to. And Nikki takes such delight in railroading the poor sissy that it's not likely that the behavior will change any time soon. When she wants her pussy spread wide open to accept the rock hard cock of a complete stranger, Billy just smiles and does as he's told. And like all good dogs, Billy will get a special treat for being such a good boy! 274
  334. 333     2012-01-01      17      116 Cassandra Nix   Cassandra Nix Shares a Big Cock With Her Cuckold Husband        When Phil felt the dick hit the back of his throat, he realized that things weren't as bad as they seemed. Sure, he hadn't imagined himself sucking a stranger's cock when he got up that morning, just as he had never imagined that his lovely wife would be the one doing the shoving. Phil was thankful that he still had a wife. Cassandra could have chosen to cut him completely out of her life; if sucking the hot spunk of some random dude out of his wife's pussy was the price for staying married, then Phil was glad to be of service!   180
  335. 334     2012-01-01      17      117    Nikki Blue      Nikki Blue Gets a Massive Black Dick as Hubby Watches   Nicki wanted to add a couple inches to her husband's dick in order to feel like a woman again. When the good doctor informed her that it was going to be impossible, she momentarily lost hope. Until, that is, the doc dropped his drawers and unleashed a giant black dick that one only read about in ancient myths. That black cock should have come with a warning sign, though; while she knew exactly where it went, she had no idea how she was going to fit it all into her tight little pussy!        352
  336. 335     2012-01-01      17      118   Amanda Blow     Amanda Blow and Her Cuck Hubby Share a Facial   Amanda knew that her sissy husband wouldn't put up a fight. When it came to getting what she wanted, when she wanted it, Amanda was a complete pro. And what Amanda wanted on this hot afternoon was a big black dick to set her pussy on fire. And all her husband needed was a man to blow. Amanda couldn't help smiling when she thought of the site of a big dick in both her hole and her husband's!       250
  337. 336     2012-01-01      17      119    Arial Rose      Arial Rose and Her Cuckold Husband Take Turns Sucking Dick      Arial wanted to feel angry at her hopeless husband, but the sight of a big dick in his mouth was just too much fun to pass up. Sure, Arial's husband had made a mistake, but Arial was a live and let live kind of gal. Or, closer to the truth, a fuck and let suck kind of girl. All Arial knew was that the dancer she hired had all of the right moves and an open invitation to shake his groove thing all over her if he wanted to!       251
  338. 337     2012-01-01      17      120     Hydii May       Hydii May Sucking That Black Cock for the Holidays      'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, you could hear the desperate cries of a pretty girl's spouse. The sissy in question was down on his knees, watching in horror as they fucked like bunnies. His wife was on top, the black dick in her deep, this nightmare was true, he wasn't asleep! The husband had hopes of seeing Saint Nick, but all that he got was a mouthful of black dick! Ho Ho Ho, Motherfucker!        344
  339. 338     2012-01-01      17      121        Angelina Black  Angelina Black Has Her Cuck Hubby Watch Her Work a Black Cock   The sudden appearance of Angelina's husband was unfortunate, but not horribly so. Sure, she would have preferred to fuck the night away without the mewling of her worse half, but the spell her beauty had cast on him was deep and unforgiving. Angelina's husband was going to ring in the New Year with a brand new set of horns, courtesy of his loving wife!      305
  340. 339     2012-01-06      15      143    Veronica Rodriguez      Veronica Gets Her Feet Worshipped and Squirts All Over  Grizzled vet of the ring Lee has finally won the belt. Lee is more than happy to demonstrate his secrets to success by banging his lovely Latin manager Veronica on camera. Lee starts by practically devouring Veronica's size 6.5s; it's the quickest way to a wet pussy and a wet pussy is key when you wield a massive sex hammer like the champ does. Veronica can't help squirting repeatedly as Lee drops the hammer on her before finally dropping a massive load of spunk on her waiting toes! 181
  341. 340     2012-01-06      17      122    Nadia Nash      Nadia Nash Suck on a Black Cock Together        Nadia really can't get enough of her dark chocolate treat and she's looking forward to it melting in her mouth as well as all over her pussy! Nadia's even feeling a little bit generous today; she can't imagine keeping this giant bar of goodness all to herself. Just a little bit for her husband, then. That ought to put a smile on everyone's face!     229
  342. 341     2012-01-13      15      144 Jessie Rogers and Vicki Chase   Jessie and Vicki Have Some Lesbian Foot Fetish Sex      Jessie and Vicki are going door-to-door, looking for donations for the LA chapter of Occupy Wall Street. The lucky girls come across a foot-obsessed homeowner who would be glad to donate to the cause, for a price! Would Jessie let Vicki lick her size 7.5s? Would Vicki mind Jessie going down on her? Would the two girls enjoy getting frisky with some vibrating toys? How far will these two pretty young things go to help bring the 1% to its knees? 301
  343. 342     2012-01-13      17      123   Elaina Raye     Elaina Raye Has Her Hubby Watch and Join In on the Fun  Pretty Elaina just loves making her husband Kade sweat. And she knows that nothing drives Kade up a wall faster than seeing his petite wife get treated life the cum-hungry slut she is. This afternoon, Elaina wants Kade to sit down, to watch and learn, as she does her whorish best with another man. Once her pussy is dripping with a load of cum, it's time for Kade to get to work!    333
  344. 343     2012-01-09      6       1     Hailey Young    Hailey Young Gets Treated to Two Cream Pies     For some girls, a big dick is more than they can handle. Sure, they tell all their friends about the giant slab of swinging meat hidden between her boyfriend's legs and how good it feels to be violated by it whenever possible. But the truth is, there's a little bit of fear associated with that fleshy hammer that just can't be ignored. For the record, young Hailey is not one of these girls. Yes, she loves the big dicks. But there's no fear in her eyes when she finds the big cocks. In fact, Hailey doesn't want to stop at just one giant phallus. Hailey's the kind of girl that wants to be turned into a giant Chinese fingertrap, with massive cocks filling her holes at both ends. Once her black friends have put her on a spit, so to speak, Hailey wants to be throttled and spun until she can't remember which way is up by the end. When she's been filled and finally tossed aside, Hailey only has to look for the trickle of black spunk leaking from her pleasantly sore pussy; then she'll be able to tell which way is up!  298
  345. 344     2012-01-20      15      145 Alexis Venton   Alexis Gets Her Feet Worships as She Masturbates with a Vibrator        Alexis is having a hard time dealing with people sexualizing her pretty size 7s. That's why she's come to see an expert: Dr. Evan's work, while unorthodox, gets results. Alexis is willing to try anything, including the good doctor's dick between her feet and deep inside her pussy. Sure, the doctor left his creamy mark all over her feet, but what if the whole thing is all in Alexis's head?!        258
  346. 345     2012-01-20      17      124     Reena Sky       Reena Has Her Cuck Husband Suck Black Cock and Take a Facial    Reena's boyfriend isn't real keen on the changes that have taken place in the power structure of their relationship. Even though Reena could be exasperating and difficult to work with, she generally took his direction well and hit all of her marks. Now that Reena had the reins, it was a horse of a different color. Reena planned to ride this black stallion all the way to the top of Hollywood!      251
  347. 346     2012-01-16      11      1 Cameron Cameron Gets Pounded and Gets a Facial  What's the best way to thank an intelligent, gun-loving woman that loves cock almost as much as she loves the Second Amendment? Simple! Offer to unload your sex pistol between her legs! Don't give her a moment to think about it; simply sneak up behind her like she was a wascally wabbit and put on your charm offensive. Break out the shock and awe! Make this rifle-loving lady want to lay down her arms (and legs) on the nearest flat surface. Once there, don't let up the pressure: make sure you're hitting center-mass, keep your strokes even (smooth is slow, slow is fast!) and make her beg for that hot load coming down the pipe! 280
  348. 347     2012-01-27      15      146   Sheena Shaw     Sheena Shaw Gives a Footjob and Gets Feet Worshipped    When Sheena's private time is interrupted by nosy construction worker Lee, he tries to apologize, but the only sorry she's going to hear is one that's wrapped around her size 6s. Lee's happy to oblige, of course, and puts her toes in his mouth. Finding inspiration in Sheena's tasty toes, Lee does what a construction worker ought to do: he drives his big nail deep into Sheena's tight pussy before delivering his load on time and on her toes!     302
  349. 348     2012-01-27      17      125    Khloe Kush      Khloe's Cuck Husband Watches On As She Enjoys Black Dick        Khloe wants to teach her dim-bulb husband a little lesson in propriety. If he wants to be seen with her in public, he's going to have to learn to watch her in private with her friend Ricco. Ricco wants to see just how far he can stretch out Khloe's tight little box while her redneck husband looks on in horror. Will Billy learn his lesson? Khloe couldn't care less. All she knows is she needs more of that big black cock!  298
  350. 349     2012-02-03      15      147     Tristan Berrimore       Tristan Gets Her Feet Massaged and Covered With Jizz    Chinese masseur, Evan-san, informs Tristan that all pain comes from the feet so he must concentrate on her size 8s. After a good oiling-up, Evan-san applies the Asian penis treatment; the ancient Chinese secret, it turns out, is to apply Asian cock to tender soles. Following this is some aggressive deep tissue adjustments to Tristan's pussy and a generous dose of secret sauce to her tender soles! 288
  351. 350     2012-02-03      17      126        Esperanza Diaz  Esperanza and Her Husband Love the Taste of New Cock    Esperanza knew immediately that she wanted the house that her husband had found. It wasn't the spacious rooms or the beautiful back yard. It was the attractive man next door that had put her panties into immediate tsunami condition. Esperanza was practically dripping down her leg by the time her bumbling husband wandered off and finally left her alone with her new neighbor. What better way to kick off a great new friendship than my stripping each other down and exploring sexual limits? Esperanza couldn't think of anything she'd rather do, so she forgot all about her clueless husband and jumped on that pretty prick!  288
  352. 351     2012-02-10      15      148   Jade Nacole     Jade Nacole Gets Her Feet Worshipped and Covered in Semen       Jade picked the perfect day to stop in for a little tender loving care on the massage table! It seems her masseur Lee has a new technique to try on her: some intense foot action for Jade's size 10s! As a bonus, Lee throws in a little sole-slapping dick action and a generous amount of deep-dick vaginal penetration. Once Lee's finished with his around-the-world massage, he kindly leaves his own salty tip all over Jade's waiting feet!     278
  353. 352     2012-02-10      17      127     Tristan Berrimore       Tristan Berrimore Surprises Her Husband With Another Man        Tristan couldn't believe what a turn on it was to play with her husband's head. She had just wanted some dick on the side, but the emotional trauma she saw that it did to her other half was just too delicious! How could she ever stop with just this one sweet Valentine's day treat? Tristan's husband could look forward to a steady diet of being cuckolded in the days and months to come; Tristan was so grateful for this rare gift that her husband had given her. What a wonderful man!     300
  354. 353     2012-02-17      15      149  Elle Alexandra and Gia Steel    Gia Worships Elle's Sexy Feet for Her Birthday  Elle's feeling forever alone on her birthday. Even Elle's roommate Gia seems to have forgotten Elle's special day. But fear not! Gia would be more than happy to turn Elle's frown upside down. Gia knows that Elle can't resist a little foot rub and when the birthday girl asks Gia to rub more than her smooth size 8.5s, how can Gia say no? She can't, of course. Just like Gia can't say no when Elle breaks out her birthday strap-ons. Things are definitely looking up for Elle now!  235
  355. 354     2012-02-17      17      128  Callie Cobra    Callie Makes Her Husband Eat Black Man Cum Out of Her Pussy     Callie's husband seems to be caught in a nightmare he can't wake up from. First, he skips a career-defining press conference to check on his wife. Second, he finds his wife Callie impaling herself on the biggest, blackest dick he's ever seen. And, to top it all off, that big black dick belongs to his most bitter foe in the ring. Going the distance has a whole new meaning for this poor sissy!      286
  356. 355     2012-02-24      15      150  Alysha Rylee    Alysha Rylee Gets Her Feet Sucked and Gives a Footjob   Our superhero may be wearing a mask, but his identity is no secret to Alysha. She's put two and two together and found that it equals Evan. Now that his secret is out, Evan feels like he can confess all of his deepest secrets, like, for instance, how much he'd like to suck on Alysha's size 8.5s! And how he'd like to fuck her seven ways to Sunday! Alysha is more than happy to accommodate Evan's requests as long as her soles get a fresh coat of semen in the end!        242
  357. 356     2012-02-24      17      129        Anikka Albrite  Anikka Treats Her Black Pimp With Her Pussy as Hubby Watches    For Jimmy, the thought of his wife Anikka peddling her pussy was always abstract; he never saw it, so it was easy to pretend it wasn't really happening. When Anikka's pimp Ricco decided to make her his bottom bitch not only in name but in practice on Jimmy's marriage bed, it was almost more than he could take. When Jimmy saw Anikka's smile as Ricco's giant cock slid into her pussy, he realized that he had to put his feelings aside and let Anikka enjoy the monster cock he so desperately wished he could give her himself. That's what being a good husband is all about!     349
