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  8. Camilla:
  9. Hey!
  10. No good?
  11. My, already...
  12. Such a cute kid...
  13. You scamp.
  14. Are you proud of my hair?
  15. I thank you for your praise.
  16. Such a good child.. I'll give you a reward afterwards.
  17. My tiara's out of place.
  18. Ara
  19. Well
  20. Aren't you the spoiled one?
  21. What's the matter...?
  22. Fufufu...
  23. Well, if it's you...
  24. Touch me as much as you like?
  25. If it's you, do whatever you please.
  26. Next time, your big sister will be doing the petting.
  27. Ufufufu
  28. Ahn...
  29. Ara ara
  30. Don't be so rough.
  31. Yes.. You're skilled.
  32. Are you interested in that?
  33. Must you touch me so gently?
  34. Can you really be satisfied by that?
  35. Ufufu... Are you limp, I wonder?
  36. Ufu
  37. You...
  38. Do that more...
  39. Treat me well, right?
  40. I love you... You, who are mine alone...
  41. Good, come...
  42. Do whatever you like...
  43. You're very good at using your hands... Very skilled.
  44. Y-.. yeah...
  45. Ahhhn!
  46. Ah, no more...
  47. Doing this, is so embarrassing...
  48. Please, be gentle with me.
  49. No, if it's you...
  50. Ah,... if you do that, then I...
  51. I can't stand up anymore...
  52. I'll only allow you to do this...
  57. Elise:
  58. I loooooove you!
  59. What are we going to play next?
  60. Ahahah, that tickles!
  61. I'll touch you, too!?
  62. I'll soon have a nice body, too
  63. Wawa...
  64. Ua
  65. Uhm
  66. This is a little embarrassing...
  67. I'm embarrassed
  68. What are you doing...?
  69. Uuh... It's getting hot
  70. Will I become a good wife...?
  71. Fuwa
  72. Uu
  73. I l-like you
  74. I love you, too
  75. I want you to do it more
  76. Hya! That p-place is
  77. O-onii chan, stop
  78. This is a strange feeling. The place you're touching feels nice
  79. I want you to fill me with your love.
  84. Saizou:
  85. Hey
  86. Hah...
  87. Hey, cut it out.
  88. What do you think you're doing?
  89. Tch.. What is it...?
  90. Don't touch me so familiarly.
  91. You bitch... you fuckin' with me? (TL for the tumblr kiddies copy-pasting this: He uses "貴様" which is extremely rude, but not a gendered insult)
  92. Don't cling to me...
  93. Don't pat my head, I'm not some kid.
  94. Huh?
  95. What..?
  96. ...You fucker.
  97. What'cha say?
  98. Hey, don't laugh.
  99. ...You curious about this scar?
  100. When it comes to eyes, as long as you can see out of one of 'em, it's fine.
  101. You bastard, you're quite different from Lord Ryouma, huh?
  102. I must endure... Even though my opponent is royalty...
  103. Oh?
  104. Hmph..
  105. Again?
  106. Fufu...
  107. There's no helping this guy, huh?
  108. Whatever, do what you want.
  109. I don't understand... why you're doing what you're doing. (TL: He switches to calling Kamui "お前" here, which is still sort ofrude but softer than 貴様.)
  110. Hmph.. No skin off my nose.
  111. Tch... you're a weird one.
  112. Huh..?
  113. Hmph...
  114. .......tch.
  115. You are mine...
  116. Are you stopping already?
  117. Come closer... closer.
  118. Let me touch your face too...
  119. まさかこうやって、\n誰とでも二人きりになっているのではないだろうな…? (TL: I'm not confident I can translate this, sorry.)
  120. Seriously...
  121. Fuu.. (TL: I think everything past here is the proposal.)
  122. You.. (TL: I can't think of a good way to translate this, he literally says "The one I call 'お前'" / お前という奴は…)
  123. I love you...
  124. Is that enough...?
  125. tch, there...
  126. If you want to be fawned upon, just say so...
  127. Why... do you want me...?
  128. Sometimes, you do really cute things, huh?
  133. Flannel:
  134. Nn?
  135. Uhm...
  136. S-stop it!
  137. Don't touch me so familiarly
  138. W-what is it!
  139. Are you trying to fix my hair?
  140. I-It's not like I'm happy about being petted
  141. It it okay to feel pleased for being praised?
  142. My fur is said to be the best on the mountain. Great, isn't it?
  143. Hee?
  144. Uhm...
  145. Uu...
  146. I don't understand what you're doing at all
  147. I-I don't have free time for such things!?
  148. Stop it with the face. That's dangerous
  149. Uuh, it this a human greeting?
  150. I like being petted, but the face is a little ...
  151. Hehe. My ears are big, aren't they? Great, right?
  152. Hehe
  153. Ahaha
  154. Nn, like that, like that. Feels nice
  155. Not a bad hand movement
  156. Next time, I'll share my treasure
  157. Owa! Your hand is cold
  158. I found a pretty hairball (wtf? That's really what it says) earlier. Wanna see it?
  159. You're very good at grooming. I have better opinion of you know
  160. Don't touch my tail! Seriously, don't touch it!
  161. W-what is it?
  162. ちょっかいかけるなって… (not sure about that one)
  163. I'm not myself when it's just the two of us
  164. Uu... That hand movement is dangerous
  165. I get it, I get it. Come here
  166. Don't look at me like that. It's embarrassing
  167. You ... smell very nice. Sooo delicious
  168. What do you want me to do ... say it clearly
  169. Uu
  170. Don't touch me like that
  171. I l-like you
  172. Don't look at me like that
  173. You're way too cute
  174. That place ... is off limits
  175. It's ... alright ... if I touch you too, right?
  176. You're the only one I'm that concerned about. Take the responsibility
  177. I'm really enduring a lot right now... Do you understand that...?
  182. Benoit:
  183. Mu?
  184. Uu...
  185. Hii!? What is it...!?
  186. Did I do something?
  187. Why are you petting me...
  188. You're not afraid of me...?
  189. A head like a chicken... That's been said before
  190. Are you praising me...?
  191. I want to get along better … with everyone
  192. Oi...
  193. What it is...?
  194. You're a strange one
  195. I haven't been petted like that since my childhood...
  196. Is this the beginning of something...?
  197. That surprised me...
  198. A stone like face... that's been said alot
  199. This wound … I got it when I was protecting the kingdom's border
  200. I've never seen … a royal like you
  201. Fufu...
  202. What's wrong...?
  203. I'm glad we're getting along...
  204. Friends are a nice thing
  205. I want to do something for your sake...
  206. My armour has sharp places. Be careful...
  207. How many people did this arm kill...
  208. Animals … like me a lot. People people …
  209. I want to protect everyone … with this armour
  210. Uuhm...
  211. This …
  212. I'm not used to this...
  213. There, there, are you lonely?
  214. It's okay, I'm here...
  215. Don't touch that place...
  216. Such a rough look, sorry, ne?
  217. It would be nice to have a look that suited you more...
  218. … tsu!
  219. Damn it!
  220. Doesn't your hand hurt?
  221. You did your best today as well, right?
  222. So cute … You're almost wasted on me...
  223. N...? What's wrong...?
  224. I polish my armour every day. I want at least this to be clean.
  225. I'll become your shield whenever you need
  226. Thank you for being with me...
  231. Gunter:
  232. Humph..
  233. Ach..!
  234. What is it?
  235. Uume...
  236. Gagh!
  237. Mm..?
  238. Is something the matter?
  239. Why are you patting my head?
  240. I wonder if someone taught you to do that?
  241. ?
  242. Haahh...
  243. This is certainly troubling...
  244. Oh my.
  245. Are you perhaps making fun of me?
  246. !? What are you...
  247. Are you curious about the scars on my face?
  248. Because they're old wounds, they no longer cause me pain...
  249. 'Tis the same as touching my wrinkles.
  250. What..
  251. Fu
  252. Fufu...
  253. My.
  254. You are quite amusing.
  255. Did something happen?
  256. Won't you be corrupted by touching me? (触れると汚れますぞ?)
  257. This armor has soaked up much blood...
  258. This body exists for the sake of protecting you.
  259. ch...
  260., u...
  261. (TL: I think the proposal starts around here.)
  262. What is it?
  263. Hey, that sort of thing...
  264. Honestly, you're...
  265. Are you always making fun of me...?
  266. If you make that sort of face, I...
  267. Surely, I would come to feel this way...
  268. よく帰ったな (TL: It's embarrassing, but I can't think of how to translate this...)
  269. いかんな… (TL: some weird old man cognate I don't get)
  270. I was weak...
  271. I had thought you were a child, but...
  272. I love you...
  273. Fufu... How about that?
  274. Is it alright if I touch you too?
  275. This place, have you not shown it to anyone else?
  276. My lady does such adorable things...
  281. Takumi:
  282. >Tc...
