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A Christmas Miracle

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  1. Title: A Christmas Miracle
  2. Published: 12-07-10, Updated: 12-11-10
  3. Chapters: 2, Words: 5,523
  4. Chapter 1: Someone Spiked the Eggnog
  6. I guess things turned out pretty good. Well, y'know, besides Sandy and all that. It's too bad for her, poor girl. But hey, in hindsight I wouldn't have had it go any other way.
  8. It was near Christmas if I recall correctly, and I was busily preoccupied with decorating my living room as my mother was emphatic on throwing a party for the holidays. I was quite happy at the time as I had received word that my love, Sandy, was flying in from Rickter to spend a few days with me for the Christmas weekend. I had waited for her for a long time, as her busy schedule did not allow her ample time to visit my household. As I went to drape another strand of garland across the Christmas tree, our house's doorbell rang and my heart nearly burst from my chest. I dropped the myriad of boxes in my arms – much to the dismay of my mother who was incredibly worried I had damaged any of the baubles within – and rushed to the front door. I quickly unlocked it and swung the heavy oak door in to find none other than Sandy's angelic presence before me. I was so happy I could have cried.
  10. "Maishul!" She greeted me eagerly and waved. I immediately lunged at her and wrapped my arms around her, catching her by surprise. She giggled and returned the hug and I simply held her for a few moments as I found a euphoria fill me from the presence of my girlfriend. I loosened my grip on her and she stepped back, blushing heavily. I chuckled and motioned for her to enter the house and leave the raging snowstorm behind.
  12. "Oh, it was snowing so heavily! I'm happy I remembered to pack my hat." She said as she swept a few snowflakes off of her shoulders. I nodded in understanding as I stepped behind her and grasped her jacket, pulling the dark blue vestment off of her and draping it on the nearby coat rack.
  14. "So, how was your flight?" I asked innocently, taking notice of the green cashmere sweater that tightly caressed her feminine figure. I had forgotten exactly how attractive Sandy was and it pleased me to see her buxom build extenuated in the way it was.
  16. She sighed and removed the hat, allowing her long and jet-black hair to freely flow down to her shoulders. The light glinted off of it in a way that it would a jewel. It was one of the first times I had seen her without that cursed bow in her hair.
  18. "Well, I got a Coach ticket due to some… monetary complications." She rolled her eyes and I knew she was referring to her parents. From what she told me they were huge tightwads next to control freaks. "And I had to spend the whole flight next to some fat man that kept snoring. He smelled awful."
  20. I frowned and approached Sandy, once again taking her in my arms. "My poor baby. That's a shame, I hope it wasn't too unpleasant for you!"
  22. Sandy sighed and snuggled into my grasp. "It doesn't matter now. I have you and I'm happy."
  24. Oh, how her words caused me to swoon. I was in a euphoric stupor at the time but it was presently interrupted by my mother when she placed a hand on my shoulder.
  26. "Mike, I'm sorry to interrupt but you've got to finish the tree now. We're on a schedule and you know the party is tomorrow."
  28. I sighed heavily and my grip on Sandy became lax. "Yes, mother. I'll go back to finish decorating now."
  30. She smiled at me and departed, returning her presence to the kitchen where the pot roast continuously called out to her as she nearly burnt it. I took Sandy by the hand and led her back into the living room, where the half-decorated fir tree sat on a small tree skirt adorned with reindeer and holly. Sandy tapped her finger on her chin and handed me a few boxes of ornaments. I stood at her side as she climbed the ladder and proceeded to hand her as many baubles as I could to which she expertly placed on the tree.
  32. "So, Maishul, how have you been?" Sandy asked nonchalantly as she positioned a strand of garland.
  34. "Ehhh, pretty good I guess." I responded as I handed her an ornament. She shot a concerned look back down to me and strung the porcelain trinket on a branch.
  36. "You don't sound too good. What's wrong, Mike?" She inquired.
  38. I sighed deeply. "Well… it's just… Lucy."
  40. A series of impromptu expressions flooded over Sandy's face, but the end result was an indifferent face sprinkled with hostility. She powerfully tore an ornament from my hand and the sudden force nearly sent me stumbling backwards.
  42. "What about her?" Sandy inquired curtly.
