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  1. (3:40:29 PM) shadoo: friend, no need to complain about titans -- don't let the way of the goon to get to you ))
  2. (3:40:45 PM) the_mittani: lol ncdot formed supers to fight us
  3. (3:40:48 PM) the_mittani: faggots
  4. (3:41:07 PM) Sa Matra: so we did a formup, killed 100 of their dudes with bombers, and then stood down
  5. (3:41:08 PM) Sa Matra: welp
  6. (3:41:15 PM) eddict: i dont get why anyone whould form supers against us unless they dont want a fight
  7. (3:41:23 PM) the_mittani: well if you hate blobbing and blues
  8. (3:41:37 PM) Svennig [B0RT]: Sa Matra what? goon fleets have stood down?!
  9. (3:41:37 PM) herm1t: they dont have numbers so they blob titans instead
  10. (3:41:40 PM) herm1t: we blob subs
  11. (3:41:42 PM) the_mittani: the only thing sensible to do is blob, blue up everyone, while spewing squid ink everywhere about how your hypocrisy is actually totally consistent
  12. (3:41:51 PM) shadoo: oh look the way of the goon propaganda seep into you already
  13. (3:42:04 PM) the_mittani: i don't blue band of brothers, soz
  14. (3:42:23 PM) Dysphonia Fera: mummy and daddy are fighting ;_;
  15. (3:42:28 PM) the_mittani: how's your nesw nc titan collection coming ;p
  16. (3:42:49 PM) shadoo: it's going good tnx
  18. (3:42:55 PM) the_mittani: it doesn't have to be this way darling
  19. (3:43:01 PM) the_mittani: we can ~recapture the magic~ of the old days
  20. (3:43:30 PM) the_mittani: just you and me and 2000 of our friends against finfleet~
  21. (3:43:32 PM) shadoo: I am recapturing magic with TΕST who still fight instеad of complain :P
  22. (3:43:46 PM) shadoo: the way of the bitter vet
  23. (3:43:49 PM) shadoo: is ugly
  25. (3:43:59 PM) the_mittani: we have 700 newbies from this drive
  26. (3:44:08 PM) the_mittani: vOv
  27. (3:44:24 PM) shadoo: I hope your newbie drive reignatives your FCs and directorate too -- get in there and have some fun friend
  28. (3:44:38 PM) the_mittani: goons are all ancient vets and bitter (spams rifter fleets everywhere)
  30. (3:45:41 PM) the_mittani: goons don't fight
  31. (3:45:56 PM) shadoo: ATLAS spirit is still alive and well!
  32. (3:47:15 PM) the_mittani: you're calling me atlas now
  33. (3:47:24 PM) the_mittani: you're at the bottom of the barrel old son
  34. (3:48:01 PM) shadoo: I was commeting on your Head FC
  35. (3:48:15 PM) the_mittani: we don't have a 'head fc' vOv
  37. (3:48:20 PM) the_mittаni: hierarchies are bad in team systems
  38. (3:48:39 PM) the_mittani: oh yes, i don't like exposing my newbies to being blapped in thrashers by turret titans
  39. (3:48:43 PM) shadoo: where's Vee to lead this
  40. (3:48:45 PM) the_mittani: sorry your boys aren't having fun ^_^
  41. (3:48:46 PM) shadoo: he'd have raped by now
  42. (3:49:03 PM) jogyn: form up 750
  43. (3:49:04 PM) jogyn: dont fight
  44. (3:49:05 PM) shadoo: I think I'm having quite a lot of fun the_mittani
  45. (3:49:05 PM) jogyn:
  46. (3:49:06 PM) the_mittani: i also enjoy punishing people who do things i dislike~
  48. (3:49:10 PM) Sa Matra: the_mittani: in all fairness, no one is having fun, except for the dudes that owned init
  49. (3:49:10 PM) Svennig [B0RT]: fuck standing down. If we stand down I'm jumping in and dieing in a fire. I'll be fucked if the dreddit anniversary slosh op was postponed for blueballs.
