Fishin' in the Shade

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  1. [22:21:00] <MERYL> In the sky, Salamando waves hello!  So does the water.  But, the latter does so in a very different way.
  2. [22:24:02] <Terse> Terse is juggling his knife as he heads for the water, tossing and catching it rapidly, without even looking at it.  A pail full of fresh-dug worms and some kitchen leftovers swings at his side, along with a glob of thick dough wrapped in wax paper.  A fishing pole is slung nonchalantly over his shoulders.
  3. [22:27:18] <MERYL> Contrary to popular belief, it wasn't like nobody followed him from the castle.  While Corona didn't, and the other maids definitely didn't, there's still a nagging feeling... until it become apparent that he's actually able to see the floating eyeball with bat-wings for some bizarre reason.  That said, as it's not in the water, Shade probably isn't the sort of thing that would be worth catching.  The specimens inside the water are a different story.
  4. [22:32:38] <Terse> "Alright.  First, bait." using the paper as an impromptu glove, Terse begins wrapping meat, worms, and leftovers/discarded bits from cooking in  dough, creating 'pills' somewhere in size between a large grape and an apricot, sticking one of the balls on a sturdy hook and casting his line into a likely, shady spot in the water, taking a comfortable seat and leaning back~
  5. [22:34:53] <MERYL> <...>  Shade flies over and watches in silence as fish in the water occasionally come in for a nibble, others content with just swimming around.  As the sun rises, at least there's something to watch while it happens.  Of course, with the ability to see the spirit, its flying around and staring is another thing to watch, which may or may not be inconvenient or otherwise annoying.
  6. [22:35:50] <Terse> Terse is pretty confident he'll feel a big lunker of a catfish if it grabs ahold of the bait, and watches Shade drifting around curiously, since...well, he hasn't been able to before, "So, you're the quiet one, huh?"
  7. [22:37:23] <MERYL> <... Observing.>  He - or it rather - seems curious at the general fact of being noticed by anybody, content with flying around and doing nothing.  This only persists for a few minutes, until the creature starts spinning and flying about boredly.
  8. [22:41:50] <Terse> Terse waits.  This is the long, boring part...and with it being so peaceful out, he's almost tempted to nap.  Not much sleep last night, anyway, too wound up from fighting a dragon in the sky while riding another dragon and then seeing Eirene hit on by a vampire.
  9. [22:42:57] <MERYL> The creature just stares down at the fish that continue to nibble instead of biting, clearly confused.  It has no idea the fisherman himself is trying to... well, anything.  <... Why?>
  10. [22:43:54] <Terse> "Because it'll happen sooner or later.  This is probably too much food for the little ones, but where they go...big fish follow eventually."
  11. [22:44:32] <MERYL> <Life... consume?>
  12. [22:44:53] <Terse> "Something like that."
  13. [22:45:47] <MERYL> <...>  Even intangible spirits don't always have something witty to say.  This one just keeps staring.
  14. [22:47:56] <Terse> "Everything needs to eat." Terse twitches the rod just a little, to provide the illusion of movement through the shallow, dark water he aimed for
  15. [22:50:11] <MERYL> One fish approaches... but curiously, it seems Shade actually casts a shadow as he flies straight above the water.  The approaching fish quickly swerves away, regardless of whether that was actually the cause or not.
  16. [22:51:23] * Terse looks up, curious to see if clouds were the cause instead, a twitch of annoyance crossing his face, "Hey, hey, slow it down a little, I think you're scaring the fish."
  17. [22:51:43] <MERYL> <...?>  The creature makes a sound like a little giggle.
  18. [22:56:33] <Breezy> "Did you say eat, Mister Tersy? ...Mister Tersy... Mistersy!" And out of nowhere, a little sprite in a pink and white dress seems to appear. Breezy's as energetic as ever, looking around as if expecting to see a banquet set up somewhere. "...Where's the food?" No, one feast is not enough.