  283. >What
  284. >Haa...
  285. >What are you trying to do
  286. >Uu...
  287. >C-cut it out
  288. >Don't treat me like a kid...!
  289. >Don't pet my head!
  290. >Don't act like my senior...
  291. >Hey
  292. >Haa...
  293. >Are you bored?
  294. >Geez...
  295. >That's ticklish...
  296. >W-what?
  297. >Waa! You're in plain sight! I'll catch a peek!
  298. >Don't mess with peoples' faces like that
  299. >Really, just what are you trying to do-!
  300. >Fufu
  301. >Haha
  302. >What are you getting all quiet for?
  303. >It can't be helped...
  304. >Geez stop it already
  305. >Mother sewed these clothes for me
  306. >I'm not all that muscly am I
  307. >Ahahaha, it tickles there!
  308. >You really like playing around like that don't you
  309. >Hey
  310. >Ehehe...
  311. >Look over here
  312. >Stay with me forever
  313. >Don't go off and die ok...
  314. >Nn? What is it?
  315. >I love you... nee-san
  316. >I'm happy you're together with me
  317. >n...?
  318. >Is something wrong...?
  319. >I'll... protect you...
  320. >Please don't go anywhere...
  321. >You're so warm
  322. >...Are you tempting me...?
  323. >You can touch me wherever you like but... if I get in the mood you brought it on you know...?
  324. >If mother saw this, what would she think...?
  325. >It kind of, feels like we're doing something wrong.
  330. Nishiki:
  331. >Nn?
  332. >Yaa!
  333. >Good grief...
  334. >Waa...!
  335. >What are you doing all of a sudden!
  336. >My fur is beautiful isn't it!?
  337. >Fufun. How does it feel petting me?
  338. >Rub my ears gently ok?
  339. >Yeah yeah, that feels pretty good.
  340. >Fufu
  341. >Hee!
  342. >Please fawn over me more!
  343. >I'm pretty aren't it?
  344. >My face is my pride!
  345. >Wai- Please down squish around my face like that! Do it more gently, gently!
  346. >You'll ruin my good looks!
  347. >What'd you think? Am I cute? Am I pretty!?
  348. >What is it?
  349. >Fufun...
  350. >That's nice
  351. >That feels great
  352. >Ahahaha
  353. >Wah, that tickles!
  354. >I'm feeling like getting on my back and rolling around
  355. >I'm not much different from a human in that area right?
  356. >This body can turn into a fox, isn't it amazing?
  357. >Wawah
  358. >Umm...
  359. >T-thank you...
  360. >Fufu, that's embarrassing
  361. >So warm... It's you that is.
  362. >You're far more beautiful than I am!
  363. >The inside of my chest feels so warm... is this how love feels?
  364. >I love you! I realllllyy love you!
  365. >Fufu
  366. >Come over here-
  367. >Stay by my side
  368. >I really love you!
  369. >Could you touch me some more?
  370. >You're pretty bold aren't you?
  371. >I won't be able to hold myself back anymore-
  372. >Did you think I wouldn't do anything?
  373. >Fnnn... you've gotten... really good at touching me, haven't you...?
  377. Dia:
  378. >Nn-...
  379. >Fufun..
  380. >Is there anything you want me to do...?
  381. >Doing my best to get a break is my motto.
  382. >That's ticklish...
  383. >I'm pretty fond of my hair.
  384. >When I'm here I don't have to fight, so it gives me some relief...
  385. >D-don't rub my head... I'm not a kid you know.
  386. >If the coffee I make turns out good, praise me a bit ok...
  387. >Eh?
  388. >Fufu
  389. >I just don't want to lose out to dad.
  390. >I don't like bright places...
  391. >Did I have some dust on me...?
  392. >Nothing good will come out of touching my face.
  393. >I get the feeling I don't resemble either dad or mom..
  394. >My complexion is always bad, it's nothing new.
  395. >Your hand is really warm... or it could be my face is cold
  396. >What is it...?
  397. >What happened?
  398. >How about I go and make some coffee...?
  399. >It feels so good... I'm sleepy
  400. >Don't you get tired doing the same thing to everyone?
  401. >Despite looking like this I'm full of vigor actually.
  402. >I'm training my body just in case. My abs and stuff are pretty ripped.
  403. >Even if you touch me that much nothing but tea leaves will come out
  404. >Uu... if you keep touching me like that I'll get embarrassed...
  405. >Nn...
  406. >What is it...?
  407. >Nn. I love you.
  408. >How are you so cute?
  409. >I just can't win against you...
  410. >Your hands really are warm
  411. >The time you spend doing this to me... makes me the happiest.
  412. >This feels so nice... Your body heat is being passed on to me.
  413. >... ah...
  414. >Please... more...
  415. >Is that all...?
  416. >Even though you won't let me touch you... that's unfair.
  417. >Just how long are you going to do whatever you like.
  418. >Wah... w-what are you thinking of doing here...?
  419. >What are you going to do if I get in the mood...?
  420. >If it's a request from you I'd do anything but, could you be a little more patient with me...?
  425. Xander:
  426. I love you. I've always wanted to say these words to you. From now on, you are my bride.
  427. Your hair, your body... all of it... belongs only to me.
  428. *chuckle* Back then, I used to stroke you like this, didn't I?
  429. This circlet was given to me by Father.
  430. Are you trying to praise your elder brother?
  431. We haven't had much chances to be alone like this without any distractions... This isn't bad at all.
  432. H-hey, has something gotten into you?
  433. You're always such a kid.
  434. Even if you rub it all over, my face won't change, you know.
  435. You... are my precious sibling. If there's anything troubling you, I'll lend an ear.
  436. Is it fun touching there?
  437. You never change...
  438. Being with you like this is... quite fun.
  439. If you're feeling lonely, don't hesitate to call on me. I want to be your strength.
  440. ...We're alone together.
  441. Look only at me...
  442. Don't turn your eyes.
  443. Uh!? What are you doing...?
  444. Your eyes are... beautiful.
  445. Don't make that face...
  446. Close your eyes. Stay still...
  447. Hm...? Are you unsatisfied with just touching?
  448. When I'm with you, I feel like all my restraints stop working... I love you.
  449. Is something the matter?
  450. I love you.
  451. Is there something you wish to do here...?
  452. You're no longer my little sister...
  453. Stay by my side...
  454. I want to be touched by you...
  455. This armor is in the way...
  456. Don't show that face to anyone but me...
  457. I want your everything...
  458. This isn't enough... promise that you'll spend the night together with me...
  459. Even if we're not related by blood, we are family. We always have been, and we always will be. When times are hard, depend on me. As your older brother, I will become your strength.
  460. I love you. If it were for your sake, I wouldn't care if I were to be killed, as long as I could see you in my final moments.
  461. I am... happy indeed...
  466. Belka:
  467. ...?
  468. Tch...
  469. No...
  470. Don't touch me...
  471. Do you want to die?
  472. What are you doing?!
  473. The head is a vital area, you know...
  474. Don't carelessly pet my head
  475. Withdraw your hand, I don't need praise
  476. Ha...
  477. ...
  478. Stop it...
  479. I hate socializing...
  480. What do you want from me...
  481. ?! Huh...?
  482. Is there a point to this?
  483. Why are you so defenceless...
  484. You'll regret it if you underestimate me
  485. Fufu
  486. Fuu
  487. You're really weird...
  488. You never learn...
  489. Jeez, do whatever you want...
  490. I have no openings.
  491. This was once Lady Camilla's armor
  492. Is it fun touching there?
  493. I can withstand pain. Touching won't make me feel anything.
  494. Nn...
  495. Umm...
  496. ...Thank you...
