Icarus' Fable - Chapter 4 - The New Ponies on the Block

May 8th, 2013
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  1. For the third time now, the sun has woken you up by shining brightly into your eyes.
  2. “Are you fucking serious? Again? I'm starting to think that Celestia has it out for me.” You laugh a bit at your own joke but no-one else laughs.
  3. “Cogs?” You look behind you, but to your dismay, Cogs isn't there anymore. Last night certainly was a different experience for both of you. There was no doubt in either of your minds that your feelings for each other would continue to be expressed, just what would it mean for your future? If you ever turned back into a man, would you still want to be with Cogs? Well, you did kind of think of him as your partner now, so a simple issue of gender wouldn't sway you that much would it? Things were just moving so damn fast, it was getting hard to keep up. It was only a few days ago that you had been a normal human boy, living a normal life with only your best friend to keep you company. Now, you were a female cartoon pony, living a secluded life in an abandoned camping ground with your best friend as your “boyfriend”. All of this just seemed so surreal and alien.
  5. You hop out of bed, this time remembering the fact that you had a completely different anatomy and landed squarely on your hooves. You smile, glad at the fact that you were getting used to having four legs and clip clopped happily into the hallway. You hear a huge crash from the kitchen accompanied by grunts and shouts from Cogs. You rush into the kitchen to see what was causing all that noise and your jaw drops to the floor like a stone.
  7. “HELP ME!” Called Cogs, as he was running around the room trying to settle down boxes of food and cans that were flying around the room. What the hell was going on? Was the food possessed? Was it suddenly learning how to fight back? Cogs grits his teeth as he hops onto a bag of oats that flies at the wall and explodes all over the floor. There was something weird that you just couldn't point out (besides the obvious fact that food was flying around the room). Cog's horn... It was glowing! He must be using magic on the food!
  8. “Cogs, it's you! You're making the food fly!”
  9. “I know! I tried to use magic to lift it up but I’ve lost control! I don't know how to stop levitating them!”
  10. In a panic, you look around the room again. If you didn't stop it now, all of the food would be ruined! There seemed to be only one thing that would stop this.
  12. You reel back a bit and smack Cogs in the side of his muzzle with your hoof. Immediately, all of the things that had been floating around the room drop to the floor. Cogs' face was a mix of surprise, happiness, pain and confusion. You smile at him and raise your hoof to inspect his face for any bruising, but he recoils away thinking that you were going to hit him again.
  13. “Pffft, stop being such a pussy dude, I hardly hit you at all. Plus, that was the only way I could have thought to snap you out of it.”
  14. “I guess I have that to thank you for. Still, you hit a lot harder than you expect. Remember the microwave yesterday?”
  15. Oh yeah. You forgot about that. You shrug it off and give him a playful push, which he gives back. You both laugh as you look around the room, the aftermath of the fiasco spattered on the floor, bench and walls.
  16. “Oh hey, guess who is not cleaning all of this up?”
  17. He laughs again.
  18. “Yeah, I get it, I’ll clean it up. But did you see me? I was using ACTUAL MAGIC! I didn't even think it was possible!”
  19. “Yes, but we also didn't think that turning into cartoon ponies was possible.”
  20. “Heh, you're right. So, you gonna help me clean or not?”
  21. You sigh and reluctantly help him clean up.
  23. It was difficult to move the cleaning cloths and the broom with your hooves, but you managed to do it pretty well after some trial and error. You are about to finish sweeping it all up when you accidentally step on the end of your tail and trip over. In the middle of your fall, you instinctively flap your wings to stop you from hitting the floor but again underestimate your strength and fly quickly halfway across the room. Cogs jumps in between you and the wall and you both roll over, laughing at your clumsiness. At the end of the roll, Cogs ends up lying on top of you, face to face. He's about to stand up, but you put your hooves around him and give him a peck on the nose. He tenderly smiles at you again and kisses you back, closing his eyes and blocking the entire outside world off for a couple of seconds. Your kiss is abruptly ended though as you hear a knock on the door.
