Loli-Oni (series) [081016]

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  1. Contents                                    line    comments                                    date
  2. Loli-Oni NTR                                30      ultraviolence                               1272, Summer
  3. Loli-Oni in LOST                            104     SFW                                         1273, Summer
  4. Loli-Oni gets Jealous                       366     milking                                     1273, Fall
  5. Loli-Oni does CBT                           429     sounding, references Crow Tengu Nurses      1274, Winter
  6. Loli-Oni does Anal                          487     pegging                                     1274, Spring
  7. Loli-Oni Sounds Again                       541     sounding [arc end]                          1274, Summer
  9. Loli-Oni bullies Dragon at the Waterpark    596     crossover with Crybaby Dragon               1274, Summer
  10. Dragon's Valentine                          671     crossover with Crybaby Dragon               1275, Winter
  12. Loli-Oni gets Busted                        708     watching naughty videos                     1275, Spring
  13. Loli-Oni takes it up the Butt               736     wife licking                                1275, Spring
  14. Goth-Loli-Oni                               774     cosplaying                                  1275, Summer
  15. Loli-Oni reads Cosmo                        806     sexual workout                              1275, Fall
  16. Loli-Oni commits a Sin                      842     masturbation                                1276, Fall
  17. Loli-Oni gets a Massage                     880     dry humping, hair play                      1276, Fall
  18. Loli-Oni's Vacation                         910     intercrural                                 1277, Winter
  19. Loli-Oni's Summer                           944     sounding, crossover Summer Special          1277, Summer
  20. Loli-Oni Bites a Dick                       982     dick biting [arc end]                       1277, Fall      NEW
  22. Loli-Oni gets Molested                      1044    cuddlesex, impregnation                     1278, Spring
  23. Loli-Oni's Transient Bust                   1076    pregnant paizuri                            1279, Winter
  25. The Daughteru of Loli-Oni                   1112    defloration                                 1295, Summer
  26. Oni-Daughteru does Cosplay                  1187    underage drinking                           1295, Fall
  28. *** *** ***
  30.     Loli-Oni NTR
  32. I hate my life. I hate my wife. We've been married for ten years now, and she's still as horny as a middle schooler.
  34. I've tried everything. I stay at work all night playing solitaire. I complain about a headache every time I come home. Every night I wake up at least three times during the night to being raped. Her bottomless womb just sucks it all up. Recently I've begun sleeping at work, too, just to be safe from her for once. Last week she called my boss, pleading him to let me go home early. He was slightly confused, but sent me home none the less. I was raped five times during the evening.
  36. The worst thing is, honestly, that she's fixated on me. I've set up all sorts of situations for her to cheat on me. Our house is maintained and cleaned by an army of gigolos, but she never makes a move on them. I paid extra to have one pool boy put the moves on her, but she just threw him out to the street. Literally - from the door to the asphalt. The manwhores cost an arm and a leg to have around the house, and I'm fast running out of savings.
  38. I have to do something new.
  42. I have now sold our house, quit my job, flown abroad, all without saying a word to her. I have all my money, and hers, with me, and I'm going into hiding in some god-forsaken underdeveloped hellhole. That ought to teach her. There's no way she'll keep loving me after this. I'll finally be free, free to live my own life. Hell, maybe Ill even have my vasectomy reversed. I still can't believe she stayed with me for years despite thinking I was infertile. I thought those monsters were all about breeding.
  44. I got a house deep in the mountains. It seems that most foreigners around here are criminals with their own mansions. My housing is more modest, but the cost of living here will allow me to die of old age without worry. It's now been a month since I left. I bet my darling wife is slutting it up with a dozen big cocks by now. Maybe she's even become a streetwalker! After all, I left her with nothing.
  46. As an aside, I did restore my reproductive functions, but the pig-faced, fat natives don't exactly tickle my fancy. At least I have internet, and with it, internet pornography. I spend my nights fapping in the cold light of my computer screen.
  48. I almost miss her.
  52. It's now six months in this jungle. This was not a good idea. At first I laughed in glee at the idea of my wife becoming a hooker. Now I'm plagued by the idea. Every time I grab my cock, I'm assaulted with visions of her, covered in stragers' cum, moaning in extasy. She's lying prone, cum flowing out of her tiny butt. She's sitting on the floor, her eyes glasses over. She's coughing up fistfuls of semen from her lungs, she's sneezing some jizz out of her cute little nostrils.
  54. I'm reduced to lying on the floor between meals. I cry myself to sleep every night, and cry myself awake every morning. Sometimes I imagine myself seeing her long, copper hair flutter in the hot breeze. I haven't bathed or shaved myself in a month, now. I lie still, waiting for death. In fact, I can almost smell her cooking. I'm obviously going insane. I fall asleep on the floor, again.
  57. I guess I'm finally going. I see her face beaming above my head. She's covered in blood.
  58. >I'm sorry it took so long to save you from these awful kidnappers, Anon! You wouldn't believe how well they hid their tracks! The police weren't any good either! They thought you'd eloped, or something. I had to piece the story together myself. I even found a stash of drug money! We can take it and get back on our feet, even if it's less than what we had before...
  59. Now I'm hallucinating her still loving me? What the hell, I never thought dying would be this corny. I feel myself drift away...
  63. Except I'm not dead. I wake up in my bed, with a cold towel on my head. The linens are clean, my clothes are clean, I've been shaved. A though occurs to me - was that real? Did she actually come to find me? Tears swell in my eyes as I dare to imagine her still mine.
  65. >Aww, it's alright, darling. Everything is fine again~
  66. It is true. She's here. She walks up to the bed and sits down. She takes my emaciated head in her lap and gently strokes my hair.
  67. >It's alright... We're together again. You're safe with me, Anon.
  68. I cry even harder. She has no idea what I did to her. I hug her as hard as I can. She getly smiles as she kisses my forehead.
  69. >I won't let anyone hurt you ever again. But, you know, we'll have to take some precautions...
  71. We are back home, in a modest apartment overlooking a park. It's been weeks since I've stepped further outside than the balcony. She's now the breadwinner and I the bored househusband. As she comes home from work, I greet her with a kiss and a twirl in the air. She sits in my lap for dinner.
  72. >Oh, Anon, I know you're bored sitting indoors all day, but we can't take any chances anymore! What would we do if you got kidnapped again when our baby is finally born? You'll just have to sit tight and be safe for us all, right~
  74. I guess I'm glad things turned out this way? I just don't know what the fuck anymore.
  81. Oh, what's this?
  83. There's an unmarked tape behind the radiator. I might as well see what it is before my wife comes home. I pop it into the player as I keep vacuuming.
  85. She's sitting on a hotel bed. A man in sitting beside her, and another comes into view after fiddling with the camera.
  86. >Do you really have to tape this?
  87. The men explain with heavy accents that she'll have to repay them for telling her which flight her husband went on. One of them starts to take his pants off as the other one goes in for a kiss. Apparently reluctantly, she [spoiler]brings her hands forward and grabs his jaws. Her slender fingers enter his mouth, as she turns her left elbow to face the ceiling. She rips his upper jaw clean, well, as clean as in any way possible, off the rest of his skull. The camera falls over as the other man tumbles with his pants down.
  89. For a while I can only hear desperate screams, but after a minute the second man falls down into the view. He's desperately trying to crawl away with his dick and balls out. It's no use. She slowly walks up to him, holding the severed mandible of the other man. She proceeds to bash the man in the crotch with the mandible, the tongue flapping grotesquely with every blow. I watch my cute, loving wife hack a man's testicles off with another man's bleeding lower jaw. It's like a fucking chimp attack.[/spoiler]
  91. I sit there, paralyzed. Tears well up in my eyes, but I can't look away. Why is she doing this? Suddenly the door opens. I look at her in horror as she walks in. She freezes.
  92. >N-no! Where did you find that tape! You were never supposed to see that!
  93. She smashes the TV and tackles me. She's crying too, dribbling snot and salty tears all over my face.
  94. >I'm sorry Anon! I didn't want you to find out what I had to do to find you...!
  96. I don't think I'll be able to look at her with innocent eyes ever again.
  102.    ***   ***   ***
  104.     Loli-Oni in LOST
  106. A gasp for air.
  108. I vomit salt water and spirits onto the wet sand.
  110. I awake to the warm water filling my ears. It smells like old vomit. My hair is tangled and covered, appropriately, in old vomit. I have never felt worse than this in my life. Well, not physically, at least. I can feel the mucous coating my throat, doing it's best to shield it after it was ravaged by the acid, alcohol, and salt. I sit up.
  112. The open sea extends as far as eye can see. The waves crash on jagged rocks not far from where I sit. I can see the remain of the tail of a plane, pierced on the rocks, gently rocking in the waves. It's service life is clearly over. I slowly stand up on weakened legs. I have to lean on my knees as my vision swims. It's no use. I fall down on the sand meters away from the puddle of vomit. This time on my face.
  114. Luckily my new spot is inland enough for the tide not to reach my face. I fall asleep on the beach.
  118. Ow.
  120. Something is pinching me.
  122. Ow.
  124. Cut it out!
  126. A crab has grabbed on to my ear. I grab it by the head and press. It's chitin easily gives under the pressure. The claw goes limp as I roll over to my back. The sun is already setting, but I still have the worst hangover of my life. Perhaps I should say alcohol withdrawal? It doesn't matter. I still feel like shit. I sit up to think about the turn my life has just taken. The raw crab tastes mild, yet disusting at the same time.
  128. I try not to cry.
  130. It doesn't work.
  132. I cry a lot.
  134. By this time my darling should know that the plane has crashed. Would he know that I'm still alive, crying on some god-forsaken island? I doubt it. Will I ever get home? Will it take years? Will he have remarried? The crab tastes marginally better with the added salt.
  136. I sit there, sniffling, watching the bronze of the sky and the burgundy of the sea meet in the distance. I have to get home. In some way. In any way.
  140. I set off towards the jungle with an uneven step. My leg might have been slightly broken in the crash. My stomach hurts like hell, but that might just be all the water I swallowed. I ignore it. I need to find water. At least if I want to survive. And I have to survive to find my way home.
  142. If there is any flowing water, it should be uphill. It flows, right? Downhill. I should have paid attention to all the nature documentaries we watched at home. I was always too tired from work to concentrate on anything other than hugging darling. I wish he was here... No. If he had been on the plane, he'd be dead. There's no way a human could have survived that.
  144. I barely watch where I'm going, and unsurprisingly stumble on a tree root. Bam! A rock right on the nose. I should be glad there are no mirrors. I must be a sorry sight, bleeding onto my lips, eyes swollen and purple, vomit in my hair. I start laughing, on my knees in the forest. It can't get any worse than this, right? Right?
  146. Finally I run across a tiny stream. I've climbed uphill for half an hour. There's barely any light left. There's a cute little waterfall, just as high as my forearm. My tiny forearm. Still, it's easy enough to get water to drink and wash myself with. I wish there was liquor. Once my hair is reasonably clean and my body reasonably rehydrated. I sit down on a fallen tree. There won't be time to build any shelter. The sun will be down in minutes.
  148. Suddenly there's a sting in my butt. Some disgusting insect wants me away from his rotting carcass of a tree. I hate this. If I sleep on the ground, I will be swarmed by those pieces of shit all night. Maybe I can climb to the tree canopy? That might keep me somewhat safe for the night. As I climb, I consider the lack of alcohol. Even if I don't starve and find enough fruit to use for drink, it'll be weeks of sobriety before that point.
  150. I try not to think about it.
  152. It doesn't work.
  154. I cry a lot.
  160. Day One
  162. I shiver in the morning sun. I had never imagined a night in the tropics could be this cold. Even so, I am alive. The gentle sunlight filters through the treetops swaying in the breeze. I climb to the very top to have a look around.
  164. As before, there's no land to be seen. I can see the tail of the plane, still wafting in the waves. Maybe there's something useful in there? I have no idea how tides work, though. It's something with the moon, so they should cycle around every day? I'll have to keep an eye on the water to see if I can get to the wreck when the tide is low. I climb down to the forest floor to find something to eat. I'm starving.
  166. I can't find any animals. I guess they're afraid of me? I'm no hunter - I can't track them or move silently. Maybe the lack of large animals means that the island is small? I can't tell if that would be good or bad. A small island would be uninhabited. A small island might not have any dangerous animals. A small island might be impossible to escape from. I try not to think about it. Sadly there are no bountiful fruit groves, either. I suppose if there were, someone would live here...
  168. I should build a shelter. Even if I can't look the wreck, I will have to survive. Where should I build? The jungle? Are there termites? High ground would be nice to avoid rainwater gathering on me. On the other hand, the beach should dry out after rain, and I suppose there won't be any insects to deal with.
  172. It's about noon. I've pulled out some of the smaller trees and dragged them to the beach. I think I'll go with a raised hut on the sand. Without tools, working the tree trunks is a big problem. Luckily I'm strong enough to uproot and move them. It seems that tropical trees don't have deep roots. Lucky! For once something is going my way.
  174. The lumber pile is nowhere near large enough to build a house out of. Possibly the poles to build it on? As I think about it, I notice that the water seems to be lower than usual. The low tide must be in. I have to take advantage of this. The wreck is still quite a way out at sea. I think I will be able to get in, but how much can I carry out? Will there even be anything to carry out? I'd rather not spend the time building a raft, only to find that there's nothing to ship back.
  176. I wade into the warm water. The wreck is a few hundred meters away. This should't be much of a problem. Shouldn't. I start paddling out to the rocks. It's too bad I was never good at swimming. After a few minutes I realize that I'm going slightly to the side. I try my best not to panic. I then immediately panic. I get water in my nose trashing in the sea. It hurts. I hate this. Desert islands are shit. I wish I was home. I wish I was with darling.
  178. I try not to cry.
  180. I cry a lot.
  182. At least there's plenty of water to wash my face with afterwards.
  186. I manage to climb onto the wreck. There's water halfway up to my knees on the floor. I was afraid I'd find the seats filled with bloated corpses, but I got lucky. Second time today, yay me. The plane seems to be cut off just around the wings. I can only hope that there's some food or tools in here.
  188. I start out at the back. Toilets. Not going to look in there. I wade towards the hole at the front. There's a rock going through the hull about halfway there, and the tail end tilts down. The forward areas should be dry. Well, at least more so. I reach dry flooring and sit down to take a breath.
  190. How DO they find crashed planes? There must be some kind of transmitter on the plane. But where? Was it in the cockpit? Where is the cockpit, ayway? Will the search parties come anywhere near here? I can only hope that it won't lead them too far from me. I don't think I will be able to survive for long on this island without tools, or really any idea what to do, for that matter.
