Transcript of Weev Interview, Fall 2017

Sep 6th, 2017
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  1. Conversation with Andrew Auernheimer AKA Weev, which took place on 8/13/2017, 9/5/2017, and then from 9/11/2017 to 9/18/2017. Interview conducted and posted by Sonya Mann.
  3. -------------------------
  5. AA: Yes hello
  6. Weev here
  8. SM: Hey. Btw do you prefer to be addressed as Weev versus Andrew?
  10. AA: I have no preference. People call me whatever but weev is shorter to write
  12. SM: Okay. So I'm curious about your thoughts on the James Damore thing and on DS getting no-platformed. Did [redacted] pass along my internet anarchism versus internet feudalism hypothesis?
  14. AA: Yeah i am a poor country boy from arkansas those words are too big for me
  16. [attempted Signal audio call]
  18. AA: Okay that doesnt seem to work on my device
  20. SM: Got the call but couldn't hear anything
  22. AA: Yeah i could hear you but it didnt stop ringing
  24. SM: Oh dang. If you prefer audio I'm down to try other options
  26. AA: So this argument being touted by liberals of its a private corporation so they can do what they want
  27. Is utter hypocrisy
  29. SM: besides GoDaddy and Cloudflare, who else participated?
  31. AA: Because this is the same crowd that was issuing screaming demands for net neutrality that all traffic be treated equally
  32. And now that they got it it turns out that what they really meant is that some traffic needs to be more equal than others
  33. It is also the same crowd that issued screaming demands to BAKE THE FUCKING CAKE BIGOT
  34. And cakes are very easy to come by. You can bake one yourself
  35. You cannot bake your own registrar. ICANN was created by the US government and is a state institution
  36. The key ruling here is Marsh v Alabama
  38. SM: Are you guys planning to take this to court?
  40. AA: Which said that private owners of sidewalks could not prevent political speech on them
  42. SM: (nvm just lmk when you're done, I don't want to interrupt but without typing indicators it's hard not to)
  44. AA: What these registrars have essentially done is buy up all the thoroughfares of the internet through a government created oligopoly
  45. It is equivalent to them buying the sidewalks outside of my house
  46. And saying i cant walk on them because i am a bigot
  47. Now a few years ago
  48. There was a guy named heemeyer and the local government shut the path to his business down
  49. So he lowered some steel armor on his bulldozer with a crane
  50. Trapping himself inside
  51. And he bulldozed over the houses of the people responsible
  52. And they have collectively shut off the path to our whole community
  53. If we are disallowed from airing our grievances in the marketplace of ideas the only option will be violence
  54. People will die. And it will be justified
  55. Not a threat, just an obvious conclusion
  56. People can either talk about things or they can kill people
  57. Only paths to social change
  58. And our people have very patiently and fairly done only the former.
  59. So that is what i think
  61. SM: Do you think Tor etc are a viable alternative / option? And like taking in donations using cryptocurrency?
  63. AA: No. Either we will be allowed to publish on the open internet there will be blood.
  64. Or there*
  65. Either we can participate in the common marketplace of ideas and this is a just and fair system or it isn't
  66. And people will have to deal with the consequences of it being unjust and unfair with the only option of millions of americans being able to express their discontent by the sword
  68. SM: what's your guess as to which way it'll fall? or do you feel like it's already been concluded?
  70. AA: I am not a speculator
  71. This is a choice
  72. I think liberals will be very tempted now that they know they are losing to force us silent
  73. Thinking that theyll get away with it
  74. And i almost hope they do and see what happens after
  75. Because millions of people read our site every month and they are mad as hell
  76. And frankly i want a pogrom
  78. SM: What does "now that they know they are losing" mean — Trump? Or general culture?
  80. AA: General culture
  81. Trumps voters are dissatisfied that he hasnt built a fucking wall and tossed every mexican off it
  82. Trump is to the left of nearly all his electorate at this point
  83. They all relished with glee the crying faces of hillary voters last november
  84. They have a taste for suffering now and they want to see more of it
  85. We are basically on the verge of a balkans in the 90s moment
  86. And these people, if you tell them they cannot talk or make jokes with their friends, will do what needs to be done
  87. And Daily Stormer was a comedy website
  88. Make no mistake
  89. They are telling us we cannot even make fun of them
  90. This only ends one way
  92. SM: Okay. Thanks for explaining your perspective. I'm not sure whether this will make it into the article or not, but I'll keep you posted
  94. AA: Ok
  96. SM: Hey, I have a couple of followup questions. The first is: What is your actual job title at Daily Stormer? Like are you basically the CTO? How does that work in a formal sense?
