Dance in the Moonlight (Shizune, erotic content)

Aug 6th, 2012
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  1. The car ride to the Hakamichi summer house is incredibly bumpy. Despite their family's vast wealth, they can't even pave this old dirt road? How disappointing. Jigoro's driving doesn't make it any better. That was another surprise; I assumed we would be taking a limo with a butler and everything or some nonsense like that. Guess I underestimated the man's resolve yet again.
  3. I'm actually surprised that he let me come along. The man doesn't exactly seem to enjoy my presence, even if I've been dating his daughter for over a year now. Perhaps I'm starting to grow on him, or he at least is learning to tolerate me.
  5. Speaking of his daughter. There is this girl laying asleep on my arm in the back seat. Her breath hitches every now and then, probably stirring from her dreams. Or maybe from the sound of Misha's snores on the other side of the car. How that girl manages to sleep so much, I'll never know. Her hair is still short; she decided to keep it that way after the whole ordeal before graduation. Shizune, on the other hand, has decided to start growing out her hair since then, and it now approaches shoulder-length. I rather like the way it looks on her.
  7. “[I'm not sure how much I'll grow it out,]” she said to me one day last week.
  9. “[I think it looks fine right now. Shoulder-length looks good on you.]”
  11. “[Maybe you're right,]” she responded with a smile. “[I kind of want a ponytail for once, though.]”
  13. I jumped at the compliment gun, not thinking about the potential consequences. “[Do what you want, you'll look beautiful no matter what.]”
  15. She had to try and stifle a flash of red across her cheeks after that one. Despite her embarrassment, she had to present /some/ form of criticism. She wouldn't be Shizune otherwise. “[You should have a preference, though. Not having one is ridiculous and cowardly. Tell me what you think.]”
  17. “[I do tell you what I think.]”
  19. “[Obviously not.]”
  21. We're still not without our arguments, but they're always petty little things. Nothing really gets in the way of our relationship, and I rather like what we have. It's casual, open. We try our best to stay friends first, which really helps things sometimes.
  23. One of the bumps in the road is particularly violent, and it jostles her awake. She smacks her head against my collarbone, going wide-eyed as she rejoins reality. Her fingers rush to her temple, trying to massage away the pain. “[Uh... good morning, I guess?]” I sign to her.
  25. “[It's not morning,]” she says back. “[And it's not good, either.]”
  27. “[Oh, come on, you know you love waking up to my shining face.]”
  29. She rolls her eyes. She's definitely not the romantic type, but she has her own ways of letting me know how she feels. Subtleties in her behavior, in the ways she moves her hands, belie emotions buried beneath the surface. It's just one of those things I love about her. She's a puzzle, a challenge, not just an open book on a silver plate. Maybe I'm turning more into her than I thought.
  31. “[How'd you sleep?]” I ask, attempting to at least make small talk.
  33. “[Okay. Bumpy. Dad sucks at driving.]”
  35. “[I noticed. You sure it's not just the road?]” She shakes her head.
  37. “[Trust me, he's just bad.]” She rests her head back on my shoulder, and I wrap my arm around her this time. Her hair brushing against the skin of my forearm feels like silk, heavenly to the touch. She plants a quick kiss on my cheek before snuggling into my chest, her fingers drifting along the surface of my shirt. It's a simple, affectionate gesture, one perfectly suited to the way that she likes to show love.
  39. I remember her telling me once that she didn't like using words when possible. Words can have double meanings, and you can hurt people too easily with them. Gestures are pure expression, definite and precise. I joked that it was just her preference being deaf, which merited me a glare and several punches in the arm.
  41. “Hey!” a voice booms from the front of the car. Damn rear-view mirrors. “Watch the public displays of affection, boy! Just because my daughter wants to go out with some glue-huffing punk doesn't mean I have to tolerate your lovey-dovey crap!”
  43. I sigh, and Shizune notices the change in breath. She tilts her head up, eyes filled with that worried look. “[What's wrong? Did he say something stupid?]” she asks.
  45. “[He says we're being too affectionate for his taste.]” I purposefully tone down his words. The last thing we need over our vacation is a shouting match between the two of them.
  47. “[Well, tell him to shove off! I haven't seen you in months, I'm allowed to do what I want with you.]”
  49. “[What you want with me, eh?]” I respond with an arched eyebrow. She shoves me in the arm and I laugh silently.
  51. “[Mind out of the gutter, Hisao.]” I give her a salute. “[Now tell him what I said.]”
  53. One of the tricks of the trade that I've learned is how important it is to keep Shizune and Jigoro off of each other's throats. Now, they argue pretty much every time they talk to each other. So how do I go about that? Simple, don't let them talk if I can help it. I mouth the words I'd be speaking to her father, but with no sound. It's usually enough to satisfy her, and neither of them is any wiser to what's going on.
