Pirates IRC MAY'19 Changelog

mruno Jun 2nd, 2019 34 Never
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  1. Pirates IRC -
  2. May 2019 Changelog
  4. Changes:
  5. Bot may now troll players
  6. Code optimization for player checks which should result it better responses (0.1 seconds) to !Pirate commands
  7. Werewolf pirates always have good results when digging
  8. Unclaimed ports are sorted by sailing time
  9. Werewolves gain +1 power when NOT a full moon
  10. When picking locks on chests, chest traps now have additional effects based on their type if the thief triggers the trap.
  11. When disarming traps, players may now trigger the trap's effects if they fail. i.e. a curse trap may curse you into a zombie, vampyre, etc; poison trap may poison you, etc, etc
  12. Coins and herbs can now be auctioned
  13. Added werewolves: Disease named as Lycanthropy (listed in !P Diseases). The disease will last for duration of the season (unless a special item is used). Full moons will be listed in !P Today and the dates are listed at
  14. During a full moon:
  15. gain a power bonus
  16. gain a large stamina bonus
  17. very effective when battlin' monsters
  18. not effective when raidin' ports
  19. can spread the disease during random events or duels
  20. When not a full moon:
  21. gain a stamina bonus
  22. cannot become a vampyre (also during full moons)
  23. Vampires have specific drinks at taverns
  24. Vampyrism is now shown in !P Diseases as Sanguinare Vampiris
  25. Increased number of concurrent storms on the live map
  26. Added additional global stats:
  27. Treasure on the live map state what cell they are located in
  28. Bot ships are now labeled on the live map
  29. Treasure maps are now uncommon or rare:
  30. Players that keep rare maps will have to go to more than one port to find the treasure (n' earn more doubloons). Uncommon maps will only take one port to find.
  31. Players that share maps will result in the treasure being at a port if uncommon n' at a cell if rare (more doubloons)
  32. If the crew cleans the ship's hull (!P Crew Clean) after greasing it, the grease will be removed
  33. Mental states are now implemented, but may change a bit based on feedback:
  34. Added a new minigame: race - !P Race
  35. Added Season mods:
  36. Removed tasks: be onboard for a failed/successful quest and tangle with a monster
  37. Added preliminary code for mental states. Currently does not affect anything (similar to GTA V's mental state: )
  38. Added ability for players to add discord IDs or remove them in !P Options (Freenode network only)
  40. Fixes:
  41. FOR loop that was freezing some ships
  42. Captain command: quest
  43. Drink voucher not working in the tavern
  44. Race game wager bugs and other oddities
  45. Messages not being sent out to all players due to "Message target change too fast" errors
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