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  1. Today was Ishimaru's Coronation day, he was finally going to be Novoselic's new king. He was very nervous, he trained all his life and wasted a lot of sweats and hardwork for this one day, he can't mess this up not today. He was in his room, preparing for the ceremony. He was looking at the mirror, scanning his uniform spotting any little mistakes in it. He can't get his ceremony ruined just by his uniform, he needs for it to be perfect. While doing :9 he suddenly a knock could be hear from the door.
  3. "Come in"
  5. Ishimaru ordered. The door opened, Ishimaru quickly turned around and faced the person, he was surprised that the person standing in front of him was his best friend, Mondo Oowada. Mondo was in a suit, prepared for the occasion as well. Ishimaru felt a wide smile across his face, seeing his best friend well um, boyfriend now on the most important day of his life gaining his spirit again.
  7. "MONDO! Oh am I glad to see you, brother"
  9. He quickly ran up to him and wrapped his arms around the said person forgetting about his uniform's condition that he was so worried about a few seconds ago. Mondo smiled back at his boyfriend as he hugged him back.
  11. "You too, Kiyo"
  13.  A long pause went down as soon as he finished his sentence. Looking at the Prince, he slowly rubbed the prince's head while doing so, knowing by the end of the day his hands weren't gonna be the only thing on top of the prince's head. Suddenly, he felt something sniffing his suit, for no reason Kiyotaka Ishimaru started sniffing his suit.
  15. "You always smell good kyoudai"
  17. He mumbled while leaning his head closer to Mondo's chest. His voice was so low that Mondo almost didn't heard it, when he did as usual his face turned red. Ishimaru chuckled at his boyfriend's embarassment, but he kept sniffing anyway. Ishimaru always loved Mondo's scent wether it was the scent after his bath or after taking care of his animals, it always brings out a lovely feeling to him that he can't explain in words. And now was a really perfect time for him to finally smell his scent again.
  19. "Sorry to ruin the fun, but i don't want my suit to get ruined for your ceremony"
  21. Although Mondo doesn't want him to let go, he doesn't want his suit to get ruined on his boyfriend's big day either. Ishimaru half heartedly leaned back from Mondo's chest replacing his head with his hands. He doesn't want to leave Mondo's side now that he's here.
  23. "You okay, Kiyo?"
  25. He asked with the word worry plastered all over his face. Ishimaru smiled gracefully at him in response.
  27. "Now that you're here I am"
  29. After a long time of dating Ishimaru, Mondo still can't handle his heart around Ishimaru. It was already bad enough when they were just friends now that they're really dating and it was a lot worse. You don't even wanna know how many times Mondo fainted because of him, and how Ishimaru would always take care of him afterwards.
  31. "You're red again, Kyoudai."
  33. Ishimaru pointed out. The Prince really likes teasing his boyfriend, because whenever he starts getting flustered around Ishimaru the guy can't help but find his actions quite adorable . A guy as strong as Mondo to have A Prince as his weakness is just cute.
  35. "It's because yer always saying those things to me"
  37. He replied covering his face with his hands. Ishimaru let out a small chuckle, but that went away pretty quickly after the thought of what's gonna happen today hit him in the head so suddenly. He's going to become king, a whole new responsiblity, a whole new life, but, will that life still includes Mondo? Can he still hang out with Mondo after being king? After the realization,he looked down to the floor, avoiding eye contact with the breeder.
  39. "Hey, Kyoudai."
  41. He started, his tone sounded serious. Mondo looked down to Ishimaru with a soft hm only to see his raven black hair again.
  43. "Will you be my side forever?"
  45. He asked. Mondo doesn't know the meaning to the question, yet. It came out of nowhere but he'll let it slide.
  47. "Of course, Kiyo. I'll never leave yer side, ya know that."
  49. He answered slowly rubbing the Prince's head once again. Meanwhile,Ishimaru was still looking down. Mondo couldn't tell if he had his eyes closed or not.
  51. "So, when I'm gonna be crowned king, will you still be there with me?"
  53. He asked once again to the breeder. Wanting to add more fun to this monochrome atmoshpere, Mondo decided to mess with Ishimaru a bit hence he let out the answer...
  55. "No." The breeder answered short and flat.
  57.  Earning Ishimaru to finally face upwards to the breeder, "What-" Mondo realized, Ishi started crying.
  59. Fuck, he made a mistake. He quickly hover his palms over to Ishimaru, "H-Hey! I was joking! I told ya before that I would never leave yer side no matter what Kiyo..."
  61. Ishimaru was still crying his hands were on his face covering it. "I'm just scared, Mondo. What if, after this I can't meet you again anymore? What if we can't spend time with each other anymore? What if-" His words were cut by his tears.
  63. Mondo never thought about the risk of Ishimaru finally being king. Now that he mentioned it, being king means being the country's leader. Mondo never felt what being a leader is like before but he knew how big is the responsibilties, especially when you're leading a country. What he knows so far, Ishimaru needs to pay more attention to his country if he's going to become a good king, way more than before. Automatically, he won't be having any free time that easily being the country's 24/7 surveillance camera. Is that what he meant? By saying they won't be spending any more time together?
  65. "Hey, That won't happen 'kay? Because I made a promise to myself to stay by yer side no matter what. And ya know that I would never break a man's promise,especially myself's." He paused for a while and the continued his sentence, "Look if yer worrying about not hanging out with me anymore then yer an idiot. If ya want, i'll stop by here everytime. I'll book a ticket to Novoselic everyday, heck i'll even live here if it makes ya feel better."
  67. Mondo ruffled his hair as Ishimaru started wiping his tears, which is a good sign. Mondo smiled, relieved that he can at least stop him from crying.
  69. "Thank you, Mondo. That made me a lot better."
  71. Ishimaru mentioned as he continued wiping his tears off his face. Mondo reached his hand out to Ishimaru's cheek and starts wiping off his tears as well.
  73. "Anything for you, Taka."
  75. Ishimaru finally smiles again, feeling the warmth of his boyfriend's palms in his cheeks.
  77. "Hey, Mondo." He started again, with a less intimidating tone than before. Mondo lets out a small hm again. Ishimaru smiled at him.
  79. "C-Can you kiss me?"
  81. His voice was so faint that Mondo could've not heard it but fortunately he did. Yes. As you expected. Mondo's face was now colored red. "WHA-" he blurted out.
  83. "Please."
  85. Ishimaru's red eyes stared directly to Mondo's, he could tell from his eyes that he was serious, he needed it. So  to please him, he did what the Prince ordered him to do. He slowly leaned in to Ishimaru until their lips touched. The Prince hovered his palms to The Breeder's cheeks as he continously kissed him. They kept on kissing each other like there was no tomorrow. Mondo was the first to let his tongue out, Ishimaru gladly accepts by opening his mouth causing both of their tongues to dance endlessly in their mouths. After a long passionate kiss they finally broke off from each other.
  87. "Was that enough for ya? My Prince?"
  89. He teased with his current tomato face. Ishimaru leaned in closer again.
  91. "No, It would never be."
  93. Both smashed their lips to each other again. Feeling the warmth of the other person's lips soon to be cut off by a voice outside the door.
  95. "Kiyotaka, It's almost time."
  97. Mondo pulled back as soon as he heard it but leaned back again to give one last kiss on Ishimaru's forehead.
  99. "I'll be waiting."
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