  55. As I predicted, there's no response from the front of the car. Crisis averted, for now at least.
  57. We pull up to what I assume is the summer house. It has to be, considering how large it is and the lake just behind it. Only a man as full of himself as Jigoro would need to build the largest possible summer house, even rivaling the size of his regular mansion.
  59. Bodies pile out of the car one by one. Hideaki is put in charge of baggage by his father. “Dad, don't you think all these suitcases might be a bit hard for me to carry?” he asks.
  61. “Nonsense!” the man replies, puffing out his chest. “When I was your age I could lift twice that load! That's the problem with your generation, always so eager to quit. Get to work boy, it'll put some hair on your chest!”
  63. “Gross...,” Hideaki mumbles to himself as Jigoro heads inside.
  65. Misha crawls out of the car, wide awake after being awoken by Shizune. “Ahhh, summer~,” she exclaims. “This is gonna be great! Just a nice long~ week off with Hicchan and Shicchan.” Her arms fly around our necks, and she pulls all our faces together into a big, cheesy grin.
  67. “Yeah, fantastic,” I say coldly.
  69. “Aw~, c'mon, Hicchan, you have to say it with more en-thu-si-as-m!”
  71. “[Misha, the man had to endure my father for the whole ride. Cut him at least a little bit of slack.]”
  73. “Yeah, what she said.”
  75. She pouts, saddened by my horrid attempt at recovery. I'm really just too tired to be that excited right now, even if we do have a whole week of relaxation ahead of us. I decide the least I could do is fake it, especially with those bright golden eyes staring me down. I inhale sharply and let out my loudest laugh. “Let's go, summer awaits!” I cry out, marching toward the house entrance.
  77. “Wahaha~! That's the spirit, Hicchan!” Shizune mimics a sigh and follows us in, packing a small handbag of her personal belongings.
  79. The interior of the summer house is quite large, as the exterior implied. The central living room is adorned with various outdoorsy things, ranging from full fish to animal heads to fur mounts... Jigoro never struck me as the hunter type. Though I guess the man has enough money to have someone do the hunting for him.
  81. Hideaki is still climbing the stairs with luggage as we start up to the second floor. I decide to give the kid a break and pick up a couple of our bags. He thanks me and picks up the last suitcase, following us up the flight.
  83. I just realize that I don't know the room situation. I tap Shizune on the shoulder when we reach the top to get her attention. “[Hey, who's sleeping where?]”
  85. She looks at me like I'm stupid. “[Misha and I will be in my room. You're in a room with Hideaki.]”
  87. “[You don't have a guest room?]”
  89. “[No. This is a private vacation spot, we never have guests here. It's always just my family, so there are only three rooms.]”
  91. “[Why can't Jigoro sleep with Hideaki?]”
  93. She glares at me, which is an answer enough. I suppose it is rather dumb of me to expect her father to go along with that when he could have a nice, giant bed all to himself. Something clicks in her head, as if she finally understands why I'm asking. “[So, no, I wouldn't plan on us sleeping together.]”
  95. “[Definitely not fair,]” I respond with a pout.
  97. “[More time for that later, love.]” Her lips meet mine in a quick peck. She's smiling when she pulls away. “[Promise.]”
  99. “[I'll hold you to that, y'know.]”
  101. “[Good. I expect you to.]” She spins on the heel of her flats, practically skipping down the hall to her room, her skirt bouncing up and down with each step. Her hips twist and sway... dammit, brain, why must you go there so quickly? Just enjoy the time with your girlfriend. Out here in the wilderness. Be a manly man! Wear a Hawaiian shirt, grow a beard and long hair, and carry a katana with you everywhere you go!
  103. Yeah... like that'll ever happen.
  105. I waltz into my room with Hideaki and start to put away my belongings. We play rock-paper-scissors for dibs on the closet, and he wins handily, to my displeasure. “Men always throw rock first, so I always throw paper,” he comments while hanging up his clothes. Good to know I'm predictable, I guess.
  107. The closet door slams shut, muffling a rustling of fabric, then re-opens to reveal Hideaki in a pair of swimming trunks and no shirt. He's also removed the clips from his hair, letting it lay flat and matted, making him look significantly more like a boy. “Why the change in outfit?” I ask. Stupid question, merits a stupid answer.
  109. “Swimming!” he responds with gusto. “I haven't gone swimming in months. The girls are coming, too, so get changed.”
