[US East] Ravengard SCP: Secret Laboratory Server

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  1. <b><size=30><align="center">[US East] Ravengard SCP: Secret Laboratory Server</align></size=40></b>
  3. Server location: <color=red>Buffalo, New York</color>.
  5. Discord server: <color=red></color>.
  7. This SCP: Secret Laboratory server is whitelisted. Join our Discord server for more information. For our public SCP: Secret Laboratory server, join [US East] Official SCP: Secret Laboratory Server #2.
  9. <B>Basic server guidelines:</B>
  10. 1. No cheating or bug exploitation of any kind.
  11. 2. Don't be overly toxic. Mild trolling is permitted, but don't cause players to leave.
  12. 3. Don't throw the game. (e.g. SCP purposely activating the alpha warhead.)
  13. 4. Don't disrespect the server staff.
  14. 5. Racial slurs are permitted as long as they're not directed at a person.
  15. 6. Threats of doxing, DDoS'ing or hacking are strictly prohibited.
  16. 7. Do not mic spam or ear-rape in pre-game lobbies or dead voice chat.
  17. 8. Teaming with opposite teams is not allowed.
  18. 9. MTF & Chaos Insurgency are encouraged (but not required) to attempt to disarm Class-D and Scientists, respectively.*
  19. 10. Do not kill disarmed (cooperative) Class-D or Scientists.*
  21. * Disarmed Class-D or Scientists who are cooperative are not allowed to be killed. You're not required to disarm them, but if you do, you are not to kill them unless they flee from you in an attempt to escape with their original team.
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