  497. You're praising me...right?
  498. You're warm...
  499. ...I don't hate this
  500. This feels good...because of you.
  501. Your hand is so beautiful even though it's been drenched in blood
  502. Nnn..
  503. Ah...
  504. N-no...
  505. What should I do?
  506. I want to touch you too...
  507. The armor's in the way, right?
  508. I won't let you die...
  509. I love you so much it's unbearable...
  510. I will give all of myself only to you...
  515. Foleo:
  516. How do you do?
  517. Yes?
  518. Waah...
  519. It feels very nice
  520. Are you hurt somewhere?
  521. Did my hat slip out of place?
  522. The same hair colour as my mother ... I'm proud of it.
  523. I'm happy that you praise me
  524. This hair style is my favourite
  525. Eh?
  526. Uhm...
  527. Ehehe...
  528. What a wonderful room
  529. You don't hate ... touching me?
  530. I wonder if I resemble father a little...
  531. My eyelashes are unexpectedly long
  532. Is raising such a child disappointing...?
  533. When I entered the male bath a while ago, I was almost kicked out...
  534. Nn-
  535. Come on
  536. Being touched so much is embarrassing
  537. Not t-this place...!
  538. Uhm ... am I ... cute?
  539. I made these clothes myself
  540. Uhm... I'm a boy, so I don't have chests, you know?
  541. Would adding more frills make it cuter...?
  542. Clothes are one of the things protecting your body. Please take care of them.
  543. Nn...?
  544. What is it?
  545. I love you...
  546. I'm happy...
  547. Ufufu, you're pretty again today
  548. If you want to be spoiled, it's alright to just say it
  549. You really are cute. Your face, hair, gestures, everything...
  550. Yes. I am your prince. I'll always be by your side...
  551. Nn...
  552. Uaa...
  553. I love you a lot...
  554. This feeling is becoming painful
  555. If you look at me like that, I ...
  556. Hya! S-stop that...
  557. This is the first time I thought of clothes as nuisance
  558. When you're doing it this much, I can't endure it any longer
  559. Excuse me... Can I dishevel your clothes?
  564. Leo:
  565. Ah... not there I said!
  566. I l-love you...
  567. D-don't stare at me like that!
  568. Uu... Don't go tempting me like that...
  569. ! No, not there...!
  570. I'm not used to this kind of thing....
  571. It's so different when it's just the two of us...
  572. Hm...?
  573. What's the matter?
  574. That feels good...
  575. What are you planning to do to your little brother? ... just kidding
  576. Your hands are so warm... I love it...
  577. Look, just come closer
  578. Hmm...? What do you want to do to me?
  579. If you want me to touch you, just say so...
  580. Do you want me? ... I know you do, I want you so much it's driving me crazy too...
  581. Since you've been touching me all over as much as you please... you got no right to complain when I'll do it to you, alright?
  586. Joker (Incomplete):
  587. I thank you….
  588. (Milady) is cute…
  589. I am blessed (happy).
  590. Ah, I can’t…(lit: It’s no good..)
  591. I still can’t believe it….the fact that you* are mine.
  592. *Refers to you as anata. I’m not sure how Joker normally address you in the course of the story but from what I’ve seen, he’s extremely polite.
  594. Fufu…
  595. Do you love *me…?
  596. He dropped the watashi he normally adopts when speaking to you (and speaks with ore now)
  598. That face…is not fair…
  599. I have always…wanted you…
  601. We can’t. We have to wait until its evening.
  602. If you come here (by my side), shall I hug you tight?
  603. It’s no good..I, too, have reached the end of my patience.
  608. Effie:
  609. >Yes.
  610. >……?
  611. >What is it...?
  612. >That tickles...
  613. >I need to train more...
  614. >Wow, that surprised me...
  615. >Use just the right pressure...
  616. >You should consider me... a servant...
  617. >Eh?
  618. >Um...
  619. >Such a gentle touch...
  620. >Keep doing your best...
  621. >リンゴくらいなら握り潰せます…
  622. >Like something brushed against me..
  623. >Please do this for Lady Elize as well...
  624. >How can I train my face...
  625. >Maybe if I chew on a sword...
  626. >Fufu...
  627. >Ah...
  628. >Mhmm...
  629. >I've been training heavily.
  630. >This is very healing...
  631. >Did you jam your finger...?
  632. >Is my armor dirty...?
  633. >It's heavy to be inside it...
  634. >It was chosen for me by Lady Elize...
  635. >U~nn...
  636. >No good...?
  637. >So warm...
  638. >It's just the two of us...?
  639. >Ah, there feels so...
  640. >I want to touch you...
  641. >Are you satisfied with just this? I want more...
  642. >This face... I can't show it to everyone else...
  643. >Ufufu...
  644. >Dear...
  645. >I truly love it...
  646. >I'm so happy...
  647. >More forcefully...
  648. >My armor, is it in the way?
  649. >To be honest, I want you to touch me directly...
  650. >It's frustrating, but hold on until nightfall, okay?
  651. >If I held you tight, I'd probably crush you, huh...?
  655. Anna:
  656. When I'm with you, I feel like wonderful things will keep happening. Although for now, you're still next to money... I love you too.
  657. I'm in love with you.
  658. Have you seen my face somewhere before?
  659. Don't you think there are others with familiar faces other than me?
  660. If you meet anyone out there that looks like me, treat them nicely, okay?
  661. If you're going to touch me, you should make it a massage and charge money!
  662. There might be someone who resembles you in some other world. Maybe you'll be reborn someday!
  663. I've come to like this...
  664. This is a bit embarrassing...
  665. For you, I'll make it cheap.
  666. You better not get me confused with one of my sisters!
  667. If you've got time to fool around like this, then help out around the shop!
  668. I'll give you something good, so close your eyes...
  669. *giggle* It's special service just for today...
  670. Wouldn't it be great if we could open up a store together someday? But you're royalty, so that might be difficult...
  671. Mmm...
  672. Good work today.
  673. Let ME touch you once in a while!
  674. I hate to admit it, but I love you more than money.
  675. You need to take care of your health.
  676. Even if you're my husband, if you do something weird, I'll slap you!
  677. I'm so glad it wasn't one of my sisters who met you instead...
  678. Geez, I know you love me, so have some restraint for now...
  679. I guess there's no helping it. Shall I "service" you tonight?
  680. How about we set up a shop in a small room like this? We'll call it the Secret Shop.
  681. I love you. No matter how many of my sisters there are that look like me, there's only one me that loves you in this world. No other.
  682. No matter where I go, make sure to find me, okay...?
  687. Flor:
  688. I'm... also very happy...! If you make me feel such warm emotions, I won't be able to turn back...
  689. Please... take care of me from now on...
  690. My hair is the same color as ice.
  691. Oh, um, I haven't done anything to earn such praise....
  692. Please, praise me once I've proven to be more useful instead...
  693. I shall bring you something to drink afterwards.
  694. You mustn't expend such effort on someone like me... When you're in your room, please, just relax.
  695. I resemble Felicia, don't I?
  696. It's like I'm the one who's being taken care of...
  697. Even though you called for me, I'm sorry I can't be of much use.
  698. Eh!? That place is a bit, um...!
  699. I-if you want to touch there, I guess... it's okay...
  700. Even off-duty, Felicia and I are often together.
  701. Please, don't touch any weird places...
  702. That was very fun! If... it wouldn't be too much trouble, please call me again...
  703. Darling...
  704. Yes, I'm right here.
  705. ...I love you.
  706. I've always wanted to be happy...
  707. Do you like me more than Felicia...?
  708. Even though I'm like this, I'm the type of woman who gets jealous easily...
  709. It's so warm, I'm melting away...
  710. Please, come closer... Yes, closer... mmnn...
  711. Your lips are so hot...
  712. You know... becoming your wife... is my proudest achievement...
  713. I... love you...
  714. You're the only one for me...
  715. I don't mind if I melt away...
  716. Let's be together forever, okay?
  717. Kya! Oh, there's just no helping you...
  718. I-isn't it too cold? My body...
  719. Your body is always so warm...
  720. When we're together, it's reassuring... May I sleep by your side tonight as well?
  721. Whenever you call me with your voice, my chest feels so hot, I feel like I'm melting...
  722. I... love watching your sleeping face... and when you open your eyes and look at me. Please, allow me to be the one to wake you every morning...
  723. I love you... my only one.
  725. I'm happy that you're always minding after me. I'm honored to have a master like you. If I were to ever do something to betray you... I've sworn to atone for it with my death.
  730. Kazahana:
  731. If this is a challenge, then I accept!
  732. You... want to praise me?
  733. Why don't you save that for Lady Sakura?
  734. *sigh* Resigning myself to being patted... What am I supposed to do?
  735. S-stop touching my face! Are you up to something!?
  736. Hold back, Kazahana... if you endure it, it'll soon be over...
  737. They say I take after my father. I take quite a lot of pride in that!
  738. You know... I don't like being cooped up in this room. I'd much rather be moving around in the open.
  739. You're really a weirdo, you know that? Even though I said I hated you, you still insist on keeping me company like this. Um... I guess that means we might be friends...?
  740. Hn? What is it?
  741. I'll become a samurai just as great as my father!
  742. Come up with amazing strategies so I won't die, okay?
  743. ...Thank you. I love you too. From now on, I won't lose to anyone!
  744. I'll become the best wife in the world!
  745. Geez, even if you touch there like that, nothing's going to come out...
  746. If you're up for it, do you wanna train right now? I'm gonna squeeze you hard!
  747. Are you embarrassed?
  748. If father saw us, what would he think...?
  749. Your hand... it's so warm.
  750. I love when you touch me...
  751. A-are you saying I'm cute? That makes me so happy...!
  752. *giggle* It's a bit... embarrassing.