  111. The girls, huh? Can't argue with that. I mean, I've seen all there is to see of Shizune, but that doesn't mean I'll turn down a free show. Hideaki throws a towel over his shoulder and rushes out of the room, his footsteps on the stairwell echoing through the house. Which, of course, disturbs the king. “Alright, which one of you paint-sniffers is running in my house?” the voice bellows, stomps rampaging behind it. He's lambasting Hideaki for running, yet he's... On second thought, trying to make sense of Jigoro probably isn't the wisest use of my time.
  113. I shut the door just to deafen the noise and strip down, throwing my clothes into a nearby basket before putting on my swimming shorts. As I pull them up to my waist, there's a knock on the door. “Who is it?” I ask, knowing that I can still get an answer even from silence. The quiet tells me that it's Shizune. I open it a crack to see her standing there, already in her bathing suit. It's a two-piece bikini, black top with a white bottom, the lower half covered in a frilly skirt that really accentuates her hips. Of course, being a two-piece, she gets to show off her flat stomach and slim waist. She's not making it easy on me, is she?
  115. “[Hello,]” she signs with a smile. “[Ready to head out to the lake?]”
  117. “[Just a sec, I need to finish changing.]” I close the door, but leave it slightly ajar. She takes this as an invitation in and plops herself on the bed. I fumble through the drawers for a shirt to wear over my scar and settle for a bright yellow variant. I turn around and she just shakes her head.
  119. “[A shirt for swimming? Really, Hisao?]”
  121. “[Hey, the scar's still kind of a touchy subject. Just because you've seen it doesn't mean I want them to.]”
  123. She brings a hand up to her mouth, her version of a giggle. “[I know you're shy about it, but you don't need to be.]” Her hands run up the hem, lifting it over my head and shoulders, and she casts it aside with the rest of my clothes. A single finger runs down the reddened flesh. “[Misha won't care, Hideaki won't know the difference, and who cares what Jigoro thinks?]”
  125. “[Um... I do,]” I respond, raising my hand. “[I'd like to have my girlfriend's father's approval, y'know?]”
  127. “[Don't worry about it.]” She wraps her hands around my neck, standing on her tip-toes to kiss me gently. “[Whatever he thinks doesn't matter. I'll still love you.]” Words I don't get to hear from her very often. I really wish she'd say them more, if the aching feeling in my stomach is any consolation.
  129. “[I know,]” is all I can say in response. The soft touch of her hands lingers on my neck and face, her fingertips grazing along the surface of my skin, leaving goosebumps in their wake. Looking into those deep sapphire eyes is absolutely mesmerizing. I could get lost in them forever, like the dark of the ocean, exploring the depths for an eternity and a half.
  131. My hands find their way around her waist to the small of her back, and I pull her as close as I can. She takes on a surprised expression, as she always does when I take the lead. But she gets the hint, and she understands the thrill of getting caught. And oh, is she about the thrills. Our lips connect in fiery passion, sending chills down my spine as my fingers snake up hers.
  133. She pulls me backward onto the bed, forcing me on top of her. I run down her neck, shoulders, and arms, taking in every inch of skin that I can. She tugs at the waist of my shorts as I start to slip off the straps of her top, planting kisses along her neck and jawline. Her breath starts to stutter, simple sighs being her only indication of pleasure.
  135. I almost have it completely off when the door flies open. “Hey, Hicchan~, have you-” Oh, goddammit.
  137. I fly off of Shizune as quickly as I can, pulling my shorts back up to where they should be. She slides her straps back onto her shoulders and tips her glasses up her nose, trying to mask the red in her cheeks. Misha still stands there, bewildered. Yeah, she definitely saw. “Um... am I interrupting something~?” she asks rhetorically with a snarky grin.
  139. “N-nothing, Misha, we were just, uh...”
  141. Shizune signals me to shut it. Her response is much calmer and collected than mine. “[We'll be on in just a minute, Misha.]”
  143. “Sure I shouldn't expect an hour or so in~stead?” Before either of us can answer, she's gone, skipping down the hallway with glee. I breathe a heavy sigh of relief as Shizune stands from the bed, readjusting her chest support with a few shakes of the bikini top before turning back to me. “[Looks like you'll have to wait, lover-boy.]”
  145. I give her another pout. “[But you were so willing earlier. And what does Misha care?]”
  147. “[No buts. Misha shows up down there without us, it gets suspicious.]” She pauses for a moment, thinking of her next words. “[Besides, I don't think my brother would take too kindly to sleeping in a bed that we've made love in.]” A wink finishes off that last sentence.
  149. “[What happened to Shizune the exhibitionist?]”
  151. “[Exhibitionist is one thing, being polite is another. Now come on.]” I just grumble and fall back on the bed, but she grips my hand tightly and pulls me up. “[Don't be such a baby. You'll get your summer fun. Even if I have to pay it back to you at the end.]”
  153. “[Making this a game now, are we?]”
