Luna Greentexts: Good Looking (Butt)

Feb 3rd, 2016
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  1. >Luna's chambers were cozy, the moon motif of the whole thing really driving the point home that, yes, she was the princess of the night.
  2. >As you chilled on the princess' bed, she looked at herself in her big mirror.
  3. >Despite being a big, bad princess of a nation, she wanted to make sure she looked pretty.
  4. >She was still a mare, after all.
  5. >The moon princess examined her features, then turned her head towards you.
  6. >"What do you think, Anonymous? Do I appear adequate?"
  7. >You'd been slightly spacing out, but her voice was enough to bring you back to reality.
  8. >Your eyes give her body a quick run down.
  9. "All dandy," you tell her with slight disinterest. It was late, and the only reason you were still here was because you were too lazy to go to your bed.
  10. >She raises an eyebrow.
  11. >"All dandy? But, is there anything out of place?"
  12. >Ugh, women.
  13. >You look at her again, giving a thumbs up.
  14. "Looking good from head to booty, princess."
  15. >She smiles.
  16. >"If you say so, Anon-"
  17. >She stops, thinking over what you said.
  18. >"Wait, 'booty'?"
  19. >How much did she still have to learn after that one thousand year vacation?
  20. "Bottom. Rear end. Butt. Badonkadonk. Tushie. Hiney. Glutes. Moneymaker."
  21. >She turns around and looks at her butt in the mirror, giving it a little shake.
  22. >"That's an interesting body part to point out. Are rears supposed to look good?"
  23. >She...really didn't know?
  24. >Her eyes stay on her rear, concentration filling them as she tried to think on her moonbottom.
  25. "Uh, yeah, I guess. Lots of guys find butts to be attractive on girls, though I kind of assumed it could also work the other way around."
  26. >The lunar pony puts a hoof to her chin, then puts it down.
  27. >"And ponies are not disturbed that it is were feces comes from?"
  28. >Thank you for that thought, Luna.
  29. "Err...no?"
  30. >She looks back to her rear.
  31. >"Fascinating..."
  32. >Her hoof slides across her cheeks, checking for some quality about them you couldn't guess.
  33. >She follows up by prodding her butt, playing with it a little to see the effects of the outside stimulation.
  34. >At least, that's what you thought.
  35. >It may or may not have made you a bit hard watching her.
  36. >"If the buttocks are supposed to look attractive, what factors determine this?"
  37. >This was getting a bit weird.
  38. "Uh..."
  39. >The princess looks at you expectantly, her eyes almost like a curious kitten's.
  40. >Clearing your throat, you try to compose yourself as best as you can.
  41. "Well, usually, when people, or ponies in this case, are...looking for a good butt-"
  42. >That could have been worded better.
  43. "-usually, the features you aim for are wide hips that make the butt look bigger, firmness or softness to make it feel nice to the touch, and movement, because nothing attracts more than a butt that can sway smoothly."
  44. >The princess ponders on your words, her lips pursed as she looks at her butt some more.
  45. >She shakes it again, likely testing its movement.
  46. >Next, she places her hoof on one of her cheeks, giving them a bit of a squeeze.
  47. "Firm..." she says with a hum.
  48. >Finally, she gives the mighty moonbutt a hard glare, possibly trying to compare her rear to her sister's.
  49. >"So if I desire a larger rear, am I to fatten myself? That sounds undesirable."
  50. "Nah," you tell her, shaking your head, "you can also just do exercises that focus on it."
  51. >A small notebook floats over to her, the blue alicorn writing something down before snapping it shut and glancing back at her hiney.
  52. >She hums.
  53. >"Perhaps for now, since I have no time to do any exercises, I could attempt to alter its appearance via make up."
  54. "Seriously?"
  55. >Her irate expression tells you she didn't appreciate that.
  56. >"Is there a problem with appearing presentable?"
  57. "I just think you're taking it a little too far."
  58. >She humphs. "Nonsense. A princess must always look her best for her citizens."
  59. >A powder puff comes out of the dresser next to the mirror, patting itself in makeup before dabbling itself on Luna's butt.
  60. >She was seriously doing this.
  61. >You watched as she applied makeup to her butt, trying to make it look bigger.
  62. >This was a double edged sword, really.
  63. >She'd have a nicer looking butt, though at the same time, you began questioning Luna's intelligence.
  64. >When she finished, there was barely any difference between her butt before and now.
  65. >Maybe just looked a little deeper.
  66. >"How does my posterior appear, Anonymous?"
  67. >No point in not humoring her.
  68. "All dandy."
  69. >"Perfect. Then I shall begin my royal duties."
  70. >The maids were going to have one Hell of a time cleaning her buttprint from whatever she sat on.
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