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  2. Swedgen-GrandHighSupremeBongoCatLast Sunday at 5:01 PM
  3. @AyyWhatYaLookinAt  I think you need to familiarize yourself with the rules of this server a little better.
  4. AyyWhatYaLookinAtLast Sunday at 5:04 PM
  5. Wdym
  6. Swedgen-GrandHighSupremeBongoCatLast Sunday at 5:05 PM
  7. Read the rules and you will find out.
  8. AyyWhatYaLookinAtLast Sunday at 5:06 PM
  9. Ik don't swear and all
  10. Swedgen-GrandHighSupremeBongoCatLast Sunday at 5:07 PM
  11. I still don't think you get it, try again.
  12. AyyWhatYaLookinAtLast Sunday at 5:07 PM
  13. :thinking:
  14. Swedgen-GrandHighSupremeBongoCatLast Sunday at 5:09 PM
  15. Yes, thinking is good.
  16. AyyWhatYaLookinAtLast Sunday at 5:18 PM
  17. Still don't know why
  18. Tbh xd
  19. Swedgen-GrandHighSupremeBongoCatLast Sunday at 5:21 PM
  20. Talking about hacking, swearing ( which you mentioned) and most importantly repeatedly calling people tard. Rule 5 is be awesolme to each other. So you have broken at least 2 rules in avery short period of time after I made it quite clear that that kind of thing is no longer going to be tolerated.
  21. AyyWhatYaLookinAtLast Sunday at 5:23 PM
  22. I said someone was hacking and he was, idk what's wrong with that man
  23. Swedgen-GrandHighSupremeBongoCatLast Sunday at 5:24 PM
  24. If you still don't know what's wrong with that then you need to read the rules again as well as everything I have written here.
  25. AyyWhatYaLookinAtLast Sunday at 5:25 PM
  26. Then ban all the hackers and I won't mention it
  27. + tbf it could use a cleaning of haggors
  28. Swedgen-GrandHighSupremeBongoCatLast Sunday at 5:26 PM
  29. So are you telling me that you do not intend to follow the rules of this server as well as what I have directly told you unless I follow your directive?
  30. TopperLast Sunday at 5:26 PM
  31. just report the hackers privately to staff
  32. if all that happens is acknowledging that they hacked in chat, it's going to seem ok, that's the problem here
  33. AyyWhatYaLookinAtLast Sunday at 5:27 PM
  34. Not rly btw
  35. TopperLast Sunday at 5:27 PM
  36. totally agree that we could do with fewer hackers around
  37. AyyWhatYaLookinAtLast Sunday at 5:27 PM
  38. ^
  39. TopperLast Sunday at 5:28 PM
  40. but it would really help if people would actually inform us about them
  41. AyyWhatYaLookinAtLast Sunday at 5:28 PM
  42. Put that in FAQ?
  43. Or welcome
  44. TopperLast Sunday at 5:29 PM
  45. is it a question?
  46. AyyWhatYaLookinAtLast Sunday at 5:29 PM
  47. Yeah I kinda realized that after lol
  48. TopperLast Sunday at 5:29 PM
  49. it's more of an informal request we might make of the experienced players
  50. AyyWhatYaLookinAtLast Sunday at 5:30 PM
  51. Ahh
  52. I'll probably get banned so it doesn't matter for me now I think
  53. TopperLast Sunday at 5:32 PM
  54. depends if you can stick to the rules or not
  55. AyyWhatYaLookinAtLast Sunday at 5:33 PM
  56. It's rip cuz I get mad
  57. Swedgen-GrandHighSupremeBongoCatLast Sunday at 7:52 PM
  58. Just let us know that you will follow the rules when you come back on.
  59. AyyWhatYaLookinAtLast Wednesday at 7:52 AM
  60. Ig now
  61. Swedgen-GrandHighSupremeBongoCatLast Wednesday at 12:03 PM
  62. ??
  63. AyyWhatYaLookinAtLast Wednesday at 7:41 PM
  64. I guess now
  65. What I meant
  66. 💥LordofKaon 💥Last Wednesday at 8:11 PM
  67. usually we'll want a clear confirmation that the detained user is aware of and agrees to follow server rules before release.
  69. just a simple matter of protocol - statement of understanding and agreement must be clear so that one, users don't go back and break rules again because they "didn't realise the rule meant x", or two, mods don't end up confused about whether the user agreed or not.
  70. AyyWhatYaLookinAtLast Wednesday at 9:46 PM
  71. Ah
  72. Swedgen-GrandHighSupremeBongoCatToday at 4:23 PM
  73. Hello @AyyWhatYaLookinAt
  74. AyyWhatYaLookinAtToday at 4:29 PM
  75. @Swedgen-GrandHighSupremeBongoCat hi?
  76. Swedgen-GrandHighSupremeBongoCatToday at 4:30 PM
  77. Just wondering if you wanted to agree to the rules yet and be let back in.
  78. AyyWhatYaLookinAtToday at 4:30 PM
  79. id agree
  80. Swedgen-GrandHighSupremeBongoCatToday at 4:32 PM
  81. Okay then, I'll let you out now.
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