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Oct 21st, 2019
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  1. Before publishing, every reviewer of this book told
  2. me the same thing — ‘This is really an interesting
  3. topic’, but some reviewers also told me that this book
  4. at some places seems a bit hard on the readers. I kind
  5. of agree with them a bit. For example, one reviewer
  6. said, the book as if is saying that when a person
  7. masturbates or ejaculates semen even once in a long
  8. time he is still doing a grave mistake and a great
  9. damage to his mind and body, which can make the
  10. reader really worried and anxious. Such review
  11. comment is as such true. A rare semen ejaculation
  12. through masturbation, nightfall, etc. generally won’t
  13. do noticeable harm to the body or mind (though it
  14. entirely depends on an individual’s body mechanism,
  15. age, health factors, etc.). So, if you rarely masturbate
  16. or have rare nightfalls and are not in later age, then
  17. you should be overall fine. If you never masturbate
  18. and have rare nightfalls then you should be generally
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