  98. AA: i just do systems work
  99. it is a very interesting job.
  100. not many shops this size where you might lose 20 servers in a week (to complaints etc)
  101. even before the latest shuttening it would have a rate of general failure larger than the last actual data center i worked in
  102. just for one application
  103. so, cool problems
  105. SM: what's the status currently? are you guys back on the open web or still consigned to tor?
  107. AA: and now i maintain custom versions of complicated c problems like tor
  108. on tor right now
  109. our primary goal right now is to get our bbs userbase used to tor to ensure continuity of user interaction
  111. SM: this is probably a stupid / under-informed question, but why can't you use the same services as 4chan or 8chan or whatever?
  113. AA: but that doesn't solve the problem of public dialogue, of course
  114. we are a significantly larger service than 8chan
  115. and we refuse to cooperate with law enforcement as 4chan does
  116. our threat model is not the same as theirs
  117. and they generally have never been subject to censorship like this at all
  118. largely because they do not talk about jews.
  119. i mean they have a messageboard where some people talk about jews
  120. but it is a public messageboard, and the sites are not really about talking about jews.
  121. 8chan's largest board is about video games
  122. 4chan's is pornographic.
  124. SM: what are your personal views on jews and non-white people? I want to be able to accurately contextualize what you think because "neo-Nazi" and "white supremacist" are pretty vague (and also somewhat losing their meanings through overuse anyway)
  126. AA: do you have access to tor
  128. SM: it would take me a minute to set it up again but generally yes
  130. AA: read this http://dstormer6em3i4km.onion/why-free-speech-and-free-internet-advocates-must-become-nazis/
  131. i am a libertarian.
  132. this document is the most concise summary of the reasons for my current positions.
  133. and the title is pretty much pure prophecy
  135. SM: alright cool I will read it, thanks
  137. AA: watch the embedded videos too
  138. important context in them
  140. SM: what is the most accurate way to sum up your position at DS? systems administrator? devops?
  142. AA: devops sure
  144. SM: Is it possible to quantify how getting kicked off of .com and .lol has harmed Daily Stormer? I dunno how sophisticated onion analytics are
  146. AA: we're still in the top 3 altright sites
  147. possibly still the top one
  148. but we've lost millions of monthly uniques
  149. previously we had more traffic than the rest of them all combined
  150. now we are about on par with or takimag
  152. SM: why is this campaign working now when it wasn't before? it's not like Daily Stormer suddenly became controversial — why was Cville the straw that broke the camel's back?
  154. AA: it was pre-planned
  155. and pushed centrally by intelligence agencies
  157. SM: is that speculation or do you have proof?
  159. AA: too many parties coordinated at once
  160. sendgrid
  161. zoho
  162. namecheap
  163. dreamhost
  164. (the two US based "free speech" registrars, btw)
  165. 101domain
  166. russia's national telecommunications registrar, rozkomnadzor
  167. albania's national regulators
  168. the TLD operators of .wang
  169. the registry, not the registrar
  170. this is not a complete list
  171. discord
  173. SM: so are you saying that it was pre-planned *before* Cville, or organized afterward?
  175. AA: they were just looking for a pretext that wasn't "jews"
  176. so they pushed this absurd orwellian lie of "inciting violence"
  177. when in actuality the only site that has incited violence is the SPLC
  178. an actual shooter chose his target based off of their hate map
  180. every time a moslem plows through a crowd of people to kill them
  181. which is always intentional, unlike that dumb neurotic jew james fields
  182. you don't see a massive shutdown of islamic speech do you?
