using http or https/what the difference?

Jul 3rd, 2020
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  1. Please tell me what the difference ?
  2. Can you tell what the difference of create backlinks of your site by using http or https or htttp://www or https://www ? if i create link for example http://domain.com the power of link will go to https://domain.com or not ?
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  14. Doesn't matter as long as everything re-directed properly to one url structure
  15. if i changed the structure i need to redirect it from htacess or what ?
  16. Yes
  17. Yeah, if you properly redirect it, then Goggle is prepared to handle this situation. Facebook is another story though.
  18. Former Discovery Channel CTO John Honeycutt Joins Google Cloud
  19. Former Discovery Channel Chief Technical Officer (CTO) John Honeycutt has joined Google Cloud. Discovery, which has headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland, United States, was established in 1985. The company is a global leader in “real life entertainment” offering around over 8,000 hours of documentary-based original programming in 50 languages in around 220 countries every year. Mr. Honeycutt’s engagement by Google Cloud is likely to drive potential customers in the entertainment industry towards its services.
  21. Mr. Honeycutt joined Google Cloud earlier this year as Vice President of Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment. He will be in charge of the company’s media and telecom activity. The move underscores Google Clouds’ position as a cloud provider able to deliver the computing and data storage required by the film and television industries. In his new role Mr. Honeycutt will be responsible for acquiring customers that will also include esport companies, content providers and telecoms.
  23. Hey, only 2.5 screens before you get to the 10 blue links. A full 4 screens if you cannot crack the top 2 organics. pic.twitter.com/bbm1pz8hyF— Jeremy Bochenek (@J_Bochenek) July 17, 2020
  24. If a search query has lots of easy to structure crap around it, a user might need 6 or 7 scrolls to get to an organic result
  25. Very interesting Google SERP for GoT. One barely visible organic result after >70% scroll depth. Oh my... #seo #GameOfThones pic.twitter.com/Z6j7VvJMI4— Bastian Grimm (@basgr) August 24, 2020
  26. Then if third parties go "well Google does this, so I should too" they are considered a low quality user experience and get a penalty.
  27. Emailed a client one month ago when I picked up ultra-aggressive ads (especially on mobile). They just received an ad experiences warning. pic.twitter.com/QLLZci1xKW— Glenn Gabe (@glenngabe) September 25, 2020
  28. 31% ad coverage on mobile website is excessive / spam / low quality user experience for a publisher, while 301% coverage is reasonable for the central network operators.
  29. Google not only displaces the result set, but also leverages their search suggestion features & algorithmic influence to alter how people search & what they search for.
  30. Ads are getting integrated into mobile keyboards.
  31. The standard keyboard on the HTC 10 has begun showing ads [X-Post from r/mildlyinfuriating] https://t.co/FuXDJzilZ6 #blog pic.twitter.com/VriK54dBHb— Android Facts (@manatweets) July 16, 2020
  32. And when a user finally reaches the publisher's website (provided they scroll past the ads, the AMP listings, and all the other scrape-n-displace trash) then when they finally land on a publication Google will overlay other recommended articles from other sites.
  33. Whoa -> While you're reading a page on the Google app for iOS, you'll now see suggestions for related content https://t.co/n6FjkNqx82 pic.twitter.com/DZYTt8T7fI— Glenn Gabe (@glenngabe) September 19, 2020
  34. That feature will eventually end up including ads in it, where publishers will get 0.00% of the revenue generated.
  35. Remember how Google suggested publishers should make their websites faster, remove ads, remove clutter, etc. What was the point of all that? To create free real estate for Google to insert a spam unit into your website?
  36. Continuing coverage of Google's new content recos. I'm sure Best Buy is thrilled to see Amazon show up while someone is on their page. Ouch. pic.twitter.com/qpDyGKPyYh— Glenn Gabe (@glenngabe) September 24, 2020
  37. This wouldn't be bad if mobile were a small, fringe slice of traffic, but it is becoming the majority of traffic. And as mobile increases desktop traffic is shrinking.
  38. Even politically biased outlets that appear to be nearly perfectly optimized for a filter bubble that promotes identity politics struggle to make the numbers work: "As a result of continued decline in direct advertising, [Salon's] total revenue in the fiscal year 2020 decreased by 34% to $4.6 million. Following the market trend, 84% of our advertising revenue in fiscal year 2020 was generated by programmatic selling. ... [Monthly unique visitors to our website saw] a decrease of 23%. We attribute the decline primarily to the changes in the algorithms used by Facebook."
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