  192. I finally snap out of it. I've got to finish searching the wreck. I trudge my way towards the edge of the tail. There are some sort of cabinets. Maybe there's something useful there? They're locked. Figures. But are they built to keep onis out? I try to punch the door, careful not to hurt my hand. It won't budge. Maybe an oni has gone on a drunken rampage in a plane before? Maybe they anticipated it.
  196. I'm desperate to get through the door. I try to smash it with my horns. That works. There's a small hole in the panel after I wrangle my skull free. This will take some time...
  198. After an hour I can finally punch the panel in. The cabinet contains the in-flight meals - or what's left of them. There's only a few left. I might as well gobble them up here and now. There's no way to easily get them to the island, and it's not like there's more than a day's worth in there. The food is cold and bland. I always hated airline food.
  200. With a full stomach I rummage trough the busted cabinets. There's nothing of particular use, even the cutlery is plastic. There's nothing useful here, unless I start salvaging parts of the wreck. Not going to happen. I should head towards the beach.
  202. The tide must be rising. The water is closer to my little lumber yard than I remember. I can see some fish swimming around in the shallow water. How could I catch them without any tools? I'll have to think about in later. It's several hours into the afternoon already. I have to get to work with the hut, while the sun's still up. Tomorrow I will have to find a way to signal potential rescuers, as well as find a source of food. For that matter, I should find a way to keep warm during the night...
  208. Day Two
  210. I was cooking. A soup. My husband was absent-mindedly watching something on the TV. As I stirred the pot, I heard the voice-over mention something about stones. I turned to see what it was. What was it...? There was a shape of white on a background of turquoise and a light, brownish yellow. I reached to take my glasses from the counter. What was it? I only caught a glimpse before the steam fogged over my glasses. There was a fish...
  212. I awake in the cold. The mat of something like moss has not kept me warm. It takes me a moment to realize where I am. The sunlight filters to me, today through the porrly-fitted slats of my hut. My stomach itches. I rub my eyes and find that my arms and legs are wrapped around now separate lengths of wood. I must have hugged the trunk during the night. Hard.
  214. I can almost remember my dream. It naggles at me. What was it...? It seems like I've forgot something useful. It's no use. I'll just have to get to work for the day. The hut is more or less complete. Next, I will have to find a steady source of food and try to signal that I'm here. The signal sounds easier.
  218. I had considered building a message out of stones, but there aren't any on the beach. Tree trunks it is, again. I have blisters in my tiny palms from yesterday. Pulling them out with their roots is hard work, and I wish I had sturdy gloves. I don't. I don't have a choice, either. I barely hold back tears as I work. It hurts, sure, but mostly I'm worried. I want to go home. I have to go home. Before it's too late...
  220. Finally I've built a big, lovely SOS on the beach. The dark wood on sand should have a nice contrast. Now I just have to hope someone flies over the island. Soon. The only thing I can do now is survive. That means food. There was plenty of fish in the sea, but I have no way of catching any. There are also plenty of birds, but again, no method to hunt them.
  222. I cry as I eat. This is worse than I imagined. The centipede tastes disgusting. I never liked eating clams. They're gross. This is gross. It tastes somehow similar. I can barely eat it without gagging. It's not even cooked. I wonder if I could use my glasses to light a fire...? It's an useless fantasy. I have no idea where my glasses are. At the bottom of the sea, most likely?
  226. I sit on the beach, watching the waves roll in. The tide is high. The schools of fish seem to be only a dozen meters from the hut. I try to hate them to death. It doesn't seem to work. If only there was a way of keeping them from leaving... They'd come in with the tide and never leave. Then I could just pick them up at low tide. How nice...
  228. >Stones.
  229. Wait, what?
  230. >Stones in the water.
  231. I saw this on TV, didn't I? It seems a lifetime ago. The natives built some kind of a trap on the beach. I just have to find some rocks. Have I seen any? Maybe in the inland, where I found the stream? I get to work immediately.
  233. The sun is almost down. This should be the last rock I need. Even if it isn't I have to get home before the night falls. Home...? No! The hut is not home. I can't give up this soon. It's only a couple of days. Darling can't remarry this soon, even if he thinks me dead. There's still time. There has to be time. Even if he has a new wife, I can just...
  235. Movement on the beach snaps me out of my thoughts. There's a small boat beached near my hut. Is this a rescue party? I almost yell out to them, before I realize something. Everyone is armed. Why would rescue workers have rifles? Are they pirates? I don't know what to do. One of them looks at me. I drop the stone on the beach and duck behind it. He's coming this way...
  241. Day Three
  243. A bearded man is sitting cross-legged on the floor. Behind him on one side, another bearded man holds a rifle dramatically across his chest. On the other, two bearded men hold a small, tightly bound woman, in tattered jeans and a sweater, on her knees. The woman has horns pointing out to the sides of her head.
  245. The man in the front speaks.
  246. >We have captured a citizen of the despicable Monster Girl City. We demand five million dollars for her release. The goverment of Monster Girl City, if you wish to receive your abomination in good heal-
  247. The woman shouts out with a cheerful face and voice.
  248. >Hi darling~ I'm doing fine! I'll be ba-
  249. The two bearded men lever her face into the floor. She gives out a muffled yelp. The first man continues, seemingly frustrated.
  251. >If you want your infernal goat-thing back, send us five million in cash immediately. If you do not, we shall begin amputating her extremities every week. I hope this instills a sufficient sense of uregency in-
  252. The woman pipes up again.
  253. >Don't worry~ I'll be home in no time! You won't have to be lonely anymo-
  254. The frontman stands up and shouts in anger. The other men light the woman by the horns and carry her off. The frontman is now obviously frustrated.
  255. >You know what to do. I pray for her sake that you will take this more seriously.
  259. >Ow!
  260. The beardos plop me down on my ass on a cold flagstone floor. They lock the cell door without a word and leave the dungeon, chatting away in their own language. I'm left on the floor, wrapped in about a million blankets. I can't move a muscle in here. I guess I'm a step closer to home now. Although that talk about amputation was pretty creepy. I like my fingers. I should probably try to escape. Maybe steal a boat? This is a pirate den, pirates have to have boats.
  262. I can only flop around like a caterpillar girl. No wonder they never went to any parties when we were young. I'd hate to try to drink or dance like this. I try to search the cell for something sharp. After flopping all around the room, my head is swimming. This is making me nauseous. And it looks like there's nothing sharp in this whole dungeon. I guess the pirates are smarter than in the movies. That's too bad.
  264. It's getting boring in here. There's nothing to do. I can't even dance or work out a little because of the mummy cosplay the pirates are making me wear. On the plus side I'm not feeling as down as on the island. I hope darling's seen that random video we shot. It's just too bad they didn't let me speak more. That one guy was being way too solemn about all this.
  266. The sound of boots in the stair snaps me back. A man is walking towards me with a bowl. He slides it under the bars. I expect him to do something about the wraps, but he starts walking away.
  267. >Hey! How am I supposed to eat that?
  268. He doesn't answer. I roll over to the bowl. It's a watery white liquid. Looks like a really thin rice porridge. I like rice porridge, but this looks weird. Oh well, at least it's something. And not a centipede. I lap it up like a cat as the evening sun colors my walls a reddish orange.
  272. It's almost morning. I've rubbed my wrappings with my horns since the sun went down. I' tired. My neck hurts like hell. At least it's doing something. I should be able to kick around any time now. That should help me wriggle out of these things.
  274. Finally the top layer falls away. I start to trash around, but it still takes some time for the fabric rolled around me to fall away. I roll around on the floor like an armadillo. Or maybe not, armadilloes roll forward, don't they? More and more of the fabric is left on the floor as I digress in my mind. Finally enough of it is off for me to wriggle out.
  276. Now that I'm mobile, it's time to try the door. It's locked. Well, I guess they wouldn't rely on just the wrappings. That would be silly. I can't fit through the bars, either. I'm pretty slim, but not enough so. Maybe the iron is weak enough to bend? Not by hand, at least. I climb into a finicky position sideways on the bars. My feet are pressed against one bar, my hands pulling on the next one over. I tense my back and pull with all my might...
  278. The bars suddenly give. I yelp in surprise as my feet shoot off the bars. Suddeny all my weight in on my arms, still pulling on the now bent bar. My ass skids of the floor as my horns clang against the hard floor. It hurts. I hold back tears as I rub my butt and skull with both hands. After a couple of minutes I stand up to find the bars apart enough to escape through. I avoid clanging my horns on the iron, and I'm finally free. Now what?
  284. Day Four
  286. Where's the radio? These guys have to have a radio room. Where? The radio works with a big antenna. That should be on the roof. The radio room should be close by, so on the top floor? Time to get to work. I just wish I wasn't so tired... Can't help it, they'd realize I've escaped, and most likely catch me, by the time I was rested.
  288. I skulk up the staircase. Lucky for me my shoes are still somewhere in the ocean. I'm almost silent. Too bad the sun is still down. I know I passed a doorway, but I have no idea what was in there. I just have to hope that this staircase leads to the top floor, or at least to somewhere that I can reach the top floor from. As I pass the second doorway, the rising sun gives its first light through the tiny windows.
  290. Finally I'm on the top floor. I think it's the fifth, but I can't be sure how many I passed in the dark. I start searching the top floor door by door. There's a supply closet, another supply closet, a toilet... Actually, I think I should have a little stop here. This might get scary, and I'd hate to get embarassed.
  294. I didn't flush. Not just because I didn't want to alert the pirates, but mostly because there was nothing to flush with. Just a groove in the floor. I tried my hardest not to touch anything, but I still have to avoid touching my face. Gross.
  296. I hear chatter from one of the rooms up ahead. I have no idea what they're saying, but one of them seems to leave. I sneak up to the door to check the room out. Luckily the door has an actual keyhole. I peep into it, and find that this is, indeed, the radio room. One man is lounging around in front of the radio, but not really doing anything. This could be my chance.
  298. I quietly tiptoe into the room, closing the door behind me. It seems that the hinges are actually oiled. I didn't see that coming, not with the general condition of this pirate fort. I look around for something to bash the operator with. The only thing I can get without going into his field of view is a metal toolbox. That's going to make a noise. I just hope the other guy went far enough away not to care about the rattle.
  300. I tiptoe over to behind the radio man and wind the toolbox behind me for a strike. Simultaneously I ram it into his neck with all my might.
  302. There's a sickening crack. The toolbox sinks halfway into his neck. That might have been a little bit too much might. I pull him down to the floor. He's opening and closing his mouth like a fish out of water. Sucks to be him, I guess. I turn my attention to the radio...
  306. ...Only to find that I have no idea how to operate a radio. Maybe I shouldn't have brutally killed this guy. I could try the old push-every-button-in-sequence trick, but that would take ages, and most likely not even work. There might be a manual in here? But it's most likely in whatever language these guys keep talking to each other in. That wouldn't be much help.
  308. As I stare at the dead guy and his stupid radio in contemplation, I hear a shout from the corridor. The other guy must have heard me after all. I suddenly have an idea. I sneak over to the doorway he's coming through. This might be my ticket out of this mess.
  310. As he turns the corner, I pull him into a half nelson with one arm and slip my other hand into his pants. He almost seems glad, until he feels my fingers tighten around his balls. I whisper into his ear as I turn him to face the radio and his dead friend.
  311. >You should radio the police, or interpol, or someone like that. Tell them to come rescue me.
  312. He swallows hard. I don't think he wants to, so I press on his balls a tiny bit. He yelps. Maybe that will convince him.
  318. Epilogue
  320. >Breaking news in the MGC-177 flight disaster! A new survivor has been found alive and well. The woman had been held hostage by a local pirate group...
  321. I perk up at the news. She's been rescued? Already? But the ransom demand only came a couple of days ago. Why didn't they tell me? When will she be home? What...
  323. Suddenly there's a rattle at the door before it flies open, bashing a dent in the opposing wall.
  324. >Darling~! I'm home!
  325. I stare in disbelief. She looks haggard, but otherwise fine. Her hair has taken a beating, though. She leaps to me before I can react. Suddenly to sofa crashes onto its side and my wife is nuzzling me all over.
  327. >...were found dead or grievously injured...
  328. She suddenly snaps to her feet and scrambles turn the TV off. She laughs nervously, but her brow is twitching. She's done something again. I know it.
  329. >Da~rling, don't you think we should just be together instead of watching all those dreadful news?
  330. I don't really have a choice.
  334. I'm suffering.
  336. It's like an oven.
  338. I lie in my bed, drowning in sweat. It's not a heat wave. I don't have too many blankets. In fact, I don't have even one. Or any clothes. It's my wife. She's spent the last 18 hours clinging to me like velcro. She generates way more heat than I'd ever have thought someone that small could do. Maybe it's the magical Oni muscles.
  340. >Please... Let me go in the shower... I'm so sweaty and thirsty...
  341. She coos at me and kisses my cheek again.
  342. >Ooh~ A nice cool bath is just what we need~
  343. She weasels her way around me, never losing her whole-body contact. Finally she lifts me in her arms and carries me to the bathroom. I open and close the doors for us. It's amazing how she can carry me all the way to the shower without once letting me go.
  345. She has no intention of letting go of me even in the shower. She insists on washing me with her body. Even as the cool water washes my face, I can feel her burning body touching me all over. I can almost feel my mind breaking, sandwiched between the heat and the cold. I begin to kiss her all over as she snakes around me.
  349. I'm sitting at the table. She's sitting in my lap. On the table is a collection of bite-sized fruits, winegrapes, tangerines... She's slowly putting them in her mouth one by one. She swallows every other one and feeds the other one to me mouth-to mouth. The sun in setting above the city skyline. Eventually she stops altogether. She's trembling in my lap.
  351. >I... I thought I'd never see you again...
  352. She sobs at me. Does she know that I tried to run away from her that one time? I hated her... How could I think that? Would she love me like this if she knew the truth? I can't tell her. She'd be crushed. I find tears in my eyes, too. Even if for a less pure reason. We both cry in the dying light as I stroke her hair.
  354. In the morning I wake to find her sleeping in my arm. She's only touching half of me, but she's snaked her other hand into mine. I softly press on her delicate hand and kiss her between the horns.
  355. >I wouldn't even mind spending the rest of my life like this.
  356. What...? That can't be right. She must have cooked my brain with her clinging heat. I shake my head. I couldn't live every moment of every day in her arms.
  358. She turns in her sleep and tosses me over to the other side. Now she's hugging me from behind, both hands interlocking fingers with me. Maybe I can stand it a little bit longer...
  364.    ***   ***   ***
  366.     Loli-Oni gets jealous
  368. >Wake up, darling~
  370. It's still dark. What's going on? I try to rub the sleep out of my eyes, but it turns out that I've been tied up during the night. Oh boy...
  372. Suddenly the lights go on. My wife is standing over the bed with a blank, expressionless face. She's wearing a long black and white wig and a fake cow ears headband.
  374. >You were all friendly with that... COW! ...At the cafe yesterday. I saw you flirt with her like some dirty gigolo.