  753. Hey... close your eyes. Today, I'll be the one to give it to you...
  754. *gasp*...H-how was it?
  755. When it's nightfall, let's... "train" together again...okay? *giggle* You're turning red!
  756. Mmnn....
  757. N-not there....
  758. I...I love you...
  759. M-move next to me...
  760. S-stop doing that with your hands...
  761. Do you want to kiss? *giggle* ...bullseye?
  762. You use these large hands to protect me....
  763. Nn.... that feels good... I love you...
  764. Stay by me forever... I'll do my best to survive until the end, too.
  765. I love you... My feelings for you are the strongest in the world!
  766. You know... when you hug me tightly, I feel like, "this must be happiness!" To protect these arms around me to the end... I'm always trying my best, so...
  767. Now, and forever, keep embracing me...
  772. Azura:
  773. Is there something there?
  774. This hair... its color is the same as my mother's.
  775. It's been a long time since someone patted my head...
  776. You have wonderful hair as well.
  777. ...I don't dislike you. Call me, if you ever want to talk.
  778. Oh! You surprised me...
  779. Rubbing your hands all over someone's face isn't a welcome behavior.
  780. We... resemble each other. Not by appearance, but something else....
  781. Such a strange person you are...
  782. I want to know more about you... let's talk again...
  783. I've never trusted in a friend more than you. You and I are two parts of a whole. During hard times, during cruel times, if we're together, I'm sure we can overcome it all.
  784. Geez... where do you think you're touching?
  785. Sometimes, I haven't the faintest clue what you're thinking.
  786. This pendant possesses mysterious powers.
  787. Is that a change of clothes? I like it.
  788. With my power of the song, and your power of the dragon, let's make certain that we save this world.
  789. ...I love you too. Someday, I wish for every part of me to receive your love...
  790. Nnhh... hey... touch me more...
  791. That's not enough...
  792. *giggling* That tickles...
  793. What is it~?
  794. Aren't my cheeks cold?
  795. I love this hand...
  796. I want you to kiss me... yes, I want -you- to give it to me...
  797. Mmm... well done.
  798. Please... touch me more... so that even if this is the last time, we won't have any regrets...
  799. I'm happy...
  800. Look at me...
  801. Love me...
  802. Be gentle...
  803. This is somewhat embarrassing...
  804. If it's you... I wouldn't mind having anything done to me...
  805. Remember me... even if, someday, we're split apart...
  806. I love you... if it's possible, I want to stay by your side forever...
  807. Even if one of us were to lose the other, we have a duty to save the world... but I want you to live...
  808. I want to die in a world with you in it....
  813. Grey:
  814. What are you doing...
  815. Huh...?
  816. Do as you please.
  817. You got any sweets?
  818. Nothing good will come of that.
  819. If you want to praise me, give me a pastry.
  820. Don't pat my head... I ain't some brat.
  821. Even though we're parent and child, I don't want to go getting all buddy-buddy with you.
  822. What is it?
  823. What am I supposed to do...?
  824. This is awkward...
  825. Nngh...
  826. Hey, don't touch there...
  827. N-not my body! You'll move all my sweets around!
  828. I'm always concealing sweets on my person...
  829. I'm telling you not to touch 'em! You'll melt 'em and break 'em and who knows what else!
  830. [Indeterminate grunt]
  831. Hahaa
  832. What're you planning on doing to me?
  833. You're not gonna do anything weird, right?
  834. How about if you give me some sweets, I let you do whatever you want?
  835. Is there food stuck to me?
  836. Is it really that fun to touch my face...?
  837. What? You interested in this candy?
  838. Sweets are great... They always make me feel better.
  839. ...
  840. Fufuu...
  841. Yeah... It's alright. I'm still here.
  842. Touching that kind of a place... You trying to attack me?
  843. I love you...
  844. Sorry... Do I have something stuck to me?
  845. Hey, stop tempting me like this...
  846. Hey, do you love me...?
  847. Nnngh...
  848. Don't make fun of me...
  849. From now on, look only at me...
  850. Being spoilt isn't so bad, huh?
  851. Give me more... Just this much isn't enough...
  852. It's okay, if it's you... Touch wherever you want.
  853. I love you... More than anything else, I...
  854. H-hey, I guess the mood's gotten pretty weird, but...
  855. Having this kind of private moment, it's a strange feeling, huh?
  860. Luna:
  861. What?
  862. What is it?
  863. What do you want?
  864. You're so persitent...
  865. I don't get the meaning of this...
  866. Hey you...You smeared something in my hair?
  867. Y...You're praising me?
  868. I'm happy that you caress me like that!....I mean I'm not! IDIOT!
  869. That habit of yours is pissing me off...
  870. Haa...
  871. Geez...
  872. OHH!!
  873. Don't make fun of me like this.
  874. I'm not ticklish.
  875. GAA!! You are the worst!!
  876. Hey...Where are you touching!
  877. Sorry that I don't have any breasts!!
  878. Geez! I tell Lady Camilla on you!?
  879. What?
  880. Right. Right.
  881. Ufufu...
  882. I'm not happy...
  883. It's fine if you do what you want...
  884. Yes, I'm cute. But, can you not stare at me like that?
  885. Well? My skin is smooth?
  886. You're really making me mad. I have errands that I have to do...
  887. Well, I don't think it's such a bother...
  888. Mm...
  889. Ohh...
  890. Come over a little closer...
  891. That's enough for you...?
  892. My heart wasn't racing...
  893. What do you think you're doing...?
  894. Idiot...Be more gentle...
  895. You have no idea how to treat a girl...
  896. AH!
  897. Idiot...
  898. It's no good...if you do that...
  899. No way...It feels good...
  900. My body...has gotten hot...
  901. AHH! Don't tell me you're going to go that far...?
  902. PERV! Doing something like that...Do it properly...
  903. Sorry that they aren't as big as Lady Camilla's.
  904. Stop it...I'll feel weird...
  909. Pieri:
  910. >Eh?
  911. >Fuu~
  912. >What is it~
  913. >下手なことすると殺すのよ?
  914. >Wanna play with Pieri?
  915. >Pieri's hair is a nice color, isn't it?
  916. >Compliment me more!
  917. >I lo~ve being stroked!
  918. >Lord Xander never compliments me~
  919. >O~kay!
  920. >Pieri's here!
  921. >What a good feeling~
  922. >Thank you!
  923. >I wanna fight soon~
  924. >Wanna touch each other?
  925. >Look here, my chest is big, isn't it?
  926. >You and I, we're both murderers!
  927. >How many people have you killed with those hands?
  928. >Kyahaha!
  929. >Fufuu
  930. >Ah...!
  931. >This is really fun!
  932. >And then we can make candy!
  933. >ふぇぇ…顔を狙うなんて酷いの…
  934. >You know, my eyes are different colors!
  935. >Nnh, my makeup's running.
  936. >I wanna pet you too!
  937. >Ehehe...
  938. >Fufu...
  939. >I lo~ve it...
  940. >I love you...
  941. >Almost as much as I love to kill...
  942. >What's wrong, dear?
  943. >It'll be unpleasant if you look at anyone but Pieri...
  944. >If you look at any other girls, maybe your eyes will end up being crushed?
  945. >Uu...
  946. >Uchaa...
  947. >It feels good there...
  948. >Your hands, the smell of blood... I love them...
  949. >It's no good if you do it like tha~t...
  950. >Yeah, that's good... Pieri wants to touch you too...
  951. >Your throbbing place, it looks like the flesh is tearing...
  952. >Nn... my body's acting strange... somehow... it's getting hot...
  953. >Stay with me... if you aren't gentle with me, it'll get ugly...
  958. Zero:
  959. Oh... are you trying to seduce me?
  960. What are you going to do with me?
  961. The way you use your hands is quite dirty...
  962. You're fine touching there? If it were me, I'd be touching somewhere quite different.
  963. Hah, there's no satisfaction to be had from you touching me like that...
  964. To pat someone's head is a display of dominance.
  965. What're you going to do today?
  966. If you have orders for me I'll follow them... "Master"?"
  967. Treat me gently, would you...?
  968. You're pretty bold today, aren't you?
  969. I lost this eye when I was a brat, to some worthless thug.
  970. I want to see your face distorted in pain.
  971. You keep touching me there... are you hoping for a kiss?
  972. Nn... right there, that's good...?
  973. That feels good.
  974. Are you teasing me?
  975. If you don't do it well then... you already know.
  976. You're a tease. You can be a little rougher, I won't break.
  977. You really like that place, huh.
  978. I want to touch you too... I want to see you cry, and make you suffer...
  979. It seems like we're all alone...?
  980. Are you embarassed?
  981. I want to see more your face.
  982. Tell me that you love me.
  983. What's wrong? Are you afraid?
  984. You look cute when you beg.
  985. Even if you touch me like that, I won't do anything to you here you know?
  986. Kh... don't think that I can restrain myself forever.
  987. ... Now is not a good time.