  25. Holy shit, who the fuck was that? Did your loud noises attract the attention of the park rangers? Did somebody report you to the police? Did they see your car and think someone was staying there illegally? You and Cogs exchange extremely nervous glances and grit your teeth, you clumsily stumble to your hooves, trying to cause the least amount of sound possible (a feat which proves impossible, as your hooves make loud clacking noises on the kitchen tiles) you scramble around the room a bit trying to think of what to do next, exchanging a couple of glances with Cogs who looked just as clueless as you. Maybe it was the guy from 4chan? But maybe it wasn't. If you opened the door and it wasn't him, what would happen? What to do... Whoever was at the door knocked again a little more impatiently than last time. You walked up to the door and slowly raised your hoof, looking back at Cogs one more time, the pale red and green pony standing there with a worried look on his face. He breathes deeply and nods his head, motioning towards the door. You open the door slowly and peer around the corner of the door.
  27. Oh thank fucking god. A short, grey maned, orange furred, earth pony colt stands before you, smiling nervously.
  28. “Hey... Uhm, is this the right place?”
  29. You smile at him and nod as he walks in the door. He looks around the room and seems to be overly happy with the cabin.
  30. “Wow! I thought that you two were desperate for a place to live! This place is great!”
  31. “Yeah I suppose it is.” You actually were pretty lucky that there was such a good place for you and Cogs to stay at, seeing as you just as likely be still stuck at your mums house, completely unsure of what to do next. Cogs walks over to the new pony and holds out his hoof to introduce himself. The new pony puts out his hoof as well but both laugh a bit when they realize that they can't shake hooves.
  32. “Hey man, my name is Cogs, and this is Icarus. What's your name”
  33. “Oh, uh, my name is Jane.”
  34. Cogs looks at you, a bit confused.
  35. “He means your new name. We've kind of abandoned our old names, since we aren't really them anymore. If you're uncomfortable using your characters name, that's absolutely fine.”
  36. “Oh well, my characters name is Daisy Ditz, but you can just call me Ditz, if you want.”
  37. Cogs walks over and stands by your side.
  38. “Umm, you show yourself around a bit, I gotta talk to Icarus.”
  40. You wave him on through to the kitchen and as soon as he's out of sight, Cogs starts to whisper to you.
  41. “Um, dude? I think that you should talk to Ditz later, maybe help him get used to these changes.”
  42. “Yeah, I’ll show him around, help him get-”
  43. “No, that's not what I mean.”
  44. “Well what do you mean?”
  45. “I mean that he's the only one of us that has gone through the same kind of change as you.”
  46. “We've all turned into ponies. You, me, him, all of us.”
  47. “I meant that he's changed gender.”
  48. What? How did he know he had changed gender?
  49. “How do you know? Daisy Ditz seems like a pretty non gender specific name to me.”
  50. “Don't you remember? He said that his name before he had transformed was Jane.”
  51. How the hell did you not pick up on that before? You kind of just saw his other name as not really him and dismissed it.
  52. “Oh.”
  53. “Yeah, so I suggest you talk to him. I know it's not exactly the same, but you have managed to adapt pretty well. Maybe he can teach you a bit of what it's like to be a girl. You know, what to take care of...”
  54. “Yeah I get it man, would you shut up? Let's wait a bit, don't want to overwhelm her. Him. Whatever.”
  57. Ditz had only been here for about an hour and already he was chatting away with Cogs, happily helping get the rest of the stuff stored and packed away into their rightful places and was now drinking a bowl of milk with you and Cogs while talking on the couch.
  58. “So me and Cogs have been friends for years. For the longest time, I thought that he HATED mlp! He always used to make fun of people for watching it and calling them all sorts of things. One day, he starts acting all weird and next thing you know, he was telling me he loved the show!”
  59. This makes Ditz laugh and I chuckle along and blush.
  60. “Little did she know that I had watched the show the entire time.”
  61. “I know, I shouldn't have knocked it before I tried it. Kinda makes me think though, if I hadn't watched it, would we be here? It was only because of the show that we checked out the mlp board in 4chan anyway.”
  62. Cogs is silent for a few seconds.
  63. “I guess so, but there isn't much point moping now. We are where we are and we are what we are. Plus, I can think of a couple of added perks to our new forms.”
  64. Does he mean you? The smile he gives you proves he means you. After Cogs said this, you look over at Ditz and see that he's a little uncomfortable. You gotta get Cogs away so you can talk to Ditz alone.
  65. “Well, I think we better get back to work. Can you go find those seeds we brought? We gotta plant them in the garden out front pretty soon, this food we have in storage isn't gonna last for ever.”
  66. He nods and walks out of the room. Ditz was about to get up and follow him but you stop him just before he does.
  67. “Can I speak to you for a second? Alone?”
