AA2 Idiot Video Description

Jul 5th, 2015
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  1. I have moved the video description to pastebin because it was just getting to so big, and YouTube only allows for 980 words or 4850 characters. This has all the information the YouTube video, and I added an FAQ section, which I imagine is what made it go over the word/character limit.
  3. Nyaa is gone, so a lot of these links will be dead, forever.
  4. Update: Nyaa replacement is already in the works, wew
  5. Update: Nyaa replacement is working, I'll update the links.
  6. Update: All links are working! Happy Downloading!
  9. (Update (May 19th 2017))
  10. Nyaa is dead, but replacements are up, the only difference is that you have to use magnets links instead of torrent files. Additionally, the game has become a lot easier to install as of now, and a majority of the steps I ask you to partake in in the video aren't really required anymore. I suggest you follow the steps in the full written tutorial to get a better understanding of how to install the game.
  13. (Update (August 21st 2016))
  14. Woaw, over 360k views, I'm glad I could help all you faso's. Enjoy and happy fapping.
  16. Asking for Help; (DON'T)
  17. Don't add me on steam and discord and ask me how to fix your problems with installation. I have all the common problems listed in the FAQ section at the bottom of this pastebin, if those don't fix your problem, I CANNOT ANSWER YOUR QUESTION as I AM NOT TECH SUPPORT. If you have questions, please refer to the wiki or read the massive hongfire thread located here;
  19. Torrenting;
  20. It seems that a year later people are still asking the same stupid question, "The download doesn't work, where are the disks?" That's because the game is downloaded via TORRENTING. In order to download torrents, you need torrent software, either Deluge or qBittorrent. That's not to be mistaken with Bittorrent, or uTorrent, those programs are full of adware, track your downloads and sell your download history and information to buyers, even more so then your own ISP does, so don't use them.
  22. Magnet Links;
  23. This information can be appended at a later date, but as of right now in May 2017, you need to use magnet links. If you're using Pantsu or any other site regarding Nyaa Replacements, all you have to do is click the magnet button after you've downloaded a torrent client, and it should open a window allowing you to start the download. If not, just copy and paste the magnet link inside your torrent client, then begin the download.
  25. Mounting;
  26. In order mount files, you need software that emulates a disk drive, ie, creates a virtual disk drive to run software as if it were a disk in your computer. Daemon Tools allows you to do this.
  28. AppLocale;
  29. This software allows you to run japanese .exe's and files in english without have to change your computers locale to japanese.
  31. HF DLC Patcher;
  32. Using this will let you SKIP having to spend time dragging and dropping the individual DLC files into the game folders. If you want to install the append sets, you will still need to drag and drop them.
  34. Install Order OLD: Base Game > jg2_sou.exe > jg2_ex_0707.exe > moonerune.7z > jg2_03_plus6.exe > Wizzard > Modding
  35. Install Order NEW: Base Game > HF DLC Patcher > Append Set I > Append Set II > HF Patcher
  39. --- Software ---
  40. Deluge:
  41. qBittorrent:
  42. Daemon Tools:
  43. Applocale:!4ZVgHSwK!IE7wuHRqaqkmcyVxsU27v4_OSD0LiaVyOJv7ZqG3GNg
  45. --- Artificial Academy 2 ---
  46. Base Game -
  48. --- Append Sets ---
  49. Append Set I -
  50. Append Set II -
  52. --- HF DLC Patcher ---
  53. Download -!1B9hXL5T!E1ai_gw-6pyBVRUr1UzEF3xMGUQhOfUYM0mj_UUo8T4
  55. --- HF Patcher ---
  56. Download -!9Z5yVCaa!9Q94XCBeXM8vloA16nV-azRTZzay8KXjsewyvd0M1-E
  58. --- All-in-One DLC Download ---