  988. I love you... more than anyone else.
  989. Your hands... they really are beautiful.
  990. Both my body and my heart, they're filthy...
  991. The only one to forgive my heart, is you.
  992. Please stay by my side. I don't want to be alone ever again.
  993. I've never known love, and I thought I'd never love anyone.
  994. It was lonely, and it was painful. I'm certain that if it weren't for you, I'd be nothing at all.
  999. Yuugiri:
  1000. >Ye~s.
  1001. >Eh?
  1002. >You do such cute things...
  1003. >Ufufu, that feels good...
  1004. >A woman's hair is her life.
  1005. >Ara, please compliment me. So nice...
  1006. >Isn't human hair surprisingly heavy?
  1007. >The moment when my naginata pierces the enemy's skull is my favorite.
  1008. >Yes.
  1009. >You know...
  1010. >You know, it's gentle.
  1011. >Ara, you're so skilled.
  1012. >Such a nice feeling.
  1013. >Are you worried about my scar?
  1014. >It no longer hurts, so it's nothing to be concerned about.
  1015. >And the person who did this had their throat ripped out in turn.
  1016. >Did you know that in my youth I was considered a beautiful woman?
  1017. >Ufu...
  1018. >How do you do?
  1019. >I'm always watching your efforts...
  1020. >Ah... I want to fight soon.
  1021. >Your murderous hand is bringing me peace of mind.
  1022. >Ah, you've ruffled my clothes?
  1023. >My body has many old wounds.
  1024. >If I could become a dragon like you, Kamui, I would have killed many more people.
  1025. >I was wounded so much in the past, and the pain was intense.
  1026. >Ara ara...
  1027. >If you do that...
  1028. >I want more...
  1029. >Don't ever die on me.
  1030. >I'll do my best for you. The cooking, the sewing...
  1031. >I'll belong to you...
  1032. >If anyone tries to do you harm, I'll slaughter them...
  1033. >Knowing that, could you still love me?
  1034. >Welcome back...
  1035. >Ufufu...
  1036. >The palpitations are audible...
  1037. >So... fortunate. We...
  1038. >As least I haven't lost you...
  1039. >Such a place, you can't...
  1040. >Excuse me? Even though this body is full of scars, you would...
  1041. >That you would accept this body... I'm so happy.
  1042. >You'll be fine if I'm a bit rough with you, right?
  1047. Sophie:
  1048. >Wowow, what is it~
  1049. >Uwah!
  1050. >Both us did our best today, huh~
  1051. >I left Abel behind!
  1052. >That tickles~
  1053. >My hair's just like my mothers, huh?
  1054. >Worried about my hair decorations? Well, Abel also likes to chew on them...
  1055. >Complimenting me? I'm so happy...!
  1056. >My curly hair's so annoying. Both of us should tame it together!
  1057. >Eh?
  1058. >More~!
  1059. >Wa~i
  1060. >Whoa whoa, don't pull there~
  1061. >I messed up again today...
  1062. >Whoa! Y-You surprised me...
  1063. >Mou, that's something you do with kids.
  1064. >You raised your brow, are you worried about something?
  1065. >Haa... just now I fell over someone's clothes...
  1066. >Ehehe~
  1067. >Ufufu~
  1068. >People and horses both like being petted!
  1069. >Ah, I've been healed!
  1070. >It feels good like that~
  1071. >My armor keeps my vital points really safe!
  1072. >Maybe you wanted to polish it for me? Thanks~
  1073. >Make sure you make Abel's equipment sparkle every day, too!
  1074. >I dream of becoming a cool knight with armor to match!
  1075. >Hu-wha?
  1076. >Ooh...
  1077. >T-Thank you...
  1078. >I love being stroked like this...
  1079. >Mm... I don't think I can get used to this...
  1080. >Whoa. I-I'm not ready for this!
  1081. >Y-You have to do your best... because I'm your wife!
  1082. >You're my husband, but you're only touching my forehead?
  1083. >Nnn.
  1084. >Oh...
  1085. >Fu... so cool...
  1086. >I really... like this.
  1087. >I want to do more together...
  1088. >U-Um...there is...
  1089. >I want to give you something too...
  1090. >It's fine, I'll do what I want. Because I do my best...
  1091. >It's weird. You're touching me... more than I thought you would...
  1096. Hinoka:
  1097. >Ever since that day you went missing, I've continued to think about you.
  1098. >You are a special person to me.
  1099. >My hair colour is beautiful isn't it? You're complimenting it?
  1100. >My hair is intriguing, its the colour of burning flames
  1101. >You grew up to be such a kind person.
  1102. >I had fun today, lets have this kind of sibling time together again
  1103. >Having you touch my face, its a bit strange...
  1104. >hahaha, is it nostalgic seeing your sisters face?
  1105. >You really...came back just fine
  1106. >For never giving up until you got here, I'm glad. Thank you.
  1107. >As a older sister I'll be come a reliable woman just for you.
  1108. >Your clothes are... unusual.
  1109. >Do people greet each other like this in Anya
  1110. >I'm expecting it! Touch me if you must!
  1111. >Grow some muscles will you?
  1112. >I always dreamt of days like this...thank you for returning to me.
  1113. >oi..... (happy sigh)... your'e so gentle...
  1114. >I love you
  1115. >you... what are you.....
  1116. >I didn't think Id end up having a relationship like this with my little brother
  1117. >Its the first time I've felt such endearing emotions
  1118. >Close your eyes for a second
  1119. >Kissing you as your wife, (couldn't make out one fucking syllable and i cant impro from it)
  1120. >I love you
  1121. >For the moments that we are apart, please fill me with you(r love).
  1122. >....geez....
  1123. >This is he first time I've had this feeling. I'm so happy I feel strange
  1124. >hey, that place is off limits!
  1125. >Since when did you become a man, I wonder.
  1126. >when I'm with you I suddenly become so selfish.
  1127. >If its you, I don't mind what happens....
  1128. >Tomorrow, lets live on and meet once again at this place.
  1129. >Dying and leaving your wife behind... I wont forgive that!
  1130. >I'm going to get stronger.
  1131. >Not to retrieve the old you, but in order to protect the you that stands in front of me now.
  1132. >If we were raised together, I don't think we'd be like this now.
  1133. >But when I think about it this fate that I hated and couldn't stand, wouldn't be like this either.
  1134. >If its with you, I don't mind it.
  1139. Ophelia:
  1140. >He~
  1141. >Ara...
  1142. >If you touch me that badly, I won't be able to hold back my power.
  1143. >The wind was crying today...
  1144. >I wonder if this room has a name...
  1145. >This hair was passed down to me by my mother.
  1146. >You're making my hair bounce...
  1147. >Whaaat? Are you complimenting me?
  1148. >I'm happy. But you need to praise the chosen warrior as well.
  1149. >Ne~
  1150. >Um...
  1151. >Ha...
  1152. >私だって普通に話すことぐらいあるよ
  1153. >I feel a little gloomy today...
  1154. >Uwah!? Gods, to a woman's face...
  1155. >Uwawa! My circlet, don't move it...!
  1156. >I wonder if everyone can be this helpful to their mother and father.
  1157. >Mou, your way of cheering someone up is crude... but thanks...
  1158. >Hey~
  1159. >Ehehe~
  1160. >Wah...!
  1161. >The power emanating from your hand... is warm.
  1162. >This blood is my pride...
  1163. >But it's exposed frequently, so don't worry about it too much.
  1164. >To be honest, it's hard to see someone be hurt. But it can't be helped, you know.
  1165. >If my life is capable of helping in this conflict, then it's an honor.
  1166. >We remember each and every time we slaughter the enemy...
  1167. >Hm...?
  1168. >What are you thinking of...?
  1169. >Fufu...
  1170. >I-I feel a little embarrassed...
  1171. >There, there. That's enough for today.
  1172. >Your hands are so warm...
  1173. >こんな風に誘うなんて…ずるいわ…
  1174. >Your eyes, they're so beautiful...
  1175. >Nn...
  1176. >I like it...
  1177. >I'll... protect you...
  1178. >Please, don't die...
  1179. >For us to be like this, it must have been fate...
  1180. >Uwah. You, you can't be...
  1181. >Even though I'm wearing these sorts of clothes, it's not okay to touch me like that...
  1182. >I-I want you too, you know, but to touch me there...
  1183. >Ahh, it's no good... my maidenhood is at it's limit...!
  1188. Kinu:
  1189. >Hm?
  1190. >Bu~
  1191. >Fufu~
  1192. >Hey, hey.