  19. [22:59:49] <Terse> "..." Terse gives the sprite a measuring look, beginning to formulate a witty response.  'Not ready yet?'  Too blunt.  'Somewhere else?'  That would be a dick thing to say to poor Breezy.  'In the water?'  HE'D JUMP IN.  Terse shakes his head, "I'm still working on it...wanna help?"
  20. [23:00:04] <Terse> He does a doubletake at the dress.
  21. [23:01:29] <Breezy> "Sure! Is making food a magic trick? I've never made food before, I usually just ate stuff people threw out~"
  22. [23:02:09] <Terse> "...You mean you ate trash?" Terse frowns.
  23. [23:04:34] <Breezy> "Is that what it's called? I guess so, but Miss Lucy's food tastes way better!"
  24. [23:05:33] * Terse reaches over and pats the little...girl?  Sprite?  Whatever it is, pat on the head.
  25. [23:06:17] <Terse> "That's terrible.  Don't worry, you'll have real food from now on, I bet I'll get one any minute now.  Hey, do you think you can go find a branch that  looks like this?  I'll let you be my helper." Terse indicates the fishing rod.
  26. [23:08:59] <Breezy> If it makes you full, then Breezy always figured that meant it was 'real food.' But, Terse probably knows more about that stuff, anyway! "I'll be a super helper, as good as Rony!" Breezy runs to the nearest tree, looking for fallen branches that happen to look like fishing rods.
  27. [23:10:07] <Terse> "Who's Rony?  Is she a good helper, then?" Flick goes Terse's rod, recasting towards a more likely spot.
  28. [23:14:16] <Breezy> "Miss Rony's Mommy's helper who cleans and shows guests around and I think she cooks and she's a magician and she's a supergood helper." The explanation just goes on, speaking really fast and without pause. Anyway, does Breezy need to punch a branch down or are there any lying around on the ground?
  29. [23:16:35] <Terse> "...Helper?  Ah, do you mean something like how she wants Eirene to stay in her castle?" Terse's mouth compresses to a hard, flat, line, glaring down at the water.
  30. [23:20:23] <Breezy> "Huh? Of course she's a helper! She's one of those... Um..." Breezy visibly struggles to find the right word, "It starts with a 'may' sound! Male... Mane... Made... Maze... I can't remember what they said."
  31. [23:20:47] <Terse> "Oh, that maid?"
  32. [23:22:17] <MERYL> 2d6
  33. [23:22:17] <DiceMaid-9001> MERYL, 2d6: 3 [2d6=2,1]
  34. [23:22:34] <Breezy> "I think so! Why, is Miss Eiry a maid?"
  35. [23:22:56] <MERYL> There are 3 branches lying on the ground, but they're thin ones.  The trees aren't incredibly massive and could probably be punched and picked up by the sprite but... it's best not to go there.  Probably.
  36. [23:23:07] <MERYL> The branches on the ground likely are fishing rod material.
  37. [23:24:59] <Breezy> That'll do! Breezy proudly presents all three branches to Terse.
  38. [23:28:05] * Terse selects a likely one, ties a spare fishing line to one end after carving a little notch for it with his knife, and baits the hook, " cast the line out into the water.  Swishing motion of your arms, see?" Terse demonstrates.
  39. [23:28:34] <Terse> "No, Miss Eiry-Eirene isn't a maid, she's just...a really nice girl."
  40. [23:33:11] <Addy> Breezy reaches waaay back and swings forward suddenly... Surprisingly not letting go and throwing the rod into the water. The error is quite different, in fact, and involves continually swinging the rod back and forth instead of just leaving the line out there after the first swish.
  41. [23:35:47] <Terse> "Hey, hey, easy Breezy.  Let it rest in the water, or you'll scare the fish away."
  42. [23:36:07] <Terse> "Relax and enjoy the weather."
  43. [23:37:55] <Breezy> "But what if the fish get in the way when I cast the food making spell?"
  44. [23:39:15] <Terse> "There's no spell, just hard work and loving what you do."
  45. [23:40:59] <MERYL> Breezy's still scaring the fish away, but Terse eventually gets a bite.  Shade has stopped floating over the water and started hanging back since a while ago, too.
