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  1. Username:robert#6506
  2. Character Name: Alexander Strohm
  3. Character Race/Ethnicity: Human Caucasian
  4. Character Age: 26 years
  5. Character Faction Status: Grusu Sergeant
  6. Character Money: $19,862
  7. Character Net Worth: $57,800
  8. Character Backstory: Alexander was born as the youngest son of 4 others to middle class parents in the suburbs of Gananda away from majority of the crime and scum found in the inner city though the odd breaking and entering happened to their home every once in a while. When his brothers came of age each couple years they left for the Army, Marines, Army and Air Force respectively. Naturally Alexander followed in their footsteps with the United States Army but after two deployments to Mexico with CAG and a handful of awful firefights he called it quits. Upon his exiting of the service a phone call about a business opportunity found him very quickly. Another year and that's where Alexander is now as a Sergeant in Grusu Military Solutions.
  9. Character Equipment:Grusu M54A3 Rifle modified with a 1x-15x variable scope and grippod, M4C2 Handgun, L-2 Logic System
  10. Character Personal Items: A small keychain of an armored vehicle always attached to his keys.
  11. Character Abilities: Delta Force training/experience encompassing marksmanship, demolition, breaching, antiterrorism, tradecraft of intelligence and asset protection.
  12. Character Place of Residence: C-12-30
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