  375. Well, that explains why she took two hours to get a haircut. She must have been gritting her teeth outside the window for half of that time.
  376. >Don't you like me anymore? I'm sorry that my hair is so short now... So much of it was ruined after the crash...
  377. She's just jealous of the waitress. This shouldn't be much of a problem. I just have to reassure her...
  378. >I love you more than anything, honey! Just untie me and-
  379. >NO! Y-you love cowtits and long hair so much... I can't compete anymore with my short hair and...
  380. She trails off. It's always about the chest, isn't it? She thinks every girl is in love with me and that I'm into big breasts. That's just not true, but she never listens. All men like them big, she thinks. Fuck.
  381. >I'll have to t-t-train you!
  385. It's almost noon. She's tortured me with her slender fingers non-stop since before sunrise.
  386. >Augh... Please let me come...!
  387. >No! Have some more milk, y-you c-c-cow lover!
  388. She forces the bottle to my lips, again. Every time I get anywhere near completion she makes me drink more milk. She's amazingly angry that I had a little chat with that Holstaurus girl yesterday.
  389. >This is what happens when you go for cows, darling. They won't love you like I do.
  391. She watches my dick twitch in the air for what seems like an eternity. She hasn't smiled once during the whole ordeal. I just want this to end.
  392. >I love you!
  393. >You love that a cow is bullying you...?
  394. Oh shit. She's way too deep in this weird role-playing bullshit. She creeps up to me and starts blowing air onto my dick. It's excruciating. I'm so close to orgasm she could kiss me over the edge. But no, she backs away again. She almost looks sad... That gives me an idea.
  396. >I hate you!
  397. I scream at her as she flicks my cock again.
  398. >Just go! I never want to see you again!
  399. I can see a flicker of hope in her eyes. It's working.
  403. Sunset. The weekend is almost over. I've spent all of it being mercilessly milked and denied by my wife. I'm not sure if my strategy has worked. It seemed that she took all of my lines to be aimed at an imaginary Holstaurus that she thinks is about to steal me from her. Even so, I've had to spend the last day with my dick pointed at the ceiling. This time she's been gone for almost an hour. I hope whatever she's planning to end this little game with is almost here.
  405. Suddenly she appears at the door. The wig and ears are gone, revealing her new bobcut. She's holding a full syringe.
  406. >You understand now what going out with a cow would be like, don't you darling? Now I just have to teach you how good you have it with me...
  407. Her eyes look scary as hell. She injects the suspicious liquid into the base on my dick. She puts away the empty syringe and leans towards me.
  409. She plants a gentle kiss on my lips, and my world turns white. It feels as if my semen had shot out a cannon. She leans in further to whisper in my ear.
  410. >I'm going to make you cum with every part of my body, darling. You'll see. You won't have a moment's rest tonight, thanks to that little drug I gave you...
  411. She bites gently at my ear as she nudges my cock with her knee. I scream out in another orgasm.
  412. >Eve-ry part. Don't worry, I already called in sick for tomorrow...
  416. I almost wish I could die. The early rays of the sun burn my eyes as I ejaculate once again. This time my semen gloops out of her navel and onto my balls as soon as she lifts her slender body. She grins at me almost sadistically.
  417. >Ah~ I think you've just about learned your lesson, darling~
  419. Her leer is lewder than I had thought possible. Her horns are coated in a cloudy white sheen. Her eyebrows are encrusted with semen, and more has dried below her eyes like running makeup. Little bubbles form at her tiny nostrils as she breathes through her sullied nostrils. She wasn't kidding when she said she'd use her entire body on me. Still looking me in the eyes, she reacher under me to open the knots holding me in place. I'm finally free to move.
  421. As my first act I press her head tight against my chest. She goes almost limp as I hug her slimy form. I whisper in her ear that she never has to worry about me leaving her. I'm not sure if she can hear me through all the cum in there, but I'm sure she understands the sentiment. I kiss her hair, but it's all slimy and tastes salty. We'll have to spend hours in the bath once we wake up...
  427.    ***   ***   ***
  429.     Loli-Oni does CBT
  431. >There's something very important I'd like to discuss with you, darling.
  432. I knew from the moment we stepped out that my wife was hiding something. She held on to my hand with both of hers as we walked to the metro station. She never looked me in the eye as we rode to town, and she kept fidgeting with her parfait at the cafe. An icy chill ran through me. Had she found out that I had tried to bail on her? Did she think I was going to cheat on her? I sat bolt upright as I wondered if I would make it to the evening alive.
  434. >Um... It's about sex.
  435. I let out a tiny breath. She sounded embarrassed, rather than angry.
  436. >You know how we've been married for more than ten years now, and, you see...
  437. >It's just that... I'm worried you'll get bored of my body!
  438. That's a shock. She was still as tiny, smooth and flat as the day we had met. I admit that I wanted to dump her at some point, but that had nothing to do with her body. It was her relentless appetite mixed with a lot of stress. I could finally relax. She obviously wasn't on to me.
  440. >I'd like to try a new thing with you, if you'd like...
  441. Sounds sort of fine this far. What could it be? Cosplay? Public sex? Maybe something gross, like scat?
  442. >You see, I met one of my old classmates last week. Her flock's husband was about to cheat on them, you see, but they found a way to get him addicted for good.
  443. This was starting to sound like she wants to give me a shot of Oomukade venom with her blood in it, or something. Not my idea of a good time. I tensed again, starting to fear the worst.
  444. >She said she and her sisters did... They did some CBT with him!
  445. Oh god. Did she just say what I thought she did? Before I could recover from my shock, she continued.
  446. >It means cock and ball torture, and it's sort of like a super vigorous form of S&M. What you do is...
  447. I sat there in shock. Yes. Yes she had. She had just told me she wanted to torture my genitals. I'll never know if the other patrons realized that this tiny girl, who was nervously rubbing her horns in front of a half-eaten parfait, had just told me that. I grabbed her and high-tailed it back to the house with her in my arms and my face set in stone.
  451. >Oh, darling! I never imagined you'd be this excited about it! Actually, Haruka already helped me pick out all the stuff we need!
  452. Oh shit. She had misread my horror at her talking about cocks and torture at the patio for a ringing endorsement of her crazy plan. I knew I was done for. I collapsed on the bed, shaking in terror as she ran to her closet. She whistled cheerfully as she rummaged through her laundry for a shoe box. I was afraid to look as she brough it to me.
  453. >Let's start out slow! Haruka told me this is a sort of a starter kit.
  454. In the shoe box I saw a bottle of lube, a small leather belt with a metal buckle, and what looked like a tiny dildo, made out of metal balls chained together. There was a set of them, each ever so slightly larger than the previous.
  456. I was in a daze. I watched, helpless, as she cheerfully turned me on my back and tied the belt around my dick. She shuffled up to my face and kissed my face all over as she rubbed my cock hard with her hand. I was still dumbstruck as she oiled up the first probe. I watched in horror as she placed the first ball at my peehole and slowly pushed it in.
  458. I felt a lightning bolt strike through my penis as I watched one oily ball after another disappear into my penis. Finally her slender hand and the larger handle in it reached my hole. I had no idea how deep it had went. At least halfway down my shaft, possibly even more. I watched through a haze my wife press my face into her still clothed flat chest. I could hear her rapid, shallow, excited breaths in my other ear as she softly pulled on the handle, pulling the probe out of my dick, again, one ball at a time.
  462. After what must have been a hour, she pulled the largest probe out of me, now soiled with precum as well as oil. Her relentless moans and rapid heartbeat in my ears had turned the ordeal into almost sexual. Still, every movement inside me felt like electricity coursing through me, but it wasn't painful, as I had feared.
  463. >Okay, Darling, now that you're used to sounding, we can get really going.
  464. That sounded ominous
  466. >You see, Haruka told me that you have to use some part of yourself for the sound, otherwise the husband could just go to any old slut to get the same experience.
  467. She was going to put a part of herself inside my dick? What? Which part? Would any of them fit without tearing my cock to shreds? I tried to protest, but she hugged me even harder to her chest.
  468. >Just... Just wait a bit, okay?
  469. I resigned myself to my fate. There was no way I could overpower her.
  471. To my surprise she took some strands of her hair and braided them together. The resulting braid was about as thick as the largest probe. She kissed me again, and nimbly turned on top of me. I was left under her knee-length skirt, staring in the partial darkness at her moist panties. She was obviously into this shit. I could feel her breath and fingers on my dick.
  475. She began to work the braid inside me. I could feel her texture and contours of her beautiful hair invade my penis. She pushed it in deeper and deeper, until I was sure the slight tuft at the end was tickling my base from inside. With the hair still inside me, I felt her moist tongue and lips envelop me. I could feel the braid moving inside me ever so slightly as her mouth worked on the outside. I gasped and tensed at the bizarre pleasure. I arched back, driving myself deeper into her mouth, then forward, striking her puffy vulva with my face. She trembled at the touch as she clasped her thighs on my temples. I felt her orgasm with my tongue, as she drove her head down on my dick. I felt an incredible pressure building inside me as I ejaculated past the braid and deep in her tiny throat. I could feel her swallowing, the muscles massaging my tip at the same time. I finally collapsed on the bed, and she collapsed on top of me. The relief and exhaustion sent me to sleep, even though it was still morning.
  479. When I woke up, it was already past midday. She was on top of me, fingers interlocked with mine, her head nestled on my neck. I felt her warm, contented breath on my shoulder. The experience had been terrifying, but somehow relaxing and pleasurable. I just had to hope that it wouldn't become our new pre- and post-work activity.
  485.    ***   ***   ***
  487.     Loli-Oni does Anal
  489. >Darling~
  490. Oh shit. Her face is pressed between the bathroom door and frame. It would almost be cute without her intense stare.
  491. >Darling, is that a dirty book~?
  492. It is. She caught me red-handed with the latest Comic LO in one hand and my hard cock in the other.
  493. >Darling~ Hey, Darling~ Hey, hey~ Why are you jacking off Darling~?
  494. I got nothing. I bought the magazine on a whim after seeing that delicious loli anus on the cover. I swallow hard. When I open my eyes again, her too-open eyes are right in my face. Her tiny, slender nose is pressing into mine. I can feel her hot breath on my lips.
  496. >Darling~ Is that little girl taking it in her butt, darling~?
  497. That's right. I've never talked to her about my anal fetish, because of, well, those Oni muscles. I was always afraid she'd cut my dick off with her tiny, yet monstrously powerful, sphincter.
  498. >So you like anal, Darling~? Darling~ Hey, hey, Darling~ Isn't my butt good enough for you Darling~?
  499. I swallow again. There's no way I'm going to make it out of this alive.
  501. >Darling~ How about we do some anal tonight~?
  502. This would be hot as hell without her crazy murderstare up in my face.
  503. >W-w-well... I-i'd love to...
  504. >Darling~ I have just the thing~ Remember that toy box I got from Haruka? Hey, Darling~ There's something in there for you~
  505. Fuck.
  509. Her lewd, undulating flesh massages my penis all over. I hug her tiny body as I push myself into her tiny, firm butt over and over again. Her hot breaths and lewd moans in my ear- Her hot breath in my ear snaps me out of the fantasy. The thing around my dick isn't her perfect anus, it's an onahole. She's behind me on her knees, her hands wrapped around me, furiously violating my cock with the onahole. There's something up in my butt that I didn't want in there.
  511. Her strapon softly violates me. I didn't think she would be this gentle, what with that face full of murder she had going on before. I feel her tiny chest press up on my back as her surprisingly wide hips slap on my buttocks again and again. Her tiny hands ram the undersized onahole down my shaft with wild abandon. She doesn't even bother synchronizing the pegging and milking. Her passionate moans make this the cutest thing ever.
  513. Or they would, if I wasn't being pegged here. I'm on the verge of tears. I wish I had never bought that mag. The most shameful part is how I'm sort of enjoying it. Every strike of her strapon on my prostate is bringing me closer to orgasm. Finally it's over. I shoot my load into the little onahole and almost collapse. My wife pulls out of my ass and I collapse forward onto the bed. She falls on top of me, her strapon poking me in the hip.
  517. >...Darling?!
  518. She's kneeling in front of my face.
  519. >I'm sorry, Darling! I didn't mean to hurt you...! I-i...
  520. My face is smooshed into her tiny chest. I can feel her tears dripping onto my head. It's always like this. She goes wild and then cries her eyes out after she comes down again.
  521. >I'm so sorry...! I'm sorry...!
  522. As always, the tables turn and I'm left to comfort her. This wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be, anyway. I thought she was going to rip my dick off or something. I saw that fucking video. I know what she's capable of.
  526. She's absent-mindedly nibbling on her ice cream.
  527. >Darling... Would you... Would you like to do b-b-butt stuff with me!?
  528. She almost screams out the last part in embarrassment.
  529. >I-i-i mean like in that magazine... I won't peg you anymore, not if you don't want to...!
  530. I lean in to kiss her between the horns.
  531. >Darling...
  532. She leans up to kiss me with her ice cream stained lips.
  533. I leave her hanging long enough for her to let out a cute groan.
  539.    ***   ***   ***
  541.     Loli-Oni Sounds Again
  543. She brought out the kit again. I sat on the bed, sort of worried. She swayed her hips from the wardrobe to the bed, and opened the dark wooden box. She furrowed her brows and bent over to kiss me gently.
  544. >Sorry Darling, I forgot something. You'll have to wait a second~
  546. She excitedly tiptoed her way to to the drawers, rummaged around one for a bit, and pulled out a nail file. She waved it at me.
  547. >Can you do it for me, please~?
  548. I did. She sat on my lap, and I filed the nail on her pinky finger to a smooth nub, not protruding from the flesh of her finger. I must have swallowed hard a dozen times.
  550. Finally it was done. Her slender, elegant finger was cleansed of any sharp edges. She smiled gently at me and pushed me down on the bed. She pulled out a towel and spread the equipment on the bed above my head. Sterile lubricant, several sounds, disinfectant liquid... She nuzzled my cheek before she started.
  554. The final ball slid into me. I gasped slightly as the cold, slimy metal entered my urethra. She slowly pushed and pulled on it to make sure everything was properly stretched. I couldn't take it anymore. My hips shook uncontrollably as I shot out my first ejaculation of the day.
  555. >Oh, Darling~ The real fun hasn't even started~!
  557. It was finally time. She pulled the final sound out of me with a blissful plop and started to disinfect her hands. She rubbed the clear liquid all over her hands, waiting for it to evaporate. Finally, she spread the lubricant on her right pinky finger. Everything was ready. She bent over to kiss me once again.
  559. >Are you ready, Darling? This is it~
  560. She settled down on the bed next to me. She cradled my head in her left arm as I wrapped my own arms around her slender midsection. I rested my cheek on her hard, yet springy abs. Her right hand snaked its way to my penis, and her perfect finger positioned itself on my twitching opening.
