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  1. Another old favorite of mine that people have asked to be reposted. I think there was a little more to it than this, but this is all I have.
  3. * * *
  5. "Cheating Wife, Emasculated Husband" by Anonymous (m/m/f)
  7. “Damn. I want to fuck your wife, dude.” Jason had a tendency to always say exactly what was on his mind. He was staring into the living room where Deb was talking with some of our other guests. I just smiled, shook my head and continued to deal another hand of euchre.
  9. Today was our 7th anniversary, and to celebrate we invited over several of our closest friends, before taking the weekend at a swank hotel; just the two of us. I imagined two days of romance and sex-filled nights. It’s good to picture your goals.
  11. “Put your eyes on your cards and off of my wife, ya’ dog.” I finished the deal. I had partnered with my buddy Dan, while the letch was teamed up with one his buddies from work, Bryan. Bryan looked at me with some apprehension like there was going to be a conflict. “Relax, man. Jason and I go all the way back to junior high. He’s been talking shit like that since I’ve known him. He’s always had a thing for my other halves.” I smiled good-naturedly.
  13. “Yep, Ed’s always managed to get the lookers. Personality goes a long way. But I’ve managed to get a few of his girlies over the years.” That was true. Jason was always the better looking one. He was the sort of man that women drooled over. Over six foot and wiry, he kept his wavy blonde hair just above his shoulders. He’d stolen two of my high school sweethearts by taking opportune moments to relieve himself and expose his massive tool. My own dick was small compared to his, at just less than five inches, but I never let my size bother me. Women that would rather be impaled by a crude bastard, rather than tickled by a gentleman aren’t worth my time.
  15. Jason had been hitting on Deb since before we were married. He once flat out dropped his pants when the three of us were having a few drinks just to show her his offered goods. Deb laughed it off, and told him to “Put that monstrosity away before someone gets hurt.” This girl was a keeper!
  17. Deb is gorgeous. We met at a seminar in our early twenties and just hit it off. I made her laugh and she made me drool. At 5’ 9” she is a few inches taller than me. Her blonde hair is natural, with carpet and drapes matching. Her body is in great shape due to many hours spent in our pool. Her breasts are her crowning glory - unaffected by gravity and full, with nipples that defy the thickest fabric, by protruding at the slightest chill. She loves wearing pants cut to show off her ass, and what a heart-shaped tight show it is. That night, though, she did me the honor of wearing a sundress. I love to see her in a dress. It fit right in all the right places, with just a hit of cleavage showing in the front.
  19. I whistled, “Eyes front, Lover boy.” Jason grinned wolfishly and got back into the game. He and Bryan were down 3 points from our 8 points, and about to lose their third game in a row. “Maybe if you spent less time ogling every woman in the room and more time concentrating on your hand, you’d learn how to play this game.”
  21. “Ooh, Ed’s getting tough. All right, don’t get your bony ass all puckered up. It isn’t my fault it’s been raining all day. I’d rather be wading with the ladies too.” Jason loved commenting on my skinny frame. I figured he was compensating for the fact that he had skipped college and supported himself with occasional construction work, while I had gone the corporate route. “Do you want to make this game interesting?”
  23. “I’m not taking your money, buddy.” Jason usually had a hard time scraping up rent money and I had no desire to have him living in my basement.
  25. “No money. If you and Dan win, I’ll quit publicly admiring your wife and help Dan finish up that shanty of a shed he’s been building all summer. But if I win, Bryan and I get to make all the advances on Deb we want, and you can’t do anything to stop us.” He grinned expectantly.
  27. I laughed and said, “You’re on, big man!” I figured that I had nothing to lose. If we won then he’d have to shut his yap about my wife, and Dan’s wife would quit making all the comments about the construction of the backyard Taj Mahal. If He and Bryan won, I had faith in my wife’s fidelity.
  29. As luck would have it, Jason managed a loner and Bryan squeaked a point out in the following hand. I laughed again. “Is that what it takes to get you to play a decent hand, you old sandbagger?”
  31. “Laugh it up, scrawny. Remember, you can’t say or do anything to stop my advances toward Deb.”
  33. I just kept grinning. Dan must have been made uncomfortable by the events and soon he and his wife said their goodbyes. Not long after that everyone else filtered out. Bryan looked as though he wanted to leave too, but Jason gave him a look and he grabbed himself another beer before making himself comfortable on the couch.