  358. 357     2012-02-19      6       2      Cherry Rose     Cherry Bangs Two Black Guys and Gets Inseminated with Cream     For some girls, one dick is more than enough. They get all the pleasure they need from a single dick at a time and they're happy with it. Other girls are slightly more complicated when it comes to their preferred number of sexual partners. Make no mistake, we're not talking about partners in general but partners at one time. Take Cherrie, for instance. One dick at a time just isn't going to do the trick for her. Cherrie needs two dicks; she wants to be put up on a spit made out of penis flesh and be the little animal they're longing for. To have that excellent full feeling in her pussy as well as her mouth is one of Cherrie's favorite things in life. But, even better, is when those two dicks take turns spraying down her vagina with copious loads of man-milk. To feel that warm, oozing fullness and the accompanying drip down her leg is Cherrie's ultimate goal. She wants it dirty and she's not afraid to hunt down the guys that can make it happen. Lately, though, she's been wondering: why stop at two...? 257
  359. 358     2012-03-02      15      151 Mischa Brooks   Mischa Brooks Gets Her Pussy Eating and Feet Worshipped Mischa's husband Glenn thought the bet was a no-brainer: a game of darts and a million dollars versus thirty minutes with Mischa and her size 7s. When Glenn sat in the living room and listened as his friend Eric rubbed his dick all over Mischa's size 7s, he may have realized the extent of his error. Mischa, for her part, was glad to find a cock so perfectly suited for her feet as well as her pussy. She wondered if it was going to tickle much when Eric finally blew his load all over soles... 283
  360. 359     2012-03-02      17      130   Haley Sweet     Haley's Husband Watches Her Get Fucked and Eats Cum     Haley couldn't help herself: when she met Kevin her love for all things Jersey came full circle and she found herself eagerly spreading her legs for this Wildwood loverboy. Haley's poor husband looked on in horror as pretty much every nightmare of his came true. Cheating wife? Check. Forced to suck that Jersey cock? Check. The only thing that would make it unbearable was the thought of this Jersey bull planting a child in Haley...      333
  361. 360     2012-02-26      6       3    Jennifer Dark   Jennifer Dark Gets Man Handled By 2 Huge Cocks  Poor Jennifer. Back home in the Czech Republic, she just isn't getting the kind of vaginal satisfaction she's been craving. And when she does get it, she gets the puny cocks that the old Iron Curtain was hiding. That's why Jennifer decided to come to the States: to look for those black, fat dicks. Yeah, dicks. Multiple. If Jennifer is going to fly across the world to satisfy an itch, she's going to do it the right way. She wants a man with high energy, a man who loves ass. She wants a man with a dick the size of her forearm. She wants men! Jennifer wants to be put up on a spit made of black dick meat and spun around until she's hot and dizzy and ready to be eaten! And, just so she can leave the States with a little something to remember her adventures by, she wants these black superheroes to go right ahead and drop every liquid once of spunk into her love hole!       289
  362. 361     2012-02-27      11      2 Envy Mi Envy Mi Gets Pussy Eaten and Cum on Her Face    There's got to be some way to meet smart, artsy chicks that doesn't involve going down to the local bondage club (though that is a great place, too, as long as you don't mind the occasional piercing or three). After a bit of though, the thought came to mind that the theater might be a place to look. No, the theatre (switching those last two letters seems to magnify the hotness of the women found therein). These girls have spent so much time reading lines and learning roles that they've had very little time to go out and explore their sexuality. Also, there's the old saw about the questionable sexuality of the men one finds in the theatre scene so you're not going to have much in the way of competition. This is a win all around, men; run on down to the box office and pick up some tickets for that local production of A Midsummer Night's Dream and see if you can't find a girl like Envy!        275
  363. 362     2012-03-04      6       4    Naomi   Naomi's Pussy is Oozing with Two Loads of Cum   Naomi has developed a very particular taste for the dick of black men. Once upon a time, race didn't really matter to sweet Naomi. Naomi spread her legs for any man that was willing to put in the minimum amount of work. Naomi didn't ask for much, she just wanted get off. Then she met her first black lover. When he pulled down his pants and revealed to her the magnificent member therein, she couldn't believe her eyes. Naomi had thought that she'd seen dicks but nothing prepared her for that first encounter with a man-sized cock. After that, naomi had to break the news gently to all of her other gentleman callers: from now on she was strictly for black men! 308
  364. 363     2012-03-09      15      152   Elaina Raye     Elaina Raye Has Her Sexy Feet Worshipped Heavily        Dane needs to prove to Elaina that he still has a few surprises up his sexual sleeve when it comes to bedroom playtime. Maybe Elaina would like to try some foot-sucking fun? Dane's always wanted to taste her size 6s and both of them quickly realize the sexual potential of a little toe action! The important thing here is, will Dane's toe-sucking and pussy-pounding be enough to reignite Elaina's fire? Or will it take more than one load of semen on her soles to get her motor running again?     266
  365. 364     2012-03-09      17      131   Allie James     Allie Enjoys Big Black Cock More than Her Hubby's Tiny One      Things have spiraled out of control for poor Allie. She can't take another day, another hour, another second with that shrimp-dick husband she's sharing her bed with. With the flavor of big black dick on her mind, Allie takes to the streets to find a qualified cock donor (hopefully a man with a generous to disturbingly large load to give her). And Allie's husband? Well, he can join in and play if he wants to but it's going to mean sharing the work with his wife!      239
  366. 365     2012-03-16      15      153      Emma Ash        Emma Ash Gives Her Step-Dad a Footjob Until Completion  Emma accidentally wakes up her step-dad Sean while cleaning up the bedroom, but Sean doesn't mind. In fact, maybe Emma could find a moment to join him on the bed so he can get a good look at her size 10s. Bashful Emma soon becomes horny Emma when she sees what Sean is packing down south; she wants that dick between her soft feet as well as her supple thighs. As it turns out, Emma is up for quite a few things that her mom isn't, including taking a warm load of Sean's cum across her feet.     202
  367. 366     2012-03-16      17      132 Alexis Venton   Alexis Has Her Cuck Hubby Suck Dick and Watch Her Get Fucked    If Chris is going to be married to a complete piece of ass like Alexis and continue to live the sissy lifestyle, he's going to have to pay the sissy tax sooner or later. And unlike federal taxes, Alexis is going to levy that tax whenever and wherever she feels like it. How bad could this tax really be? It depends on how Chris feels about sucking the cock of the dude that doing his wife. If he's OK with that, then he won't have any problem coughing up for the tax man or Alexis!       322
  368. 367     2012-03-11      6       5        Mysti May       Mysti Works Two Black Dicks and Takes Cream Pies        Mysti isn't much for reading the papers, she's a bit too modern, and hip, to waste time on the printed word. Instead, Mysti spends hours on the internet reading up about current events, learning from her friends on various social media platforms about what issues she should be donating all of her fucks to this week. For instance, last week she gave a fuck about female birth control. This week, she's planning on giving a fuck about children in Africa. Mysti cared so much about this that she asked a couple of her black friends to come over and get a little more in-depth with her about it. Well, as you know, one thing eventually leads to another and before Mysti can say " Kony!" she's up to her eyeballs in a discussion about last week's topic, female birth control, specifically, whether or not she was going to get pregnant after taking a couple three-day-loads from her black friends. If only she could remember why she invited them over in the first place. No matter; there's always next week's cause to contemplate!      305
  369. 368     2012-03-23      15      154       Malena Morgan and Pepper Kester Pepper has Malena Suck and Have a Toe-Curling Orgasm    It looks like it's time for Pepper to add another hottie to her lesbian biker gang and she's set her sights on pretty Malena. It should be noted that Malena's beautiful size 9s played no small part in Pepper's decision-making process! Malena is going to have to work hard for acceptance: there will be dildo sucking and strap-on worship involved! Nothing, however, beats some good old-fashioned pussy eating; will Malena's oral exam get her into Pepper's club? Watch to find out...       277
  370. 369     2012-03-23      17      133        Rilynn  Rilynn Brings Home Big Black Cock for Her and Hubby     Poor Kade. It isn't easy being shorter than your wife and having her harangue you constantly for it doesn't do much for your spirit. It's gotten to the point where Kade's cock is almost non-functioning as a result of this spiritual demolition. That's why his wife Rilynn has gone outside of the marriage bedroom to find some satisfaction. Measuring up to her new lover is going to be a tall order for tiny Kade!     255
  371. 370     2012-03-19      11      3    Lexi Mathews    Lexi Receives a Giant Load on Her Face and Glasses      If you're anything like us, then you spent quite a bit of time browsing record shops looking for the latest vinyl-only releases by your favorite British artists back in 80s. You waited with bated breath for the next single or album and you spent your time loitering outside the shop waiting to get your courage together to talk to the hot girl with the glasses on. You know the one, all dressed in black, endlessly flipping through the Cure and Smiths albums looking for her next favorite song. Well, Lexi is that girl. Sure, she may not be dressed all in black like those girls of yore, but she's every bit as emo and horny as those girls were. In fact, Lexi may even be an improvement over those girls. Why is that? Well she's a modern girl and if there's something you'd like to try, ask her; she won't say no, how could she?    284
  372. 371     2012-03-30      15      155    Casi James      Casi James Gets Her Feet Worshipped and Fucked  There aren't many great chick drummers out there and Casi wants to make her mark. Her drum teacher Evan thinks she would be better off using her size 7s on his dick and not the drum set. It turns out that Casi is rather gifted when it comes to stroking a cock with her feet; it's time for the real lesson to begin! Evan introduces Casi's pussy to some rhythmic penis exercises before finally dropping his load all over her soles.   208
  373. 372     2012-03-30      17      134  Kylee Nicole    Kylee's Hubby Agrees to Watch and Eat Another Man's Cum Think of your wife: think about her pretty smile and her gorgeous ass and that sweet, sweet pussy that you haven't touched for longer than you can remember. Think about what it might be like to just touch those bouncy breasts again. Now, think of your wife on another dick. Think about her giving all of that sweet pussy to a guy you've never even met before. Just make sure you clean up after yourself properly, like Kylee's husband does! 312
  374. 373     2012-04-01      6       6       Trisha Rey      Trisha Rey Gets Double Teamed By Two Black Dicks        For Tricia, it's a bit of an act of faith to let a guy drop his load deep inside of her lady parts. She worries about the possible, unintended consequences like, say, the production of a a baby. For a young girl from the bible belt, this a real and serious concern. The last thing she wants to do is show up on the old family farm with a bun in the oven and no idea who the father is. A secondary worry for young Tricia is the fact that she might make that trip home with a black baby planted in her womb. Tricia, you see, is deeply enamored with the big black cocks she's found in her new home of southern California. Back in Oklahoma, Tricia never really had an opportunity to experiment with African lovers, but once she got a taste out West, she found it almost impossible to go back to white guys. Tricia doesn't normally let guys cum inside of her, but the thought of two black dicks penetrating her is just too irresistible to pass up; if she has some 'splaining to do to her daddy when she gets home, she'll take that chance!       303
  375. 374     2012-04-06      15      156   Nadia Lopez     Nadia Loves Her Feet Worshipped and Black Cock Between Her Soles        Hot on the trail of his super-spy arch nemesis, Sean comes across a damsel in distress. It looks like Sean needs to rescue poor Nadia from the nefarious Evan Stone. But does Nadia need rescuing or just some foot worship? Sean uses his deductive skills as well his huge dick to penetrate to the heart of the mystery: does Nadia enjoy the dick between her legs or between her size 6.5s? Tune in to find out!   290
  376. 375     2012-04-06      17      135 Mischa Brooks   Mischa Husband Walks In on Her Cheating and Joins In    Mischa's husband saw the writing on the wall: his wife was going back to college and she made no secret of the fact that she was going to take advantage of the college's all-you-can-fuck supply of young athletes. How's an aging spouse supposed to compete with that? Well, if you can't beat 'em, you may as well suck 'em and see how that makes your wife feel!  273
