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  1. My mom's sister asked me to babysit my 9 year old cousin for a whole night since they're gonna be out partying. So, I'll try and summarize the event of that night in green text. Let's call the girl Regina and me Richard.
  3. >Me and regina are watching a disney movie.
  4. >"Regina, it's 11:00 PM. It's way past your bed time, sweety. You need to go to sleep."
  5. >"Awww! Come on! One more hour? Pleaseee?"
  6. >"D'awww, alright! <3"
  7. >We stayed up for another hour.
  8. >She fell asleep on the couch.
  9. >I lifted her up and carried her on her bed. Her hair smells so nice. Like pure innocence. Sunshine and butterflies.
  10. >I lay her down the bed, went to get a clean, damp towe and cleaned her body. I tuck her in, kissed her good night and I turn off the lights and went to the living room to watch late night shows.
  11. >2:00 AM. Feeling sleepy. I went to my auntie's room to crash there.
  12. >3:30 AM. I hear a knock on the door. HOLY SHIT BALLS. I'M SHITTING BRICKS. COULD THIS BE ZALGO?
  13. >It's Regina in her nighties.
  14. >"What's wrong, sweety-pie?"
  16. To be continued.
  18. The Weird Analogy
  20. >"I went to the toilet, Richie. But now I'm scared to go back to my room."
  21. >"Awwww. Would you like me to take you back? I'll shoo all the monsters away."
  22. >"Is it okay if I sleep her in mom's room with you?"
  23. >I get a little nervous.
  24. >"Of course, sweetheart. Come here."
  25. >She joyfully jumps into the bed, grabs the blanket and snuggly tucks herself near me.
  26. >I turn off the lights.
  27. >"Hey Richie? Can you tell me a nice story first?"
  28. >I turn on the night light.
  29. >I tell her a story, she falls asleep 20 minutes after.
  30. >I lay down and go to sleep.
  31. >4:30 AM. I feel like I'm having wet dreams. I dreamed that I was being massaged by a sexy pornstar. I wake up 5 minutes later.
  32. >I looked under the blanket to peek at Regina.
  33. >Regina is rubbing her crotch on my leg while asleep.
  36. To be continued.
  38. Shitting Bricks Department
  40. >I see her rubbing her crotch on my leg. She swings her hips back and forth as if like someone who's having sex.
  41. >I get confused.
  42. >My heart starts pounding hard. Palms getting sweaty.
  43. >Ignore it. Gently massage her legs and lift it away from my legs. Turn to the other side of the bed and went back to sleep.
  44. >5:00 AM. I feel a warm, wet sensation on my lips. What the fuck is this? Am I dreaming?
  45. >I open my eyes and was shocked at the sight of my 9 year old cousin, french kissing me while sleeping.
  46. >Heart starts pounding REALLY fast. Panicking.
  47. >I close my eyes and pretend it is all a dream.
  48. >Regina grabs for my hand and places it inside her jammies.
  49. >Heart pounding so fast I feel like I'm gonna have a heart attack.
  50. >Went with the flow. Kissed her and gently rub the back of my hand under her panties.
  51. >She moans. I can tell she feels good. Should I? This is the perfect opportunity. Should I get down to my birthday suit?
  52. >Heart pounding abnormally fast now.
  53. >Panic attack strikes.
  54. >Ran downstairs to the kitchen. Catching my breath. Grabbed a bottle of beer from the fridge and try to calm myself down.
  56. To be continued.
  58. The Lucid Decision
  60. >Try to assess the situation.
  61. >Regina has always been a good girl. Her father left her when she was just a year old. Her mother was the only person caring for her. Always a good student. Never fights in school and always gets stars on her papers.
  62. >What the fuck is happening? Has she been influenced by someone?
  63. >I lay down on the couch. Pulled the pack of cigarettes from my backpack and proceeded to smoke and drink, trying to calm myself down.
  64. >7:00 AM. Still awake. Eyes are red. A bit calm now and a bit drunk.
  65. >Regina awakes.
  66. >"Yo-you're up early, sweety? What's wrong?"
  67. >"I dunno. I feel good. I slept really awesome! Where'd you go, Richie? I was looking for you upstairs."
  68. >"Oh, nothing. I was just sitting her watching TV."
