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E-mail database of Bitcointalk users is for sale

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  1. Hello,
  2. I sell an e-mail database of Bitcointalk forum users.
  3. Quantity of unique e-mails: 543,690
  4. 63,000 users from parsing and
  5. 492,000 users from the dump purchased on DarkNet.
  6. The database is not fake, you can check it by doing the following:
  7. 1. Find any e-mail on any Bitcointalk page (ivanbases@yandex.ru)
  8. 2. Tell me first three characters of that e-mail
  9. 3. I send you all e-mails from my database that begin with these characters
  10. The price of the database is 1 BTC.
  11. This database can be used to involve new investors in ICO projects and find partners for any crypto-currency business.
  12. If you are interested, you can buy and Download Instantly Here: http://satoshibox.com/7n7kk8dus77b8eiosfa8ypq4
  13. Price: 0.5 BITCOIN
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