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  1. Genders
  3. A
  4. Abimegender: Old French - related to “abyss”; from Latin a- “without” byssos “bottom”. Having a gender which is profound, deep, and infinite. #abstract #obscure
  5. Adamasgender: (the S can remain silent or not): A gender that refuses to be categorized and that in it of itself is its indomitable essence. from the greek root ADAMAS [meaning: untameable] #obscure
  6. Adeptogender: when your state of gender was obtained through your realization of your kinself. as in, your kin realization spurred your gender realization. (note: the gender and kin type do not necessarily have to correlate with each other) #kin
  7. Aerogender: where an individual’s gender relies highly on their setting and/or atmosphere, which can be composed of a great number of things (ex. who they’re around, their level of comfort, the temperature, the weather, the time of day/year, etc.). #enviro
  8. Aesthetgender: a gender experience that is derived from, or the embodiment of, an aesthetic #concrete #stable
  9. Aethergender: a gender that feels very wide, commanding, breathtaking and powerful, linked to the vast expanse of space. can be used as aethergirl/boy/nonbinary etc #abstract #more
  10. Agender: the lack of gender, or the feeling that no gender exists. #less
  11. Agenderflux: where you identify as agender but have fluctuations where you feel feminine or masculine but not male or female. #less #masc #femme
  12. Alexigender: a fluid gender experience, where you are aware that your gender is changing but cannot label each individual gender #fluid #obscure
  13. Aliengender: a gender that is an interpretation of a gender or genders, from a nonhuman perspective. may or may not like to fit into a gender and adopt a gender, but in a sort of ‘alien trying out foreign species’s gender’ way; alienboy, aliengirl, aliennonbinary etc; #obscure #poly #pheno #imitate
  14. Aliusgender: Latin - related to “alien”; strange, foreign, other. Having a gender which is removed from common gender descriptors. #obscure #abstract
  15. Amaregender: a gender that changes depending on who you’re in love with #pheno #fluid
  16. Ambigender: experiencing two genders simultaneously and without fluidity or shifting #poly #stable
  17. Ambonec: a gender identity in which you identify as both male and female, yet you also identify as neither, at the same time #masc #femme #indie #poly
  18. Amicagender: a gender that changes depending on which friend you’re with at the moment #enviro #fluid
  19. Amorgender: When your gender changes whilst in the presence of an individual to whom you have developed a deep connection for. This could be a romantic attraction, platonic connection, a spiritual affinity or anything similar. For example: An amorboy would identify as male only to someone they felt connected too. #pheno
  20. Androgyne: when someone identifies with both masculinity and femininity, but never a definite “male” or “female”. #masc #femme
  21. Angeligender: definition: an angel gender, a gender found only among angels that is hard to describe to non-angels, gender can be replaced with boy, girl, or nb as in saying that that is the closest human gender you identify with; only to used by angelkin or godkin #kin  #stable #imitate
  22. Angenital: an identity in which you feel uncomfortable (potentially dysphoric) with having any sort of genitalia (sex) at all but do not mind gendered pronouns or having a gender label. You have a desire to be sexless but not necessarily genderless. #pheno
  23. Anongender: a gender that is unknown to you and others #obscure
  24. Antigender: genders that can only be defined as the opposite of an existing gender #abstract #stable
  25. Apagender: someone who is apathetic towards their gender identity and doesn’t care enough to look further into it #obscure #apathy
  26. Apogender: greek prefix apo, meaning away from, separate, at the farthest point; a subset of agender in which you feel not only genderless but entirely removed from the concept of gender #less #abstract #stable #indie
  27. Apollogender: When you have 9(ish, can be anywhere from 6-10) different distinct feelings of gender, but they have mixed into one big gender identity. Based on the Greek god Apollo, who was the god of 9 different things. #concrete #poly #stable
  28. Aporagender: a gender separate from male, female, and anything in between while still having a very strong and specific gendered feeling.  It can be used as a catch-all term or a specific identifier #indie #stable
  29. Apsconsugender: a gender where you know what it isn’t, but not what it is. like the gender is hiding itself from you. #obscure #abstract
  30. Aquarigender: Aquarigender is a gender that is perpetually changing. It is never to a specific gender identity, but sometimes there are existing labels that are close to what the gender feels like at the time. Sometimes it changes to a completely inexplicable feeling; Aquarigender is a flowing gender that changes slowly and constantly. It is not a set amount of genders that it switches between. Aquarigender is infinite. #poly #fluid #obscure
  31. Archaigender: A gender that is ancient/old and big, and can either only be described with those words, or is correlated to them. Can be changed into archaiboy/girl/nonbinary/other. #abstract #stable
  32. Archaicgender: a gender that stretches far beyond one’s own age or lifetime. The vast-age of this gender has allowed it to grow far beyond whatever size/presence one would expect, or perhaps to shrink down and almost be forgotten. #more #less #abstract
  33. Argogender/argogenderfluid: A subset of genderfluid wherein the changes between one’s separate genders or the parts of one’s gender happen gradually. “Argogender” can also mean a gender the user defines according to any kind of slowness. Prefix from the Greek word αργóς meaning slow. #fluid
  34. Ariegender: a gender that makes the person feel somewhat out of control because their gender identity is taking control of their life; after the zodiac sign—a person born under aries is known to be a true leader. #more #abstract #zodiac
  35. Arigender: erived from the zodiac sign aries. a complicated gender identity that you cannot explain or is very hard to explain. a gender that does not fit under any labels. an unfathomable gender. #zodiac #obscure
  36. Arithmogender: a number gender. it can range from any number/s, positive, negative, decimals, fractions, etc. gender can be replaced with xirl, fluid, girl, boi, nb, nonbinary, boy, enby, etc. #concrete #indie
  37. Arsgoegender: A gender that holds strong feelings of kinship with demons/devils/dark beings. This gender often leads to someone feeling or being kind on the outside but selfish on the inside, or mischievous on the outside and caring on the inside (or any similar variation); note:Preferably only to be used by demon/devil/god/spirit/angel - kin folk (and similar kin) but it’s open to anyone who wants to use it; #kin #concrete #stable #indie
  38. Astergender: Latin - related to “star”. Having a gender which is bright, celestial, and radial. #abstract #stable
  39. Atmosgender: Latin - related to “vapor”, “steam”. Having a gender which is present, but unable to be grasped or firmly defined. #abstract #obscure
  40. Autogender: a gender experience that feels deeply personal to oneself but it too difficult to accurately describe with any other gender terms. #indie #obscure
  41. Auti(s)gender: autism as part or whole of gender identity; a gender that can only be understood in context of being autistic; note: only to be used by autistics; #neuro
  42. B
  43. Biexgender: a gender in which a mixed race person identifies as two genders exclusive only to their culture (i.e a native american/black person identifying as two spirit and boi); note: FOR MIXED RACE POC ONLY #poly
  44. Bigender: a gender which includes any two distinct gender experiences, either simultaneously or alternately #poly