  69. He follows you into the bedroom and sits down on the bed next to you.
  70. “What, uh, what did you want to talk to me about?”
  71. “I wanted to talk to you about your changes.”
  72. He seemed a bit confused and nervous.
  73. “We've been through the exact same changes, haven't we?”
  74. “Well, not the exact same changes. Me and you had... Another change as well.”
  75. “What do you mean?”
  76. “I mean in the gender department.”
  77. Suddenly he goes rigid. His face flushed instantly red and you could even see the beads of sweat roll down his forehead.
  78. “It's OK, Ditz, it's OK. Remember what I said? I changed as well.”
  79. “B-But, you're still a girl! You didn't change!”
  80. “That's the thing. I wasn't a girl before. I was a guy. A very guyish guy too.”
  81. That seemed to calm him down a lot.
  82. “So... So you became a girl? But you just seem so...”
  83. “Girly? I know, it took me by surprise too. I never expected myself to accept these changes so openly, but you know, go with the flow, right?”
  84. “So before you changed... You and Cogs weren't... As close as you are now?”
  85. “No way, man. He was definitely just a friend, no homo what so ever. I think that the fact we had been friends so long made it easier for us to become closer once I changed. Plus, I’ve been having a lot of problems that he has helped me deal with. You know... Girl problems.”
  86. “Oh.”
  87. “Yeah...”
  88. Even though the pony you were talking to was physically a man, you still felt like you finally had someone who you could relate to. Someone that you could talk to about your other problems and not have to be embarrassed about. In fact, you couldn't help admire him out of the corner of your eye as you sat there. Uh oh. Speaking of other problems, maybe Ditz was sitting a little too close. Time to segue this conversation.
  89. “Uh, maybe we should go help Cogs with the gardening now”
  90. “Sure. I've had lots of experience with plants before, maybe I can help too!
  91. Phew. You keep forgetting how good you were at this.
  93. You and Ditz help Cogs to round up all of the different tools you have and put them outside. On the last trip, you and Ditz walk out the back entrance of the house to see an amazing sight indeed. Cogs was doing magic again! And this time, it wasn't running rampant around the kitchen. In fact, it wasn't running rampant at all! A small wooden rake floated about half a meter above the ground in front of Cogs and was bobbing up and down slowly.
  94. “Holy shit, man! That's awesome!”
  95. Cogs looks at you quickly.
  96. “What?”
  97. Instantly, he loses concentration and the rake falls to the floor.
  98. “Ah, god damn it.”
  99. “Crap, sorry man. I didn't mean to make you drop it.”
  100. “Oh, it's alright babe.”
  101. “Ecchhh, don't fucking call me babe... That name makes me sick.”
  102. “Ahaha OK then, anything for you “babe”.”
  103. “Fuck you, dude.”
  104. This brings out a small laugh from Ditz. It was good to know that you and Cogs were doing a good enough job of making him feel welcome. If these changes weren't hard enough for him, it would suck even more to be plopped right into an inhospitable environment.
  106. Ditz proves to definitely be a useful addition to your group, he wasn't lying when he said he had experience before. He was digging and planting like a pro. Where it took around twenty seconds for us to plant one seed, Ditz had planted five.
  107. “Holy crap man, your name certainly suits you well, and not the Ditz part. It's a shame you aren't a woman or Daisy would fit you very well.”
  108. Ditz seems to brighten up when you say that.
  109. “Uh, thanks Icarus. It's really nice of you to say that. No-one really used to compliment me before.”
  110. “Well that's because they obviously didn't realize how cool you actually were! I'm really glad that you're here. It would be bland without you.”
  111. Ditz' smile lights up the entire field and for the rest of the day, he works double speed.
  113. It was getting to be sunset when you finished planting the garden. It was assuredly larger than you thought before hand and if any more ponies came later on, you would definitely need more.
  114. “Now as long as we water these plants regularly and tend to them, they should turn out perfect for eating.”
  115. “Awesome man! Can't thank you enough for all this help you've been giving us. This would have taken ages to do alone.”
  117. “So dude. We do have one spare room in this cabin, but there are other cabins in the camps site. If you like, you can stay here for tonight and find another cabin in the morning? Whatever you choose, we'll let you do.”
  118. Ditz looked pretty nervous about this. You could tell that he wanted to stay in this cabin, especially on his first night staying here.