  183. i can find you, right now, an ISIS supporting forum on godaddy
  184. i've reported it
  185. they won't do anything about it.
  186. oh, also, google is another company
  187. they're the one holding our .com domain hostage, actually
  188. as you don't seem to be aware by your previous statement
  190. SM: oh yeah, I forgot about Google. I actually would appreciate it if you can link me to the ISIS forum
  192. AA: sure, one second
  193. oh wait no, it isn't on godaddy, it has google ads
  194. that's it
  196. there you go, ISIS forums with google ads
  197. also it is very easy to find ISIS propaganda on youtube that is not demonitized
  198. etc
  199. so google, the people that hold our domain hostage, seem to be very enthusiastic about actual terrorism, committed by moslems
  201. SM: it definitely seems inconsistent
  203. AA: oh, and in the anglin was right department
  204. heather heyer died of a fucking heart attack
  205. because she was massively fucking obese
  207. and this is the pretext under which white people are not allowed to have free speech anymore
  208. we just tried to get services with cloudns, they mailed us and told us they won't do business with us before we even started
  209. an MPC user reported that a major hosting company guy got told, along with all his salespeople, that they are not allowed to do business with the stormer at all, or anything that purports to be the stormer
  211. SM: sorry, MPC?
  213. AA: my posting career
  214. they invented cuckservative
  215. the meme
  216. very influential, smart people, all brilliant, well rooted people that have real jobs and places in their community, and huge disproportionate influence on far right culture and internet
  217. ricky vaughn was MPC, he is pretty famous
  219. SM: ahhh, gotcha. what do you think of Pax Dickinson's suggestion of building far-right / free speech absolutist infrastructure to replace the status quo?
  220. or I guess alt-tech in general
  222. AA: this is bullshit and pax has never built anything useful
  223. ICANN is a vast international bureaucracy
  224. this is not an engineering problem
  226. SM: what about Cody Wilson? Hatreon is still up and Anglin has a campaign there
  228. AA: this is a legal and bureaucratic problem
  229. hatreon is brand new.
  230. they've already suffered their first shutdowns, they were down for weeks
  231. well, a week
  233. SM: not optimistic that Hatreon will stay around?
  235. AA: Cody Wilson is a useful smart guy
  236. but the underlying problem is, a small cabal of people are using a bureaucratic institution, ICANN, established by the US government
  237. to silence all dissent on the internet
  238. that is not an engineering problem.
  239. that is a violation of the rights of not only the daily stormer but the millions of people that read it, and these people are going to have to be punished one way or another
  240. there will be payment for this.
  241. fucking lol tho
  242. getting back into central stuff
  244. SM: what even
  245. seems like a big oversight on Google's part?
  247. AA: they cant stop it
  248. well they can
  249. but they have to change the way google news works
  250. and i'm fine with forcing that.
  252. SM: can you explain further? I'm also surprised that Onion urls can be part of Google News
  254. AA: there are clearweb internet proxies
  256. SM: what I mean is how is it that they can't stop it because of how Google News is structured?
  258. AA: yes, google news is algorithmic
  259. if people are sharing our stories, it will shove it into index
  260. provided we have the right metadata and gnews sitemaps
  261. which we do.
  263. SM: and they can't just block you once and move on?
  264. can you rotate URLs or something?
  266. AA: i dont do anything
  267. i just publish in the appropriate format.
  269. SM: welp
  270. accurate to say that Daily Stormer was primarily using Cloudflare to be able to weather DDoS attacks?
  272. AA: no, we use bitmitigate now
  273. and they are fine. when we are allowed to have a domain.