  155. She giggles. “[It always is.]”
  157. I grab a towel and a bottle of sunscreen and head down right behind her. She moves fast, clearly anxious to take a dip in the lake water. By the time we reach the doorway, Hideaki and Misha are already floating around on the surface. Curiously, Jigoro is nowhere to be found. “[He's probably out chopping down twigs or something,]” Shizune says before I can ask. “[Anything that makes him feel manly.]”
  159. We step out into the summer heat. I immediately wince a bit when my sole hits the hot grass, but it doesn't take long to get used to. Shizune reaches for my hand on the way down the hill toward the lake basin, our fingers interlocking. Hideaki sees this when he comes up from a dive. “PDA, PDA!” he shouts. She just glares at him, and he stops instantly.
  161. Remind me to never get on her bad side.
  163. I lay out my towel on the small dock extending off the shore. Shizune takes off her glasses and lays them on the fabric, then walks back slowly. Her footsteps rapidly pound against the wood, and she dives off the dock head-first. She surfaces after a moment underwater, shaking her head to throw off the excess moisture. A simple smile is all it takes to beckon me in.
  165. I dive in the same way. The water is slightly warm, though cooler than the surrounding air. Perfect swimming temperature, I'd say. When I surface, Shizune holds up a palm, all five fingers extended. “[Perfect five out of five? Why thank you~.]”
  167. She shakes her head, then flashes both hands the same way. Wait... five out of ten? Ouch, that hurts the pride.
  169. “Wahaha~! I thought you did great, Hicchan!”
  171. “Glad to know /someone/ believes in me.” She bottoms herself beneath the water with an uproarious laugh. I turn back to Shizune... but she's gone. Nowehere to be seen. I twist around trying to find any glimpse of her. Something brushes against my leg underwater. Wait, she can't possibly-
  173. My thought is interrupted as I'm dragged underwater and come face to face with the predator. She wears a fearless look, almost proud of her kill, hair flowing freely in the liquid. She drags a finger along my jawline, teasing me to make a move. To her dismay, I do nothing. She plants a peck on my lips, steps onto my shoulders, and uses me as a launch pad to rocket up for air. I stretch my arms out in a long stroke after her, flutter-kicking my legs for extra propulsion.
  175. She doesn't quite let me crest, though. Her hands come on top of my head, pushing me back under. I flail my arms and legs about, trying to best her, but to no avail. Beaten by a girl half your size, Hisao? For shame.
  177. One of my hands grazes across her thigh and up her crotch. She releases my head to guard herself, and I finally break the surface. She glares at me in disapproval, and I just laugh as she splashes water on me. She swims over to the ladder and pulls herself up; I can't help but catch a glimpse of her rear beneath the skirt as she rises up onto the dock. Once above me, she folds her arms and taps her foot. “[Think you're so clever, do you?]”
  179. “[Mmm... maybe.]” I climb the ladder up to the top, extending my arms out to give her a hug. She swiftly dodges, shoving me over the other side and back into the lake. As I resurface, I shake my head free of water and look up to her giggling at me. She takes a seat on the edge, kicking her legs back and forth.
  181. “[I thought you knew better than to underestimate me?]” she asks.
  183. “[Well, you're always full of surprises,]” I say back with a smile. She tilts her nose up in the air, definitely proud of herself. I send a splash of water at her feet to get her attention. “[Or maybe you're just more predictable and I outplay you every step of the way.]” I bring my hands up to the dock's edge and pull myself out of the water.
  185. “[In your dreams.]”
  187. “[Yeah? Prove it.]”
  189. “[No proof necessary! It's a known scientific fact.]”
  191. “[You're saying that to a chemistry major. Not gonna cut it.]”
  193. Her face tenses up. She's really cute when she scrunches up her nose like that. “[And you're arguing with a pre-law student. Also not very wise of you.]”
  195. “[Why is that? I think I'm putting up a good fight.]”
  197. “[Because I'm prone to play tricks~.]” I notice that I'm still standing by the dock's edge. Fuck. Me. Her fingers grace the skin on my chest, rigid and straight, before pushing me off again. Curse you, vile woman. And, of course, she's just laughing.
  199. “[Some trick,]” I say. “[Seems more like fighting dirty to me.]”
  201. “[That's what playing a trick is, stupid. All's fair in love and war.]” Her legs are still dangling just off the edge, and I get an awesome idea.
  203. “[Well then, you won't mind if I do this!]” I latch onto her ankle, dragging her in with me. She doesn't struggle, almost as if she wants me to have a small victory. Her head comes back up over the waves, wrapping her arms around my waist. It's rather difficult to support both of our weights, but I manage. One of her hands strokes my cheek, and her lips tenderly meet mine. We don't hear any cries about 'PDA' or such nonsense; maybe they're just ignoring us. All the better.