  46. [23:42:17] <Breezy> "Oh, okay! I love punching stuff and I work super hard, so that's no problem." Breezy tries really, really hard to hold the rod perfectly still. So hard that his hands tremble slightly.
  47. [23:42:46] <Terse> Terse lets it play out a little, to set the hook, then tightens up and begins drawing it in, taking it slowly to avoid undue tension in the line that might cause it to snap, keeping the fish from escaping and wearing it out as he slowly draws it in, standing up to get a better view and move back further from the edge.
  48. [23:44:21] <Breezy> "Whoa, Mistersy must really love fish!" Breezy eagerly cheers him on.
  49. [23:45:35] <MERYL> It's a lengthy process, and almost tedious, but what eventually gets reeled in is a decent-sized fish that flops about upon being removed from that watter.  It's a bluish color, and resonates the pulsating strangeness of a MANAFISH.  Of course, it seems like they all do around here, but at the same time they're often served in popular dishes.
  50. [23:47:51] <Breezy> "...Do we eat it, now?"
  51. [00:38:40] <Terse> "Not yet, put it in the pot with some water in it." Terse gestures back to yet another cooking implement he keeps around, already half-full of water.  Then, he sets about removing the hook, and tosses the fish into the pot, "We'll see what else we can catch, now that we know they're here."
  52. [00:39:26] <Terse> "Keep an eye on your line, too, and relax your hands a little, feel the currents.  Don't worry about nibbles, wait for a good, solid bite."
  53. [00:41:09] <Breezy> "It's in the pot! Do we eat it now-now?" Breezy keeps an eye on the fish in the pot while holding onto the line with one mighty little hand. "This thing isn't nibbling OR biting my hand!"
  54. [00:42:01] <Breezy> Holding onto the rod, not the line. Hurr durr.
  55. [00:42:27] <Terse> "No, we eat it back at the castle, and we'll go there once we have more fish.  No, the rod won't bite you, you'll feel a sudden pull on the end of the line.  Little pulls are just nibbles, probably, but a tug means a bite."
  56. [00:43:18] <Terse> Terse rebaits his hook, pausing to flick a strand of blonde hair out of his pale eyes, before casting it out again into the water, further out this time.
  57. [00:44:18] <Breezy> Breezy concentrates on the hunt for fish. At least for a little while, still holding on and waiting for a tug. "What if I jumped in and caught them? Is that against the rules?"
  58. [00:46:52] <Terse> "Yes."
  59. [00:48:15] <Breezy> "...Oh. This game's hard." Must be a branch from an old tree. Gotta get a SUPER TREE branch to catch some real fish.
  60. [00:56:27] <Terse> "See, if you jump in, you'll scare the others away even if you catch one."
  61. [00:56:42] <Breezy> "What if I catch them, too?"
  62. [00:56:59] <Terse> "They all swim different ways."
  63. [00:58:23] <Breezy> "Fish must be really smart. I only know how to swim one way." Breezy attempts to mimic a dog paddle on land.
  64. [00:59:02] <Terse> "I don't swim, myself."
  65. [00:59:52] <Breezy> "I'll teach you next time! I don't want to get my new clothes dirty, though." Twirl, twirl.
  66. [01:01:06] <Terse> "It is a very nice dress, your mother should be commended."
  67. [01:01:23] <Terse> Terse's face is kept carefully neutral.
  68. [01:02:27] <Breezy> "Thanks! But, I think Mommy's in charge of the castle, so she's the one who commends people like Miss Rony!"
  69. [01:18:16] <Terse> "That's a good point, you don't hear people commend their rulers much.  Complaining, though, people do that a lot in taverns."
  70. [01:21:26] <Breezy> "What's a tavern for, Mistersy?"
  71. [01:23:14] <Terse> "People go there to drink and eat hot food and talk, or play cards.  People have a lot of trouble sometimes they like to talk out."
  72. [01:23:23] <Terse> "Especially when alcohol's involved."
  73. [01:23:55] <Terse> "Some keep rooms, for travelers."
