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Jul 24th, 2019
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  1. Fisher11/08/2018
  2. Hi Prox! Here is the key you requested I send to you Hwid1: its not important information!, Hwid2: its not important information! Not Authed,
  3. For server 1, server 2 may be a bit longer. I also misunderstood the pricing and only need 2 keys. Would it be possible for me to give the two other keys to another server owner who has helped me out a great deal? If so can I add him to the discord?
  5. Also just wanted to clarify can I restrict everyone being able to do the custom chat colors? We dont want people doing the same colors as I am assigning the admins.
  7. OwnProx11/08/2018
  8. Attachment file type: unknown
  9. AdvancedChat.dll
  10. 1.41 MB
  11. replace this over the one in ArkApi/Plugins/AdvancedChat/
  12. no there currently is no limitation but perhaps i could make one in the future, but you can set a icon so that is a clear sign of a admin vs a player with the same colour
  13. and also of course you can share with your mate
  14. just get him in the discord channel and also tell me his name and tell him to pm me his hwid
  16. Fisher11/08/2018
  17. AceMan is his name, ill relay the info to him. Also ok ill replace the dll
  19. Fisher11/08/2018
  20. trying to set up the chat the way your picture was with (Group) Steam Name (Their name) [Tribe] and everything i try results in this.
  22. Also the discord widget isn’t logging the admins in admins group to chat. I have attached my config file for your review everything else is working perfectly just those two issues.
  23. Attachment file type: code
  24. config.json
  25. 3.20 KB
  27. Fisher13/08/2018
  28. For some reason I keep getting spammed with "AdvancedChat 2.4 is now available for download" spammed in our server console when i downloaded and put the 2.6 in our files
  30. OwnProx17/08/2018
  31. will update arkserver api now
  32. with correct ver
  34. Fisher17/08/2018
  35. Ok. Also how did you force the permission tag in front of their steam name in separate brackets?
  37. Fisher16/09/2018
  38. Hey Prox, we are moving providers for our dedi, Do we have to use another AC code or does the one we have work?
  40. OwnProx16/09/2018
  41. tell me the new hwid when you can and ill get it sorted asap
  43. Fisher16/09/2018
  44. Thanks!
  46. Fisher27/09/2018
  47. Hwid1: its not important information!, Hwid2: its not important information! is the one we moved to a different dedi
  49. OwnProx28/09/2018
  50. Attachment file type: unknown
  51. AdvancedChat.dll
  52. 1.43 MB
  53. here yah go mate
  55. Fisher28/09/2018
  56. Thank you!
  58. Fisher29/09/2018
  59. I added the new dll and its still not working, the permissions and everything are the same log file says its authorized but even the discord widget isnt communicating. Our other APIs are working normally
  61. Fisher03/11/2018
  62. hey are you around by chance?
  64. Fisher03/11/2018
  65. I have changed out the dll and done a full rebuild from scratch with the ac and it’s still not working. Do we need a different dll then the one you sent me after we moved? Hwid1: its not important information!, Hwid2: its not important information!
  67. OwnProx05/11/2018
  68. yo did you manage to fix discord
  69. try leave server name as test
  70. and put DiscordURL as your webhook url
  71. ill do your new hwid now
  72. i think discord drops packets
  73. if server name is too long
  75. Fisher05/11/2018
  76. The AC isnt working on the servers at all now. It worked pre-move
  78. OwnProx05/11/2018
  79. or has weird characters
  81. Fisher05/11/2018
  82. As did the discord portion
  84. OwnProx05/11/2018
  85. ill compile your new plugin now
  87. Fisher05/11/2018
  88. Ok thank you Prox! :smiley:
  90. OwnProx05/11/2018
  91. Attachment file type: unknown
  92. AdvancedChat.dll
  93. 1.44 MB
  94. this one will work under the new server
  95. yeah if you ever move again just lemme know im more than happy to update the new hwid
  96. thinking about making it username and password based soon anyway
  97. so that if you got a new host it would just work their as long as its not running on the old one
  98. well to the limit of how many licences you bought of course if i remember you gave 2 to aceman aswell
  99. you might wanna let him know if he ever upgrades machine he needs to send you or me the new hwids for ac
  101. Fisher05/11/2018
  102. ok i will let him know
  104. Fisher05/11/2018
  105. Did the new .dll file still isnt working, colors or discord
  106. Since we moved do I need to do a completely new hwid? I just transferred the files from the old box to the new one
  108. Fisher05/11/2018
  109. Ok so apparently I do not have the same file as I did last time. Guess ill use my second one and if we use a second machine with this actual host ill spend $20 for another. Made sure all servers match this hwid can I get the dll for this? I sent you the same HWID i had last time from looking up in the chat history.