  205. I enjoy our moments alone too much. Just her and I, our passion flowing through each other's bodies. It's soothing, almost, and it reminds me just how in love I am with this girl.
  207. I wouldn't have it any other way.
  209. ----------
  211. I'll be damned if this couch isn't the most comfortable couch I've ever laid on. Misha actually turned out to be a pretty decent cook, preparing an extravagant meal for the five of us. Jigoro left for the wilderness afterward, and I ended up just laying down on the sofa for an hour or so. Shizune even let me use her lap as a pillow, something she's never done before. Best nap ever, if I do say so myself.
  213. Wait... where /is/ Shizune? And how did she get away without waking me up?
  215. I notice a slip of paper laying on the coffee table, folded into a neat, standing triangle. The outside bears my name. Opening it, only a few words are written inside:
  217. Come to the dock.
  218. ~Shizune
  220. Rising from the couch, I go upstairs to grab a coat. Despite the season, the night is rather chilly. Part of me can't help but wonder why she's summoning me out there. Does she just want to talk? If so, what about? She's never been one to just “waste words,” so small talk doesn't really suit her. I drape a thin jacket over my shoulders and head outside.
  222. The cool of the nighttime air feels wonderful as it blows across my bare calves. I didn't put shoes on, opting to instead walk through the grass with nothing but the soles of my feet. Each blade is mildly ticklish. The simple pleasures in life are the most precious, I think.
  224. Her figure is perched at the end of the planks sitting over the water. The moonlight ripples across the surface of the deep, its faint reflection off the waves providing something resembling luminescence. It barely gives some color to her hair, the dark blues blending seamlessly with the lake. My angel... my love. Even without seeing her face, my heart skips a few beats. And not because of the arrhythmia.
  226. I take a seat beside her, and she smiles when she sees me. “[I heard you coming,]” she signs.
  228. “[Heard me coming? I find that hard to believe.]”
  230. “[The wood. You have heavy feet. It's pretty easy to discern, honestly.]” Ah, so that's what she meant. Well, good to know that I'm easy to pick out. I'm still curious why she's out here, though. She manages to read that part of my mind. “[Wondering why I asked you out here?]” I nod, and she turns her eyes toward the sky. “[Look up.]”
  232. Above our heads lies the brightest pool of stars that I've ever seen. There are so many, running in circles around our little planet. I'm able to make out a few constellations, tracing their shapes with my fingers. There is even a hint of a bright band of white: one of the outer arms of the Milky Way, only visible in the complete dark of the night.
  234. I can't help but feel a sense of wonder, of amazement at the scale of it all. Each of these stars is billions of miles away, the light that we see now being anywhere from five years old to tens of millions of years old. Being a chemistry major is sobering, at times. One of my professors remarked, ‘We are atoms thinking about where atoms come from.’ Deep, philosophical... laced with meaning. Just like the rest of the universe. As tiny as we are, we are here, she and I. Together. “[Is this what you wanted to show me?]” I ask her.
  236. She nods. “[This was always my favorite part of summer vacation. Just laying out on this dock, watching the stars go by. When I was a child, Mom would tell me stories about the constellations: where they came from, what they represented, how they're meaningful today.]”
  238. “[I didn't know your mother knew sign language.]”
  240. “[She was always much more accepting of my deafness. She worked very hard to make sure that I could be taken care of, at least.]” There's a pause in her signing. “[Unfortunately, she took a job that doesn't let her be around much anymore. We were all so excited; she was getting to live her dream. But it was hard to let her go like that.]”
  242. “[What did she end up doing?]”
  244. “[She's a fashion designer. International acclaim. Haven't I told you this before?]” I shrug my shoulders, eliciting a snarky grin. “[Figures you'd be hard-headed enough to not remember.]”
  246. “[I think I'll just play dumb for now.]”
  248. She pushes up on her glasses, the pale reflection of the moon shining across the lenses. “[Just as I suspected from a boy: too distracted to pay attention for more than five seconds.]”
  250. “[Hey, I resent that. I'm still sitting here, talking to you.]”
  252. She ponders this for a moment, tapping her chin with an index finger. “[Yes, I suppose you are. Maybe you're a little different from the other boys.]” I don't respond to that one, letting her figure it out for herself. Both of us turn back to the sky. Part of me wishes that we could just talk audibly, fixated on the stars and each other's voices. It strikes me that I'll never really hear her say ‘I love you.’ But I don't think I'd give up what I have with her right now, even given that opportunity.
  254. I feel her tap on my shoulder to grab my attention. “[It's been... so long since I last saw her.]” I instantly know who she's talking about. “[Years. I barely even remember what she looks like.]”
  256. “[She wasn't even at graduation?]”