  45. Biogender: a gender that is (non specifically) connected to nature in some way. #concrete
  46. Brevigender: a gender experience that is brief or short #pheno #less
  47. Batgender: (a gender here) is very very strong when it is dark out, but weak/nonexistent when it is light out #enviro #pheno
  48. Blizgender: similar to frostgender, but more intense and sometimes harsh. #abstract
  49. Boggender: a gender that is a swamp, feels like a swamp or is composed of materials from a swamp (algae, for instance) #concrete #indie #stable
  50. C
  51. Caelgender: an aesthetically-centered gendered that is largely focused on space related things (such as stars, aliens, planets, galaxies, and black holes) #concrete #stable
  52. Cadensgender: a gender that is easily influenced by music #concrete
  53. Cadogender: a subcategory of polygender identities (genderfluid, bigender, trigender, etc.) to have a gender to fall back on or one that you always go back to. From Latin “cado” meaning “to fall.” Can be used with other terms like cadoboy, cadogirl, cadonb, cadoandrogyne, etc. #poly
  54. Cancegender: An individual is agender as their “base” gender but experiences fluid/fluxing gender feelings in tandem with their emotions. These gender feelings may confuse or upset the individual and cause their emotional state to go haywire, which causes more gender changes. #less #fluid
  55. Caprigender: a gender inspired by the zodiac capricorn. either a capricious, rapidly changing/untrackable gender or a gender experience that relates to capricorn in some way #zodiac #fluid #obscure
  56. Cassgender: feeling utterly indifferent to gender, believing it isn’t important. #apathy
  57. Caveagender: Latin: ”hollow place, enclosure for animals, coop, hive, stall, dungeon, spectators’ seats in the theater”; related to “cage” and “cave”. Could be referenced to having a gender identity, but feeling the need or pressure from others to not express it. Having a “trapped” or “imprisoned” gender. Coupled with the physically hollow sensation inside ones chest or stomach when one is ignored or invalidated. Possible coinage: Cavique. Pronounced “Kav - ique” with “-ique” rhyming with “unique” or Caveagender #enviro
  58. Cengender: a gender that can be summed up as an unidentifiable thing but manifests as hundreds of different genders or non at all at any given time at the same time and/or separately. Fluid and ever changing. #fluid #obscure #poly #stable
  59. Cennendgender: where your gender identity is heavily influenced by your parents or guardian figures, from the old English word cennend meaning parent. #concrete
  60. Chaosgender: when your gender does lots of things and it doesnt make sense and it kinda scares people #obscure #abstract
  61. Cheiragender: a fluid gender that’s manipulative towards the being whose gender aligns with it (to make it simple, i’m just gonna refer to them as the ‘owner’). while it is manipulative itself, it can be easily manipulated by it’s owner. typically the gender and owner don’t usually agree with each other, so it’s usually a gender tug-of-war (of course this isn’t necessary or always like this; they can agree on something and they can also just not care at the time, most of the time, etc). the intensity of the manipulation from both the gender and owner can change day to day; tl;dr a fluid gender that you basically play gender tug-of-war with. #abstract #pheno
  62. Circgender: gender so magical and grand you can’t describe it. named after Circe, goddess of magic. #obscure #abstract
  63. Cocoongender: a gender that has not come out yet, a gender that has yet to emerge in its full form #abstract #obscure #stable #pheno
  64. Collgender: too many simultaneous genders to describe each one. #poly #obscure
  65. Commogender: definitely knowing you aren’t cis, but you’re too exhausted to think about gender so you just settle for boy or girl, e.g. commoboy and commogirl #obscure
  66. Condigender: definition: a gender that is only felt under specific circumstances. can apply to any existing gender such as girl, boy, non-binary, etc. for example, a condigirl may only feel like a girl during specific times or with specific people, a condiboy may only feel like a boy during specific times or with specific people, so on. #pheno
  67. Conflictgender: a gender that involves the conflict between two or more genders that you can’t place a name to as the genders fluctuate constantly and you may not always feel a certain gender on some days but it’s definitely there. #poly #fluid #obscure #less
  68. Contigender: 1. a gender that flows through space and time and constantly changes, always moving; 2. a gender of or related to space and time #concrete #fluid #stable
  69. Contragender: someone who deeply defies and identifies opposite or against everything or most things that they associate with their assigned gender. (ex. contragender nb person, contragender trans woman, contragender trans man, etc.). #stable
  70. Corugender: where your gender changes during (and around) flashbacks. based on the Latin for flash (coruscans)’note: only for neurodivergent people. #neuro
  71. Cosmicgender: a gender so vast and complex that you are only able to process a small bit of it at a time. like viewing the night sky through a telescope you cannot hope to see all of it at once however you may gain more knowledge about parts of it the longer you focus on one part. may contain any number of sub genders within it that may present themselves to you. it is infinite in its possibility. #obscure #poly
  72. Crystagender: When your gender randomly changes, and you often feel broken or fractured between multiple different genders. #fluid #pheno
  73. Cryptogender/gendercryptic: a gender one can’t discern, describe or define in human words. a gender one is puzzled by and can’t put a finger on, as it feels like it is and it isn’t there without following any particular pattern, sometimes even at the same time. the impenetrability, ambiguity and uncertainty that surround this gender are vaguely reminiscing of cryptids, ghouls and the paranormal. #obscure #pheno #concrete
  74. Cyclogender: a gender identity that changes with one’s menstrual cycle #concrete #fluid
  75. D
  76. Daimogender: when you feel your gender is closely related to demons or the supernatural. this is not exclusively for demonkin, though if anyone uses it, i would like them to be involved in supernatural things. a person does not require dysphoria to be daimogender. #concrete #kin
  77. Deaboy/deamasculine: for masculine-identified or partially masculine-identified people that still feel a connection to feminine energy due to their spirituality. Intended for pagans but totally okay for anyone who practices goddess worship or feminine energy worship of any kind. (dea means goddess in latin.) #masc #femme
  78. Deergender: a gender that is explored through timidity and caution, but blossoms into something natural and cute. #abstract
  79. Deliciagender: to have multiple genders, but prefering how one fits over others. Could be used as deliciagender, or deliciaboy/girl/nonbinary. From the latin word “delicia” meaning ‘favorite’ #poly
  80. Delphigender: a mysterious, obscure and sinister gender that is entirely seperate from male and female. (can also be called mystigender) #indie #obscure #stable
  81. Digigender: a digital gender. it can range from any digital thing or file; virus, malware, .txt, .mp3, anti-virus, trojan, email, etc. gender can be replaced with girl, xirl, nonbinary, nb, enby, fluid, boy, boi, etc. #concrete #indie
  82. Domgender: when you are multiple genders (like polygender) but 1 of those genders is dominant #poly
  83. Donumgender: A gender that you have been reincarnated as as a reward given by a deity for good deeds in your past life. Your gender itself is a gift given to you, something to be treasured. (note: donumgender can be for any gender, for example, a deity granting you the ability to shift through genders rapidly as a secogender would be considered a donumgender if you feel that it is a gift, so you would be both secogender and donumgender). #abstract
