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  1. Looking to Nanyang as they came to the square, stepping forward when she'd turn to be among the crowd, Huangzhou square was before him at this point. It was a rather daunting prospect, the difference between talking out his goals, and saying his intention before a peer and friend, who had high standing as one of the few noble houses in Huangzhou, and him, a lowly Buke meant to be under the late Shogun for guidance, training, and education.
  3. It was a case to be made, he stood before the Square now. Many miles walked, along that journey of ten thousand steps. The lowly positions he held in the village, Officer of the Court, Buke elevated of House Djao, the survivor of Tragedy, Order aspirant, friend to some.
  5. The bright lighted nature in the Mage's eyes as he stood before everyone gatherring. It was a moment passing, as he would await, seeing to it that people would gather before he would speak, bowwing respectfully towards those many high society members that actually stopped to look his way, when they did. Even being compassionate enough to wave to the youths that looked upon his pressence in the square.
  7. There was a solemn deep breath, it was what would come before the display would begin. Not really with good public speaking skills, last time he had the adrenaline and anger at the passing of the Shogun to fuel his confidence. Now? Now he was stepping up to a much greater responsibility.
  9. Grand speech begin!
  11. The jade hues looked out towards the droves of non magi and magi alike of Huangzhou, all of that responsibility hitting him all at once. "People of Huangzhou, for too long, I feel no one has taken to stepping up to serve all of you. As defender, and champion. For too long, have we gone without that responsibility upon those willing to take it to themselves and have it be a part of who they are. For too long we've let wane that pressence of firm values by the individuals who choose to be our guardians in the small island in the storm that we live among. To break the waves for those that live in the lands behind their weighted shoulders." He took a moment, in passing, waving a hand and indicating the myriad of people gatherred, making no eye contact to determine or discriminate out those magi who could and most definately would stand until the end, and see to it they fell long before Huangzhou was to shatter.
  13. The male took to a deep breath. "They stand," Pausing again, as he'd firmly clench a hand, the intensity of the glow from the soft breeze that briskly carried his words to the ears of all. "So that no tide of evil, cruelty or chaos may pass to harm our fair people. But as we are, we stand, with only the lord regent and Shu as our leadership, a true Shogun unchosen, be it hard to find, or impossible of which to find one without that volition to step forth themselves." That same clenched fist raising to his chest.
  15. "On this day, Proudly in the name of our fallen Shogun, Lady Xiao, I step forward and volunteer my service. My full service, of body, mind and soul, not only to stand among those who fight for your your safety but also, as commander of a new task force, one revitalized of our ancestral lands, The Fourfold Path our guidance." It was all long winded, but he speaks of the intentions, his plans.
  17. The warmth in his demeanor, in the air, that exhuded from himself. Pushed into this at first, but seeing everyone gatherred. Speaking to them from his heart. The Eyes of the male lighted with further confidence. "If you all would have a lowly Buke, rise from his position and serve as your Shogun. Then in only honor, and good will, I will serve proudly as your protector!" The demeanor of Wei was unwavoring at the point, his arm falling to his side at this point.
  19. "With my service, the rise of the Fourfolds return begins, in its leadership, I will see to it that Huangzhou and it's allies are kept safe."
  20. (Wei Djao)
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