  69. >"But the TV is off."
  70. >"Oh. Uhhh, I just turned it off a couple of minutes ago before you went down. Want some breakfast?"
  71. >"Okay! :D"
  72. >We went to the kitchen and I poured her a glass of chocolate milk and some cereal.
  73. >Hands feel a little shaky.
  74. >"Hey, Richie, I had a weird dream last night!"
  75. >I drop the bowl of cereal in fear and panic.
  76. >"Oh really? What was it? Must have been one heck of a dream since you said you slept really well!"
  77. >"Uh huh! It was awesome! I felt like I was flying to the skies with the birds!"
  78. >"Wow! That's interesting."
  80. To be continued.
  82. The Killer Question
  84. >"So, what did you dream about, sweety?"
  85. >"I dreamed that I was riding on a horse with this very charming prince. He had curly, golden locks and a cute face."
  86. >"Oh really? It must have been me then? Hahaha!" - I jokingly said.
  87. >"Actually, he kinda looked like you. His face was a little familiar and it kinda reminded me of you."
  88. >"Oh. I see. So, uh, want your breakfast?"
  89. >"Sure! ^_^"
  90. >I hand her the bowl of cereal. As she takes the first bite, she asked me a question that quaked my motherfucking boots.
  91. >"Richie, can I ask you something?"
  92. >"Sure, sweety. What is it?"
  93. >"'s kinda embarrassing..."
  94. >"I think I know where this is going." - I thought to myself.
  95. >"Don't be shy, pumpkin. Tell me."
  96. >"Umm....did umm...did we kiss last night?"
  97. >My long awaited fear has arrived. I stand there speechless. Unable to draw breath for a few seconds. I didn't know what to answer.
  98. >"I don't know, sweety. I was kinda asleep too at that point. Why?"
  99. >"Nothing, nothing."
  100. >"Really? Are you sure?"
  101. >"Yeah" - She says with a smile.
  102. >8:30 AM. We watch cartoons on the living room.
  103. >"She snuggles REALLY close to me. Something that she has never done before. It's like that whole night changed her. It's like she turned into a completely different person. She became more affectionate to me.
  104. >I put my arms on her tiny shoulders and we watched cartoons.
  106. To be continued.
  108. The Twilight Zone
  110. >Her mom doesn't come home till 8:00 PM so we have a lot of time to kill.
  111. >Played video games till noon.
  112. >She gets a little sleepy and falls asleep on the couch.
  113. >2:00 PM - I bring her upstairs to her bed.
  114. >She awakens. As I clean her room, she fixes her eyes on me and keeps a big smile, following me with her eyes wherever I go and whatever I do.
  115. >"What's wrong, Regina?"
  116. >"Nothing. Just seeing you makes me happy." - She says with a blushing face.
  117. >I get a little nervous and I smile really creepy like.
  118. >She laughs.
  119. >As I ready myself to tuck her in, she motioned me to come next to her so she could whisper something to my ear.
  120. >"Richie, I want to take a bath."
  121. >"Oh. If you wanted to take a bath, you could have just told me. Why whisper?"
  122. >"With you...."
  124. >"Uhhh....ummm....FUCK...."
  125. >"What's wrong, Richie?"
  126. >"Nothing. Umm, if you wanna take a bath, sure, I'll go with you."
  127. >She jumps out of bed and went straight for the bathroom.
  128. >As I arrive into the bathroom, her clothes are already on the floor and she's already warming the tub.
  129. >I pick up the brush and soap and went in with my clothes on.
  131. >"What?"
  132. >"I thought you were gonna take a bath with me?"
  133. >"I am!"
  134. >"Then take those clothes off! Let's have fun!"
  135. >Oh shit.
  137. Panic-inducing chapter continues.
  139. The Big Moment
  141. >My heart starts racing again. So fast that I feel a bit dizzy.
  142. >I tried to come up with an excuse first.
  143. >"Sweety, I'm just gonna go downstairs and check something. You play on the tub for awhile. I promise I'll be right back."
  144. >I went downstairs. Smoked 2 sticks of cigarette in under 3 minutes out of panic and anxiety.
  145. >She comes out with a towel on her, screams at the top of the stairs and tells me to come back up.
