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  1. switch (FEAT_TRAINS, SELF, maglevflatbed_wagon_switch, cargo_type_in_veh) {
  2.     BRCK: spritegroup_maglevflatbed_bricks;
  3.     BATT: spritegroup_maglevflatbed_batteries;
  4.     BUBL: spritegroup_maglevflatbed_bubbles;
  5.     FZDR: spritegroup_maglevflatbed_fizzydrinks;
  6.     FOOD: spritegroup_maglevflatbed_food;
  7.     FRUT: spritegroup_maglevflatbed_fruit;
  8.     GLAS: spritegroup_maglevflatbed_glass;
  9.     GOOD: spritegroup_maglevflatbed_goodscrates;
  10.     LVST: spritegroup_maglevflatbed_livestockcows;
  11.     PAPR: spritegroup_maglevflatbed_paper;
  12.     STEL: spritegroup_maglevflatbed_steel;
  13.     SWET: spritegroup_maglevflatbed_sweetsred;
  14.     TOYS: spritegroup_maglevflatbed_toysrobots;
  15.     VEHI: spritegroup_maglevflatbed_vehiclesrobots;
  16.     WOOD: spritegroup_maglevflatbed_wood;
  17. }
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