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  1. -Byond Key: Fremie
  3. -IGN: Komatsuna
  5. -Discord Name: Fremie#0419
  7. -Race: Saiyan
  9. -Why do you want  this race/rank/tech/item
  11. : There's been a period to where I've been playing every race but Saiyan primarily because I wanted to try out their strengths and weaknesses but I feel I roleplay better as a Saiyan and can portray them to the best of their ability. Aside from that I've come up with a custom rank that falls in the shoes of a Saiyan.
  13. -How do you think you can improve RP with this race/rank/tech/item
  15. : I definitely think I could bring some unique elements introduced in the Anime and Manga to the server and it's plot, specifically with my custom rank, I've decided to take the concept of "Wrathful State" and adapt it to this server and improve it with the addition of Super Saiyan 4. I want this rank to be based on the primal roots of the Saiyan and I want to expand upon that with the roleplay I'll offer.
  17. -Do you agree not to use this for OOC purposes?
  19. : Of course.
  21. -How experienced are you in roleplaying?
  23. : I've been roleplaying for at least 10 years.
  25. -Do you have any outside activities such as school/work that stops you from being on during times of the day
  27. : Not particularly however I have a family business I tend to when I feel like it. If it comes up, I'll let you all know ahead of time.
  29. -Now I would like you to write me a roleplay involving the use or life of the race/rank/tech/item, it must be at least one paragraph of ten sentences. This roleplay will be IC and used on your character that you have already. If it does not fit your current character in anyway, then perhaps try to RP more until it does.
  31. : Countless years of fighting the saiyan and tuffle numbers have dwindled down to what few were left and it would come down to who wanted victory the most, the Saiyans or the Tuffles.
  33. Komatsuna was born years before the war, the feud with the tuffles ran deep between the two species and he just happened to be born into war. He was expected to do twice as much as he was born an average saiyan thus his exploits in battle were slightly under those of the elite, surprisingly Komatsuna had a gift in combat however he was prone to fits of rage which frightened the majority of his brethren but not those who seeked to use him. As one of the few Saiyans standing he was a shield to those who were either injured or couldn’t fight as well, the commanders usually sent him out into the battlefield to raid the enemy camps and he’d come back with a new scar, a small addition to the countless many.
  35. Komatsuna is the very definition of loyalty, the quiet stone wall never complained nor wanted for more, he simply followed orders and wiped out enemies to the best of his ability but he was no fool, he knew he was being used and he knew he’d probably end up dying on the battlefield to have someone else fill the shoes he had left. It was a thought he had come to terms with and accepted it with open arms and perhaps that day would be today. The Saiyans were known to be lacking in brains however they weren’t complete idiots, a few of them had scavenged tech from the tuffles which would alert them of their upcoming raids and would allow the Saiyans to talk over their comms under a different station however the Tuffles would take advantage of this and listen in on the Saiyan’s comms considering it was their technology from the start.
  37. Komatsuna was given orders to intercept an enemy supply wagon and bring it back to their stronghold otherwise the Saiyans would be on their deathbed with the lack of supplies to keep fighting the war.
  39. The Tuffles knew this and staged a trap of sorts, something that Komatsuna would unknowingly walk into.
  41. The tuffles weapons were specialized with dealing with their kind, from targeting their tails to rendering the effects of the moon useless, thus they couldn’t use their saiyan power. However each design had a flaw, over the generations of saiyans they’ve adapted to the use of the tuffles technology, knowing how to avoid certain inventions such as mounted machine guns that shoot energy, scanners that tracked their body heat and energy signatures.
  43. For the mounted machine guns they’d use their enviroment to avoid the gunfire and for the scanners, they used items containing energy as a trick to fool the scanners and sneak pass, thus this battle would be difficult as the tuffles just merely continued to advance their technology.
  45. Komatsuna and the rest of his unit began approaching the location of the supply wagon after several days of traveling. Due to the lack of supplies the Saiyans couldn’t replenish their energy thus they had to walk on foot to conserve it for the mission. As they arrived they began to make their way to the road the supply wagon would pass through and upon seeing it they would take out the tuffles guarding it however not without resistance, the tuffles utilized their smoke bombs and flash bombs but Komatsuna and his team weren’t amateurs. For the smoke bombs they’d sense the energy of the tuffles and for the flash bombs they’d close their eyes, Komatsuna and his team took out the Tuffles with ease and got their hands on the supply wagon.
  47. The mission seemed to easy and that's what worries Komatsuna but he wasn’t one to mention it, he only wanted to get the mission done. He’d begin to push the wagon while one of the curious Saiyans wanted to see what the wagon contained and to his supplies his eyes caught sight of a timer that was nearing the final digit. Without being able to call out a warning the wagon exploded with the Saiyans transporting it.
  49. The ambush and trapped worked, several saiyans in Komatsuna’s team were either severely injured or dead and Komatsuna was no exception, he was heavily injured from taking the brunt of the explosion due to pushing the wagon.
  51. It took only a minute and several tuffles began to crowd the saiyans, a proper ambush. The Tuffles had used a concealer of some kind to cloak their energy signatures and the bombs inside the wagon and now that Komatsuna and his team were injured from the explosion they were easy pickings for the Tuffles which seemed to finish off his team with rather ease.
  53. One spear after another pierced his team and he knew with each mercy kill he’d be next. It wouldn’t be a bad way to go he thought but he also thought about his race and what would happen to them if he failed this mission, if he were to accept his death and give up here and now. Due to the enemy’s technology he couldn’t use the power of Oozaru to get an upper hand of the situation at hand but could he accept that? No.
  55. As the spear finally came to give him his mercy, his eyes opened. Brimming with a yellow color he’d bring his hand up to take the brunt of the spear, allowing it to sink into his hand however which caught the tuffle off guard and without hesitation Komatsuna grabbed the tuffle by its neck, crushing it with rather ease.
  57. Komatsuna stood up looking as if he was possessed however that wasn’t the case, by will alone he was forcing the Oozaru form to manifest through his human form, the tuffles backed up knowing well what a Saiyan could do if one gets close enough.
  59. They’d take out their blasters, pointing it towards him and letting out a volley of shots towards him and to their surprise the blasts had no effect, they’d merely bounce off his body or fizzle into nothing. What followed next was Komatsuna fighting the ambushers and for the most part he was doing exceptionally well, he was a force to be reckoned with due to his newfound strength and those in his team who survived the ambushed witnessed from a distance, some even attempted to help but were attacked just with the same brutality as the tuffles.
  61. He couldn't tell who friend nor foe was due to the uncontrollable rage the Oozaru had offered and by the time the operation had come to an end, Komatsuna was the last one standing among the bodies of his friends and his enemies unaware of who did what and by the time saiyan scouts had arrived they had seen that Komatsuna was the only one standing, covered in the blood of his team and enemies he was taken as prisoner under the banner of a traitor and eventually exiled after receiving judgement from the King.
  63. He was treated as a tool tossed away.
  65. This didn't anger Komatsuna nor did he seek vengeance. The only thing he wanted to find out is what happened during the mission and to seek forgiveness from the King.
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