May 1st, 2015
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  1. Really simple walkthrough!!!
  4. Once you can move, leave Pablo's room. Continue down the hall, then go down the stairs. Follow the hallway to the left and go down into the kitchen.
  6. Flip on the light switch (the grey switches on the extended wall) and then grab the glass from the L-shaped table. Then check the fridge. (Or to get a game over, the sink...) Drink the water by accessing it through the items menu, then go through a short scene.
  8. When it's "night time," go downstairs again, this time going down the right hallway, then to the topmost room. Check the very first painting you see (the one on the ground), then leave.
  10. Once in the main dream hall, you can do any of these in any order.
  12. RED KEY: Just watch out for the geese and grab the sparkling red thing.
  14. ORANGE KEY: Set off each of the pumpkins in the order of Top Left, Bottom Left, top right, bottom right, and then grab the key.
  16. YELLOW KEY: Push the stars into the slots in the ground. Take care to remember each star's name, because they won't repeat it! (Sorry)
  18. GREEN KEY: Find the 5 aphids in the maze, then talk to Gardenia at the end of it.
  20. BLUE KEY: The cloud puzzle. This... is incredibly buggy and I'm sorry for that. I'm trying to fix it as best I can as it's similar to a puzzle in the actual full game. Basically you're supposed to hop from cloud to cloud, but sometimes things break and either Tony freezes entirely or will be able to walk through EVERYTHING. For the best results, if you fall, wait until she's done "blinking" to move again, sometimes that screws things up. For everything else... I apologize, I'm doing my best to figure out what's going wrong!
  22. INDIGO KEY: The only one you really need to talk to is the... brown... blob-ish thing at the very left. It'll ask you to follow 3 "lures." The one that has a blue center is the one you want. (It'll be the one on the left)
  24. VIOLET KEY: You need to find the ingredients, all of which are in that room. One is in the very rightmost area glowing in plain sight. The next can be found by checking the painting and calling her a thief. The next is in the number lock crate (500). Then check the third "grass" area at the bottom of the rightmost portion of the room, then inspect the edge of the first bookshelf in the top of that rightmost section.
  26. With all the keys, enter the big door! Then interact with both the characters there in either order. Keep walking forward, then avoid the... enemy...
  28. After this, there aren't really anymore puzzles. Just follow the path of the park until the game stops you. Then the demo's basically over as it's all little cutscenes! If anything needs clarification, please let me know.
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