  34. Deb flopped down on the couch next to Bryan, and let out a sigh. “That didn’t go as planned, at all.” She was upset that our outdoor barbeque had to be dragged indoors due to the rain. “I hope you guys had a good time.”
  36. “Aw, Deb, the party doesn’t have to end now. The rain has stopped. Let’s hit the pool,” Jason said. Deb smiled, jumped up and ran upstairs to put on her suit. I followed. I changed into my trunks and Deb put on a deep blue bikini that would be considered conservative by today’s standards, but she filled it out perfectly. Her breasts were exposed on the tops and sides and her nipples were erect from the change in temperature.
  38. Standing next to her, I felt like the luckiest man in the world. “I can’t wait to get you alone,” I said as I wrapped my arms around her and playfully kissed her neck. She giggled and pushed me gently.
  40. “Soon enough, hubby. Happy Anniversary.” She kissed me and grabbed my cock playfully. I was instantly stiff and couldn’t wait for the festivities to begin. “Let’s go,” she said as she led me by my manhood down the stairs.
  42. Jason and Bryan had wasted no time and were already in the pool. It was dark, so I turned on the poolside lights. The deck was dimly lit but the pool was lit up nicely. Jason whistled and made cat calls as Deb cautiously tested the water with her toes. She smiled and with courage on loan from Jose Cuervo cupped both of her breasts and gave them a bounce. Both men voiced their approval. I nursed a beer poolside while the three of them splashed about and dunked one another. Deb was uncomfortable with Bryan at first, but loosened up after she managed to dunk him by surprise.
  44. Deb came to the side of the pool. “Hon, will you make me a margie?” She had her arms crossed under her breasts, propping herself up on the edge. The beer and her breasts were having an effect on me and a little tent started forming in my trunks.
  46. Jason swam up behind Deb. “Bryan and I will take one too, Ed.” Then he quickly undid the ties at the back of her bikini top. Deb, startled, spun around and in doing so her top dropped to the water. Jason laughed, grabbed her top and quickly swam backward to avoid getting slapped. Deb turned to me, looking angry. I remembered what I had promised and just said, “Well, you had to expect that from Jason.”
  48. Deb looked at me quizzically, then just sank in the water to hide her breasts and said, “Yeah, I guess boys will be boys.” Then she smiled and said, “Hurry back and get me my top.” I went into the house while she treaded water topless. A few minutes later I returned with drinks in hand. Deb had attempted to get her top back for herself, to no avail. Jason was wearing it atop his head laughing and continuing to splash at her. He made no effort to disguise his attempts to feel her tits as he tried to dunk her.
  50. “Drinks are here,” I called. Bryan, still feeling a bit uncomfortable swam up first, then Jason. Jason looked up at me as he grabbed for his drink and gave me a wink. He barely had a sip before he suddenly went under the water, drink and all. He came back up suddenly coughing and clutching at the side. Deb popped up a few feet behind him holding his trunks up with one hand, laughing triumphantly.
  52. Jason just laughed, “Get me another will ya’, buddy?” And pulled himself out of the water to sit at the pools edge with his legs and cock dangling. Deb stared at his naked body and said “I guess you’re not cold.” Jason laughed, patted his cock and said, “I’m getting hotter by the minute.” Deb stared at his swinging meat for a few seconds before rolling her eyes and swimming to the far side of the pool.
  54. I went to pour Jason another margarita. I stalled a bit while inside to let my hard-on subside. I didn’t want Deb or Jason to see me getting excited by their antics. I thought I had one heck of a night in front of me, and Jason took care of all the foreplay for me. When I brought Jason’s cocktail poolside, he was still sitting at the edge. He was getting aroused. His cock was still dangling, but now engorged with blood. He had missed his calling – he looked like a porn star. Deb was right in front of him pleading for her top and offering his trunks in trade.
  56. “I’m comfortable just like this, thanks.” He was having the time of his life. Just then Bryan snuck up behind Deb to dunk her. She saw him at the last minute and attempted to dodge out of the way but he was to close. He pushed her down and toward Jason. When she surfaced she was directly between Jason’s legs, she spun to avoid facing his cock. Jason wrapped his legs around and pulled her in so that her breasts were exposed with her erect nipples just above water’s surface. She laughed and screamed playfully. Jason’s cock was resting on her cheek.