  110. Hwid1: its not important information!, Hwid2: its not important information! Not Authed, Unloaded Advanced Chat 2.6!
  112. Fisher06/11/2018
  113. Any chance I could get that dll within the next few hours? Would be easy to change out the AC dll while we are doing the wipe for the DLC launch. Im sorry for the confusion with the old hwid not sure why it changed.
  115. OwnProx06/11/2018
  116. Attachment file type: unknown
  117. AdvancedChat.dll
  118. 1.45 MB
  119. well because of this im making a new method of authing should be out in a few days so you wont need me to update the dll if your hwid changes
  121. Fisher06/11/2018
  122. ok thank you!
  124. Fisher07/11/2018
  125. Hey prox I did have a question, I cant seem to get my tags the same as yours they show like this how can i get it to show like yours
  127. OwnProx07/11/2018
  128. that actually might be due to ark options
  129. not sure will investigate
  130. i know you can turn steam names on and other chatbox stuff
  131. in options ingame
  133. Fisher07/11/2018
  134. yea on mine its Steam Name ((title)char name)
  136. Fisher14/12/2018
  137. Hey Prox, so i bought a box and this will be the last move ever. Sick and tired of the crappy providers. Can I get a new DLL file?
  139. Hwid1: its not important information!, Hwid2: its not important information!
  141. Fisher17/12/2018
  142. Or is there a new way to do things?
  144. OwnProx17/12/2018
  145. Attachment file type: unknown
  146. AdvancedChat.dll
  147. 1.50 MB
  149. Fisher17/12/2018
  150. Thanks Prox!
  152. OwnProx17/12/2018
  153. np
  155. Fisher17/01/2019
  156. So with your updates you push for Advanced Chat. Do I need to change out the .dll file aswell for the new versions and re-verify the HWID?
  158. Fisher22/01/2019
  159. ? Since moving to 3.1 im getting Error Code: 127, only thing I did not change out was my .dll
  161. Fisher22/01/2019
  162. Not sure have I have done wrong. I have completely redone the entire config file with the new download. Did not change the colors from default since it looks like you said it was disabled. Only thing im using it for is the Icon and Title. Here is the entire file, did not change out my .dll since it was the one you gave me, not sure if i have to redo that and get another one from you.
  163. Attachment file type: archive
  165. 3.39 MB
  167. OwnProx23/01/2019
  168. will discuss it with you tomorrow when your online its easier i guess, and the only thing i removed was coloured name coloured chat still works, anyways we can try solve it tomorrow
  169. also i mean by that i have free time tomorrow to help you with it, its late atm for me
  170. i will test your config tomorrow before msging you too
  172. Fisher23/01/2019
  173. No worries im always around. I work during the days ( get home around 5PM CST monday-friday)
  175. Fisher29/01/2019
  176. Did you have a chance to look at those files? I know its probably something really stupid im overlooking
  178. OwnProx01/02/2019
  179. sorry dude will do it in like 20 mins thanks for the paitence
  181. Fisher01/02/2019
  182. No worries! Ive started using your vote rewards plugin aswell for toparkservers, so glad i finally found that! Lol. Only it doesnt give rewards all the time and when they do apparently they have to do /claim a lot to get it to trigger
  184. OwnProx01/02/2019
  185. yeah may be the api being a dick and not processing all requests i need to look into it
  186. or it may be something i fucked up
  188. Fisher01/02/2019
  189. It still works atleast! lol
  191. OwnProx01/02/2019
  192. so you added "CM"
  193. and your trying to get ppl in "CM"