  564. I moaned like an animal as her finger entered me. My head was locked in her grasp, as was her body in mine. There was no way to move anything but her finger. My neutered wriggling only amplified the sensation of her penetrating me. My breath tickled her navel as her first knuckle disappeared inside my penis.
  566. >I love you so much, Darling~
  567. She nuzzled my hair with her jaw as she whispered encouragement into my ear. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, her finger wormed its way depper inside me. She gently spun her finger in an arc, still inside my penis. I gasped from the sensation as her second knuckle slid inside me.
  569. More than half of her finger was already inside me. I could feel her fingertip below my glans - but on the inside. She curled her finger ever so slightly. I almost screamed as the lightning coursed through me. I kissed the underside of her breast, and she let out a soft yelp. Her finger rammed itself all the way inside me in surprise.
  573. I felt her warmth all the way inside me. It was totally different from the cold metal of the sounds. My breath quickened as she began to slowly pull. Her warm finger slid inside me. Out, then back in. A wiggle, a twist, a corkscrew. I moaned again and again as she violated me from the inside. Her warm blood flowed though her tight body, almost burning my face and body.
  575. I felt the orgasm approaching as she pumped her finger inside me. My whole body tensed in her powerful embrace. I could feel her breath quicken as her excitement grew. I wish I could have seen her lewd face. Finally the moment arrived. I exploded into her finger and out around it.
  577. She collapsed on top of me as the warm semen glooped into her hand. She cuddled me with one arm as she licked her hand clean. I was exhausted, gasping for air in the bed. She giggled next to me.
  578. >You were so cute, Darling~ We should do this every week!
  582. My wife sat at the kitchen table, shower fresh and wrapped in a towel.
  583. >Hurry up, Darling! I'm hungry!
  584. I hammered at the ice cream with a spoon. You know these premium ice creams, with all that fat, they freeze solid. I chipped tiny slivers of ice cream into two cups.
  585. >Darling~! Come on, Darling!
  587. I finally sat down with the cups. She descended on the ice cream like a ravenous beast, but then immediately turned to kiss me. She pushed her first bite into my surprised mouth with her tongue.
  588. >I love you~
  594.    ***   ***   ***
  596.     Loli-Oni bullies Dragon at the Waterpark
  598. The bucketful of cold water splashed all over me. Starting from the horns, the chill ran down my spine. Literally. Time seemed to slow and I almost squealed as the water ran down my butt and thighs. It felt so cold, and yet so good~
  599. >Is that really cold...?
  601. A young Dragon stood in front of me, clutching a red towel. Her long hair was tied up over her head and she held a scrunched-up paper towel in her claw. She must have come from the sauna, but there was absolutely no sweat on her. The sauna must be like home for them, I guess?
  602. >Want to try? Just wait until the water starts spilling over the edge again, and then pull on the rope!
  604. >Kyaargh!
  605. A conflagration of flame shot out of the blonde girl as she spilled the bucket on herself. I giggled to myself as she ran back into the sauna. I figured this would happen. Luckily the ceramics around here were chosen to take a bit of monster girl action. I sauntered off towards the pools. I wondered if she'd ever leave the sauna again as I climbed into the first jacuzzi I found.
  609. That blondie came out of the shower rooms after like half an hour. She wore a white one-piece - white and gold, she obviously had a nice eye for color. It was sort of lewd, though. She was so pale in midwinter that she almost looked naked. I just had to keep on teasing her.
  610. >Hey, Dragon! Come here, the jacuzzi is great!
  612. >Hmph!
  613. She crossed her arms and looked away as she walked past. Did she hear me giggling after the splash?
  614. >I'm sorry~ I didn't think it would be too cold. Come on, this one's really hot! You'll love it~
  615. She stopped to think, but then slowly stepped in to the hot water. I slimed as her grouchy face melted.
  616. >D-don't think we're friends or anything, you Oni! I-i'm just coming for the heat!
  618. She gave out a slight hiss as her breath rippled in the air. She had her arms spread on the edges of the tub, completely satisfied. She looked like she was about to fall asleep. I had another nice idea~ I slowly sank myself into the tub, until only my face and horns were above the surface. It was time to strike.
  622. Her muted hysterical laughter became much more clear as my ears were lifted above the surface. I kept my fingers wiggling at her sides as she lifted me in the air by the horns. Between giggling breaths she finally managed to cough out:
  623. >W-what are you doing?! Stop it already...!
  625. I joined her laughter as I kept tickling her. She didn't seem to find any place to put me down far enough to clear my fingers from her sides. Some passing grannies giggled and gossiped out loud at us.
  626. >Oh, look at those cute little girls! They're such good friends, aren't they?
  627. I was used to being mistaken for a grade or middle schooler, but hearing that gave me an idea.
  629. >Let's go to the water slide next!
  630. I grabbed the Dragon girl's claw and dragged her out of the jacuzzi.
  631. >But I don't... We don't know each other...
  632. >Come on! It'll be fun!
  633. She did follow me up the stairs. So, the shy, impressionable type.
  637. I stood in wait for her as she came down the water slide. I tackled her as soon as she left the landing area. Her largish hips and thighs were soft, but there was obviously something to work with here. Maybe I could get her to come to my gym...? She was kind of fun to be around, too, even if she was a little girl.
  639. >Come on, the water massage is next, um...?
  640. >Uh, Sara... Wait, what's water massage?
  641. I pushed her towards the bubbling tile beds. She was obviously warming up to me. I told her to just float above the sprays. I enjoyed watching her embarrassed face as she struggled to relax in the tickling bubble spray.
  643. We reclined in the massage area for an hour. Sara was actually pretty talkative once she opened up to me. She was a smart kid, no need to do any sort of baby talk at her. I enjoyed spending a couple of hours with her before it was time to head home. Coincidentally, she had the same schedule. We left together.
  647. >W-would you like to play with me again?
  648. She fidgeted under the table. What a cute little girl~ I wondered if she didn't have too many friends. How long could I keep her in the dark...? I'd have to keep this up as long as possible~
  649. >Sure, maybe you'd like to come to my house next weekend?
  651. >Y-yes! I'd love to!
  652. She beamed and steamed as she sipped at her cocoa. So cute, I just want to bully her all day long~ I finally spotted Darling walking outside the windows. The jig was up. Oh well, it's not like it was the end of the world. I waved to him through the door.
  654. I was twirled in the air.
  655. >I-is this your father...? He looks really young...
  656. >Oh, Darling? No, no, he's my husband~
  657. She turned red.
  658. >I-i-is that legal!? I mean... How... What...?
  659. I laughed as she stuttered and blushed at us.
  660. >Oh, dearie, I'm 27~!
  661. Her face sank. She looked like she was about to cry as I climbed down from Darling.
  662. >Would you still like to come visit next week?
  663. >Yes!
  669.    ***   ***   ***
  671.     Dragon's Valentine
  673. The doorbell rang. A young girl stood anxiously at the door. She fidgeted her clawed hands as she stood in the corridor. Finally the door opened. A slightly smaller girl leapt out at her, hanging herself by the neck. “Sara! You’re finally here,” the smaller girl cooed. “Y-yes! I’m happy to be here!” The smaller girl’s horn dug into Sara’s cheek. “Come on inside! We’ve got the house all to ourselves~” She led Sara inside by the hand – or rather claw.
  675. “I’ve got everything all ready for you. See? There’s three sorts of chocolate and all sorts of molds!” She pointed to a pile of cookie cutters. Some of them were appropriate – circles, stars, hearts, but a few somewhat less so. A pig? That wasn’t in keeping with the Valentine spirit. She had obviously just taken out a pile of gingerbread cutters. Sara looked nervous. “So, umm, how hard is this going to be? I mean, I’ve never made any chocolates before…” The smaller girl almost grinned at her. “Oh, don’t worry~ We’re just going to melt it, maybe mix it up a little, and then just pour it. It’s going to be a breeze~!”
  677. “Mina! It’s starting to melt, what do I do?!” Sara watched the boiling water break up a pile of milk chocolates in a glass bowl suspended above it. “Turn the stove down. We can always heat it up again if it solidifies, but too much heat will ruin it.” She did. The water settled, but the steam kept the chocolates melting. Sara was too distracted to notice the shadow of a pair of horns creeping up on her. It was already too late. Tiny hands climbed up her sides like a pair of enraged centipedes.
  679. Soon Mina had tickle-wrestled a laughing Sara to the floor. “You’d better tell me everything~,” she giggled in the tortured Dragon’s ear. “A cute little girl like you wants to make chocolates for Valentines? I know what you’re up to, you little cutie!  Is he your first boyfriend~?” Sara could barely breathe, much less speak. “M-mina! S-stop! The chocolates will…!” Mina didn’t stop. She drove her tiny fingers deeper into Sara’s pearl-white armpits. “If you want the chocolates to survive, you have to spill the beans!”
  681. “…And that’s about all of it.” Mina beamed, her jaw nestled in her hands. “Ooh~ Wiggling into your arms in the night~? What a beast!” Sara blushed from across the slowly cooling chocolates. “And now you want to make him all yours~ Well, it sounds like you don’t really need the chocolates, do you? He’s already head over heels for you.” Mina stretched herself in the chair. “Just take it easy with him, okay? He’s going to love the gesture.” Sara glanced at the stovetop. All of the milk and white chocolates had been used up, but there was still a pile of broken-up darks on the table. “What about those ones? We already ate way too much of them…” Mina grinned at her. “Oh, don’t you worry~ You know I have an use for them~!”
  684.    *   *   *
  686. My arms were pinned above my head by powerful claws. I watched Sara loom over me. A long strip of chocolate hung from her beautiful lips above my face. "What is this? I thought you said we were gonna have chocolates together!?" I swallowed hard as I saw her blow hot air from her nostrils into the chocolate. She didn't respond. "Come on, Sara! You aren't normally like this!" The chocolate slowly began to deform. I could see her half smile, half leer as she snorted more heat onto the chocolate. It began to drip.
  688. A droplet of chocolate ran down the shaft agonizingly slowly. Sara's tiny chest trembled with quick breaths as she aimed it right at my lips. Finally the hot chocolate fell. It splashed right onto my lips. It was warm, but not scalding by any means. I licked up the delicious ooze. "What is this? Are you playing some sort of game?" She didn't. She dripped more and more chocolate onto my lips, until her breath no longer reached the stub in her mouth. It must have taken half an hour. I was in a trance, teased by her silence and the taste on my lips. Finally she bent down to kiss me with the chocolate still held between her teeth.
  690. "I'm going to make you all mine..." She grinned, her gently curving ringlets framing her barely lit face. "W-what do you mean? Aren't we lovers already? This is really weird, and not like you at all! Did someone put you up to this?" She didn't say a word. Rather, she reached for her bag of chocolates. She pulled out a small, heart-shaped chocolate with a white center. She carefully placed it on my lips and placed her claws on either side of my head. She gently held my head in place as she straddled me.
  692. Finally the chocolate had dissolved between our lips. Her lips had stayed glued to mine for the whole time. The hard chocolate had slowly softened and disappeared, and slowly the chocolate pressing on my lips had turned into a chocolate-flavored kiss. As soon as it was all gone, she rose again, her golden hair caressing my neck. "There's only six to go. You see, a little bird taught me that girls have to be aggressive to keep boys interested. I can't have you making all the moves~" A blush could barely be seen on her face. It was impressive how cool she kept her voice, but she was obviously still nervous.
  694. One after another, she destroyed the chocolate shapes. I could swear one of them was a pig. I can't be sure. My concentration was shot to hell by the changing tastes, her hot breath on my face and the short, sweet, soft kisses between the chocolate. I barely noticed her pull the blanket on top on us. She held my head to one cheek and her plushie to the other as we fell asleep. As my consciousness faded, I wished I could stay like that forever.
  696.    *   *   *
  698. "Darling?! Darling, help!" Her anguished cries greeted me as I opened the door. "What's wrong? Where are you?!" I heard her voice call out from the bedroom. "Darling, I'm cold and I can't move! Come help me!" I ran to her. As I opened the door, I saw my wife lying on the bed, motionless, her abdomen covered in brown and red. "I'm so cold..." Next to her were empty bowls, one with traces of dark chocolate, and one with traces of strawberry jam. Her abs were covered in a criss-cross pattern of chocolate and jam. "Why are you so late? You should have been home half an hour ago...!" She moaned at me. "Hurry, Darling! Lick it all up so we can take a hot bath~!"
  700. I didn't hurry. I took my sweet time licking her firm, beautiful abdomen clean. For once I was the one bullying her body.
  706.    ***   ***   ***
  708.     Loli-Oni gets Busted
  710. I was supposed to be away shopping that day. It's just that I missed the bus. Instead of coming back in a few hours, I was back in a few minutes. As soon as I opened the door, I knew something was wrong. I could hear moaning coming from the living room. I cautiously made my way over as the feminine moans and grunts became more and more frantic as they mixed with a man's voice. I could hear the man's voice turn into screams of fear, and then of pain. I stepped into the room only to see exactly what I was afraid of.
  712. My wife was on the floor, both her shins and jaw touching the floor. Her tiny ass waggled in the air as her slender arms twitched in her lap. She screamed aloud as her hips shook in the air. Her moans turned into a ragged breath as she collapsed on the carpet. The TV played the final moments of that old tape of hers - a fat man's testicles rolling towards the camera as a tanned young man with no mandible screams in horror and pain in the background. The one she had promised to get rid of years ago.
  714. Finally she rolled onto her back, naked, still catching her breath. At that moment she saw me standing at the door. I can only imagine the horror she saw on my face that turned her flushed face to ash and replaced her content breaths with a desperate scream of anguish.
  718. "Please Darling, I'm so sorry, I'll never do it again...!" I cut her frantic explanation off. "Mina, listen to me. Do you want to do that sort of things to me?" She squirmed in her chair as her tears flowed profusely onto her bathrobe. "I... I..." She was almost bent over, desperately wiping away her tears. "You promised you'd throw away your guro collection, Mina. You shouldn't masturbate to someone else." She couldn't contain herself anymore. Instead, she leapt forward into my lap and simultaneously screamed and cried her eyes out. I could only stroke her hair as she wailed in anguish.
  720. "Darling, please! I'll go to therapy! I'll do anything! Please..." She pulled at my shirt and forced me to look in her red, glistening eyes. "Please don't leave me~...!" It wasn't like I was going to, but she always got all dramatic and emotional every time something went wrong. "All right, but you really have to get therapy this time." She kept crying in my lap, hugging me almost too tight. A soft, barely audible voice answered from my lap. "Yes, Darling..."
