Part 2 Of the Rp

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  1. [12:11:43] RP Italy: YEP, THIS IS THE EMPEROR LING AS A BEE :D
  3. [12:13:00] • Rp) Ling the Bee's thoughts: Eh... you didn't have to say that Italy... Also what are they talking about?
  4. [12:13:28] RP Italy: Oh right, sorry about that
  5. [12:13:31] RP Italy: But anyways...
  6. [12:14:01] RP Italy: When you were gone, we had to fill in your position as emperor
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  8. [12:14:29] RP Italy: So i tried finding someone to help us
  9. [12:14:35] RP Italy: you'll never guess who it is
  10. [12:15:14] • Rp) Ling the Bee's thoughts: Hm... someone I'd never guess...
  11. [12:15:45] • Rp) Ling the Bee's thoughts: Greed?
  12. [12:15:59] RP Italy: No...
  13. [12:16:16] RP Italy: but its someone else you have...ahem...problems of..
  14. [12:16:22] RP Italy: *Had
  15. [12:16:58] • Rp) Ling the Bee's thoughts: Is it Tai-
  16. [12:17:42] • Rp) Ling (Tai Lin gets out of his room
  17. [12:17:55] RP Italy: O_O
  18. [12:18:07] RP Guards: AH! EMPEROR LING! SIR!
  19. [12:18:43] • Rp) Ling (Tai Lin yawns looking as though he had hardly any sleep
  20. [12:19:12] • RP Italy whispers to ling bee :
  21. [12:19:21] RP Italy: i-i-i-its....h-h-h-him....
  22. [12:20:05] Rp) Ling (Tai Lin: *yaaaaaaawn* M-morning...
  23. [12:20:28] RP Italy: Ah, good morning!
  24. [12:20:30] • RP Italy bows
  25. [12:21:03] Rp) Ling (Tai Lin: I slept in... did anything happen...?
  26. [12:21:33] RP Italy: Oh no! nothing at all! We're all just checking the surroundings of the palace, that's all!
  27. [12:22:58] Rp) Ling (Tai Lin: Alright then... now if you can excuse me... I'll be sitting on my throne now-
  28. [12:23:22] • Rp) Ling (Tai Lin sees a certain honey bee already perched there
  29. [12:23:48] Rp) Ling (Tai Lin: Eh...?
  30. [12:24:01] RP Italy: Hm..? whats wrong?
  31. [12:24:27] • Rp) Ling the Bee is on his throne already
  32. [12:24:39] Rp) Ling the Bee: Bzzzz >:(
  33. [12:25:12] • RP Italy's thoughts : Oh right...its your throne after all
  34. [12:26:35] Rp) Ling (Tai Lin: Sigh... get off of that will you, you puny insect...? Personally I don't want to get bug splatter on my robes here, *swats* shoo shoo
  35. [12:27:25] • RP Italy's thoughts : Oh're just a bee, what will you do against him?
  36. [12:28:02] • Rp) Lan Fan sees Ling is not on her shoulder and Tai Lin is swatting at him
  37. [12:28:20] • Rp) Lan Fan suddenly holds a blade to Tai Lin's neck
  38. [12:28:38] RP Italy: o-o
  39. [12:29:30] Rp) Lan Fan: You will not take another step near this "insect." T"-'T
  40. [12:29:50] RP Guards: What the? Ms. Lan Fan, What are you doing?! Isn't that the young lord you wish to protect at all costs?!
  41. [12:30:56] Rp) Lan Fan: T"-'T ...
  42. [12:31:13] RP Italy: ehehe...let's not dwell on this, guards
  43. [12:31:19] • Rp) Lan Fan puts blade down and puts Ling on her shoulder again
  44. [12:32:01] • Rp) Ling the Bee flies off again and back onto the throne
  45. [12:32:14] RP Italy: o-o
  46. [12:32:28] • RP Italy gasps
  47. [12:33:59] • Rp) Lan Fan whispers to Ling: My lord... It would be wise if you reframed from sitting there as you are now
  48. [12:34:32] • Rp) Ling the Bee's thoughts: But... This is my throne... ;-;
  49. [12:34:57] • RP Italy whispers : We know that is your throne ling, but if you persuade him even more
  50. [12:35:25] • RP Italy whispers : Things will escalate even more, heck, we may even be arrested
  51. [12:35:46] • Rp) Ling the Bee anime cliche cries
  52. [12:35:49] Rp) Ling the Bee: ;-;
  53. [12:36:10] • RP Italy's whispers : Don't worry, we'll just have to make do til then
  54. [12:37:14] • Rp) Ling (Tai Lin just watches them all crowd around and whisper to the bee
  55. [12:37:26] Rp) Ling (Tai Lin: Eh...? Am I missing something...?
  56. [12:37:46] RP Italy: O_o
  57. [12:38:13] RP Italy: Um no emperor, nothing at all! Heck, we're all just looking at this fancy bee! Oooooh, fancy!
  58. [12:38:23] Rp) Ling (Tai Lin: ...
  59. [12:38:42] Rp) Ling (Tai Lin: You're lying to me, aren't you? T_T
  60. [12:39:59] RP Italy: Heck no! Of course not, we're all chatting about how good this bee is!
  61. [12:40:11] RP Italy: See..? come look for yourself!
  62. [12:40:17] • RP Italy shows him ling the bee
  63. [12:42:38] • RP Italy's thoughts : I hope he doesn't kill it
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