  146. >I swallowed a big one, mustered up all my courage and went upstairs to the bathroom.
  147. >"Quick! Take your clothes off!"
  148. >"Alright, alright! Fine! Hold on."
  149. >I slowly undress, trying hard not to let her see my penis. As I look at myself in the mirror completely naked, I went into the bathroom covering my crotch.
  150. >"Richie, what are you doing? You can see mine, don't you? It's not fair! I wanna see yours!"
  151. >"Ehehehe...Can I ask why do you wanna see it so badly?"
  152. >"I just want to!" - She shouted with a smile.
  153. >I slowly take my hand off my crotch so he can see the monkey tail dangling around.
  154. >She watches it with great interest(Not that I have a nigger penis or anything. Just ordinary size."
  155. >"Ummm, can I touch it?"
  156. >"......EXCUSE ME?"
  157. >"I wanna touch it!"
  158. >"No! You're crazy! I thought you wanted to take a bath?"
  159. >"Well, I want to know what it feels like. I wanna touch it. Can I? Can I? Please!!!!"
  160. >Fucking hell.
  161. >"Alright."
  164. To be continued.
  166. Her Hopes, My Dreams
  168. >She rubs her hands on it slowly and touches the head. She tries to play with it and laughs. After a minute, she was surprised as she sees it rise up in pure excitement.
  169. >"Wow! What was that? A minute ago it was soft and wiggly. Now it's hard and straight! Did I do that?"
  170. >"Ummm....No?"
  171. >"Really...?" - She grins.
  172. >" feels good."
  173. >"Hehe. Want me to do it more, Richie?"
  174. >I lightly nodded in shame.
  175. >She gently caresses and strokes my penis. Her wet hands filled with a mixture of soap and shampoo smoothly slides on my shaft.
  176. >I moan with great pleasure followed by a loud sigh of shame and guilt.
  177. >"Hold on, Regina."
  178. >"What is it?"
  179. >"Can I ask you something? And I want the truth. I want the real truth. If you tell a lie, I'll never come here again and play with you."
  180. >"Ehhhhh? What is it?"
  181. >"Where did you learn this stuff? And why are you suddenly interested in men's body parts?"
  182. >"Ummmm, I kinda saw my mom in her room watching something. At first, it was just noises of ladies. I thought she was watching a horror movie. But then when I took a peek, I saw her naked on the bed and she was inserting this thingy in her poopy"
  183. >I facepalm in disappointment.
  184. >"Auntie, what were you thinking? At least lock the goddamn door!" - I mumbled to myself.
  185. >"Why? Is this wrong? I saw mama's face and she looked like she was in pain. And then after that, she kept shouting that it feels good. I saw the girls in the movie mom watches doing this so I thought I try it with you, Richie!"
  186. >Confusion running through my head. Is it really wrong? Is it really immoral? Is it really taboo to teach a child that sex is really harmless if done the right way? - I thought to myself.
  188. To be continued.
  190. Continuation of the story.
  192. >She washes my penis and rubs it really clean.
  193. >As I stood there, thinking like a goddamn Michaelangelo, I felt a sharp electric shock from my loins.
  194. >Regina is sucking my penis! Oh my actual God! WHAT THE FUCK?
  195. >I pull it out of her mouth.
  196. >"Regina, what the hell are you doing?!"
  197. >"Huh? I thought boys liked this? I saw it on mommy's movie. Does it hurt?"
  198. >"Not really. It's quite good actually but this is wrong! This is bad! We shouldn't even do this!"
  199. >"But if it's bad, why is mommy doing it?"
  200. >Fuck it. I don't know what I'm going to say. I'm being backed to a corner by a little girl and my sense of reasoning is fucked up right now.
  201. >"So...can I continue, Richie?"
  202. >"Please, God, let what I'm doing be right somehow."
  203. >She rubs my penis again.
  205. The Guilt Moral
  207. >I get so extremely nervous. I almost break in tears.
  208. >I start sobbing lightly and Regina notices.
  209. >"What's wrong, Richie?"
  210. >"Nothing. Please, Regina, can we sit down for a bit?"
  211. >"Did I hurt you? Did I do something wrong?" - She asks while whimpering.