  74. [01:24:26] <Breezy> "Ohhh, I've heard about that; I wanna try alcky-hall~"
  75. [01:24:31] <Terse> "And if it's an inn with one of those big commonrooms, and you can't afford a room, you can buy a spot to sleep on the floor."
  76. [01:25:09] <Breezy> "I like sleeping in Nighty's bed the best."
  77. [01:25:14] <Terse> "...Is your sister allowed to drink alcohol?  I think she's older than you, so if she can't, I'd be betraying a sacred trust by giving you any."
  78. [01:26:56] <Breezy> Breezy thinks really hard for a minute, "...I don't know. I've never seen her drink it or asked, but I've heard lots about it!"
  79. [01:27:53] <Terse> "What have you heard?" Terse keeps an eye on his line.
  80. [01:28:59] <Breezy> "That lotsa big people like to drink it!"
  81. [01:33:49] <Terse> "That's true.  Lots of us do."
  82. [01:34:31] <Breezy> "Is it good, Mistersy?"
  83. [01:37:44] <Terse> "Sometimes.  When it's good, it's good, but when it's bad it gets really, really bad."
  84. [01:38:31] <Breezy> "Oh, okay! How do you make good alckyhall?"
  85. [01:41:55] <Terse> "I mean the experience of enjoying alcohol."
  86. [01:42:31] <Breezy> "Well, I want a good one, then." If only it were that simple.
  87. [01:44:00] <Terse> "Good alcohol...well, it depends on the type.  Do you want one that tastes good, or one that...oh, you don't even know about...right.  Alcohol makes your head feel funny, it makes you relaxed and talkative and a little dizzy.  People like it because people get tense a lot."
  88. [01:45:54] <Terse> "But some of it is stronger than others that way."
  89. [01:46:01] <Breezy> "I want one that's really tasty for sure!" Obviously! "I get dizzy when I spin around sometimes."
  90. [01:46:46] <Terse> "...a light wine then, maybe." Terse considers even as he ponders whether providing Breezy with alcohol is at all morally responsible to do.
  91. [01:47:36] <Breezy> "Light's pretty on the water, but I thought whining is bad."
  92. [01:48:33] <Terse> "Wine is also the name of an alcoholic drink.  Say, Breezy...what are you?  You're not a human, are you?"
  93. [01:49:48] <Breezy> "Um, I'm not sure, but Mommy said that sprites are miserable little piles of whatever I am."
  94. [01:51:52] <MERYL> 2d6 FISH?
  95. [01:51:52] <DiceMaid-9001> MERYL, FISH?: 9 [2d6=4,5]
  96. [01:51:56] <MERYL> NOPE
  97. [01:51:58] <MERYL> 2d6 FISH?
  98. [01:51:58] <DiceMaid-9001> MERYL, FISH?: 10 [2d6=4,6]
  99. [01:52:04] <MERYL> YES ACTUALLY
  100. [01:52:19] <MERYL> Suddenly the conversation is interrupted by a BIG FISH!
  101. [01:52:31] <Breezy> A REEL big fish?
  102. [01:52:36] <MERYL> No just a big fish.
  103. [01:52:50] <Breezy> Oh. Who's line is it, anyway?
  104. [01:53:00] <Breezy> Whose, that is~
  105. [01:54:18] <MERYL> ... Actually, that was in order, it's actually Breezy's.  AMAZING.
  106. [01:55:33] <Terse> "Huh, you seem pretty happy to me.  Anyway, wine is nice when you just want to enjoy it and are having a good day, I think.  Maybe with some nice cheeses, or crackers.  Not that I ever worked an upscale place like tha-" Terse sees the line jerk, "Breezy, pull back hard and to one side!"
  107. [01:57:30] <Breezy> Breezy holds on tight and jerks the rod hard back to the right, immediately shouting, "I caught one, I caught one!" Well before making sure it was truly caught, even.
  108. [01:59:10] <Terse> That's why Terse had told him to pull to the side, guessing it would set the hook from the direction he'd seen it jerk.
  109. [02:00:08] <Terse> "Good job, Breezy!  Now pull it in!  Take it a little slowly, but steady...and if he starts pulling real hard, you stop pulling and let him tire himself out, but keep ahold of the rod."