  1193. >Flatter me, flatter me!
  1194. >Everyone praise my coat!
  1195. >Aren't my ears fluffy? Feel 'em, feel 'em!
  1196. >Eheheh, I got complimented!
  1197. >Alright, alright, you've made me happy!
  1198. >Ha...
  1199. >Stroke me gently~
  1200. >Eheheh~
  1201. >Ahh, that feels good...
  1202. >Being stroked and stroked feels sooo good!
  1203. >I feel like being spoiled a little!
  1204. >Such a warm feeling in my cheeks~
  1205. >Will you play with my face?
  1206. >My eyes, my nose, my mouth, I'm telling you to play with them some more!
  1207. >Fuu~
  1208. >Huh?
  1209. >Waaah!
  1210. >Nothing can scare me!
  1211. >I'll make sure to return the favor here~
  1212. >This place is the same as a human's!
  1213. >Ahahaha! That places tickles!
  1214. >If I become a fox, will I feel even more fluffy?
  1215. >I'm not a little cub anymore, you know?
  1216. >Mu...
  1217. >Mou, I don't like being poked like that.
  1218. >Ehehe...
  1219. >I like it~
  1220. >Did I do my best today?
  1221. >You're stroking my face?
  1222. >You're my lover, so just that isn't enough, you know~
  1223. >撫で撫でもいいけど、ぎゅーってして欲しいなぁ…?
  1224. >...
  1225. >Hya...
  1226. >Ehe, that feels good...
  1227. >I love you, my dear husband...
  1228. >I want you to mend my body...
  1229. >...
  1230. >Yeah...I wonder where you want to stroke me now?
  1231. >It's always a different feeling when you stroke me...
  1232. >The inside of my chest tingles... and then it gets hot...
  1233. >It's not enough to be stroked anymore, but I'll endure... for now.
  1238. Eponine:
  1239. >Ah~
  1240. >He!?
  1241. >Fu~n~
  1242. >W-What?
  1243. >You can't search me, I haven't stolen anything.
  1244. >My hair's similar to my mothers.
  1245. >I purchased these hair ornaments from a legitimate seller.
  1246. >If you keep complimenting me, I'll keep thanking you... so, thank you.
  1247. >Back then, Dad never stroked my head this much...
  1248. >Fuu~
  1249. >Hu...!?
  1250. >Fu...
  1251. >You really know where to touch me...
  1252. >Aren't there any books on strange subjects in this room?
  1253. >My face doesn't resemble my dad's, does it?
  1254. >This filthy way of touching me... そう言われたことない?
  1255. >Because of my line of profession, I never get a chance to stop and take a good look at my face.
  1256. >Disguising myself as a man or something, I wonder how I could pull it off...
  1257. >Eh...
  1258. >Ara?
  1259. >Ehehe...
  1260. >The relationship between a master and servant, it's nice...
  1261. >Dad and Leon...I wonder what the real relationship between them is...
  1262. >You aren't hiding anything, are you?
  1263. >そんなに弄ったら、物を盗む時に気付かれるわよ
  1264. >He~ Touching that place, are you having guilty thoughts?
  1265. >What if I try touching you this time?
  1266. >Fufu...
  1267. >Whaaat...?
  1268. >Are you alright with touching just that?
  1269. >Don't you want to feel it too?
  1270. >Ufufu...I love it...
  1271. >Those eyes are nice. So filthy...
  1272. >I wonder if I should come dressed as a man next time...
  1273. >If my father sees me here, I wonder what you'll be forced to suffer through...
  1274. >Nn...
  1275. >A-Ah...!
  1276. >Such as sneaky touch...
  1277. >Fu, that face... wanna do it?
  1278. >We've spent a long time together...
  1279. >It's fine... if it's you, I'll do whatever you want...
  1280. >Being touched this way... makes me feel so relieved...
  1281. >I want to be spoiled by you... forever.
  1286. Soliel:
  1287. Ehehe! I'm the type to excel when praised!
  1288. Being patted sure feels good... it might become a habit!
  1289. It's so hot in here! Do you mind if I strip a little? Eh, I can't? I guess I'll just have to deal...
  1290. I'm often told that I take after dad's face, but what do you think?
  1291. They say a smile brings good fortune, so smile!
  1292. I... how many have I killed with these hands...
  1293. When the enemy's a girl, it's hard, isn't it...?
  1294. Let's have a date like this again... it's a promise! That's why... I'll keep trying my best to survive!
  1295. Too bad~! I'm not as shy as my dad!
  1296. Hmmm~? Are you sure you don't want to touch somewhere more... risque?
  1297. You know, under what I'm wearing, I'm pretty amazing!
  1298. Ahahaha! That tickles!
  1299. Oh, I guess I don't have a choice~! If you want to touch them so badly, then I'll let you touch them direct--eh, you don't want to? I see...
  1300. I'm so happy...
  1301. I'm so thankful that you married me...
  1302. *giggle* I love you.
  1303. I'll protect you, until the end.
  1304. That's unfair... I want to touch you too...
  1305. Doing something like this in secret... it's kind of embarrassing...
  1306. What's going on....? My heart won't stop pounding...
  1307. You want to kiss...? W-wait, my heart's not ready ye--mmgh!? Mmnn...
  1308. ...really, I told you to wait...
  1309. I love you... the only one I'll let see me all flustered is you...
  1310. You have to touch me more... No.... that's embarrassing...!
  1311. D-don't stare at me so much...!
  1312. I'll... do my best, so it's okay... love me...
  1313. H-huh...? Why...? My body feels so hot...
  1314. No, I'm scared! I'm starting to feel strange...!
  1315. D-don't look at me...! Don't look at me while I'm making such an embarrassing face!
  1316. I love you... so tonight, and the night after that, forever and ever... I want the two of us to be together...
  1317. Thank you... for treasuring me. Even though you've seen the lame sides of me... and the embarrassing sides of me... for always staying next to me... I love you from the bottom of my heart.
  1322. Hinata:
  1323. Agh! What?
  1325. My hair is… curly.
  1327. Oi, if you do that my hair will curl! (TL: Lack of context makes this hard. Given the previous line though it sounds like you’re messing with his hair so…)
  1329. I haven’t had my head patted since I was a kid.
  1331. You’re just patting me… is there no task? Well, alright, if anything happens call for me again.
  1333. Uwah! Are you trying to poke my eyes out?!
  1335. Touching my face… it’s not that interesting, right?
  1337. The scar on my face came from a mistake during training.
  1339. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely protect your little brother.
  1341. I don’t really get it but… it was fun! Thanks!
  1343. Stop touching me all over the place like that.
  1345. My armor and arms are covered in scars.
  1347. The things you do are strange, huh.
  1349. Aha, it tickles, stop it!
  1351. Staying in this room is nice but… we should also go outside for a match once in a while!
  1353. Oi…
  1355. What is it?
  1357. You want to be spoiled?
  1359. My wife is the best in the world!
  1361. Come leap into my arms! (TL: He literally says jump/fly into his chest LOL)
  1363. Oi, this place?
  1365. D-Don’t touch me like that. It’s embarrassing.
  1367. Even though you get so angry when /I/ touch you…
  1369. Close your eyes for a moment. I’m not going to do anything. See? I didn’t do anything.
  1371. The expression you’re making right now… if everyone else knew about it, I wonder what they would think?
  1373. Hm?
  1375. What’s wrong?
  1377. You’re a fine woman.
  1379. You’re cute.
  1381. You worked hard today too, huh.
  1383. H-Hey! Where’re you touching?
  1385. I won’t forgive you if you touch other men, you know.
  1387. Because you’re mine.
  1389. I love you. I can hug you here, right?
  1391. The you right now… is so cute. It feels like I fall in love with you again every time I come here.
  1396. Crimson:
  1397. >Hm?
  1398. >Ah.
  1399. >Hahaha!
  1400. >The way you're using your hand isn't bad.
  1401. >Are you decorating me?
  1402. >こう見えて髪型にはこだわってるんだ
  1403. >A stylish ribbon? You going to put one in as well?
  1404. >Decorating hair with jewels is nice too, huh.
  1405. >Patting my head like that, are you trying to flatter me?
  1406. >Okay.
  1407. >Fu~n...
  1408. >He...!
  1409. >Nn, this is pretty nice, isn't it.
  1410. >Hey, this is pretty good...
  1411. >Huh? Did you put something in?
  1412. >Hey, hey, don't stroke around my face.
  1413. >Makeup is like decoration too. Want to try putting in on?
  1414. >If your face is gloomy, will people avoid you?
  1415. >Yo~
  1416. >You alright?
  1417. >I could get used to being stroked by you.
  1418. >Tell me if there's anything I can do.