  212. >"No, no, sweety. It's just that I don't know what's wrong anymore. I don't know if what I'm doing is wrong or right. I don't even know if something is wrong with me. I don't even know if I'm sick or not.
  213. >She feels my head.
  214. >"You don't seem to have a fever?"
  215. >I lightly chuckled of her misunderstanding of what I said.
  216. >"Richie, I don't know what you're trying to tell me but my mom always tells me that if something makes you happy, you should always go for it."
  217. >I thought of it as ridiculous and juvenile but then, I start to think of what she said. She's right! I only live once and as long as I'm not hurting anybody, it's okay, right? - I thought to myself.
  218. >"That's the spirit!" - As she lightly pats me on the back.
  220. To be continued.
  222. The Heavenly Touch
  224. >As I feel assured of her encouraging words, I try to calm myself by breathing as deep as I can. Trying to not to overthink things and just follow her advice and go with the flow.
  225. >"Richie, should I continue?"
  226. >"Yes." - I said with confidence.
  227. >She grabs hold of my penis with such excitement that it made me jump a little.
  228. >"Ouch!"
  229. >"Oh, sorry Richie! I didn't mean to hold it that hard."
  230. >"It's okay, sweety. I'm not gonna teach you anything. I'm just gonna let your curiosity run wild and you just do what you want."
  231. >She gently caresses the tip and slowly starts from the tip. She licks the shaft like an ice cream cone and smiles at me at random.
  232. >I moan with intense and great pleasure as I stumble upon of what I thought that I had been missing out all this time. This feeling that my girlfriend had never gave me. This feeling that no other older woman can provide. I felt happy and content.
  233. >As she slowly licks the shaft, she lifts her head up and asks me with a nice smile on her face.
  234. >"Richie, can we try doing what mommy did?"
  235. >"What, sweety?"
  237. To be continued
  239. The Lolicon Experiment
  241. >"Umm, I saw mommy put this wiggly toy under her. I think she put it in her poopy. Does that feel good? I wanna try it!"
  242. >I scratch my head in confusion.
  243. >"Uhh, sweety, I don't think that's not where mommy put the wiggly thing."
  244. >"Huh? Then where? Here?" - As she points at her small vagina.
  245. >"Yeah, but you're too little to do it yet so you can't really do what your mommy does until you grow up like her, sweety."
  246. >"Ehhhhh? But why?! I wanna try!"
  247. >"Sweety, don't be selfish. It's not possible. Looky here. I want you to take your index finger and your thumb and measure the size of my penis' head. Then, I want you to memorize that size and see if you think it'll fit in your pee-pee hole."
  248. >She does what she's told. She lets out an audible sigh of disappointment.
  249. >"See?"
  250. >"Sigh...but...can we at least still try? I wanna know why mom says it feels good."
  251. >"Sweety, you're gonna have your chance when you grow up to be a beautiful girl. But right now, it's not really gonna fit in there. It's not gonna happen. I'm sorry sweety, you're just gonna have to wait."
  252. >She sits in the bathroom chair with her back facing me and proceeds to massage her hair in silence.
  255. The Consolation Therapy
  257. >I slowly crept near her and asked her what's wrong.
  258. >"Sweety, are you okay? Is there something wrong?"
  260. >Panicking.
  261. >"Uhh, sweety, don't cry! What's wrong? Did I do something bad to you?"
  262. >She ignores me.
  263. >"Come on, Regina! Please talk to me! Don't do this!"
  264. >She still ignores me.
  265. >I sweat profusely.
  266. >"Oh God, what do I do?!"
  267. >"Regina, sweety, can you tell big brother Richie what's wrong?"
  268. >"Growing up takes too long...."
  269. >"....Wha-?"
  270. >"I don't wanna wait till I grow up! I wanna do it now!"
  271. > "Sweety, you can't just force something like that on me. You're gonna get hurt. If I force it like that, you're gonna bleed and see lots and lots of blood! Do you want that?"
  272. >"I don't care! I wanna do it!" - She shouts while whimpering.
  275. To be continued.
  277. The Panic Room
  279. >"Regina, honey, please! You can't do this. It's simply not possible. You're gonna hurt yourself!"
  280. >"I'm gonna ask mom!"