  377. 376     2012-04-13      15      157        Monique Symone  Monique Gets Her Feet Worshipped and Receives the Cock  Monique was hoping for a little insight into her future, but her palm reader Evan only has eyes for her pale 7.5s! Forgetting about typical palm reading protocol, Evan goes straight to Monique's feet and informs her that her future is going to be full of foot licking and cock riding. Evan's predictions come true almost immediately and Monique finds that her real fortune is going to be read in the pools of spunk Evan drops on her lovely pale soles!     227
  378. 377     2012-04-13      17      136   Vicky Vixen     Vicky Slobbers on a Black Cock While Her Hubby Watches On       Sit on my face and tell me that you love me! Well, Jimmy is definitely going to get his face sat on, that's for damn sure. It's the only way Vicky can get her sperm-soaked backside licked clean when she's finishes her furious fuck session with Ricco. Will Jimmy get an " I love you!" from his wife? That remains to be seen!     250
  379. 378     2012-04-09      11      4   Alexis Malone   Alexis Has Her Pussy Eaten and Receives a Facial        Alexis is fresh off the plane from Bulgaria and looking forward to learning all about her home. Growing up in the Eastern Bloc wasn't easy and there were certainly times that Alexis found herself needing to use her feminine charms to avoid a back-room session at the hands of the secret police. But all of that's over now seeing as she's in the land of the free. Alexis promptly buried herself in the nearby college library and dedicated herself to learning English. All semester long, though, she was haunted by the feeling that she was being watched, a feeling that she had been hoping had been left behind in Bulgaria. Just when Alexis was ready to break down under the unseen threat, she learned that the pair of eyes she had sensed only had her best intentions in mind. In fact, the frat boy that had been stalking her like a hunter only wanted to see her smile! Alexis felt so much relief that she pulled up her dress and welcomed her new American friend's cock into her life!  278
  380. 379     2012-04-20      15      158 Sally Charles   Sally Gets Her Feet Worshipped and Then Gives a Hot Footjob     Sally really wants to be a citizen of the United States, but she's going to need a little local help. That's where her friend Eric comes in. Eric is going to help Sally bring her size 9s to the States and all she has to do in return is use those same sexy feet on his dick. Sounds like a good deal, because Sally wants that dick between her toes just as much as she wants it between her legs!        335
  381. 380     2012-04-20      17      137   Nadia Lopez     Nadia and Her Cuck Hubby Take Turns Sucking a Black Pole        Poor Chris! Chris's Nadia is a ball buster of the first magnitude. It's hard enough for the poor guy to live his life walking around with a teensy limp dick, but to be reminded of its uselessness daily by the woman he loves is a lot to ask. But Nadia hasn't even scratched the surface yet! Once she gets her eyes (and mouth. And pussy) on a real cock, Chris knows that there's no way he'll ever be able to measure up to the challenge in front of him!      154
  382. 381     2012-04-27      15      159     Hayden Hawkens and Shyla Jennings       Shyla Goes in For a Massage But Gets Her Pussy Eaten Instead    Since Hayden's first-ever massage client falls through, her boss Shyla offers herself up for a little relaxing rub down. Hayden knows this massage is just as much a job interview as it is a service, so she goes all out! Shyla gets her feet kissed and her pussy rubbed by the full-service Hayden, so Shyla returns the favor by getting her protege's size 7s in her own mouth. Luckily, Shyla has a couple toys hidden around the room so both girls can play while they suck!   239
  383. 382     2012-04-27      17      138    Sasha Hall      Sasha Hall Receives Another Cock and Makes Her Husband Watch    If only Chris had kept his mouth shut, he might not now be stuck with his mouth open and full of a cock that tastes very strongly of his fiancee's pussy. Chris had let his emotions get the better of him and he had forgotten his place, which is firmly under his wife Sasha's thumb. The price for this kind of transgression can be steep and painful to pay, but if it puts him back in Sasha's good graces then Chris can live with it!  268
  384. 383     2012-04-30      11      5      Anna Mills      Anna Mills Rides the Cock and Receives a Facial Got your nuts all in a twist over the hipster barista at the local coffee shop? You're not the only one, pal! Anna's her name, and she's been caffeinating all the guys within a twenty block are but it ain't the hot beverage she's been slinging that has all the men jumping through hoops to put a smile on her face. No, the reason Anna has a line out the door has more to do with the hot indie look she's been rocking lately she she bought a pair of vintage glasses to go along with the adorkable outfits she's been wearing to work. With this kind of look, she has all the scarf-wearing dudes around chomping at the bit to get a crack at her ass! But who's going to be the one that finally cracks the code and what's going to take to see that pretty face balls deep on some lucky cock?        289
  385. 384     2012-05-04      15      160     Eva Fenix       Eva Fenix Loves Being Eaten Out Along With Her Toes Sucked      Eva was just looking for a little bit of innocent fun using her husband's back massager. However, when her husband Eric walks in on Eva with the massager buried between her legs, she has some 'splaining to do! Eva lets her size 6.5s do all the talking and her toes quickly make the transgression fade. But horny Eva won't stop there; she wants her pussy battered and beaten by her husband's big dick until he's ready to explode all over her feet!  217
  386. 385     2012-05-04      17      139    Rina Ryder      Rina's Husband Wakes Up to a Black Cock in His Mouth    Since Rina's husband Jimmy couldn't seem to capture the smile that she felt was all too obvious in her eyes with his camera, she was forced to find someone who could. And once she Rina met Jason, al she could do was smile: at the size of his dick, at the way he filled her tight pussy to the brim, at the way her husband looked with a dick in his mouth! Jimmy's not going to be able to miss that smile of Rina's now!        253
  387. 386     2012-05-11      15      161   Allie James     Allie James Gets Her Feet Worshipped and Fucked Agent Eric has been hot on the tail of a gold thief and it looks like he's got Allie firmly in his sights. In fact, he's caught her red-footed! Allie's size 8 heels haven't just been holding her pretty feet, they've also been walking gold out of the vault. Will Allie be able to tap-dance her way out of trouble by using her soles on Eric's dick? Or will Eric's deeply penetrating investigation prove to be too much for Allie? Either way, the answer will be written across Allie's toes in big, white loops of spunk!     308
  388. 387     2012-05-11      17      140    Veronica Rodriguez      Veronica Brings Home Another Cock For Her and Her Hubby Veronica's one birthday wish, as amazing as it sounds, is to see her husband Kade suck on her dick. No, you didn't miss anything; Veronica doesn't have a dick. But she can pretend that her new lover's cock is her own, can't she? She's the birthday girl and she can have her cock sucked if she wants to! Close your eyes and make a wish, Kade!   292
  389. 388     2012-05-13      6       7    Summer Verona   Summer Verona Takes Two Huge Black Dicks in Her Mouth and Pussy These tow lucky brothers have won the pussy lottery. There they were, minding their own business on the stoop, maxin' and relaxin', when up walked this fine piece of Latina ass. They hadn't seen her in the 'hood before; naw, this girl was straight-up high class all the way. Her name was Summer, and she was on the block today for just two reasons: chewing gum and fucking black strangers. And, wouldn't you know it, she was fresh out of gum. These lucky fuckers took one look at Summer's assets and knew what had to be done. They threw her over their shoulder and walked her up four flights of stairs to a waiting couch. Once there, Summer dropped her clothes like they were hot, showing off the tight Latin pussy that she so desperately needed violated. Before she could even ask, the black men had their dicks out and ready for action!  297
  390. 389     2012-05-18      15      162  Remy LaCroix    Remy LaCroix Persuades Her Boyfriend to Fuck Her Sensitive Feet If there's one certain thing in life, it's that it's not an easy task to pry a fanboy away from his new phone. Remy's up for the task though, and she's going to use her size 6.5s to crowbar Dane away from his shiny new tech. Once her feet grab his dick, it's game on! Maybe Dane could return the favor and bury his dick between her legs? And if it's not too much trouble, perhaps he could cover her feet and face with his spunk when he's all done? 244
  391. 390     2012-05-18      17      141  Hayden Night    Hayden Brings Home Dark Meat For Her Husband to Suck On There's something about yoga that just gets Hayden soaking wet. Well, to be honest, maybe it's not so much the yoga as it is her yoga partner, Devontea. Hayden tried to not stare as Devontea's huge package strained against his shorts while he helped her with her poses. By the time the session was over, Hayden found that she had developed a severe hunger for the trouser snake lurking in her partner's shorts. Hayden knew without a doubt that this dick needed some real attention, immediately, and that her sissy husband was in for a surprise when she got home!      197
  392. 391     2012-05-25      15      163        Rilynn  Rilynn Gets Her Feet Worshipped and Gives a Footjob     A short time ago, in a galaxy surprisingly close, Rilynn's afternoon nap was interrupted by Evan the time-shifter. In the future there are no toes and Evan wants to see what the fuss was all about. Evan's methods are invasive, to be certain, but they're also quite pleasurable! After a very lengthy deployment of his vaginal probe, Evan decides to leave a warm sticky reminder of the close encounter all over Rilynn's size 10s!     217
  393. 392     2012-05-25      17      142  Lizzy London    Lizzy's Husband Watches Her Work Another Man's Pole     Now that Lizzy realized the support she had from her online followers, she wasn't going to spend another night laying bed wishing that her husband was any good to her. Now that she had a legion of men that wanted to their best to get her off, the only thing left for her husband to do was stand by and take notes as Lizzy fucked her way through her friend list!       258
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  397. 396     2012-06-04      11      6       Avena Lee       Avena Gets Pussy Eaten and Takes a Cum Shot on Her Glasses      Jay felt like a dead man walking as he approached Avena's office. Avena had caught Jay handed in his attempts at painting the various supplies around the office with his spunk. Jay figured he was getting ready to find a new job, but when Avena started talking Jay realized that his luck may have finally changed. The ball-buster behind the desk, looking at him over her sexy fucking glasses, wasn't firing him. Shit, she was actually hitting on him! Jay's attempts to relieve his boredom at work actually worked; Avena was the sort of undercover slut that every working man dreamed of; the scent of Jay's sex had aroused a fire in her that was only going to be satisfied by the repeated and raunchy delivery of Jay's dick to her hot wet hole. They's have to keep the relationship on the down-low, of course, but that was fine with Jay. Those long hours in the office just got a little bit brighter...    284
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  401. 400     2012-06-15      15      166  Sophia Bella    Sophia Bella Gets Her Feet Fucked and Loves It  Even though bullets are flying around his head, Eric can't seem to keep his hands and tongue off of his bodyguard Sophia's sexy size 8.5s. With the threat contained for the moment, Sophia is happy to let Eric use her feet (and her shoes!) as a holster for his personal six-shooter. Sophia won't be completely satisfied, though, until she takes a long, slow ride on her charge's big prick; she wants him to make it rain sweet life-giving spunk all over her toes!   194
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  403. 402     2012-06-22      15      167        Leilani Leeane  Leilani Leeane Gets Her Feet Worshipped and Fucked      Renowned sexual physicist Evan Cockings is in town and he's looking to sow some oats with local swingers. In his sights are lovely Leilani's pale soles and moist black hole. The black-body radiation she's emanating has a profound effect on the chair-bound intellectual: Evan rises from his position and leaps cock-first into Leilani's size 7s! With newfound vigor, the professor bends space, time and Leilani's tiny frame as he tries to find out whether or not spunk can escape from her sole horizon!    311
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  407. 406     2012-06-29      15      168 Natalie Nunez   Natalie Gets Her Feet Worshipped and Wet Pussy Eaten    After years of hard work, semen, sweat, and tears, Eric has finally managed to finish production on his Sex-Bot, Natalie. Perfect in every conceivable fashion, Natalie wants nothing but to be used in every possible manner. Eric wastes no time and immediately stuffs her splendid size 8s in his mouth while gently stuffing his stiff dick between her inviting legs. How does one improve on the perfect Sex-Bot? By dropping an absolutely ginormous load of semen on those factory-fresh feet, that's how!     242
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  409. 408     2012-07-06      15      169 Sophia Jade and Lou Charmelle   Sophia Loves the Taste of Lou Charmelle's Sexy Soles and Toes   Sophia wants to be a big internet sensation by being a cam girl. She thought it was going to be a way to make some easy cash. When Sophia walked through the door to Lou Charmelle wearing a strap-on and an evil smile, she suspected that it might be fun as well as easy! Before Lou puts her strap-on anywhere, she wants a taste of Sophia's sexy size 7s. The taste of those pretty toes sends Lou into a foot frenzy that can only end with both women left weakened by repeated orgasms!        258
