Horizon 8-B

May 23rd, 2015
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  1. Chapter 28:
  2. Kani speaks with Toshiie and Matsu (who has temporarily taken her full-sized human form).
  3. Ranmaru is revealed to be one of the original automatons from the Dawning Age and has come from the Imperial Palace.
  4. She says harm will come to the Palace if Musashi travels to Kyou, but not because Musashi will wage war.
  5. A Double Border Crest appears behind her when Masazumi asks what will harm the Palace, but Asama + Musashino protect against it and/or it vanishes on its own.
  6. Asama's analysis reveals that the Crest is a mysterious phenomenon rather than a spell and it seems to be triggered when someone is about to reveal certain information.
  8. Chapter 29:
  9. A half-dragon named Yasuke appears from Ranmaru's shadow.
  10. Kiyomasa worries about her situation with Fukushima.
  11. Masazumi begins her negotiation with Hashiba (who is represented by Ankokuji Ekei).
  13. Chapter 30-39:
  14. Masazumi and Takenaka take charge of the negotiations.
  15. Neshinbara briefly takes over for a bullshitting contest with Takenaka.
  16. The Musashi and Azuchi ultimately decide to leave each other alone for the time being.
  17. Class Plum spends the night over at Toori's place to help Neshinbara finish his manuscript.
  18. The girls have many a lewd late-night conversation mostly revolving around the question of how many children they want to have.
  19. The next day, the Musashi arrives at Ariake.
  21. Chapter 40-47:
  22. Kiyomasa, Asano, and Nabeshima are in Sanada to train and Asano spars against Mochizuki.
  23. Masazumi holds a meeting with Christina next to the academy pool.
  24. Christina thinks Musashi only saved her for her connection to Kyou, but Masazumi counters that they have other ways of getting into Kyou.
  25. Gin explains that they could have Tres Espana hire the Musashi as a mercenary (which would technically work for convoluted reasons) and Masazumi points out that Azuma also gives them a way in.
  27. Chapter 48-55:
  28. Masazumi says they wouldn't actually Use Azuma like that and tells Christina she can help simply by staying aboard the Musashi until the end of summer break.
  29. Sakon, Onitakemaru, Mitsunari, and Ootani train by fighting a dragon created by Olimpia's dream and get some help from Hirano Nagayasu (Speer #6).
  30. Kani trains by fighting Mori's god of war.
  31. The Musashi and Speer Technohexen have a quick skirmish.
  32. Musashi travels to eastern M.H.R.R. in Ariake to hold Future-Past Comiket.
  33. Reizei, Mitsuhide's assistant automaton (and the same type as Ranmaru), tells Masazumi that Mitsuhide is at the event and says she will negotiate in his place.
  34. Someone in a turban who Miriam knows (presumably Mitsuhide) speaks with her briefly.
  35. Masazumi asks to have the rights to Mitsuhide's inherited name transferred to Musashi.
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