  58. “Hon, help me!” Deb pleaded, though she didn’t seem truly distressed. I couldn’t move. At this point I was willing to welch on the bet, but I was aroused and oddly anxious. Deb looked at me, noticing my erection. At first she seemed confused and a little angry but before she could say anything else she began struggling and writhing against the strength of Jason’s legs. He held her tight. As she squirmed, Jason’s cock hardened. The swollen giant tool rubbed all about her face - even brushing her lips several times. I was about to rush in to her rescue, when I discovered that she was being held while Bryan worked off her bikini bottoms. He emerged in perfect imitation of Deb’s earlier victory and held her suit bottom high in the air.
  60. At this point I jumped in the water, feigning coming to her rescue but actually hiding my erection. I swam toward Bryan asking for her bikini bottom. He tossed it to me. I swam back to Deb and held them out to her. She reached for them saying, “Too little, too late.” Jason held back her arm and said. “Oh what, it’s all right for me to be naked but not you?”
  62. Deb dropped her arm. “I can handle it as long as you are… Um… Can! I meant can!” Jason and Deb laughed over her Freudian slip. Deb grabbed her drink from the edge and gulped it down, making no attempt to avoid his rock hard cock. Jason shot me a look that said I should back off. I did and waded toward the pool’s center. Jason had relaxed his legs, letting her slip a little into the water, and handed her his drink. She pulled herself up to rest her forearms upon his thigh, here tits resting along the inside of his leg. She downed his drink quickly. Jason was now openly stroking his erection. Deb stared at it intently.
  63. Jason took her arm and guided her hand to his throbbing cock. She held it gently at first and then began jacking him off, slowly to start and then faster. She took his manhood into her mouth, the head stretching her lips. It was as though she was fresh out of the desert and found water, she couldn’t get enough. She zealously worshipped his cock with her mouth, licking along the shaft, and sucking on his heavy balls. Bryan swam past me, toward my now adulterous wife and my best friend. His swim trunks were floating behind him. Bryan reached around Deb and began massaging her tits.
  65. “Oh yes, Hon. That’s right, squeeze my nipples.” She must have thought that Bryan was me and that I was joining in on the festivities. Bryan rolled her nipples between his fingers and Deb moaned. The sound was muffled by a mouthful of Jason’s giant cock sliding back and forth across her lips. Bryan dropped his hands to her hips, and Deb arched her back. Bryan reached to position his cock into her pussy. When he placed his hand back upon her hip, he thrust forward. Deb let Jason’s penis out of her mouth with a plop. She looked back to see Bryan, and then cast an alarmed glance toward me. Something about Bryan’s cock informed her that I wasn’t granting consent. She looked worried for a moment, and then Jason grabbed the back of her head and put her back to work. She returned to the effort, guilt forgotten.
  67. Bryan continued to thrust away, and his movement showed he was about to cum. Deb frequently raised her head from Jason’s hard-on to gasp and moan, “Yes. Oh, Yes!” Bryan suddenly arched forward and then relaxed. Deb cried out. As Bryan backed away, Deb whimpered like a little girl who had her favorite doll taken from her. Jason took Deb under the arms and raised her from the water. She immediately dropped to her knees and continued to slobber on his cock. Jason pulled her head back and she looked up at him pouting. He guided her to her feet and began sucking on her stiff nipples. She moaned and writhed, reaching down to pump his tool with her hand, her wedding band glinting in the dim light.
  69. Jason began massaging her pussy with his hand, slipping a few fingers into her already well-fucked hole. She moaned and pulled his giant cock toward her pussy. Jason positioned the head at her pussy lips and slowly worked it into her. Deb stared adoringly into his eyes. I came in my trunks.
  71. Bryan was already up on the deck, and it became evident how she discovered his identity. His cock was a couple inches shorter than Jason’s and a couple longer than mine but thicker than either of us. It was rising again due to the show. I hoisted myself onto the deck and dropped my trunks, hoping to get in on all the excitement. My dick, softening after cumming, looked out of place in this scene. Like a librarian had wandered on to the site of a porno shoot.
  73. Deb had her legs wrapped around Jason and was bobbing on his giant member. I started to get aroused again. Jason held her up by her firm ass. “Tell me you love me,” he said. She moaned and looked into his eyes. “Say it.”
  75. “I love you, Jason. Please don’t stop.” Deb kissed him. “Oh God! I love you! Fuck me baby!”