  274. cloudflare is the least relevant party here
  276. SM: *was* not currently are
  278. AA: sure, but they have proven to be highly replaceable
  280. SM: I know, but it's the story that the public is most likely to be familiar with, so it bears mentioning
  282. AA: yeah, but it is the least relevant to the actual problem of the situation which is that domain registration is a zionist bureaucracy
  284. SM: Is this accurate: "Neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer was banned by a series of internet infrastructure providers, ultimately driven off the open internet altogether because it was unable to register a domain name." My grasp of the technical details is not superb so I want to make sure I'm not misrepresenting that
  285. Also, fair warning — I don't think it'll come as a surprise, but this is not going to be a pro-Daily Stormer article. I'm pro-neutral platforms but disagree with pretty much everything else y'all believe
  286. I'm not going to misrepresent anything you said. And like I said earlier, I'm happy to release the transcript of our conversation in full. You're welcome to do so as well.
  288. AA: yeah that is accurate
  289. sorry fell asleep lol
  291. SM: No worries, I'll update the pastebin in the AM :P
  292. actually I'm gonna unpublish the pastebin, I filed a draft last night but my editor wants me to do more reporting. I'll add the rest of our transcript and make it public again when the article goes live.
  293. so, I'm curious about why you wanted to talk to me at all. like I said earlier, my worldview and goals run counter to yours.
  294. one of the things that's sorta weird about this whole affair is that Daily Stormer is less accessible to the mainstream now... but has a higher profile. I don't know exactly how many people found out about the site who weren't aware of it before, but it's some amount. are you guys happy about? or is it useless to you unless they're converts?
  296. AA: because if you people don't want a kinetic war, you should be warned adequately about what you are doing
  297. if it comes to organized violence, we will win
  299. SM: how do you figure? you don't draw significant numbers IRL
  301. AA: because we are disallowed assembly
  302. when we peaceably assemble, antifa shows up with bricks and flamethrowers and cops help them
  303. and most people on our side have jobs and families
  304. but when the final round comes, you guys are gonna see how significant our numbers are
  305. because we don't throw tantrums in the street like liberals
  306. if we move, we will move once to solve problems, and that will be that
  307. there will be no demonstrations. there will be a movement in the night. the next day will be rosy for us.
  309. SM: Are you envisioning that the police and military will side with you? Or that it won't matter? Or that it'll be a la ISIS in Syria?
  311. AA: i am saying that if there is not public dialogue, the only option is going door to door and killing people in their homes
  312. that is an indisputable fact
  313. and to pretend it won't happen is naive.
  314. we are attempting to have a fair public dialogue, and people are upset that we are winning that dialogue.
  315. take it away, and we will win other things you'll like less
  317. SM: If you have the capacity to do this, and you want to enact a pogrom, like you said, then why aren't you already doing it? Are you backstopped by other principles?
  319. AA: i do not have the capacity to enact a pogrom
  320. what does is refusing to let racists speak
  321. i am not personally threatening to enact a pogrom
  322. i am telling you that there are two paths to social change
  323. open discussion and murder
  324. and if you block off one you are going to get the other.
  325. and you liberals should really be careful and thoughtful about what you are doing, and ask yourself if you want to remove our ability to engage peacefully in the marketplace of ideas
  326. because that is what we have been doing, participating in the marketplace of ideas. peacefully.
  328. SM: Alright. Well, thanks for explaining.
  330. AA: http://dstormer6em3i4km.onion/opnotmybro-definitive-proof-heather-heyer-wasnt-even-hit-by-a-car/
  331. literally not even hit by the car.
  332. died of a heart attack just as a witness because she was massively fucking obese.
  333. this is why i don't have free speech
  334. so either our free speech is gone because someone wasn't hit by a car, or because we talk about jews
  335. christopher cantwell is sitting in jail denied bond, because someone was not hit by a car
  336. james fields is denied bond as well, because he didn't hit a fat bitch with his car