  84. Dulcigender: an aesthetically-centered gender that is associated largely with stereotypically feminine things (such as pinks, frills, buns, and general cute things) #femme #stable #concrete
  85. Duragender: (“dura” being latin for “long lasting”) a subcategory of polygender (genderfluid, bigender, trigender, etc) with an identifiable, long lasting gender that is more prominent than the other genders experienced. ex: duragirl, duraboy, duranonbinary, etc. #poly
  86. E
  87. Eafluid: genderfluid but mostly/only fluid with androgynous genders (based on earth symbol) #fluid #indie
  88. Earthgender: a gender identity that is directly affected, tied to, or influenced by the earth or nature. or; a gender identity similar to/the same as that of some form of earth deity; note: this gender identity is not to be used by duotheistic pagans or wiccans, because of the general consensus in those faiths that the earth deity being worshiped (mother earth) is a female. it can be used by non-duotheistic pagans, non-wiccans, and non-pagan otherkin whose kintypes are nature-based (naturekin, forestkin, faekin, plantkin etc) #concrete #stable #indie #kin
  89. Ectogender: a gender that seems elusive, constantly out of your grasp, and impossible to pin down #obscure
  90. Egogender: meaning self, i (first person); a gender that is solely based on yourself, and no words seem to define it other than me gender, [name] gender, i’m just who i am and my gender is mine #concrete #indie #obscure #stable
  91. Egoisgender: an egotistical gender, much like narkissisgender but generally it’s not as ‘intense’ as narkissisgender is so to speak. it can be used by anyone. gender can be replaced with boi, xirl, nonbinary, fluid, etc. #concrete #indie #stable
  92. Ekragender: A gender you have blown up into a million pieces or destroyed by detonating or wish you could. Prefix from the Greek word εκραγεί meaning “explode.” #abstract’
  93. Elegender: a gender up to interpretation by individuals, but in essence is an ethereal gender that is unable to be understood by either the individual or others; a gender that cannot be explained; a dainty, elegant, or delicate gender #abstract #obscure #stable
  94. Elementgender: where your gender consists of four primary parts that respectively feel linked to each element #concrete
  95. Elissogender: a gender which vaguely moves around with no direction. can be used as a modifier (eg I’m an elissogender demiboy) or a standalone term (“ze is elissogender”; “elissogenders feel that their gender identities meander”) #obscure #fluid
  96. Endogender: A gender similar to genderflux, but limited specifically to one gendered feeling. For example, a endoboy has fluctuating masculine gender feelings, but never feelings that are not partially masculine. #pheno #less
  97. Energender: A gender that seems to be like a ball of energy, shifting and moving rapidly and not being able to be quite pinned down, though its basic components are somewhat known, such as being partially female, partially male, partially anything really, but there being more core genders that are harder to pin down. Can be used in ways like Energender girl, Energender boy, Energender nb, etc. #obscure #fluid
  98. Entrogender: A gender that is slowly but constantly wearing away. Can also be used like “demi,” e.g. an entrogirl might be someone who identifies as female while that femaleness is gradually deteriorating. Prefix from the word “entropy.” #pheno #less
  99. Equigender: when you are multiple genders in perfectly equal parts. #poly
  100. Evai(n)sgender: a fluid gender that’s easily influenced by things, thoughts and beings around it, thus it tends to change a lot within a single day #enviro #fluid
  101. E(x)gender: agender is like saying e) none of the above for gender, but exgender/egender is like refusing to answer the question, crossing out the words, or eating the paper the question is written on. exgender/egender is an outright refusal to accept or identify in, on, or around the current gender hierarchy. #abstract
  102. Exiccogender: A gender which, when thought about, feels empty and has a draining effect, making the individual who’s gender it is feel empty themself. #less #abstract
  103. Existigender: a gender that only exists when you think about it, or is quiet until called to attention. alternatively, feeling genderless until a gender is consciously chosen. #less #pheno
  104. Explorogender: a gender dedicated to feeling and exploring many other different genders at random times and its constantly changing (explorogender can change DAILY and you can change it daily, explorogender is just a name FOR that desire to constantly explore and change your gender, also can change the word gender to ANY gender/noun of what youre feeling) #poly #fluid
  105. F
  106. Faegender: when an individual’s gender changes with the seasons, equinoxes, and moon phases #fluid #pheno
  107. Faendagender: when you feel like your gender follows you despite it being a source of question for you; for instance your sexual orientation may change but your gender remains the same. #stable
  108. Fascigender: a gender experience largely related to a special interest; note: only for the use of autistic folk. #neuro #concrete #stable
  109. Faunagender: gender influenced by animals #concrete
  110. Felidaegender/felinegender: A gender corresponding to cats. When you feel fuzzy, and fluffy, and really want your chin scratched. #concrete #indie #stable
  111. Femmegender: identifying with femininity, femme, and girlhood, but also not a girl; nonbinary with a core and foundation of enduring femme #femme
  112. Fictigender: when your gender is connected to the fictional character(s) or species you identify as; alt. definition: when you feel like genders in the real world don’t apply to you because you identify as a fictional character or species; note: this gender is only for the use of fictionkin; #kin
  113. Firegender: a fluidish gender in a constant state of flux, that never truly extinguishes. Linked to passion, strength, and difference. Can be destructive, can be beautiful. Can burn if not handled properly. aesthetically linked to fire. You can be a firegender girl, a firegender boy, etc #fluid #concrete
  114. Fissgender: a gender experience that is in some way split, similar to bigender or demigenders #poly #abstract
  115. Flirtgender: a gender where your primary interaction with gender feelings is that of flirtiness - either with gender, or people/the outside world #concrete #stable #indie
  116. Flowergender: a gender which blooms/is strongly present during the day and retracts at night #pheno
  117. Fluidflux: a combination of genderfluid and genderflux, where gender moves between two or more genders and also fluctuates in intensity. this is a very dynamic identity, where both base gender and intensity vary moment by moment or day by day. #fluid #pheno #less
  118. Foggender: a gender being mostly or around a certain gender (or mostly around a certain gender), but is only approximate on account of difficulty defining it due to one’s brain fog (foggender). #concrete
  119. Freezegender: similar to frostgender, but it also encompasses other genders as well. such as a freezegirl experiencing both a cold and snowy gender but also being a female, for example. #poly
  120. Frostgender: a gender which is cold and very snowy. #abstract #indie #stable
  121. Fuzzygender: when you know that you’re a certain gender, but can’t explain why you are that gender. #stable #obscure
  122. G
  123. Gossagender: From the root word Gossamer meaning light, transparent, and fragile - a gentle and fragile gender, a gender that is barely there #abstract #less
  124. Gemelgender: Old French - related to “twin”, “two connected”, “one made to be two”. Having two genders which are equally primary or having a fluid gender which was once one but is currently two, split, separated, or twain. #poly