  44. "Well, she's… she's been kinda down since, y'know, I had to reject her. And recently she seems pretty detached and angr—"
  46. "She was always detached and angry, Mike. What else is new?" Sandy cut in, turning away to face the tree in a huff. "Stop worrying about her, she doesn't matter as much anymore. If she can't get over you, that's her own fault."
  48. I was taken aback by this sudden outburst from Sandy. It was completely unlike the sweet girl I had fallen in love with.
  50. "Sandy, I can't stop worrying about her! She's my friend and—"
  52. Once again her shrill voice cut me off as she wheeled around to face me, nearly toppling off of the ladder. "Is she your friend, Mike? She's abused you for years and neglected you! She's taken everything you've done for her for granted and did nothing to thank you. Can you truly call her your friend?"
  54. "I… I…" I was at a loss for words. Sandy crossed her arms and sighed.
  56. "Look, Mike, I think you should stop seeing her. It's probably best for the both of us."
  58. I lowered my head and nodded feebly. "I'll think about it."
  60. Sandy climbed down from the tree and wrapped her arms around me in an effort to comfort me. However, my mind was absorbed in a whirlwind of thought and the last thing on my mind was returning her embrace. Sandy broke her hug and stalked over to a nearby box to expose the large golden star for the top of our tree. She carefully climbed the ladder and placed it atop while I slunk back to the nearby sofa and collapsed into it, trying to think of how I would go about ending my friendship with Lucy. It was already pretty broken, but I just didn't want to hurt her any more than I already had. I sighed in a pensive manner while Sandy descended the ladder and plugged in the cord for the lights. The tree erupted into a myriad of colors and lights and Sandy sighed happily upon seeing the culmination of her work.
  62. "Isn't it beautiful, Maishul?" She asked, returning to her sweet disposition. I sighed and rose from the sofa to tightly hug Sandy from behind. She reached up and grabbed my hands.
  64. "Yeah, but not as beautiful as you."
  66. Sandy chuckled lightly. "You're so corny, Maishul."
  68. My mother decided that it was an opportune time to enter the living room and she let out a content sigh once she had seen the tree lit up before her.
  70. "Completed ahead of schedule, too! Oh, this is going to be a wonderful Christmas."
  72. I nodded in agreement while Sandy just seemed content to be in my arms. My mother approached the tree and straightened the star on top. When she had completed her task, she turned to face Sandy and I and smiled widely.
  74. "So, Sandy, how'd you like to come help me in the kitchen? I've got a pot roast with your name on it."
  76. Sandy bowed and smiled. "Of course, Mrs. Scott."
  78. As I watched the two ladies depart, I let my hand slip into my pocket and feel the small velvet box that was contained within. It would be the perfect gift for Sandy, but first I had to appease her. I traversed the steps up to my bedroom and slipped on my leather jacket and signature scarf before returning to the foyer. I zipped my jacket and placed my hand on the doorknob before tilting my head back to call out to my mother.
  80. "Mom, I'm going out! Be back soon!"
  82. "Try and get home before ten, sweetie!"
  84. I opened the heavy oak door and peered out into the snowstorm that had ravaged our neighborhood. Off in the distance I could see a single light that emanated from Lucy's living room window. I took a deep breath and shed but a single tear before I thrust myself out of my home and into the unforgiving frosty hell that was Roseville in late December.
  86. The sidewalk was tinted white and red due to our neighbors Christmas lights and they served as beacons through the fervent snowstorm. I couldn't see more than five feet in front of me and as such relied on these phantasmal lights to guide me forward. I noticed the familiar entrance to Daisy's house and several forms were silhouetted against the night. As I walked past the gate to her home, I bumped into someone and we both fell backwards onto the sidewalk. I immediately scurried over to find the victim of my clumsiness was none other than Daisy herself, apparently greeting her relatives that had just arrived. I extended a hand to the young feline and she eagerly gripped it while I pulled her up from the frigid concrete.
  88. "Mikie!" She shouted and greeted me with a tight embrace. I patted her back and she released her hold on me. "Merry Christmas!"
  90. "Merry Christmas, Daisy." I returned, chuckling.
  92. "What are you doing out now? It's far too cold for a stroll! Go back home." She warned in a concerned voice, reminiscent of my own mother. I shook my head.