  50. (3:49:27 PM) eddict: yea
  51. (3:49:30 PM) eddict: sucks balls
  52. (3:49:30 PM) Gerard: ugh
  53. (3:49:31 PM) shadoo: oh, now you're -A- -- hey guys, let's blueball them they are not having fun at all!
  54. (3:49:31 PM) the_mittani: if you think being blapped by titans is fun go forth
  55. (3:49:37 PM) the_mittani: most of us are tired of it
  56. (3:49:46 PM) Dysphonia Fera: When the fuck
  57. (3:49:50 PM) Dysphonia Fera: Did kugu get here
  58. (3:49:54 PM) jogyn: there hasnt been any titan blapping in 21 days
  59. (3:49:56 PM) Dysphonia Fera: its like every fucking kugu thread ever in here
  60. (3:49:57 PM) jogyn: A WΕLL KNOWN FACT
  61. (3:49:57 PM) Nichya: Livе kugu
  62. (3:50:01 PM) gigiarc: they are going to have some crazy make-up sex
  63. (3:50:02 PM) jogyn: (if you paly eve)
  64. (3:50:05 PM) the_mittani: actually darling i've been blueballing since lotka volterra in 2006‚ death and nync taught me ^_^
  65. (3:50:13 PM) sarrilaisnipershot: so, the slosh op celebration op is soon?
  66. (3:50:24 PM) Svennig [B0RT]: the_mittani: losing a fight is one thing. Not turning up for one is another. I'm a drake, I give no fucks.
  67. (3:50:26 PM) the_mittani: but feel free to be all 'atlas and -a-' while claiming to not be upset ;p
  68. (3:50:36 PM) shadoo: your sperge is old and worn my friend, I invented blueballs with you in Delve 2 as a propaganda tool for the goon masses -- no need to be sperging it onto the new generation
  69. (3:50:39 PM) shadoo: it is a new day
  70. (3:50:41 PM) eddict: ok so boot up the teamfortress2
  71. (3:50:44 PM) shadoo: blueballs don't work
  72. (3:50:50 PM) the_mittani: kk
  73. (3:50:51 PM) shadoo: never did
  74. (3:55:45 PM) the_mittani: nevermind
  75. (3:55:54 PM) the_mittani: if bort cancelled a birthday op for this
  76. (3:55:57 PM) the_mittani: we must fight
  77. (3:58:21 PM) the_mittani: under normal circumstances i'd blueball in a heartbeat
  78. (3:58:26 PM) the_mittani: luv2blueball
  79. (3:58:33 PM) the_mittani: because it ~doesn't work~
  80. (3:58:53 PM) Sa Matra: nothing wrong with blueballing here, we are the underdogs in this fight with the retarded number of supers the other side has
  81. (3:59:04 PM) Jerrison: so what
  82. (3:59:07 PM) Sa Matra: but we knew what they would form up for this, and we shouldn't have gone through the effort of forming up a shitload of dudes if we didn't want to fight
  83. (3:59:19 PM) the_mittani: well, ncdot had promised to stay out of the rdn war
  84. (3:59:20 PM) shadoo: blueballs is a myth we created
  85. (3:59:22 PM) the_mittani: then abruptly formed supers
  86. (3:59:26 PM) shadoo: in Delve 2
  87. (3:59:28 PM) shadoo: against -A-
  88. (3:59:34 PM) the_mittani: not really
  89. (3:59:37 PM) shadoo: the truth is the fight turned not because of blueballs
  90. (3:59:39 PM) the_mittani: we did it all the time against lv
  91. (3:59:44 PM) the_mittani: and called it that
  92. (3:59:46 PM) shadoo: but because of the crash bug
  93. (3:59:48 PM) the_mittani: you were in kos at the time
  94. (4:00:05 PM) shadoo: which we took advantage of and used AOD DDs in a deciding battle
  95. (4:00:16 PM) shadoo: yeah ok
  96. (4:00:30 PM) the_mittani: it's actually the first thing RA taught us in c-j6
  97. (4:00:39 PM) the_mittani: when LV came calling looking for a fight, deny them
  98. (4:00:39 PM) shadoo: I concede, maybe in 2005 against some alliance who's leadership was ADD -- it I guess mighta somehow worked?