  119. “Uh, well, if you really don't mind, I think I’d like to go into another cabin. I don't want to be a burden or anything.”
  120. “Oh you wouldn't be a burden at all, but what ever you want is fine with me. Just letting you know it gets a little cold in the night here, so you might want to rug up. Did you bring anything with you here?”
  121. “No, I really feel bad for being such a moocher, but I have nothing with me.”
  122. “Really? How did you get here?”
  123. “I, uh, I walked...”
  124. “Wow, really? How far did you live from here?”
  125. “About a town away.”
  126. “Oh my god...”
  128. He had walked an entire towns length to get here? That means he was walking through he woods while all of these changes were happening to him! Not to mention that you, inside a house with sheets on, had been freezing cold last night. Last night, Ditz was in the middle of the fucking forest! You could just imagine him, huddled beneath a tree, shivering and unable to sleep, the branches looming over him.
  129. “I'm so sorry! That's it, you're staying here tonight. We're going to treat you the best we can. Cogs, go get the sleeping bags from the car and give one to Daisy Ditz. I'll go make you a hot cup of cocoa.”
  130. “Oh, thank you so much. This is the nicest anyone has ever been to me. Ever!”
  131. Ditz was starting to tear up so you moved forward and gave him a tight hug. Sometimes, the only thing you need to do for someone is be nice.
  133. Again, you, Ditz and Cogs sat around the living room, drinking hot chocolate milk and telling stories. Ditz was wrapped up nicely in his sleeping bag and you and Cogs sat cuddled up together under the same blanket. All night, you chatted about your previous life, embarrassing moments, moments that made you proud, and your friends.
  134. “I do miss my friends...” Ditz said. You could just tell that he was thinking about how he would probably never see them again.
  135. “But, you know... I'm sought of glad. They weren't really my friends and know for a fact a couple of them only hung out with me because the school counselor had told them too. I'm just so happy that you too have accepted me so much.”
  136. “Well, we're both alone here. If we didn't share the love with you, who else would we have to keep us company? We wouldn't have it any other way.”
  138. You finish you're third cocoa's and lay the mug in front of you. It's strangely calming to watch the mist from the mug rise up into the air and evaporate. Ditz had already closed his eyes and fallen to sleep and when you looked up at Cogs, he had fallen to sleep as well, his arm still draped over your shoulder and his chest slowly rising up and down. You put your head on his chest and listened to his heartbeat thump along and help you fall to sleep. A sleep that you wish you had never had.
  140. Your dreams were full of nightmares of all varieties. In one of them, you were being carted off to a medical facility to have tests ran on you. They plucked your feathers, tore your skin, shaved your mane off and opened you up to look inside. You were screaming the whole time but no-one heard. In another part of your dream, you watched as a group of people mercilessly beat Cogs on the floor. You shouted out for help and pleaded for them to stop, but all of your requests fell on deaf ears as they just beat him and beat him until the only movement from him was the impact of bloody fists and boots on his flesh. Suddenly, you are ripped from sleep, head sweating profusely, practically soaking the sheets. Someone was knocking on the door. Oh thank god, you think as you get up from the couch and walk over to the door. The pony we talked to on 4chan must be here now. You open up the door, ready to greet whatever pony stood on the other side but instead, a huge muscled man stood before you, smiling maliciously and wielding a metal bat. Frozen in terror, the man swipes forwards with the bat and hits you straight in the head.
  142. You gasp awake again panting and sweating. Oh god, what a dream... Cogs was still asleep next to you, a soft smile on his sleeping face as he moved in his sleep and tightened his hug around you. Ahhh... You had never known what it was like to feel safe until he had first hugged you. All worries just seemed to fly out of the window. That was until you heard a car drive into the campground and smash into a tree. Oh jeez, what the hell was that? Was it the park ranger? If so, why did he crash into the tree. You shake Cogs and he blearily blinks his eyes.
  143. “Huh, what? Hmm?”
  144. “Cogs, there's someone outside. They crashed their car.”
  145. “Oh shit. Who do you think it is?”
  146. “I still think it's unlikely that a park ranger would come up here again. If they hadn't even had one for a year, why send one here now?”
  147. “Maybe it's the 4chan dude.”
  149. For the second day in a row, you hear a knock on the door. Cogs motions for you to open the door, so you sit up, walk over to the door and open it up to see a blue unicorn standing in front of you. This time though, you have to look down at the pony to talk to it.