  94. "Look Daisy, I have to go talk to Lucy."
  96. Daisy sighed and lowered her head. "She's been down recently, Mike. Please, be nice. We're counting on you."
  98. I patted Daisy's shoulder and smiled. "Don't worry, Daisy. I'll be as understanding as I can be."
  100. Lying to Daisy made my gut knot up. The poor girl believed every word I uttered to her and she lifted her head and grinned at me. The oblivious smile on her face put a heavy weight on my conscious as she turned to leave and enter her home. I lowered my head both to mask my sorrow filled face and to lessen the bitter cold that relentlessly harassed my face. Lucy's house was still a ways away and I could use this time to think.
  102. Lucy had been my friend for the longest time, albeit I was reluctant at first. Through all the beatings and name calling I did see good in her… and I loved her before. But I had Sandy, and… and I couldn't love Lucy. I didn't love Lucy… did I? I suddenly found myself overcome knowing I had caused her a great deal of pain when before I was ignorant to her plight. A huge guilt tore in my stomach knowing what I knew now, and the question that floated in the distance behind all the others in my head… was whether or not I still loved Lucy.
  104. While I was deep in pensive thought, I smacked into a large red object and stumbled backwards. As I rubbed my head, I ran my eyes over the dark furred canine that stood before me. David waved back at me in a Santa-like outfit and a large burlap sack was thrown over his shoulder. He smiled at me and silently bid me to wait a moment as he flopped his sack onto the ground and fiddled with its contents. Suddenly he brought out a small brightly-wrapped present. He extended his hand and gave it to me.
  106. I took the present from him and mumbled a quiet thanks before I tore into the paper and exposed a featureless white box. I opened the lid and a single piece of paper sat inside, surrounded by white fluff. On this paper was a single word. "Yes." My face contorted with an expression relaying my quizzical impression and I looked up to question David about this gift, but he had disappeared. As I searched for him, I swore I heard the faint jingling of sleigh bells.
  108. After a few moments of fruitless search, I decided I should resume my journey towards Lucy's home. I slid the small paper into my pocket and continued my journey down the street. As I thought about my feelings for Lucy, my hand absentmindedly twiddled with the paper in my pocket and at the time I did not realize its significance. I took a left on Rosemont Avenue and spotted Lucy's two-flat dead ahead. As I passed a nearby home, I saw a couple dancing in their living room to the tune of the joyous music of the holidays. I found myself smiling inadvertently and decided I should hurry along on my journey.
  110. Lucy's house seemed to loom ahead of me, silhouetted against the raging blizzard. The same single light from her living room shone off of the snow and caused it to sparkle as I approached the front door to her home. I had come this far, there was no turning back now. My heart pounded against my ribcage as I extended a shaky hand to the doorbell of her home. A resounding ringing sound erupted inside of her home and I placed my hands in my pockets while I waited to shield them from the cold. A few lock clicks later signaled the door's opening and I laid my eyes upon Lucy's frame and found myself blushing. She looked stunning. A simple pair of black slacks and sweater was her clothing, highly reminiscent of Sandy's, but Lucy pulled it off much better. I was breath taken.
  112. She frowned heavily and leaned against her door as the frigid winds blew into her home. In her hand was a steaming cup of hot cocoa.
  114. "What do you want?" She said bluntly.
  116. I lowered my head and sighed. "Lucy, we need to… talk."
  118. She continued to stare at me for a few moments before stepping back away from the door and motioning for me to come inside. I stepped into her home and shuddered, allowing a few snowflakes to fall from my back. A song seemed to resonate from her living room – Ave Maria by Mozart was the piece if I recall. Her home was greatly decorated by mysteriously empty. She sauntered off into the living room and I hung my jacket on the nearby coatrack.
  120. Her home smelled sweet, like eggnog and it was even more ornately decorated than my home. Holly and wreaths nearly covered every inch of her hallway and in her living room was a large fir tree that shone brightly with thousands of baubles and lights. I crept into her living room to find Lucy sitting on a sofa in front of her television, staring blindly at its blank screen. The operatic voice from the CD player resonated around the home as I unwarily plopped down into an armchair opposite Lucy. I looked over at her to find she had not broken her gaze with the television and I silently twiddled my thumbs as she took another sip of her cocoa.