  724. "So, Mina, what did that therapist tell you to do?" She was back from her fourth session. She was very secretive about it, though. Apparently she had finally got something concrete to work on. "Well, she..." She turned her face away as she started. 'She?' Was 'she' a Monster? That sounded potentially dangerous. Mina blushed as she continued. "She told me to..." She stuttered as she tried to blurt it out. "She told me to do do something really icky..." I told her to go on. "She told me I need to find out how it feels to be on the receiving end, so... So..." She was red as a beetroot by this point. "I-i have to let you maledom me...!"
  726. "W-what? Seriously?!" I was flabbergasted. What kind of a weirdo sex offender was this therapist? "Yes... She told me that I have to lie on my stomach, and let you put your dick in my b-butt, and then she said you should s-slap my butt while you b-break my pelvis..." Now that was the most suspicious thing I'd ever heard, but also VERY appealing. I had to confirm something, though. "Mina, what did that therapist look like? Did she have a paper seal over her eye?" She looked at me, confused. "No, she actually didn't, even though she was an Ushi-Oni..." I knew it.
  728. I'd seen it on the news while she had been at work. There was a pervy Ushi-Oni with no seal running around, pretending to be a sex therapist. A dozen psychologists had been stuffed into their own closets and forced to listen to her advise their clients to do all sorts of sick, depraved sex acts. Well, by Monster standards. I bet the husbands were happy with all the hard man-on-top action they were getting. As I was now about to...
  734.    ***   ***   ***
  736.     Loli-Oni takes it up the Butt
  738. Friday evening was finally here - it was time for Mina's home therapy session. I had in no way let her know that her supposed therapist was, in fact, a notorious pervert and not an actual therapist. But she was late - had she found out? I couldn't think about anything else as I waited for her. Suddenly the sound of a key turning in the lock roused me from my thoughts.
  740. She walked silently to the living room, where I sat on the sofa. Her blushing, flushed face told me exactly where she had been - downing a barrel of liquor with her friends from work. She made her way to the sofa and sat next to me, still without a word said. I put her arm around her and hugged her gently. I could smell the booze on her breath and feel a cold sweat on her skin. She turned her head to whisper to me: "D-do you want to do it right away?" She was way out of her comfort zone.
  742. I had everything ready - an air mattress, a crateful of vaseline, a squirter for water. We'd have to start with the washing, but she seemed overwhelmed by the preparations. I asked if she wanted me to help her, but she stuttered an immediate response: "I-i can wash it myself, Darling! Just h-hand it over!" She disappeared into the toilet and I sort of assumed she'd be in there for a while. I figured I'd put the TV on to pass the time.
  746. The MGTV channel had a sex education program on. I absent-mindedly listened to it as I blew up the air mattress. This week's episode featured a juicy, ripe, red Barometz and a young boy. Before long the boy was licking the older girl all over, nibbling at her fruit and moaning about her strawberry taste. That gave me an idea. I had to change the channel before Mina came back - for obvious reasons - but that was something I'd have to remember.
  750. An hour and a half later she lay naked on the mattress in front of the TV, her delicate anus almost stretched enough for anal sex. A whole tub of vaseline must have disappeared into her rectum as I worked her butthole with my fingers. I had turned the thermostat up quite a bit while she had been away, and by now her back was soaking with sweat. I gave her a kiss on the nose as I made sure she was ready. She only nodded, blushing. It was time to get to work.
  752. I positioned myself above and behind her, straddling her small but muscular thighs. I manoeuvered my glans onto her little hole and slowly began to thrust my hips into hers - little by little my dick disappeared into her butt, accompanied by her short, ragged breaths. Finally I was balls deep inside her. She almost relaxed as I leant forward to kiss he cheek. Slowly I began to pull out of her, and long before I'd be out of her, I thrust back in. My cute wife moaned as I pumped myself into her anus in one short stroke after another.
  754. Suddenly I pulled my head back and gave her taut shoulder a lick. She squaled in surprise. "W-what are you d-doing, Darling?! That's weird!" I didn't answer - I was too busy licking her shoulders all over. Her cold, clammy sweat had a slight taste of rum. I had to tease her for once: "Mina, you taste like panna cotta~!" She easily threw me off and sat upright on the mattress. "Darling!? Darling, why are you drinking my sweat?! Y-you s-s-sicko..."!
  756. I regained my footing and dived into her slender lap. She was too surprised to do anything but squirm and moan as I licked every nook and cranny of her front. I sucked on her inner thighs, licking her on her burning hot muscles and her prominent tendons. I made my way up along her abdomen, licking her delicious sweat from every hill and every valley of her soft yet firm abs. By the time I had made it to her rather modest chest, she was almost in a daze.
  758. She wrapped her slender arms around my head and pushed me into her breast, forcing me to suck on the gap between. She fell backwards onto the mattress, giving me a chance to fumble my now even harder member back onto her tight anus. She moaned as I re-entered her butthole, easing her grip of me enough to pull my head free. I wrestled her unresisting body into a position where I could reach her armpit with my tongue.
  760. I seized the opportunity and rammed my tongue between her tiny chest and the upper arm squeezed against it. Again she yelped, this time swinging her elbow above her head. Her wet armpit was exposed, and I traced her sensitive skin with my entire tongue for what seemed like delicious miles. Mina squirmed - almost spasmed - and relaxed, her scream of pleasure tailing off into a long, groaning exhale. I picked up my pace and furiously pounded myself into her for a number of seconds before letting my load deep into her bowels.
  764. I was thoroughly buzzed, unlike my wife. I pulled her into a cuddling hug on top of me, her anus dripping with my semen. The cold floor under my sweaty body felt disgusting, but nothing could surpass the feeling of getting literally drunk on my wife and feeling her weight pressing down on me. Her hot breath caressed my chest as she rested her forehead on my neck. "Darling," she began, "I... I came..." I had noticed. I wondered if her cuteness would be so striking if I didn't have her murderous, sadistic, deathly jealous guro-enthusiast side to contrast it with.
  766. "I love you, Darling~ Please lick me again sometime..." I deeply sniffed her hair without a word before drifting off to sleep.
  772.    ***   ***   ***
  774.     Goth-Loli-Oni
  776. A deceptively sweet coo awakened me. "Darling~ What's that on the TV, Darling~?" I opened my drowsy eyes to find my wife looming less than a hand's breadth away from me, her eyes wide open. "Dar~ling~! What~ is~ that~?" I turned my head over and my blood freezes. There was a cosplay porno on. "DARLING~...! Hey~... Hey~! Darling~... Why...?!" She was going nuts. That was bad. I tried to grab her arms to calm her, but there was no effect. Her eyes grew wider and wider - they looked like they're about to burst out of her skull and tears were welling at the edges. "Why would you watch something like that...? Why? WHY?!"
  778. Suddenly her face twisted into an expression of recognition she exploded into motion. In an instant she leapt to the door and burst out like a bolt of lightning - she was out of the door before I could get up from the sofa. This couldn't end well. How had the TV ended up on that porn channel, anyway? Had they suddenly changed channels? That's horrible! They should have known something like this would happen! I couldn't even imagine what Mina would put me through when she came back, and where she ran off to, anyway. There was no choice but to wait. I turned off the TV and tried my best to continue my nap.
  782. I awoke on my back on the bedroom floor, bound and naked. It was already approacing dusk, I could tell from the amber light flooding the room. I looked around to find a pair of slender legs standing in the corner, only lit below the knee. Mina stepped forward with an evil grin, her beautiful hair glittering in the final hours of sunlight. I was stunned to see her dressed in a black, frilly dress with black thighhighs and black opera gloves. "Darling~... So, you like goth-lolis, do you...?" Oh hell, she must have got some ideas from that film she though I was watching. "Well~ If you're going to be like that, I'll oblige you~" I was terrified. What was that video even about? What horrors was she planning for me...?
  784. She stepped forward again, now standing above my hips. "I didn't know you liked this sort of thing, Darling~... You should have told me, I would have obliged you any time~!" She turned in place, lifting one slender, beautiful shin clad entirely in black - and placed it on my penis. She breathed heavily as she stepped on me, rubbing her black-clad foot slowly back and forth on my rapidly hardening member. The dry fabric moistened slightly as it soaked up my precum. She kept going, teasing my now hard member with her barely-moist sock. Suddenly she stopped, and I was left gasping for air.
  786. Suddenly she curled her toes, pulled her leg back, and kicked my glans with the tip of her foot. Without an anvil to strike against, it didn't really hurt. My dick slapped against my abdomen, spraying precum with the impact, before swinging back like a pendulum. I gasped in shock at the strike. Mina looked down at me, still grinning away. She lifted her knee-lenght poofy skirt to reveal her naked body all the way from upper-thigh to navel - though the deep shadow kept me from making out her details. "You like this, Darling~? I shall indulge you~... Prepare yourself, Dar~ling~!" She kicked me again, this time slightly harder. She giggled at my gasp, and quickly followed up with another rough stomp and rub from her perfect sole.
  790. I squirmed under her, gasping, moaning, leaking as she worked her feet all over my genitals. She would softly press down on my testicles before kicking me again, then switch legs and rub me with her other, dry, midfoot. Finally I was on the verge on orgasm, visibly so, and I expected her to push me over the edge. She never did. She lifted her foot off my dick and onto the floor. "Oh, Darling~ You won't get off that easy~! You have to give something back, Darling~"
  792. She stepped forward, bringing her hips above my face. She again lifted her skirt, and so very slowly descended onto my face. Finally her tiny, moist vulva touched down on my lips. I rammed my tongue inside her like an animal dying of thirst. She laughed and lifted herself up just enough that I could barely reach her with my tongue. "Put in some work, Darling~! Maybe then I'll relieve you~ Ahaha~!" I did. I craned my neck to reach her soft lips and kissed them like never before. I trashed around with my tongue, trying to reach her bean, until she finally deigned to lower herself onto me. Finally I could easily reach her, sucking on it, licking it, even nibbling it through my lips. Slowly Mina began to ram her hips into my face, almost trying to fuck my mouth, until her movements and mine brought her over the edge, tensing and shuddering as her powerful thighs threatened to crush my skull.
  794. She struggled to her feet, still panting heavily. She slowly sauntered around me, swinging her hips like a dancer all the while, until she reached my crotch again. My penis twitched in desperation, having been brought to the edge of orgasm and then denied completion as she forced me to lick her off. She turned her back to me, lighting her skirt to reveal her plump, tight, powerful thighs and butt lit by the amber sun, below her glittering hair. She took one foot off the floor, slowly drew it forward, and suddenly kicked back at my dick. Her heel impacted the bottom of my glans first, sliding roughly along my frenulum before giving way to her midfoot and the gap of her forefoot. Finally her curled toes struck my frenulum, bringing me over the edge. I ejaculated with immense force, barely grazing the thighhigh draped over her toenails before the endless spurt arced onto my abdomen.
  798. Mina lifted me onto the bed, still bound, and licked the semen off my belly like a cat lapping at milk. Having satisfied herself she climbed into bed next to me, digging us under the sheets and wrestling me on top of her. She hugged my naked body into her soft dress with almost enough force to break bone. "Ahn~ Darling, I love you~" Mina moaned and mumbled as she always did, settling into the bed. Finally she opened her eyes to reveal a sharp fire in them instead of any drowsiness. "But Darling... Don't even think about going after any other goth-lolis, it would make me very sad~" I wouldn't think of it.
  804.    ***   ***   ***
  806.     Loli-Oni reads Cosmo
  808. "Listen, Darling, one of my friends at work had this cool magazine~" My wife's voice was filled with exactly the sort of innocent excitement that signalled an incoming horrifying sex act. She continued between sips of dinner. "I really liked it, there was this sort of a sexual workout routine~" Well, that sounded less terrifying than I had expected. "Would you like to try it out tonight?" Honestly, I still thought it sounded a bit dangerous, but it should make her happy. I agreed nonchalantly, she almost jumped onto the table to hug me. "Oh, thank you, Darling~! It's going to be so much fun~!"
  810. I had plenty of time to be worried as she hummed to herself while rubbing some sort of oil into a length of rope. Bondage? Wasn't this supposed to be some athletics thing? Who exactly was going to get tied up here? Finally Mina suddenly burst into the bedroom, startling me. I jumped to my feet and spun to see her, naked, wrapped in crimson rope. It circled her tiny bust and criss-crossed her abs, softly digging into her skin at the hips. She held another spool in her hands, looking extremely excited.
  814. In moments I found myself tied up and on the floor. Mina stood above me, her feet planted to either side of my hips, looking down at me with lewd eyes. Slowly she began to descend, the ropes digging into the crease of her hips. Her back stood perfectly straight as her lewd hole slowly made its way below her knees, her lewd lips finally beginning to kiss my head. Only - it didn't work. As she descended with perfect posture, my dick slipped and slid onto her pubic mound. She frowned in surprise, rose slightly, and tried again. Again I felt her moist hole on mine, and again my member failed to enter her.
  816. "Darling! Why won't it work!?" Well, maybe because my dick swung almost freely and her tight hole was never going to be the path of least resistance. "But... But...! There's just no way this will work! Did they even test this before printing it?!" She looked so disappointed. Well, maybe she could guide it in and do some really short squats so it won't fall out? "Isn't that just riding? That's boring! I wanted to do something special..." She looked about to cry. That wasn't the only part, was it? Let's try the next thing.
  820. After a few minutes I was hoisted into the air, hanging from her pullup bar, only my arms free. Mina balanced herself on her arms, pushing herself up into the air and towards my penis. As her tiny vagina slowly rose, I guided us together. Her thirsty hole slowly climbed along my shaft, caressing me with the powerful muscles all around me, as her slender arms straightened and locked out to fully envelop me. I could hear her excited moan, her face hidden from sight. Her back was arched, giving me the most amazing, dramatic angle of her hard abdomen and her small breasts, given dramatic shadows as they hung upside down.
  822. With my arms free, I could caress her thick, powerful thighs as she pumped herself up and down under me. Now this was it - her flexed, stiff midsection pulled even the muscles wrapped around me taut. The sight of her compact shoulders working her slender arms, her sculpted abdomen seeming to ripple as the light shifted on it, the sensations of her hot blood coursing through her thighs under my fingers, all combined to turn me on the way only she could. I shuddered from the sensations, suspended above her.
  824. Suddenly the moment was ruined. "Darling, Darling!" What? "I'm getting dizzy...! I'm going to fall over if we don't stop..." Well shit. At least there was something more to come, right?
  828. I watched her groan on the floor below me. Her breath pulled the rope tight, digging into her sides. I was transfixed by the beauty of her slender, yet powerful body straining against the red ropes. Finally she caught her bearings and stood up, grabbing the bar. "This is the last one, Darling. Let's hope it works..." Immediately as the last word left her mouth, I felt her lips on my head - she had pulled herself up into my penis. I watched her tight, yet rather large, ass and powerful legs - curled at the knee to avoid touching the floor - rise and fall as her tongue and throat caressed my length in turn.
