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  1. <size=150%><color="red"><align="center">Rules</align></color></size>
  2. 1) Play properly, don't team MTF as an SCP. Working with MTF as Class D makes sense.
  3. 2) Don't be a dick. Don't close doors on friendlies (Exception of Class-D's).
  4. 3) Friendly fire is <color=#008000>enabled<color=#cfcfcf> for RP only. This does not make you judge, jury and executioner of your teammates.
  5. 4) Anyone caught cheating will be banned. Report cheats and glitches to staff, we'll pass them on to SCP:SL officials.
  6. 5) Mic spamming on public channels (spectator chat, radio) will not be tollerated.
  7. 7) Intercom cooldown is 40 seconds with 20 seconds of speaking time.
  8. 8) English only as it is a UK centric server.
  9. 10) Any items not listed on this list but are common sense. Staff discretion applies.
  10. <size=150%><color="red"><align="center">Info</align></color></size>
  11. * LCZ decontamination occurs in 7 minutes to reduce camping.
  12. <size=150%><color="red"><align="center">Plugins</align></color></size>
  13. TBD
  14. <size=150%><color="red"><align="center">Discord</align></color></size>
  15. Check out the Discord
  16. <size=150%><align="center"></align></size>
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