  258. “[Not to my knowledge. Busy with some fashion show in Paris or something like that.]” She falls backward to lay on the dock, eyes fixated on the heavens. “[This is perfect... Just the sights, and enjoying them with a friend. It's quite calming, and very beautiful.]”
  260. “[Not as beautiful as you.]”
  262. Red flashes along her cheeks, and she makes a giggling gesture. “[You're sweet, Hisao. Too sweet.]”
  264. “[But I mean it. I really do.]”
  266. She regains her composure, switching back to the overconfident personality. “[Of course you do. I'd be attracted to me, too, if I were you.]” I chuckle at that one. She's joking, sure, but it's often in my best interest to humor her. I decide to join her on the surface of the dock, laying back and basking in the sounds of silent nature. While I look back up into the starlight, absorbed in the magnificence, she taps me again. We lock eyes, and I notice a mist glazed over hers.
  268. “[Hisao...,]” she starts, “[do you think I'm a good girlfriend?]”
  270. “[Of course I do.]” The look on her face demands an explanation. “[To tell the truth, I don't know why. I could list off all of these reasons and compliments, all the little things you do that make me fall deeper in love with you each day. But...]” I stop myself, making sure that I really want to say what comes next. “[But I won't. Because it's superficial. Because you do those things even without me telling you about them. All that matters is that I'm still here, isn't it? Doesn't that say enough?]”
  272. Her cheeks stretch out, pushed apart by a wide smile. “[There you go being sweet again. You should stop that.]”
  274. “[Why? You seem to like it.]”
  276. She bites her lower lip. “[Because I might have to do this.]” Her hand comes to my face, bringing our mouths together in a long, tender kiss. Neither of us move, just laying side to side on our backs and enjoying the moment. As she pulls away, our foreheads connect, and we just spend a minute staring at each other.
  278. “[I love you,]” she signs. “[I don't say that enough. But it's true.]”
  280. I just smile, cupping her face in my hands. She nuzzles against my fingers, pecking my knuckles one by one. “[Trust me, I know.]”
  282. Her eyes glisten with a mixture of happiness and mischief, her mouth curling up like a cat's. “[Let's go swimming,]” she signs.
  284. “[Really? But then we have to go all the way back to the house, and you'll probably wake up Misha.]”
  286. “[No, just go swimming. Don't have to go back up to get changed.]”
  288. “[Then in what clothes? These? I'd prefer to not catch a cold over vacation.]”
  290. She rolls her eyes as she sits up, reaching around behind her back, then to her collar. “[Boy, you are incredibly dense sometimes.]” She shrugs her shoulders, and her black brassiere falls out of her shirt. I snap forward, and she laughs. “[Now he gets the picture!]”
  292. “[Shizune, are you crazy? What if Hideaki or Jigoro come down here?]”
  294. She flicks my nose, now out of everything but her underwear. I can't help but catch a few quick glimpses of her chest, much to her amusement. “[That's half the fun. Now strip. Come on, I don't have all night.]” She sheds her last piece of intimates and hops in the water feet first. I have my shirt off by the time she reappears and shakes off the excess water from her hair. Her smile radiates mischief as I remove my pants and underwear, diving in headfirst.
  296. That was my first mistake. The chilled water hits me straight on, and I can feel my body temperature drop by about half a degree. I start shivering when I come up for air. “[You've never been skinny-dipping before, have you?]” I just shake my head. “[Yeah, you don't dive in like that, stupid. Feet first, always.]”
  298. “[Thanks for the warning.]” Oh, how I wish she could hear the sarcasm dripping from my voice. The goosebumps keep crawling up my skin, and I start swimming to the shore. Anything to get out of this ice bucket. However, she disagrees, gripping my ankle tightly and pulling me back over to her, shaking her finger back and forth like a metronome.
  300. “[Trying to run away, are we? Not happening, mister. Besides, you're so worried about catching a cold; getting out of the water with no clothes on is worse.]”
  302. “[And just how are we getting out of here, then?]”
  304. “[All in good time, Hisao.]”
  306. “[But I'm freezing /now/.]”
  308. “[Hm... so then warm up?]” The slant in her lips hints at something, but I'm not sure what. I just look at her, confused. She rolls her eyes. “[Clueless as always,]” she adds. Before I can respond, I find myself locked in a tight embrace with her, our bodies pressed together tightly and sharing what little heat dissipates through the surrounding water. The lakewater has made her skin drier than usual, but the close contact is still enough to excite me at least a little bit. And, honestly, who am I to complain about a naked girl practically throwing herself at me?