  830. After her pushup-job I was already hot, bothered and on the edge. In minutes I shuddered in orgasm, my hot semen erupting like a volcano into her throat. Mina was uncommonly unprepared, coughing and hacking as she dropped down, my last spurt falling onto the tip of her nose. Slowly her coughs turned into giggles, and she looked up into my eyes, the cum still on her nose, laughter in her eyes. "See? Wasn't that fun~? What the hell were those writers thinking...?" I slowly began to laugh as well, mostly at the white drip wobbling on the tip of her beautiful, slender nose. Sure, that weird clusterfuck of a sex act was fun. I had to admit, though. It was sort of really hot at the same time.
  834. "Darling~", she cooed as she took me down. "You know, I didn't come yet~..." I sighed as she took me into her arms. Were we going to continue on the topic? Would she do fingertip pushups on top of me? She gave me a long, lingering kiss as I hung in her grasp.
  840.    ***   ***   ***
  842.     Loli-Oni commits a Sin
  844. It had been so long, I'd gone without it for more than a year now... I knew I'd promised Darling I'd quit it, but I just couldn't do it - couldn't live without it. I had to have it, even if it was for one day. Guilt weighed on my heart like a millstone, but my desire was even greater. Whatever I did, I could never let Darling know. I took the first, shaky step towards relapse. I shouldn't have done it. I had to do it. The thin clerk turned to me, my voice trembled as I sounded out the words: "One copy of Zombie Blowjob Bad Ends Vol. XII, please."
  846. He hesitated. "Umm... Could I see some identification, please?" He thought I was underage - I should have seen it coming, but I was too anxious to realize. I fumbled for my wallet, swallowing heavily. "Miss, would you please take your hat and sunglasses off?" I blushed as I realized my disguise has made me far more conspicuous than I would have otherwise been. I revealed my face but avoided his gaze. Finally he took the money from my palm and handed me the magazine. I felt my panties moisten as soon as I saw the cover: a turgid penis bursting with blood as a Zombie Girl bites into it from the side.
  848. My hands were clammy with sweat as I staggered away, still staring at the cover. Suddenly I felt something inside my brain - as if a static signal was beamed straight into my skull. I felt my reason disappear, replaced by an overwhelming lust. I had to have it straight away. Darling... He was at home, of course, half an hour away. I'd die before I made it home - besides, what if he saw the magazine? No, I'd have to do something unthinkable. Filled with shame, I started to run towards the bathrooms.
  852. My ass slammed down on the seat before my panties had cleared my knees. I was positively dripping with it - I had never been so turned on. I kicked a stool under my feet and put the magazine down on my thighs, one hand already furiously rubbing myself. I leafed through the first story in a daze: pictures of a dick flashed before my eyes as I barely suppressed my moans. My back arched and contracted like a snake coiling to attack with every thrust and prod of my fingers on my own genitals. Blood pounded in my ears, my nose and cheeks flushed as I breathed heavily.
  854. My right hand wandered as I violated myself to the grotesque story - turning the page, stroking my abs, rubbing my tiny chest, even pushing down on my own tongue. I twitched and rocked on the bowl, barely able to focus on the story. Soon I reached the money shot, an x-ray view of the zombie biting the man's penis off just as his semen flooded her throat. I couldn't take it anymore, I curled down onto my thighs, furiously rubbing, kneading, prodding, penetrating myself like a ten-tentacled monster.
  856. My eyes didn't focus onto the page, instead, I stared into nothing behind the stall walls as I neared orgasm. Suddenly I was thrown over the edge - my back arched on its own and my hips rose with the power of my twitching legs, my upper body pivoting on my shoulders pressed to the cistern. I heard myself scream as if listening to someone else, as if I had left my body in the ecstacy. I slumped back onto the seat, my legs splayed like a slut's. My reason finally returned in a flood of shame and regret. Tears welled in my eyes as I realized what I had done.
  860. I had leafed through the rest of the trampled magazine on the way home. I just couldn't enjoy it - I was so disgusted with myself that it hadn't even seemed sexy anymore. One penis after another met a horrible fate, but I didn't seem to care. All I could think of was how I'd betrayed Darling, and for what? I had sold all his trust in me for a single orgasm. My throat had felt heavier with every passing minute, every station closer to home. Finally I had thrown the magazine in the trash. Now, here I was, anxiously standing behind my own door, unwilling to even open it.
  862. Finally I unlocked the door and stepped through. Darling called from the living room, but I couldn't find the words to answer. I stood with my head hanging low in the hallway as he came to check on me. "What's wrong, Mina? Did something happen?!" My tears began to flow in silence as his concerned voice rang in my head. Would he still love me if he knew I had cheated on him again? I buried my face in his chest, my fists kneading his shirt as I quietly spoke: "Darling... I did something horrible again..."
  864. I told him what I had done with a weak, halting voice - I'd bought a guro magazine and masturbated to someone else. I'd not only broken my promise to quit guro, but also cheated on him. I was a hypocrite, a worthless woman who had hurt him before for doing something I had now done myself, and not for the first time. My tears soaked into his shirt, but he only stroked my hair and horns as he listened. "Mina," he whispered to me after my sobs died down, "it's alright, Mina. I'll always love you, no matter what happens." I pulled myself away to look him in the eye with red, glistening eyes. "...Really? You'll forgive me?" He strained to pick me up. "I forgive you. There's something I'd like you to do, though..."
  868. Icky, slimy lotion, the air mattress in the living room once again. I rubbed the sticky liquid onto my chest and thighs as I kneeled above Darling, his engorged penis throbbing in the air with every beat of his heart. "W-what is it with you and rubbing yourself all over me...?" I blushed as I spread the lotion all over by abdomen. "What is it with you and guro, Mina?" I had no answer - I guess he didn't either. "Besides, don't you remember that time you 'trained' me? You're the one to blame here, you were the one who gave me my first taste!"
  870. Darling lay on his back as I slid myself on top of him, each long thrust rubbing in underside with my whole body, my collarbones, my shamefully small breasts, my abs - both the texture of my front and my weight on top of him caressing him all the while. He held me by the horns as I serviced his lewd thing like some soapland hussy. Finally he shuddered under me, his hot seed shooting out just as I had begun to slide forward. As I slid, I felt the hot, slimy mess smear all over my body.
  872. This time I pulled myself up to Darling's face - I found him panting in ecstacy from my body. It was almost intoxicating, how his lust extended to every single part of me. I wrapped my hands around his jaw and plunged my tongue into his unresisting mouth. It was delicious, my powerful tongue entwining with his as the slimy mess of mixed semen and lotion slipped and slid between us. Slowly I wriggled my arms under him and squeezed, sliding on top of him until I reached the perfect hug.
  878.    ***   ***   ***
  880.     Loli-Oni gets a Massage
  882. "Darling~! I'm ho~me!" Mina chirped at the door on that beautiful, sunny and clear winter day. I listened to her undress in the corridor. I could not see it, but I remembered she wore that cute caramel colored wollen overcoat and black earmuffs to work that day. By the time she wheeled into the living room, she had already stripped down to her office wear. She almost sprinted towards me with her arms wide, but stopped in her tracks as she saw the air mattress on the floor.
  884. "W-what?! Again?" She couldn't seem to decide if she was surprised at the turn of events or not. She blushed in anticipation, perfectly aware of the implications. "What is it this time?" She licked her lips, almost imperceptibly, as she loosened her collar. "I bet your shoulders are sore after a long week at the office, Mina. Why don't you let me massage them?" I beckoned her to lay on the mattress. "Maybe your upper back could use some light massage, too...?"
  886. Mina sat down on her mattress just as her sky blue dress shirt came off. Her cute, plain white bra sat on her beautiful back underneath, just underneath her shoulderblades - my target. I softly traced the creases on her back, the edges of her bones, and the crease of her spine with my fingertips and tongue. She lowered herself to the mattress, almost purring with pleasure. I gave her shoulders a series of soft, lingering kisses as I unhooked her bra.
  890. Finally her upper back was ready and defenseless. I poured a long, cold string of lotion onto her back, making her shiver with the cold sensation. Soon she relaxed as her powerful circulation and my wandering hands warmed up the slimy liquid. I rubbed her beautiful muscles all over - her neck, to her traps, to her shoulders, and together in the middle. As I rubbed the slime into the groove of her spine, I felt my pants grow tight. It was finally time for action.
  892. I gently pulled her upper arms to the sides, pushing her shoulderblades together to form a deeper groove. I pulled put my penis, panting heavily as I did. Her inviting groove glistened in the winter sun as I scooted up her back. I placed my head along her spine and thrust along her back. The incredible warmth enveloping my penis felt divine. I hugged Mina's head as I humped her back like an animal. Thrust after thrust slid against her warm back.
  894. It was not enough. The top had no stimulation. I grabbed a tuft of her luscious, copper-brown hair and laid it across my penis. As I thrusted at her, the silky strands rubbed against my glans like an angel's feathers. I already neared orgasm when Mina squealed. "It's boring, Darling! I want to seeeee~!" She threw me off like a kitten with a lightning-fast pushup, spinning in the air to land on her back on the mattress. "Put it between my pecs next, Darling~" I gathered my wits and rolled over to her. "Those are called breasts, Mina." "Whatever~"
  898. She pressed her arms up and together into a catch position, pressing her minuscule breasts together. Still slimy with lotion and precum, I slid myself between them. Again I bent over to hug her head like a pillow as I humped her deliciously powerful body. Suddenly I noticed the pressure around my wildly thrusting penis lessen, but though nothing of it. Then a silky brush flickered against my head. I suddenly knew what she planned, and paused to make it easier for her.
  900. Her tiny braid twisted and turned as it slid down my shaft. I shivered as if hit by electricity as the pleasure worked its way lower and lower, slick with her saliva. Just as I felt it reach my base, her other hand wrapped a fistful of free hair around me. Both her tiny hands wrapped around my shaft like a vice and began to pump at the sensitive flesh sandwiched between her coppery strands. After the pleasures of her back and front I was already on the edge. My seed stained her hair all over.
  902. Mina pulled away from me, her beautiful body sprawled below me. She gathered the hair she had used to bring me to orgasm into a hanging tuft and slowly lowered it into her mouth. She sucked and licked on her own soiled hair like a lollipop. With every suckle she opened more and more of the braid, until finally her hair, so formerly painted white, shimmered straight and copper, only slick with saliva. Mina arched her back with a stretch, effortlessly lifting me in the air. "Oh, Darling~...! Say, why don't we go to some nice hot baths for the holidays?" I bent down to kiss her, and she fell back to the mattress. "As long as you don't get massages from anyone else."
  908. ***   ***   ***
  910.     Loli-Oni's Vacation
  912. I sat on the slightly cool sandstone balcony, panting and pouring bottled water all over my head. The heat was excruciating, and the endless blue skies gave absolutely no shade. The temperature by itself wouldn't have been so bad, but a certain tiny heat source clung to me like a limpet, her dense muscles burning with post-coital heat. To my dismay, Mina had decided to make our 14½th anniversary a boiling charnet pit - normally not a bad thing, either, but the combination of the temperature, and the exercise, and her heat was just too much.
  914. "Listen, Mina..." I spoke between ragged breaths, "Didn't you day you wanted to visit the baths? How about we go today?" I had to distract her somehow. "Actually, why don't we go right now?" Her hot breath all over my shoulder seemed like it would give me heatstroke. Slowly she drew her head back, her forearms crossed behind my neck, and looked me in the eye with a flushed, grinning face. "Darling! I'd love to go! Let's just take a cold shower first..."
  916. As I listened to her hum in the shower, a shiver ran down my spine. There had been something about her face - she was up to something again. What kind of mischief would she get up to at the baths? I hadn't actually read the broschure, there could be anything waiting for me. I sat, still sweating, on the bed as Mina skittered out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, with dripping-wet hair. "The baths will be so much fun, Darling~ I can't wait!" She kissed me on the cheek, letting her wet hair cling to my nose and jaw, before she pulled me up and pushed me into the bathroom.
  920. The baths were a massive, actually quite dim, sandstone structure opposite the royal palace. A handful of skylights cast their blinding beams into the moist air. I was too busy gawking to pay attention to Mina as she bought the tickets. She called and waved me over, suspiciously excited, and took my hand to lead me through the dark wooden gates. I looked around in awe as she marched through the halls right into the changing rooms.
  922. The first thing on the agenda turned out to be a "sports massage" for Mina. I was sat at the wall as a short-haired girl with feathers hanging from her wrists led Mina to a wooden bench. She pulled the bathrobe off her with one smooth move. She seemed to give me the evil eye while Mina lay down on the towel-covered bench. Mina, on the other hand, cheerfully volunteered that we were married as the lady began to rub the substantial muscles of her back. "Is it your honeymoon, then?" She glared at me again, although her voice remained perfectly cordial. "Oh, no! It'll be 15 years next summer!"
  924. The young woman's face drew into a cheerful smile at the words. "Oh, Mistress is very youthful!" She gave me a suddenly much friendlier wink as she began to rub Mina all over in rounded, suggestive movements that seemed to emphasize her butt and thighs. "Ahaha~! I bet you can't tell, but I'm actually older than Darling!" Mina beamed as the feathered, tan woman ran her fingers along her naked thigh. I sat on the wall, almost blushing, as Mina recounted our youth to the giggling masseuse. Finally she grinned and bent down to whisper something in her ear. Mina nodded enthusiastically, which I naturally took to be a worrying sign.
  928. Some minutes later the masseuse almost forcefully guided me to a cold room, pushed me inside, and locked the door behind me. I barely had time to shiver before Mina appeared at the other end, still naked, but now glistening with some sort of oil. Her moist, warm body almost smoked in the cool air. "Isn't it nice, Darling? We got a complimentary couples' massage session!" She grinned as she took one teasing, hip-swaying step after another at me. "To be exact, I'm going to massage you, Darling. Drop your towel and get on the bench!"
  930. She didn't actually give me time to comply - in an instant I was forcibly stripped and slammed onto the wooden bench in the middle of the room. Before my head could clear, I felt her burning, slimy body drape on top of mine. "You just love my abs, don't you, Darling?" Mina slowly slid up to me, the contours of her tiny chest and abdomen teasing my rapidly growing erection as they passed it. Finally she loomed above me, her silky, copper-colored hair leaving her familiar face in a dark shadow, and kissed me. "We're going to play a lot today, Darling~"
  932. I slowly fell into a trance as the cool air and Mina's burning muscles danced around my body. Her firm abs rubbed all over the bottom of my erection, back and forth. The grooves rubbed my frenulum like a gentle washing board with every thrust, and I almost gasped with pleasure every time my head slipped into her navel. It snagged with every few thrusts, only to break free with an exquisite jerk.