  338. SM: how in the fuck did this happen?
  340. AA: lool the meme is so good
  341. i'm sorry i cannot ruin it i would like to tell you the meme but you have to find out for yourself, it is the rule
  342. oh i'll just spoil it, so every time we get a new domain anglin makes up a story with the wrong country
  343. it started with .al (albania) but he said it was algeria and all these shitlibs on twitter were furiously calling the algerian embassy
  345. SM: just found it in the Twitter replies ".is is iceland, is israel"
  346. okay that makes more sense
  348. AA: lol yes
  350. SM: I was really confused for a second there
  352. AA: but the posts are always funny
  353. we've been in israeli news a bunch lately
  354. wall to wall 24/7 coverage for a couple days this week
  355. biggest story in israel, lots of scandal with the netanyahu family
  356. anglin was on israel's top TV network
  357. so it is a good time to do the .is and say it is israel
  359. SM: just googled for it. truly this is an absurd timeline
  361. AA: it's the best
  362. we're gonna get a lot weirder, and then people are gonna start dying
  364. SM: you give me tone whiplash, man
  366. AA: loll
  367. our position is consistent, you have just been socially conditioned to think mass murder can't be a good time
  369. SM: btw, apropos of nothing, I wanted to ask what happened with Molly Crabapple
  370. it seems implausible to me that she really didn't know about your beliefs, even if they were milder back then
  372. AA: they were never milder, my political position has not changed over any time
  373. here's an essay i wrote in 2008
  374. the prosecutor at my sentencing mentioned my racial theories as a dog whistle to get me a higher sentence (i got the max) and she attended that sentencing
  375. well, actually, i wrote that essay in 2005 or so but i didnt put it on my public blog until 2008
  376. i mostly samizdatted it, put it on craigslist, printed it out and put it on telephone poles etc
  378. SM: why did she deny that she knew? just, like, panic?
  380. AA: i don't know, but i guess i wasn't a cool political cause célèbre for the left anymore so our friendship was null and void
  381. i myself certainly never abandoned any friendships because of political positions i found repulsive
  382. and i certainly found nearly everything molly espouses to be morally repugnant
  383. i even used racial speech in correspondence with her from prison. hell, some of my tweets from prison were extremely racially charged
  384. so i guess, by and large, when i was out of prison, we began to win
  385. like, we were significantly reshaping the culture of the internet
  386. we had done this previously, i mean i was in the room when the word lulz was crafted, and it was certainly a political vehicle in the first years of the lulz
  387. but now we were completing the path
  389. SM: does that feel satisfying to you?
  391. AA: no, it will feel satisfying when the children of those who did violence to me are murdered in front of them
  392. when their sons are killed and their daughters are raped, then that will feel satisfying
  393. when they are made with the suffering of their children, according to the example of the völundarkviða
  394. that is satisfaction
  395. the wages of völund make it clear what must be done when figures of political elites do violence to you
  396. there must be payment
  397. and they refuse to compensate me materially
  398. so another kind of payment must be extracted
  400. SM: oh shit I just remembered that you dated Shanley for a while
  402. AA: lol yeah
  403. also some other prominent feminist types
  404. stroke of brilliance on my part
  405. cultural marxism was in the shadows
  406. usually enforced in total silence via women in HR departments getting people who made any inappropriate statements fired
  407. but i fucked all these skanks, and made them trolls, and made them really, really in the faces of engineering types, with very low tolerance for this kind of shit
  408. and suddenly, people start getting really fucking mad about being told what they can or can't say/consume/think
  409. i mean arguably this was the most effective thing i ever did
  410. because i could tell people a thousand times about why we need fascism, but they would never listen
  411. and it was far more effective to put enough bad actors out there, that they became fascists of their own volition, in reaction to what skanks were doing in public
  412. the reaction to this new patreon supported cultural marxism as public spectacle was eventually lead to gamergate etc, really a lot of people got used to really getting out there and politically involved, it was sort of the key to this new internet populism
  413. it's actually about the order of the hegelian dialectic
  414. because you get a process right, thesis is introduced, antithesis arrives, synthesis gets made