  125. Gemigender: a gender derived from the zodiac sign gemini. feeling that you identify with multiple genders that are opposite to each other but yet work in flux with each other #zodiac #poly #abstract
  126. Gender ale: a gender beyond human understanding, mainly associated with plants, herbs, and liquids. a natural, organic, and relaxing gender; note: only for plantkin, foodkin, or related kintype usage. #obscure #concrete #kin
  127. Genderblank: a gender so indescribable that the only thought one gets when trying to describe it is a blank space #obscure
  128. Genderblur: where your gender changes constantly but fades away into something else rather than making a hard or abrupt transition. (ex. feeling like a boy, then slowly feeling more stargender than boy, then feeling only stargender, etc.) #fluid
  129. Genderclipping: Not a gender in of itself, but a means to describe yourself when your feelings about gender are so intense or “loud” that you are having trouble making sense of them. Based on the sound phenomena of “clipping”, where a sound signal is distorted (sometimes until it can’t be recognized) because it’s too intense for what it’s being routed through. #pheno
  130. Gendercluster: a gender that is a cluster of multiple sub genders which may overlap sometimes #poly
  131. Gendercute: when your entire gender is based around cuteness. can be altered to be gendercute boy, gendercute girl, gendercute nonbinary, gendercute _________ #concrete #stable
  132. Genderdead: for deadkin; not so much the absence of a gender, but since you’re dead gender doesn’t matter #kin
  133. Genderdormant: a gender which is inaccessible for stretches of time, then rises to the surface with varying levels of intensity. #pheno #less
  134. Genderdox: multiple genders/thing and nothing/genderless at the same time summed up into one, as if a paradox hence the -dox. #pheno #poly #less #stable
  135. Gendereaux: simultaneously detached from the concept of gender entirely (while somehow not quite fitting agender), and encompassing most* of the non-binary part of the spectrum. (go here for a longer explanation) #less #abstract
  136. Genderfae: an experience of genderfluidity that never encompasses feeling masculine #femme #fluid
  137. Genderflora: a gender that blooms and evolves based on weather and atmosphere; similar to genderfluid but more plant-like #fluid #concrete
  138. Genderfluid: a gender experience which changes in nature over time (sometimes a girl and sometimes neutral and sometimes agender, etc); subsets: genderplasma; like genderfluid but hotter #fluid
  139. Genderflux: Genderflux means that your internal sense of how gendered you are varies over time. One day, you might feel really gendered, and the next day, you might have a very weak feeling of gender, or not feel like any gender at all. Whereas genderfluidity is a shift between different genders, genderflux is more like varying intensity. #pheno #less
  140. Genderfog: a gender that is undefinable due to brainfog or exhaustion; note: for use by neurodivergent/mentally ill/chronically ill people only please #neuro #obscure
  141. Genderfox: a gender that is fast moving, mischievous, confusing, and hard to catch into one term; note: only otherkin (specifically those with kintype(s) relating to foxes or kitsunes) are able to use this. #kin #abstract #obscure
  142. Genderfree: A gender identity which is generally ambiguous, but definitely queer in nature.The owner will tend to pursue expressions, presentations and such without concern for gender associations associated with them. Can also embrace days presenting as very femme or very masc, etc. A blurry, cloudy, whimsical, free sense of gender. Can/often co-existing with other gender identity labels; Dysphoria can, but does not have to, motivate the sense of gender and/or gender expression of this person on any given day. Similar to gender fluid, but does not necessarily have as much fluidity. More of just the exploration of different aspects of the same identity (although this is flexible, as gender tends to be for genderfree folks). #obscure #fluid
  143. Genderfuzz: having multiple genders that are fuzzy and blurred together, making it impossible to identify each one individually or separate one from the rest. #poly #obscure
  144. Gendergender: you feel a gender but your gender is so unexplainable you can only identify it as gender and nothing else. #obscure
  145. Genderglitch: genderglitch is similar to genderfluidity, however while genderfluidity is normally described as your genders changing smoothly, genderglitch is more sudden and confusing; note: created by a techkin with kin in mind, but available to use by nonkin. #kin #fluid
  146. Gendergoliath: gender is almost larger than life, like it’s spilling out of your body. It takes up a lot of space and is just awe inspiring. #more #stable
  147. Gendermars: an experience of genderfluidity that never encompasses feeling feminine. #fluid #masc
  148. Gendermeh: where youre kinda cool w being called any gender, like whatever. you might not be that gender, you might not know your gender, but meh. #obscure
  149. Gendermotive: (motive as in automotive). It’s like genderfluid except changes are more sharp and in a particular order, like using a gear box to change speeds #fluid #pheno
  150. Genderopaque: a gender experience that is neither transparent or translucent #stable #abstract
  151. Gendernull: a gender like gendervoid but without the void #abstract #stable
  152. Genderpansy: a gender thats quiet and while always there, is sometimes so quiet you have trouble noticing or identifying it #less #obscure
  153. Genderpunk: the conscious effort to mock or “fuck with” traditional notions of gender identity, gender roles, and gender presentation #pheno
  154. Gendersea: like gendervoid, but related to the ocean. your gender is a vast sea of caverns and depths yet to be discovered. free for all to use but made with otherkin related to the ocean or sea creatures in mind. #concrete #kin #obscure
  155. Gendershuffler: mixing and matching two or more genders. Can also change the number of genders at one time. #poly
  156. Gendersilence: a gender that is impossible to communicate, mostly just expressed by silence #obscure #abstract
  157. Genderstrange: where your gender doesn’t fit anything else exactly, but almost fits multiple things. can also mean that your gender feels strange to you, like disconnected from yourself almost. #obscure
  158. Gendervague: your gender is not definable with words because of one’s status as neurodivergent.; note: this gender is neurodivergent-exclusive. #neuro #obscure
  159. Gendervoid: a gender consisting of the void #abstract #stable
  160. Genderwhat: a gender characterized by both confusion and apathy with regards to either a fluid or stable gender identity #obscure
  161. Genogender: where you identify specifically as a gender and therefore do not categories yourself within the same bounds as others #indie #stable
  162. Glassgender: a gender that is very sensitive and fragile, it feels more broken/damaged the more it is invalidated/hated on; it can be used by itself or with other genders, e.g. glassboy, glassgirl, glassnonbinary, etc. #abstract
  163. Glimragender: a faintly shining, wavering gender. #abstract
  164. Glitchgender: you may or may not have a gender, but either way it’s glitched and confusing. #kin #obscure
  165. Gloomgender: nonbinary/indifferent. mostly darkness, the new moon phase, apathy and a mix of a bit of masculinity, bit of femininity and lack of gender. can include sadness, grief and depression. #concrete #masc #femme  #less
  166. Grey- and graygender: a gender that cannot be pinpointed/identified as any one thing. like graysexual, somewhere between sexual and asexual, grey- and graygender are somewhere between agender and ___gender. #less
