[M4F] Haunting You, Haunting Me

Aug 20th, 2019
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  1. [M4F] Haunting You, Haunting Me [Ghost][Haunted][Crush][Romance][Intense Romance][Loneliness][Passionate][Confession][Rainy Night][Ouija Board][Lustful][Humor][Desire][Good Girl][Slight Mdom][Gentle Mdom][Cunnilingus][Rough Sex][Nipple Play][Gentlemen][Consensual][Ask First][Creampie][Ectoplasmpie]
  3. || Summary: ||
  4. The main character is a ghost sharing a home with a beautiful woman he has grown to admire, that he cannot touch or speak to. After the woman suspects that the home is haunted, she confronts the ghost through a Ouija board. Now able to communicate with the woman, they can get a little closer…
  6. || Introduction: ||
  7. During a stormy evening, the main character sits idly by the windowsill of the woman’s bedroom, watching her from a short distance as she enters the room, carrying a large box. His eyes light up as he smiles, happy as always to see her face.
  9. [Cheerily he exclaims,] Ah! There you are, angel! I was wondering when you would return home! You have been gone for much longer today. It must have been a late day at the office, hm? I really hope that boss of yours isn’t working you too hard. [Chuckling softly.] Ah, and I see you have a package! A well-deserved gift to yourself for all of that hard work? Treated yourself to a new blouse, perhaps? Maybe that red one I heard you telling your friend about over the phone, I wonder? I must admit, you really do look most ravishing in red… [His eyes wander over her form as she quickly moves across the room to place the large box upon her desk.] Hmm…
  11. [Carefully he watches her from the windowsill, as she continues to light candles and place them around the room. The woman turns out the lights and returns to the box.] What are you doing now? Oh ho! Lighting some candles are we? Setting the mood after a stressful workday? [A devilish chuckle escapes his lips after his tongue slides between them.] Oh, so perhaps that isn’t a blouse after all? This must be a different kind of “treat” for yourself… [He laughs.] Hm, a personal toy for lonely, rainy nights like these? [He sighs.] Believe me, angel. If I could be the one to please you those nights… Every night… I would. I would…
  13. [Rubbing the back of his neck he gazes out the window, only her reflection from behind him to be seen in the pane. Staring at her reflection, he grazes his fingertips along the glass with a heavy sigh.] I wish that I could touch you. I wish that I could hold you. I wish that I could kiss you… God, I would give anything to have just ONE night to be alive again… To just spend one night with you…
  14. [He sighs again, but chuckles shortly after.] I would be a gentlemen of course. I was a bastard when I was alive, a REAL son-of-a-bitch…
  16. [He groans.] Partially why I’m dead now…
  18. But I have always been a ghostly gentlemen. I never ONCE watched you undress. I never watched you bathe. And although it was… agonizingly difficult to resist… [He shakes his head, swallowing hard.] I never watched you when you pleased yourself… all those lonely nights…
  20. [Sigh.]
  22. [He turns away from the window, a sadness growing within his dead and forgotten heart.] Before you… I was alone here. I was so terribly lonely. I wish that I could tell you that you aren’t alone here…
  24. You don’t have to feel lonely, angel.
  26. [He sighs and tilts his head, watching the woman remove an object from the box, placing it onto the floor.] Huh? What’s that you have there? Wait… That can’t be what I think it is…
  28. [Narrowing his eyes he inches closer until he is kneeling in front of her, across the board.] This is… this is a Ouija board… [He watches as she fixes the planchette to the board, closing her eyes.] What… what are you doing?! What are you trying to do? [He blinks, coming to a sudden realization.] Oh, shit. She knows the place is haunted…
  30. [Woman/Listener: “Is anyone there?”]
  32. [With his eyes widened, he breathes hard, anxiety rising in his chest.] Is… is anyone here? Y-yes! Me! I am! Oh, wait. You can’t hear me… Am I supposed to move this thing? Um. Okay, I’ll just push this thing…
  34. [He looks down at the board, hesitantly placing his fingertips onto the planchette, pushing for ‘Yes’] There. Yes. I’m here.