  150. “Aww, it's just a foal.”
  151. “Hey, how about you shut up?”
  152. “Woah, little guy. No need for hostilities. We're all in the same boat here.”
  153. He shrugs you off and walks inside, huffing as he goes. He was certainly acting like a kid having a tantrum.
  154. “So, this is the place? When you talked to me on 4chan, I certainly expected something smaller. Maybe even a little more dank.”
  155. You blink. This was the 4chan guy? He was just a kid?
  157. Cogs showed him into the living room and sat him down next to a still sleeping Ditz. He brought in a bowl of water and oats for the new pony to eat but he pushed them away.
  158. “I had no idea when we talked to you online that you were this... Young.”
  159. “Well, I wasn't. I was a 45 year old man with a successful business heaps of money and a family and all the shit you could ever ask for. Mlp was my one escape from the stressful life I was living. I had no idea that it was going to make... This happen.”
  160. “Oh, I’m sorry dude.”
  161. “It's fine. In a way, I'm kind of... Glad that this happened. I mean, I hated the way I was living, I’m sure that my wife was cheating on me and my kids hated me. I feel like this is a new start. A way for me to start again.”
  162. “And another good thing about it is that you're young again!”
  163. Cogs smiled and put his arm around you.
  164. “Yeah, look on the bright side. At least you didn't become a girl.”
  165. You look up at Cogs and give him a playful shove.
  166. “Oh shut up you.”
  167. The new pony seemed confused about the situation for a few seconds.
  168. “You know what? I don't wanna know. This is a new start for all of us. Even if it is in this irritating pony body.”
  169. “Oh yeah, we forgot to even ask you your name. How rude of us. What would you like us to call you?”
  170. “Well I don't think that I really fit my old name anymore... How about you call me Archie? When I named my pony on the website, I didn't really put in much effort to naming it, but that seems good enough, right?”
  171. “Well, that is your name. I wouldn't want to call you anything else.”
  172. Cogs shifted a little bit and took his hoof from your shoulder.
  173. “So, did you manage to get in contact with any other people who were turning into ponies.”
  174. “Yes, I got in contact with four others but only two besides Jane who-”
  175. “She's Daisy Ditz now, sorry.”
  176. “Ah, OK. Yes, so besides Daisy Ditz, I got in contact with four others. Two who lived in other countries and two who lived a few days drive away. They said that they would be waiting until their transformations were complete before they drove here. They didn't want to cause any crashes while driving, so I believe that they took a sensible approach.”
  177. It was really quite strange to hear such a young pony talk in such a professional manner. You know that he had been a forty five year old man before, but still.
  178. “So, where would you like to stay? We don't have any more space in this cabin, but you can head to one of the other two if you'd like. I'd stay clear of the other cabins closer to the rock wall though, a couple of cabins were crushed by a rock slide a while back. That's why this park is closed and we're free to stay here with little fear of being discovered.”
  179. “Good. At least we don't have that to worry about.”
  181. Ditz woke up not too soon after Archie had arrived. He seemed surprised that there was suddenly another pony sitting beside him, but luckily, he put on a friendly demeanor despite his apparent disdain to his situation.
  182. “Wow! I never expected a cute little foal to stay with us!”
  183. “For the last time, I’m forty fi- Ugh... You know what? Forget it. I'm a foal, OK?”
  184. He audibly shrieks in happiness and wraps Archie up in a hug. Although Archie looks pretty uncomfortable, you can see that he's enjoying all the attention he's getting. It was great that all of the ponies that you had met so far had been so nice. Archie still wasn't too sure, but you could tell that he was swaying pretty fast and your friendly natures were rubbing off on him. Thankfully, you had finished all of the preparations for staying here yesterday and you could use this day to relax. Archie and Ditz had hit it off very well and were talking about all of the different things that they could do better as ponies.
  185. “Yeah, I may be very good with plants now that I’m a pony, but I guess that comes with the package. I'd give anything to have a horn like you, though. I mean, why wouldn't you want magic?”
  186. Archie seemed taken back and excited at what Ditz had said.
  187. “You mean I can actually do magic?”
  188. “Yeah, sure. Cogs was doing a bit yesterday. Why don't you go outside and help him learn?'
  189. Cogs nodded happily and started walking into the back yard, Archie plodding along behind him.
  190. “So Icarus, how about you?”