  310. She pulls my face into hers, no longer caring to talk. Our lips melt together, water droplets running down from my soaked hair. My hands snake up her back, and she throws her arms around my neck. All of my senses start to converge: the minty taste of her lip balm; the combined smell of natural water and her honey shampoo; the feeling of her nails running along my scalp; the sound of the waves crashing against us as we tread in the shallows.
  312. Her tongue teases the corners of my mouth, trying to peek its way in. I make the move this time, wanting nothing but more passion from her. Of course, this is more than enough to make her... aware of me, for lack of a better term. I graze against her thigh, and her face heats up as it flushes with blood.
  314. She breaks from me, breathing heavily. Both pairs of eyes are half-open, each of us hungry for what comes next. Hands still on my cheeks, she re-initiates our kissing, the fingers on her right hand drifting down my neck, chest, and stomach. She teases at first, exploring the area around my thighs, before finally grabbing hold at the base.
  316. Her digits slowly glide up my shaft, carving a path along the underside. I reach up and grip the back of her head, demanding that she not pull away from me this time. The tips of her fingers are light, but it isn't long before the sensuous strokes turn into forceful pumps.
  318. I decide to return the favor, my own hand sliding from the nape of her neck to the small of her back, feeling out the contours of her curves. I sneak a grab at her supple rear, and she moves to my side, wrapping one leg around my waist. Drifting across her skin, I feel out her hips and thighs before coming to rest just on the inside. She sighs with anticipation, daring me to go further.
  320. Challenge accepted.
  322. My fingers run along the outside of her slit. Truth be told, it's hard to tell if she's actually turned on or not, given where we are. But, based on the way she reacts, I think it's safe to say so.
  324. Her stroking accelerates as I tease her lower lips, massaging her favorite spot at the very top. Something resembling a whimper comes from the bottom of her throat, muffled by our continued kissing. Unable to sustain it any longer, I break her hold on my head and start panting for air. Her own breathing speeds up in turn.
  326. I stare into her eyes, seeing that wondrous glimmer, the one that only comes in her moments of pure lust. She buries her face in my neck as my fingers plunge into her, the inner walls slowly contracting. The cold water has done a lot to ward off my climax, but it's starting to be irrelevant. The warmth of her breath on my skin and the inside of her legs combined with her whimpers are stimulating enough to throw me past the breaking point.
  328. My eyes glue shut, and my fingers stop moving. A surge of pleasure shoots down my spine. My muscles contract, and she can feel the throbbing start. A puddle of white leaks into the lake, dissipating from nothing but our treading.
  330. Now panting for air, I start to sink, but find the strength to start swimming over to shore, carrying Shizune with me. She's breathing just as hard, and she doesn't object to leaving the lake, at least for a moment.
  332. I collapse as soon as I can stay above water, tired from the added exertion of staying afloat and pleasuring my girlfriend. “[Done already?]” I catch Shizune signing.
  334. “[Just need a breather,]” I sign back loosely.
  336. “[Good, because I'm not.]” She starts looking around for a spot to finish the deed and flashes an almost evil grin when she eyes the dock posts.
  338. “[You can't be serious,]” I say.
  340. “[Why not?]”
  342. “[Splinters? Infections?]”
  344. She taps her chin, thinking for a work-around. A snap of her fingers pierces my ears, as it always does. “[Give me your t-shirt.]”
  346. I roll my eyes. “[Fine, fine.]” She claps her hands together, prancing over to the edge of the dock where we left our clothes. She throws on the solid white V-neck shirt that I wore down here. Good choice, Hisao, good choice.
  348. I pick myself up and meet her over by the edge of the dock, far enough into the lake for the water to reach my navel, her back up against one of the supporting posts. With that whole male refractory period thing, I decide to take a few minutes to rile her back up. I plant a few kisses on her lips, light at first, but slowly deepening. Tongues enter the picture, and I start tracing down the front of her body with my fingers.
  350. She twitches at my touch, and I move my lips to her neck while my digits run along her damp thighs. I peck and suckle on her neck and collar, moving down to the lowest part of the V-neck, her cleavage barely visible at the seam. One kiss there is all it takes to make her beg. She grips my wrist and moves my hand between her legs, practically forcing my fingers into her.
  352. Her breath hitches with each thrust, and she already starts to crave more. Her nails dig into my scalp again as she plants her own kisses into my hair. The waves splash up over her waist, almost up to her chest, thoroughly soaking my shirt.
  354. As her walls start to convulse again, she reaches down and pulls me out of her, panting heavily. I look up as she struggles to sign. “[Down, boy. Save some for the good part.]”
  356. I stand up straight, and she places her arms high on the wooden stake behind her for support. Her legs spread apart wide just under the surface, my hands gripping her rear to suspend her in the water, back forced against the post.
  358. She wraps her legs around me as I come close, and I slowly enter her. The difference in temperature only amplifies the sensation, instantly throwing me into animal-sex mode. I press my body up against hers, the damp cloth clinging our chests together.
