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Dec 15th, 2015
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  1. R̶I̶P̶ ̶K̶O̶S̶M̶I̶C̶D̶1̶2̶ ̶B̶i̶b̶l̶e̶T̶h̶u̶m̶p̶
  3. After 2 years, Kosmicd12 is back! Here are answers to questions you may have:
  5. Q: Where were you?
  6. A: Away from home, in Vancouver, Washington
  8. Q: What were you doing?
  9. A: I was serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as LDS or Mormon. I basically invited everyone I saw to hear a message centered on Jesus Christ and learn teachings that have helped me to be happy in my life. That was my life 24/7 for 2 years. I am happy to answer any further questions you may have, and would love to share this message with anyone interested. More information about missionaries can be found at
  11. Q: Why did you choose to do that?
  12. A: Read all about it on (the info on the page is outdated)
  14. Q: What are your plans now?
  15. A: While I will be busy with both college and work soon, I do want to continue speedrunning. Some records I would like to obtain are: Super Mario Bros. any%, Super Mario Bros. Warpless, Improve Super Mario 3D Land Any%, and I may eventually learn Super Mario 3D World.
  17. Q: Any other question you may have
  18. A: Feel free to ask in my stream, pm me on twitch, twitter, etc.
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