  194. oh i already see the issue
  195. just by opening it
  197. Fisher01/02/2019
  198. Yes, it was working before the update and afterwords it wasnt working
  200. OwnProx01/02/2019
  201. you added 2x {
  202. iin a array
  203. causing a syntax error
  205. line 77 and 78
  207. Fisher01/02/2019
  208. Ahhh im a fucking dumbass lol
  210. OwnProx01/02/2019
  213. Fisher01/02/2019
  214. Thanks prox, im sorry im so special when it comes to json files. First time ive actually tinkered with apis
  215. When you push updates for the paid plugin do I need to change out the .dll file aswell or just configs?
  217. OwnProx01/02/2019
  218. im sorry it took me this long to even reply, had a lot of people needing support with Advanced Chat lately :smiley:, was away for 3 days it all built up haha
  219. the dll
  220. normally the configs are compatiable if i added new changes to config it still make old one supportable in most case's
  222. Fisher01/02/2019
  223. Ok :), And seriously no worries youve got a lot going on. lol
  225. OwnProx01/02/2019
  226. yeah those sites i linked you are a god sent for config files
  228. Fisher01/02/2019
  229. Yea, I will be bookmarking that one for sure!
  231. OwnProx01/02/2019
  233. this one is quite cool
  234. if u expand the array u can click the square icon
  235. and insert a new row
  237. Fisher01/02/2019
  238. oh hell thats cool
  239. Made the changes andddddd
  240. Failed to load plugin - Failed to load plugin - AdvancedChat
  241. Error code: 127Server received, But no response!!
  243. OwnProx01/02/2019
  246. Fisher01/02/2019
  247. RCON always says Server received, But no response!! but that error code changes
  248. Oh thank god, duplicate the safe way
  250. OwnProx01/02/2019
  251. yeah im not really used to this editor
  252. hahaa
  253. i just found it and it seems really nice
  255. yeah your config
  256. had more errrors
  257. then i noticed i just tried it here
  259. Fisher01/02/2019
  260. God fuck JSON lol
  262. OwnProx01/02/2019
  263. you copied and pasted the double bracket bug
  264. from line 71 & 72
  265. to all your other perms
  267. Fisher01/02/2019
  268. jesus your right
  270. OwnProx01/02/2019
  271. Attachment file type: code
  272. config.json
  273. 4.92 KB
  274. yeah i just fixed it :smiley:
  276. actually the validator was right
  277. it told me exacly where your mistakes were
  278. and took me to them
  280. i only noticed the ones at 71 and 72 myself
  281. had a brief look
  283. Fisher01/02/2019
  284. I will have to use that from now on, thank you
  286. OwnProx01/02/2019
  287. np
  289. Fisher01/02/2019
  290. Lol.. Fuck me
  291. Same error code, and that says valid json
  292. incase you wanted to see what exactly i have done im going over it some more still, looking for more errors
  293. Attachment file type: code
  294. config.json
  295. 4.92 KB
  297. OwnProx01/02/2019
  298. testing it now
  299. one of your image paths
  300. dont work
  301. not sure which one
  302. but one is fucked
  303. Attachment file type: code
  304. config.json
  305. 4.47 KB
  307. Fisher01/02/2019
  308. Hmm, those are the new ones lol
  310. OwnProx01/02/2019
  311. ^^ heres config with no image paths
  312. loads fine
  313. the ones i dumped in that list not all of them may work
  315. Fisher01/02/2019
  316. They did before the patch but im wondering if WC patched so you cant use the WC admin/dev icons
  318. OwnProx01/02/2019
  320. im not sure what icon
  322. Fisher01/02/2019
  323. Thats where I got em from :wink:
  325. OwnProx01/02/2019
