Changebro 1 (AiE; Changeling, Spike)

May 17th, 2014
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  3. >Twilight Sparkle and Spike were making their way to Anon's house at the edge of Everfree Forest
  4. >She hasn't seen Anon in two weeks and while she doesn't care much for him, she is slightly worried
  5. >"Ugh, Twilight why do we have to do this again? I was supposed to help Rari--"
  6. "Spike! Anonymous has come to the library to check out a book every other day for an entire month! Then one day he stopped! Something has to be wrong"
  7. >"Maybe he got tired of reading?"
  8. "Nobody gets tired of reading, Spike! Maybe tired of a subject..."
  9. >She trailed off, unable to wrap her mind around the assumption
  10. >They reached his house a few moments later, timberwolf howls echoing from the forest
  11. >Spike shivered and took a step closer to Twilight
  12. >"We shouldn't take too long, it's going to be night soon"
  13. >Twilight rolled her eyes
  14. "It's noon, Spike"
  15. >She knocks her hoof to the door, not expecting an answer
  16. >But to her surprise, there is some rustling from within then the door creeks open
  17. >Sure enough, Anon is home
  18. >He's wearing only sweatpants, drying off his body with a towel
  19. >Twilight swallowed, her thoughts a little foggy all of a sudden
  20. >When did he get so...tall?
  21. >"Hi Twilight. Spike. What brings you guys out here?"
  22. >Twilight was staring, a light blush creeping on her cheeks
  23. >Spike, on the other hand, heard another howl and grabbed Twilight's back leg
  24. >That snapped her out of it, at the very least
  25. "Ahhhhnon! I haven't seen you at the library I was worried about you!"
  26. >He nodded and tossed the towel over his shoulder
  27. >Twilight swallowed when she saw his muscles flex ever so slightly
  28. >"Sorry Twilight I've--"
  29. >Just then, Anon is pushed slightly aside and Cheerilee slowly trots through the door
  30. >Her mane is messy and she seems a little embarrassed when she sees Twilight and Spike
  31. "Ms. Cheerilee? Isn't today a schoolday?"
  32. >Cheerilee scratched the back of her head and chuckled nervously
  33. >"Twilight, funny to see you out here...oh my stars, you're right, gotta go!"
  34. >Cheerilee galloped off without another word
  35. >Spike watched Cheerilee run off then looked back to Anon
  36. >Was he and Ms. Cheerilee special somepo---mans?
  37. >"Sorry, anyhow, I've just been busy with other projects. Haven't had much time to read."
  38. >Twilight nodded and wiped some sweat from her brow
  39. >When did it get so warm out?
  40. "It's ok, I'm just glad everything is..."
  41. >She stopped when Anon was pushed roughly aside and Berry Punch found her way through the door
  42. >Anon smirked and swatted her rear as she left
  43. >She yelped and blushed, giving him bedroom eyes and licking her lips before trotting away
  44. >Spike, again, did a double take
  45. >Cheerilee AND Berry Punch!?
  46. "...fine"
  47. >Twilight cleared her throat and it was Anon's turn to blush
  48. "I guess this means you've moved past being a stranger around town"
  49. >"You could say that."
  50. >There was an awkward silence
  51. >Twilight was slightly angry, she might not have liked Anon much but she had some respect for him as a fellow bookworm
  52. >To think he'd been giving up reading to sleep with mares?!
  53. >But for all her anger, something was tugging at her instincts and causing her eyes to betray her
  54. >She couldn't keep her gaze focused on his face, they kept drifting lower
  55. >His naked torso, the leftover dampness from his shower
  56. >Had a Timberwolf not howled at that exact moment, her gawking would have gone a little lower
  57. >Spike is again startled, and this time he runs between her and Anon
  58. >"You scared of Timberwolves, little guy?"
  59. >Spike shakes his head no but he wasn't fooling anyone
  60. >"Don't be, you're a dragon right? Use your fire breath on them. Heck, they're more afraid of you, I bet"
  61. >Spike blinked and looked up to the human
  62. >"Really? You think they'd actually be scared of--"
  63. >Spike lifted from the ground and landed on Twilight's back with a thump
  64. "That'll be all, sorry to bother you, Anonymous!"