  1419. >This room isn't very stylishly decorated.
  1420. >This armor's stiff, so be careful.
  1421. >It's a nice color, isn't it? It's my favorite.
  1422. >It's best to wear red to battle, so the blood doesn't show.
  1423. >I wish I could decorate this armor more...
  1424. >Hm...?
  1425. >Are you challenging me, master?
  1426. >Such a manly hand... I love it.
  1427. >If it's you touching me, I feel relieved...
  1428. >I... I like white flowers.
  1429. >What are you thinking about? Touching that place...
  1430. >Your wife's face is lovely, isn't it...?
  1431. >This sweet atmosphere isn't bad...
  1432. >...Welcome back.
  1433. >Fufu...
  1434. >Um... that place is...
  1435. >I love you...
  1436. >I'm not used to doing things like this...
  1437. >I-I'm not embarrassed...
  1438. >I want to do this in a place with better mood...
  1439. >This time, I want you to decorate me with your love...
  1440. >If you're going to touch me like that, tonight I'll have to return the favor, huh...?
  1445. Charlotte:
  1446. >Yes
  1447. >Eh?
  1448. >Oh, what are you doing.
  1449. >That tickles~
  1450. >People often tell me how beautiful my hair is.
  1451. >Waaa, please admire me more~
  1452. >Ufu. Charlotte's happy
  1453. >I love being petted~
  1454. >Ehehe~
  1455. >Nn...
  1456. >What is it?
  1457. >You're skilled at petting~
  1458. >This feels really good~
  1459. >Kya, you surprised me~
  1460. >I'm not cute at all~
  1461. >お肌にはちょっとだけ自信あるんです
  1462. >What?
  1463. >Fu~n...
  1464. >Mou...
  1465. >Do you have any free time?
  1466. >Don't flatter me today~
  1467. >Whoa... where are you touching~
  1468. >Touching there is no good~ ...I should say something like that, right?
  1469. >Do you like my figure? I work myself to death to keep it.
  1470. >Don't just stroke someone, shouldn't you compliment them too?
  1471. >...
  1472. >Ooh...
  1473. >Hold on...
  1474. >I'm not used to things like this...
  1475. >You can't just touch me wherever you please...
  1476. >Hehe... cute, right?
  1477. >I'll stay beautiful...for your sake.
  1478. >Honestly, you're so inquisitive...
  1479. >...I like it.
  1480. >...Ufufu.
  1481. >It feels good...
  1482. >Hold me tight?
  1483. >What do I want to eat today?
  1484. >Are you worried about my body too?
  1485. >If there's something you want to do with me, I don't mind...
  1486. >Even here, it should be okay to flirt...
  1487. >Hey. Where do you like being touched...?
  1492. Lutz:
  1493. Eh?
  1494. Yep
  1495. What is it~?
  1496. Are you playing with me?
  1497. I found a four leaf clover earlier!
  1498. I've got my haircolor after mother!
  1499. Im doing my best, so watch me!
  1500. Thanks... I, I'm happy when you praise me!
  1501. Wa, my head will get messed up~
  1502. Wa~h
  1503. Um~
  1504. Ahaha
  1505. I petted Michel like this too!
  1506. N~... You're good at petting
  1507. Isn't this mask awesome~?
  1508. I want to have a manly face like my father
  1509. Wawa... Stop, my mask moved!
  1510. Mu~. Revealing my true face is a no-no, okay?
  1511. Hey, hey
  1512. Hey!
  1513. Ehehe~
  1514. It's standard for heroes to conceal their identity
  1515. Ahaha, don't tickle me~!
  1516. Don't you think this costume stands out in a good way?
  1517. I keep training so I can grow big!
  1518. I decided to become super muscular in the future!
  1519. One day, I will help a lot of people with these hands. That's my dream!
  1520. Hehe...
  1521. I'm kinda embarassed...
  1522. Is it okay if i act spoiled...?
  1523. I want you to touch me more...
  1524. I love you lots...
  1525. Is my face red...?
  1526. S-such an adult expression, how sly...
  1527. Thanks for becoming my wife
  1528. U~u...n...
  1529. Uwaa...
  1530. You really are pretty...
  1531. Wait, its embarassing...
  1532. Let's find Michel a bride too, okay...?
  1533. Wait until I get stronger...
  1534. Fufu... I want you to tickle me... What a strange feeling...
  1535. Wouldn't it be like a dream for me to princess carry you one day...?
  1536. Could you keep spoiling me like this until I grow bigger...?
  1540. Kaze:
  1541. Um… what shall we do?
  1543. This is a bit awkward.
  1545. I did nothing that is worth praising. (TL: He means this in an “all in a day’s work” kind of way)
  1547. Thank you. I made you worry, didn’t I?
  1549. This was a fun time. To spend your time on someone like me… I am grateful.
  1551. Poking someone’s face is dangerous.
  1553. My face isn’t that attractive…
  1555. My brother and I share little resemblance, right?
  1557. Do you like touching people?
  1559. When I was a prisoner of war, I was prepared to die. The fact that I am here right now… is thanks to you.
  1561. I am trained as much as anyone else.
  1563. For the sake of protecting my master, I will not fail in my training.
  1565. Be careful, I have hidden weapons there.
  1567. Ahaha! T-That place is… *coughs* Excuse me.
  1569. The only master I have… is you. I will always think dearly about you.
  1571. Hm?
  1573. Is something the matter?
  1575. No one is around, huh.
  1577. Well then… what shall we do?
  1579. I love you.
  1581. Is there something… you’re hoping for?
  1583. I will not lay a hand on you here.
  1585. What you want… if you don’t say it I won’t understand.
  1587. It can’t be helped. For now you will just have to be patient with this. Did this… satisfy you?
  1589. I apologize. When I’m together with you… I seem to become a bit of a tease.
  1591. Uhn…
  1593. Geez… you’re…
  1595. My heart is pounding… because of you.
  1597. Your hands… I love them.
  1599. It feels good.
  1601. That place… isn’t allowed.
  1603. If someone comes… what are you going to do?
  1605. I also… if possible… right here with you…
  1607. It’s hopeless, huh. In front of you… I lose my composure.
  1609. I love you. I want to spend more time with you tonight but… how do you feel about that?
  1614. Matoi:
  1615. Here you go:
  1616. Yes
  1617. Mou...
  1618. Touching each other deepens bonds right?
  1619. I see, it feels good to be touched this way
  1620. This hair ornaments, I made them myself
  1621. Um...are you praising me?
  1622. I am not of that age yet(??). But, I'm happy
  1623. Caressing my hair...(lit:head), its a good thing from time to time huh
  1624. e?