  122. "Where's your family, Lucy?" I asked to break the ice.
  124. "Went out to spend the holidays with the rest of our family. I wasn't in the mood to go. They don't need me anyway…"
  126. I sighed and shook my head. The poor girl really needed help and my gut knotted up at the thought of breaking the news to her.
  128. "So. What'd you want to talk about?" She put forth, not breaking the gaze with her reflection on the television.
  130. "It's, uh… it's about us." I responded, trying my best not to be to front with the subject.
  132. The silence was only permeated by a refrain from the operatic voice before Lucy decided to speak again.
  134. "What about us, Mike?" She asked. I noticed her hand had begun to shake on the mug she held and I truly felt sorry about what I was about to say.
  136. "I think… I think we need some time apart from each other. To… to cool down. Besides, it's not like our friendship is on the best of terms right now."
  138. I thought I saw a tear in her eye, for but a moment, but it must have been a trick of the light. My heart sank as I watched her hand shake ever more vigorously and nearly spilling the black liquid of her cup all over the floor. I was guilt-wracked and I wanted so bad to simply hug her and comfort her. But I could not.
  140. "I… I see." Lucy sputtered. "Did Sandy put you up to this?"
  142. For a moment I considered telling her the truth. Telling her everything that I had thought about on the way here, but I decided against it. I shook my head and sighed.
  144. "No, I thought it was best. I'm sorry, Lucy."
  146. Lucy lowered her head and remained silent. I got up from my chair and sat next to her, motioning to put my hand on her shoulder but she shrugged it off.
  148. "Can I ask one last favor of you, Mike?" Lucy inquired.
  150. Moved with pity, I agreed. "Anything, Lucy."
  152. "Share one last cup of eggnog with me. Our last cup as friends."
  154. "I'd like that more than anything."
  156. Lucy rose from the sofa and disappeared into the kitchen. I let out a hearty sigh and buried my face in my hands as the opera continued to bounce around the room. A few moments later did Lucy return with two cups full of the milky-white liquid. She handed me one and I took a deep whiff of the liquid within. It smelled delicious. I eagerly took a sip and sighed. However, I smacked my lips for a few moments as I tasted something… something that wasn't supposed to be there. Before I knew it, my sight had suddenly begun to fade and I stumbled forward off of the sofa onto the ground, having left the mug on the nearby end table. Lucy rose from her seat as I fell onto my back and I stared up at her. I suddenly felt extremely tired.
  158. "I'm sorry, Mike." She whispered as she bent over me while I slipped into a deep sleep. "I won't let her meddle with our friendship."
  160. I tried to open my mouth to respond, but my body did not want to react. As I drifted off into my drug-induced slumber, some part of me enjoyed what Lucy had done. Almost like I wanted it to happen. It was an unnerving feeling indeed.
  162. Chapter 2: Against My Will
  164. Sometime later did I awaken to find my body chained up off of the ground. Upon closer inspection of my surroundings did I recognize that I was hogtied in Lucy's basement, my wrists chained above me through a rusty metal pipe and my torso dangling effortlessly below. Lucy's basement was always a dank place considering whenever it rained it would usually flood. Cobwebs hid in the shadows under the creaky stairs before me and algae covered parts of the floor. Lucy's basement was rarely used and I guess her parents never bought a sump-pump. I struggled slightly and the pipe let out a loud groan but I was unable to free myself. I huffed in anger and simply swung in my prison for a long time, although I had no way of keeping track of it. Soon enough, the sound of a slamming door caused my ears to prick up and I rose my head to see a silhouetted figure descend the stairway into my abysmal prison.
  166. "Who's there?" I shouted in vain.
  168. A soothing voice called out to me and quieted me oddly.
  170. "Don't be upset, Mike…"
  172. As I surmised, the figure was Lucy herself and a look of great guilt and embarrassment was plastered on her reddened face. As much as I wanted to explode in anger, something about her caused the beast within me to be tamed. I frowned.
  174. "Lucy, I demand you get me down. Now."
  176. A thin smile crossed Lucy's face and she lowered her head before shaking it gently.
  178. "Why would I let you down before I've had my fun? If Sandy is going to wrench you from my hands then at the very least I will have my way with you before you are gone."