  326. caused it btw
  327. i removed them all
  329. Fisher01/02/2019
  330. Ok, thanks prox
  331. Ill find some new icons! :smile:
  333. OwnProx01/02/2019
  334. maybe they all work but 1
  335. just try them 1 by 1 i guess
  336. till you figure which one caused it
  337. maybe you find everyone does and that i may need to fix it haha
  339. Fisher01/02/2019
  340. Lol :smile: Ill try them without WC Admin and leave the dev in
  341. Hmm.. I just tried to load the same one you sent me with nothing and got the same error
  342. API V3.0
  343. 02/01/19 02:30 [API][info] Loaded plugin Admins permissions V1.2 (Configure admins permissions)
  344. 02/01/19 02:30 [API][warning] (API::PluginManager::LoadAllPlugins) Failed to load plugin - AdvancedChat
  345. Error code: 127
  346. 02/01/19 02:30 [API][info] Loaded plugin Extended Rcon V2.7 (Additional RCON commands)
  347. 02/01/19 02:30 [API][info] Loaded plugin Improved Commands V2.0 ()
  348. 02/01/19 02:30 [API][info] Loaded plugin Permissions V1.3 (Manage permissions groups)
  349. 02/01/19 02:30 [PrivateMessage][info] PrivateMessage Loaded.
  350. 02/01/19 02:30 [API][info] Loaded plugin Private Message V1.4 (Ability to private message other players)
  351. 02/01/19 02:30 [API][info] Loaded plugin Suicide V1.0 (No description)
  352. 02/01/19 02:30 [API][info] Loaded plugin VoteRewards V1.8 (Reward Players for voting
  354. not sure if any of these would be conflicting?
  356. OwnProx01/02/2019
  357. try using latest permissions and api
  359. Fisher01/02/2019
  360. Same error
  361. Permissions 1.4 api was already on V 3.0 (current)
  363. OwnProx01/02/2019
  364. 02/01/19 02:30 [API][info] Loaded plugin Permissions V1.3 (Manage permissions groups)
  365. shows 1.3
  366. in your log
  367. maybe its your plugin version
  368. ohl ol
  369. Attachment file type: unknown
  370. AdvancedChat.dll
  371. 1.37 MB
  372. ^^ thats defiantly latest atlas one try this
  374. Fisher01/02/2019
  375. Couldnt copy the new run but i did update that, and ok ill swap the dll
  377. OwnProx01/02/2019
  379. works for you now ?
  380. worked for me with that config
  382. Fisher01/02/2019
  383. Works
  384. :smile:
  386. OwnProx01/02/2019
  387. nice
  389. Fisher01/02/2019
  390. With the old config aswell lol
  392. OwnProx01/02/2019
  393. hahaa
  394. wait so icons were working for u at atlas?
  396. Fisher01/02/2019
  397. So I should take the new dlls when u post them i guess lol
  398. Not sure about Atlas, this is just ARK atm, Atlas we havent added this yet
  400. OwnProx01/02/2019
  401. yeah i think they are slighly bugged at atlas
  403. Fisher01/02/2019
  404. Thats what ive heard kinda drives me nuts that ugly ass crown
  406. OwnProx01/02/2019
  407. Auths.Add(AuthInfo(XorStr("Fisher"), XorStr("its not important information!")));
  408. is your hwid still?
  410. Fisher01/02/2019
  411. let me see
  413. OwnProx01/02/2019
  414. i think it is unless your using one of the ones u gave to aceman
  415. Attachment file type: unknown
  416. AdvancedChat.dll
  417. 1.37 MB
  418. ^^ for atlas
  419. just use same configs ect
  421. Fisher01/02/2019
  422. 02/01/19 09:46 [API][info] Unloaded plugin - AdvancedChat
  423. 02/01/19 09:46 [Advanced Chat][error] (e:\arkservermodding\2. atlasserverapi\colouredchat\colouredchat\advancedchatsqllite.h InitSqlLite) Unexpected DB error unable to open database file
  424. 02/01/19 09:46 [Advanced Chat][error] Hwid1: its not important information!, Hwid2: its not important information!, Hwid3: 25-3-29537 Not Authed, Unloaded Advanced Chat 1.3!