  65. >Twilight yelled as she trotted away
  66. >"You think he means that? You think my fire breath could beat a timberwolf?"
  67. "You're a dragon Spike, not a big jerk!"
  68. >"Wha...?"
  69. "How could he turn into such a sleazy, inconsiderate, tall, handsome, muscular jerk!?"
  70. >Spike was beyond confused now
  71. >Twilight didn't notice or didn't care, only continued to rant
  72. "When did he get so tall, Spike? Who does he think he is?!"
  74. * * *
  76. >Be Anonymous
  77. >Close the door and lock it tight behind you
  78. >Almost got caught
  79. >Not because of the mares either...
  80. "They're all gone, Ditto, you can come out"
  81. >Your pantry door opens and a changeling drone click-clacks out
  82. >He's sucking on one of Twist's peppermints
  83. "Not cool dude"
  84. >"What? Sure she's underage but love is---"
  85. "Not that, don't go using your hocus pocus on Twilight Sparkle!"
  86. >"Why not? She totally digs you!"
  87. "She's a basket case! Plus she's Princess Celestia's protege. You're trying NOT to get caught remember?"
  88. >"Oh damn, my bad..."
  89. >You pat him on the head and his wings buzz
  90. "It's alright buddy, you didn't know. Sides thanks to you--"
  91. >"--two mares at the same time!"
  92. "They were sisters too, that's like almost twins!"
  93. >You fistpump his hoof...thing
  94. >What an insane two weeks it's been
  95. >Once the changeling had healed up, he showed you his powers
  96. >After about the tenth transformation, you started calling him Ditto
  97. >Not a very inspired name but screw it, not like pokemon existed in Equestria
  98. >He eventually settled on a blue unicorn with a star for a cutie mark
  99. >As generic as he could make it, he told you, so nobody would really notice him
  100. >It was nice that he could come to town with you, and who knew he'd turn out to be the greatest wingman of all time
  101. >Ditto felt like he owed you a favor for helping him, and you really needed some social time, so the two of you hit up a local club
  102. >The last time you did this, you sat alone, the ponies seemed unnerved by you, and the cider you managed to get had to be some of the crap Flim and Flam left behind
  103. >With Ditto though, one pony trusting you was all it took for the rest to treat you with some respect
  104. >So you two chatted, drank some cider at the bar, had a good night
  105. >Then the strangest thing happened
  106. >A mare named Derpy Hooves sat next to you
  107. >She talked to you, laughed at your jokes, tried to give you bedroom eyes (though her attempts were arguably cuter) and was very pleasant to you
  108. >You chalked it up to the cider but fuck it you were a man and you knew where this was going
  109. >Sure enough, she accepted the invite back to your place, and you did what any guy with 10 beers in him would
  110. >Even the fact she was a small horse didn't bother you anymore, your body was starving for this
  111. >Thankfully you were out in the middle of nowhere or the entire town would have heard you both
  112. >Come sunrise the next day she left in a hurry, saying something about needed to deliver the mail
  113. >"Sorry bout that, dude"
  114. >Ditto was in the doorway, in his changeling form, his horn glowing green
  115. >Similar energy was lifting off your clothes, the sheets, anything Derpy and you had been intimate on
  116. >"She was a bit of a ditz but I'm not at full speed yet. But damn, this is some strong stuff! You both needed a good roll around the sheets, eh?"
  117. "Wait, are you saying you forced her to fuck me?"
  118. >"Naw dude, my magic doesn't work that way. It only amplifies what's already there. Guess she had a thing for ya. When I left went to the bathroom and gave her a 'boost' heh heh"
  119. >You scratch your chin and consider this
  120. >On one hand it seemed kinda wrong
  121. >But on the other...
  122. "How many other mares in there would have done that if you were at 100%?"
  123. >"Dude! All of them! They think you're like exotic or something. I never saw anything like that before!"
  124. "So...we could literally fuck every mare in town?"
  125. >"You can, I'll line 'em up, you knock 'em down, buddy!"
