Feb 12th, 2018
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  1. What follows is a brief and necessary update to respond to allegations against us and our community.
  3. Bitgrail Srl reiterates that all the coins, with the exception of NANO (of which about 20% remain), are safe.
  5. All previous bugs of the exchange that led to minor losses in other currencies (ETH for example) were obviously solved and taken care of weeks / months ago.
  7. The hack on NANO does not concern any of these other issues. In this case, as already mentioned several times, theft was involved.
  9. We reiterate that we have filed a regular complaint with the competent authorities, reporting the information regarding the hackers and the exploited bugs (not attributable to our software).
  11. We will not give detailed technical information on the theft publicly.
  13. As stated, there are ongoing investigations and those required will receive all necessary data, tools and our full cooperation.
  15. We do not believe that social networks are the right place to conduct investigations as - due to this happening overseas -
  16. - the NANO Dev Team that has, deliberately, accused the CEO of BitGrail Srl of wanting to cover up the incident.
  18. Accusations that as a result endangers the life of the exchange in question and its CEO.
  20. For this reason we have filed a further complaint for aggravated defamation in the press (as the newspapers all over the world have reported their defamatory statements) against the developers of NANO.
  22. As you could read from the chat disclosed without authorization by the Dev Team of NANO, in recent days we have been confronted with Colin LeMahieu and Zack Shapiro to find a solution to this situation.
  24. The CEO of BitGrail Srl has proposed a fork as a hypothetical solution in order to return the stolen coins to their legitimate owners.
  26. The reaction of the two DEVs of NANO was unexpectedly of total closure of dialogue.
  28. It is therefore impossible for us to evaluate other possible solutions by mutual agreement.
  30. Please note that up until the day before the incident, we had daily contact with Zack Shapiro on issues related to NANO and BitGrail.
  32. Returning to our site, the reason why, temporarily, the main features of the exchange (trading, deposits and withdrawals) are disabled is solely for legal aspects being defined .
  34. Finally, we have a recovery plan ready to communicate as soon as we are sure of its legal and accounting feasibility.
  36. Further press releases will follow shortly.
  38. Thanks for the attention.
  40. Bitgrail Srl
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