  191. “Hmmm? Me?”
  192. Ditz looked over at your back and inspected the two feathery appendages attached to it.
  193. “Yeah, your wings! Do they, uh... Do they work?”
  194. “Yep! I haven't actually tried it more than twice though, and both of them were accidents.”
  195. “Why don't we go outside again and see how well you can fly?”
  197. It was a little nerve wracking to have Ditz watching you as you tried to fly, especially because of how bad you were doing at it. The first time, you put in way too much effort, flew straight up and fell straight to the floor again. The second time, you put more effort into your left wing than your right and flipped over. This was the third try now, Ditz was watching you intently and cheering you on.
  198. “Come on Icarus! You can do it!”
  199. As nice as it was to have Ditz cheering for you, it still put you off a bit. You readied your wings, stretched your legs and pumped them down. Your hooves suddenly lifted straight off the ground. You had learnt from your last mistake and didn't stop flapping there. You took up a steady beat with your wings and came to a slow hover, just bobbing up and down on the spot.
  200. “Holy shit! I'm flying! I'm actually flying!”
  201. Ditz' jaw was wide open in awe, seeing a colorful cartoon pony fly in real life was something you definitely didn't see every day.
  202. “Go Icarus! Woohooh!”
  204. You pumped your wings a little harder and lifted yourself up into the air even more. Now how were you going to move forward... You tilted your wings a little forward and instantly started to slowly travel forwards. You experimented a little with turning at this small speed before speeding up yet again. You repeated the process of speeding up then practicing turning and rising, then again, then again. Eventually, you had got to such a speed where you had to squint your eyes to see because of all the wind blowing in your face. The view from here was amazing and the speed even more so. When you looked down, Ditz looked like nothing but a waving speck. You came to a hovering stop somewhere high up near the cloud layer. Hmmm... Was it like how it was in the show? Could you actually touch clouds? Usually Pegasus’s could, but this wasn't a show, this was real life. Then again, Cogs now had magic, so why not? You reach out a hoof and scrape it through the clouds and it started to blow away from your hoof. It gave pretty little resistance, but still was a lot more solid than a cloud should give. I wonder... You fly above the cloud with ease and go in for a slow hovering landing. You expect yourself to fall straight through but instead, your hooves plomp down softly and cause the cloud around you to distort and be pushed a bit away. The cloud didn't seem cold like you thought it would either. It was kind of warm, and very soft, like walking on a sea of mattresses. You jumped around on the cloud, mist puffing as you went along. The clouds also had a similar springy consistency like that of a mattress and this allowed you to bounce in between the huge pillows of cloud floating around. It was like a huge playground just for you!
  206. After a while, you got a little tired of bouncing and came in for a landing below. Ditz wasn't on the ground waiting for you, but no wonder. You had been up there for an hour, so he probably got tired of waiting and went inside. You follow his example and walk into your cabin, wiping your hooves as you went in. The warm air of the inside of the house rushed up to meet you and you sighed in relief. Wait, warm air? That was strange...
  207. “Oh hey, Icarus, come on in!” You hear Cogs call from the living room.
  208. “Hey guys, sorry I was out so long, this flying thing is just amazing.”
  209. “Yeah, me and Archie saw from the back of the house. It must have been pretty cold up there.”
  210. “Yeah, speaking of which, how did you get this heater?” A small, makeshift heater sat on the coffee table, blowing a pleasant warm breeze around the room.
  211. “Well, Archie completely totaled his car trying to park it.”
  212. “Yeah, it was a little hard reaching the pedals with my short legs.”
  213. “So I pulled out the air con and fixed it up to work outside of the car. I also hooked it up so it's running of the main power instead of a battery.”
  215. It seemed that everyone was pulling their weight pretty well around here. Suddenly, Ditz' eyes widen and he jumps up from his seat.
  216. “What's wrong Ditz?”
  217. “I forgot to water the field today. Gonna quickly do that, one sec.”
  218. You have an idea.
  219. “Wait a second. I think I have a solution for this...”