  126. >He pauses
  127. >"Except the lesbians, of course"
  128. >That was two weeks ago
  129. >And sure enough every night since, a different mare has come home with you
  130. >You'd start the night the same, bullshitting and chilling with Ditto
  131. >Then he'd go to use the bathroom and a mare would take his place
  132. >Every night since the first, the mare has gotten hotter (by pony standards anyhow) and more aggressive
  133. >The night before last Flitter nearly blew you right under the table, Ditto sitting right across snickering at how easy this was
  134. >Too easy, you told him later, and asked he spread the power out a little
  135. >While it was hot as fuck having a pony trying to bite your pants off, it was getting a little conspicuous and dangerous
  136. >He took spreading it out as "more than one mare" so last night you came home with Cheerilee and Berry Punch
  137. >Though part of you wondered if he even bothered casting spells on Berry and she had just tagged along for a good dicking
  138. >She certainly hogged it when she could, Cheerilee being more about instructing you while you used your mouth on her
  139. >Teacher never change
  140. >Which brings you back to the present
  141. >Seems your nightly adventures have been catching up with you in more than one way
  142. >Twilight coming to look wasn't even the worst of it
  143. >Money was getting tighter, you hadn't done an oddjob for Fluttershy or Applejack since you met Ditto, and going out every single night was expensive
  144. >A few of the mares have come by during the day as well, trying to win you over into a life of boring monogamy
  145. >At least they brought food when they did, which helped with the money problems
  146. >Pony cooking was hit or miss but lunch was lunch
  147. >Not everyone could cast a spell on a sex-stained room and get an entire days worth of energy
  148. >But not all the consequences were bad
  149. >All the sex was certainly having a good effect on your body
  150. >You were no slouch before but you needed a little work only continuous activity like that could bring
  151. >Plus it did wonders for your self esteem
  152. >Women fawning over you left and right was awesome, the hell with that twilight zone that said otherwise
  153. >"We going out tonight braw?"
  154. >Ditto was on his favorite spot of the couch, rubbing his belly like he just finished an entire cake
  155. >He healed nicely, not that you knew what a healthy changeling looked like, but his chitin was shiny and his leg hole things seemed to have shrunk considerably
  156. >His magic was much stronger as well, he warned you Twilight was on the way before you could even see her out the window
  157. >The only reason he hadn't changed into a pony was he was afraid Twilight might notice the magical burst from the house
  158. >But Twilight was long gone and Ditto was waiting for an answer
  159. >He's not gonna like what he hears
  160. "I don't think so, I'm broke and my hips feel like they're gonna shatter if I get tag teamed again"
  161. >He frowned and chittered something in his language
  162. >A swear of some kind, you guessed from his expression
  163. >"Weak man, weak. How am I supposed to eat?"
  164. "You've been eating pretty damned good since ya got here, buddy. You can survive one night to let the skin on my cock heal."
  165. >"Fine, you win. What's the plan then?"
  166. "Gotta work, need to fuck up some other muscles"
  167. >He doesn't seem all that interested but he agreed to come and use his fake unicorn magic when he could
  168. >Back in his unicorn form, him and you walked to Sweet Apple Acres, him making a game of looking to a mare and you guessing a number of how bad they wanna bang you from 1 to 10
  169. >You had just guessed wrong for BonBon when you reached AJ's stand at the market
  170. >You and Apple loving southern pony have a quick chat, she agrees to pay you and Ditto a bit per tree if you helped Big Mac with the East Fields
  171. >You both spit and shake on it, sealing the deal
  172. >As you walk away, you lean to Ditto and whisper "8"
  173. >He laughs
  174. >"Unless you're gonna lie and tell her you grow from an apple tree, you're at 2 with her. That's being nice. "
  175. "Why does that make me wanna bang her more?"
  176. >"I dunno, you humans have weird emotions, bro. "
  177. >You two get there, get the nod from Big Mac, and get to work
  178. >Ditto is no Twilight Sparkle but he can clear one tree at a time while you carried the buckets to a cart for Big Mac to haul
  179. >By sunset you made about 60 bits give or take, which should get you through the rest of the week
  180. >Big Mac paid up without even questioning how many trees you cleared
  181. >Feels nice to be trusted, especially when you're harboring a changeling in plain sight
  182. >Speaking of which, Ditto was eyeing the fat bag of money and nodding toward town
  183. >"You sure you don't wanna go out tonight? Ya know, after a hard day's work maybe Applejack will find you a little more attractive and bang! That cabin'll be a-rocking!"
