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  1. G1 X146.578 Y100.922 E1436.3664
  2. G1 X155.404 Y100.935 E1436.89207
  3. G1 X163.307 Y100.929 E1437.36276
  4. G1 X169.951 Y100.898 E1437.75848
  5. G1 X169.869 Y100.946 E1437.76414
  6. G1 X169.076 Y101.637 E1437.82678
  7. G1 X168.427 Y102.467 E1437.88953
  8. G1 X167.948 Y103.404 E1437.95221
  9. G1 X167.653 Y104.415 E1438.01493
  10. G1 X167.556 Y105.464 E1438.07768
  11. G1 X167.657 Y106.51 E1438.14027
  12. G1 X167.956 Y107.52 E1438.203
  13. G1 X168.44 Y108.456 E1438.26576
  14. G1 X169.093 Y109.283 E1438.32852
  15. G1 X169.888 Y109.97 E1438.3911
  16. G1 X170.801 Y110.497 E1438.45388
  17. G1 X170.914 Y110.536 E1438.461
  18. G1 X163.803 Y112.012 E1438.89355
  19. G1 X156.086 Y113.477 E1439.36138
  20. G1 X151.066 Y114.342 E1439.66477
  21. G1 X148.435 Y114.771 E1439.82354
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