Flexbox example with main dragon text/image

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  1. [[div class="flex-container" style="display: flex; flex-flow: row nowrap; justify-content: space-between; align-items: center;"]]
  3. [[div class="flex-large" style="width: 66%; margin-right: 2%;"]]
  4. The first thing to know about draconians is that they do not call themselves "dragons." Draconians have a rigid, caste system that has maintained their society for millennia. The greater draconians rule over the lessers, and the lessers are divided into various castes with levels of intricacy that even the most learned dragon ambassador hasn't really sussed out.
  6. There are only about one hundred greater draconians in the world. Their lifespan is immeasurable, and their social lives a series of calculated moves on a monstrous game board. They are the most intelligent of the draconians, and the most beguiling and cunning. Some of them value the alliances made with mankind, but others view these fleeting arrangements as mere business dealings, methods to elevate their own power. Some draconologists believe that greater draconians are hermaphroditic, that they can switch genders at need, but none has asked any greater draconian, gotten a direct answer, and survived to tell the tale.
  8. They claim their superior status over lesser draconians because of their monstrous size, their relative intelligence, and because of their ability to negotiate with humans; their penchant for magic is just a bonus to their ability to hold onto their status.
  10. The other draconians are considered the lessers, and are easily identified by both their smaller size and winged forelimbs. While they are known by human definitions as wyverns and wyvernettes, the manner in which the lessers are ranked is more obscure. In general, size appears to be the first decider, but there are examples of smaller lesser draconians holding rank over those twice or more their size.
  12. Regardless of the caste system, lesser draconians are decidedly lesser not just in size, but also in intelligence and ability to manipulate their magic potentiality. While greater draconians are well-versed in elemental magics -- Aeromancy, Pyromancy, Geomancy, and Hydromancy -- the lessers can only cast rudimentary magic at best. Some who work closely with the draconians speculate that this is not a question of potential, but rather that the lesser draconians are not taught much magic, to make it easier for the greater draconians to better control them.
  14. Like any society, there are those who are loners, outcasts, and rogues. Known as wyld draconians, these lesser draconians are not under the direct service of a greater draconian, and are considered to be more savage and more dangerous. They are hunted by other draconians if they encroach on pre-established territory, which often leads them to search out food in human territories. Many of the myths and legends of dragons violently tormenting small villages speak of wyld draconians.
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