  416. SM: you must have loved when that Breitbart article came out
  418. AA: people made me do that actually
  420. SM: made you?
  422. AA: yes
  423. a mob of people showed up basically
  424. my girlfriend, some of my trusted associates
  425. they were like, weev, you made shanley
  426. you gotta stop this
  427. because she was getting all these tech industry people fired
  428. i mean the biggest thing was pax, that was like, a sore point for a lot of people because he is well liked
  429. but she rolled on for a while until it was like "fuck weev you just gotta stop this, she is getting good people canned
  430. so i agreed that something should be done
  431. she was too good at what i trained her to do
  433. SM: well, she's circled around now to being mostly a joke
  435. AA: yeah i mean, she lost moral authority for being an antiracist egalitarian firebrand
  436. which was just what people wanted
  437. i dont think it was particularly meaningful because now everyone gets fired for any comment anyways
  438. like, people get fired now for shit they would not have gotten fired for 2 years ago
  440. SM: do you have any examples in mind?
  442. AA: just because now liberals are actually afraid and realizing that they are going to have to give up power and worried that they are gonna die if they don't
  443. not really in particular, lots of people you havent heard of
  444. but basically, corporate entities are firing people for any sort of departure from liberal agenda
  445. even if it is just on social media and not at workplace at all
  446. like, anybody who showed up at charlottesville or tweeted in support is not allowed to have a job or probably expelled from school
  447. anyways i told everyone it was gonna get here but they demanded shanley be removed from play anyways
  448. and i had all these people bugging me so i was like, whatever
  450. SM: I feel like there's a mismatch between the idea that you're winning and the idea that liberals are successfully punishing anyone who is open about being white nationalist etc.
  452. AA: that is why we are winning
  453. like, i put all these bad actors in play and suddenly in response you get massive public participation
  454. then gamergate, and gamergate sort of leads into trumpenkrieg
  455. now you have big entities being pushed into acting like bad actors
  456. and the public is getting really, really mad
  457. and they're turning against trump on this DACA shit
  458. which is great.
  459. because if you get average person mad, and they are fucking furious
  460. and they think they have no representation and they aren't getting the shit they voted for
  461. and they see institutional enemies from elites everywhere
  462. well, you see where this is going
  464. SM: how do you guys go about recruiting those disenfranchised-feeling people? or does it happen organically?
  466. AA: have you read C.G. Jung's essay on Wotan?
  468. SM: jsut looked it up — this?
  470. AA: "“The Republican electorate is not a bunch of completely ignorant fools.”
  471. “We know who Donald Trump is,” he added, “and we’re going to use Donald Trump to either take over the G.O.P. or blow it up.”"
  473. compare and contrast
  474. "He is a fundamental attribute of the German psyche, an irrational psychic factor which acts on the high pressure of civilization like a cyclone and blows it away. Despite their crankiness, the Wotan-worshippers seem to have judged things more correctly than the worshippers of reason."
  475. this essay, by the way, is discussing how Adolf Hitler is a manifestation of Wotan
  476. this is not organic per se, it requires people like me doing what i do
  477. but there is something ancient and magical about it
  478. this is the revival of old gods
  479. it has rituals, it has processes
  480. it would take me a long time to describe them all to you
  481. there's a lot of multivariate testing, a lot of choice modeling
  482. there are formulas and algorithms to invoke
  483. but underneath that all, is a one eyed wanderer grabbing his spear and riding into the middle of civilization on an eight legged steed
  484. and it is a thing of wonder to behold as it happens.
  485. wotan is our god. wotan has risen again. there is the sound of wind beneath the soil, can you hear it now?
  486. gets louder every day
  487. and the best thing of all is it cannot be stopped now
  488. he's alive, he's awake, he's fucking furious
  489. and either we are going to get what we want or our enemies are going to have their houses burned down with their whole families inside.