  934. I pulled Mina to my chest, hugging her tight far too high to continue. Instead, she gently bit into my shoulder as she lifted her hips enough for me to stand up straight, and then began to rub it from both sides with her massive, powerful thighs. I pressed her head into my shoulder with all my strength as her inner thighs, gushing with boiling blood, almost seemed to cook my penis in place. I sniffed a fistful of her hair between moans of ecstacy as she brought me over the edge - my hips jerked into the air, rocking her on top of me, and I shot out an endless stream of semen out from between her legs.
  936. "I couldn't live a day without you, Mina." I felt the ear pressed against my neck heat up almost imperceptibly at the words. "Stop it~ That's so cheesy, Darling!" She hugged me tight enough to push the air out of my lungs. "I love you more than anything in the world." I barely managed to croak out the words with my empty lungs. "I know you do, Darling." She continued almost too softly to hear: "And I'm happy that you do..."
  942.    ***   ***   ***
  944.     Loli-Oni's Summer
  946. I was already fast asleep when the door clanged open. Mina had been at a pool party with her little friends, but it felt a little late for that. I checked the time: it was 3 in the morning. She had taken a little detour of the way back, I saw. She banged the doors without a care in the world, humming happily as she barged into the bedroom. She almost dived into the bed, without bothering to undress or aim herself away from me.
  948. "Can I put it in, Darling?" She had barely fallen onto me when she spat it out. "I know it's late, but after watching those cute kids..." She slurred, obviously drunk. Where had she gone after the party? Certainly the kids hadn't stayed up this late. "Oh, you know, I went to the night gym afterwards..." She wrapped her arms around me and moaned contentedly. "Then we went out for a couple of barrels with the girls. You know, the usual!"
  950. "So, let's do it! Please~...?" She put on her best puppy-dog face and looked up into my face. I gave her head a soft pat. Of course she could do it. "Oh, wonderful, Darling! Thank you!" She had become very insistent on asking for permission for anything out of the ordinary after the strap-on incident. I enjoyed the feeling of her weight on top me as she fumbled with my underwear. I paused to thank fate that she had mellowed out so much during the last couple of years.
  954. Mina's left horn dug uncomfortably into my side as she kneaded herself into me. "Oh, Darling..." She moaned, slurring slightly, barely audible with her face smushed against my abdomen. "I'm lucky to have you, Darling. I don't know what I would do without you..." Her delicate right hand clumsily kneaded at my genitals as she spoke. Suddenly, after rolling and swinging it around for a while, she slipped her fingertip into the hole. "You know, I shouldn't say this, but this is the closest I can get to those naughty comics..."
  956. I gasped in anticipation. I was a bit worried, too: she had been drinking, after all - would she remember that it wouldn't go in dry? My anxiety was released when she groaned at me: "Darling... Where's the lube...? We need the lube..." I strained to push her tiny, disproportionately heavy body off me. She rolled onto her back with a cute squeal. "Darling! What are you doing? Please don't go!" She flailed her arms blindly as I leant off the bed to get the bottle.
  958. Suddenly her fingers wrapped around the hem of my shirt. I could barely hold on to the lube as I was ripped back as if an ox had just rammed into my chest. I was pulled into her warm, drunkenly clumsy embrace in an instant. She buried her face in my navel and held me motionless for a while. I had already begun to think she had fallen asleep when she piped up again. "Oh, right! Darling, we need the lube!"
  962. I grabbed the bottle that had fallen next to me and wedged it under her face. Mina squealed in delight as she took the bottle. I was too tired to watch, and only listened as she began to lather her hand with the slime. I began to feel myself harden. She still hadn't remembered to undress, and her tiny chest poked at me through her business shirt. The understated softness, the warmth from her head on my stomach, and the anticipation of the act combined to make me throb in the darkness.
  964. Slender fingers wrapped around my shaft. She poked at it, pinching my head from above and below to open the hole, and shot a good squirt right up in there. I jerked my hips excitedly, but she paused. Teasingly slowly she began to insert her finger. First she only pushed it in up to the first knuckle. She let me stew in my anticipation, spinning her finger just enough not to let me forget she was inside me. She adjusted herself as she teased me, taking her head lower, closer to the action.
  966. Mina struggled to place her head comfortably. Whatever she tried, her horn would catch my uper thigh. Finally she groaned in frustration and laid herself straight below me. Her upper arms on my legs and the horns above them, she finally managed to bring her mouth to my dick. I felt her lips and tongue caress my bottom, when suddenly she struck. She plunged her finger deep into me, slowly, carefully, her tongue teasing my flesh along the bulge as it went deeper and deeper.
  970. Finally her entire pinky finger was inside my penis. A current ran through my body as the thin flesh on the bottom of my head was sandwiched between her finger and her tongue. I moaned in pleasure as she began to retract her finger - just as she brought her other hand to bear. It wrapped lightly around my head and gave me a silky-soft caress in the opposite direction, going down even as her finger rose and retracted. With every pump, she paused at the bottom to give my head a gentle playbite.
  972. I gasped, my body jerked, as her hands continued their mirrored movement and her teeth pushed slightly into my soft flesh again and again. I could not take her assault for long - after what must have been a couple of minutes, I was ready to explode. Mina sensed it coming. She pulled away, leaving only the first knuckle in, and gave it one final push just as I came. I almost went blind from the paradoxical sensation of her finger running counter to the flow outside. Her mouth was in position, and she sucked away all the semen that overflew past her pinky.
  974. I basked in post-orgasmic bliss after her finger plopped out of my dick. I waited to catch my breath, and then I heard it. Mina's breath had shifted. With her hands and my rapidly-softening penis still covered in goo, she had fallen asleep. The semen must have thrown her off on top of the alcohol. I briefly considered trying to push her off me, in order to clean myself and her up a little, but I was too tired. Soon after I followed her into the world of dreams.
  980.    ***   ***   ***
  982.     Loli-Oni Bites a Dick
  984. "Darling, please come to the living room." Mina's voice was frightfully monotone. I could tell something was terribly wrong. I set the kitchen knife down on the cutting board, wiped off my hands and rushed over.
  986. She sat on the sofa with a stool pulled up in front of her. Her hands were balled into fists on her lap, and on the stool before her sat a kitchen knife and a copy of "Zombie Blowjob Bad Ends Vol. XIII." Mina kept her head down. "Sit down, Darling." I did, but she still did not meet my eyes. Hers were focused somewhere in the horizon behind me. It wasn't the first time I'd seen that magazine, either. She'd hidden it under the clean bedsheets.
  988. "I'm a horrible wife, Darling." Her voice trembled. "I've promised you so many times I'd stop doing it, but I just can't. I've betrayed you again." I needed to get that knife away before she did something bad with it. "It's been five years now. I just can't control myself. You deserve a good wife who wouldn't do this sort of thing. I'll die, and you can marry again..." Five years ago was when I'd tried to run away.
  992. Mina took the knife and turned the point at herself. I had to hurry. I lunged at her and slammed my hand on her breast. She turned her head to look down at me. Her eyes glistened with silent tears. "Darling...? This isn't the time to rub my chest. Please take your hand off so I can die." I wouldn't. "I love you, Mina! I don't want to live without you!" She still didn't budge. "You'll find someone better. You deserve better..." I had to do something drastic. "Listen, Mina! I don't deserve that! I did something horrible to you!" She fliched. "No, Darling. That's not the same. I hurt you after that..."
  994. Her chin scrunched up and she shook slightly as she sobbed to herself. "I'm a failure as a wife! No husband should be hurt by his wife...!" The knife trembled in her hands as her sobs rose to an outright wail. I had to finally come clean. "D-do you remember when you searched for me...?" I swallowed as she sat motionless. "I wasn't kidnapped, I ran away! I was too afraid to tell you you were too clingy..."
  996. "...I'll kill you instead." She suddenly stared right into my soul. The knife turned to face me. "No..." She flipped the knife again. "It happened because you were scared of me..." Again to me. "How could you do something like that...?" She let the knife drop down to her knees. "You did it because I'm like this..." I tried to twist the knife out of her hands, but even her passive grip was much too strong for me. "What do we do, Darling...?"
  1000. Suddenly she let go of the knife. I immediately threw it behind me. "Wait here, Darling. I'll get a second knife. We can die together and repent for our crimes." I desperately clung to her, but Mina didn't slow down even a little. "Stop it! Let's both live! Please forgive me!" She didn't even flich as she banged me into the kitchen door frame. "I can't stop. You deserve to die. And I can't live if I'm cheating on you." She took the knife I'd left on the counter and turned back.
  1002. "I'll let you bite me!" Mina stopped as if struck by lightning. She had just bent down to rummage for the second knife. "Darling?" Her voice was frail. I had to strain to hear it. "Are you serious?" I managed to twist away the knife she was already holding within the drawer and throw it away. "Yes! I'll let you bite me! Then you won't need those magazines anymore, right? Everything will be alright!"
  1004. Mina plopped down on the floor, crying. I wrapped my arms around her as she rubbed her eyes with her hands. She whispered into my ear between sobs: "What kind of a person would let someone bite his penis...?" I squeezed her as hard as I could. "I'll let you do whatever you want, Mina." Her arms wrapped around me in turn. "I love you. I've always loved you. I cried for a week before you found me. It was the worst thing I've ever done..." I could tell she was being swayed. "I trust you." Then, for a moment, I worried for my spine as the air was squeezed out of my lungs. "You're stupid..."
  1007.    *   *   *
  1010. Mina fidgeted anxiously as she knelt above me on the bed. She bent down and slid her lips past my head. She gave me a slow, complete stroke. I could see worry on her face, even if I couldn't feel anything out of the usual. I did feel her swallow. Her head began to bob back down on me, but then suddenly stopped. I felt her front teeth lightly touch my shaft just below the head. She gave me slight pressure for a moment and opened up again. Her eyes turned up as if to ask for permission.
  1012. I smiled at Mina and could see her beam for an instant before she turned her head back down. She slid down a finger's width and gave me another bite. Then another, and another. Soon her teeth dug into the midway point of my shaft. The pleasure of her tongue caressing my frenulum was interrupted by moments of soft pressure. I could feel her bite my penis, but I was only aware of it. There was no real sensation - neither pleasure or pain.
  1014. Mina began to bite me faster and faster. She bobbed her head down like a piston, pausing to let her incisors dig into me. I could feel her breath grow quicker as she got more and more excited. She began to shake slightly. I lifted my head enough to see that one arm disappeared into her lap. Her head dove deeper and deeper on my shaft with every bob. Deeper than she had ever gone before. Faster, too.
  1016. I could now actually hear the lewd, wet sounds from her groin. She violated herself furiously as she bit me again and again. Finally I felt her teeth bite into my base, where the scrotum comes together to join the shaft. I moaned with the intermittent pleasure of her throat pressing down on my head. It must have been deep enough inside her to push all the way into her neck. Suddenly Mina shuddered, moaned, and pulled on me with her teeth. I gasped and moaned at the bizarre sensation.
  1020. She collapsed on me, exhausted. Her face was flushed, her right hand slimy, her jaw slack around my shaft. She looked up at me with a drowsy face and such loving eyes as I had not seen in years. Suddenly I realized I had not yet come. I wanted her more than ever and grabbed her temples with both hands. Her teeth dug into my ridge as I began to thrust myself into her mouth. Her tiny mouth was just tight enough to caress my head every time I thrust past it even without her trying.
  1022. I moaned like an animal as I forced myself into her mouth again and again. Her small, but hard, teeth caressed me both ways. Soon my thrusts were cut down to a minimum - I humped her skull with barely enough depth to run my frenulum and ridge across her incisors. I moaned even harder as I could feel the orgasm approaching. I rammed myself all the way inside as I began to ejaculate. Waves of pleasure and confusion washed over me as her teeth brought me over the edge.
  1024. I laid on the bed in silence. Our heavy breaths were the only sound in the room. Mina swallowed the semen as my member still softly pulsated inside her mouth. Then, as she pulled her head back, she gave me one final playbite on my head. We'd actually done it. I was still alive and had even enjoyed it. I was stunned. She climbed up to my face and wrapped her powerful arms around me. "Thank you, Darling..." She quickly drifted off to sleep. I soon followed.
  1027.    *   *   *
  1030. The next morning I shuddered as I remembered what had happened. I knew exactly how strong Mina was - if she had lost control even for a moment, her jaws would have torn straight through me. I looked around the bedroom. She was already up. I took the chance to inspect my penis. Everything seemed fine. I even had a morning wood.
  1032. I walked out of the dark bedroom and found a corridor sparkling in daylight before me. Happy humming rang through the apartment from the kitchen. I followed the song. On the way I noticed several bags of paper waste by the door, as well as a hammered-through tape in the trash. I found Mina in the kitchen, as expected. She was wearing an apron, and nothing more.
  1034. "Good morning, Darling! I feel so refreshed after yesterday!" Mina spun to reveal a bowl of cut fruit in her hands. She tiptoed to me and leaned up for a kiss. When I responded, she pulled softly on my tongue with her teeth and winked. "I hope you'll indulge me today, as well..." She picked up a piece of melon, set it between her teeth, and kissed it into my mouth. She bit down right through it and left me with just a half. Her teeth made a cute sound as they clicked together.
  1040.    ***   ***   ***
  1042.    ***   ***   ***
  1044.     Loli-Oni gets Molested
  1046. I'm burning. My mind is melting, destroying my humanity and reducing me to a hedonistic pile of flesh in her arms. The heat is overwhelming, trapped under a heavy blanket. Radiating, diffusing, from her tiny, but powerful muscles - the boiling blood courses through her veins, bringing her warmth to the surface. As suffocating as the heat and pressure is, I am in bliss.
  1050. It all started a couple of hours ago, when my wife came home from the gym. Her hair was still wet from the shower as she sat down at the table and proceeded to devour a feast that would keep me going for a week. Her tiny jaw and tongue stripped the meat from a whole chicken like a machine - pint after pint of beer disappeared into her slender throat. How a tiny girl like her can eat so much, I cannot understand. Perhaps it melts down in an instant? No matter how she does it, before long the table was filled only with empty plates and glasses. It was time for the usual.
  1052. Mina threw her hands up at me, beckoning me to take her in my arms. As always, I did - barely. As tiny as she looked, she weighed a proverbial ton. I struggled to carry my giggling wife into the bed, dropped her on it, and turned to go back and do the dishes. Suddenly I felt a monstrous tug on my belt, pulling me backwards like a toy. Mina rolled over, pulling me over and under her. In an instant I was being stripped by a giggling woman, my and her overwear roughly tossed onto the floor.
  1054. As both of us were reduced to our underwear, Mina wrestled me under the blankets, now smiling contentedly as she wrapped herself all around me. Her arms wrapped around my chest from behind, her legs wrapped around my thighs, her nose probing the base of my jaw and ear. Her happy groans filled my ear as she stretched her back, forcing me to arch with her like a pet cat in a little girl's arms.