  184. "Tomorrow, we'll do this again then I'll take my shirt off in front of her"
  185. >"Deal! So what are we gonna do then?"
  186. >You sigh
  187. >The other problem all the activity has gotten you was no hunting
  188. >You haven't had a good meal in awhile
  189. >And the only way you're gonna get any protein without a trip into Everfree Forest...
  190. "We gotta visit Fluttershy, I need to buy some eggs"
  191. >"Oh, good luck! I'll meet ya home, boss"
  192. >He gallops off
  193. >He's convinced Fluttershy's rabbit has him made and refuses to come with you when you go there for food
  194. >It was only one time since but that's all it took
  195. >Trudging along by yourself now, you notice something in the corner of your eye
  196. >Too small to be a pony, you tense a little and pick up your pace
  197. >It follows, keeping about 5 meters between the two of you and always darting behind an apple tree when you turn around
  198. >Definitely being stalked
  199. >You pluck an apple from a tree and start walking again
  200. >After a few minutes, you spin around in a hurry and hurl the apple at you potential assailant, steeling yourself for a fight once it--
  201. >"OW!"
  202. >--yelps and falls to the ground?
  203. "Spike?"
  204. >Sure enough, sprawled spread eagle on his back was the purple dragon assistant of Twilight Sparkle
  205. >"That hurt, Anon!"
  206. >You lean down and help him up, brushing some applesauce from his head
  207. "Why are you following me?"
  208. >He rubs his head
  209. >"I wasn't following I was trying to think of how to ask you something!"
  210. "Spill it, then"
  211. >"Oh...well I...gimme like 10 more minutes?"
  212. >You sigh and he chuckles nervously
  213. "One condition. You gotta buy a dozen eggs from Fluttershy"
  214. >"Huh? Why?"
  215. "Long story, I'll tell you on the way"
  216. >So you tell him about the chickens and how angel hates your friend
  217. >He seems stuck on one small detail though
  218. >"So you ATE the chickens, Anon!?"
  219. "I ate ONE chicken, Spike. Griffins eat fish, don't they?"
  220. >"Yea're not a griffin. You're a....well.."
  221. "Exactly. Anyhow, we're here."
  222. >You hand him the bits and he runs off
  223. >What the heck could he want?
  224. >Twilight probably sent him to spy on you and he couldn't think of a good cover in time
  225. >If that's the case, better to let him spy on you and stay away from Ditto for the time being
  226. >Ditto eventually told you about the wedding in Canterlot so you know Twilight would be especially angry if she found out a changeling was living right under her nose
  227. >You were pretty peeved when he explained it
  228. >Sure he was your friend but trying to take over an entire country to sap love is messed up no matter how you slice it
  229. >Funny thing was, he said since he was injured and away from Chrysalis, he doesn't feel so compelled to do what she said
  230. >You guessed it was some kind of magic or pheromones or something if she really was the queen of their hive, like an insect
  231. >But who knew for sure?
  232. >As you thought about this, Spike was running back from Fluttershy's, carton of eggs in his claws along with the bits
  233. >Lucky break, she gave him the eggs for free!
  234. >But before he reaches you, he trips and the carton goes flying
  235. >You weren't close enough to catch it and five of the eggs meet an unfortunate end
  236. >"Sorry, Anon...but hey they were free right?"
  237. >Can't argue with that really
  238. >Collecting up the eggs that survived the trip, Spike starts following you to your house
  239. >"Fluttershy says Twilight hasn't gotten a dozen eggs since she moved in, I wish I wasn't so--"
  240. "Spike, what do you really want? Did Twilight send you to spy on me?"
  241. >"NO! She doesn't even know I'm here!"
  242. "Then, what is it?"
  243. >"Do you think maybe we could...ya know, hang out? Like you and Ditto do?"
  244. "Spike you're not old enough to go out--"
  245. >"Not like that! You guys just hang out all the time! Today you were bucking apples together! I don't...really have any friends ya know? Friends that aren't...well"
  246. "Chicks?"