  360. Her face turns beet red as I bury mine in her neck again, but only breathing this time. I feel her hands move to my back, depending completely on me for support. My heart starts to race, trying furiously to keep up to speed.
  362. She sinks her teeth into my collar bone to stifle what little noise she makes. My hands move away from her rear, one wrapping around her waist and the other crawling up her back. Her nails pierce my skin so deeply that I'm afraid she'll draw blood. Time starts to slow down as my brain tries to make sense of the physical bombardment.
  364. A familiar tickling starts to emerge in the back of my head, and I know that I'm getting close to the edge. As she starts to narrow and tighten around me, my time left drops rapidly. That tickle flows down my neck, through the spine, and radiates out to every nerve in my body.
  366. Her back arches as much as it can, her orgasm rippling through her. She releases me from the grip of her legs, shooting them out in opposite directions as her feet twitch and her toes curl. The contractions around my lower half push me completely over the edge, and I erupt into Shizune.
  368. Our breathing intensifies again as we try to recover. I pull out and let her down gently, and she somehow finds the strength to stand. She cups my face in her hands and stares into my eyes, kissing me tenderly.
  370. Her signing is slow and tired. “[Worth the wait?]”
  372. “[Definitely.]”
  374. “[Told you so.]” She brings her lips to mine again. These are not the least bit lustful; we've indulged that side enough for tonight. They're pure, romantic, and loving. I wrap my arms around her, completely enveloping her in my embrace. She's more than happy to sink into it, inhaling and exhaling deeply.
  376. I tilt my forehead, pressing it into hers. She doesn't have to sign what she feels; her eyes say it all: ‘I'm yours.’ And she damn well is. I'd be an idiot to let this one get away.
  378. Satisfied with our moment, we collect our clothes from the dock and submerge them to explain our dampness, if anyone asks. Shizune is quick to hold my hand on the way back to the house. The wind picks up, its chill not helped by the water still dripping from our bodies.
  380. When we get to the porch, we wring what moisture we can out of our garments. Jigoro's car is still gone, which is a relief. “[He'll be gone all night, probably,]” my companion remarks. “[He likes to go out drinking with the locals. Says they're manly men like him or something like that.]”
  382. “[Still, out at this hour?]” Wait... what time /is/ it, exactly? A glance at the clock says a little past 11:30pm. Down there for almost three hours... it's a wonder no one caught onto us being gone.
  384. The muffled sounds of gunfire and explosions come from the basement doorway. “[Sounds like Hideaki is still playing games,]” I tell Shizune as she starts up the stairwell.
  386. She smiles. “[Good. That means I win, then.]”
  388. “[You... win? Don't tell me you're betting with your little brother about our escapades.]”
  390. “[No, no, nothing like that,]” she reassures me. “[Just that I win the honor of being your bedmate for the night.]” I reel back a bit before starting up the stairs, and she giggles. “[What? I said you were roommates with him, that doesn't mean we can't lock him out.]” She fires a wink at me.
  392. “[Point taken, but you also said-]”
  394. “[That I wasn't /planning/ on sleeping with you. Pay attention, Hisao.]”
  396. Well, I suppose I can't really complain. “[Is that fair to Hideaki?]”
  398. She shrugs. “[I'm his sister, you really think I care? Besides, he'll be downstairs playing all night. Probably pass on the couch mid-game.]”
  400. “[Alright. Grab what you need from your room. I'll be changing, the door will be unlocked.]”
  402. “[Done.]” She pecks me on the cheek before racing upstairs. Where did she find that sudden burst of energy? I'm practically struggling up the stairs and she just takes them in stride. As if it'll matter, I'll probably black out as soon as I hit the sack.
  404. Once in my room, I pull a towel out of my drawer, strip down, and dry myself off completely. I've left the door slightly ajar, as promised. I hear it start to creak open further while I put on a clean pair of boxers. Turning around, I'm gifted with the sight of Shizune in a satin set of auburn pajamas, contrasting her pale skin and the dark blues of her eyes and hair. Her outfit makes me feel somewhat conscientious about my modest sleepwear.
  406. There's also this smile she's wearing, one of the most honest, sincere expressions she's ever given me. Her hands are behind her back, chest puffed out slightly. As if she needed to make me any more attracted to her.
  408. She doesn't say anything, simply closing and locking the door, folding her glasses on the nightstand, and pulling back the bedsheets. I crawl in after her, laying on my back and pulling the covers over us as she cuddles up next to me. Before deciding she's settled in for the night, she reaches up and grants me one last deep kiss on the lips.
  410. Then, without a sound, she lays her head on my chest, and we both drift into dreamland.
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