  410. 409     2012-07-06      17      148   Megan Piper     Megan Gets Her Pussy Licked Out and Hubby Shows Up To Suck Cock When Wolf threw caution to the wind and started giving the Congressman's wife Megan an extra-large dose of dick, he had no idea what he was getting himself into. Megan was cuckoo for cock, no doubt about it; she and Wolf fucked like a couple of rabbits. And he thought it was a gas when the Congressman himself had his giant lying mouth pushed down on Wolf's cock by his own wife! What Wolf wasn't counting on was being taken into a dark room by a couple of cops and questioned about the Congressman's shady dealings. All Wolf wanted was to bury his dick in Megan's wet holes!        259
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  412. 411     2012-07-13      15      170   Ivana Sugar     Ivana Sugar Gives a Footjob and Gets Feet Worshipped    When Lee put in a call for a mail-order bride, Ivana showed up at his door with a smile and her nimble size 7.5s. She's going to put them to good use, as Lee has some very specific foot-based needs! He's going to have to take those feet and her tight Ukrainian pussy for a test ride before he's ready to say " I do!" though. Will Ivana's gyrations be enough to secure her a place in the land of the free? Based on the giant load Lee drops on her feet, she should start shopping for wedding dresses immediately!  364
  413. 412     2012-07-13      17      149   Shay Parker     Shay's Husband Loves Watching Her Suck a Thick Black Dick       Being the man of the house is a tough row to hoe; no one knows this better than Marko. Even tougher than being the man is watching yourself being replaced by an even better man. Marko's manhood was blown to smithereens when his wife introduced him to her new paramour, Ricco. Ricco was everything Marko was not: strong, handsome, hung like a horse and alpha as fuck. All Marko could do was step aside and let the man fuck his wife; what else could he do?  326
  414. 413     2012-07-16      11      8    Jasmine Lynn    Jasmine Lynn Gets Down and Dirty in the Classroom       Jasmine couldn't believe what she was doing; she was risking everything for this hot beef injection. It's one thing, engaging in a little hide-the-sausage in a parked can on the side of the freeway. It's another thing completely to close your classroom door so you can pin and mount the hottest single dad you've seen in ages. But that's just the way Ms. Lynn rolls. No risk, no reward, that's what she's always telling her students, at least. Now, in order to walk the walk and talk the talk, she finds herself in an empty school room, looking over glasses at the most perfect cock she's ever had in her mouth. Jasmine finds herself in a bit of a cock-coma; all she wants is to climb up on that dick and grind it into her pussy! Is that so wrong?     247
  415. 414     2012-07-22      6       11 Annette Schwarz Annette Schwarz Wraps Her Lips Around Two Black Dicks   Annette remembers very well where her fascination with the American black man started. She was sitting in a beer hall with a couple of her girlfriends, drinking beers, singing songs and scoping men. During a quiet moment, Annette happened to catch a look at the television above the bar. The arresting images flickering across the screen seemed to burn into her retina: there on the screen were ten large, sweaty black men running across a basketball court. Annette wasn't familiar with the game, but once she caught a look at the powerful men on the TV, she had a sneaking suspicion that she'd soon learn all about it. Annette's friends were quickly left behind as she glued herself to the screen. It was like the screen had a direct line to her clit; Annette literally couldn't sit still. Just the thought of one of those giant men mounting her, forcing her legs apart and trying to fit an obviously gigantic penis into Annette's tiny white pussy made her want to sell all of her belongings and fly off to the American south!     214
  416. 415     2012-07-20      15      171   Shay Parker     Shay Parker Gets Her Feet Worshipped While Playing With Herself Shay needs some help getting off so Dane offers to suck on her size 7s while she plays with her pussy. Dane's efforts pay off, but now Shay finds that only a good fuck is going to put a cherry on the top of her afternoon. Always happy to comply, Dane throws Shay on the bed and does his level best to fuck a smile onto Shay's beaming face! The only way to make the naked fun absolutely perfect is finish the fucking with a giant load of warm cum all over Shay's pretty feet, of course!   282
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  418. 417     2012-07-27      15      172        Esperanza Diaz  Esperanza Diaz Gets Her Feet Worshipped and Fucked      Being a stripper isn't easy! Just ask Esperanza; those giant heels she wears are killing her feet. Accordingly, she takes her sore size 7s to see the good Dr. Lee. This is fortunate for Esperanza, as Dr. Lee has an experimental penis-based technique that he's been dying to try out. All Esperanza has to do is let Dr. Lee give her an extremely penetrating exam; once she has his medicinal load on her soles, she'll be ready to jump back onstage and get back to work!      322
  419. 418     2012-08-02      9       2   Georgia Southe  Sexy Georgia Southe Gets Fingered While She Squirts     When you sit down for a little roll in the hay with a fiery redhead, one of the last things you're expecting is for her to bring along her own fire suppression system. If you take a close look through Georgia's purse, you won't find a fire extinguisher. She's not hiding a pot of water behind her back. Georgia's waterworks come from way deep down inside of her. When she's riding a cock, it's not unusual for Georgia to quickly reach the redline, where she loses all track of space and time and becomes a wild fuckbeast of legendary proportions. When her body sense the fuckbeast shutdown, there's only one thing it can: let loose the waterworks! Georgia's body tenses up and suddenly releases a canon's worth of sexual fluids, a sign that her body is dangerously close to orgasm overload. When Georgia awakes form her cock coma, be sure to let her know just how off the charts awesome her pussy performed!     192
  420. 419     2012-07-27      17      151        Cindy Starfall  Cindy Makes Her Husband Watch While She Handles a Black Cock    Cindy's husband Chris is such a drama queen! With all of his hootin' and hollarin' over her decision to have a black man father her child instead of her husband, you'd think that it was the end of the world! Hell, it's not even the end of their marriage! Cindy just wants to make sure her child has the best possible prospects in life, something her sissy husband just isn't capable of doing. Plus, it doesn't hurt that her prospective father has a dreamy giant cock. Just sayin'...      261
  421. 420     2012-08-03      15      173  Jaslene Jade    Jaslene Jade Satisfies Her Husband with a Footjob       It can be a frightening thing, sharing your innermost desires (even with a spouse). That's why it was so cool of Jaslene to be so open-minded when she catches her husband Evan fucking a fake pair of feet. Why not add her own feet to the mix? In fact, why not go all in and toss her tight young pussy into the mix as well? Now that Jaslene's enjoying Evan's spunk all over her size 8s, will she be just as accommodating to his other fetishes?       229
  422. 421     2012-08-03      17      152   Ember James     Ember James Worships a Cock in Front of Her Cuckold Hubby       Ember is a simple girl; she doesn't need a whole lot to be perfectly happy. Give her some good music, some hot guys and some illicit treats and she'll rave til dawn! When she brings a guy home to lay some dick down on that tight little pussy of hers, she doesn't want or need any comments from her sissy husband. As far as Ember's concerned, her husband can suck a dick! And, when that happy thought occurs to Ember, it looks like her husband is gonna be a cuck til dawn! 270
  423. 422     2012-08-06      11      9    Cassie Young    Cassie Young Loves Taking Cumshots on Her Face  There are a few ways you can impress your music teacher. One would be to study diligently and show up for your lesson well-rehearsed and eager to play. Another would be to slip your hands under her short skirt in order to show off your new and improved fingering technique. Another would be to proudly pull your skin flute from its denim carry-case and show her how masterfully you've perfected its use. When Cassie Young is your instructor, all of these are valid options. Of course, there are two in particular that may be of more use to you if you're looking a new silky-soft case for that skin flute of yours. Don't be shy; unzip those trouser and let your instructor give your instrument a thorough once-over!      302
  424. 423     2012-08-12      6       12     Lexi Bardot     Lexi Bardot Squeezes Out Cream Pies From Her Pink Pussy Let's be honest: Lexi has an addiction to large penises. No, really. Lexi needs large cock just like she needs oxygen. And food. The only she asks is that you shave that big black snake before you shove it into her wet pussy. Lexi discovered her love for the big black cock when she was a college girl in the South. She had gotten a great scholarship to a nearby college but quickly discovered that she was pretty much the only white girl at a traditionally black college. Lexi made the most of this situation after she hooked up with her fist black guy. When that lucky brother whipped out his dick, Lexi's eyes lit up and her pussy moistened immediately. She had to know: are all black guys hung like that? There was only one way to find out and that was by throwing herself at every guy on campus! Did she get a reputation for being easy? Certainly! Did this bother her in the slightest? Not at all!  295
  425. 424     2012-08-10      15      174  Bethany Benz    Bethany Benz Has Her Tasty Toes and Feet Worshipped     Holy shit! It looks like this may be the end for Scuba Evan! But even as Evan gasps his last breath, he can't help noticing the beautiful mermaid Bethany languidly lounging just out of his reach. To Evan's great surprise, Bethany's size 10s give new life to this drowning man so he returns the favor by slipping his rather large flipper between her beautiful legs! Once Evan's dropped his seed all over her toes, it's time to find his way back to the world above! 271
  426. 425     2012-08-10      17      153        Destiny Jaymes  Destiny Jaymes Brings Home a Black Bull for Her and Her Hubby   There's only so much sexual inactivity a girl can take before she's forced to find a new cock. Destiny found herself in such a place and, honestly, she figured her husband Marcelo might not even notice if she found someone new to stuff her pussy. Maybe if she rubbed his intellectual nose in a big steamy pile of cheating wife he'd finally take notice!        180
  427. 426     2012-08-17      15      175   Megan Piper     Megan Piper Gets Tied Up and Has Her Sexy Feet Worshipped       Megan's boyfriend has a little surprise for her: it's going to be a lot more fun licking her ticklish soles if she's been properly restrained! But he isn't just concerned for his enjoyment; no, he plans on giving Megan much more than just his tongue on her size 7s. It's no surprise that the toe sucking quickly turns Megan into a cock-devouring she-devil just as it's no surprise that she ends up with feet drenched in spunk after a furious fucking. Aren't happy endings just the best?  226
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  430. 429     2012-08-24      15      176        Cindy Starfall  Cindy Starfall Gets Lotioned Up and Foot Worshipped     Evan is looking to rent his massage room to Cindy, but Cindy isn't convinced that massage is what the room was designed for. In fact, it looks quite a bit like a porn set. Maybe that's why she decides to doff her clothes and stick Evan's dick between her size 6s. Or maybe it's just because Cindy is down to fuck at the drop of a dime. The results are the same, either way: Evan gives Cindy a proper deep-dick massage and blows his spermy calling card all over her eager toes!    270
  431. 430     2012-08-24      17      155 Melody Jordan   Melody Jordan and Her Husband Take Turns Sucking Dick   Melody was straight up having a blast at her husband Marcelo's expense. But, that was what he was there for, right? When Marcelo brought up the subject of adding another dude to the mix, Melody jumped at the chance to feel a real dick again. When Marcelo begged her to fuck him, Melody gave that limp dick spouse of hers just what he asked for...      242
  432. 431     2012-08-27      11      10  Holly Stevens   Holly Loves Getting Her Pussy Eating and Face Cummed On Beautiful, blonde and intelligent: it seems like Hollie really has everything! But while she makes it all seem effortless it really hasn't come to her easily. Being smart ain't easy business; Hollie's spent endless hours in the library, combing over ancient tomes in the hopes of getting her doctorate. And, while she would never say it out loud, being beautiful can be hard work, too. Hollie has to get up hours before she has to be in class. There's aerobics and yoga to stay in shape, the carefully calculated diet regimen, and most importantly, the time put Hollie puts in to make sure that her hair and make-up are put together like a boss. So much time and effort before she even steps out of her house in the morning. All she asks is that now and then she's rewarded for all of her hard work. All Hollie wants is a guy that's going to give her what she needs in order to be completely beautiful: a thick load of spunk blasted across her glasses. Yes, that will tie her look together perfectly!        257
  433. 432     2012-09-02      6       13    Carmen Minor    Carmen Minor Gets Worked By Two Massive Black Dudes     Cock-hungry Carmen is on a search and destroy mission: she's searching for the biggest, blackest dicks in the land in the hopes that when she gets her hands on them they'll be able to destroy her tight pussy the way that she's always dreamed of it being destroyed! Carmen has had her fill with white guys and Latin lovers; that is to say, those guys can't fill her at all! Carmen is built for much more than those men can offer and she's been desperate for a dick that's going to make her feel like a real woman again. For years, lover after lover left Carmen in a state of dismay. Was that all there was to fucking? A hollow feeling of being left disappointed by yet another charming man? Fuck that! Carmen knew what she had to do, something that her traditional-minded parents might have an issue with: it was time to spread her legs for a black man and find out if all of those big-dicked rumors she had heard about them were true!  279