  247. >"Yea, it gets old being around girls ALL THE TIME!"
  248. >He kicks a cloud of dirt into the air
  249. >You get down on your knee so you're more at his level
  250. >Even so, you tower a good foot over the little dragon
  251. "You sure you wanna be my friend? Ponies might be ok with me now but I'm still not the most liked guy out there. Wouldn't you rather hang out with like Big Mac or maybe Caramel?"
  252. >"Naw, they're still ponies. Everything I do with them Twilight will find out. Plus...ya know you, and me we're both..."
  253. "Different?"
  254. >"Yea"
  255. >You knew that feel all too well
  256. >You've known it ever since you arrived
  257. >It's probably worse for a dragon, at least humans didn't grow up to be ferocious fire breathing...wait a minute...
  258. >That's a pretty cool friend to have, even if he was only a little kid now
  259. >He'll grow up eventually right?
  260. >Maybe having Spike around won't be so bad after all
  261. "Alright you can hang out with us just don't be telling Twilight, she'll be over here with a book on peer pressure or some shit"
  262. >"Really? You really mean it! Thanks Anon!"
  263. >He lurches forward to hug you but you back up
  264. "Alright first rule, no hugging, we're not ponies"
  265. >"Right right, sorry, old habit! Gonna make sure to write down to break it"
  266. >He pulls out a notepad and a quill and starts scribbling
  267. "Just come on inside, sure I have milk or a pop or something around"
  268. >You unlatch the door and let yourself in, Spike following behind with his face obscured by his parchment
  269. >"Hey dude, ah yea you got eggs? Sweet man, save the shells for--"
  270. "DITTO!"
  271. >"What? Chickens aren't the most..."
  272. >Ditto is in his normal changeling form
  273. >Spike is speechless and wide eyed, frozen in place
  274. "Fuck..."
  275. >You quickly slam the door shut and lock it before Spike comes back to earth
  276. >"Why didn't you tell me you had him with you?!"
  277. "You said you can sense when I'm with someone!"
  278. >"SomePONY! My magic doesn't work on dragons!"
  279. "How the hell was I supposed to know that?!"
  280. >"I...shut up! Everyone knows that!"
  281. >Amid your arguing, Spike points with his quill
  282. >"There's a changeling, Anon!"
  283. "I know, Spike!"
  284. >"I'll get Twilight! She'll---"
  285. >You stand between him and the door
  286. >"What are you doing!? We have to tell her before...oh man! Your friend must be in trouble too! Come on, Anon! We can take him! You said my firebreath was--"
  287. >You shove a hand over his mouth
  288. >Not your brightest move if he picked right then start breathing fire but you had to risk it
  289. >The cat was out of the bag, so to speak, so least you can do is hope Spike was serious when he said he wanted to be friends with the two of you
  290. >He's not trying to scream or run so might as well let him in on the little secret
  291. "Show him"
  292. >"You sure?"
  293. >Ditto scratches his head and eyes Spike nervously
  294. "I trust him. Spike, you're a cool guy, right?"
  295. >Spike does his best to nod with your hands around his mouth
  296. >"Alright, you're the boss"
  297. >Ditto takes a few steps backward
  298. >The floor glows green and a burst of changeling magic envelops him
  299. >In a flash, the black looking locust pony is gone and in his place was a very generic looking blue unicorn
  300. >Spike gasped and muffled something through your hand
  301. >Right before he went limp and landed flat on his back
  302. "....Spike?"
  303. >You wave your hands and snap your fingers above his head
  304. >He doesn't stir
  305. >"...Did he just faint?"
  306. "I think so...he really wasn't kidding when he said he hung around women too much"
  307. >He's twitching a little but from what you could tell he's fine
  308. >At least, you hope he's fine, who the heck knows
  309. >Not dragon-kinds greatest moment no matter how you look at it
  310. >Ditto pokes his head over Spike's body, nudges him with a hoof, then looks to you with a smirk on his face
  311. >"Let's draw shit on him! I'll find a sharpie!"
  312. >You scratch your head and shrug
  313. "Fuck it, why not?"
  315. Next -
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