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  2. there put the slave's email and fill the captcha then it will ask you to enter a new email where you put your email ( not the one used on an existing account but a new one )
  4. - it will then ask you the security question ( if you know it very well then just put it and the account is hacked )
  5. but if you do not know the answer just keep entering random words until the limit is exceeded
  7. - Once the limit is exceeded it will ask you to choose three trusted friends
  8. there you put the three accounts you made and added your slave
  10. - It will then send all three accounts the security code
  11. and you go login all three and get the security code and just put it
  13. - Hacked , enjoy now
  14. change the security question and he can't recover the account unless he uses the same thing we did ;)
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