  220. It worked in the show, why wouldn't it work now. You run out side and launch into the air. You think you hear Cogs call out “Where are you going”, but you aren't sure because the wind is blowing past your head so fast that anything they say becomes inaudible. You fly straight up to the layer of clouds and speedily start to spin around one of the cloud in a circle. You begin to tighten you turning circle, pushing the cloud, compacting and compressing it, making it darker and darker. Abruptly, the cloud thunders and begins to pour rain like you were squeezing a sponge. You smile, happy at your accomplishment and start to drag it closer to the floor. You position it over the vegetable patch and leave it there. Ditz runs out to the backyard and gasps as he sees the thick raincloud hovering over the garden.
  222. “Holy jeez! That's amazing, Icarus!”
  223. “Hehe, thanks Ditz.”
  224. “That's going to save us a lot of time, now that you can do this. That should be enough now, we don't want to over water it. So... How do you get rid of it?”
  225. You rub your hoof on your chin, still hovering on the spot. How do you get rid of a rain cloud? In the show, Rainbow Dash just... OK, lets try that. You turn around and tuck in your legs, then give the cloud a huge kick. It instantaneously disperses and fades away into the air, leaving the garden bed glistening with fresh rain droplets.
  226. “Good job, Icarus!”
  227. You beam brightly and land on the ground to the edge of the patch. It's a bit weird how a fictional kids tv show was being used as a guidebook to your new body, although you wondered, how much of it was actually fictional? You had seen with your own eyes all of the physics defying things happen, so could the show be real? Cogs is calling out for you and Ditz to come inside and you happily oblige. As much as you liked being outside, it was getting dark and cold so you smile at Ditz and walk in together.
  229. “Ah! You're back! Guess what's for dinner?”
  230. That was nice of Cogs to cook you dinner. You sniff the air and a warm and sweet but natural smell fills your lungs.
  231. “Hmmm... Smells like steamed vegetables. Thanks a lot dude, I could sure go for something to eat right now.”
  232. “Ah, it was nothing. Don't only thank me though, Archie did more than half.”
  233. Cogs gives Archie a little nudge and he smiles, using his magic to open the lid on the pot and let the heavenly smell waft towards you. Damn that smelt good, you couldn't wait to see what it tasted like.
  235. Turns out there are even more perks to being a pony than you could ever imagine. This particular perk was that vegetables tasted absolutely fucking amazing. It was like you took the best thing you had ever tasted and multiplied it fifteen fold. The table was almost silent as you all sat there eating dinner. You probably would have more to talk about but you were just so engrossed in eating to spend more than a second with your head away from your bowl. It was kind of degrading to be eating out of a bowl without using any utensils, but you highly doubted that you could even use cutlery any more. You finally finished off your meal and slumped back in your chair a bit, highly satisfied. Cogs was still happily munching away, same with both Ditz and Archie. After a while, everyone had finished their meal and they sat back rubbing their stomachs and smiling.
  236. “Holy crap... That was the best thing I've ever eaten. Like, ever.”
  237. Cogs licked his lips and started to get up. Such a great meal had made you tired but satisfied and you follow him to your room.
  238. “Night guys. I'll see you both tomorrow. Do you mind sleeping on the couch til tomorrow, Archie? We'll find you a cabin in the morning.”
  239. He nods and you continue on to your room.
  241. Thanks to Cogs' ingenuity, your room was no longer cold and you only needed sheet to stay warm tonight. You both slide into the sheets and face each other.
  242. “Goodnight Icarus. I can't believe how strong you've been through this. If I had been in your position, I don't think I could handle it half as well.”
  243. “I'm sure you would have done fine. Goodnight Cogs.”
  245. You've only been asleep for about half an hour when you abruptly wake up again. It wasn't the cold that woke you up this time, it was the heat. Not normal heat again, it was the other heat. Oh god, could it have come at a more awkward time? You just hoped that the sweet smell didn't wake up Cogs as he shuffled around in his sleep. You take a quick glance under the sheets and- Oh god. It was almost like you had wet the bed, this was absolutely unbelievable. You jerk the sheets back over your lower body and lie back down. Maybe you could just sleep through this and all would be well. Your body had a different idea though and as soon as you did lie back down, the need intensified even more. Why did this have to happen to you? You slowly move a hoof down to the heat emanating from your loins and pause just above it. You could practically feel it radiating as your hoof hovers over. Oh fuck it. You needed this. You push the hoof into your crotch and start to slowly rub up and down. No need for any kind of lubrication, it looks like you had already provided it for yourself. As you rubbed more and more, you felt yourself start to clench your muscles and release periodically. You pant more and more heavily and eventually find yourself having to stifle girly moans as the pleasure you are feeling increases. You just hoped that you didn't- Oh shit! You had gotten so engrossed in clopping that you forgot Cogs was there and accidentally hit him with your elbow. He jerked awake and rolled towards you.
