Second Industrial Revolution

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  1. Standardization and rapid industrialization marked the second industrial revolution in the late 19th to early 20th centuries, where precision machinery and interchangeable parts played a key role in establishing systems such as communications and various forms of transportation, public utilities, the assembly line and electrification.
  3. Noted inventors and industrialists such as Nikola Tesla, Alexander Graham Bell, Antonio Meucci, Samuel Morse, Guglielmo Marconi, Henry Ford and the Wright Brothers gained mainstream recognition for their contributions to society, and pioneering efforts led to technological marvels and also follies, notably the telegraph, the telephone, the electric bulb, radio, giant ocean liners such as the RMS Titanic, and skyscrapers using newly-pioneered building and engineering techniques as well as advancements in metallurgy and materials science that enabled more complex structures. Industries such as transport and energy was also subject to a radical shift, forever changing our daily lives. Karl Benz, while not the first to invent the automobile, developed the first practical motor car, with his wife Bertha Benz taking the Patent-Motorwagen to a road trip to prove that automobiles were the future. Henry Ford made the Model T with the intent of being affordable to the average person. Thomas Edison improved upon the electric bulb, further driving the adoption of electricity.
  5. The second revolution was followed by further developments such as the Machine Age, the Atomic Age with radioactive substances and computers were in their infancy, and the transistor, the Jet Age and the Space Age, which culminated with mankind's voyage to outer space.
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