  167. Gyaragender/gendervex: having multiple genders but not understanding any of them; Gyaragirl/Gyarafeminine - having multiple genders with feminine qualities that you don’t understand; Gyaraboy/Gyaramasculine - having multiple genders with masculine qualities that you don’t understand #poly #obscure
  168. H
  169. Heliogender: similar to agender; a strong sensation of warmth and genderlessness. from the root word, helio, meaning “sun”. an intense and burning sensation of gender (or lack thereof). #less #abstract
  170. Histrigender: latin prefix histri, meaning actor; a gender that is largely or entirely put upon, a gender you adapt and act out when around others #pheno #enviro
  171. Horogender: your feelings of gender changing over time, but your core feelings remaining. for example, you feel masculine, but at different points at different times. can be used like horomasculine, horofeminine, horoboy, horogirl etc #fluid #stable
  172. Hypergender: experiencing a gender with more intensity than is common for your identity, e.g. hyperboy, hypergirl, hyper(gender) etc #more #pheno
  173. Hypogender: A small, intense experience of one gender diluted by a larger experience of another gender. #less
  174. I
  175. Impesgender: a gender that flips quickly and impulsively, often too quickly to be traced #obscure #pheno #fluid
  176. Imprigender: a fluid gender that is easily and quickly imprinted upon or influenced by its environment. it is often hard to pin down as one particular gender. can sometimes be voluntarily controlled. #enviro #fluid #obscure
  177. Intergender: A gender that is between and among male and female. From the Latin prefix INTER which means “between and among”.Note: For intersex individuals only. Not for dyadics to use. #intersex #masc #femme
  178. Inanimgender: a gender that is similar or connected to inanimate objects. coined with objectkin in mind but is not exclusive to them. #kin #concrete
  179. Invisigender: a gender experience that is for some reason partially or fully invisible; Invisigirl: a gender experience that is partially girl, that is for some reason partially or fully invisible; Invisiboy: a gender experience that is partially boy, that is for some reason partially or fully invisible #abstract #stable
  180. Iragender: when your gender is angering. another way to put it is that thinking about/figuring out your gender is emotionally exhausting and now you’re mad at your gender. “ira” comes from the latin word for anger #abstract #obscure
  181. Itergender: a gender that is slowly moving away from you before coming back and moving again, leaving nothing in its place #fluid #abstract
  182. J
  183. Jellogender: where you only faintly feel a gender; it’s definitely present but you kind of have this vague, dissociated feeling with it, kind of like if you were to encase the gender in jello!! (‘cause like it’s visible, but its kinda covered in stuff) #less #obscure #stable
  184. Jellygender: when your gender rocks back and fourth throughout the day/week/month/whatever; Sometimes youre rly feelin your gender and youre like yeah!! Sometimes youre not feelin your gender and youre like ehhh #fluid
  185. Jupitergender: when your gender is so large and present, you’re not quite sure what it is because it’s too big to see clearly but it is definitely there and you know you’re definitely not cis. #more #obscure
  186. Juxera: a gender relative to female, but is something separate and entirely on its own #femme #stable
  187. K
  188. Kakogender: a gender that is dangerous #abstract
  189. Kangaroogender: a fluid gender that “leaps” from identity to identity #poly #kin #fluid
  190. Kinegender: a gender experience that constantly moves or is in motion, similar to genderfluid or genderflux #fluid
  191. Kingender: a catch-all term for individuals whose gender is closely related to their kintype(s); note: this gender is only for the use of otherkin #kin
  192. Kynigender: when you feel like you’re figuring out your gender, but then you get confused about it due to the anxiety/stress it causes you and have to start all over again; note: this gender is only for people with anxiety disorders #neuro
  193. L
  194. Lamingender: a gender experience composed of layers or slices #poly #abstract
  195. Leogender: a term for those whose gender is related to strength and regality #concrete #stable
  196. Leukogender: a gender that shines brightly and luminously (from leuko-, which means “bright, shining”) #abstract
  197. Levigender: a lightweight, superficial gender you don’t feel very much, one you put on in a hurry #abstract #less #pheno
  198. Libergender - Latin: “free”; related to “liberation”, “liberty”, “liberate” Could be referenced to having a gender identity and the ability or conviction to express it despite internal or external pressure to not express it. Possible coinage: Librique or Libergender #pheno
  199. Librafluid: mostly agender, but has a strong connection that fluctuates between masculinity and femininity. #less #masc #femme #fluid
  200. Libragender: gender that is mostly agender, but has a strong connection to a different gender; a scale, where one side is agender and one side is male/female. The agender outweighs the male/female, but male/female is still there #less #masc #femme #stable
  201. Locugender: a gender identity that changes depending where you are or what situation you are in. #enviro
  202. Ludogender: for neurodivergent people who tend to mirror other people because they’re brainweird. when your core gender stays the same but sometimes you “try on” different genders because you are mirroring someone; note: for neurodivergent people only #neuro #enviro
  203. Lunagender: a gender that one experiences in a sort of cycle, or in regular phases; a gender that can be best described as dictated by the cycles of the moon. can be modified, like lunagirl or lunaboy #fluid #pheno
  204. M
  205. Maestusgender: In which the individual’s brain chemical imbalance obscures, masks, or otherwise distorts their self perception and stunts their ability to determine gender identity; note: this gender is only to be used by neurodivergents. #neuro #obscure
  206. Marfluid: genderfluid but mostly/only fluid with masculine genders (based on mars symbol) #masc #fluid
  207. Magigender: mostly one gender but a little bit of something else #poly
  208. Masochgender: a gender that becomes more and more established/defined as it is invalidated/hated on (from the word masochistic) #pheno
  209. Mathgender: a precise but complex gender that, the more you explore its intricacies, the more bizarre it becomes. #abstract #complex
  210. Maverique: a non-binary gender characterized by autonomy and inner conviction regarding a sense of gender which is unorthodox, unconventional and entirely independent of conventional concepts of gender. #indie #stable
  211. Medeigender: when ones gender feels whimsical, mysterious in a light, fun way, or magical. can also be used as medeigirl/medeiboy. #abstract #stable #indie
  212. Melogender: a musical, harmonious gender. you can interpret it your own way #indie #stable #abstract
  213. Memegender: “when u could care less ab gender but hey memes sure are neat”! as further explained, “for nb people who rly couldnt give a fuck about gender and just like pissing off truscum bc usually those ppl use memes in order to convey their sarcasm and shit” #obscure
  214. Metagender: to identify around or beyond a gender. Where your gender identity is almost that gender, but not quite, and also extends beyond that. Imagine that —- is you, and | is the gender identity (and identifying fully with a gender is —-|), then metagender is —- | —- #abstract #obscure
  215. Micro- and macrogender: small and large feelings of gender that are not identifiable within social gender categories. #less #more #obscure
  216. Minugender: for people who only identify with a gender for minutes at a time. #pheno
  217. Mirrorgender: a gender that changes to fit the people youre around #enviro
  218. Moongender: a nonbinary gender connected to the moon and various aspects of it (the goddess Artemis, werewolves, etc.)