  491. SM: So hey, what was DailyStormer's pre-shuttening traffic? Pageviews and uniques
  493. AA: uniques 6 million monthly
  495. SM: What about number of forum members? I know that wouldn't have declined
  497. AA: about 19k forum members
  498. 545 million pageviews ish
  500. SM: How do you measure traffic, btw? It'd be funny if you use Google Analytics
  502. AA: no, we used cloudflare for the raw uniques and pageviews numbers
  503. and also we used goaccess
  504. now we don't use anything as huge portions of our traffic cant even be really defined
  505. tor is impossible to measure uniques, because no knowledge of IP
  506. and everyone uses the same browser so it is impossible to fingerprint
  507. in addition some of it goes on proxies which we don't even run
  508. that cache everything
  509. most of the requests that go on tor are attempts to ddos us too
  510. because you can't filter IP, it is impossible to block abusive traffic
  511. so i just exported the whole site to static content and serve it out of ramdisk
  512. php isn't even installed on the machine it runs on
  513. it looks like wordpress but it is not
  514. dont even bother writing logs either, no point
  515. plus sheer volume of them filled the disk too fast
  517. SM: like you said earlier, it poses interesting technical problems, huh?
  519. AA: yeah but there's never gonna be a good way to measure our traffic in the censorship era unfortunately
  520. also a lot of it is passing around the weekly pdfs
  522. SM: the weekly pdfs? like a newsletter or what?
  524. AA: this week's will be nicer
  525. it'll come out later today
  526. but that's the last one
  527. that one looks pretty good though
  528. wordpress feeds -> LaTeX -> pdf
  529. also doing an experimental epub
  530. and we'll do postscript exports shortly too, sort of still figuring out LaTeX to postscript properly
  531. postscript nice because you can print on printers you find on the internet
  532. and there are a lot of those.
  534. SM: your specialty
  536. AA: but this is nice for longterm archival too
  537. once we fully have this down and get really good filesizes i will do the whole history of the site
  538. digital microfiche
  539. preview of this weeks
  540. i talk about wagner
  542. SM: a man of culture, huh?
  544. AA: i have been to hundreds of operas
  545. not enough ballet, but i have been catching up now that i live in slavic lands
  546. but the single greatest moment of my life was seeing andreas scholl as the countertenor opposite of renee fleming in rodelinda
  548. SM: why that performance in particular?
  550. AA: they are the two best operatic performers, and it is handel at his peak
  551. and it was at the met and the sets were the best i'd ever seen at an opera, it was amazingly immersive
  552. tears ran down my face
  554. not from the met performance, but gives you an idea of the piece and his stage presence
  555. you know, if you want to understand what is happening right now
  556. there's a great opera for that
  557. it's a purcell opera
  559. SM: yeah?
  561. AA: dido and aeneas
  562. it was quite subversive, got purcell almost blacklisted
  563. he could only have the girls at the all girl's school he was belittled to teaching perform it
  564. now we consider it probably the greatest english opera ever (it is)
  565. but it is about a group of trolls that conspire to bully the queen of carthage into killing herself
  566. and she does, trolls win, opera ends
  567. it's got some great lines in the libretto, just amazing
  568. "appear at my call and join in the fame of a mischief that shall make all carthage flame"
  569. "say, beldame, say, what's thy will? harm's our delight and mischief's all our skill"
  570. and while they are saying these things, it's high church style in the music, very offensive to a lot of people sensibilities
  571. the scathing critique of the era said it was not plausible that anyone would ever commit regicide simply to "share in the fame of a mischief"
  572. but i think they said that with a hint of nervousness
  573. and quite clearly, by the last election cycle, and what is happening now, purcell's idea of regicide for public spectacle would resonate with a lot of people
  574. there's a lot of operas where miscegenators are punished with death
  575. dido, carmen, otello
  576. race mixers always die in opera. it is wonderful.
  578. SM: how do you feel about [mutual friend's name redacted] having a Jewish kid?
  580. AA: i'll make sure his immediate family make it through the pogroms but not his extended family
  582. meme magic in effect
  583. elections not scheduled until november
  585. SM: Can you break out traffic stats by country?
  586. Or do the complications you mentioned make that worthless
  587. A guesstimate of your USA audience would work too, just as a ballpark
  589. AA: 45% US
  590. mostly popular in anglo and german markets beyond that. UK, AU, Canada, Germany, Sweden are the other big markets for us (in that order), and the Spanish site was about 3% of site traffic
  591. 3-4%
  593. SM: I have trouble reconciling these traffic numbers, especially since they're international, with what you say about your side winning and having lots of support. Am I misunderstanding what you mean by that? Daily Stormer gets (well, when not obstructed) quite a bit of traffic but that's without much competition in your niche, and it's still a low figure relative to, say, politics overall.
