Arabic Sheikh gives Free Bitcoins

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  1. The following text got hacked, leaked and translated, the original text is from a private VIP sector from the biggest Arabic Crypto Community Board.
  2. And before you ask, you don't have to be VIP in their Community Board to do this.
  4. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. "Hello,
  8. I am Sheikh Saad Al Maktoum
  9. As you all known Dubai will get a new crypto exchange.
  10. Crypto Bulls will be able to attract a huge number of foreign investments in crypto from Asia & Middle East.
  11. To celebrate the launch i have prepared $2 million in Bitcoin and Ethereum to give back to the UAE crypto community. ( VIP's only )
  12. Everyone on this board who has the VIP Status can participate.
  14. How it works:
  16. Send a amount between 0,05 BTC (minimum) and 2 BTC (maximum) to our Bitcoin Address 11264b8T95UEE725SyezrqVb1WNQoNCcm8
  18. After 2 Transaction confirmations you will get the double amount back.  (example you send 0,4 bitcoin you will get 0,8 back)
  20. We know here are alot of Ethereum users so we will support ETH too.
  22. Send a amount between 1 ETH and 40 ETH to our Ethereum Address 0xF5d2cf6052CBe9b7E62C7BE38B3E434A86803EF1
  24. If you send more than the maximum amount of 2 BTC or 40 ETH the Smart Contract will Reject your transaction and you will get it back without doubling it.
  26. Have a good time, Saad Al Maktoum
  28. Allah is greatest"
  30. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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