  1625. Ara...
  1626. What do you want to do next?
  1627. Just now, the way you used your hand, can you teach me how?
  1628. If you do this, just about anyone will feel good.
  1629. What? Were you teasing me just now?
  1630. I wonder if I resemble my mother and father
  1631. You caress my face so gently. So you remembered.
  1632. Ufufu..somehow this feels like I am a child once again
  1633. Ufufu...
  1634. Thank you as always
  1635. As expected, you are very skillful (with the way you use your hands), I should learn from you
  1636. Thank you
  1637. Ahaha, that tickles
  1638. N-not there. Stop! Stop! (Lit: dame da! dame da!)
  1639. You thought my chest is flat!? (lit: nonexistent) Disappointed!?
  1640. Though that part is unexplored, I still haven't matured yet!
  1641. Can it be..when you touch (it/this/me), it becomes larger (big)
  1642. What is it...?
  1643. ...Ufufu
  1644. I'm happy...very happy
  1645. I love you
  1646. The places you love to touch, can you tell me?
  1647. U-um...what's the matter?
  1648. Your warm feels good
  1649. Your eyes are lovely. Just like this, I want to look at it forever.
  1650. Uwa
  1651. I like you..
  1652. Thank you...I'm happy
  1653. More...I want you to touch me more...
  1654. U-um...that place is...
  1655. I'm's small...
  1656. If it's you who's touching me, I don't hate it.
  1657. What is this...what should I do....even though it's embarassing, it feels strange....
  1661. Orochi:
  1662. Humph...
  1663. Oh my.
  1664. What is it?
  1665. Would you like to play with me?
  1666. You're certainly an amusing fellow...
  1667. Today, your fortune is good luck.
  1668. You have an unusual hairstyle, don't you?
  1669. Lady Mikoto would often do my hair for me.
  1670. Now now, my hairstyle won't collapse if you touch it a little bit.
  1671. Hmm...?
  1672. Ahaha!
  1673. Hey, don't touch me like that...!
  1674. Are you enjoying yourself?
  1675. Oh? What is it, what is it?
  1676. Your fortune for today is average luck.
  1677. Would you not say the royal castle is mysterious? (これでも王城では神秘的だと言われておったのじゃぞ?)
  1678. Right now... The way you're touching me is the spitting image of Lady Mikoto. It's very nostalgic...
  1679. I want to rub your face too.
  1680. What is it? (はてさて?)
  1681. Hahaha!
  1682. You mean to praise me? Fufuu, how amusing.
  1683. Next time, I'll have to bring an incantation card with me.
  1684. You're very easy to get along with.
  1685. Your fortune for today is excellent luck.
  1686. Hey, don't tickle me! Ahahaha...
  1687. When I'm with you, I can't stop laughing!
  1688. When I was very young, people would say cruel things to me and curse me with their touch. (幼き頃は、わらわに触れると呪われるなど、心無いことを言われたものじゃ…)
  1689. .....tch
  1690. I love you...
  1691. Fufu... I'm ticklish...
  1692. Don't you want to touch me more?
  1693. I'm bit embarrassed...
  1694. Do you not care and just do as you like...? (あなたの好きなようにして構わぬぞ…?)
  1695. I want to touch you as well...
  1696. Would you think it improper if I asked you to be my husband...? (ここで夫を求めたら、はしたなく思われてしまうかのう…?)
  1697. Y...yeah...
  1698. Mmmm...
  1699. I truly love you...
  1700. This is the first time I've felt like this.
  1701. You're so warm...
  1702. Could it be that you were no longer able to hold yourself back?
  1703. Truthfully, I also, right here and now...
  1704. Being touched by you feels so good...
  1705. Is it alright if you touch me in this gentle way...?
  1710. Nyx:
  1711. What is it.
  1712. Mou...
  1713. Ticklish...
  1714. I wonder what your intentions are?
  1715. Such an impatient child.
  1716. You can't touch there.
  1717. You shouldn't do that to a mature woman.
  1718. Mou... don't treat me like a child.
  1719. If you want to flatter me, use words instead.
  1720. Whaaat?
  1721. Fu~n...
  1722. You want to be friends with me?
  1723. You're so innocent...
  1724. I don't have time to mess around with you.
  1725. Well, I can't help that I look like a child.
  1726. The crest on my forehead retaliates against hexes...
  1727. I'll never grow old, don't you think that's nice...?
  1728. I want to see... how I truly appear...
  1729. Ufufu...
  1730. U~n...
  1731. おいたしちゃ駄目よ?
  1732. I wonder what the reason for this mischief is...
  1733. For the rest of my life, I'll look like this.
  1734. My body looks thin, doesn't it?
  1735. I want an adult body, やめたはずなのに…
  1736. Your hand is very big. I'm envious.
  1737. Even my breasts should truly be bigger...
  1738. Fufu...
  1739. I'm here...?
  1740. Such a large hand...
  1741. It's warm.
  1742. I wonder if you want to hold me tight.
  1743. I like it. Being touched by you...
  1744. Right now, how do you see me...?
  1745. Are you becoming skilled at handling an adult woman...?
  1746. Nn..
  1747. good...
  1748. Only you're allowed to do something like this...
  1749. I want you to touch me more...
  1750. I can't stand up anymore...
  1751. I'm sorry that I'll always be a child...
  1752. I wanted to become an adult for you...
  1753. Nn... this is too much stimulation for this small body...
  1754. When you look at everyone, I wonder how you think of them...?
  1758. Midoriko:
  1759. >ah...
  1760. >umm....
  1761. > Youll pat me?
  1762. > waaiii~ Im so happy!
  1763. >This is more effective than medicine!
  1764. >Is the same colour as mothers! (im assuming this is hair.)
  1765. > Im a good child? Thank you!
  1766. >Midoriko will be a good girl! So please praise me...
  1767. >eh!?
  1768. >umm...
  1769. > Why do you pat everyone?
  1770. >What happens when you pat everyone?
  1771. > Will you feel better if you get patted? (what is english is it pet or pat.)
  1772. >I think, I match with mum
  1773. >waaahh, was there something on my face?
  1774. > There are lots of things that Midoriko wants to know!
  1775. > for medicine applied on the face, it should sting a little.
  1776. >hehehe
  1777. > Hey hey! (more playful tone)
  1778. >Waai~
  1779. > Midoriko loves mum and dad!!
  1780. > You hands are hot.... could it be a cold?
  1781. >Why are you touching there?
  1782. >When you get a fever, you should apply antipyretic to the area
  1783. > I hang medecine up as a protective charm! So that you will get better reeeaaalll soon!
  1784. > Itll be bad if you keep touching me...
  1785. >ehehe
  1786. > you..
  1787. > If not a kid anymore okay!
  1788. >Do you think Midoriko is a good wife?
  1789. >Are you glad got married to Midoriko?
  1790. > hehe so warm...
  1791. > If youre going through rough times, please tell Midoriko!
  1792. > I will do my best to protect you!
  1793. >mmm....
  1794. >mou....
  1795. >Do you have any injuries?
  1796. > yup. I fell really safe.
  1797. >I love you
  1798. >I want to become and adult soon!
  1799. >Could it be you like childish people? (hahahaha. please.)
  1800. > Yes yes, Midoriko will hold you!
  1801. > You hands are so big... these hands and your body.... these all belong to Midoriko.
  1806. Yukimura:
  1807. >eh?
  1808. >goodness...
  1809. >You musn't
  1810. >Youll get your hands dirty
  1811. >hehe, thats ticklish
  1812. >癖毛で困っているんですよ (not sure if typo in this text) Itll be troublesome if this becomes a habit (?)
  1813. >A long time ago, my father also did this
  1814. >It is an honor that you are complimenting me
  1815. >色々な兵種を経験すると、見分が広がります
  1816. >ummm...
  1817. > What is it?
  1818. >This is not good....
  1819. > I am very grateful
  1820. >I am always thinking of a plan
  1821. >oh, what is it?
  1822. >wahwah my glasses are crooked!
  1823. > About time I shaved....
  1824. > You shouldn't proceed alone in battle.
  1825. > Hehehe...
  1826. >Yes, I am here
  1827. >You're pretty interesting
  1828. > This feels like Im being healed
  1829. >We will not succumb to the Dark Kingdom
  1830. > I will not lose to someone yonger than me (not 100% sure)
  1831. >That place there is... you cannot
  1832. > whenever you need (絡繰) please let me know
  1833. >When attacking, even if its a small amount of power accuracy is important.
  1834. >yes...
  1835. >What's the matter?
  1836. > You are very cute
  1837. >I am expecting things from you...
  1838. >Shall we read a book together?
  1839. >Is there something on my face (literally says is there something stuck to me?)
  1840. >Are you telling me to shave? haha, sorry
  1841. >Hey hey, dont make fun of your husband
  1842. >hehe..
  1843. >You are so dear..
  1844. >Please dont be too reckless
  1845. >Lets do our best today
  1846. >I am always by your side
  1847. > hey... you shouldnt do that.
  1848. > Can I touch you as... no... never mind
  1849. >You should be more aware of the fact that you are very cute.
  1850. > If you keep touching me like that... Ill lose control of myself.
  1855. Shinonome:
  1856. Eh?
  1857. No...
  1858. Ahaha, that tickles.
  1859. Should I return the favor?
  1860. I want to become stronger...
  1861. I wonder if I should grow my hair out too?
  1862. Oh, you're praising me!
  1863. I'm happy... I haven't done this since I was a kid.
  1864. This is a little, embarrassing...
  1865. Oh!
  1866. Um?
  1867. Nn... This feels good.
  1868. 疲れがとれるぜ
  1869. What's wrong?
  1870. Do I look better than Dad?
  1871. H-Hey, I'm not a kid, stop it.
  1872. Fufu, aiming for the face is cowardly.
  1873. Will you look at me once I become strong?
  1874. Haha
  1875. What's wrong? (repeated)
  1876. Come now, spar with me.
  1877. I'll try even harder.
  1878. This is a good breather.
  1879. I must train harder...
  1880. I want to be able to win against my father... using my lance.
  1881. A person's life is heavy. Coming here... I realized that.
  1882. I know that just having strength is not enough. But I...
  1883. Nn...?
  1884. Hey, come here...
  1885. I will protect you...
  1886. You have soft hands.
  1887. Don't make that, face...
  1888. What's wrong, do you want me to spoil you?
  1889. You'll be alright. I'm always watching you...
  1890. I'm glad I caught up to you properly...
  1891. ..... (generic grunt)
  1892. Nnn....
  1893. I love you...
  1894. Take my hand...
  1895. I want to stay like this, a little longer...
  1896. That place is, off limits...
  1897. If you always think of me as a kid, you're making a big mistake...
  1898. 無防備にもほどがあるんじゃないのか…? (Something about you also having areas where you are defenseless)
  1899. If you're this close, I can't stay patient...
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