  36. [Startled at first, the woman gazes down at the reply. Asking another question, “What are you?”]
  38. [Pursing his lips at the question, he considers an appropriate response.] What am I? Oh… [He chuckles.] I am me. Myself. A ghost? Hmm. How do I put this? Uuuhh… [He pushes the planchette to spell out.] D-E-A-D. Dead. I’m dead. [He laughs and harder when the woman laughs at the reply.] Aha. You found that funny, did you? Silly girl. Anymore questions?
  40. [Considering another question, the woman stares ahead. Her eyes looking straight into his, but only by happenstance. His fingertips tremble over the planchette, as his once beating heart would have skipped a beat, he gazes back. She asks, “Can you show yourself?”] Can I show myself to you? You’re looking right at… [He sighs.] Right through me…
  42. I don’t know if I could, angel. My abilities are… limited it seems. [He stares at his ghostly fingers beside hers.] Of course, I’ve never actually tried. But I wonder…
  44. [Suddenly, he has an idea. He places his fingertips over top of hers upon the planchette. She trembles, feeling an increased energy in the room.] F-E-E-L… [He spells out on the board.] Can you feel me here? My fingertips are right over yours, angel. I’m here.
  46. [The woman replies, her voice trembling. “Are you touching me?”]
  48. [Inhaling deeply, he nods.] Am I touching you? Yes! Yes I am. I’ll just slide this over… Yes. [He laughs softly.] This is amazing. I feel like we are actually having a conversation! God, it feels like… [Pausing, he pats at his chest.] I think I have butterflies. I’m not sure how, but… I can feel… this stirring inside of my chest… I feel so... happy!
  49. …You look… positively terrified, though. [He laughs heartily.]
  51. Oh, Don’t be afraid, angel. I would never hurt you. Don’t be afraid of me.
  53. Can you… [He hesitates, but glides his fingertips up her arm to her shoulder.] Can you feel this? I’m just gliding my fingertips over your arm… very gently. I can feel goosebumps rising along your skin. You can feel me, can’t you? [The woman is still shaken with fear, unsure of this decision to communicate with the ghost that haunts her. His touch is cold, but gentle, like an early winter breeze.] Don’t be afraid.
  55. [His hand raises to stroke her cheek.] I’m lifting my hand… I just want to stroke your cheek… Softly… Gently… [He smiles, gazing upon her face as her eyes shutter closed.] Can you feel me? By the way your eyes just closed… It seems so. [Leaning closer, he lowers his voice to a soft whisper and softly grazes his thumb along the fullness of her pout.] Can you feel when I graze my thumb over your lips like this?
  57. [A soft chuckle.] I suppose you can…
  59. [Leaning in even closer, over the board, he swallows hard. A whirl of fluttering desire arising from his stomach into his chest. His breath shallow but soft as he leers, his nose barely touching hers.] …And could you feel it if I kiss you? [Tenderly he kisses her, that desire engulfing his being as their lips meet and his question is answered when she returns the kiss. Vulnerable, overwhelmed with emotion and fearful, he pulls away.] You felt that?! [He is nearly hyperventilating, unsure of how to process the events leading to this moment.] This shouldn’t be possible.
  61. [The woman, just as stunned, places a hand over her lips and stares at the board in awe.] Poor dear. You look stunned... I can’t believe this is happening either, angel. I’ve never been so thrilled in my life. Wait. [He quickly corrects himself.] Afterlife?
  63. [He pauses and looks to the woman, now giggling with her hand still pressed over her lips.] What? You’re… giggling? What are you giggling at, silly girl? What is so funny? What are you… [The woman stands slowly, backing away from the board.] What are you getting up for?
  65. [Grinning coyly, she looks around the room, unsure of where he could be, as she cannot see him.] I’m over here, lovely. Are you searching for me?
  67. [Still smiling, her cheeks flushed, she bites her lip having another look around before raising her shirt, lifting it over and off.] What is it that you’re up to… OH. AAAANND your shirt is off. I’m sorry, I’ll just turn around. As I said. I am a ghostly gentlemen! Please… [He clears his throat.] Proceed to undress for bed. I will just occupy myself like a good Casper.