  110. [02:00:30] <MERYL> The fish keeps hooked!  Breezy's MONSTER STRENGTH can probably reel it in-- maybe.
  111. [02:01:22] <Breezy> But then again, Breezy has freakish strength. And a tendency to act before thinking. Jerking anything short of a shark out of the water's no problem, as long as nothing breaks. By divine grace, nothing does, at least not before the fish is airborne on the right path, so that fish is getting whipped into the air and onto land like a ball and chain rather than reeled in.
  112. [02:02:53] <Terse> Terse smiles, and shrugs.  Why complain when it makes Breezy happy and gets the job done?
  113. [02:03:34] <MERYL> The MENOS BASS flaps on the ground and tries to escape but... just can't.  It stills itself and embraces its fate of being the prize of a midget.
  114. [02:04:07] <Terse> "Good job, Breezy!  Your first fish!"
  115. [02:04:21] <Terse> "It's a big one, too.  I'll measure it."
  116. [02:04:46] <Terse> Terse fetches from his seemingly inexhaustible cooking gear measuring equipment and sets about it~
  117. [02:04:57] <Breezy> Breezy proudly lifts it overhead (to like belly button level with Terse, probably) and cheers, "I never had a fish before! I'll name it... Floppy!"
  118. [02:05:29] <Terse> "No, no, you don't name them.  These aren't tame fish, these become food."
  119. [02:06:49] <Breezy> "B-but, Floppy doesn't look like food... Floppy looks like Floppy!" Tears start to accumulate in Breezy's eyes while looking up at Terse.
  120. [02:06:49] <MERYL> The measurement, translated from whatever silly units this setting uses, ultimately amounts to 'big.'  Not massive or legendary, but something to be proud of.
  121. [02:07:15] <Terse> " you like meat?" Terse sighs.
  122. [02:09:45] <Breezy> "Uh huh. Meat people left lying out was always too smelly to eat, but I had really good meat here!"
  123. [02:13:12] <Terse> "You see, Breezy, lots of living things like meat.  By feeding on other species, they keep them from being overcrowded and eating everything and starving."
  124. [02:13:28] <Terse> "I overheard it once, working."
  125. [02:13:52] <Breezy> "But the water wasn't crowded. I could fit in there too!"
  126. [02:14:09] <Terse> "So if we eat him, we make sure his next generation of Menos Bass have more room and will grow bigger."
  127. [02:14:29] <Terse> "You can fit there now, but could you live your entire life in that little river?
  128. [02:14:47] <Terse> "In that little stretch of river, I mean."
  129. [02:15:33] <Breezy> "My dress would get really wet, but I think I could."
  130. [02:16:15] <Terse> "You'd get bored, it isn't much space, imagine if you had to stay in there."
  131. [02:16:43] <Terse> "Anyway, here, pass me Floppy before he dies from being in the air."
  132. [02:17:12] <Breezy> "That's why I'll take Floppy to come live with me! No more being bored~" Breezy hands the fish over.
  133. [02:18:20] <Terse> "Breezy, it doesn't work that way.  If we don't bring food home, what will Eirene or Lyle or Briar or Naida or your mother, Lady Aramecci eat?"
  134. [02:18:48] <Terse> "Or Flammie?"
  135. [02:19:12] <Breezy> "B-but, they have lotsa food already! And you caught a big fishie too!"
  136. [02:20:21] <Terse> "We need plenty of fish to feed everyone.  Hey, Breezy, where are you sprite-things from?"
  137. [02:23:00] <Breezy> "I'll catch other fish; they can't eat Floppy! ...But, I don't know. I just started being in one of the towns a few months ago and that's all I remember. So I guess I was born here!"
  138. [02:24:42] <Terse> "Alright." Floppy deposited in pot, "Are you sure about not eating Floppy?  If you are, we can put him back in the river, but a fish this size needs more water and a bigger container than you can give him.  He'd suffer at the castle."
  139. [02:27:07] <Breezy> "I want Floppy to be a happy fish! You said he wouldn't be happy in the river, right?"
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