  434. 433     2012-08-31      15      177 Ash Hollywood   Ash Hollywood Gets Her Pussy and Feet Worshipped with Tongue    Ash is lounging peacefully in her boudoir when she's quite suddenly attacked by a nefarious foot ninja! She's on the ropes until she busts out her Five Toe Exploding Cock Technique. Once Ash gets her size 5.5s involved, the ninja is at her mercy! Are they fighting? Are they fucking? Maybe it's a little bit of both; we won't know who the real winner is until the spunk hits the soles!       270
  435. 434     2012-08-31      17      156       Christie Nelson Christie Brings a Black Guy to Share With Her Husband   Poor Eric. His wife Christie didn't want him contributing any genetic material to her child. This is the kind of news that tends to ruin a husband's day. Just when Eric thought he had reached rock bottom, the floor dropped out from underneath him: Christie wanted Eric to watch while another man impregnated her! How could she think he would be okay with this? And how could she have possibly guessed that he would secretly be so into it?  303
  436. 435     2012-09-07      15      178   Ember James     Ember James Loves Giving Footjobs to Her Clients        Ember has a little surprise for Eric! She's snuck into his office and stripped down for a little Afternoon Delight! Is there time for a little foot play between clients? Seeing as Eric can't resist the sight of Ember's size 7s, it's safe to say that it's go time! But how could Eric be expected to stop at a little toe sucking? Neither of these frisky lovers will be happy until Ember's soles are covered with a thick coat of semen!        330
  437. 436     2012-09-07      17      157 Callie Cyprus   Poor Eric Comes in While His Wife Callie is Sucking Dick        Callie decided it was high time to try her therapeutic skills on her husband Eric. The mewling man she was married to had taken too many liberties with her patience! When Eric interrupted an in-depth session with an important client, Callie decided that it was time for a little aversion therapy: today, her husband was going to learn to love cock!    346
  438. 437     2012-09-13      9       4     Nadia Styles    Nadia Styles Loves a Fat Cock In Her Juicy Pink Pussy   Imagine for a moment that you were capable of doing something beautiful, something breathtaking, and you wanted more than anything else to share it with someone you loved. Now, imagine that when you finally showed yourself off you were met with looks of bewilderment, and, on occasion, looks of disappointment. That's where Nadia usually found herself when she had sexy time with her new boyfriends. Nadia, you see, is a squirter of the first order. When she gets off, she gets off for real. Her orgasms explode out with great force and furious intensity. If a lover isn't properly prepared, there's certainly room for some surprised reactions. All Nadia wants to do is find someone that's into being soaked by a wet pulsing pussy. You'd think that it wouldn't be difficult, but sometimes it's hard to find that lover that's just right. Luckily, Nadia's new boyfriend absolutely adores her spray-tastic orgasms. For him, taking a shower in Nadia's orgasmic emissions is just as incredible as it is for Nadia. Talk about your matches made in heaven!        308
  439. 438     2012-09-14      15      179       Kiera Winters and Pepper Kester Kiera Winters Gets Tied and Foot Worshipped by Kester   Officer Pepper Kester is looking to take down a notorious ring of underground pornographers but upon busting the set finds herself entranced by porn starlet Kiera's yummy size 6s! There's no need to rush this arrest, is there? Maybe Officer Kester can show the starry-eyes Kiera what the true meaning of foot worship. Will this be a bust gone wrong or a bust gone so very right?      271
  440. 439     2012-09-14      17      158  Sheena Ryder    Sheena Brings a Black Cock Home from Her Honeymoon      With her new husband standing by, Sheena welcomed her lover Wes home the way a hot wife should: by spreading her legs and letting that big black cock stretch her out good and proper. Being married had been a blast so far and Sheena couldn't wait to see what else the future held for her. One thing was certain: Sheena's near-future was going to be filled with lots of black dick, just like her pussy!        285
  441. 440     2012-09-17      11      11  Mariah Cherry   Mariah Cherry Has Her Pussy Eating to Completion        Men are always on the lookout for an easy way to get a read on women. Some men like to brag about how they can tell whether a woman is any good in the sack simply by watching the way that she walks away from them. For the most part, this is just a bunch of malarkey (Though here and there, statistically speaking, you will run into the real McCoy, a veritable vaginal Nostradamus. These guys are few and far between, but they do exist!) In any case, there really aren't too many tried and true methods for predicting a girl's behavior in the sack. One that is fairly reliable though, and seemingly counter-intuitve on the surface, is the old sexy librarian. You know the type: looks straight-laced, wears conservative skirts, enjoys reading massive stacks of books, has pair of glasses perched perfectly on the bridge of her nose. These girls, as it turns out, only look conservative. Almost every one of them is secretly harboring a hankering for a robust and lengthy fucking which ends in a spray of semen crossing their glasses! 272
  442. 441     2012-09-23      6       14  Lorena Sanchez  Lorena Sanchez Squeezes a Cream Pie Out of Her Pussy    For a cum addict like Lorena, there's nothing better than a nice big load of steamy man-milk coursing though her throbbing pussy. Ideally, Lorena would have more than one load; two loads is just so much hotter for her, both physically and psychologically! Sadly, and despite the fact that she's a ridiculously attractive women willing to submit herself to jut about any man, Lorena has had her issues when trying to secure multiple cocks for her play time. Most men, the average man-on-the-street men, are more than willing to take Lorena up on an offer of one-on-one sexy times. These men are also a bit loathe to share Lorena's fine taco with another man. Sissies. Lorena wants big and bold men who aren't afraid to gang up on her. Luckily, she knows just the kind of guys that don't mind throwing her around a bed with a friend! 255
  443. 442     2012-09-21      15      180   Bailey Blue     Bailey Blue Works the Cock With Her Wet Mouth and Smooth Feet   Bailey really wants to show Dane what she's been up to in her dance classes but he can't be bothered to pull his nose out of his new book. Maybe if Bailey uses her size 7s to pull out Dane's cock he'll pay more attention to her? Well, mission accomplished, because once Dane's cock is out Bailey's going to get what she wanted and much more! By the time Dane blows his load all over her toes, Bailey's pussy and soles are going to know Dane was there!     263
  444. 443     2012-09-21      17      159     Mae Olsen       Mae Olsen Shoves Her Husband's Throat Down a Fat Cock   Mae was so excited to see her husband doing his best to make her happy. She was also excited because for the first time in quite a while she had a real man's dick deep inside of her. Mae relished the feeling of being full of cock again and she was beside herself at the sight of her tiny dick husband helping out; it was so nice of Eric to make sure that her lover's cock was nice and wet for her! How could she possibly show her thanks?   274
  445. 444     2012-09-28      15      181 Callie Cyprus   Callie Cyprus Gets Granted the Best Foot Sex of Her Life        What's Callie going to do with the magical stone she was given? Well, she's going to rub it against her clit until the genie Evan shows up to grant her every desire! Callie uses her wishes wisely and spreads her legs in anticipation of the best orgasm ever. The Genie Evan is, of course, well versed in pussy pleasing and knows that before the dick goes in, the size 7s have to be properly pleased! The perfect orgasm arrives as promised, right along with the giant load Genie Evan has waited eons to dump on Callie's toes!     158
  446. 445     2012-09-28      17      160  Aiyana Flora    Aiyana Flora and Her New Lover Make Hubby Watch Rex loved Aiyana almost more than he could bear. She was so beautiful and he was just so fucking lucky to be with her and even luckier that she hadn't kicked him to the curb yet. Rex was willing to do anything for his beautiful baby; all he wanted was the privilege of being near her. He knew she was testing his limits and he didn't care; if she wanted to make him watch her fucking another man, then so be it! If she wanted him to suck a dick for her, it would honor for him to do so!  310
  447. 446     2012-10-03      9       5       Keeani Lei      Keeani Lei Gets Pussy Juice Over that Black Dick        Keeani knew that someday she was going to have to 'fess up to her parents and admit that she's been eschewing their date suggestions for someone a whole lot more African-American than they'd prefer. Like she'd ever settle down with man that had less than eight inches between his legs! The only way Keeani can get off is if she feels like her pussy is stuffed to the brim with black dick; that's just how that worked out! And when her boyfriend Tyler shoved all of that black cock into her tight Asian pussy, Keeani lost complete control of herself. She couldn't very well give up that kind of sexual pleasure, especially since Tyler turned her onto the fact that she was a squirter. Keeani had no idea that she had been capable of this sexual feat until the first time Tyler had rocked her with that big tool of his and she had no intent to give it up now that she had found it! 182
  448. _b.jpg" id="box_                                                                       
  449. 448     2012-10-05      15      182     Mae Olsen       Mae Olsen Has Her Feet Worshipped and Fucked    Mae is quite convinced that her gynecologist is secretly harboring a fiendish longing for her delicious size 6s. There's really only one way to find out the truth, so Mae drops her drawers and offers her soles to the good Doctor Eric. Faster than you can say " stirrups," Mae's legs are in the air and her feet are in the doctor's mouth while he conducts a thorough, and deep, inspection of her tight little pussy with his dick! The prescription to cure all of Mae's ails? A generous dose of semen applied directly to the soles!        312
  450. 449     2012-10-05      17      161     Amber Cox       Amber's Husband Loves Watching Her Handle Black Cock    There was something strange about Amber's husband Eric this morning. Usually, when Eric found her in bed with another man he made a big scene and turned into some sort of sissy drama queen. Not today, though. Today, Eric couldn't take his eyes off of Amber as she rode the big black cock she had brought home last night. It turns out that Eric can still surprise his wife now and then!       296
  451. 450     2012-10-05      3       16        Princess        Princess Spreads Her Lips and Exposes Her Soft Soles    There's a very good reason why this young lady goes by the name Princess: it's because she demands to be treated like royalty when it comes to sexy time and she'll brook nothing less. Princess prefers that men approach her holiest of holies on their knees, inching forward and begging for an audience with her tight little twat. Before Princess lets a man touch her between the legs, he has to prove his worthiness by dining on her toes. Princess can tell quite a bit about a man by the way he treats her feet. If he passes these test (and others) then he's in for the time of his life; Princess likes to give as well as she gets! The only other demand that she'll place on her suitors is that they deposit their creamy load all over her toes; there's no room for argument on this point!     250
  452. 451     2012-10-14      6       15      Jayma Reed      Jayma Reed Gets Pounded and Creamed By Two Black Men    As far as Jayma is concerned, the only thing better than a giant black cock between her legs is a second black cock ready to go at the snap of her fingers! Jayma realized a few things recently. One, there wasn't a chance on Earth that a white man's dick would ever make her feel like a woman again. Those pale, tiny peckers had always left her aching for more and she was done with them. Two, black dicks are superior in every manner possible as far as she was concerned; her first foray into interracial fucking had left her sore and limping, sure, but she couldn't wait to climb back up on that ride! And three, Jayma knew that just one black cock wasn't going to be enough for her. When it was time to lay back, spread her legs and get stuffed by a black dick, Jayma wanted to spend the whole afternoon at it, basking in the glory of two men taking turns pounding her pussy into the mattress! 243
  453. 452     2012-10-12      15      183 Melody Jordan   Melody Jordan Uses Her Feet and Mouth to Get Free Rent  Like a lot of girls in LA, Melody is down on her luck and owes a bit of back rent. Unlike other girls, though, Melody knows that her landlord is a sucker for feet and her size 9s can present a pretty compelling case for both free rent and furious fucking! Melody uses her feet and her pussy to cajole another month of free living out of her landlord in addition to the hot load he sprayed all over her pretty toes!  293
  454. 453     2012-10-12      17      162 Bella Luciano   Bella Luciano's Husband Watches Her Suck on that Cock   Bella loved the sight of her husband Chris on his hands and knees with her boyfriend's cock in his mouth. Bella couldn't believe that her sissy husband gave in to her so easily! If she had known that Chris was such a mindless, simple creature Bella would have taken advantage of it much sooner than now. But, this new wrinkle in her marriage was sure to bring some fun, ball-busting times in the future!     284
  455. 454     2012-10-19      15      184  Aiyana Flora    Aiyana Flora Loves a Nice Toe Sucking and Pussy Pounding        Aiyana is ready to jump right out into the wilderness and start her trek, but her Aussie guide Evan insists on doing a bit of safety training first! You can never be too careful and that's why Evan needs to see the grip strength of Aiyana's size 9s, specifically her ability to hang on to his dick! These two extreme sport-fuckers take turns climbing each other's bodies until Evan drops his load all over her waiting toes! 327