  69. [Woman/Listener: “Are you still there?”]
  71. [He grins and chuckles, still facing away from her.] Am I still here? I’m a ghost, silly girl. I’m not likely to go anywhere. Of course I’m still here. Why do you ask? [He turns around, slapping his forehead.] Ah. Right. You can’t hear me. [Sigh.]
  73. [Woman/Listener: “Come touch me again…”]
  75. [His eyes settle on the woman, who continues to undress.] What? She wants me to touch her again? [He laughs.] Stop teasing me, princess. Now just… get undressed and go to bed. Playtime is over. We can play Miss Cleo some other time. I’m still… trying to figure out all of this. [A little frustrated, he turns away, but the woman commands. “Please… touch me.”]
  77. [With a groan at her words, his brows furrow.] Please? [He chuckles and mockingly replies.] Pretty please with a cherry on top? [He sighs, shoulders sinking as he looks to the beautiful woman standing by her bed in a lacey red bra and matching panties. He feels confused. Excited. Defeated.] God. It’s hard to resist touching you when you ask that way. [He mumbles.] Never mind that you are looking… especially delicious in that bra and panties. [He moves toward her, stopping just in front of her, kneeling down to glance up at her as she is still unaware of his current position.] Very well, angel. I give in. I give in…
  79. I’m kneeling down, just in front of you. Can you feel this? [He places his hands upon her hips, laying soft kisses over her stomach. He grins and chuckles against her flesh when she quivers.] Aha. I see you can feel these kisses over your abdomen. You’re so warm against my lips. Can you feel this too, angel? [He grazes his fingertips over the inside of her thigh.] Do you feel my fingers touching your inner thigh? I’m sorry if my touch feels cold…
  81. [He smiles, gazing up to her.] Mmmhmm. And this? [Slow, carefully placed kisses against her inner thigh. He pauses, laughing.] You’re squirming! Stay still! [He growls playfully.] I’m trying to devour you slowly, angel.
  83. [The woman moves away suddenly, lying herself upon the bed.] Hey! Where do you think you’re going? I’m not finished with you yet! [He laughs.] Ah, getting a little more comfortable on the bed are we? [A devilish grin forms over his lips as he chuckles softly.] Mmm. You look perfect like that. Just like that. Eager. Scared. Needy. [Crawling upon the bed, he whispers unheard words against her ear, leaving only a chilling sensation against her skin.] Do you need me?
  85. [He kisses at her neck, growling excitedly against her skin.] God, your neck tastes so sweet. You’re doing something to me. I don’t know… what it is… or how it’s happening… [Breathless, he pulls away from her neck.] I feel… I can FEEL.
  87. [The woman/listener: “More… Touch me more.”]
  89. [Her words stir up an animal within him, he growls and trembles over her, his body alive with new but familiar sensations.] Mmm. What? What’s that you say? Touch you more? Where? Let me know where, angel. [He moans eagerly, that intense feeling of desire growing further as she unsnaps the front hook of her bra.] Mmm. Yes. Show me those perfect breasts. Do you want me to touch them?
  91. Tell me, can you feel this?... [Greedily he kisses at her breasts, grabbing them and sucking hard at her nipples with beastly growls. He grins and chuckles when she moans at his touch.] Oh my, angel! What was that noise you just made? Did you moan for me?
  93. [The woman squirms under him, his touch is cold and firm. She is able to feel every bit of his grasping, kisses and suckling at her breasts as a touch with full mass would feel. There is a strange but pleasurable tingling to his touch, however.] Would it be okay with you… if I made you moan a little more?
  95. Hmm. I’m just going to try and… perhaps I can pull these lovely panties down... So that I may see you? [A beaming smile upon her, he lowers himself over her body, resting sweet, soft kisses in a trail down her stomach. He reaches and gently pulls down her red, lace panties. A glistening strand of her arousal between the fabric and her aching slit.]
  97. Oh, look at that… [Mouth agape, salivating at the sight of her dripping pussy, he gasps in awe.] Baby, do you need me that badly? You’re dripping.