  281. >".....Wait, you're joking, right? Hahaha! Very funny, Regina."
  282. >She runs out of the bathroom and wipes herself with her towel. She then proceeds to her room, puts on her panties and sits grumpily on her bed.
  283. >I peek and see what is happening.
  284. >"Sweety, what exactly are you gonna ask your mom?"
  285. >"I'm through. I'm gonna ask mom to let her teach me those things and I'm not gonna stop till I get it!".
  286. >"Holy shit. If you're only a high school student right now and be saying that shit, I would have given it to you in a heartbeat" - I thought to myself.
  287. >"Sweety, you don't have to tell mommy."
  288. >"Why not!"
  289. >"Because...uhhh...if you do, mommy will get angry at me and we won't see each other again."
  290. >"Liar! You're just telling that to me so that I would stop!"
  291. >"No no! It's true! If you do, I won't be able to come here anymore!"
  292. >"I don't believe it! I'm gonna ask mom and that's final!"
  293. >Okay, shitting bricks now. What do I do? If she tells her mom, my balls are cooked. If I don't do what she says, my balls will get burnt. If I do what she says, it will not only fuck her life but mine as well. Funny how things end, eh?
  295. To be continued.
  297. The Mommy Conspiracy
  299. >I let out a huge sigh and gave in.
  300. >"Fine, Regina. I'll teach it to you."
  301. >"....Really? If this is a joke, I'm gonna be mad at you forever!"
  302. >"No, really, I'll teach you now...It's not like I really have a choice anyway.."
  303. >She sits up straight and looks at me cute, beady eyes. I can tell she's excited and enthusiastic about it.
  304. >"Alright, Regina, let's get to it. Although before we proceed, I want you to promise and swear that we'll only do this ONCE. ONCE! Okay? And don't ever, EVER, EVER tell your mommy, okay?"
  305. >"I promise. I swear. I will kill myself if I betray you, Richie."
  306. >I let out a sigh.
  307. >"Alright, Regina, first, I'm gonna make you feel good."
  308. >"How?"
  309. >"Remember that dream you had? Well, that wasn't a dream. It was real. You were kissing me that night."
  310. >She blushes and went quiet for a few seconds.
  311. >"R--really? Umm...okay. Hehehe..."
  313. >"Alright sweety, I want you to lie down on the bed and relax. Mommy is gonna be home in 3 hours so we better do this quick."
  314. >"Okay! She jumped on the bed and landed on her back."
  315. >"Okay, Regina, I want you to relax your body, close your eyes and ignore the sounds around you. Think of cute and happy stuff while you're closing your eyes."
  316. >She closed her eyes and right there, laid infront of me is a cute, 9 year old girl wearing pink cotton panties. My boner was at maximum efficiency.
  318. To be continued.
  320. A Red Letter Day
  322. >I slowly caress her soft body. Starting from her luscious hair down to her flawless thighs. I massage her stomach and I gently kiss her mouth(which made her quiver in surprise), down to her neck(which tickled her) all the way down to her cute little nipples.
  323. >I slowly rub my fingers down her soft, pink cotton panties and could feel the slight wetness dripping there. I kiss her soft spot and gently pulled down her panties.
  324. >I make my way to her belly and circled my tongue near her bellybutton which tickled her really good. I make my way over to her nice, little clitoris which was barely visible. She jumped up and held my cheeks.
  325. >"Richie, what are you doing? It's dirty there! That's where my pee comes from!"
  326. >"You don't want it? I can stop if you want to, sweety."
  327. >"Is it really okay if it's dirty?"
  328. >"It's okay, sweetheart. Just lay down, relax and let me do the work."
  329. >"Okay...."
  330. >As I lick her nice, clean slit, she lets out an extremely cute moan and is biting her lip, trying to fight the feeling that has befallen her. I can see that she's really giving it her all to resist the feeling of being licked down her private parts for the first time.
  331. >"Ahhh......Mmmm..." - She lightly moaned in a squeaking manner.
  332. >"Does this feel good, sweety?"
  333. >"Yes...."
  334. >I keep licking her down her slit and after a good 10 minutes, her legs started twitching and she started screaming.
  335. >She lets out a stream of hot, white pee to my face and covered her face in extreme shame.
  337. To be continued.
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