  180. "What?" I shouted, not fazing Lucy. "'Your way with me'? What is that supposed to mean?"
  182. Oh how I would find out eventually. Lucy stepped out from the shadows and was revealed to be completely naked. I could feel my face burn as I ran my eyes over her buxom figure and I swallowed loudly. Despite my current position I couldn't help but stare at Lucy's enticing body as she walked towards me, strung up like a piece of meat. A doll for her to play with.
  184. "W…What are you doing…?" I asked feebly as she pressed her body against mine and stared up at me with those sapphires she calls eyes. The dim light from the basement's lamp glinted off of them and a spark flashed in the pits behind her cornea.
  186. "Shut up and enjoy yourself, faggot."
  188. I opened my mouth to protest but I found her lips placed firmly over mine. As much as I writhed and struggled, I could not break her embrace. An electricity pulsed through my body and I could feel my groin begin to tingle slightly as she continued to explore my facial orifice. My face continued to burn as I felt her tongue slide around in my mouth – my struggle appeared only to arouse her further. She pulled her face away from mine and a thin line of spit connected our mouths. Lucy smiled and licked her lips.
  190. "You enjoyed that, didn't you?"
  192. I was speechless. Was this really happening? It seemed so ethereal. Secretly I did enjoy it – that kiss had thrilled me more than any of the kisses I shared with Sandy. It was so dirty and risqué, it pleased me infinitely. However I could not tell her that! I lied through my teeth and struggled a bit more in my chains causing Lucy to chuckle lightly. She ran a hand over my chest and raised her face close to mine.
  194. "We'll break you of that before the night is through."
  196. I shuddered lightly as Lucy's hand began to slide down to my groin. She grasped my member through my pants and I gasped quietly at the sudden shock. She smiled devilishly as she began to work at my belt and dropped my pants, revealing my white undergarments to the chilly air of the basement. Showing little respect for my clothing, she yanked my pants off and they fell into a heap on the algae-covered floor, next being met by my underpants as my dick was fully exposed for her to play with.
  198. At this time all of the will my body had to fight back had dissipated. All I could do was watch as her hands slid over my flaccid penis and gently cupped it. Her fur was soft and silky and the way it rubbed against the sensitive skin of my manhood caused me to bite my lip as it sent bursts of pleasure through my body. Despite everything my shaft began to harden as I tilted my head back while Lucy continued to stroke it casually. She used one soft hand to slowly rub it, creating an agonizing feeling within me causing me to plead for her to speed up. Her other hand gently kneaded my balls and sent my head reeling in every direction.
  200. "L-Lucy…" I gasped. She grinned up at me and before I knew it something warm and wet was clasped firmly around my throbbing penis. I forced myself to look down and I found Lucy had taken my member into her mouth and then she proceeded to allow it to slide out and began to lap at my glans. She licked my spit-shined dick like a lollipop and I felt my stomach tense up as she took it into her mouth once again, allowing the head to rub against the roof of her mouth. My muscles tensed up and my body struggled against its restraints as the pleasure became insurmountable. I couldn't help myself. A low moan escaped my lips as she continued to orally assault my phallus.
  202. "Oh God!" I moaned as I felt my dick inadvertently throb. Soon enough I yelped loudly as my hot seed exploded forth from my member and splashed into Lucy's mouth, causing her to gulp and swallow each drop of my salty semen. I let out a loud sigh and my body fell limp, exhausted from the sexual endeavor. I looked down again at Lucy and noticed her retract her hand from her groin, making the thin liquid that coated her fingers shine in the light. She grinned up at me and rose from the floor, noticing the interest I had taken in her vaginal fluid. She slid her fingers into my mouth and I couldn't help but suck the sweet and fragrant juice off of them.
  204. When I was through licking her fingers spotless she bent over and picked up my pants and shoes before turning her head back to smile at me.
  206. "Now, be a good boy and stay right there for me, okay?"
  208. I nodded weakly and she departed up the stairs. As soon as I heard the door slam I knew I had to find a way out of this prison. My head was still light from my ejaculation but I hurriedly searched the room for anything to help me escape. Unfortunately anything that could have helped seemed miles away and my hands were stilled tied around that pipe. I sighed angrily but when I eyed the rusty pipe above me an idea struck me and I began to wobble around. The pipe groaned as a bolt fell out and I grinned mischievously. I put all of my strength into it and a satisfying crack filled the room. I fell face first into the basement floor and the pipe clattered down next to me. I was free!