  456. 455     2012-10-19      17      163  Annika Amour    Annika Shoves Her Husband's Mouth on that Black Cock    As it turns out, Annika was able to find her smile again! She found it at the exact moment that her husband's friend Robert penetrated her cock-hungry pussy, as a matter of fact! Annika couldn't believe how good it felt to be used like a fuck doll by a man who knew how to wield a cock like a pro. Was Annika concerned about the the emotional impact of this newfound happiness on her husband? Nope!  291
  457. 456     2012-10-21      6       16      Alexa Lynn      Alexa Lynn Gets Worked By Two Black Cocks       When Alexa approached the two burly black men at the back of the bar and told them what she wanted to have done to her, the two gave her a look up and down and told her that she couldn't possibly handle what they were packing. There mistake was taking Alexa at her face value. Sure, she was petite and beautiful but sure as hell ain't the same thing as being fragile! Alexa assured the two dark-skinned men that her pussy could handle whatever they threw at it, guaranteed! With that, Alexa led the lucky guys back t he replace for a long, lusty game of Hide The Sausages. Alexa certainly surprised her house guests; her pussy was just as tight-but-accomodating as she had promised them. And, when the two of them left her exhausted, breathless and full of cum, she made sure to get their names and numbers so they could get funky again real soon! 315
  458. 457     2012-10-26      15      185     Amber Cox       Amber Cox Loves Having Her Sexy Feet Worshipped Amber wants to make sure her upcoming trip goes smoothly and safely so she pays a visit to the local Catholic Cabbie for a ritual foot blessing. Father Evan is more than happy to bestow his blessing on Amber's size 6s, of course! He's also quite happy to bestow his giant cock on those feet as well as Amber's tight pussy. Both parties succumb to temptation and Amber finds herself begging for a final blessing of holy semen across her toes!       279
  459. 458     2012-10-26      17      164 Hailey Murphy   Hailey Shoves Her Husband's Face on that Black Cock     And to think that Hailey had been worried about how her Halloween would turn out! Not only did she get her hands on some quality black cock, she also found a way to make her husband Jimmy slightly more useful around the bedroom. As Hailey discovered, Jimmy's mouth made a great place to keep Jason's cock warm when it wasn't deep inside her pussy! A great treat for Hailey and a spermy trick for her sissy husband!  242
  460. 459     2012-11-01      4       10     Candace Von     Candace Has Her Pussy Filled by 5 Guys  Finding a woman that unabashedly enjoys a good creampie is like finding the end of the rainbow. Except, there's not just a pot of gold there but also a winning lottery ticket, a mansion and a yacht! So many girls make you wrap up your johnson before you send him spelunking down under! That's why young Candace here warms the cockles of our hearts! If you pulled a condom out while Candace was around, she'd slap it outta your hand and have you crawl on your knees for forgiveness. Candace isn't here to get fucked by no plastic sock; no, she wants to feel that bulging, veiny cock sliding in and out of her pink pussy just the way God intended her to! And don't you dare pull out and shake that warm gooey goodness out all over her tits! Candace wants all of that semen pumped right into her love canal so she can feel it drip out drop by drop. When the last drop hits the bed, then it's time for the next man to step up and get to pumping!   188
  461. 460     2012-11-02      15      186  Vanessa Cage    Vanessa Cage Wraps Her Soles Around a Fat Cock  Vanessa, the mistress of online sexcapades, is going to share a few pointers for a new fetish this afternoon: the art of loving the foot! To that end, Vanessa has her trusty footslave Dane handy and he's ready to follow her every command! Vanessa wants her size 7s adored completely before she'll use them on Dane's dick! Once Dane has pleasured her soles, she's ready to ride that dick until it pops all over her waiting toes!     282
  462. 461     2012-11-02      17      165      Mia Gold        Mia Gold Has Fun Sharing Dick With Her Hubby    Marcelo was humiliated. In the space of an hour, his seemingly happy marriage had gone from perfect to squalid. His wife Mia was face down, ass up and waiting for a stranger man's dick. And Marcelo? He had been the one working that cock before it made its way to Mia's waiting pussy. how had Marcelo gone from respectable to contemptible in a matter of minutes? And why did the thought of his collapsing life give him such a shameful boner?        315
  463. 462     2012-11-11      6       17   Claudia Downs   Claudia Downs Gets Double-Teamed By Two Black Dicks     Claudia was right in the middle of a ferocious fucking with two of her closest friends when the thought occurred to her: what was she going to tell her family when all of the loads she had had blown between her legs finally caught? What was she going to tell her Pa when her belly started growing into the shape of a big beach ball. Claudia felt like she should care more about these pressing problems, but the only pressing problem on her mind at the moment was the big black dick currently pressing up against her cervix. Yes, yes; Claudia was well aware of her one-track mind and more than aware that her obsession with squirreling away load after load of black spunk in her lady parts was going to lead to some explaining. But, Claudia thought, if she did happen to get pregnant then that just meant nine glorious months of hardcore fucking that she didn't have to worry about at all. You see, Claudia has it all figured out! Except maybe who the daddy might be...        264
  464. 463     2012-11-09      15      187  Katie Jordin    Katie Jordin Gets Robbed of Her Money and Sexy Feet     Katie is in a bit of a pickle: she's been kidnapped by the notorious Clown Robber, Evan! How's Katie going to wiggle herself out of this sticky situation? Well, by letting her size 8.5s do all of the talking! Once she gets her feet on Evan's cock, he'll drop his guard; once Katie drops her wet pussy on Evan's cock he won't be able to think straight! And, when Evan drops his load all over Katie's feet, her freedom is all but assured!    370
  465. 464     2012-11-09      17      166    Liyla Shay      Liyla Shay Take Turns Sucking that Tasty Black Cock     When Liyla woke up this morning, she couldn't have told you the difference between a full-nelson and pile driver. She still can't, but she has grown a whole new appreciation for the fine art of pro wrestling. Especially the part where her husband's world champ hero buries his big black dick in her tight pussy! Not to worry, baby; there's plenty of dick for everyone!        285
  466. 465     2012-11-16      15      188 Bella Luciano   Bella Luciano Has Peanut Butter Licked Off Her Tootsies It's a question for the ages: did Steven get his peanut butter on Bella's feet or did Bella get her 7.5s in Steven's peanut butter? While scholars debate this situation for ages to come, the immediate consequences are more urgent: Bella's feet are wet and ready and Steven's dick needs some relief! An even more pressing matter? What is Bella going to do with all the spunk on her feet once Steven has finished fucking her? 280
  467. 466     2012-11-16      17      167    Summer Rae      Summer Rae Needs a Bigger Cock to Play With     Summer knew one thing for sure: she was going to be spending a lot of time in the gym from now on. She had reached her goals, certainly, but there was more work to be done: Summer wanted to spread her legs for every hard body in the weight room, she felt so good about herself! Of course, that's a journey her husband probably won't be invited to come along for, but that's not her problem!  269
  468. 467     2012-11-14      11      12    Taylor Lynn     Taylor Lynn Gets Her Pussy Played With and Facialed     What's hotter than a stolen Picasso? A hot chick with glasses that knows how to appreciate art! Now, you might think that a girl who's more involved with aged canvas and oil paints might not be the most frisky filly in the stable but you would be wrong, wrong, wrong! These artist chicks are veritable fonts of unbridled passion just waiting to be plucked like a rose from a still life. These girls will let you mount them and do whatever you want as long as you can recite a few facts about modern abstract expressionism in their ear while you're stuffing them with your cock! Don't let yourself walk through life without once or twice getting down with an art aficionado; once you've splattered their facial canvas with a little seminal fluid, you'll be their patron for as long as you want!       207
  469. 468     2012-11-23      15      189     Ana Foxxx       Ana Foxxx Has Eric Worship her Sexy Toes and Soles      Eric has about had it with the ridiculous scripts he's been getting. All he wants to do, like right now, is put Ana's size 8s in his mouth and spread her long lovely legs for a hot fuck on a cool autumn afternoon. Accordingly, Eric throws the script out the window and does Ana just the way he wants to, complete with a huge load of spunk he's been saving for her pale soles! 285
  470. 469     2012-11-23      17      168        Josi Valentine  Josi Valentine and Her Hubby Take Turns Sucking Black Dick      Josi really could not have planned a better holiday meal! Her first course was a generous helping of black cock followed closely by a second helping of the same for her husband. Then it was on to the main course: dark tube steak and plenty of it! Josi pussy tingled at the thought of all the fucking she was in for. Just like she couldn't wait to give her dear sissy a husband a fucking of his own. You know, to say " Thanks" for everything he does for her. He deserves it, after all!    289
  471. 470     2012-11-22      3       17      Evelyn Lin      Evelyn Lin Gives Her Lover a Hot Footjob        If there's one thing that Evelyn is painfully aware of, it's that the warm days in southern California are coming to a close. Summer's kiss is over and, judging by the Twitter feed of her friends back east, autumn and winter just may be real motherfuckers this year! That's why Evelyn wants to enjoy these last few days in the sun; once winter rolls into Los Angeles, she knows she isn't going to see the mercury rise over seventy-five again degrees until early February! Or March even! What a nightmare! To celebrate the end of summer in style, Evelyn invited a good friend over, the kind of friend that knows how to appreciate fine feet like Evelyn's. What a perfect way to say goodbye to warm weather for the next few weeks: cum covered toes!       310
  472. 471     2012-11-30      3       18  Presley Maddox  Presley Maddox Has Her Feet Adored and Face Cummed On   It looks like Presley learned a little something from her neighbor Cindy Snow. Sometimes the secret to man's heart (and a man's dick) is by knowing just how to rock a pleated skirt. Presley, though, prefers a much more overt approach to seduction. Where Cindy would tickle and tease, Presley prefers instead to club you over the head with her naughty nature and then drag you off to a handy bed in order to use you as she sees fit. Both are very valid approaches in our book! The one extra step that Presley is going to take is, quite literally, a step: Presley likes to get her pretty feet all over the cock of whichever man was lucky enough to be dragged into her bedroom. Those feet weren't just made for walking, they were made for tugging and jerking and squeezing. But don't let her do all the work! Feel free to take her by the ankles and treat her soles just like any other hole on her body. Just, you know, make sure you cover her toes when you're ready to blow!     327
  473. 472     2012-11-30      15      190   Bambi Wolfe     Bambi Wolfe Has Her Toes Sucked and Pussy Pounded       Today is an exciting day for everyone involved! Bambi is excited because it's her first time sexing up a man on camera. Evan is excited because this beautiful first-timer is going to use her sexy size 8s on his dick and he can train her just as he sees fit! Bambi throws caution to the wind and demands that Evan use his dick on more than her feet. All that Evan asks in return is that once he's done pounding her wet twat maybe he can be the first man to cum on her toes?        302
  474. 473     2012-11-30      17      169    Maia Davis      Maia Davis Needs a Big Black Dick to get Pregnant       Looking back, Maia knew she had done the right thing. Her sissy husband and his limp dick weren't getting the job done. It was time to bring in a professional, a real man (a black man!) to get the job done right. When Maia saw that big black dick emerge from the doctor's lab coat, her smile widened and her pussy moistened. When she felt that black cock plunge into her, she knew that she was leaving the office pregnant and happy!        308
  475. 474     2012-12-07      15      191 Aaliyah Love and Alyssa Reece   Aaliyah Love and Alyssa Have Fun Playing With Each Other        Recently, the business of trying to influence the decision of the one Undecided voter left in America has become serious business. Political canvassers Aailyah and Alyssa will do whatever it takes to secure the vote for the candidate they love, up to and including Aaliyah using her size 6s on Alyssa's vagina. It's this level of dedication to the cause that makes panties wet all across this great land of ours!    288
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  484. 483     2013-01-04      15      195    Gabriella Paltrova      Gabriella Paltrova Loves Having Her Pussy and Feet Licked       Erotica has found its way back into the mainstream and women all across the land are finding themselves bewitched by this panty-moistening hausfrau porn. Gabriella is no exception; she's got her hand down her panties and her nose buried in her sexy-time book when Richie finds her. Maybe Richie would like to try some of the book's ideas out on her size 6s? Gabriella's feet are ready and so is her pussy! Having her toes covered in spunk would be the perfect epilogue for Gabriella's afternoon! 262
