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  1. [Neya] says: *shouting* Captain!
  2. [Talia_Kyrienaura] says: err, grab
  3. [Smooze] says: Okay, but you were warned.
  4.   Jazzy vs. AC rolls  , misses   Pirate with 2 Claws (Grab).
  5.   Jazzy vs. AC rolls  , misses   Pirate with 2 Claws (Grab).
  6. [Talia_Kyrienaura] says: lol
  7. [Neya] says: *shouting* The prisoner has outlived his usefulness. Do what you will.
  8.   Neya Mittelstadt moves 5'.
  9.   Captain Ebenezer says "Eh? Is somethin' goin' on over there?"
  10. [Neya] says: *sigh* We were attacked, you old buffoon.
  11.   Captain Ebenezer says "I thought I heard steel. But I thought the crew were havin' a game."
  12. [Talia_Kyrienaura] says: idiot!
  13.   Neya Mittelstadt moves 40'.
  14. [Talia_Kyrienaura] says: *hits him upside the head lightly*
  15. [Neya] says: Pirates attacked. One of them is tied up.
  16.   Talia Kyrinaura moves 50'.
  17.   Captain Ebenezer says "Come over here, lassie, and my cutless will show you who the idiot is."
  18. [Talia_Kyrienaura] says: bring it, old man
  19. [Neya] says: I'm not in a killing mood, but I'm sure you're more than happy to protect your ship.
  20. [Neya] says: Talia, I don't think we can take the entire crew.
  21. [Neya] says: Don't antagonize our host.
  22.   Captain Ebenezer says "I didn't need yer help. But I suppose I'll let it go this time."
  23. [Talia_Kyrienaura] says: *sighs heavily and backs down*
  24.   Talia Kyrinaura moves 30'.
  25.   Captain Ebenezer says "Yew are a pretty lass, I must say."
  26. [Neya] says: So like I said, sir, there's a prisoner. We're done with him.
  27.   Captain Ebenezer says "Ah yes, the prisoner. Toss 'im in the brig, boys."
  28.   Sailor says "Right you are, cap'n."
  29. [Talia_Kyrienaura] says: why thank you, and if i may contradict my past statement, you arent too bad looking yerself ;)
  30.   Sailor drags the pirate to the brig and tosses him in.
  31. [Neya] says: *slaps Talia upside the head*
  32.   Sailor moves 45'.
  33.   Sailor moves 20'.
  34.   Pirate moves 20'.
  35. [Talia_Kyrienaura] says: ow >:(
  36.   Sailor moves 50'.
  37.   Sailor moves 15'.
  38.   Sailor says "Done, cap'n."
  39. [Talia_Kyrienaura] says: *whispers* oh come on, hes totally my type*
  40. [Neya] says: *whispers back* Just because he looks male doesn't make him "your type".
  41.   Captain Ebenezer says "Alright, lassies, go see cook. She'll fix you up."
  42. [Talia_Kyrienaura] says: *whispers back* youre right
  43. [Talia_Kyrienaura] says: its also some women ;)
  44. [Neya] says: *sigh*
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