  219. possible pronouns: moon/moons/moonself, wolf/wolfs/wolfself, howl/howls/howlself, etc. #concrete
  220. Modogender: a gender identity that is constantly changing; can be understood as somewhat of an intersection of genderfluid and genderflux identities in that the changes may encompass both identity and perceived “strength” of one’s gender (i.e., one moment I might be Very Much a girl, the next i might be somewhat agender, etc.). from latin modo (modo…modo = at one time…at another). #fluid #pheno
  221. Molligender: coined from the latin prefix “moll-” meaning “soft”. when you identify largely as a certain gender, but the definition of that gender is “soft” or blurred. e.g. molliboy, molligirl, mollinonbinary, etc #less #stable
  222. Multigender: a gender identity for those with multiple kintypes who each have their own gender identity; note: only for use of otherkin #kin #poly
  223. Music genders (many) #concrete
  224. Musicagender: when your gender can only be described through a specific musical aesthetic and/or genre #concrete #obscure
  225. Mutaregender - Latin: mutare ”to change”; related to “mutable” and “mutate”. Could be referenced to having a gender identity similar to Genderflux, as in being uncontrollable and/or unpredictable, but in the sense that it is constantly “evolving” or “mutating” insofar as one never or rarely feels the same distinct gender “feeling”/”expression” twice. Possible coinage: Mutique or Mutaregender #pheno
  226. Mutogender: a gender that changes depending on situation or people you’re with etc., so like a subset of genderfluid #enviro
  227. N
  228. Nan0gender: someone who identifies slightly as one gender and mostly as another; e.g. nan0boy, nan0girl, nan0nonbinary, etc. #poly
  229. Narkissisgender: an egotistical gender, viewing itself in a high position and wanting and/or needing praise. should only be used by those who have narcissistic personality disorder. gender can be replaced with fluid, boy, girl, xirl, boi, nonbinary, enby, nb, etc.#neuro #indie
  230. Necrogender: a gender that used to exist but is now dead #abstract
  231. Negagender: an umbrella term for demi and sub genders! #poly
  232. Nekogender: a catlike, small gender to be further defined by those who identify with it. terms that go with it, if u also feel masculine or feminine, are nekoboy and nekogirl; note: this gender is japanese-exclusive #culture #indie #stable
  233. Nesciōgender: a term for neurodivergent people who have difficulty grasping the concept of gender. these individuals can combine nesciōgender with another identity that they think may fit (i.e., nesciōgendervoid). from latin nesciō ((i) do not know). alternate term: aegrēgender. from latin aegrē (with difficulty). #neuro #obscure
  234. Nōlōgender: a term for neurodivergent people who have difficulty grasping the concept of gender.  distinct from nesciōgender in that the individual has no particular desire to investigate their gender, as doing so is overly difficult due to their inability to understand the concept of gender. from latin nōlō, ((i) do not want). #neuro
  235. Nonpuella: entirely not female but feels a very strong connection to femininity #femme
  236. Nonpuer: entirely not male but feels a very strong connection to masculinity #masc
  237. Noungender: a gender thats best described by a noun, particularly good for synasthetic people. eg: seagender, a gender best described by the sea. very flexible and personable #concrete
  238. Novigender: a gender experience too hard to read/process/understand or too complex to pin down to one word #obscure
  239. Nubliagender: it’s like demigender but when you don’t know half of your gender. like a portion of your gender is cloudy and foggy, but one side is clear. you could be deminubila, or nan0nubila, if that makes sense. #poly #obscure
  240. Nullagender: when someone identifies as genderless due to having the western/white gender binary enforced upon them. #less
  241. Nullgender: Undefinable, intangible, the uncreation of gender. Its taking everything everyone throws at you, saying male, female, pick one, pick this, pick that, and taking it in, only to expel it, poisonous crystals erupting from your skin, armor against those who don’t listen. #obscure #abstract
  242. Numbergender: a gender relating to those who identify themselves as a number or mathematical equation. can also be a gender that revolves around all numbers in general. theres negative and positive numbergenders, and anything mathematical. numbergender can, but doesnt have to be, very organized and orderly. #concrete
  243. Nyctogender: where your gender is pure darkness #abstract #stable #indie
  244. O
  245. Obruogender. When one’s gender is swelling or overwhelming to one. Used when somebody is overwhelmed or overpowered by their gender identity, to an even uncomfortable or suffocating feeling. #abstract #more
  246. Odysseogender: where your gender isn’t set in stone right now and you’re on an “odyssey” to find out what it is. Based on the Greek hero, Odysseus. #obscure
  247. Ogligender: you identify with 2 or more genders, but a maximum 5. you are a few genders, but not as many as polygender, and not as few as bigender. #poly
  248. Oneirogender: being agender, but having recurring fantasies or dreams  of being a certain gender without the actual dysphoria or desire to actually be that gender day-to-day. e.g. oneiroboy, oneirogirl, oneirononbinary, etc #less #pheno
  249. Opscugender: a dark, murky gender, hard to describe or see #obscure #abstract #indie #
  250. Orbgender: a gender that feels round, without sharp points, sides, or edges #abstract
  251. P
  252. Pantheogender: gender orientation of a deific figure who’s orientation changes in accordance with the individual worshiper’s beliefs. #fluid #pheno
  253. Paragender: greek prefix para, meaning beside, near; a gender that is very near but not quite another gender, i.e. paragirl, vaguely a girl but not quite #stable
  254. Parougender: someone whose gender is closely related to the way they present themself; e.g. parougirl, parouboy, parounonbinary
  255. Perigender: when you don’t fully know your gender yet, but it becomes more clear to you over time #pheno
  256. Personagender: where you refer to yourself as a girl or a boy for the sake of convenience or because your gender is too confusing but don’t really identify as that; e.g. personagirl or personaboy #pheno
  257. Pivotgender: someone whose gender changes depending on who they are around #enviro
  258. Pixelgenders: Pixelgirl - feeling partially-girl and partially something else, with girl as the smallest addressable element in an overall gender experience, similar to nan0girl; Pixelboy - feeling partially-boy and partially something else, with boy as the smallest addressable element in an overall gender experience, similar to nan0boy #poly
  259. Pixogender: a very neutral gender specifically relating to identifications with virtual worlds. coined from the term pixel. created with machine kin in mind but anyone can use it. #kin #concrete
  260. Polargenders: a trans person who completely lacks the femininity/masculinity normally associated with their gender identity, and does not wish to become more masculine/more feminine in order to fit better into gender roles or to “pass.” the prefix polar- comes from the phrase “polar opposite.” this refers to the person being the polar opposite of what society believes women/men to look like, but still just as valid in their identity. #pheno
  261. Portiogender: when your gender is made up of little pieces of multiple other genders. “portio” means part/share in latin. #poly
