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Nov 19th, 2019
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  1. Name: Eliasz Martus
  2. Age: 33
  3. Voice: Soft, tired, warm. Heavy accent, not one too dissimilar from the local area but enough to stand out. Slight snarky undertone at times.
  4. Appearance: Tall, on the leaner side but strong and broad-shouldered. Gentle melancholic features, tends to look either lost or sad even if he’s fine. Probably considered handsome by some and plain by others. Prefers to dress comfortably and likes warm tones, is usually sporting some sort of armor and his trusty sword. Posture and expression tends to be somewhat restrained.
  5. noticeable features: Scarring on face/body from armor wear/tear and combat, perpetual air of exhaustion.
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