  99. [He chuckles softly, running his thumb along her slit and watching her writhe.] Hmm. Can you feel my thumb slipping up and down over that wet slit? Yes? Does it feel good, angel? I want you to feel good for me.
  101. [Woman/Listener: “…Please. More.”]
  103. [With a low, pleased growl, he leans in and presses a kiss against her neck. He whispers softly into her ear, a chilled breath teasing against it.] More? Anything you ask, angel. I just want you to feel amazing. Would you like it if I rub that sweet, little clit? In nice, slow circles… [He begins to rub at her clit with only his index finger, a chilling touch against her sensitive pearl makes her hips writhe as she moans softly.] Mmm. Those moans… [He chuckles softly.] Okay. I need to taste you now…
  105. [Continuing to tease her clit with his fingertip, he presses his lips against her pink, aching pussy, lapping his tongue to taste her. Becoming increasingly aroused, he growls hungrily and inhaling deeply.] God. Your pussy is intoxicating. Your taste… Your scent… I can’t get enough of this. If I weren’t already dead, I could die happy right here.
  107. [With a deep chuckle, he dives right back in, greedily lapping and sucking.] I want you to cum for me, angel. Cum all over my face. I want to be drenched in you. I need it. I need you to cum for me. Don’t hold back. [He doesn’t stop until she has soaked his mouth and chin with her sweet nectar, crying out in a loud, trembling orgasm.] Oh, fuck yes. Good girl. Good fucking girl. That’s my angel. [With a beastly snarl he glances down. His cock is fully engorged, hard, throbbing and dripping at the tip. It’s a pity she won’t be able to see such a sight, but surely she will feel it. He strokes himself momentarily, licking his lips, her taste still fresh on his face.] I need you…
  109. [Breathless with excitement, that desire reaching its cap, he trembles with his cock in hand.] Baby, you need to let me know if I can take you… please. I’m going crazy here for you. Say something. Please…
  111. [The woman pleads for more, her legs still trembling. “…Aaaannhh. Fuck me. Please. Please, fuck me!”]
  113. [With a sigh of relief and a sly grin he nods and quickly positions himself with a growling chuckle.] You want me to fuck you? Oh, your wish is my command, angel. Anything for my good girl. [He growls, rubbing the head of his cock against her tight entrance before pushing slowly inside, inch by inch until he is completely taken.] Mmmm. Oh my god! I… I can feel you! Can you feel me?
  115. [Quivering against him, she whimpers in pleasure, being completely filled and stretched by his cock. He smirks.] Oh, it looks like you can… God, you feel amazing. [Snarling he grabs her hips.] I can’t promise that I’ll be gentle, but I promise that you will cum. [Wasting no time, he begins to thrust hard, deep and fast into her. Her breasts bounce as he fucks her vigorously on the bed. She whimpers and moans loudly for him.] That’s it, angel. Moan for me. Moan for me like a good girl.
  117. [Dizzied with desire, he continues to fuck her roughly, pounding his cock deep into her.] I need you to cum. Cum with me. Cum all over my cock, angel. Cum all over me. Give yourself to me. I need you. I need you so bad. Cum with me!
  119. [His breathing shallow, he tries to hold off until she cries out in orgasm, her pussy soaking his cock and sending him over the edge into a mind-blowing orgasm of his own, his cock exploding inside of her. Trembling and panting, he doesn’t move momentarily.] I… I can’t believe. I felt… everything. Every bit of you.
  121. [A few quiet moments pass as he listens to the rain against the windowpane.]
  123. I know you can’t hear any of what I’m saying, but… [He smiles.] I’ve… I’ve liked you for a really long time. Since you moved in, things have been different for me. Awkward and confusing at times. But… it’s been really nice having you around.
  125. [With a sigh, he rests against her.] It’s not so lonely anymore.
  127. [He chuckles, still astonished by the event.] Aw, falling asleep already? [Laughing softly, he presses a kiss to her head.] Hm. Goodnight, angel. I will be here in the morning. You won’t see me...
  129. ...but you’ll feel me here.
  133. End.
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