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  503. 502     2013-02-22      3       22      Ginger Lee      Ginger Lee's Tasty Toes Get Licked and Sucked   What is it about a girl in a tartan skirt that seems to send your average man insane? Well, we can tell you that in the case of Miss Ginger Lee, the skirt serves as the perfect accoutrement for her lovely size 6.5s! The way that Ginger pads around the poolside, softly, silently, only serves to remind us that we need to set aside a few hours to properly show Ginger how we really feel! And Ginger is more than happy to reciprocate in the manner we're accustomed! Ginger likes to pull up her skirt and show off her pretty panties while she's unbuckling out pants with her feet! Once Ginger has used her toes to get us, ahem, properly motivated, it's time to lose the panties and spread her legs! As long as we promise to leave every last ounce of our load on her toes, Ginger is more than happy to let us per out on her feet and her wardrobe any time we want. What a wonderful world!     276
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  505. 504     2013-02-22      15      202  Liv Aguilera    Liv Aguilera Loves Her Feet Worshipped  It seems that Los Angeles's newest super-villain, The Phalange Phantom, has captured another helpless victim in Liv! But not to worry! Local super hero The Flesh is here to save Liv and her size 5.5s! Liv is so grateful that she immediately offers her petite feet to her savior and The Flesh is more than happy to accept her grateful offering! Will The Flesh be able to cover Liv's soles with his super spunk? Only one way to find out, foot fans!  322
  506. 505     2013-02-22      17      181        Caprice Capone  Caprice Capone and Her Husband Love Sucking Dick        Caprice could not imagine ever getting tired of putting her sissy husband Chris through the emotional wringer! It made her pussy so wet just thinking about tearing right through Chris's fragile ego! When Chris confessed his little panty fetish to Caprice, she decided that the best way to reward his honesty was to make him parade around the living room in his panties while she fucked her new boyfriend!    246
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  508. 507     2013-03-01      17      182        Sierra Sanders  Sierra Sanders Share a Black Cock and Warm Semen        Sierra wasn't just emasculating her husband Chris today; no, Sierra was placing her indelible mark on their marriage. Sierra was the alpha in their household and she took great joy in reminding Chris of his place in the order of things by rubbing his face right in the shame of his situation. And really, what better way to celebrate your marriage than by making your husband suck your boyfriend's cock?     267
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  513. 512     2013-03-17      2       11     Megan Jones     Megan Jones Receives a Thick Load of Cum        What's the secret to getting Megan naked? You just need to know the magic word, friend! A couple years ago, Megan had an unforgettable tryst with a hypnotist she met through a friend. During the course of their passionate affair, Megan had herself programmed to respond to a certain words in very particular and sexual ways. For example, the right word whispered into Megan's ear could sent her to her knees with her pants around her ankles, panting like an animal in heat. Similarly, another word could leave Megan with the sudden urge to swallow cock all afternoon. Now, as it happened, the relationship eventually ran its course and Megan found herself walking out the door of the hypnotist. But not before writing down all of her code words. Now, Megan can send herself into a horny haze any time she wants. And, if you're lucky and kiss Megan's ass like a good boy, she may even share one of her magic words with you!      300
  514. 513     2013-03-15      15      205  Chloe Foster    Chloe Foster Has Her Feet Rubbed and Sucked     What could be better than a complimentary massage at the local Indian casino? Chloe finds out the fun way when her masseuse Evan offers her the deluxe package: his deluxe package! Evan starts at Chloe's sexy 6.5s and slowly makes his way up to her waiting pussy! She gets the full treatment from Evan's peace pipe and her prayers for rain are answered when he unleashes a spunky tsunami all over Chloe's soles!      295
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  516. 515     2013-03-22      15      206       Megan Salinas and Cassandra Nix Cassandra Nix Treats Megan to Her First Lesbian Experience      We may have alluded to this earlier, but (no lie!) this is Megan's very first time on camera with another girl. But she's in luck, because today that other girl is the lovely and amazing Cassandra Nix! Cassandra is no stranger to adoring feet and she's going to give Megan's 6.5s the royal treatment, for sure! But why stop at the feet? Cassandra is going to introduce Megan to all sorts of new things today! If only we could all lose our virginity like this!     282
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  519. 518     2013-03-29      15      207 Asphyxia Noir   Keni Worships Asphyxia Noir Sexy Size 8 Feet    Fresh off her 2013 Fetish Star of the Year award, Asphyxia is here to prove that she's the fetish champ by getting into her first real foot fetish video! She's in for a lot of firsts this afternoon. For example, this will be the very first time she's had her size 8s licked! Lending Asphyxia a helping cock today is Keni, and Keni can't wait to get his mouth on her feet! Asphyxia is a natural and she's giddy by the time the spooge finally hits the soles!        299
  520. 519     2013-03-29      17      186        Hailey Holiday  Hailey Holiday and Her Husband Share a Cum Clean Up     Johnny and Hailey had been keeping secrets from each other and that's just no way to run a successful marriage! Luckily for both of them, Fate intervened and found a way to bring the young married couple closer together. Sure, in this case Fate took the form of a giant black dick between Hailey's legs, but Johnny wasn't complaining! The sight of his pretty wife being manhandled by a dark-skinned stranger was just as hot as he had imagined it; the only thing Johnny might have changed was the amount of cock Hailey forced him to suck!       287
  521. 520     2013-04-07      2       13  Romina  Romina Gets On Her Knees and Sucked that Cock   In the little village where Romina grew up, everyone was very close and no one was really raised to be anything but exuberant about their sexuality. By the time Romina finally found her way to the States, she had probably spread her pretty legs for just about everyone she knew! You can imagine her surprise, then, when she found that the land of the free was just a wee bit uptight when it came to matters of sex. All of her new friends blushed and gasped when Romina would talk her sexual exploits openly and, much to her horror, more often than than not the boys wouldn't know what to do with a sexually aggressive young lady like herself. But all was not lost! All Romina had to do was make her way to a big city like Los Angeles. In LA, Romina found just what she was looking for: a city full of pretty people like herself that enjoyed a nice roll in the hay whenever the mood struck them!  296
  522. 521     2013-04-05      15      208       Evi Fox Evi Fox Lets Her Husband Worship Her Sexy Feet  When you've been married for a while, it becomes occasionally necessary to find new and inventive ways to keep things fun in the bedroom. That's why Evi has agreed to be her husband Kurt's little lady of the evening to his pimp this afternoon! Kurt is going to teach Evi all about the sexual power of the foot and he's not going to give her or her pussy a moment of rest until he blows his huge load all over her sweet size 6s!     302
  523. 522     2013-04-05      17      187     Layla Sin       Layla Sin and her Boyfriend Fuck in Front of Her Hubby  This was definitely not going the way that Jimmy had imagined it would. He had thought that by bring his strong-willed wife into the picture, their neighbor Danny would finally relent and take the offensive sign out of his window. The last thing that Jimmy was expecting was for his ho wife Layla to drop her panties for their neighbor! How had everything spun so completely out of control? And how did he end up with a dick in his mouth? This just wasn't Jimmy's day.    288
  524. 523     2013-04-12      15      209 Maddy O'Reilly  Maddy O'Reilly Loves Her Feet Licked and Riding Cock    It's tough these days to be a football player with an internet girlfriend! That's why Evan is dropping in on his digital darling Maddy today; he wants to make sure every inch of Maddy's body is as real as he's been led to believe. Evan is going to start at her 8.5s and make his way right up to her moist lady parts; he'll leave no spot untouched and he'll only be down when he's splashed Maddy's toes down with a massive dose of man milk! 302
  525. 524     2013-04-12      17      188   Laela Pryce     Laela Pryce and Her Husband Love Sucking Dick Together  Marcelo couldn't believe what he was seeing! Right there, right in his own living room, his pretty wife Laela was eagerly spreading her beautiful legs and letting a complete stranger jam his cock into her lady larts! Sure, the guy admittedly was much better looking than Marcelo and he was certainly hung quite a bit longer, but Marcelo didn't think that warranted such a heart-breaking desecration of his marriage! Of course, Laela completely disagreed!  222
  526. 525     2013-04-19      15      210  Sophia Fiore    Sophia Fiore Has a Workout to Remember  It's time to get your workout on and Kurt is here to make sure Sophia gets it done correctly! Sophia doesn't want to be constrained by her clothes so she doffs them in a hurry! Kurt doesn't want to be constrained, either, so he strips down and gets right to work on Sophia's amazing size 9s! The best way to get in shape, though, is some good old-fashioned cardio work; namely, vigorous foot worship combined with some hardcore sexy times! As always, remember to finish up your workout with a nice shower, which Kurt demonstrates by showering Sophia's feet with a torrent load of man milk!   221
  527. 526     2013-04-19      17      189        Tinslee Reagan  Tinslee Reagan Fucks a Black Cock and Hubby Watches     While Tinslee explained just exactly how her husband Johnny had fucked up this time, she spread her legs and let her fuck buddy Robert jam his tasty black cock between her legs. And while Johnny was only to happy to apologize for his perceived transgression, he never really got the chance to do so; you see, every time Johnny opened his mouth to say that he was sorry, Tinslee simply shut it for him again by shoving Robert's cock into Johnny's sissy mouth! Better luck next time, Johnny!       301
  528. 527     2013-04-26      15      211    Jay Taylor      Jay Taylor Has Her Feet Kissed and Pussy Fucked Jay Taylor and Richie have wandered into a doctor's office and come down with a slight case of genre awareness! So, when you're on a porn set, you do as porn stars do! Jay slips into a nurse's outfit so she can address Richie's bad case of persistent boner. The cure? Liberal doses of Jay's size 8s as well as the direct application of her perfect pussy to his groin! Toe-curling shenanigans ensue as Richie races to blow his gargantuan load all over Jay's waiting soles! 303
  529. 528     2013-04-26      17      190     Trinity St. Clair       Trinity Gets What She Doesn't Get a Home, Black Cock!   Trinity has been waiting all week for her massage; just the though of her feet being worshipped while a monster cock assaults her pussy is enough to get Trinity's panties dripping wet. But today Trinity has a little surprise for her sissy husband! Today, Trinity is going let that big black dick blow its load deep inside of her, where her husband is going to have to work if he's going to lick up every last drop!  274
  530. 529     2013-05-03      15      212     Layla Sin       Layla Sin Has Her Feet Covered in Hot Cum       Just like your faithful director, Kurt here has a soft spot in his heart and a hard spot in his pants for sexy Jewish girls! This is his lucky day, then, because Layla is going to sweet talk him with a little Hebrew while Kurt gets on his knees to worship her 6.5s! Layla then gives Kurt a thorough lesson in elite Israeli fucking; all she wants in return is a large load of spunk on her toes. Is that too much to ask?      303
  531. 530     2013-05-03      17      191    Zoey Paige      Zoey Paige Loves Watching Her Hubby Suck Dick   Zoey couldn't believe her good luck! On one hand, she had her devoted, spineless husband doing all of her homework for her. On the other, she had her super-hot classmate giving her up close and personal help with her own anatomy! Zoey couldn't imagine a better scenario; soon, she'd be a nurse and it was all going to happen thanks to the hard work and dedication of the men who adored her. She wouldn't even have to lift a finger! 288
  532. 531     2013-05-07      21      10  Rhiannon Bray   Rhiannon Bray Gets Gangbanged By 3 Pulsing Dick The accommodating body of Rhiannon Bray presents intoxicating dilemmas. Like a round of golf enjoyed by a foursome of blind men, you don't know which hole you want to play first. For some guys, this would hardly matter. For anal retentive sticklers, rules of order must be abided by. We say fuck the rules and go where impulse and the head of your dick leads you. To prove our point, this little video clip opens with an intellectual discussion addressing such matters. If we didn't know better, we'd swear it was an informal meeting of the Trilateral Commission. But our hunch is Rhiannon will figure heavily in the outcome. If you had this woman in your lair right now, what would you do besides offer her some of your comic books to read? Would you soil those gleaming white teeth with the sour refuse of your ball sac, or would you lick her anus with the delicacy of a cat before digging a hole deep in it? At least you know with Rhiannon, she won't say no to whatever option - as long as you don't have green teeth and athlete's foot breath. Now aren't you glad your mother insisted on you brushing and gargling before you invited Rhiannon over?  266