  99. (4:00:51 PM) shadoo: but having been actually on the LV side
  100. (4:00:57 PM) shadoo: let me tell you blueballs had nothing to do with it
  101. (4:01:03 PM) the_mittani: heh
  102. (4:01:06 PM) shadoo: RA kicked our asses
  103. (4:01:11 PM) shadoo: in deciding battles in C-J6
  104. (4:01:23 PM) shadoo: they sniped down dreads in lag, when dreads were fucking expensive
  105. (4:01:31 PM) the_mittani: at any rate, stop whining, I've told vily and dbrb to get everyone killed
  106. (4:01:49 PM) hromodox: Just make out already, you two fat internet spacelords.
  107. (4:02:04 PM) the_mittani: we swapped to drakes pretty much for this reason heh
  108. (4:02:14 PM) Sa Matra: hell yes mittens
  109. (4:02:17 PM) the_mittani: i got sick of random people throwing maels away
  110. (4:02:20 PM) dabigredboat: never fear, anti-blue coalition is here
  111. (4:02:24 PM) hromodox: the_mittani and shadoo needs to get a room and some privacy
  112. (4:02:27 PM) shadoo: friend, don't mistake hard truth talking with whining
  113. (4:02:33 PM) eddict: not that i dont like a history lesson but can we do something that turns a friday night of not fighting into a friday night of frighting?
  114. (4:02:34 PM) shadoo: I mean we're among friends here
  116. (4:02:38 PM) shadoo: no need for propaganda
  117. (4:02:39 PM) the_mittani: you often see the 'hard truth' in ways that i find alien
  119. (4:02:40 PM) Booda: cant believe i bought a ship for this op
  122. (4:02:51 PM) shadoo: no one here needs morale speech
  125. (4:03:15 PM) dabigredboat: shadoo
  126. (4:03:17 PM) dabigredboat: tell that to evoke
  127. (4:03:29 PM) dabigredboat: they are propaganding comms like a younger hitler in prime :3
  129. (4:03:50 PM) shadoo: dabigredboat: friend
  131. (4:03:57 PM) bainereynolds: never not <3 shadoo
  132. (4:04:13 PM) the_mittani: you want to see me in propaganda mode, wait until you see this csm thread
  133. (4:04:14 PM) shadoo: dabigredboat: we don't need to pretend you have anyone who trusts you with spy intel either now
  134. (4:04:15 PM) dent308: reset pl what, and hour ago. this is some great stuff
  135. (4:04:15 PM) the_mittani: that's propaganda
  138. (4:04:46 PM) the_mittani: a good csm thread should send anyone into either apopleptic rage or a righteous fury
  140. (4:05:48 PM) the_mittani: no one likes rdn, even their allies
  142. (4:06:02 PM) shadoo: I love goons my friend the_mittani
  143. (4:06:12 PM) shadoo: I just rather shoot your pubbie allies
  144. (4:06:19 PM) the_mittani: ok how about this
  145. (4:06:21 PM) the_mittani: we kill rdn
  146. (4:06:24 PM) the_mittani: then you shoot our allies
  147. (4:06:28 PM) the_mittani: ;p
  148. (4:06:35 PM) Sa Matra: why not form up around ncdot or even init instead of raiden
  149. (4:06:56 PM) shadoo: I love TΕST the most hromodox )))
  151. (4:07:47 PM) dаbigredboat: hromodox
  152. (4:07:49 PM) dabigredboat: you didn't hear
  153. (4:07:52 PM) dabigredboat: mittens is an earl
  154. (4:07:54 PM) dabigredboat: in england
  155. (4:08:28 PM) the_mittani: there's a street in rome named after my family vOv
  156. (4:08:47 PM) the_mittani: eurocred itt
  158. (4:09:45 PM) the_mittani: i think the whole pl/rdn thing wouldn't be so controversial if rdn weren't such complete faglords
  159. (4:09:49 PM) the_mittani: pl + init, nbd
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