  247. “Hey, is everything alright Ic- oh. Shit.”
  248. You can't hide anything as he lies in front of you. Your hoof is glistening wet, you're completely uncovered and just to top it all off, the smell has filled the entire room.
  249. “I, uh, I'm sorry I just... Oh god...”
  250. Cogs was just sitting and staring. He suddenly snapped out of it and looked around in a frenzy. He grabbed the sheet and brought it over his own legs. He bit his lip and moved a little further away from you.
  251. “Are you OK?” You ask, not completely sure of what's going on.
  252. “I'm so sorry Icarus, I- I just can't control it, the smell, and you, the whole thing just... I'm sorry.”
  253. Wow. So it wasn't just you. You suck in a huge breath then lean forward and slowly remove the sheet.
  254. “I'm so sorry, dude...” He says as you pull off the sheet but you have no intention of stopping. The sheet falls away and reveals something which you had expected, but still not expected. You had expected him to be... You know, “erect” and standing at attention but what you didn't expect was how big it was. Holy crap, this was the biggest one you had ever seen, it made your old one look like a thumbtack. Cogs sat there, stiff as a board in more than one way and conflicted on how to react. As you looked at it, you could feel yourself getting increasingly worked up to the point where you were not just pushed over the edge, but smashed off of it with a car. You turn around, stick your flank in the air and squint your eyes.
  255. “I just don't fucking care anymore. I need you to... Do the thing with the getting up on me... And... Yeah.”
  257. You looked behind you at Cogs. He was still a little flabbergasted, but after a few seconds, he got to his hooves and walked up behind you. You felt as he put his fore-legs up onto you back and shuffled forward a bit. You could feel his member hit your back legs a couple of times while you were waiting, driving you crazy in anticipation.
  258. “Please... Just... Please.”
  259. He shuffled back a bit and prodded at your entrance a couple of times. He found his mark and started to apply a bit of pressure. He slowly put more and more pressure on until you finally gave and his dick went inside.
  260. “Aaah, oh my good god!”
  261. You could literally feel your flanks move further apart as they made way for the massive intrusion. How big was he! This was beyond what you had felt when touching yourself. He slowly picked up pace and thrusted a bit harder than he had before. You began to softly moan as he got faster and faster, grinding up inside of you. Abruptly, your pleasure turned to pain as Cogs made another hard thrust and broke past something inside of you. You weren't really that worried, you had heard about how women had a hymen before, but you were still a bit unconvinced. He was fucking huge and there was no telling if he ruptured your insides or anything. These worries were hastily forgotten as he thrust further in again and you are greeted with another immense wave of lust throughout your body. This was borderline indescribable, as nothing you had ever done before compared in the slightest. You felt your legs give a bit and you felt the pleasure explode from within. An orgasm? So soon in? Cogs didn't have any intention of stopping though as he even began to pick up his pace again.
  263. “Oh my god, oh my god, ohoooh my god” You cry as you feel yourself building up to another orgasm.
  264. “Icarus... Oh, sweet jesus, you're tight... I don't think I'm gonna last much longer...”
  265. Not before you had another orgasm he wasn't. You start pushing your own backside backwards in time with his thrusts, and you feel him hit rock bottom. His penis started to push up against your womb and you came closer and closer to climax. He abruptly thrusts forward and stays rigid in that position as his penis begins to quiver a bit. He groans and releases inside of you, triggering an explosive orgasm beyond even that of all previous. You stifle your intense moan as your legs give out and you fall on the bed, utterly and completely satisfied, basking in the afterglow of what was hands down, the best experience of your entire life. You look up and smile at Cogs. Wait... What the hell? He was asleep! With his weight on top of you, you contemplated how you would get out from underneath. He was even still inside of you, cock twitching a bit but staying hard after all that. You nudge him a bit and try to wake him, but it seems he was just exhausted as you. Speaking of exhausted, you could hardly muster enough strength to push him off of you. You sigh and look, bleary eyed at the wall in front of you. You suppose you would just have to fall asleep with him in you. It wasn't that bad, in fact it was a surprisingly filling feeling to have him remain inside of you. You'd just.. lie here and... go to... *snoooore*
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