  262. Pre- and postgender: before and after a gender; preboy would be moving to identify as a boy but has yet to fully embrace the term and pregirl would be moving to identify as a girl but has yet to fully embrace the term; postboy would have moved on from identifying as a boy but still has gendered ties to identifying as a boy and postgirl would have moved on from identifying as a girl but still has gendered ties to identifying as a girl #pheno #fluid
  263. Preterbinary: beyond the the gender binary/spectrum of male and female #indie
  264. Primusgender: Latin - related to “first”, “primary”, “first in order”. Possible use by muli- or pan- or bi- gender people. Having a gender which one feels is primary, strongest in identifying with. “I am bigender with femme primus and non-binary sequi. #poly
  265. Progender: when the only thing you know about your gender is that you like it and are positive about it #obscure
  266. (pronoun)gender: a placeholder-type gender for if you are unsure what you identify as just yet. a way of being non-specifically nonbinary. #obscure
  267. Propegender: varying between very feminine boy, very masculine girl and/or a gray area in between, inspired by this anon; from the latin prope, which means ‘near’ or ‘not very far’, as the gender rarely strays too far towards either binary. #masc #femme
  268. Protogender: someone who feels like they identify as a specific gender, but it might change in the future #stable
  269. Proxvir: a gender relative to male, but is something separate and entirely on its own #masc #stable
  270. Puzzlegender: a gender that feels pieced together, or still needs to be pieced together by the wearer to uncover the full picture. #obscure #abstract
  271. Q
  272. Quagender: a gender that shifts with the four seasons to sungender (summer), raingender (spring), crispgender (fall) and frostgender (winter) #poly
  273. Quizgender: where many different genders sound like they could fit you, but its difficult to make up your mind; in relation to when you’re taking a quiz, and you think one of the answers is correct, but then another one also looks correct, and you just have trouble deciding #poly
  274. Quoigender: someone who finds the concept of gender identity, or of existing gender words, to themself to be inaccessible, inapplicable, non-sensical #less
  275. R
  276. Resbis: a person who feels regularly conflicted by and is trying to reconcile with there gender identity. Or a person who feels they have in the past struggled with their gender identity, but who has now reached a state of harmony with their gender; note: This is a gender for intersex people. #intersex #pheno
  277. Redneggender: a gender that seems reversed (the name is derived from the reverse of the word gender itself) #pheno #abstract
  278. Resgender: a gender that can be summed up as an unidentifiable, nondescript thing but manifests in hundreds of different genders that could be recognized and function as “girl” and /or”boy” but is entirely dependent on the context; based on the latin word “res”) #poly #obscure
  279. Rootgender: A gender that seems to “branch off” into several other genders but also containing a “core” gender. #abstract #poly
  280. S
  281. Scary genders: effrille, effron, effreu #abstract
  282. Scattergender: gender is kinda all over the place, but who cares? #obscure #abstract
  283. Schrodingender: a single gender that exists as if it were many genders at once #poly
  284. Secander/secgender/segender: possible alternative to tangender if you feel like you have more than one gender with certainty but still flow beyond them; inspired by the secant function graph but mostly by the concept of a secant line #fluid #obscure
  285. Secogender: for people who only identify with a gender for seconds at a time. #pheno
  286. Sexogender: when your gender is heavily influenced by sex or sexuality. can be sexogirl, sexoboy, sexoenby etc #concrete
  287. Sexusgender: You feel that your sex and gender have a special bond with one another; your gender defines your biological anatomy. If you are agender and feel that special connection, you would be a sexusgender (ie. your sex is agender) person.
  288. Sentigender: a gender that fluctuates based on certain emotions (can be used in tandem with other genders) #fluid #pheno
  289. Sequigender: similar to genderfluid but your gender changes in a set pattern, for example girl - boy - nb – repeat #fluid #pheno
  290. Shellgender: when your gender is thin, though clearly identified, and yet feels somewhat hollow and unfelt. can be used with other gender identities e.g. shellboy, shellgirl, etc #abstract #less
  291. Shirgender: a gender that is little, peaceful, and cozy, but strong. Intended for hobbitkn but okay for nonkn as well. #kin #abstract
  292. Sin(e)gender: having two or more genders and flowing between them and reaching everything in between; inspired by the oscillations of a sine function graph #fluid
  293. Skelogender: A gender that’s a big part of you and come from deep inside but is obscure and unknowable. A gender that’s unique to you- it’s you and while it’s probably not clear to others it keeps you together; #obscure #indie
  294. Skoliogender: a gender which is almost recognizable, but is just slightly off; a gender which approaches a recognizable gender, before sharply veering off. #obscure #indie #abstract
  295. Skygender: a gender that varies in clarity—one day it may be clear and easy to read and process but then it may just cloud over and become confusing. #obscure
  296. Snakegender: when your gender slips away every time you try to reach for it to figure it out, and it’s always changing and it’s really scary to confront so you just try to avoid it #obscure #abstract
  297. Snarlgender: a gender characterized by sharp teeth, claws, and all things vicious and ferocious, perfect for destroying truscum and cis folk. can be snarlboy, snarlgirl, snarlnonbinary, w/e
  298. Solverigender/emigender: having a loose or weak connection to a gender or certain qualities;  solverigirl / emifeminine : having a loose connection to femininity / feminine qualities; solveriboy / emimasculine : having a loose connection to masculinity / masculine qualities. #less
  299. Space alien: a gender thats so out there and different that all other genders feel a bit foreign to the person OR their own gender feels foreign to them somehow. ALT: a gender that you didnt feel before but it just kinda appeared and took over #indie #stable
  300. Spaciousgender: A: numerous genders that are small and far apart; B: a gender that feels spread out like a gas; note: only for developmentally/intellectually disabled ppl bc its inspired by the term gendersp*cial #poly #abstract #neuro
  301. Spectragender: a gender that is such a spectrum that you can’t define it #abstract #obscure
  302. Spesgender: A gender defined by hope. Could be a gender you hope to become/find inside of you. Alternately, it could be a gender that encapsulates all that you want to be or represent. #concrete
  303. Spheregender: a gender that stretches and overlaps over every other gender like a dome, but is still an entirely different gender #abstract #indie
  304. Spikegender: a mostly neutral gender with intense momentary spikes of a feeling of a specific gender that last a relatively short time, e.g. spikegirl/spikeboy/spikenonbinary #pheno
  305. Squidgender: a gender thats definitely there, but when you take time to examine it and work out what it is, it becomes obscure and sometimes disappears for a while #obscure #less
