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  1. <color=#add8e6ff>Welcome to, <b>Phantom</b>.
  2. Rules:
  3.  - MTF are allowed to help 079 if they wish.
  4.  - Under certain circumstances team kill is allowed, e.g. A joke and the other player knows, someone on your team is helping 079
  5.  - Do not verbally abuse anyone
  6.  - Do not threaten anyone
  7.  - Do not hide in a room for too long just to delay inevitable
  8.  - Do not argue with admins
  9.  - Don't team with who you can't win with
  10.  - Do not team kill for no reason
  11.  - RP team kill is allowed
  13. Apply For Staff On The Discord Server
  15. If you need to report anything, join the Discord server by clicking <link="https://discord.gg/2feG38t">HERE</link>
  16. </color>
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