  77. I was suddenly more jealous than aroused. Love? It was one thing to get caught up in the moment, with your judgment skewed by alcohol and pent up lust, but this felt like true infidelity. I started toward them, angry and ready to put a stop to all of this. Bryan was there to stop me.
  79. He grabbed me by the throat and led me over to a lounger. “Sit down and stay out of the way,” he said. “You can have her back when we’re through with her, needle-dick.” I struggled in vain; he was much stronger than I.
  81. “Am I better than Ed, Deb?” Jason added weight to the question by fucking her harder. “Do you want him or me, baby?” Deb panted and whimpered.
  83. “I want you, Jason. Please, don’t ever stop fucking me!” With that Jason lifted her up off his cock. She said, “No. Don’t stop! Please – I love you! I need you! I don’t want Ed.” I was deflated; not just my ego but my manhood also. My wife of seven years was proclaiming her love for my best friend and getting fucked by two giant cocks on our anniversary. I wanted blood. Bryan hadn’t let loose of his iron hold on my throat or I would have attempted, however futilely to beat Jason to a pulp.
  85. Jason set Deb down and led her over to the lounger. “Tell him to his face,” he demanded. “Tell him that you don’t need his little prick.” He smiled at me maliciously, kissing her neck and massaging her breasts.
  87. I wish there would have been more hesitation, or that a sense of how wrong what was happening would have occurred to her. She looked down at me, still moaning as Jason pleased her and I could see she was too caught up in the moment. There I was, skinny, short, and naked with my smaller penis limp as a stronger and more virile man held me tight by the throat
  89. “I don’t want you. I want Jason. I want his giant cock in my pussy. He knows how to treat me and how to touch me. You don’t even come close.” Still facing me she got down on all fours and said, “Watch how a real man fucks a woman. Please fuck me, Jason.” He obliged.
  91. As Jason pumped her from behind, she took Bryan’s cock in her mouth. Jason fucked her steadily, while she sucked Bryan’s cock. Bryan’s grip got tighter and tighter on my throat, as he came closer to blowing his wad. I struggle with his arm, and he knocked me hard across the face with his other fist. Jason came at that moment. Deb pulled away from Bryan’s cock as she reacted to Jason’s last thrusts. He shot a huge load onto her face and hair. Bryan’s hand tightened and then finally relaxed.
  93. The three of them left me to sit, near tears on the lounger with a sore face and a blackening eye, as they used towels to clean up. Deb kissed them deeply before they went into the house to change, whispering something to each. Deb came and knelt beside me.
  95. “Oh, baby. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for this to happen. It all just got carried away,” she said. Then she hugged me, and I felt as though everything was all right. She still loved me. “Be nice when they say goodbye. You don’t need to lose any friendships over this.”
  97. They came out a few minutes later and said their goodbyes to my still naked wife. They fondled and kissed her. Then they approached me. “Sorry about your eye,” Bryan said. “No hard feelings?” Everything was going to be all right with Deb and I, so I just shook my head and mumbled that there were no hard feelings.
  99. Jason patted me on the shoulder. “Just like old times, eh buddy?” I looked at him with open anger and said, “Screw you, buddy.” He just laughed and kissed Deb hard on the mouth, she responded.
  101. “We’ll see you tomorrow,” he said as the kiss broke. “Bring a deck of cards Ed. Maybe we can work in a few hands.” I was bewildered. Deb walked them to the driveway and gave each another long kiss before returning to me.
  103. “Tomorrow?” I looked at her, pleading with my eyes. “I thought you still loved me.” I held onto her hands, anxiously waiting for her reply.
  105. “I do, baby. But things have changed. Tonight I had the best sex of my life. Jason can have me whenever he wants me. I am completely his. When I said I loved him, I meant it. Maybe it’s just lust or infatuation, but it feels like love” she said. “I still love you. We aren’t over. But you’ll have to accept that, if you want us to stay together, Jason, the only man I feel I need, will continue to fuck me whenever he wants, and however he wants. Can you do that?”
  107. My pulse was hard and loud in my head. I didn’t want to lose Deb, but could I let this happen? I looked up into her eyes. She was waiting patiently, as if my answer only meant something to me. I nodded.
  109. “Good. Let’s get to bed. Jason and Bryan are going to meet us as the suite tomorrow.”
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