  210. I quickly worked my way out of the rope and set my mind to work thinking of a way out of Lucy's home. Her kitchen back door was always locked with a key and it was up in her parents' room. I crept up the staircase from the basement and cautiously opened the door, poking my head out into her kitchen. The faint sound of the music from the CD player reverberated throughout the home and I slipped my form out of the doorway and into the kitchen. The front door was a sprint away from me and I made sure Lucy was nowhere to be seen. In a flash of gray fur did I make a break for the front door and forcefully swing it open. I hadn't thought my plan out and a huge gust of wintery air blew into the home and onto my unshielded lower body and I immediately slammed the door shut, grasping at my now frigid member and shivering.
  212. "What are you doing out of your cage, kitty?" A voice called out to me. Of course, it was Lucy. She smiled fiendishly at me. "I've got a nice warm place where you could put that poor frozen cock of yours. To warm it up."
  214. She was still naked and insistently approached me. I backed away from her and into the living room before I tripped over and fell onto the sofa. Lucy was on me in an instant and my penis was firmly grasped in her hand. It felt dirty and pleasing at the same time, while the heat from her body helped to bring feeling back to it.
  216. "Lucy, th-this isn't right…" I said feebly as I couldn't help but shudder as she once again began to stroke me. "I… I can't, I…"
  218. Lucy pressed a finger to my lips and I stared up at her. "Didn't you like it, though? I could see it in your eyes. I pleased you more than Sandy ever could have."
  220. My member began to fill with blood and I wanted so desperately to just allow it to happen. But something inside of me continued to fight and I shook my head.
  222. "L-Lucy, you don't know t-that. I've never… been with S—" I was cut off as Lucy pressed her lips against mine. Any bit of doubt that remained in me evaporated and I slid my arms around her back, mildly surprising her. I let out a low moan as we shared spit again and I could feel the soft fur of her abdomen rub against the head of my penis. Lucy pushed me back and I laid down on the sofa as she positioned herself above my dick. It quivered in the air as she lowered her vagina towards it and I anticipated the moment of penetration.
  224. I gasped sharply as the head of my member was accepted into her pussy.
  226. "O-oh, Mike… it's so big…" Lucy panted as the extent of my member slid into her. I winced and curled my toes as I slid in. She was incredibly tight and it was almost painful to try and penetrate her.
  228. "Nnngh, Lucy, you're t-tight."
  230. Lucy began to ride me slowly as I grasped the sofa tightly. My claws shredded the upholstery from the agony of trying to deal with Lucy's vagina. Lucy seemed to be truly enjoying herself and began to moan loudly, arousing me even further.
  232. "Yes! Oh Mike, yes! Faster!"
  234. "Oh God!"
  236. Eventually Lucy's vagina seemed to become accustomed to my invading phallus and softened its grip on me. I breathed a sigh of relief as Lucy continued to ride me ever harder. I found myself thrusting in time with her and I saw her tongue roll out from her mouth as I plowed into her, causing her breasts to flop lazily. The pleasure was unlike anything I had felt before, even greater than my previous experiences in self-pleasure. The fact I was doing it with Lucy behind Sandy's back seemed to make it even hotter and aroused me further just thinking about it.
  238. "Lucy… I-I'm nearly there…"
  240. "Shut up and keep going! Aaaah…"
  242. "It's so warm and tight!"
  244. I felt my penis begin to throb and I knew I could no longer contain myself. Being the virgin I was I lasted about as long as Lucy did. I jammed my pelvis against hers and shouted as I splashed my warm cum into Lucy's vagina as she also came, the innermost parts of her anatomy opening wide to receive me at exactly the right time. She collapsed on top of me and we both struggled to catch our breath. She raised her head weakly and grinned at me.
  246. "Do you love me, Mike?"
  248. "Yes… I love you."
  250. "Do you love me, Mike?"
  252. "Yes, I love you, Lucy."
  254. Before I knew it I was hit hard across the face and I blacked out.
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