  1058. Her heat filled me as she seemed to drift to sleep. In what I knew to have been less than half an hour - but what had felt like a pleasant eternity - she had spun me around again and again, kissing, nuzzling, hugging me from every direction as she did. Now I faced her, her head resting on my chest, her monstrously powerful arms clamping my chest to hers. The gentle fragrance of her barely-dry hair filled my nostrils, her modest chest pressed forcefully against me, her thighs squirmed ever-so-close to my genitals. I couldn't take it anymore.
  1060. I reached down, blind, to wrangle my dick out of my pants. Her body pressed against mine hindered my efforts, but soon it plopped out and onto the small strip of her abdomen exposed between her panties and t-shirt. I was already dripping with precum, and it made me plenty slick enough to molest her abs. I was tempted, as always, but I wanted more. I had to get inside her. My lizard brain screamed out in bestial lust for her, a desperate desire to fill her uterus with myself. I continued fiddling down there, trying to push her panties aside and to fit myself into her. Finally I succeeded. Her hot, wet orifice slid down my shaft as she ever-so-slightly spread her legs and seemed to pull me into her. It was as if her body - or perhaps her unconscious mind - wished to receive it just as much as I wanted to deposit it.
  1062. Mina moaned softly as I slowly pushed my hips into hers. She hugged me harder with every thrust, pulling me into her and releasing me to pull out again after each time. I brought my arms up to her chest, hugging her in return. I petted her hair as I violated her sleeping form. Mina's indescribable heat turned the simple, slow thrusts into a transcendental experience - time seemed to lose all meaning as I took in her warmth both from her skin and her insides. Her breath tickled my chest as her nose dug into my collarbones. She dug herself into me like I was a giant plush doll.
  1064. I couldn't say how long it went on. At some point I suddenly realized I was coming inside her. I pushed myself as deep as I could, letting my sperm out as close to her cervix as I could - the heat had reduced my thoughts to those of an animal, desperate to impregnate her. It wasn't enough to come inside her, it had to be as deep as humanly possible. I felt the pressure grow inside me, the only new stimulus in the world of wet warmth I was enveloped in. A spurt, then another, and another, as I spasmed deep inside her. As I shrank and fell out of her, I felt myself drifting off to join her in the world of dreams. As the world fell away, I wondered if my desire to make her bear my child would come true.
  1068. "D-darling!? W-what is this?!" Mina squaled from the toilet. She must have noticed herself dripping cum. "I-i-i c-can't believe you did something like this! Why?! W-why would you do that?!" She flushed and burst out like a tiny freight train, ramming me in the stomach and pushing me back onto the bed. "You can't just have fun without me, Dar~ling~! Did you think you'd get away with it~?" My vision swam from the impact of her skull on my delicate innards, but I could hear her breaths growing rapid. Her voice had that baseless urgency I had come to associate with an imminent attack. "So~, you want to give me a baby, Darling~? You'd better make sure I have enough material to work with~!"
  1074.    ***   ***   ***
  1076.     Loli-Oni's Transient Bust
  1078. Mina sat on the sofa, rubbing her belly through a distended tank top. The fabric strained to contain both her and our child, but that wasn't all. Not nearly. It buckled above the belly, too. I sat down next to her, gave her the bowl of melon-cucumber ice cream she'd asked for, and found myself staring down her shirt. Her usually middling breasts had swollen, and if they had not become actually large, they were certainly now small to medium.
  1080. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder as we leant on each other. She let her head push onto my jaw, letting her horn jut behind my neck. We both watched, absent-minded and lazy, the news roll along as she slowly enjoyed her ice cream. I let my left hand rest on her belly, where the baby softly pushed back at me. Her wet slurps and moans rang in my ears as I rubbed her in big, lazy circles. Did she tease me deliberately? I couldn't tell, but I could tell my pants were getting tight.
  1082. "Darling? Won't you wait until I'm done eating?" Mina's words snapped me back to reality. I looked at her, and found my hand cupping her swollen breast in the bright midmorning sun. She grinned at me, the sun behind her. Her hair shone like copper in the bright winter sun. Her bowl was almost empty, but she went out of her way to tease me now, licking it clean agonizingly slowly. She did not break eye contact until the bowl was empty.
  1086. Finally she slowly and deliberately set the bowl down on the windowsill. Then, without warning, she lunged at me. She sat herself on the floor in front of me and guided my legs around her body. My pants were pulled down in an instant, letting my ready erection swing out, already dribbling precum onto her top. Mina licked her lips at the sight, gave a slight giggle, and began to pull her shirt up, teasingly slowly.
  1088. Once the fabric cleared her belly, she just stopped. "Do you want to see them, Darling?" She pushed her bust up to punctuate her words. "Too bad!" She cooed gleefully as she grabbed my penis with one hand the the bunched-up fabric with the other. With a deft movement she slipped my erection inside her shirt. I felt her slightly sweaty flesh wrap around me, hidden by the cloth. It clung to my skin as she repositioned herself.
  1090. I yelped with surprise and sensation when she pushed her breasts down my shaft for the first time. I helt my head clear her bust and strike the cloth above. I looked down to see a slight tent rising just below the neckline. The sensation was rough, but amazing. After a few strokes I squirmed on the edge of pain and pleasure. A dark, slimy wet spot was already forming from the precum that had been dabbed onto her shirt with every thrust.
  1094. Mina was not content to thrust her body at me as with her normal bust, no, she delighted in the chance to swing just her bust back and forth. The movement was slight, but enjoyable, and made much better by the moans she made as it rubbed against her sensitive, swollen breasts. The rough edge of the fabric clinging into my tip with each stroke was replaced by another, perhaps even harsher, finish as my head slid free to rub against her almost dry skin.
  1096. I gasped and begged her to put some lube in there. Instead, she craned her neck to take the head in her mouth. She gave the head a quick suck, just long enough to get me really going, and dropped it back in between with a mouthful of drool to lubricate herself. I couldn't take it anymore when she went back to teasing me with her breasts. I braced myself on my legs and my back on the backrest and began to pump myself furiously.
  1098. Mina moaned almost in pain and cooed with excitement as I ravaged her under the shirt. My pace grew more and more frantic, rubbing myself all over her valley and out to push at the shirt. Finally I came to a frenzied orgasm, suspended like a bridge on my shoulders. I looked down to see the bulge below her neck pulse as the wet stain spread all around it. "Oh my, Darling...! You've ruined my top!"
  1102. Some minutes later I found myself in the shower with her, the laundry running in the background to wash away all that semen. Mina sat on the stool as I knelt behind her, washing her back. She seemed half-joking, but with a very dangerous tint to her voice, as she spoke up. "I hope you don't her addicted to my breasts, Darling! You know they won't last..." I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her softly from behind. I'd love her chest no matter what size it was. Besides, my penis was now wedged between the stool and something far better. Mina knew it too, and wiggled her butt as she giggled at me.
  1108.    ***   ***   ***
  1110.    ***   ***   ***
  1112.     The Daughteru of Loli-Oni
  1114. >Moom~ I'm home~!
  1115. A young woman struggles to fit through the door frame. Her uniform betrays her age - despite her massive body, it's her first day at high school. She hangs her bag by the door and takes her shoes off. There's still no response.
  1116. >The teacher was home raped, so we only had the entrance ceremony~
  1117. She saunters off towards the living room. As she opens the door, her jaw drops.
  1119. A hogtied man is holding a wrestler's bridge on the carpet. He is blindfolded and gagged. A very small, horned woman in kneeling at his groin. Her lips suckle on his base as she gently rocks back and forth. A definite bulge in her throat extends almost all the way to her collarbones. Her left arm is wrapped around him, but her right hand pistons a dildo back and forth in his anus. Almost as soon as the daughter arrives, her father tenses - if possible - even more, and her mother simultaneously swallows and drools onto the floor.
  1121. >Moooom! You're getting cum on the carpet AGAIN! I told you to milk daddy in the bathroom!
  1122. >Oh, I'm sorry dearie! But you know, the bathroom floor is always so cold...
  1123. >At least put a towel under him or something! Sheesh!
  1124. She storms off to her room, walking past her parents in a huff. The father groans through the gag.
  1125. >Yeah, hi dad.
  1129. The girl jumps on her bed. It's not really all about the carpets. Watching her parents always makes her feel self-conscious. Her mother is so slender, while her gigantic thighs and hips won't even fit in one bus seat. Her breasts hang out like a holstaur's. The only slender part are her abs.
  1130. >>Why can't I be beautiful like mommy...
  1131. She sighs as she turns on her back. Things have been awkward with her childhood friend, too. He's still tiny, like a kid, but she's grown so much in the last few years. It's almost like she was his mother when he sits in her lap. Recently she can't get comfortable without putting her breasts on his head. There's no way he would like that...
  1133. Besides, they're not even in the same class anymore. There's no telling what might happen to him when she's not there to look after him. What if the other girls are raping him every recess?
  1134. >>I bet he likes it too, there's so many pretty, slender girls in the school. Like that one Cyclops... Totally flat in the front AND back.
  1135. >>Why can't I look like her...?
  1136. The thought of losing him to someone else almost maker her cry.
  1138. Suddenly she knows what she has to do. There's only one way to keep him safe. She phones him immediately.
  1139. >Hey dude, wanna come over to play some video games...?
  1140. And he does. She has about 15 minutes to prepare. The ropes are a no-brainer, but what else would she need...?
  1144. >Erin! What are you doing?
  1145. A powerful hand holds the small boy down on the bed while another rips his trousers off.
  1146. >S-s-shut up you l-little w-w-worm! I-i'm gonna r-r-rape you~!
  1147. A blush spreads below her wild eyes. She has no idea what she's doing. She's always been a nerdy Monster Girl. She was never into all that rape business, she just wanted to play games and do sports. All the pretty girls have years of experience by this point. She can't let him realize it's her first time, or he'll laugh at her.
  1149. His dick is rock hard. Why...? How is he this hard when faced with a grotesque body like hers? Is he this into being raped? Would he be fine with anyone? No...! She can't accept that! Tears well in her eyes as she slaps him across the face.
  1150. >You little slut!? You just want to get raped?
  1151. >Erin, I...!
  1152. >Just how many times have you done it already!?
  1153. She slaps him again. His vision swims. When he comes to, she's sitting cross-legged, crying.
  1155. >I'm sorry...! I just wanted to be your first...
  1156. >Erin, listen...
  1157. >J-just go home already! I'm sorry I ever touched you... You don't have to touch someone gross like me ever again!
  1158. >I love you!
  1159. Wait, what? Is he serious?
  1160. >I love you just the way you are, Erin! I love how big and soft you are!
  1161. >W-w-what... No...
  1162. She hides her blush behind her fingers.
  1166. >A-are you sure about this?
  1167. He answers with a kiss. His iniative doesn't go far - in an instant he's on his back again, her humongous, lewd tongue probing every part of his mouth, her horn pressing and grinding on his frontal bone. One powerful hand cradles his head as another strokes her crotch.
  1168. >Now you've done it~! I'll make you into my groom tonight...
  1169. She sits up, still on him. The shadow of her breasts falls on his face. She's happy he can't see the embarrassed expression she's wearing.
  1171. Her massive thighs slowly lower her hips onto his. The gentle, featherlike touch is so unlike her own fingers, so much larger and rougher. He gasps and moans as her slimy walls descend on him. She slowly raises and lowers herself on top of him, concentrating on the ever so slight feeling it gives her. Is this pure love? There isn't a trace of the lewd, bestial experience of masturbation. She shudders with pleasure as she bounces on him again and again.
  1173. Two minutes in, he groans and almost convulses under her. This is it, she thinks correctly. He did come inside her. She rolls over, pulling him on top of him. She beams as she presses his face into her chest, almost choking him.
  1174. >You were so delicate~ I can't believe I get to do this~!
  1175. His face, buried in her rather large bust, is rather more ashen.
  1176. >>Tiny penis!
  1177. >>Premature ejaculation!
  1178. >>She's going to tell all her friends, and they'll all laugh at me!
  1179. He quickly forgets his worries as his hardening penis worms its way between her thick, muscular thighs.
  1185.    ***   ***   ***
  1187.     Oni-Daughteru does Cosplay
  1189. A dozen empty tankards stood on the low table. A very large young lady danced out of the kitchen with another four. Her dress twirled in the air as she spun towards the table. There was a very small young gentleman sprawled on the table. One of the tankards stood in front of him, half-full. His red face contorted as he groaned pitifully.
  1191. The young oni sat down at the table. She gulped down one of the new tankards without a word.
  1192. >Ahn~ This is the best! We should do this every week!
  1193. >Erin... Erin, I'm gonna puke... I'm dying!
  1194. She reclined to the floor. Why was he that wasted after barely a sip? It's amazing how different humans and Onis can be. Besides, what was the point in this Bavarian maid costume if he wasn't conscious to admire it. Damn.
  1196. She quickly downed the rest. Might as well get to molesting him already, he wasn't getting any more lucid. She spilled some beer on her bust. She was briefly annoyed, but then had an idea. She opened her top buttons. What a nice idea~
  1200. She was on her back on the pillows. She pulled him over her like a ragdoll, kissing her face all over before turning him around. She positioned his hips onto her chest and his head to her crotch. He groaned unintellegibly as she pulled her panties down and her knee-length skirt and apron up. Was that a no he was trying to mumble? She sort of didn't care.
  1202. His head was pressed between her muscular thighs and shins, his mouth pressing right on her genitals. He awkwardly licked and probed at her. That certainly didn't seem like a no. His little penis wormed it's way into her bust. She could feel it pump back and forth and he wiggled his hips on top of her.
  1204. She stretched herself to full length. She only had to lie back and let him do all the work. How nice~ It was sort of like having a slave - or a pet. But... Was he really in love with her? He said he loved her, but was that true? She did rape him, and she was as a matter of fact in the process of raping him again. Her mellow happiness had already turned to uncertain worry when he splurted his seed into her bust.
  1208. She crawled out from under her. She carried him to her bed, weeping quietly all the way. She put him down and leaned in to kiss him. He moaned again. What was that? She leaned even closer.
  1209. >Er... Erin...
  1210. This was it. Was he going to finally tell the truth?
  1211. >I love you...
  1213. She hugged him tight with tears in her eyes. She could feel his slimy sperm press out of her bust and onto his jaw.
  1214. >Please... Just... No beer next week...
  1215. Maybe it was true...? But would she still like him if they just did friend stuff together? Attractive Onis were supposed to drink hard, after all. But drinking always made her sad in the end.
  1217. She climbed under the sheets with him. She should have really taken a shower beforehand, her dress was all grimy with sweat, beer and jizz. He'd have a hell of a hangover AND a big, smelly Oni snoring next to him in the morning. How embarrassing. That was fine, though, as long as he would hold her through the night.
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