  595. AA: well, we are a pro-genocide publication
  596. so 1% of the US population visiting a pro-genocide publication greatly shifts the overton window of discussion
  597. for everyone that consumes pro-genocide media, there are far more than will embrace casual degrees of media
  598. and having people saying really extreme things redefines the edge of political theater to make people closer to us be more towards the center
  599. now 10% of people think it is acceptable to hold neo-nazi views
  600. that'll be 25% shortly
  601. and we'll keep pushing
  603. SM: The Jung essay is really good btw
  605. AA: isn't Jung wonderful?
  607. SM: Is it fair to say that you see yourself and Anglin as manifestations of Wotan?
  609. AA: no, I follow Wotan as my patron god but am not a manifestation of him
  610. he guides me and puts me in the proper frenzies sometimes but that is different
  611. I am Víðarr
  612. If I am to be a figure of that lineage, I am him
  613. my purpose is solely vengeance
  614. I was crafted for that alone
  616. pretty timeline
  618. SM: Created by you? Seems like it needs to be updated.
  620. AA: no, some gab person
  621. you can drag it to the right
  622. or zoom out to see more stuff.
  623. it's not complete but has the major stuff on it
  625. SM: ahh didn't see that you could drag
  626. what is Anglin's title? editor-in-chief?
  628. AA: publisher
  630. SM: he's also the main writer, yes? I see his name the most on the site
  632. AA: yes
  633. we have no editors lol
  634. shitpost as hard as you can
  635. now there's an editorial mandate
  636. we have a style guide
  637. but there is very little checking for conformity
  638. users tell us corrections for a lot of obvious errors
  640. SM: what if, like, I offered to write a guest post? do you allow ideological opponents to contribute? I imagine that doesn't come up often but just out of curiosity
  642. AA: yeah sometimes
  643. hotwheels is sort of left-libertarian but wrote a pro-eugenics guest post
  645. SM: that reminds me — how do you feel about socialism?
  647. AA: generally sympathetic
  648. i believe in some basic protections for labour
  650. as well as subsidies for healthy families to make the cost of bearing children easier
  652. SM: in your pogrom, what would happen to gay people, trans people, communists, etc?
  654. AA: bog, bog, prison camp or firing squad
  656. SM: bog? not familiar with that term
  657. unless it means a literal bog
  659. AA: tacitus, writing on the german pagans
  661. err
  663. "The mode of execution varies according to the offence. Traitors and deserters are hanged on trees; cowards, shirkers, and sodomites are pressed down under a wicker hurdle into the slimy mud of a bog. This distinction in the punishments is based on the idea that offenders against the state should be made a public example of, whereas deeds of shame should be buried out of men's sight. "
  665. SM: I feel like this plan conflicts with libertarianism, no? Or do you square that because you regard e.g. trans people as more akin to animals than humans, or... ?
  667. AA:
  669. rather without the seek time at the end
  670. homosexuals violate fundamental liberties for the public
  671. to live in an environment free from transmissable disease
  672. in that they actually are hives of bacteria that are spread solely by surface contact with benign things like doorknobs
  673. s/solely/mainly
  674. so no, bogging fags and libertarianism are perfectly compatible
  675. they're also nearly universally pedophiles
  676. and a danger to children
  677. but the realities of homosexual bacterial transmission are irrefutable and you can read the peer reviewed literature in the description of my video there
  679. SM: what about lesbians?
  681. AA: no lesbian relationship will be recognized as valid by society
  683. SM: Which of these is the actual name:
  684. - Daily Stormer
  685. - The Daily Stormer
  686. - the Daily Stormer
  688. AA: The Daily Stormer
  690. SM: Btw, do you get paid? I know you guys have donations but do they add up to a meaningful amount of revenue?
  692. AA: I manage to eat ok
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