  306. Stargender: Star Gender is a gender that can be broken up into 3 different definitions; The first is simply having the gender of a star; The second is “an other-worldly/non-human gender” which is likened too being beyond comprehension; The third is “no matter how many genders are discovered/coined, none would match for the person.” #indie #stable #obscure
  307. Staticgender: a gender that is literally like static on a tv; fuzzy + incomprehensible #obscure #concrete
  308. Subgender: to identify as 3/4 agender and 1/4 another gender #poly
  309. Super- and supragender: above the threshold for having a gender/having a gender that exceeds above and including a gender; supraboy would include and extend beyond boy and supragirl would include and extend beyond girl #more
  310. Sychnogender/sychnogenderfluid: Like the above but regarding frequency. The gender of someone who is sychnogender might change many times throughout the course of a day. Prefix from the Greek συχνός meaning frequent #fluid
  311. Syngender: a subset of genderfluid, name derived from “syní̱tho̱s” meaning usuallyfor people who usually feel a certain gender, however it fluctuates sometimes; note: not to be confused with genderflux #fluid
  312. Systemgender: a nonbinary gender experienced by members of a multiple and/or median system. other systems can also come up with names. (i.e. headmates all have different nonbinary genders but are looking for something to describe the gender of the system as a whole.); note: only for those in multiple and/or median systems. #pheno
  313. T
  314. Tachigender/tachigenderfluid: Like the above but regarding rapidity, a gender that changes quickly or that otherwise has to do with high speed. Prefix from the Greek ταχύτητα meaning speed. #fluid
  315. Tangender: having one gender felt with the most certainty, but then at times flowing away from it and quite possibly beyond; inspired by both the tangent function graph and the concept of a tangent line #obscure #fluid
  316. Targender/Terugender: a dark, thick gender obtained through the destructive distillation of gender. #abstract
  317. Taurgender: a person who strongly identifies with a controlling/reigning planet, in this case earth. can be specified, e.g. taurboy, taurgirl, etc #concrete #stable
  318. Temporagender: A gender changing depending on the season. E.g you could be a demigirl in Summer, a magiboy in Autumn, a cis person in Winter, and a girl in Spring? It probably falls under the genderfluid spectrum; it comes from ‘Tempora’, the latin word for seasons. #fluid
  319. Tenuigender: a small, delicate gender, very tentative and fragile #abstract
  320. Trauatgender: a gender that varies; it can change a lot, it could be unknown, it could just be there, it could be nonexistant, etc. whatever it is, it was based from intense trauma. should only be used by those who have experienced or are going through what they consider intense trauma. #fluid
  321. Tragender: a gender that stretches over the whole spectrum/orb-y thing of gender #poly
  322. Trigender: to identify as three genders. one may shift between each gender or identify as all of them at once. #poly
  323. U
  324. Ultragender: a gender that is powerful and of high status, too powerful to be restricted into a spectrum. #more #obscure
  325. Ungender: not without but a negative; an unboy would be the negative of a boy and an ungirl would be the negative of a girl #abstract #stable
  326. V
  327. Vacugender: The feeling that gender as a concept does not apply to you, or does not fully apply to you. Someone who is vacugender can present in any way that person chooses, and may be okay with being viewed as any gender. #less
  328. Vaguegender: a gender being mostly or around a certain gender (or mostly around a certain gender), but is only approximate on account of difficulty defining it due to one’s neurodivergence (vaguegender) #neuro #concrete
  329. Vasegender: a gender that feels/seems fragile, but holds something beautiful. #abstract
  330. Vectorgender: when your gender is in the direction of something, but not actually that something. ie a vectorgirl would be someone with a gender pointed in or traveling in the direction of girlness, but who is not actually a girl. #pheno
  331. Venngender: when two genders overlap with each other, creating a whole new gender; in relation to a venn diagram #poly #stable
  332. Venufluid: genderfluid but mostly/only fluid with feminine genders (based on venus symbol) #fluid #femme
  333. Verangender: a gender that seems to shift/change the moment it’s identified; i.e., you see a new gender label that seems to fit you, so you adopt the label, but soon after that it is uncomfortable and no longer fits your gender experience no matter how well it might have fit before; you might have a very stable, constant gender experience up until it’s identified; note: verangender can be used by itself or while continuing to label the genders you experience. #fluid #obscure
  334. Vibragender: a gender where for most of the time youre one gender, and then all of a sudden theres loads of fast fluxing like a vibration #fluid
  335. Videgender: an aesthetic gender. when you see something, you know it encompasses your gender perfectly, but the aesthetic is either too hard to pin down or is fluid. #concrete #obscure
  336. Videogender: a gender that feels too robotic/technological to be classified by human standards; note: this gender is for the use of robotkin only #kin #obscure #indie
  337. Virgender: based on the virgo zodiac sign. A gender identity that is practically and particularly genderless. This usually happens when it is too stressful or difficult to have a gender. #zodiac #less
  338. Vocagender: when you only feel your gender when you’re saying it out loud (subsets: vocagirl, vocaboy, vocanonbinary) #pheno #less
  339. Vocigender: a term to describe when one’s gender is weak-feeling and hollow rather than a specific, certain gender.  Vocigender can be used as a catch-all or a specific term for those who’s weak gender feeling is nonbinary in nature. #less #abstract #indie
  340. Voidfluid: A gender identity which is fluid between more than one gender that share traits but the traits can not be properly defined as “masculine” , “feminine”, or “non binary”. #poly #fluid #indie
  341. Voraciogender: when your gender centers around multiple flavors. A big part of being voraciogender is craving more flavors and gender experiences. Can be voracioboy, voraciogirl, voraciononbinary, but is ideally expressed as just “voraciogender.” From Latin vorcer, “to devour.” #poly
  342. W
  343. Wintegender: similar to blizgender, but like freezegender, it also encompasses a second gender. a winteboy might experience both a cold, harsh, and snowy gender, but also being male, also for example. #concrete #poly
  344. X
  345. Xenogender: a gender that cannot be contained by human understandings of gender; more concerned with crafting other methods of gender categorization and hierarchy such as those relating to animals, plants, or other creatures/things #obscure
  346. Z
  347. Zeogender: when your gender fluctuates massively during a storm—based on Zeus, the king and god of lightning. #concrete #pheno
  348. Ziggystardust: a gender that is ineffable, extremely hard to label, but flamboyantly and fabulously androgynous. probably should not be taken 100% seriously. #obscure #masc #femme
  349. Zodiacgender: a catch-all gender term that is used to describe when one’s gender is related to a (or their specific) zodiac sign #zodiac
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