  425. 02/01/19 09:46 [API][info] Loaded plugin - AdvancedChat
  426. AHHH! ok let me put that one in there lol
  428. OwnProx01/02/2019
  429. just copy your ark advanced chat plugin folder
  430. to atlas
  431. and replace that dll over it
  432. hahaha
  433. and enjoy the free liecense
  434. pretty sure icons dont work though
  435. i guess you can let me know
  436. but good news is name colours still work in atlas
  438. Fisher01/02/2019
  439. :smile:
  440. That first dll will work for ARK Right? lol
  441. HWID is different Hwid1: its not important information! but it looks like that first .dll file was for Atlas
  443. OwnProx01/02/2019
  444. ye
  445. the 2nd was atlas
  446. yeah i dint think to ask if u used a different machine for atlas
  447. lol
  448. Attachment file type: unknown
  449. AdvancedChat.dll
  450. 1.37 MB
  452. Fisher01/02/2019
  453. We actually use 5 or 6? lol
  454. 02/01/19 10:06 [API][info] Unloaded plugin - AdvancedChat
  455. 02/01/19 10:18 [Advanced Chat][error] (e:\arkservermodding\2. atlasserverapi\colouredchat\colouredchat\advancedchatsqllite.h InitSqlLite) Unexpected DB error unable to open database file
  456. 02/01/19 10:18 [Advanced Chat][info] UserID(Fisher) Hwid: its not important information! Authed, Loaded Advanced Chat 1.3!
  457. 02/01/19 10:18 [API][info] Loaded plugin - AdvancedChat
  458. Database error?
  460. OwnProx01/02/2019
  461. if you dont use steamids array
  462. dont worry about it
  463. "CustomColouredPlayers":[
  464. you arnt using that section right?
  465. and just using permission based
  467. Fisher01/02/2019
  468. Correct
  470. OwnProx01/02/2019
  471. yeah sql lite is only for "CustomColouredPlayers":[
  473. Fisher01/02/2019
  474. ok cool
  476. OwnProx01/02/2019
  477. but if u really want to get rid of the error
  478. u can override the db path
  480. weirdly it should work though
  481. and default to that
  482. /AtlasApi/Plugins/AdvancedChat/AdvancedChat.db
  483. "DBOverride":"c:/acdb.db",
  484. you can override it like so in config
  485. if needed
  486. but it doesnt matter
  488. Fisher01/02/2019
  489. (e:\arkservermodding\2. atlasserverapi\colouredchat\colouredchat\advancedchatsqllite.h InitSqlLite) is showing up on that ARK .dll still ignore it right?
  491. OwnProx01/02/2019
  492. as you dont use custom coloured names
  493. yea
  494. "CustomColouredPlayers":[
  496. Fisher01/02/2019
  497. ok just wanted to make sure haha
  499. OwnProx01/02/2019
  500. if you ever need to use that
  501. then worry about that error
  503. Fisher01/02/2019
  504. and of course none of my players are talking right now and im at work so i cant test.. Growl
  505. hmm, now no chat is being pushed to RCON at all x.x
  506. And no chat icons/tags lol this is so odd
  508. OwnProx01/02/2019
  509. atlas or ark
  510. im pretty sure someone is actually using rcon with the latest ver on ark
  511. its strange indeed, fiddle around with it lemme know if u can figure it out if not ill have i look into it
  512. try use localhost ips
  515. Fisher01/02/2019
  516. ARK, havent messed with Atlas yet
  518. Fisher01/02/2019
  519. no luck getting it to work still, gonna deactivate until i can get it working right. :frowning: (Still no icons/tags and no chat showing up in battlemetrics RCON)
  521. OwnProxToday at 17:25
  522. its always worked for every other customer
  524. ClydeBOTToday at 17:25
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