  533. 532     2013-05-10      15      213  Lilly Evans and Katie Jordin    Lilly and Katie Suck and Lick Each Other's Toes What do you do when you have a super ticklish girl on set? Well, Katie knows exactly what to do and that's to get in close for a taste test on Lily's ticklish size 7s! While Lily squirms and laughs, Katie does her best to get her tongue on every square inch of those pretty feet! Then everything gets a little crazy as both girls get into a pussy-toying, sole-licking lesbian-palooza! These horny girls aren't going to be satisfied until every inch of their bodies has been licked!       277
  534. 533     2013-05-10      17      192   Selena Rios     Selena Rios Makes Her Hubby Eat Cum Out of Her Pussy    Selena couldn't wait for that magic moment, the moment where that big black hose sprayed its precious cargo deep into her eager pussy and planted a strong black baby in her belly. Never, not even for a second, did she ever consider letting her lily-white sissy husband do the honors of impregnating her. But her husband can do the honor of licking up any of the baby batter that happens to leak out! 288
  535. 534     2013-05-17      15      214    Lily Banks      Lily Banks Wraps Her Lips and Feet Around a Cock        Going door to door in Los Angeles isn't always boring work! When Eric walks into Lily's apartment, he can't help noticing her lovely size 7.5s. He also can't help noticing that Lily is completely naked. Lily's just been waiting for the perfect opportunity to take her horniness out on someone and Eric is the lucky today! The only question important to Lily is just how much spunk Eric is going to be able to drop on her waiting toes!      313
  536. 535     2013-05-17      17      193  Emily Austin    Emily Austin's Hubby Has to Watch Her With a Black Guy  When it comes down to it, all Marcelo really wanted was to be able to watch as the woman he loved became a mother. He wanted to watch her belly grow over the months and he wanted to watch her bring a beautiful child into the world. Sure, in his dreams Marcelo imagined that the child would be his, but that just wasn't going to be the case. In any event, Marcelo was just glad to be included when his wife decided to become a mommy!        248
  537. 536     2013-05-24      15      215     Lina Cole       Lina Cole Loves Her Feet Rubbed and Sucked      Having lived in China for a while, and being fluent in Chinese dialects, Lina has a sneaking suspicion that her foot technician Evan might not be as Asian as he claims to be. The one phrase Evan gets right is the only one he needs; when Lina asks him to snack on her size 9s, Evan jumps right in! But why stop there, the fun's just getting started! And it'll only end once Evan drops his ancient Chinese load right on Lina's toes!  287
  538. 537     2013-05-24      17      194   Belle Noire     Belle Noire Loves Fucking In Front of Her Husband       Belle had acquiesced to her husband's unusual request to have another man stick his dick between her legs. Now Belle had a request of her own! Belle wanted to see her sissy husband goes balls deep on the strange man that was bringing her so much pleasure! Just the thought of her husband gagging and choking on that big dick was almost enough to make her cum; it was time to give her exactly what she wanted and Belle was not accustomed to being told no...        312
  539. 538     2013-05-31      15      216  Emily Austin    Emily Austin Loves a Foot Worshipping Session   Emily loves her job as a masseuse but her customers have been few and far between! When she takes it up with her boss Dane, he offers to massage away her misgivings. And, he's going to start by showing Emily some off-menu options that he likes to use on his favorite clients. Starting with her size 6.5s, Dane makes his way up and down Emily's body before leaving a very special tip all over her soles!      299
  540. 539     2013-05-31      17      195 Jasmine Gomez   Jasmine Gomez and Her Husband Love Sucking Black Dick   Jasmine found that the best way to get her husband motivated was take him by the balls and demand his attention. That's why, when he seemed to refuse to give her what she wanted, Jasmine simply did what came naturally to her: she found a man that had no problem kissing her ass! And to teach her limp dick spouse an object lesson, Jasmine had him watch every single stroke!   279
  541. 2013-06-07      15      217      Kimberly Kendall        Kimberly Kendall Has Her Exotic Toes Worshipped The boys in blue down at the airport never rest! Case in point: Agent Evan Stone has a suspicious passenger on his hands and he's going to need to do a thorough inspection. Kimberly just wants to get on her plane and get out of there, but the agent in charge is obsessed by her size 7.5s. Seeing as the government is never wrong, Kimberly decides to play along as Evan uses his special wand to explore all of her nooks and crannies!        329
  542. 541     2013-06-07      17      196       Carmen Callaway Carmen Callaway and Her Cuck Hubby Share a Cock If Jimmy can't fuck his wife Cameron right, at least he can build a massage table for Wolf to pound her out on. Cameron forces Jimmy to watch and clean up all the action. The only screw Jimmy is going to get today is the one he used to build the table.    289
  543. 542     2013-06-14      15      218   Belle Noire     Belle Noire Has Fun Rubbing Cock with Her Feet  Today is Belle's first real scene as an adult performer! Belle is more than happy to let Eric suck on her 6.5s but she desperately wants that big cock between her legs. Time for some aggressive bedroom negotiating, then! Eric and Belle find some common ground as they both suck on her feet while he rails away on her tight pussy. Foot fans, I feel it's safe to say that nobody rocks the cock like Belle Noire!       298
  544. 543     2013-06-14      17      197 Natalie Moore   Natalie Moore Has Her Problems Fixed By Big Black Cock  Natalie is feeling like her workouts need a major tweak. She sees a doctor who tells her to bring in the big guns. Sean Michaels comes over and gives her a workout that makes more than wetness than just sweat. Her husband Johhny is forced to watch Doctor Sean make her squirt all over.   310
  545. 544     2013-06-21      15      219 Natalie Moore   Natalie Moore Loves the Taste of Feel of Black Dick     Sean is ready to give Natalie a rub down with oil. Of course he starts with those tits, and moves his way down to the feet. He gets the feet oiled to perfection and when she can't take it anymore he fucks her and makes her suck her own feet.       314
  546. 545     2013-06-21      17      198    Zoey Nixon      Zoey Nixon Needs a Real Man To Fuck Her Cam spends all his time being a loser ex pro skater. His wife Zoey can't put up with it anymore so she finds a real man to kickflip in her tight pussy, and forces her loser boy to suck his real big dick for her. She shows him there is more in life than riding a silly skateboard. 271
  547. 546     2013-06-28      15      220    Zoey Nixon      Zoey Nixon Works Over that Cock with Her Sexy Feet      Evan is the new Pope, working hard, kissing the feet of the poor and someone has left him a special gift named Zoey. She is so poor and in need of more than just a foot kiss, she wants to be pounded as hard as Evan can, then she wants his load all over her feet.  308
  548. 547     2013-07-05      15      221    Nina Lopez      Nina Lopez Loves Her Feet Worshipped    ROTC... no ROTootsie is what Kurt is teaching today. How to work from the feet up on lovely Nina. She can't wait to get his cock in her hand and everywhere else. They both share sucking her feet before he blows his load on her sweet tootsies.      297
  549. 548     2013-06-28      17      199    Jenna Mynx      Jenna Mynx Loves Sucking Dick with Her Husband  Jenna gets her husband a job at her massage studio, and today is the day she shows him the " ropes". He is shocked to find out she is fucking guys all day, but even more shocked when she makes him join in and blow some black cock. The economy is rough... get to sucking.  307
  550. 549     2013-07-05      17      200   Nikki Seven     Nikki Seven and Her Husband Love Sucking Dick   Nikki has a real creepy husband. He just can't keep his cock in his pants, and when he takes it out he blows his weak load too fast. It's finally time for her to get a real good fucking from a real man. Wolf fills that pussy and description to a " T". Guess where she wants the cum?      271
  551. 550     2013-07-12      15      222        Cameron Canada  Cameron Has Her Feet Worshipped and Gives a Footjob     Sean likes the girl sweaty, so Cameron is doing jumping jacks in her tennis shoes. After the work out he takes her shoes off and licks her sweaty feet clean before pounding her pussy all different ways. She begs him to cum on her pretty soles so she can play with the cum. She can't wait till her next workout!  313
  552. 551     2013-07-12      17      201    Nina Lopez      Nina Lopez Loves Making Her Husband Watch and Suck      Nina's husband found some emails about " black ops" on her computer. Now Nina is trying to convince her dimwit husband that she believes is all sorts of conspiracy theories. But the only black ops she cares about are between the legs of black men. She comes clean to her husband and forces him to watch a real life black op. This isn't black hawk down, it's black cock down; her throat and pussy that is.    293
  553. 552     2013-07-19      15      223 Jasmine Gomez   Jasmine Gomez Loves Having Her Feet Worshipped  Kurt is trying to relax while his girlfriend Jasmine cleans the house. But seeing her little bare feet walking around is just too much for him. He needs those perfect petite feet and we know why. He makes her suck one and he takes the other while they fuck. She then begs for his load all over her soft soles.   244
  554. 553     2013-07-19      17      202       Lallasa Lallasa Makes Her Hubby Watch Her Get Fucked    Lallasa feels trapped in her own home. Her husband has been keeping her pussy hostage with his tiny worthless pecker. Its time to break free and find a nice black man to save her from that tiny pecker. Instead of calling the cops, she calls for cocks and Wesley fills every need she has. 272
  555. 554     2013-07-26      15      224 Evelyn Fierce   Evelyn loves a good fuck        Evelyn knows you want to fuck her and suck her perfect sized 7 1/2 feet. Lucky for us her roommate Cody is there to fill the void. He fills her up and tastes her sexy toes just right to make her cum over and over. Then she begs Cody to blast his hot load all over her pretty feet.        286
  556. 555     2013-08-09      15      225    Avril Hall      Naughty Avril loves her feet being sucked       _b.jpg" id="box_        316
  557. 556     2013-08-16      15      226        Anikka Albrite  Anikka loves her tiny feet around a hge cock    Sweet and sexy Annika Albrite is tired of working out everyday for little pricked husband. She works so hard to look so good, but his old puny dick is too little to satisfy her. So, she takes her trainer's big black dick in hand and sucks fucks it, instead.       294
  558. 557     2013-07-26      17      203 Jaime Jackson   Watch Jaime fuck and make her husband suck a cock       Jamie's husband is fed up with her bringing random cock home. He decides to workout, and try to fight these guys off her woman. But when Jason comes in he soon sees he is way out matched. Not only in muscles, but in cock size. So as always... he will have to sit back and let her get her fuck on.        291
  559. 558     2013-08-23      15      227   Teal Conrad     Teal loves to stroke a cock with her feet       Teal is training to be a boxer. Her trainer know where is needs more work. Its her footwork that is lacking. So her gets her on her back to explore ways to loosen her up, and it really works. Within a few minutes she has her lips wrapped around his cock, not to mention her feet. They fuck and she grinds all over his cock until he has to blast his huge load all over her feet.       295
  560. 559     2013-08-02      17      204  Averi Brooks    Averi loves teasing her husband with another cock       Averi Brooks is bored with her husband's tiny dick,so she finds a new lover and declares they're in an open relationship. Then she forces her husband to suck her new lover's cock and lick up his cum. 263
  561. 560     2013-08-09      17      205        Kristen Jordan  Kristen shows her husband a real cock   Kristen Jordan gets tired of working out for her piece of shit husband. So she decided to fuck her trainer's big dick. Her husband catches them, but she isn't having of his bullshit. She forces him to watch as she loves on her new lover's cock.    271
  562. 561     2013-08-16      17      206    Cali Hayes      Cali gets her husband to watch a real cock fuck her     Jimmy loves watching his petite wife Cali with her new trainer, so much so that he wants to see her fuck him. Cali is ready to feel some real big dick, so she agrees, with some ideas of her own. Jimmy doesn't know Cali wants to see him suck a real cock. She forces him to take his cock deep in his little bitch mouth and even eat his load. Then when all is said and done, she makes Jimmy jerk his tiny cock and eat his own cum.     322
  563. 562     2013-08-23      17      207    Riley Reid      Riley shows her husband her lovers large black cock     Sometimes its the pizza guy fucking wives, sometimes its the delivery guy. Today its the pool guy, and he is just the right fit with his big black cock. Riley is going to make him hit all the right spots while Jimmy is forced to watch and suck the pool guys cock. The pool guy may only make twenty dollars an hour, but getting to fuck the pussy he gets in the pool house is priceless.        295
  564. 563     2013-08-30      15      228  Lara Brookes    Lara gets her pussy fucked and her toes sucked  Chad has a fantasy of a happy ending massage. Lara is sick of making all of Chad's fanatsies come true and decides she wants to explore some of her own. She wants Chad to suck her pretty feet while he fucks her. She gives him a footjob and makes sure worships every inch of her toes before he cums on her toes.  282
  565. 564     2013-08-30      17      208  Jessica Ryan    Jessica shows her husband a real mans cock      Renting a guest house with your wife seems like a good value. That is unless your new landlord is offering deals your wife's pussy can't pass up. She is sick of your tiny little cock, and needs to feel a huge black cock fill her hole. Maybe just maybe if you keep his salty balls clean, he'll throw in a parking space for you?
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