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  1. [04:21.32] * RichardG (~experienc@3C01B864.FD6E1185.7EE7F5AD.IP) has joined channel #plusplus
  2. [04:21.35] <RichardG> the heck is going on here
  3. [04:21.45] <PP-TUTORIAL> <Drakonnus> just ic2 being bitchy
  4. [04:21.46] <PP-SIGMA> <WaterCandle> You're that guy that keeps dying
  5. [04:22.10] <PP-TUTORIAL> <Drakonnus> well then, that's better.
  6. [04:22.40] <PP-TUTORIAL> <Drakonnus> those two signs near the trees could use some placement on the other side.
  7. [04:22.47] <D34THROW> oh god what
  8. [04:22.49] <D34THROW> AHAHAHAHA
  9. [04:23.09] <D34THROW> Theres no way for this guy to prove he's really RichardG.
  10. [04:23.23] <RichardG> slicing us with legalese does not help at all. what's so hard with obtaining permission, then you will never get problems like that again
  11. [04:23.26] <RichardG> peace out
  12. [04:23.28] * RichardG (~experienc@3C01B864.FD6E1185.7EE7F5AD.IP) Quit (Quit: Get ready to fling yourself. Fling into space.)
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