  59. Download -!ddVi2RCR!lBiwEkJvQo7oP8BZ35TTIHEe_WJ11hdQry_Z5DOf-YY
  61. ---Individual DLC Downloads ---
  62. jg2_sou.exe -!YdN11B5D!bKg98rKU9BBnAkGXwyJItOE6EbO6-xsZAcz38lOeqno
  63. jg2_ex_0707.exe -!ZZERjYLA!3-L4igc5MfcTIaXVpQm8p_ZZzV8ChT_t56eQ8aBcBPM
  64. moonrune.7z -!5AEHlb7b!fWQ4mqMTzwasIlxHmoxZQLDwPyGEYsG8Ea5-1BsJw2c
  65. jg2_03_plus6.exe -!0dMwhIgJ!Bw8sgdqlhw-JKLO_mZf5vih3YtJrQrbMecKjCMsjL5Y
  67. --- Wizzard ---
  68. Download:
  70. --- Mods ---
  71. English UI -!9cEVlDIQ!lnUexCqUCnVnvZ_ZISVxsztpl5HwdaSlKH7UVoklimI
  72. English Dialogue -!EYtFDawC!oe4AEzjjzP2NYx5dQiSvB88IJ5lmImT5AEV1RU6WKiY
  73. Female Uncensor Style 1 -!JRlV0SCb!NCkDcuf_oK9hIvAH5g9XvXw7ZctkH6t0lgYT3KDftCI
  74. Female Uncensor Style 2 -!BAFmHCIT!MjGfGV7db6IUl99n5v4AOnHsV4BnLyvKAmjob6owVWE (I suggest this one)
  75. Male Uncensor -!cAUTUT7Z!P0T3L1lUwTsYhzzJTcX8LTSip6u0fy7UaxS3q4RSqY4
  76. Mod Pack -!1UVXhQza!f6NaRYidALzdKkNbw_kQhw (Compiled by me)
  78. --- Launchers ---
  79. Maker English Launcher -
  80. English Launcher -!JZtXHYwS!MhdQ2kNZmTvTJpEiTm4AMlEEbOb1WqJN3Ry84UIRo7c
  81. ReiEdit -!G94iTaqb!GTqKRODcmBs6hfmvXnsFgSHEmMnq_ejhdFgFOLR7Up4
  82. [Info Regarding Cheats]
  84. FAQ
  86. Q: Will this work on Windows 10?
  87. A: No.
  89. Q: How do I open a torrent file?
  90. A: You don't, you drag and drop .torrent files into Deluge/qBittorrent, and then initiate the download. If you are unable to drag and drop, simply press the '+' button, find the torrent file, click okay and then the download will start.
  92. Q: This tutorial is too hard, and I'm a lazy idiot, but I still want to jerk off!
  93. A: Then go watch some hentai, or you can read the written tutorial, it explains things at the rate your brain can read the text.
  94. It's too be noted that this video is based off an earlier version of the written tutorial, so names might be updated to the newest versions, and it might be a little more difficult to follow, because I simplified some of the steps for the video.
  96. Q: My game is not working, it's not launching, how do fix it!?
  97. A: Reinstall the Game. More then likely you didn't install something to the right location, and that's causing errors. It might be something to do with the version of windows your running as well.
  99. Q: There's an error and the game won't launch?! HELP PLS!!
  100. A: You might not be running or using AppLocale properly. As well, keep DISK1.mdf mounted when you launch the game. If all else fails, just try reinstalling.
  102. Q: One of the boxes during the installation is blanked out! HELP!?
  103. A: You probably have to install a version of DirectX or Visual C++. The game comes with a DirectX9.0c installer, so you can use that, if that option is blanked out, then you have previously installed DirectX9. If that doesn't work, I suggest installing either of these links based on whether you have a 32bit or a 64bit OS.
  104. 32bit:
  105. 64bit:
  107. Q: My characters all have Japanese names, wat do!?
  108. A: AA2 defaults all the characters in your class to have Japanese characters in their names, regardless of whether you installed the english patch or not. You can simply change the names in the editor, make new characters and give them English names, or the simplest way would be to just delete all the characters it gives you when you randomize a class, and download your own. The AA2 Character Database is here;
  110. Q: Everything is still in Japanese, not just the names! how do fix it?!
  111. A: you didn't install the mods correctly, and you probably need to reinstall the mods, redownload the wizzard and try again, or just reinstall the whole game as a last resort.
  113. Q: I like your wallpaper, give me!
  114. A:!ABkzRLTY!vU_Ilpaws8gGCS6vgsJYV8EJBrm8CozGVRfyRDf79lk
  116. Q: I like your Windows Theme, how do I get it!
  117. A:
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